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How to Write Resume Job Description [+ Examples]

  • April 18, 2024
  • In Resumes & Cover Letters

How To Write A Resume Job Description

A well-written resume job description goes far beyond a dull list of jobs and duties. In fact, a strong presentation of your knowledge and achievements can increase your chances of landing the job. Primarily, your resume job description should offer insight into your value as an employee. With these 7 tips, you will learn how to write compelling job descriptions that grab the recruiter’s attention and open doors to new career opportunities.

Why is a job description important to an employer

A resume job description is incredibly important for several reasons:

  • Establishing Credibility : A well-written job description in your resume establishes your credibility with prospective employers. It showcases what you bring to the table and why you are the perfect match for the job.
  • Demonstrating Readiness for the Role : A strong job description shows recruiters and prospective employers that you can immediately start contributing without much hand-holding or training. It conveys that you have the necessary skills and experience to hit the ground running.
  • Optimizing for Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) : Tailoring your resume job description to the specific job you are applying for is crucial. Many companies use ATS to scan and rank resumes based on keywords and skills. By optimizing your job description with specific skills and keywords, you increase your chances of getting noticed by the system and advancing in the hiring process.
  • Standing Out from Other Candidates : A well-crafted job description that aligns with the requirements of the position can help you stand out from other candidates. By highlighting your achievements and showcasing how your skills match the job description, you can make a strong impression on hiring managers.

In summary, a resume job description is essential for establishing credibility, showcasing your abilities, demonstrating readiness for the role, optimizing for ATS, and standing out from other candidates. By tailoring your job description to the specific job you are applying for and highlighting your achievements, you increase your chances of securing an interview and landing the job.

How to write an effective resume job description

Writing effective job descriptions in your resume is crucial for showcasing your skills, experiences, and accomplishments to potential employers. Here are some tips on how to write a resume job description:

Step 1: Include relevant information

Start the job description section at the top half of the first page of your resume. Include the job title, company name, location, dates of employment, and a brief overview of your responsibilities and achievements.

Step 2: Highlight accomplishments

 Instead of simply listing your job duties, focus on your measurable accomplishments and the impact you made in each role. Use specific examples and quantify your achievements whenever possible. This helps employers understand the value you can bring to their organization.

Step 3: Use concise language

 Craft impactful statements by using strong action verbs and removing unnecessary pronouns and articles. Begin phrases or sentences with verbs to make your descriptions more engaging and dynamic. Choose words that demonstrate your skills and show that you have made a positive impact in your previous roles.

Step 4: Tailor descriptions to the job

 Customize your job descriptions to align with the requirements and responsibilities of the position you are applying for. Highlight relevant skills and experiences that directly relate to the job you are seeking.

Step 5: Follow a reverse chronological order

Start with your most recent or current job and work backward in time. This format is commonly used and helps employers easily understand your career progression.

Step 6: Always use bullet points

Use bullet points to showcase the responsibilities and achievements for each previous job. Bullet points should be concise and to the point. They do not require long sentences or punctuation.

Including relevant keywords in resume job descriptions

Including relevant keywords in resume job descriptions is crucial for catching the attention of hiring managers and applicant tracking systems (ATS) that scan resumes.

  • Review the job posting : Carefully analyze the job posting or job description of the position you are applying for. Identify keywords and phrases that are frequently mentioned and align with the requirements of the role.
  • Identify core skills and qualifications : Identify the core skills, qualifications, and experience necessary for the job. These could include technical skills, industry-specific knowledge, certifications, or soft skills. Incorporate these keywords naturally into your job descriptions.
  • Quantify achievements : Whenever possible, quantify your achievements and provide specific results or metrics. This not only makes your resume more impactful but also helps incorporate keywords. 
  • Avoid keyword stuffing : While it’s important to include keywords, avoid overloading your resume with them. Use keywords naturally and in context, ensuring that your descriptions flow smoothly and remain focused on your accomplishments and responsibilities.

By including the right keywords, you increase the chances of your resume standing out and passing through ATS screenings.

Resume job description examples

Resume job descriptions are an essential part of your resume, as they provide specific details about your previous jobs and experiences. Including accurate and well-written job descriptions can help highlight your skills, achievements, and qualifications to potential employers. Here are some examples of resume job descriptions:

#1. Customer Service Job Description Example

Customer Service Associate, Timmy’s Retail, Columbus, Ohio January 2011 – March 2016

  • Emphasized customer satisfaction by resolving circa 170 customer queries every week.
  • Spearheaded weekly strategy meetings and suggested a new ticketing system that decreased response time by 23%.
  • Named employee of the month 24 times for proactive attitude and high customer satisfaction.

#2. Executive Assistant Job Description Sample

Executive Assistant, BrightWay Inc., Boston, Massachusetts September 2017 – November 2020

  • Developed and implemented a new filing system that increased productivity and saved up to 1 hour’s work daily.
  • Realized $2800 in monthly savings by reducing unneeded expenses and finding better deals for office supplies.

#3. Front Office Job Description Sample

Front Office Receptionist, Lilly & Co, New York , New York May 2018 – November 2023

  • Implemented a new appointment scheduling system, resulting in a 23% increase in efficiency and a cost savings of $7,500 per year.
  • Providing support with various administrative tasks, which may include organizing files, entering data, and preparing documents.
  • Providing general information to visitors and clients.
  • Assisting with event planning and coordination.

#4. Project Manager Job Description Sample

Project Manager, Nordisk, Columbus, Ohio Jun 2019 – November 2023

  • Designed an accelerated program roadmap, saving 25% on expenditures and delivering completed implementation three months ahead of schedule
  • Directed a $2M corporate headquarters relocation project, delivering target outcomes on time and under budget
  • Coordinating internal resources and third-party vendors to ensure the seamless completion of projects.

#5. Sales Manager  Job Description Sample

Sales Manager, Blue Hill Holdings, New York, New York July 2015 – December 2020

  • Trained and onboarded 13 sales agents, 11 of whom are still a part of the company
  • Increased annual sales revenue by 18% through the usage of a new sales system
  • Utilized strong negotiation and communication skills to sign new clients, exceeding monthly sales goals by 34%

#6.  Supervisor Job Description Sample

Supervisor, Honeywell Gropup, New York , New York September 2017 – November 2023

  • Led a team that successfully completed a project three weeks ahead of schedule, resulting in cost savings of $87,000.
  • Successfully completed specialized projects, such as implementing a new customer service system that resulted in a 27% increase in customer satisfaction ratings.
  • Coach, resolve issues, and provide guidance and support for individual development needs.

#7. Teacher Job Description Example

Teacher, Manhattan Upper School September 2017 – November 2020

  • Developed and implemented lesson plans based on curriculum guidelines.
  • Delivered engaging and interactive lessons to students.
  • Assessed student performance and provided feedback and grades.
  • Communicated with parents/guardians regarding student progress and behavior.

A strong resume job description aims to demonstrate the value and expertise that make you the perfect fit for the job. By following the tips above, you will create an impactful job description that will impress the recruiter and help you stand out.

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what to write in a job description on a resume

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Define Your Job Responsibilities: Professional Guide & Examples

Stephen Greet

Understanding Job Responsibilities

  • How To Articulate Your Responsibilities
  • Examples of Well Written Job Responsibilities

Tailoring Responsibilities to Job Listings

Job responsibilities faqs.

It’s no surprise that the most important section of your resume is also the trickiest. Getting your job responsibilities just right can be the difference between a rejection and an interview. Why are they so important, you ask?

Well, when they’re done right, not only do they describe what your job responsibilities were but they also show off your technical skills, your soft skills , and your biggest achievements—all while helping your resume align perfectly with the job description.

It sounds difficult, but with our structured guide and handy tips, you’ll quickly see that writing the perfect job responsibilities is within your grasp! We even have plenty of snippets from resume templates for you to learn from, too. Let’s get started!

Understanding Job Responsibilities

So when you list your previous work experience on a resume , the format normally goes like this: job title, location, period of employment, and then a bunch of bullet points. Those bullet points are also known as “job responsibilities,” and they’re an extremely important part of your resume.

You only have a limited amount of words at your disposal but the goal is to both make it clear what you did in the role and make it clear that you did it well.

what to write in a job description on a resume

Definition and importance

The simplest way to think of a job responsibility is “what you were in charge of.” For example, assume you’re the head of food and beverage at a casino. One of your responsibilities is to make sure the bar is always fully stocked—this means you’re the one the boss will complain to if he sees the bar is low on some items. Or, on a positive note, you’re the one the boss will praise when he notices how full and perfect the bar looks!

The important thing about responsibilities is that they show that you were given responsibility by your employer. You were put in charge of some broad task, and you had to manage the details and act independently to make it a success. Proactivity and being able to work independently are important characteristics that employers are always looking out for.

what to write in a job description on a resume

Distinguishing between duties and responsibilities

When it comes to job descriptions and resumes, the word “responsibilities” often comes paired with “duties.” While these terms are sometimes used interchangeably, they’re actually quite different. Basically, if a responsibility is something you’re in charge of, duties are the individual tasks related to it.

So, if we go back to the head of food and beverage again, it’s your responsibility to keep the bar stocked. The duties related to this are doing stock-taking, buying stock, and stocking the shelves.

The problem with duties is that people have a habit of thinking of them as “things you’re told to do.” So, if you focus too much on duties and not enough on responsibilities, it can make it look like you only did what you were told to do rather than being proactive and contributing to the workplace yourself.

How to Articulate Your Responsibilities

How To Articulate Your Responsibilities

When it comes to describing your job responsibilities effectively, all you need to do is remember that you’re trying to impress your reader. Whatever you write, read back through it and ask yourself: Does this sound impressive?

If all you do is list mundane day-to-day tasks, it won’t really sound that good, no matter what the tasks actually are.

To get into the right mindset, it’s often useful to think about former colleagues who did the same job as you. You all had the same duties or responsibilities but your methods and results likely differed. What did you do better than them and how did you do it?

Thinking about this will help you find details that not only describe what the role was but also showcase your personal successes within that role.

what to write in a job description on a resume

Using action verbs

Since you write the work experience section of your resume in bullet points, it means you don’t have to use full sentences. So, instead of starting every bullet point with “I,” you can skip straight to the verb. The good thing about this is when you use punchy action verbs, it grabs the reader’s attention. Here’s an example:

  • Spearheaded the development and implementation of comprehensive food and beverage strategies.

It’s okay if you feel like you’re making something normal sound fancier than it is— writing a resume is all about selling your skills, so a bit of sales talk is unavoidable.

what to write in a job description on a resume

Quantifying achievements

Now, to make that example bullet point even better, we need to make it more tangible. Why should the reader care about these food and beverage strategies? Well, they should care because they were successful—so you need to quantify that success and make it obvious.

  • Spearheaded the development and implementation of comprehensive food and beverage strategies, resulting in a 15% increase in overall revenue within the first year.

With this context added, your bullet point goes from sounding fancy, but without really saying anything, to showing your reader exactly how much value you can bring to the employer.

Of course, you might not know facts and figures like this off the top of your head, so figuring some out could take a little research.

Examples of Well-Written Job Responsibilities

Examples of Well-Written Job Responsibilities

The best way to get a feel for how this should be done is to look at examples. You can see for yourself how impressive they sound, and learn what kinds of words and phrases stand out the most.

Aside from how you write them, the other important thing about job responsibility bullet points is how relevant they are. Ideally, you want them to directly address the skills and requirements listed in the job description—which means adjusting them for every application.

It might sound complicated, but we’ll show you how it’s done!

Tech company example

Example skills and requirements from a tech company job description :

  • Proficiency in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Experience with front-end frameworks such as React, Vue.js, or Angular.
  • Familiarity with back-end technologies like Node.js, Express, or Django.
  • Strong understanding of responsive design principles and cross-browser compatibility.
  • Ability to work with version control systems such as Git.
  • Knowledge of web performance optimization techniques.
  • Excellent problem-solving skills and attention to detail.
  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science, web development, or related field (or equivalent experience).

Example job responsibilities for a resume :

  • Developed and maintained responsive websites for clients, resulting in a 20% increase in user engagement metrics.
  • Implemented performance optimizations, reducing page load times by 30% and improving website ranking in search engine results.
  • Collaborated with UX/UI designers to implement responsive design principles, resulting in a 40% increase in mobile traffic and improved user experience metrics.

Healthcare provider example

Example skills and requirements from a healthcare provider job description :

  • Current and valid nursing license.
  • Strong clinical skills and knowledge of medical procedures to treat patients.
  • Ability to work well under pressure and in high-stress environments.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Compassionate and empathetic attitude toward patients.
  • Attention to detail and ability to maintain accurate patient records.
  • Ability to work collaboratively in a multidisciplinary team.
  • Willingness to stay updated on medical advancements and best practices through continuing education.
  • Administered medications and treatments to patients, achieving a 95% accuracy rate in medication administration.
  • Assessed and monitored patient vital signs, implementing timely interventions that resulted in a 20% reduction in adverse events.
  • Participated in interdisciplinary rounds, contributing to care planning and coordination, which led to a 15% decrease in patient readmission rates within the first six months.

Retail manager example

Example skills and requirements from a retail manager job description :

  • Proven experience in retail management, preferably in a similar industry.
  • Strong leadership and team management skills.
  • Excellent customer service and communication abilities.
  • Proficiency in inventory management and sales forecasting.
  • Ability to analyze sales data and develop strategies to improve performance.
  • Understanding of retail operations and ability to optimize processes for efficiency.
  • Flexibility to work varying shifts, including evenings, weekends, and holidays.
  • Bachelor’s degree in business administration, retail management, or related field (preferred).
  • Managed a team of 20+ retail associates, achieving a 10% increase in sales through effective coaching and performance management.
  • Implemented inventory control measures, resulting in a 15% reduction in stock shrinkage and improved accuracy in inventory tracking.
  • Implemented a customer feedback system and trained staff to provide exceptional service, resulting in a 20% improvement in customer satisfaction scores over a six-month period.

Manufacturing supervisor example

Example skills and requirements from a manufacturing supervisor job description :

  • Previous experience in manufacturing or production supervision.
  • Knowledge of manufacturing processes and quality control standards.
  • Excellent problem-solving abilities and attention to deta il.
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment and meet production deadlines.
  • Proficiency in using manufacturing equipment and tools .
  • Understanding of safety regulations and procedures.
  • Bachelor’s degree in engineering, manufacturing, or related field (preferred).
  • Led a team of 30 production workers, achieving a 20% increase in productivity through the implementation of lean manufacturing principles.
  • Implemented quality control measures, resulting in a 15% reduction in product defects and improved customer satisfaction ratings.
  • Implemented a continuous improvement program, leading to a 25% reduction in production waste and a 10% increase in overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) within the first year of implementation.

Non-profit organization example

Example skills and requirements from a non-profit organization job description :

  • Proven experience in fundraising, preferably within a non-profit organization.
  • Strong networking abilities and the capacity to build relationships with donors and stakeholders.
  • Ability to develop and execute fundraising strategies to meet organizational goals.
  • Proficiency in organizing events and campaigns to solicit donations.
  • Understanding of fundraising principles and techniques.
  • Experience with donor management software and database management.
  • Bachelor’s degree in nonprofit management, fundraising, marketing, or related field (preferred).
  • Implemented a donor cultivation strategy, resulting in a 30% increase in donor retention and a 25% growth in donations.
  • Organized and managed fundraising events, exceeding revenue targets by 20% and attracting 500+ attendees.
  • Developed and executed a targeted email fundraising campaign, resulting in a 50% increase in online donations and expanding the donor base by 20% over a three-month period.

Tailoring Responsibilities to Job Listings

Tailoring your resume to each job application helps you stand out from the other candidates. Every job is different, and every employer cares about slightly different things, so they’re more likely to respond to a resume that directly addresses those points.

Changing your resume every time you apply somewhere might sound a little extreme—and it is definitely going above and beyond compared to the average candidate. However, it works really well, and it doesn’t take as much time as you’d think.

what to write in a job description on a resume

Vague descriptions vs. specific examples

Being too vague with your job responsibilities can result in two undesirable outcomes:

  • The recruiter or hiring manager comes away feeling like you didn’t really seem very knowledgeable about the job.
  • The recruiter or hiring manager comes away feeling like they’re unsure if your skill set matches the employer’s.

To avoid this, you need to get as specific as you can. Instead of generic phrases like “handled responsibilities” or “managed activities,” you need to say exactly what you managed or handled—like this:

  • Managed a team of 10 marketing professionals and led a campaign that increased web traffic by 15% in six months.

To create the perfect job responsibility bullet point, all you have to do is follow this list of resume tips :

  • Use action verbs: Convey your initiative and proactive work ethic with dynamic verbs.
  • Quantify achievements: Add numbers to measure the impact, scale, and scope of your achievements.
  • Highlight key projects: Mention the projects or tasks that led to your biggest contributions to the company.
  • Incorporate relevant keywords: Pass through ATS (Applicant Tracking System) by using keywords from the job listing.

what to write in a job description on a resume

Overlooking soft skills

We all know not to just list “leadership” and “team player” in our skills section—but that’s only because it doesn’t sound convincing, not because those skills aren’t important. In fact, it’s absolutely essential to include your collaboration and communication skills on your resume—the difficult part is that it’s better to show, not tell.

So, how do you do this? The trick is to integrate soft skills into your job responsibility descriptions. Talk about teams you’ve worked with , departments you’ve collaborated with, initiatives you’ve led, projects you’ve managed, or presentations you’ve given—all of these are things you can’t do well without significant soft skills.

Because you’re not directly saying, “Hey, I have strong leadership skills,” it might feel like it’s not obvious enough or that recruiters will overlook it. After all, we just mentioned the dangers of being vague! But there’s no need to worry—any recruiter or hiring manager will pick up on these cues.

Job Responsibilities FAQs

Your job responsibility descriptions should be as detailed as possible—but remember that everything has to fit on one page. Make sure everything aside from your job responsibilities and your career statement is organized into space-saving lists so you can dedicate as many words as possible to your work experience section. Refer to some resume examples if you need to. And you can’t cheat by making the font smaller, so don’t try!

Yes, bullet points are the most common resume format for the job responsibilities section. They’re convenient because you don’t have to write in full sentences, which means more room for the most important information. They’re also super clear and easy to read, so there’s less chance something will get overlooked by the reader.

Tailoring your job responsibilities is all about paying attention to the job listing and pinpointing the skills and experience the employer cares about most. Then, all you have to do is incorporate those skills into your job responsibilities. Of course, this takes more time than not tailoring your resume at all, but on the bright side, it isn’t too difficult.

This is a problem many people face when building a resume . Every job description you read seems to want way more than you have to offer. But don’t feel disheartened—employers always ask for more than they really need. All you need to do is present the skills and experience you have in the best way possible and draw on transferable skills, personal projects, charity work, hobbies and interests , or anything else you can think of if you run out of things to say.

It’s always acceptable to modify—as long as it doesn’t turn into a lie. Changing the phrasing of a few things or shifting the focus is just another way of highlighting what’s most important to the employer. As long as you don’t end up claiming to have skills and experience that you genuinely don’t have, it’s fine.

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Sample Job Descriptions to Help You Enhance Your Resume

5 min read · Updated on December 10, 2021

Amanda Augustine

It doesn't matter what you do for a living; when you decide to look for work, you instantly become a marketer.

As a job seeker, you are required to advertise your qualifications and professional reputation — in other words, your personal brand — to employers and recruiters in your desired field online, in person, and on paper.

One of the most important documents you'll need to update or create for this process is your professional resume. A great resume is written with a specific job goal in mind. It should be tailored for each job application by showcasing your most valuable and relevant skills in a way that positions you as an ideal candidate for the job you want.

Why use job descriptions when creating your resume

In order to ensure that your professional resume is supporting your career goals, gather a few sample job descriptions that describe the type of position you're interested in and qualified for. Then, compare the skills and qualifications on your resume with the desired qualifications in the sample job descriptions.

By reviewing job description examples, you'll be able to identify what technical and soft skills, credentials, and work experience matter most to an employer in your target field.

This will aid your job search in many ways. First, it will help you determine if you're missing any important skills that recruiters are looking for . Once you have this information, then you can take steps to build up those skill sets with courses, certification programs, side projects, or internships to become a more attractive job candidate.

Second, these sample job descriptions will help you decide which of your current qualifications should be highlighted throughout your professional resume and cover letter.

And finally, you can use example job descriptions to find the right words to describe the roles and responsibilities you held in each job listed in your work history.

How to get started using job descriptions for your resume

To help you get started, take a look at the sample job descriptions below. For additional example job descriptions, search for listings on your favorite online job boards, and check out the following links from .

Search for two types of sample job descriptions:

Job posts that are similar to roles you've previously held; and

Listings that represent the type of position you're currently targeting.

In both of these instances, don't worry about the job's location. For the purpose of this exercise, instead only focus on the job description and its requirements.

Use the sample job descriptions that match titles in your work history to beef up your professional resume's Employment History section. Click on the following link to learn how to use these job listings to brag about your experience .

Once you've found three to five sample listings that describe your job goals, copy and paste the text of each job description into a Word document and bold any phrases that routinely pop up. Then, highlight each term that describes a qualification you possess. Use this information to edit your resume and cover letter so that your key accomplishments and skills match those desired by your target employer. Your end result should be a professional resume that mirrors the employer's requirements.

what to write in a job description on a resume

Sample Job Descriptions:

Account Manager Sample Job Description

View the job description for account manager

Accountant Sample Job Description

View the job description for accountant

Administrative Assistant Sample Job Description

View the job description for administrative assistant

Business Analyst Sample Job Description

View the job description for business analyst

Cashier Sample Job Description

View the job description for cashier

Customer Service Representative Sample Job Description

View the job description for customer service representative

Host/Hostess Sample Job Description

View the job description for host/hostess

Machine Operator Sample Job Description

View the job description for machine operator

Medical Assistant Sample Job Description

View the job description for medical assistant

Office Manager Sample Job Description

View the job description for office manager

Operations Manager Sample Job Description

Project manager sample job description.

View the job description for project manager

Receptionist Sample Job Description

View the job description for receptionist

Research Assistant Sample Job Description

View the job description for research assistant

Retail Sales Associate Sample Job Description

View the job description for retail sales associate

Sales Director Sample Job Description

View the job description for sales director

Sales Manager Sample Job Description

View the job description for sales manager

Security Officer Sample Job Description

View the job description for security officer

Senior Account Manager Sample Job Description

View the job description for senior account manager

Senior Accounting Manager Sample Job Description

View the job description for senior accounting manager

Senior Business Analyst Sample Job Description

View the job description for senior business analyst

Senior Project Manager Sample Job Description

View the job description for senior project manager

Senior Sales Associate Sample Job Description

View the job description for senior sales associate

Senior Software Developer Sample Job Description

View the job description for senior software developer

Senior Software Engineer Sample Job Description

View the job description for senior software engineer

Server Sample Job Description

View the job description for server

Software Developer Sample Job Description

View the job description for software developer

Software Engineer Sample Job Description

View the job description for software engineer

Store Manager Sample Job Description

View the job description for store manager

Waiter/Waitress Sample Job Description

View the job description for waiter/waitress

Click on the following link for more job-search advice .

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7 Steps to Writing the Best Job Descriptions

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Writing job descriptions may be the single most important thing you do to attract quality talent.

I recommend you use the 7 steps/sections below when writing your job descriptions. I’ve also included 20 examples of how leading employers create their job descriptions.

Note: If you’re looking for an automated way to write/rewrite job descriptions, check out Ongig’s new  Text Analyzer software — it’s aimed at companies that want their job postings to attract top-tier/diverse talent. For tips on writing job descriptions, check out How to Write a Job Description — Best Practices & Examples .

Why Job Descriptions Matter So Much

As Talent Board reported, 77% of candidates say that job description content is where they make their decision.

Plus, top clients we know report that the majority of their traffic now goes directly to their job description pages first (mostly due to traffic from LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor and other job boards/communities) – which means that your next potential hire may not even visit your careers/corporate site before your job description pages.

I’ve read 10,000+ job descriptions and sat in on meetings with 375 passive candidates (see The 5 C’s of Why An A-Player Takes a New Job ) to hear what they are looking for in their next job.

Writing Job Descriptions | Ongig

Image Source: Joanna Kosinska  — isn’t this a beautiful pic!?

Note: If you want some tech to help you write job descriptions better, check out The Top 6 Augmented Writing Tools for Job Descriptions 

The 7-Item Job Description Checklist

Below is a checklist of the 7 steps/topics I recommend you think about when writing job descriptions.

I’m not suggesting that you create a separate section for each of the 7, but I do believe you need to address each of the 7 topics  somewhere  in your job description (I’ve noted ideas on where you can merge the different sections).

Most employers use an average of 4 to 5 sections when writing their job descriptions and often merge two or more of my 7 items into one section.

I include 20 examples of how leading employers write their job descriptions at the bottom of this post.

For my 7 item checklist, I’m excluding the Title and Location fields as those are already in the headline of the job ad.

Here are the 7 topics I recommend you cover in every job description you write. They can be in different order (as you’ll see from the examples at the bottom of this article) and I’ve included a couple of notes about placement that relate to search engine optimization (SEO). Good luck!

1) Job Summary

It’s key to mention the highest-impact 1 or 2 benefits in your opening paragraph. For instance, if this is a software developer job and your company has millions of customers then the top benefit might be: “You get to code software that will affect millions of consumers!”

I like to start off my job descriptions with a question to immediately engage the candidate. E.g.

  • How would you like to…?
  • Do you enjoy…?

Here’s a good template I use to open my job descriptions:

Would you love [Benefit #1 of the job]. Do you like to [Benefit #2]. As [Job Title], you get to [the specific unique “what” of the job (this can include a couple of specifics)]. Join us at [name of the specific team (if one)] at [Entity].

2) Responsibilities

Aka: About You, Job Description, Role Description, What You Do, What is My Job, Opportunity, The Position etc.

You should be as clear as possible about what it is that you need your hire to do.

Group Responsibilities into 2 to 4 Categories

I recommend you include 2 or 4 of the most important things the person will be doing.

Example (Ongig):

Here’s what I wrote in the Responsibilities section of a recent outbound sales job description for Ongig:

Your primary responsibilities are two-fold: 1) Get Appointments with C-Level Executives — Your primary responsibility is to get meetings between C-level/VP-level people at our prospective customers and me (the head of sales). 2) Qualify Customers — You will get the contact information (phone, email, address, etc.) for the decision-makers we have not qualified.

It will be very clear to the candidate what their primary tasks at hand are.

% Breakdown of Responsibilities.

Another way to do this is to break down the % of time that you expect the candidate to spend on certain functions. This is a way better approach than just listing out a dozen bullets of what you want them to do.

Example (Yum Brands (Pizza Hut, Dunkin Donuts, Taco Bell)

Yum in its corporate jobs includes in many of its job descriptions 3 or 4 categories of what the hire will do such as this breakdown for a Manager, Service Desk job req:

Lead a team of 40+ Associates and 3 direct reports (30%) Ensuring customer satisfaction (40%) Innovation (20%) Administrative (10%)

Yum includes an additional 3 to 5 sub-bullets within each of those 4 categories so it’s super-clear what’s expected.

Who do they report to and who do they manage?

Star candidates want to know more about where they fit within the team, yet the vast majority of job descriptions don’t make any mention of this.  I recommend you include the following:

  • Who They Report To –  For example, at Altisource they call this section “Reporting to” and include the title of the person the candidate would report to:
“Reporting to: Senior Manager, Human Resources (she is awesome!)”

If you can give the name of the hiring manager, even better! Remember, the best candidates crave transparency.

  • Who They Manage – If the position has direct reports, then mention it. Example: SnackNation writes in its VP of Customer Success JD that the hire will get to
“oversee 5 Customer Success reps.”

I’ve seen Patagonia add an entire section called “Management” to cover managerial duties.

SEO Note: For search engine optimization purposes, it often makes sense to have this section be the first section you show in the JD because Google and other search engines read your job description in order and often show the intro text as the excerpt in search results. 

3) Requirements (Must-Haves)

Aka: Qualifications, Skills, Experience

If your candidate must have certain skills or experience, you should place them in a Requirements (Must-Haves) section and be very clear.

Remember, the idea is to attract candidates who have these skills and “Alienate the Non-Prospects” (i.e. candidates who do not have these skills should look elsewhere!)

For example, here are 2 requirements from a recent Account Executive job description at

  • “A proven sales hunter and closer”
  • “Experience selling at the C-level”

These requirements are very clear.

If you have an educational or certification requirement, you should put it in the Requirements section as well.

Qualities/Competencies — You may also want to include desired qualities in this Requirements section. Geoff Smart and Randy Street, authors of the excellent book Who: The A Method for Hiring, suggest including “competencies” that a candidate should have such as Transparency, Low Ego, and Coachability.

SnackNation has a dedicated section to the qualities they look for, calling it “Personal Attributes & Characteristics” in every job description. Edward Jones has a “Traits and Competencies” section for their Financial Advisors.

In doing so, SnackNation and Edward Jones are emphasizing that the type of human being they are looking for/culture is a company-wide priority.

You can also put your desired qualities in the “Responsibilities” type section.

4) Requirements (Nice-to-Haves)

Aka: Preferred Requirements, Preferred Experience, Preferred Qualifications

Note: This could be included as part of the Requirements (Must-Have) section above as long as the bullets are specifically labeled as “Nice-to-Have”.

The purpose of this section is to communicate the skills and experience that are “nice-to-haves” and could put the candidate over-the-top.

Examples (Google, Nike and Amazon):

Google, Nike and IBM communicate their nice-to-have requirements through their “Preferred”/”Preference” section

Google writes into most of its Software Engineer job descriptions I’ve seen that it “prefers” you have a graduate degree (Master’s or PhD or other further education”) in addition to the BS degree in Computer Science it requires (i.e. a Must-Have) of most of its engineering positions.

Nike included “Strong SAP experience” in an Accounts Payable job recently – any candidate who has that SAP experience now knows they have a leg up.

Amazon “prefers” this in a recent engineering job: “Exposure to Six Sigma, Lean manufacturing efforts, transportation/logistics, and/or fulfillment/distribution centers.”

5) About Team

Aka: Team Description, About Department Area

Note: This could be included at the end of the About Us section above or as its own separate section.

Candidates want to know what team they are going to be on, so your job description should include a sentence or two about the department.

Examples (Facebook and Dropbox):

Facebook’s Partner Engineer job description reads:

Partner Engineering is a highly technical team that works with our strategic partners to integrate Facebook solutions into their mobile platforms, apps, and devices. In this role, you will engage with some of the world’s most influential companies and work closely with our world-class engineering and product teams.

Dropbox calls this their “Team Description:

Our Engineering team is architecting a family of products that handle over a billion files a day. We take on the complexities of technology that affect everyday life, so that people can get back to living and doing their best work.

Ok, now we’re going to dig into what you need from the candidates themselves.

Topics # 3 through #6 below can be treated as their own sections or consolidated into fewer sections such as Uber, QuickenLoans, Adobe, Twitter and others do (see “Samples of How Leaders Write Job Descriptions” below).

6) About Us

Aka: Overview, Note: Some employers leave the title of this section blank and just write a summary of the business/team

Every job description should include a brief background of your business. You should not assume your candidates know exactly what you’re all about. Even companies with well-known brands like Nike and Yelp include an About Us section in their job descriptions.

You can do this at the start of your job description (more common (such as Yelp below)) or at the very end (which does) or at beginning and end (which Nike does).

SEO Note: If you want your About Us section to be the first section, then we recommend you make it very short due to Google Search Engine Optimization. Some Recruitment SEO experts believe that Google gives higher weight to the opening words on a Web page and so the sooner your job description page mentions words specific to the job, the higher up your search rankings will be. 

Examples (Yelp and Nike)

Since 2004, our mission has been connecting people with great local businesses. We’ve fundamentally changed the way consumers make buying decisions by taking word of mouth online. Yelp brings transparency to the local business market, and we believe in helping consumers make smarter and more informed decisions about where to spend their money.

Mission Statement 

You’ll notice that Yelp began with “Our mission is…” – candidates love this. They want to do something purposeful in their careers (especially millennials) (again, see  The 5 C’s of Why An A-Player Takes a New Job ).

Nike too mentions their mission in job descriptions: “No matter the location, or the role, every Nike employee shares one galvanizing mission: To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world.”

If you have a business that is less known than Yelp or Nike, it is even more important to include your mission in your job description (note: See Vision and Mission Statement Examples for how to write a mission statement and to see a list of my all-time favorites).

7) Compensation & Benefits

Aka: Compensation, Perks

Note: You can break out compensation into separate sections or combine them.

Every job description should include a field or section for compensation and benefits. Let’s break the two down.


Comp. is one of The 5 C’s of Why An A-Player Takes a New Job  and I recommend you address it, even if you don’t have details on the #s.

A couple of comments on major compensation pieces:

  • Salary – If you’ve got an exact amount, great. If it’s range (perhaps because of experience, then include that. A fallback is to say that it’s “market-competitive” (but only if it really is!). Candidates can find out pay ranges for major employers on places like Glassdoor and Payscale anyway so you might as well include yours unless you have some good reason not to. And if you’re not a major employer whose salary ranges are listed on third-party sites like Glassdoor, you still have to compete with those employers whose salary info is public; and so you should be as transparent as you can to gain candidate trust.
  • Bonus/Commissions – If the position includes any form of bonus or commissions then, again, include as much detail as you can on it.
  • Equity — If it includes stock, say so.

I’ve seen star sales people view a job description with zero information on compensation and assume it was commission-only (which turned them off) – when in reality the job had a healthy base salary to it.

At a minimum, you need to include the components of compensation like SnackNation did, for example, in their VP of Customer Success job description — they wrote simply:

Salary: Commensurate with Experience (Base + Bonus + Equity)

If you can provide more details than that, do it!

Many sales-related job descriptions in Silicon Valley, for example, include On-Target Earnings (or OTE) – this is the combination of salary and commission that a sales rep can make.

I saw a recent Inside Sales position that said OTE was $120,000 to $150,000. That’s the type of estimate a quality sales person expects to see.

But don’t leave it blank! Vagueness is a turn-off to the best talent.

Note: This could be merged with Compensation or included separately.

If your benefits are the same company-wide, you can do what Dropbox does which is include a link in each of their job descriptions to: Dropbox Perks .

If you don’t have a benefits page, you can just list the basic benefits in every job description like what Uber does here:

BENEFITS (U.S.) 401(k) plan, gym reimbursement, cell phone reimbursement. Full medical/dental/vision package to fit your needs. Unlimited vacation policy; work hard and take time when you need it.

If you offer benefits that are less than obvious, make sure to mention it. Check out this example from SalesLoft:

  • No Vacation Tracking (you take vacation whenever you want — no need to keep track)
  • Health, Dental, and Vision Insurance
  • Short-term and long-term disability (SalesLoft pays 100% of the individual premiums)
  • Casual dress all-day, everyday
  • 401K with company match
  • Telecommute days
  • Rhythm, cadence, strong culture, and super bright future
  • Games, fun, parties & more

A few of those bullets really help Salesloft’s job descriptions express their uniqueness and really stand out!

Extra Tips for Job Descriptions

The above are the 7 topics of a writing a job description that you should make sure to cover.

However, because some items don’t fit cleanly into one particular job description section. Here are a few that you can just leave standalone or work into another section:

  • Equal Employment Opportunity Statement  /Diversity Statement — I treat every candidate equally as a default and so I do not include EEO/diversity statements in job descriptions I write. However, your counsel might require that you include one. If you have to include an EEO statement, I recommend you put it at the bottom of the job description with no section title (just a sentence).
  • Successfully recruit and hire candidates within hiring timeline.
  • Reduce cost per hire by increasing direct hires and minimizing the use of agencies.
  • Develop strategic sourcing strategies and programs that will develop a pipeline of candidates.
  • Upgrades (additional revenue from current customers)
  • Churn (lost revenue – downgrades and cancels – from current customers)
  • Net Promoter Score
  • Customer Advocacy Platform (Influitive)
  • Customer Web Portal & Application (In process)
  • Strategic Partnership Network (In process)
  • Customer Membership Site (In future)
  • Travel — If travel is key to the role, you must spell that out. Example: IBM includes two one-line fields in many of their job descriptions: 1) Is Travel Required (yes/no), 2) Is Extensive Travel Required (yes/no). This can be included in the Responsibilities or Requirements sections or in a broader What You Do/Who You Are type section.
  • Work Schedule — I noticed that Goldman Sachs has included “Work Schedule: 40 hours per week (9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m)” in some job descriptions. This may have to do with a new movement by Wall Street employers to strengthen employer brand by communicating limits on working long hours (see J.P. Morgan Wants Its Employees to Stop Working on the Weekend ). A Work Schedule typically belongs in Requirements or What You Do/Who You Are section
  • Relocation Expenses — If you are willing to pay a candidate’s relocation expenses, you should definitely mention this. That alone could catch a star’s eye.
  • “Other” Section — Some items might be best placed in an Other section at the bottom of your job description. Wegmans Food, for example, mentions that employment may be contingent on a drug screen, physical and criminal background track. You might have your own random items to include here.

20 Samples of How Leaders Write Job Descriptions

I looked at 100’s of the top ranked employers to work for (mostly through Fortune and Universum’s lists) and here are 20 examples of employers and the sections (in order) they use when writing job descriptions. I’m not saying these are right or wrong — they just may give you ideas on how to write your job descriptions.

Leading employer brands use between 3 and 7 sections (5 is about the average).

You’ll notice that the topics #3 through #6, I recommend above (Responsibilities, Key Results, Requirements (Must-Have) and Requirements (Nice-to-Have)) are often merged into just one or two sections called About Job, About You, etc.

Here are the 20 samples of structures of job descriptions (in no particular order):

  • What You’ll Do/Need (Responsibilities, Requirements, Characteristics)
  • What You’ll Get
  • Why We’re Different
  • Our Company
  • The challenge
  • What you’ll do
  • What you need to succeed
  • Education and Experience
  • Job Summary (includes “Reports To” and “Supervises” )
  • Essential Functions
  • Experience and Special Knowledge
  • Specific Skills/Equipment
  • Who You Are
  • Qualifications
  • Bonus Points
  • What’s Next (a brief note encouraging applicants to include links to their work online)
  • The Position
  • Job Responsibilities
  • Job Requirements
  • Responsibilities
  • Qualifications Required
  • Qualifications Preferred
  • Summary (department, qualities)
  • Minimum qualifications
  • Preferred qualifications
  • Area (aka Team)
  • Job Summary
  • Key Qualifications
  • Description (About Team, Responsibilities)
  • Additional Requirements
  • Summary (who the position reports to and other highlights about the job)
  • What You’ll Do
  • What We’re Looking For
  • Job Description (About Team)
  • Position/Program Requirements
  • Team Description
  • Role Description
  • Requirements
  • Summary (About Us, About You, About Team, qualities)
  • Description (About Us, Responsibilities)
  • Basic Qualifications
  • Preferred Qualifications
  • Opportunity
  • Traits and Competencies
  • What to Expect
  • What is my job
  • How do I make a difference?
  • What skills, learnings, and experiences are required?
  • Work environment
  • Other (potential drug screen, physical, etc.)
  • Overview (About Us)
  • Certifications, Licenses, Registrations
  • The Division (About Team)
  • Principal Duties & Responsibilities
  • Education & Experience
  • Job Knowledge & Skills
  • Competencies (Core, Core Manager and Functional)
  • The Benefits
  • Essential Job Functions
  • Description/Summary
  • Key Responsiblities
  • Qualifications (Yrs. of related professional experience, Educational/Positional Requirements, Skills)
  • Diversity/Vision Statement
  • Description (About Us, About Team and summary of job)
  • Key Responsibilities
  • Key Qualifications
  • Why Glassdoor?
  • Benefits (Competitive Salary, Equity, Health Insurance)
  • Company Summary
  • Job Description (usually with a breakdown by % of the type of work)
  • Skills & Other Requirements
  • Requirements (“We’d love to hear from you if:”
  • What you get

I hope those samples, and the 7 topics I recommend you cover, help you in writing the best job descriptions in your industry.

What’s your favorite tip on writing job descriptions?

If you feel like I missed some key section or topic of a job description, please leave me a comment below. I’d love to know what you think.

Why I wrote this?

We at Ongig are on a mission to transform your job descriptions. Check out our Text Analyzer software if you’d like to write job descriptions more effectively. You can request a demo right from this page (just click the button).

February 29, 2016 by Rob Kelly in Job Descriptions

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what to write in a job description on a resume

Barista Resume Examples for 2024 [Examples + Guide]

Background Image

You’re a barista. 

You serve delicious cups of coffee to crowds of keen customers.

But it’s not easy to create a resume that “hits the spot” just like your coffee.

What do you include in a barista resume, anyway?

Well, that’s exactly what we’re about to answer.

Simply follow the steps in this guide for a job-winning barista resume .

  • An example of a finished barista resume that works
  • How to write a barista resume that’ll fill up your interview diary
  • How to make your barista resume stand out [with top tips & tricks]

Before you can show off your attributes, you can check the barista resume example at the beginning of the article , created with our very own resume builder:

If you're applying for a different job in the service industry, here's some more resume examples that might interest you:

  • Server Resume
  • Waiter Resume
  • Bartender Resume
  • Cashier Resume
  • Customer Service Resume
  • Receptionist Resume
  • Event Planner Resume
  • Bar and Restaurant Manager Resume

Follow the steps below to create a job-winning barista resume, just like the example above.

How to Format a Barista Resume

Before you can treat the hiring manager to a piping-hot resume, you need to prepare!

But what does this mean?

Well, you need a format that makes your resume easy to digest.

The most common resume format is “ reverse-chronological ”, and it is for good reason. This format puts your best achievements up-top, which allows the hiring manager to immediately see why you’re the best barista.

reverse chronological resume format

Baristas could also use the following formats, depending on their experience:

  • Functional Resume – If you’re confident in your barista skills, but lack the coffee shop experience, the functional resume format is recommended. This type of resume focuses on skills, which makes it ideal for coffee-lovers who lack work experience or who have gaps in their employment history.
  • Combination Resume – Combining both “Functional” and “Reverse-Chronological”, those baristas with the required skills and experience may want to use this format.

Now that you’ve picked the correct format for your situation, you need to arrange your resume layout .

For a barista resume that looks the part, we recommend:

  • Margins - One-inch margins on all sides
  • Font - Use a professional font that stands out, but not too much
  • Font Size - Stick to 11-12pt font size for normal text and 14-16pt for headers
  • Line Spacing - Use 1.0 or 1.15 line spacing
  • Resume Length - Maintain a 1-page limit. For guidance, view these one-page resume templates

Use a Barista Resume Template

Nearly everyone will agree that Word is fantastic for creating simple documents.

But when you need a well-formatted barista resume, you may want to look elsewhere.

Why do we say this?

Well, Word isn’t the best for holding structure.

To avoid an afternoon of frustration, use a barista resume template .

What to Include in a Barista Resume

The main sections in a barista resume are:

  • Work Experience
  • Contact Information

To really make an impact, you can also add these optional sections:

  • Awards & Certification

Interests & Hobbies

So those are the essential sections for a barista resume, but what content should you add to each of them? Let’s find out!

For a full rundown on each section, view our guide on What to Put on a Resume .

job search masterclass

How to Correctly Display your Contact Information

Now, this isn’t the section for creative writing.

The only requirement is factually-correct content.

Imagine that the hiring manager is keen to invite you for an interview.

But there’s a problem…

Your phone number is incorrect.

As you can see, getting this section wrong is no laughing matter!

The contact information section must include:

  • Title - Align this to the role you’re applying for, so “Barista”
  • Phone Number - Check this for mistakes
  • Email Address - Keep your email professional ([email protected])
  • (Optional) Location - Applying for a barista job abroad? Mention your location.
  • (Optional) Relevant Social Media Profiles - e.g.: LinkedIn
  • Rebecca Biggins, Barista. 101-358-6095. [email protected]
  • Rebecca Biggins, Coffee Queen. 101-358-6095. [email protected]

How to Write a Barista Resume Summary or Objective

Cafes and coffee shops are always hunting for more staff.

However, they also have a HUGE pool of applicants to choose from.

With this in mind, it’s no surprise that most hiring managers spend less than 6 seconds on each resume.

Yep, that’s right!

Although worrying, this fact highlights the importance of a resume that commands attention.

Simply put, you have just a matter of seconds to hook the reader.

But HOW can you do this?

Use a resume summary or objective .

As a barista, you’re aware that an introductory “hello” is vital.  

Similarly, both summaries and objectives are vital introductions to your resume.

But what is the difference between a summary and an objective?

A resume summary is a 2-4 sentence paragraph that summarizes your most notable café experiences and achievements.

  • Fast-working and friendly barista with five years of experience working at a busy coffee shop in Boston, with an overall customer satisfaction score of 97%. Skilled in coffee brewing, table setting, stock management, and more. Seeking to leverage interpersonal skills and a commitment to great coffee to become a barista at CAFÉ XYZ.

A resume objective is a 2-4 sentence paragraph of what you want to achieve. 

  • Enthusiastic and friendly coffee lover looking for a barista role at CAFÉ XYZ. Passionate about keeping customers happy and satisfied. Relevant experience includes serving customers at GYM XYZ. Skilled in POS and communication, with a vast knowledge of 40+ types of coffee.

So, should barista hopefuls use a summary or an objective?

Generally, people with relevant café work experience should choose a resume summary. A resume objective is ideal for those with the required skills, but lack specific café experience.

How to Make Your Barista Work Experience Stand Out

Recruiters love nothing more than a barista with work experience .

A solid work history instils confidence and reduces the perceived risk in hiring someone new.

As such, you’ll want to use this section to impress.

Here’s the best way to structure your work experience section:

  • Position name
  • Company Name
  • Responsibilities & Achievements

Ultimate Cafe

06/2018 – 03/2020

  • Based on receipt surveying, I achieved a 99.8% satisfaction score during my two years at Ultimate Café
  • Prepared and delivered a range of beverages for 100+ customers a day
  • Educated customers on the different beverages, while offering my personal opinions based on their feedback

Instead of simply listing your daily tasks, you should display how you were a valuable asset at your previous/current place of work. Doing so will allow the recruiter to immediately see the benefits to bringing you in as the new barista. 

Instead of saying:

“Kept customers happy”.

“Based on receipt surveying, I achieved a 99.8% satisfaction score during my two years at Ultimate Café”.

Apart from the second statement being longer, what’s the difference?

Well, the first statement has little validity. It’s very vague.

On the other hand, the second statement uses hard figures to back-up your skills. It’s easy to see why you would make a great barista!

What if You Don’t Have Any Relevant Work Experience?

Maybe you’re studying and looking for your first barista job?

Or maybe, you have experience in customer service, but never in a coffee shop?

Whatever the case may be, there are options you can take.

Here are several ways you can gain some extra experience to impress the hiring manager:

  • Volunteer for a local food shelter
  • Get a food handling license
  • Sign up for a culinary arts course

Are you recent university graduate? You may want to view our student resume guide !

Use Action Words to Make Your Barista Resume POP!

Hiring managers are faced with the same generic words in every resume they read. 

But this is a good thing.

Well, for you it is.

This is because you can easily make your resume stand out by using some power words:

  • Conceptualized

How to Correctly List your Education

Next, it’s time to talk about your education.

Now, having a higher education doesn’t make you a good barista, so there’s no need to be intimidated by this section. 

Just keep things simple by entering your education history in the follow format:

  • Qualification Type 
  • Institution Name
  • Years Studied
  • GPA, Honours, Courses, and anything else you might want to add

Majoring in Culinary Arts

Ohio State University

2017 - Present

  • Relevant Courses: Food and Beverage Operations, Food Microbiology and Hygiene, Kitchen Techniques, and Pastry Techniques]

Still have a few questions? Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions from barista-hopefuls:

  • What if I haven’t completed education yet?

Doesn’t matter. Skills and experience come first and foremost

  • Should I include my high school education?

Generally, only list highest education. However, if you’ve completed a course relating to being a barista, include that

  • What goes first, my education or experience?

An experienced barista wins, every time. However, those with no experience should start with their education

For in-depth answers, check out our guide on how to list education on a resume .

Top 13 Skills for a Barista Resume

Whether you have the skills to carry three coffees at once, or posses a friendly smile that makes customers feel at home, the hiring manager will want to know.

With that said… there’s not enough space to list every skill in your arsenal.

So, what do café owners want from employees?

Here’s a trick: look at the job ad to identify which skills the café is looking for.

And if you need more inspiration, here are some of the most common barista skills:

Hard Skills:

  • Math (basic calculations)
  • POS & cash register 
  • Latte art / milk steaming
  • Coffee bean grinding
  • Manual and automatic coffee brewing
  • Adept with Espresso machines
  • Table setting / food preparation 
  • Inventory management 

Soft Skills:

  • Personable and friendly 
  • Endurance (long hours)
  • Conflict resolution 
  • Time management 
  • Team player
  • It is worth nothing that interviewers will typically ask interviewees to explain more about the skills listed. As such, only list skills that you actually posses.

Here’s a more comprehensive list of 150+ must-have skills this year.

What Else Can You Include in Your Barista Resume?

Remember, you need a resume that stands out!

So even though you have completed the essential sections, you shouldn’t call it a day just yet.

Including the following sections in your resume could be the deciding factor in whether you’re hired for the barista job or not!

Awards & Certifications

Have you ever been employee of the month?

Have you completed any third-party courses that are relevant to the role?

Whatever the award is, be sure to include it in your resume!

Here’s an example:

  • “Employee of the Month” - Ultimate Cafe
  • “Learning How to Learn” - Coursera Certificate

Applying to an Italian coffee shop?

Then knowing some Italian is sure to help your chances. 

Whether it’s specified in the job description or not, the ability to be able to speak multiple languages is impressive – and who can argue with that!?

Rank your languages by proficiency:

  • Intermediate

Now, you’re likely wondering, “how is my art class related to my work as a barista?”

Well, this section allows the hiring manager to get to know you on a personal level. 

The café wants an employee that will make a good addition to the team.

The best way to do this is by talking about your hobbies, especially those hobbies which involve social interaction.

Here’s which hobbies & interests you may want to mention.

Include a Cover Letter with Your Resume

Want to really impress your future employer?

Then match your resume with a convincing cover letter.

You see, a resume is the perfect tool for delivering vital information, but nothing speaks to the hiring manager like a well-written cover letter.

Put yourself in the shoes of the hiring manager – imagine having to read through 50 resumes, one after the other.

That would be both boring and confusing, which is why it’s not uncommon for the hiring manager to become confused between multiple applications!

A cover letter makes a personal connection, while ensuring you’ll be remembered.

Oh, and writing a specific cover letter shows the hiring manager that you care about working for their café.

Here’s how to create a structure that works:

cover letter structure for resume

Complete the following sections for a job-winning cover letter:

Personal Contact Information

Include your full name, profession, phone number, email, and address.

Hiring Manager’s Contact Information

Include their full name, position, location, email.

Opening Paragraph

To capture the hiring manager’s attention, your resume needs an opening paragraph that packs a punch. Briefly mention:

  • The barista position you’re applying for
  • Your experience summary and best achievement to date

Once you’ve got the hiring manager’s attention, you can delve further into the following specifics:

  • Why you chose this specific café
  • What you know about their culture and company goals
  • How your skills will be beneficial to the café
  • Whether you’ve worked in similar positions before

Closing Paragraph

Finish with a closing paragraph that:

  • Concludes the main points of your cover letter
  • Thanks the reader for their time and for the opportunity
  • Ends with a call to action. For example, “At your earliest convenience, I’d love to discuss more about how I can help Café X” will work.

Formal Salutations

While remaining personal, the letter should end in a professional manner. Use something like, “Kind regards” or “Sincerely.”

For extra cover letter advice, view our step-by-step guide on how to write a cover letter .

Key Takeaways

Well, that’s the winning recipe!

Let’s total up everything we’ve consumed:

  • Pick the correct format for your specific situation and level of experience. Prioritize the reverse-chronological format, and then follow the recommended layout
  • Use a short, snappy resume summary or objective to catch the recruiters attention
  • For your work experience, highlight your most relevant and best achievements, rather than your daily duties
  • For a personal and highly-specific application, include a convincing cover letter

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How to use personal branding to supercharge your resume.

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Your resume is a professional document, but have you ever considered that integrating your personal brand into your resume could give you a competitive edge?

Personal branding can be a powerful tool that enhances your appeal, giving you the opportunity to connect with employers before you have even met them.

By showcasing a strong brand during the job search, you can increase your chances of standing out in an oversaturated marketplace.

Here's how you can develop your personal brand, reflect your unique skills and values, and make a truly irresistible offer in your resume.

Define your personal brand

It's a good idea to start by identifying what it is that makes you unique and therefore, an excellent candidate.

This doesn't just have to focus on the professional skills outlined in the job description. It should include your strengths, skills, values, and key characteristics.

Consider what it is that sets you apart from others in your field. Do you always bring a sense of humour to the workplace? Or are you that colleague who is always on hand to support others when they are struggling?

Your personal brand should also reflect your expertise, personality, and professional goals. So spend some time making notes and defining your brand before you begin.

This can make it much easier to inject personality into your resume.

New FBI Warning As Hackers Strike: Email Senders Must Do This 1 Thing

Apple ipad 2024 release date your final complete guide to what and when, katy perry met gala dresses go viral but they re ai fakes, craft a compelling resume summary.

Your resume should start with a compelling resume summary that is carefully crafted to grab the hiring manager’s attention.

This gives you the perfect chance to create a catchy summary that encapsulates your personal brand.

To do this, you should highlight the key skills that best align with the job, but also write in a tone and style which reflects more of your personality.

Instead of sticking to the usual corporate spiel, throw in some more conversational language to bring it to life and show that you really care about your work.

Share your biggest achievements and how they’ve shaped your career

Your resume is an opportunity to tell your story. It is your chance to showcase your professional journey by sharing key achievements that align with your personal brand.

By sharing examples of your skills and experience as anecdotes, such as specific projects you’ve completed, awards you've won, or big milestones you’ve reached, you can illustrate your passion and personality.

It’s also a good idea to back these stories up with facts and figures, highlighting tangible results and proving why you’d be a valuable asset to the company.

Showcasing a strong brand during the job search can increase your chances of standing out.

Think carefully about your design

The design of your resume is a great way to reflect some of your personal style, whether it's a simple slick corporate style or a modern graphic-focused layout.

You can take the opportunity to make some smaller changes that reflect your unique brand. For example, changing the color of your headings or adding a photo of yourself can really add life to your resume and help you get noticed.

But just be careful not to go too far and start adding design elements or color schemes that ruin it's functionality. Remember, your resume needs to be clearly structured, easy to read, and ATS-friendly.

Give insights into how you spend your free time

As well as your work experience, it’s a good idea to outline any volunteer work, local projects, or community days you take part in. These can help to really let your character shine through, as well as show off a range of transferable skills.

You might also consider adding a hobbies and interests section to give more insight into who you are and to show how you fit with the company culture. This can be a great way to show off your personal brand and what you like to do outside the workplace.

That being said, you should only add a hobbies and interests section to your resume if you have the space to do so without compromising on your experience and education sections.

It’s also best to include activities that are closely related to your career in some way or show transferable skills that are desirable in the workplace.

Let your authentic self shine through

It can be hard to inject personality into a resume as these tend to follow traditional structures and you need to make sure you’re ticking all the right boxes.

But through your use of language and authenticity your personal brand can come through on paper.

By using genuine and engaging language throughout and avoiding overused cliches and phrases, you can make your resume unique and reflect your personal brand, helping you to stand out from the crowd.

Continuously update your resume to reflect your journey

Finally, as your career progresses, it’s a good idea to revisit and update your personal branding and your resume to reflect any new values, experiences, skills, and goals you may have.

Your resume should always be a dynamic document that evolves alongside your professional journey.

So when you're ready to take the next step in your career, remember this and take into account the advice above. That way, you can seamlessly incorporate your personal brand into your resume and enhance your applications.

Andrew Fennell

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Silk pajamas, spanking and questions about STDs: Stormy Daniels details sexual encounter with Trump

Adult film actor Stormy Daniels took the witness stand at Donald Trump 's New York criminal trial Tuesday, testifying under oath about the sexual encounter she says she had with him in 2006 and the $130,000 deal for her silence that was struck during the closing days of the 2016 presidential campaign.

In a remarkable day of testimony with the former president sitting roughly 10 feet away from her, Daniels recounted the tryst in detail. She also talked about Trump's supposed efforts to get her on his TV show and her decision to come forward with her story, as well as the payoff and the fallout from doing so.

Courtroom sketch of Stormy Daniels testifies on the witness stand as Judge Juan Merchan looks on with a photo of Donald Trump and Daniels from their first meeting is displayed on a monitor

During cross-examination, which at times became heated, Daniels tangled with one of Trump’s attorneys, Susan Necheles, who accused her of making up a series of false claims to "extort" Trump, then a presidential candidate.

Trump’s lawyers also argued that some of Daniels’ account of the 2006 encounter “was unduly and inappropriately prejudicial.” They then requested a mistrial.

Trump lawyer Todd Blanche told the judge that Daniels’ unfair claims included her testimony that Trump didn’t use a condom and that she thinks she “blacked out” for a part of it.

“There’s no way to unring the bell, in our view,” Blanche said during a dramatic exchange with prosecutors.

Judge Juan Merchan shot down the mistrial motion but acknowledged that "there were things that would have been better left unsaid,” adding that he would strike some of Daniels' testimony from the record.

Court isn’t in session Wednesday. Cross-examination of Daniels will resume Thursday morning.

Trump is headed to Florida on Tuesday evening, with plans to spend Wednesday at Mar-a-Lago, Trump campaign national press secretary Karoline Leavitt said.

politics political politician wave hush money trial courthouse

Daniels testified that she first met Trump at a celebrity golf tournament in Lake Tahoe, Nevada, in July 2006. Describing their first meeting as a "very brief encounter" on a golf course, Daniels said she was 27 and remembered Trump being as old as her father — around 60.

The jury — which appeared focused intently on Daniels and her testimony — was shown a picture of them together from that trip.

Daniels said that they later ran into each other at the club and that a man she later learned was Trump's bodyguard told her Trump wanted to have dinner with her. She said she replied, "No, with an expletive in front."

She did, however, get the bodyguard's number, and she said that later that day her publicist convinced her she should accept the invitation, telling her: “It’ll make a great story. He’s a business guy. Like, what could possibly go wrong?”

She said she went up to Trump's penthouse hotel suite and was told they'd be going to dinner at one of the restaurants downstairs. When she entered the room, which she described as "three times the size of my apartment," he was wearing "silk or satin" pajamas, she said. She said she quipped, “Does Hugh Hefner know you stole his pajamas?” and asked him to change, which he did.

They then sat at a dining table in the suite, where she said Trump asked her numerous questions about her adult film writing and directing. He then asked her about sexually transmitted diseases, and she said she was tested constantly and "I've never had a bad test."

She said that she grew frustrated with him because he kept cutting off her answers and that when he pulled out a magazine with him on the cover, she said, "Someone should spank you with that." She said she then rolled it up and "swatted" him with it. While jurors mostly appeared poker-faced through her testimony, one began rubbing her face and appeared to be holding back laughter.

After that, she said, Trump was "much more polite" and suggested she should come on his TV show, "The Apprentice." Daniels testified that "he said, 'You remind me of my daughter,'" and that appearing on the show would demonstrate she shouldn't be underestimated.

In all, they chatted for about two hours, Daniels said. She said that she went to the bathroom and that when she walked out, Trump was lying on the bed "in boxer shorts and T-shirt." She said she was "startled, like a jump scare. Wasn’t expecting someone to be there, especially minus a lot of clothing.”

She said Trump told her, "I thought you were serious about what you wanted." She said she felt "there was an imbalance of power, for sure. He was bigger and blocking the way, but I was not threatened either verbally or physically.” Asked in court whether she ended up having sex with him on the bed, she said, "Yes."

She described the sex as brief and said Trump told her “it was great. Let’s get together again, honey bunch.” She said he hadn’t used a condom and hadn't expressed any concern about his wife’s finding out what had happened. She said he also didn’t give her his phone number.

Trump's bodyguard reached out to her the next day to invite her to meet Trump at a bar in her hotel, she said. When she got there, she said, he was with then-Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. Trump left about 10 minutes later but continued to call her well after the encounter, she said, "with an update — or a non-update if he didn’t have one — for ‘Apprentice.’”

"He always called me honey bunch," she said.

She said they saw each other again in January 2007, when he invited her to the launch of his Trump vodka brand. While she was there, she said, he introduced her to his friend "Karen," who she later learned was Karen McDougal , a former Playboy model who said she was having a monthslong affair with Trump during that period. Former National Enquirer publisher David Pecker testified earlier in the trial that he paid McDougal $150,000 to keep her quiet about the claim during the 2016 presidential campaign. Trump has denied both Daniels' and McDougal's claims.

Daniels said Trump also invited her to Trump Tower around that time and assured her, "I'm still working on the ‘Apprentice’ thing."

She said they last saw each other in the summer of 2007, when he invited her to see him at a bungalow he was staying at in Los Angeles. She said that he "kept trying to make sexual advances" but that she shot him down. "I told him I was on my period," she said. He said he later called her and told her he hadn't been able to get her on his show.

Payments made to Daniels by Trump's then-lawyer Michael Cohen at the end of the 2016 campaign are at the heart of the case, the first criminal trial of a former president. Cohen paid Daniels $130,000 in return for keeping her quiet about her claims of a sexual encounter with Trump.

Daniels said Tuesday that Gina Rodriguez, her manager, spoke to her about going public with her story for money in 2015 after Trump announced he was running for president. Rodriguez didn’t have much success shopping the story until after the release in October 2016 of the "Access Hollywood" tape, in which Trump was recorded in 2005 bragging that he could grope women without their consent.

She said that Rodriguez then told her that Trump and Cohen were "interested in paying" for the story and that she agreed, because it meant the story — which her husband didn’t know about — wouldn’t become public. "I didn't care about the amounts. It was just, 'Get it done,'" she said.

Prosecutors say Trump reimbursed Cohen the money in payments that were falsely described as legal expenses. They have charged him with 34 counts of falsifying business records. Trump has pleaded not guilty.

Daniels' deal with Cohen was revealed in a January 2018 story in The Wall Street Journal. Asked about the impact the story had on her life, Daniels said, "Chaos."

“My husband asking questions, my friends asking questions,” she said, with people showing up on her front lawn.

She said that Cohen started to talk about her allegations publicly but that she couldn’t because of the NDA and the $1 million penalty it included if she violated it. She said she later hired lawyer Michael Avenatti "so that I could stand up for myself."

He helped her get out of the NDA but also filed an unsuccessful defamation suit against Trump on her behalf and against her wishes, she said. Daniels lost the case and was ordered to pay Trump's legal fees . She eventually fired Avenatti, who was convicted of several crimes, including stealing from Daniels .

Daniels had vowed on Twitter, now X, never to pay the legal fees, which she acknowledged on cross-examination totaled over $660,000.

"You said, 'I will go to jail before I pay a penny'?" Necheles asked Daniels. "Correct," she responded.

Daniels also acknowledged that she hates Trump and has called him mean names online, including having referred to him as an "orange turd," but she said Trump, who has repeatedly referred to her as "horseface," made fun of her first.

Necheles also pressed Daniels about earlier accounts of her story. Daniels testified she agreed to do an interview with In Touch magazine in 2011 after the publication told her it was writing about the alleged encounter with Trump. Daniels said that it had agreed to pay her $15,000 for the interview but that the deal was scrapped after Cohen got the story killed. She said she was threatened weeks later by a man in a Las Vegas parking lot who told her to "Leave Trump alone."

Necheles repeatedly suggested the parking lot incident was made up, which Daniels disputed. Daniels said she was frightened by the encounter and stayed quiet until Trump declared his candidacy for president, at which point she gave her manager the green light to shop her story around.

“You weren’t really scared, were you?” Necheles said.

“I was terrified, but the ballgame changed,” Daniels replied, implying that by telling her story when Trump was a candidate, she felt she could ensure her safety.

“You were looking to extort money from President Trump, right?” Necheles said.

“False,” Daniels replied.

Stormy Daniels exits the courthouse

Before Daniels first took the stand, Merchan told prosecutors she could testify that she and Trump had sexual relations, but to leave details out. Once on the stand, Daniels often elaborated on her claims without being asked, and was told repeatedly by the judge just to answer the questions that were posed to her.

When Blanche made his mistrial motion, the judge also faulted the lawyers for not speaking up during her testimony, saying he was surprised there weren't more objections.

"I think that I signaled to you and to the prosecution that we were going into way too much detail,” Merchan said.

Trump, who Merchan has fined for repeatedly violating a gag order by attacking Daniels and Cohen, took to his social media platform before Tuesday's court proceedings to complain he had "just recently been told who the witness is today."

“This is unprecedented, no time for lawyers to prepare. No Judge has ever run a trial in such a biased and partisan way,” he wrote in a post that was taken down a short time later.

The Truth Social post went up shortly before The Associated Press first reported that Daniels was expected to testify. It's unclear when Trump and his lawyers were told she'd be testifying — prosecutors have typically not been telling them who would take the stand until the day before, citing Trump's record of witness commentary.

That Daniels would testify was not a surprise, however. Trump’s legal team had argued unsuccessfully that she should be barred from taking the stand, a request the judge rejected before the trial started. Cohen is also expected to testify.

Before Daniels, prosecutors called a longtime publishing executive to authenticate and read excerpts from some of Trump’s books.

Sally Franklin, an executive at Penguin Random House, read one from "Trump: Think Like a Billionaire" that talked about how closely Trump tracks his money — something prosecutors will likely use to show he was well aware of what he was paying Cohen back for.

"I always sign my checks so I know where my money is going,” he said in the excerpt.

what to write in a job description on a resume

Adam Reiss is a reporter and producer for NBC and MSNBC.

what to write in a job description on a resume

Gary Grumbach produces and reports for NBC News, based in Washington, D.C.

what to write in a job description on a resume

Jillian Frankel is a 2024 NBC News campaign embed.

what to write in a job description on a resume

Dareh Gregorian is a politics reporter for NBC News.

what to write in a job description on a resume

10 Best Resume Builders to Create A Great Resume – 2024 Guide

A re you exhausted from investing endless hours into creating an impeccable CV? This article introduces the top resume builders that will revolutionize your job application approach. Bid farewell to monotonous formatting and greet a remarkable resume that distinguishes itself from the rivalry. Prepare yourself to secure your dream job with self-assurance effortlessly!

>> Unlock Your Career Potential With Super Star Resume

10 Best Resume Writing Services

  • Super Star Resume - Best overall
  • ZipJob - Best for guarantees
  • Resumeble - Best with custom bundles
  • Let’s Eat, Grandma - Best for range of career service
  • ResumeSpice - Best for job seekers of any level
  • TopResume - Best customer service
  • Resume Writing Services - Best for affordability
  • Craft Resumes - Best for quick turnaround
  • Resume Companion - Best value resume writing service
  • - Best free service

When creating this compilation, we considered different elements such as affordability, ease of use, accessibility, the privacy policies of the companies involved, and more. The highest-rated services offer advice, templates, and tools and allow you to consult with experts who can help you craft an impressive resume highlighting your strengths to potential employers.

Our collection comprises free services and those that make use of professional writers’ skills. Some options require a subscription or one-time payment.

>> Secure Your Dream Job With Super Star Resume

Super Star Resume - Best Resume Builder Overall

Star Rating: 4.9/5

Super Star Resume is an innovative resume builder that completely transforms creating professional resumes. By offering a user-friendly interface and a range of powerful features, Super Star Resume enables individuals to produce exceptional resumes that effectively showcase their abilities, accomplishments, and work history.

  • Skilled and seasoned writers
  • Customized strategy aligned with unique career objectives
  • Timely delivery of resumes
  • More significant expense compared to certain other resume writing services
  • Restricted selection of additional services
  • Availability may be restricted depending on demand and geographic location
  • Intuitive resume builder: An intuitive interface that simplifies the resume creation process, offering modern templates for a professional look.
  • Customization choices: Users can personalize their resumes by selecting from various font styles, colors, layouts, and sections to align with their unique style.
  • Comprehensive content suggestions: Access to a collection of expertly curated bullet points, action verbs, and industry-specific phrases to craft impactful resume content.
  • Real-time previews and editing: Real-time previewing and editing capabilities ensure a visually appealing and error-free final resume.
  • Integration with professional networking platforms: Integration with LinkedIn allows users to maintain consistency between their online presence and resume.
  • Tailored resumes for different job applications: The duplication feature facilitates the creation of multiple resume versions, each customized for specific job applications or industries.
  • Resume analytics and tracking: Users can monitor the views and downloads of their resumes, gaining valuable insights to optimize their job search strategies.
  • Professional Resume : $169
  • Resume With Cover Letter : $199
  • All-Included : $199

>> Use Super Star Resume to Secure Your Dream Job

ZipJob - Best Resume Builder for Guarantees

Star Rating: 4.7/5

ZipJob is widely regarded as an excellent option for resume creation, especially for those who value guarantees. Their impressive 60-day assurance ensures that individuals searching for employment will experience a surge in interview invitations within this period.

If this desired outcome cannot materialize, ZipJob proactively offers a complimentary review and revision of your resume. This guarantee highlights their commitment to client contentment and showcases their unwavering belief in the superior quality of their resume writing services.

  • The starting package is cost-effective
  • Complimentary ATS check included
  • 60-day interview assurance with higher-tier packages
  • The design and layout made it challenging to read the resume
  • The summary section was overly lengthy and filled with clichés
  • The formatting of the education and training sections was subpar
  • Expert resume writers: ZipJob provides access to a team of expert resume writers with the skills and knowledge to review, evaluate, and optimize your resume for compatibility with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and hiring managers.
  • ATS optimization: Meaning they ensure your resume is structured and formatted to navigate and succeed in ATS filters effectively. Employers commonly use these filters to assess and rank resumes during the initial screening process.
  • Keyword optimization: The resume builder online offered by ZipJob assists you in identifying and integrating pertinent keywords and industry-specific terminology. This practice heightens the visibility of your resume, making it more likely to capture the attention of hiring managers.
  • Job-specific content suggestions: ZipJob provides valuable advice regarding the most relevant and influential content to include in your resume for different job titles and industries. This guidance is invaluable in customizing your resume for specific roles.
  • Cover letter writing assistance: ZipJob supports the creation of impactful cover letters that complement your resume, strengthening your overall job application.
  • Unlimited revisions: One noteworthy feature of ZipJob is the option for unlimited revisions and updates to your resume. This ensures that your resume not only meets but continues to meet your specific requirements and mirrors your professional growth.
  • Collaboration with resume writers: the platform facilitates direct collaboration with the resume writers, enabling you to share additional information, discuss specific requirements, and seek clarifications at any stage of the resume creation process.
  • Launch Package: $139 (or $48/mo)
  • Fast Track Package: $189 (or $65/mo)
  • Premium Package: $299 (or $27/mo)

>> Use ZipJob to Secure Your Dream Job

Resumeble - Best Resume Builder With Custom Bundles

Star Rating: 4.3/5

Resumeble is a highly efficient and user-friendly resume builder that empowers individuals to create professional and compelling resumes. With Resumeble, crafting a standout resume becomes a streamlined process thanks to its intuitive interface and extensive range of customizable templates.

Whether you’re a recent graduate, a seasoned professional, or someone looking to change careers, Resumeble caters to all needs and skill sets. It offers helpful suggestions and expert advice to ensure your resume showcases your unique qualifications and achievements in the best possible light.

  • A 60-day interview guarantee is included
  • Budget-friendly package deals are available
  • It’s more established than some other websites
  • Keyword optimization: This feature helps optimize your resume by suggesting relevant keywords aligned with your target industry or job, enhancing your visibility to Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and recruiters.
  • Content import: Resumeble allows you to import your existing resume or LinkedIn profile, saving you the time and effort of manual data entry.
  • Real-time editing: You have the convenience of editing and modifying your resume in real time, providing the flexibility to experiment with various formats, sections, and content.
  • ATS compatibility: Resumeble ensures your resume is ATS-compatible, essential for better visibility and a higher chance of being shortlisted by employers using Applicant Tracking Systems.
  • Download options: The platform offers various download formats, including PDF, Word, and plain text, ensuring compatibility with diverse application processes.
  • Cover letter builder: Resumeble features an integrated cover letter builder, streamlining the creation of professional and personalized cover letters that complement your resume.
  • Career Pro Package : $159.00
  • Professional Package : $299.00
  • Premium Package : $399.00

>> Use Resumeble to Secure Your Dream Job

Let’s Eat, Grandma - Best Resume Builder for Range of Career Service

Star Rating: 4/5

Let’s Eat, Grandma is an inventive and progressive tool for creating impressive resumes. The platform streamlines the resume-building process, making it easier for job seekers to craft exceptional resumes. With Let’s Eat, Grandma, individuals can create unique resumes that catch the eye of employers and set them apart from the competition.

This user-friendly platform offers a range of customizable templates that allow users to tailor their resumes to showcase their specific skills and experiences. Let’s Eat, Grandma also provides expert advice and recommendations to help ensure that your qualifications and achievements are effectively highlighted in your resume.

  • Complimentary resume evaluation
  • Choices available for individuals from entry-level to executive-level positions
  • Extensive collaboration opportunities
  • Not specialized in academic CVs or federal resumes
  • Relatively higher pricing compared to some other services
  • Potential for a longer turnaround time compared to competing services
  • Expert choice: You can save your resume in multiple formats (PDF, Word, plain text) or easily share it with potential employers via email or a link, simplifying the distribution of your resume.
  • Error highlighting: The builder can identify potential errors, inconsistencies, or missing information within your resume and provide suggestions or alerts for improvement.
  • Section prompts: Pre-written prompts for various resume sections (e.g., work experience, education, skills) can help you structure your resume effectively and ensure you include essential details in each area.
  • Customizable sections: You can add, remove, or rearrange sections to tailor your resume to emphasize your strengths and relevant experiences.
  • Keyword optimization: The resume builder can recommend industry-specific keywords based on the job description, enhancing your resume’s chances of passing through Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and grabbing the attention of hiring managers.
  • Starter Package : Priced at $439, but there is an anti-inflation sale price of $389.
  • Accelerated Package : $549.
  • The premium Package : $689, but the anti-inflation sale price is $614.
  • Executive Concierge Service : $1,899 or as low as $119/month.

>> Use Let’s Eat, Grandma to Secure Your Dream Job

ResumeSpice - Best Resume Builder for Job Seekers of Any Level

Star Rating: 3.8/5

ResumeSpice , a renowned online resume builder, streamlines crafting professional resumes. This platform provides job seekers with a user-friendly interface and a wide selection of templates, enabling them to create impressive resumes that align with their career objectives.

With ResumeSpice’s seamless experience, users are guided through each resume section effortlessly while receiving valuable tips throughout the process. From personal details and work history to skills and accomplishments, this platform ensures that all crucial aspects of a resume are comprehensively addressed.

  • Additional assistance
  • Timely service
  • ATS optimization
  • Guaranteed interviews
  • Restricted revisions
  • Insufficient customization options
  • Restricted refund policy
  • User-friendly interface: ResumeSpice boasts an intuitive and user-friendly platform, simplifying the resume creation process and offering a seamless experience to users.
  • Extensive template library: The platform offers a vast selection of professionally designed templates tailored to various industries and job positions. Users can explore different styles and layouts to find the perfect match for their needs.
  • Import and export options: ResumeSpice enables users to import their existing resumes in formats like PDF or Word for easy editing and updates. Users can conveniently export their finalized resumes in multiple formats, facilitating sharing with employers or uploading to job portals.
  • Mobile-friendly design: ResumeSpice is optimized for mobile devices, allowing users to create and modify their resumes using smartphones or tablets.
  • Cloud storage: The platform provides secure cloud storage for users’ resumes, ensuring accessibility and updates from any device with an internet connection.
  • Resume tracking: ResumeSpice includes tools for tracking the performance of submitted resumes, such as monitoring views, downloads, and application outcomes. These features empower users to evaluate their progress and make data-driven enhancements to their job search strategies.
  • Entry Level Resume : $479
  • Professional Resume : $589
  • Executive Resume : $699

>> Use ResumeSpice to Secure Your Dream Job

TopResume - Best Resume Builder for Customer Service

Star Rating: 3.6/5

TopResume is an outstanding resume builder explicitly tailored for customer service professionals. It offers a seamless and user-friendly experience, enabling users to create exceptional resumes effortlessly. The platform goes beyond just providing a basic resume template, offering valuable suggestions and tips to optimize the content.

This ensures that each resume created on TopResume is unique and attention-grabbing in the highly competitive job market.

Besides its user-friendly interface, TopResume provides expert review services. These services allow skilled professionals to provide personalized feedback on resumes, helping enhance their overall quality further. By leveraging this feedback and incorporating attention to detail, customer service professionals can create compelling resumes that effectively capture the attention of potential employers.

  • Streamlined registration process
  • Well-designed and formatted one-page resume
  • The summary and Job Scope sections were overly extended
  • The training section needed to have prominence
  • Skill-based sections: The resume builder features dedicated sections highlighting essential customer service skills, including communication, problem-solving, conflict resolution, and relationship building.
  • Expert review services: TopResume provides expert review services where experienced professionals offer personalized feedback and recommendations to enhance the overall quality of your resume.
  • ATS compatibility: The platform ensures that the resumes created are compatible with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), which employers commonly use for scanning and filtering resumes.
  • Download and sharing options: Users can download their resumes in various formats, such as PDF or Word, and easily share them with potential employers or upload them to job portals.
  • Industry-Specific Tips: TopResume offers industry-specific tips and guidance to assist users in tailoring their resumes to the customer service field, helping them stand out among competitors.
  • Cover letter builder: Besides resume building, TopResume provides a builder that empowers users to craft professional and compelling cover letters customized for customer service roles.
  • Mobile accessibility: The platform is mobile-friendly, allowing users to create, edit, and update their resumes while on the go, using their smartphones or tablets.
  • Entry level : Up to 200$.
  • Professional level : Up to 200$-400$.
  • Executive level : Up to $350-$700.

>> Use TopResume to Secure Your Dream Job

Resume Writing Services - Best Resume Builder for Affordability

Star Rating: 3.3/5

While may be a different size than its competitors, it stands out due to its team of talented and experienced resume writers. The website is user-friendly and provides exceptional service. However, this service’s true strength lies in its writers’ expertise. sets itself apart by offering a comprehensive consultation process and goes beyond expectations by providing unlimited calls with its resume writers. This personalized approach distinguishes them from other companies and guarantees each client receives individual attention and support.

  • Experienced resume writers of the highest caliber
  • Unlimited phone consultations and revisions
  • More expensive than rival services
  • A limited range of products
  • Skilled and experienced resume writers: takes pride in its team of highly trained and professional resume writers who possess a deep understanding of crafting effective resumes.
  • Personalized service: offers a personal touch by providing unlimited calls with their resume writers. This unique feature allows clients to engage in direct communication and close collaboration with the writers throughout the resume creation process.
  • Competitive job market expertise: The writers at have knowledge of current job market trends. This ensures that the resumes they create are optimized to excel in today’s fiercely competitive job market.
  • Quality Assurance: The service maintains a rigorous quality assurance process to guarantee that the resumes delivered to clients meet the highest standards and align with their expectations.
  • Timely delivery: is committed to delivering resumes within the agreed-upon timeframe, ensuring clients receive their documents promptly.
  • Client satisfaction guarantee: offers a client satisfaction guarantee, assuring clients are fully content with the final resume. The service is ready to provide revisions if necessary.
  • Affordable pricing: provides pricing options that are competitive and transparent, making professional resume writing accessible to a wide range of job seekers. employs a pricing system that is clear and easy to understand for their resume-building services. The initial package begins at $270 , including a comprehensive consultation with a skilled resume writer and developing an individualized resume.

They offer extra options that enable customers to personalize their packages based on their unique preferences. This adaptable pricing strategy guarantees that clients can choose the services that align with their requirements and financial constraints.

>> Use Resume Writing Services to Secure Your Dream Job

Craft Resumes - Best Resume Builder for Quick-Turnaround

Star Rating: 3/5

Craft Resumes stand out as a well-established writing and editing service known for its ability to deliver effective outcomes. Our dedication to providing a 24-hour turnaround guarantees you’ll receive the initial version of your resume promptly.

Navigating our user-friendly website is effortless, making it easy to use our services. At Craft Resumes, we specialize in crafting customized resumes to match your skills, qualifications, and aspirations for your career.

  • Speedy completion
  • Customized CVs
  • Intuitive site
  • Insufficient details
  • Absence of assurances
  • Quick turnaround: Craft Resumes commits to delivering the initial draft of your resume within 24 hours, ensuring a speedy and efficient service.
  • Expert Writers: Craft Resumes prides itself on its team of experienced writers who possess expertise across various industries and stay up-to-date with current hiring trends. They’re dedicated to making your resume stand out and catch the attention of potential employers.
  • Unlimited revisions: We provide unlimited revisions to guarantee your complete satisfaction. If you have specific changes or additions in mind, our team will collaborate with you closely to implement the modifications.
  • Confidentiality and Privacy: At Craft Resumes, we prioritize the confidentiality and privacy of your personal information. You can trust that your data will be handled securely and with the utmost discretion.
  • Tailored resumes: We specialize in tailoring resumes to align with your career objectives, industry, and job requirements. Each resume is personalized to accentuate your unique strengths and qualifications.
  • Resume Writing : $229.00
  • Basic : $279.99
  • Optimal : $339.99
  • All-In-One : $499.99

>> Use Craft Resumes to Secure Your Dream Job

Resume Companion - Best Value Resume Builder

Star Rating: 2.8/5

Resume Companion is a virtual platform and service that specializes in aiding individuals in creating resumes that are professional and impactful. It offers an array of resources and tools to assist job seekers in crafting interesting resumes that effectively showcase their skills, experiences, and qualifications.

A prominent feature of Resume Companion is its user-friendly resume builder. This tool allows users to select from various professionally designed templates and personalize them based on their specific requirements.

Users can effortlessly incorporate their personal information, employment history, educational background, skill set, and other pertinent details to produce a customized resume tailored to their needs.

  • Intuitive user interface
  • High-quality templates
  • Efficiency-boosting functions
  • Cost-effective choice
  • Restricted editing features without subscription
  • Absence of extensive customization options
  • Limited availability of extra services
  • Cover letter builder: Resume Companion goes beyond resumes and provides users with a tool for crafting customized cover letters tailored to specific job applications. This feature guides users through the process, helping them effectively present their qualifications and make a compelling case to prospective employers.
  • ATS optimization: In today’s job market, many companies use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to screen resumes. Resume Companion helps users ensure their resumes are ATS-friendly. The platform offers valuable tips and insights on incorporating relevant keywords, formatting the document correctly, and increasing the likelihood of passing through the ATS screening process.
  • Educational resources: Resume Companion extends its services by offering an informative blog and educational materials that cover various aspects of resume writing, job search strategies, interview techniques, and career development guidance. These resources provide users with valuable insights and advice to help them create impressive resumes and enhance their job search efforts.
  • Download and sharing options: Upon completing their resumes, users can conveniently download their documents in multiple formats, including PDF and Word. Resume Companion also makes it easy for users to share their resumes online or print them offline.
  • Customer support: Resume Companion values user satisfaction and offers customer support to assist with users’ questions or concerns while utilizing the platform. Users can access support through email or the platform’s contact form.

Resume Companion provides a cost-effective solution for individuals seeking an all-inclusive service. It’s vital to remember subscription renewal is required to access future editing services. In summary, Resume Companion offers a wallet-friendly option for those who desire a user-friendly resume-building experience without needing advanced writing abilities.

>> Use Resume Companion to Secure Your Dream Job

Our Ranking Methodology for Best Resume Writing Services

To comprehensively and objectively rank the top resume writing services, it is essential to have a thorough methodology. The first step in this process was conducting extensive research and analysis. This involved gathering a comprehensive list of reputable resume-writing services from multiple sources such as online searches, customer reviews, industry directories, and personal recommendations.

  • Feature analysis: Evaluate the functionalities provided by each resume builder, considering elements like template variety and quality, customization flexibility, user-friendly editing and formatting options, import/export capabilities, spell check and grammar tools, and integration with job search platforms and professional networks.
  • Template collection: Examine the assortment and quality of templates. Look for a wide range that suits various industries, job levels, and design preferences, considering these templates’ aesthetics, readability, and contemporary design.
  • Editing and customization: Scrutinize the adaptability and user-friendliness of the editing and customization tools each resume builder provides. Assess the capacity to add or modify sections, reorganize content, and tailor resumes to specific job requirements.
  • User interface and experience: Analyze the user interface and the overall user experience each resume builder offers. Evaluate the ease of navigation, instruction clarity, guidance or prompts, and the platform’s responsiveness.
  • Integration with job search platforms: Determine whether resume builders offer seamless integration with popular job search platforms and professional networks like LinkedIn or ATS systems. Consider how well the resumes can be transferred and their compatibility with these platforms.
  • Additional resources: Evaluate if the resume builders provide extra resources such as sample resumes, tools for creating cover letters, interview tips, or career advice. Consider the breadth and practicality of these supplementary resources.
  • Mobile-friendliness: Gauge the mobile-friendliness and responsiveness of the resume builders, recognizing the growing trend of mobile job searching and application processes.
  • Customer support: Reflect on the accessibility and quality of customer support services, encompassing options like live chat, email support, or knowledge bases. Assess the responsiveness and helpfulness of the support team.
  • Pricing and value for money: Appraise the pricing plans presented by the resume builders in terms of the value they offer based on features, usability, and overall service quality.
  • Industry reputation: Consider the standing and trustworthiness of the resume builders, considering factors such as awards, recognition, partnerships, and user feedback from reputable sources.

Buyer’s Guide: Why Use a Resume Builder?

Crafting a well-crafted CV comes naturally to particular job seekers. However, even the most seasoned experts may need help in resume writing. If you find yourself in need of help with creating a compelling resume, here are several ways in which the best online resume builder can be beneficial:

Resume builders provide users with pre-designed templates and helpful tips, streamlining the process of writing a resume and alleviating stress.

Offers Writing Tips

Promoting oneself requires considerable effort. Only some people possess writing skills, even if they enjoy self-promotion. To showcase one’s experience and knowledge effectively, a resume builder can help select the most appropriate words and phrases.

Improves Design

In every field, there are unique standards for an impressive resume. If you need to gain knowledge in design or the tools, resume builders can provide free templates to enhance your resume’s visual appeal and quality.

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)

Recruiters often use ATS systems to scan resumes. A good resume builder will help with formatting to ensure that your resume is easy for these systems to read.

What’s the Best Resume Builder?

The ideal resume builder for each individual may differ according to their specific requirements. If you prefer a tool that offers step-by-step guidance in creating your resume, we suggest using a builder that provides helpful tips and recommendations. If you prefer a resume builder that auto-generates a summary, we recommend using a tool that extracts information from your LinkedIn profile.

For those who enjoy having creative control over their resumes, we suggest using a platform with features. By selecting the resume builder that aligns with your needs and suits your industry and personal style, you’ll significantly increase your chances of capturing the attention of hiring managers.

Resume Builder vs. Resume Writing Service: What Matters for You

When it comes to crafting a resume, there are three options available. You can opt to create it independently, use a resume builder tool, or enlist the services of a professional resume writer. Your best choice will depend on your writing abilities, available time, and financial resources.


You have the choice to construct a resume entirely by yourself. The benefit of this option is that it costs nothing but requires a significant amount of effort. Along with composing all the information, you must possess graphic design skills.

This approach works well if you have these abilities, but with them, your options for creating a resume are unlimited. To overcome this limitation, you can use a resume builder or enlist the help of a resume writing service.

Resume Builder

A tool for creating resumes allows you to input your details into a template, resulting in an original appearance and layout with no design work. The top resume building tools also offer suggestions on enhancing your resume and tailoring it to match the specific job you are applying for.

While you are still responsible for writing the content, once it is written, you can quickly transfer that information into any other template with just a few simple clicks. Some of these services are free and many like to promote themselves as such, but most require a small payment to download your finished resume.

Professional Resume Writing Service

Professional resume writing services are expensive, but they offer the convenience of handling all the work for you. An experienced writer will gather relevant information about your background and transform it into a unique and engaging resume.

The process typically takes a few days, and the level of originality in the outcome largely relies on your choice of company and writer. However, we will not delve into these services further in this guide.

Are Resume Builders Worth It?

Definitely, without a doubt. An effective resume creator will guarantee that your CV is formatted correctly to navigate Applicant Tracking Systems and ultimately reach the hands of recruiters.

Is It Unprofessional to Use a Microsoft Word Resume Template?

Relying on a template will not set you apart, and there is a high likelihood that your application will be dismissed because your resume is identical to those of other job seekers.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right resume builder is crucial in today’s competitive job market. Creating a professional and impactful resume that stands out from the crowd can significantly impact your job search. With the right tool, you can save time, improve your chances of landing an interview, and ultimately secure your dream job.

When selecting a resume builder, consider your specific needs and priorities. Look for features like customizable templates, industry-specific examples, and the ability to export your resume in different formats. Consider user reviews and ratings to ensure you choose a reputable and reliable platform.

Remember, an exceptional tool for crafting resumes should give you the power to present your skills, experience, and accomplishments effectively. It should simplify and expedite creating a resume without hassle. Investing in a reliable resume builder is investing in your professional future.

Therefore, explore the different options available for resume builders. Test out their free trials or demos and choose the best fit for your objectives. Our top recommendation is Super Star Resume . This meticulously designed resume can open doors to exciting career prospects and be a dependable companion on your journey toward success.

Ahad Waseem is a business, blockchain, and cybersecurity writer who often takes on art, politics, and economics too. As a linguistic engineer who writes to solve problems, he’s written for various tech and business publications. When he’s not writing, he’s probably on horseback, caring for his houseplants, or training Bonsai trees. He can be reached at [email protected] . McClatchy’s newsrooms were not involved in the creation of this content. We may earn a commission if you make a purchase through one of our links.

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AskEasy: AI ChatBot Assistant 12+

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AskEasy: simplify your life with a smart assistant! Looking for a good recipe to surprise your guests? Need ideas for a birthday party? Or some help with writing an essay or composing a resume? Simply open the app and ask! AskEasy is a real lifesaver. It finds answers to any questions, generates texts and brainstorms ideas, helps with daily tasks, proofreads and improves your content, and even acts as a fun empathetic friend always open for a chat! All you need to do is just type in your request and see how an accurate answer magically appears on your screen! What sets this app apart are its four most powerful chat models: GPT 3.5, GPT 4, Llama 2, and Gemini. These cutting-edge AI technologies ensure that you can easily choose the model that best meets your specific needs, providing tailored, intelligent responses in real-time. Have questions about a YouTube video? Or need a short summary of a video instead of watching it whole? Now, you can simply paste the video link and ask away. Our chatbot will answer your questions based on the video content and provide a concise summary of it. Need to create unique visuals for your project? Go to Image Generator and get inspiring images generated by AI in seconds! All you have to do is just to type in the text description – and see how it magically transforms into images. Moreover, you can easily get creative captions, tags and stories based on your images by using the Text to Image tool. AI understands and interprets the context and emotions of your photos, and brings the ideas of creative texts that will enhance your social media presence. With """"Upload & Ask,"""" you have the power to directly upload a PDF document and effortlessly ask questions about its content. This feature deciphers the text, providing you with precise answers and insights without the need for manual searching or reading. Meanwhile, """"Ask by Link"""" offers an equally innovative capability where you can insert a link to a web page and receive answers derived from its content. Whether it's a detailed explanation, summary, or specific information, this feature ensures you get the answers you need quickly and efficiently. Your creativity is your only limit! Experiment with your queries to discover everything the chatbot can do for you, and you will be amazed by the mind-blowing results: - Choose the chat model (GPT 3.5, GPT 4, Llama 2, or Gemini) to solve your tasks quickly and efficiently - Write anything: from tweets, email responses, and ad copies to essays, poems, and creative stories - Brainstorm ideas: new recipes, movie and song recommendations, places to go, party ideas, etc. - Check and improve your writing - Simplify your texts by summarizing them - Insert a link to YouTube video and ask your questions based on it - Get quick and concise summary of a video on YouTube - Get AI-generated images from your word description - Transform any text into visually captivating quotes - Generate captivating captions, relevant tags, or stories for your pics - Create original jokes and holiday greetings - Translate texts into other languages or even into programmatic commands - Use it for analytics and business intelligence - Get prepared for an exam or job interview - Or simply check out your daily horoscope! Features: - Smart chat for iPhone - GPT 3.5, GPT 4, Llama 2, and Gemini support - Spell and grammar check - Images Generator - Quote Maker - Text for Image - “Ask by Link” and “Upload & Ask” features - Ask Youtube and Youtube Summary - Text writing and facts search - History of your queries - CV and social profile builder - Clear and smart design - Simple and blazingly fast to use Privacy Policy Url - Term Of Use Url - Support Address - [email protected]

Version 2.1

Why update the app that already works great? To get the most out of it, of course! The benefits of the new version: —Flawless bug-free experience —Improved user interface and app's navigation Your positive reviews in the App Store will inspire us to new achievements!

Ratings and Reviews

18.5K Ratings

Ok so I have a problem

The concept of having ai write you a story is amazing. The stories are amazing. But, what good is it if it doesn’t give an ending. It doesn’t have to be long to end well. But it leaves you hanging. Not a fan of that. Especially since I paid for it UPDATE: ok, so I changed most review from three stars to 5z mainly because regardless of if the story ends or not, I’m able to end it myself quite well. I enjoy the app and it helps me a lot in my work

Developer Response ,

Dear Juliabrown1966!!!!!Thank you for your feedback. We apologize for the inconvenience caused and we understand your frustration with the limitations you've encountered in the application. The application has certain restrictions in place due to server limitations and the significant computing resources required for advanced AI technology like GPT-4. These limitations are in place to ensure the app's performance and availability for all users. We have increased the limit of characters to the maximum allowed from GPT itself and we cannot go beyond it. Thank you for understanding. Warmest regards, AI ChatBot: Smart Assistant Support Team

Not as described

Right after installing presented programs not functioning, i didn’t get try all, with in two minutes was forced to rated with 5 stars if i was too quick to press buttons. I didn’t even get to read what was the gpt’s response to me but as it was typing things really fast noticed everything being typed was flickering like screen power is too low. Remember after 3 days i trial you will be charged automatically. This look good but just like most of them, taking a freeware altering in some cases not much from the original and start chasing the money with tricks and dancing around the truth with lies. I think today’s browsers gpt is good as most of these tricksters version unless you need a serious one for school or work then I suggest getting a real one pay a few more dollars than what these people are asking and have a real one, if that’s not the case stick with ones as browsers add on is my opinion.
Dear User! We are very grateful to you for taking the time to leave us a review. We consider a customer-centric approach and always put ourselves in our customer’s mind. That way, we can align the learning experience with their expectations and improve our application. We will definitely take into account the fact that the users need more time to evaluate the application and will not force them to rate the app too quickly. We have our users' best interests at heart and will continue to work tirelessly to better ourselves and our application. Best regards, AI ChatBot: Smart Assistant Support Team

Concern over longevity

I have tried numerous AI Assistants. And this one, by far, is my favorite. I even went so far as to opt in for paying for full features. However, as an assistant or even aid, it is limited and out dated. When querying about the up-to-date information it could provide me, my assistant informs me that it is only as up-to-date as 2021. So, I queried about when the databases may be updated. And there was no information on that. The databases are already years behind and this is concerning. I didn’t pay to have something that can’t actually do as it is alleged to be able to perform. I can google and get more current information.
Dear Crashed and Lost! Thank you for your feedback and for choosing our AI ChatBot as your favorite assistant. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the limitations of the up-to-date information provided. We are constantly working on improving our databases and ensuring the latest information is available. But as we use the official open AI api and their system is based on data up to 2021, the assistant informs you that it is only as up-to-date as 2021. Best regards, AI ChatBot: Smart Assistant Support Team

App Privacy

The developer, Zilingial Limited , indicated that the app’s privacy practices may include handling of data as described below. For more information, see the developer’s privacy policy .

Data Used to Track You

The following data may be used to track you across apps and websites owned by other companies:

  • Identifiers

Data Not Linked to You

The following data may be collected but it is not linked to your identity:

  • Diagnostics

Privacy practices may vary, for example, based on the features you use or your age. Learn More


English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese

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