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creative writing

Mark of Artemis

Mark of Artemis

  • Tags creative writing discussion makes the author happy my hero academia youjo senki/saga of tanya the evil
  • Sunday at 8:45 PM



  • Tags creative writing
  • Mar 5, 2024



  • Feb 23, 2024


Tropes you hate in stories with "Villain Protagonists."

  • StarDutsSeven
  • Feb 9, 2024
  • Tags creative writing i have no idea what i'm doing villain protagonist
  • Replies: 89
  • Forum: General Fiction & Media

Lazy Sith

Artemis Fowl Technology underrated.

  • Jan 26, 2024
  • Tags creative writing magic and technology

Summertime Madness

Spacebattles' Trending Stories (Weekly Stats about Creative Writing Subforum)

  • Summertime Madness
  • Jan 22, 2024
  • Replies: 213
  • Forum: Creative Writing

Legacy of the Schnees (RWBY OC)

Legacy of the Schnees (RWBY OC) Threadmarks: Chapter 1: Battle

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  • Dec 25, 2023
  • Tags creative writing original character rwby
  • Replies: 15
  • Tags creative writing religion rwby
  • Dec 22, 2023


Warhammer: Who the Hell Are These Guys? Threadmarks: Class Riots are Normal Right?

  • Words: 7.8k
  • Dec 19, 2023
  • Tags creative writing warhammer fantasy


  • Tags creative writing i have no idea what i'm doing
  • Nov 20, 2023


Seven Spheres amidst the Garden's mirror (World building, and story crafting)

  • Nov 6, 2023
  • Tags creative writing fantasy sci-fi worldbuilding
  • Forum: Story Ideas & Recommendations

Seven Spheres of Crafting! (Writing in the open) Informational: World building part 1

  • Informational
  • Oct 29, 2023
  • Tags creative writing multi-crossover multiverse silly
  • Forum: Original Fiction


Snow Haired Salamander(Worm/Warhammer 40k) Threadmarks: Chpt 1: Nocturne

  • Crabbmanboi
  • Oct 12, 2023
  • Tags creative writing guns warhammer 40k weapons worm
  • Replies: 211
  • Forum: Worm

Let's Create an Absurdist Dream Setting.

  • Havoccultist
  • Oct 10, 2023
  • Tags creative writing worldbuilding


Warhammer-Fantasy-Merchant-Portal Threadmarks: The Beginning: Warhammer Fantasy

  • Words: 3.1k
  • Jourmungrad
  • Oct 6, 2023


A Remnant of the Arcane [RWBYxD&D] Threadmarks: Chapter 1

  • ApertureZero
  • Sep 26, 2023
  • Tags creative writing crossover discussion makes the author happy dungeons and dragons original character rwby


Stars Of The City: Project Moon Fanfic & Ideas Thread

  • Jul 2, 2020
  • Tags creative writing discussion quest
  • Replies: 783

Agent Blu

Branch W-574 (Lobotomy Corporation/Library of Ruina/Limbus Company oc story thingy ._.) Threadmarks: Idk what to put here

  • Sep 6, 2023


Age of Remnants (RWBY/Elden Ring fusion fic) Threadmarks: Prologue: Red

  • Words: 150k
  • Italianmetalhead
  • Aug 15, 2023
  • Tags creative writing elden ring fanfic fusion fic rwby rwby au
  • Replies: 178

Reborn in a False Eden Threadmarks: Containtainment 1.1

  • Words: 8.3k
  • Jul 28, 2023
  • Tags alternate universe creative writing multicross world building world hopping

Help me workshop a RWBY+Elden Ring fusion fic.

  • Jul 19, 2023
  • Tags creative writing elden ring fan fic fusion fic help me rwby rwby au
  • Replies: 132

Isekai Life as Ōtsutsuki

Isekai Life as Ōtsutsuki

  • May 12, 2023
  • Tags au fanfic creative writing crossover dc universe dragon ball fanfiction marvel naruto oc main character romance
  • Replies: 238

Mortal Kombat 11: Efficient Perfection Threadmarks: Mortal Kombat 11: Efficient Perfection

  • Words: 5.1k
  • Iwakura Cetrion
  • May 8, 2023
  • Tags alternate timeline creative writing fanfiction fighter original characters time travel video game
  • Replies: 10



  • Tags creative writing science fiction
  • Apr 18, 2023


Let's Create... A DC Universe!

  • Apr 4, 2023
  • Tags creative writing dc universe
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  • Creative Writing

Starships don't go indoors! (Mass Effect/R-Type)

  • Thread starter Myuu
  • Start date May 22, 2022

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  • Perneseblue
  • Jun 22, 2022
Myuu said: "Human form is very large but can likely come up with something. Speak to receptionist near bottom of Citadel Tower." Huh? Why did Valern just say that? What... Click to expand... Click to shrink...
Myuu said: Automatons, especially ones complex enough to fully replicate every step of economic activity, cannot possibly be cheap to produce and maintain. Click to expand... Click to shrink...
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Perneseblue said: *snip* Click to expand... Click to shrink...

Prinny The Gamer

Prinny The Gamer

Made of explodum.

Myuu said: "Am I really seeing what I think I'm saying ?" Last Gigs transmitted privately to her. Click to expand... Click to shrink...
Myuu said: As she settled herself down upon the large platform, she couldn't help but notice the three figures before her. Click to expand... Click to shrink...


* You're filled with Determination.

Perneseblue said: SNIP ---- Just something I come up with. Click to expand... Click to shrink...



Myuu said: And then... there was the quarians. Not every part of galactic history was linked to the Citadel. That much was obvious. She had briefly looked over the charts given and she noticed that many parts were marked as belonging to something called the Terminus Systems. Likewise, while the quarians were not exiled from the Citadel proper, the Morning War resulted in them being unable to fulfill the necessary requirements to be part of the Citadel. That had recently changed with the construction of something called the Scaffold but restoring their embassy wasn't a simple matter of just reactivating some files. After all, those files were over three centuries old, on operating systems that had not been used in generations. From what she had read, there were no mentions of any civil unrest or controversy among the quarians. It was just one day, the geth asked the quarians if they were alive and the quarians reacted immediately by trying to destroy the geth. And then the quarians escaped at great cost, rather than being allowed to leave, fighting the entire time. She had expected the document from this side to be less damning, not more. To speak of the geth as some great and murderous great evil and while there was a little bit of that, the way the conflict started was just nonsense. The quarians just went murderous on an AI for the crime of asking if it was alive? What the hell? It was bad enough when she saw the recordings when connecting to the Geth Consensus, it was another to see it being described like this here! Worse yet, was the mention that there had been a vote to punish the quarians not for their incredibly dumb dealing of this situation... but for creating an AI?! Why? She saw a VI on the way to the Citadel Tower and then back! Why would they have issues with AI and then use VI? Guess it's just aliens being aliens... Click to expand... Click to shrink...

Phyrexia Unbound

Phyrexia Unbound

(verified pile of body horror).

Somebodynobody10 said: Would human fightercraft appear over a homeworld to show their displeasure Click to expand... Click to shrink...



Breaking news: your favorite character is dead.

DaL0rdRu5t said: Now that is a terrifying though. A "pro" human Solar Pupil sounds like what would happen if Abathur ever became the Overmind. Rather than pulling a New Game+, I could see SP go and try to become a universe plunderer. Click to expand... Click to shrink...


Somebodynobody10 said: I would want to watch a yt vid to get an idea what the Star Pupil was like. Which game and boss are they/it from? Click to expand... Click to shrink...


Kpatrol88 said: That does bring up the question of is bydofication is always a passive proximity effect? Or can a suitably intellegent bydogen lifeform suppress or (god forbid) enhance the rate of contamination? Click to expand... Click to shrink...


Baffled by existence

FreakOTU said: Yes. Exposure to bydo energies, even contained as tightly as possible in a Force, always instigates localized bydofication. It can never be stopped, only slowed. There's a reason, back between Final and Final 2, when there was a short burst of discussion on the R-Type games in a few gaming forums, the general assessment of the Bydo was, and I quote, "A Memetic Cognitohazard waveform that will convert flesh, metal, and even empty space into more of itself. And it Hates you on a deeply personal level." View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D4u1A3JRUOA 15:51 Boss 06-2 Bydo (Core) (Final Boss 1) IIRC, this is Solar Pupil looking at the corpse of humanity in the timeline where it won, before R9A pushed through to the year 2502 and destroyed the predecessor to Solar Pupil. Click to expand... Click to shrink...
Myuu said: Solar Pupil is eldritch and powerful enough to not just conjure any bydo form he can think of and throw them at you, he's also eldritch enough to give physics and logic the middle finger and physically tackle you. He's a Pupil. He shouldn't be able to move at all. His "screw you" unavoidable attack is to shoulder tackle you like an angry handegg player. He shouldn't be able to move at all! Click to expand... Click to shrink...


Clinical Test Subject

Myuu said: Likewise, Solar Pupil, like most R-Type final bosses, will NOT give you the win if you time him out. Rather, he will instantly kill you with an unavoidable, unblockable attack. Click to expand... Click to shrink...
Myuu said: He shouldn't be able to move at all! Click to expand... Click to shrink...

Lord Chimera

Lord Chimera

Primordial split personality disorder dark god.

When you throw your Force unit at it in the second phase, it looks like the Bydo Core is being eaten by it and at the same time drawing more power from the Force to throw Force units at you.  

To be fair, there nothing saying that he isn't moving the walls themselves to charge you with his body. Then again, that's pretty much a distinction without a difference, considering that's just more reality fuckery used to accomplish that.  


The more I read up this story thread, the more I think the bydo is hilariously overpowered and only limited by their leader even more hilarious pettiness.  


Because nothing beats a triple barreled Chaingun

Lovhes said: The more I read up this story thread, the more I think the bydo is hilariously overpowered and only limited by their leader even more hilarious pettiness. Click to expand... Click to shrink...
Metropolis Quietus "Basking in the summer sun, I greeted the seabirds. But then...I entered the demon's den." -From Ship Archives- Click to expand... Click to shrink...
Intro: "Familiar Faces... Familiar Places... But... why?" Ending: "Are the seabirds the only ones happy to see me on this beautiful Summer Night?" - From Recovered Voice Recorder- Click to expand... Click to shrink...
FreakOTU said: F-B's mission has you, Bydofied into a System Alpha, go Absolutely Ripshit through human forces, with the boss of the stage being Another R9-A. The implication is, of course, that the Pilot doesn't realize that they've turned into their nemesis. Click to expand... Click to shrink...

Remember how I described the Bydo as a "Memetic Cognitiohazard?" That's because the Bydo waveform, if recorded on VIDEO, can still cause bydofication.  

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__/¯¯\__/¯¯\__|[<(o)>]|__/¯¯\__/¯¯\__ STARSHIPS DON'T GO INDOORS! ¯¯\__/¯¯\__/¯¯|[<(o)>]|¯¯\__/¯¯\__/¯¯ ​ A great golden city sprawl seemingly endlessly before me, radiant gardens shining in the soft light of distant stars. But not all that glitters is gold, and death wait not for dusk to continue his macabre works. -from ship archives​ April 28, 2191 There was uncertainty, obviously. As Arrowhead replayed in her own mind what had happened with the Citadel Council and read more about the local species, she couldn't help but realize that this first contact was noticeably rougher than the one with the geth. Yes, the Citadel was filled with what appeared to be aliens living in harmony but that sense of familiarity was marred by subtle but important differences. It was almost disturbing, in a way, how much they were like humanity and yet not at all. Likely the greatest irony was about one's shape. In human space, AIs could be found everywhere and it led to great changes in how cities and buildings were built. It was just natural when there was no real standard for one's physical form. Organic humans have their needs and can slip into small spaces but still psychologically need to have space too. You have AIs in starships big and small. Automatons that need to be stored, refueled, maintained... By contrast, the Citadel was designed with humanoids in mind. So many species yet all matching a single form more or less. It was so very different from how utterly alien the kikai, boondoggle, and bydo were. Take this street in the Citadel's Wards for example. The angular nature of the Citadel makes it look more obviously futuristic than the disappointingly mundane cities of Earth and yet, when you looked at the real details, it was almost anachronistic. Yes, human cities were filled with centuries-old buildings and you had good old ground cars and trucks but there were meaningful technological changes. Starships flying constantly in aerial lanes. By contrast, for all of the futuristic esthetics, the Citadel with its hover-cars seemed to obsessively try to replicate old pre-space city structures. Arrowhead couldn't help but ponder about her own situation and how the EAAF dealt with things. It was now clear the Citadel had never expected to make first contact with an alien as alien as, well, humanity. That warehouse thing was obviously something they came up quickly, due to her sheer size and unique needs. It was better than nothing but it was obvious that the idea of meeting something like an Angel had never crossed their minds. Then it made her think of the B-series ships, back home. Of how quickly and easily the hangars were modified to accommodate Gamma and his pack. Hell, despite the brass's cover up of their origins being frankly quite transparent, most people didn't make a fuss. The moment scanners prove them clear, most simply stopped caring and those who were bothered simply gave them a wide berth. In fact, it made her think of the geth and how smoothly things went. It's funny. She, and humanity as a whole, don't believe in peace very much anymore. And yet... they give it a chance and they appreciate it, for the time it last. It's likely the geth and humanity will one day come to blows. But for now? Enough years have passed that, yes, one can say humans and geth are at peace with one another. And that is enough to Arrowhead. She's... less hopeful with the Citadel. She don't know why. It just seems more complicated and there's so many small details that just feel off, reminding her that they're organic and irrational. Yeah yeah, humans are too in many ways but humans got compassion, empathy, love. Okay, most humans got these but still! Do those aliens got equivalents? Well, they certainly got something to be able to live together. ... yeah, she's going in circles and it doesn't help. She was always one for moving swiftly. Whenever she just sat there and waited, terrible things always happened. Doesn't mean she need to be doing things that didn't amount to waiting but there is a difference between purposefully waiting and merely sitting still and hoping for the best. If she's gonna do nothing, then she should do nothing productively. First of all, Faust. She have this feeling that the Citadel doesn't like AI. She don't know why, especially with all those VIs running around but hey, better safe than sorry. So she asked of Faust to retreat and put a respectable distance between itself and the Citadel. Beside, there wasn't much Faust's modest security fleet would do if the Citadel got violent. Then there was getting Joker out of there. No, she didn't forget about the snack request. She explained to Joker about the whole security thing and apologized for giving him false hope. However, she did take the time to look up the extranet between cultural and historical file downloads and handed him a bunch of recipes. See if he can convince Faust to try them for the sake of science. With Joker safely out of the way, that left Arrowhead in a better place mentally. Yes, she was still in danger but it wouldn't be the first time she fought her way out of a ludicrously dangerous fortress. It would suck but if she was as cowardly as some thought she was, she'd have followed Shooting Star in asking for a transfer. Now, there's a few things she want to investigate. Garrus is what they call a Spectre. The extranet was quite stingy on info on that particular thing. Well, she was told that if she had any problems, to ask with C-Sec. And well, it happens that the head of that organization just happen to have an office right by the embassies. Sounds like a good start. Yeah yeah she's a soldier, not a detective. But the Bydo Seed Incident and the Rebellion both taught her that not all enemies are polite enough to declare war before they start moving. And well, given the boondoggle seemed to have an interest in Garrus and he needed to get back here, she would likely guess that seeing what he was up to might be a nice start. So! Here she was. She admitted it was not exactly comfortable. In fact, why is there a series of desks seemingly in the middle of nowhere, just in front of the embassies as a whole? Seems like an odd place for desks. Also, he got three of them. Why? He clearly is using only one of them. Looking up, the turian looked up and then saw her cockpit pointing at him. Yeah yeah, gape at her like all the others. God, she can't wait for the aliens to get over it! "You're..." He checked the holographic display on his computer. Now that she thinks about it, why is every computer here holographic? Must be annoying to see whatever is behind your screen all the time. "Arrowhead, the human ambassador." The turian then relaxed in his seat. Well, sorta. She get the odd feeling that her size is intimidating him. That's gonna be a recurring trend, isn't it? "Was there something you needed, Arrowhead?" "Yes. I need a bit of info. If you got some time." She shifted her frame a bit to the side, trying to keep her tone innocent and non-threatening. "On the way to the Citadel, I met with a turian named Garrus Vakarian. Familiar with him?" "Garrus Vakarian? Good Spectre. Very good, in fact. But I wish his career path had been different." The turian said. Huh? She shifted so she was once again pointed at him. Thankfully, he kept going without being prompted. "Worked at C-Sec before he was made a Spectre. He was a very good officer but he was lacking in patience. Always seeing rules and regulations as an obstacle. Honestly, I believe he should have spent a few more years in C-Sec, tempered his attitude a little. Instead, the moment Saren heard about him and offered to support his candidacy as a Spectre, he immediately took it." So she know where Garrus come from, now. Was some sort of police officer, joined that Spectre organization. Is very good at his job. Is linked to some Saren guy. The turian paused. "Was there anything else?" Well, since the extranet is thin on info on Spectres, let's see if that C-Sec guy know more. "I'd like to know more about the Spectres, if that's alright." "Spectres? They're the right hand of the Council, or so they'd like to be called." Is that bitterness she's detecting there? He's an alien, so hard to say but maybe? "More like the underhanded side of the Council." Ooooh! Definitely bitterness, there! Yes yes, please keep talking. "Do you have anything against them?" "I can't abide any organization that considers itself above the law. Especially when it's left up to each individual Spectre to decide when and how to "bend the rules"." That, is interesting. So, let's recap so far. The Citadel Council got semi-black ops agents known as Spectres. Garrus was a police officer and was very good at his job, got frustrated by red tape. A Spectre noticed his potential and Garrus joined up. Garrus was pursued by the boondoggle and needed to return to the Citadel. Garrus is linked to somebody called Saren. The turians are a member of the Citadel Council and are trusted with positions of authority as the C-Sec officer before her being a turian proves. Despite this, the turian in front of her is openly frustrated with the Spectres and doubt the ethical merits of the organization and this, openly and intensely enough to say it to just about anybody who cross his path. "Garrus went his separate way after we reached the Citadel. If it's not confidential, any ideas what he may be up to?" "Spectre business do often get classified but in this particular case, he's one of many searching for the whereabouts of Saren. C-Sec does have its own investigation on the matter but I am not in the habit of divulging information on ongoing investigations. If you really must know, you should ask him yourself. He should be by the C-Sec academy." The turian relaxed in his chair and then looked at her again. "I won't ask for details on why you're so interested in all of this but I am a busy man and I am sure you have your duties as an ambassador to your species. I recommend you don't look too deeply into the affairs of the Spectres." "Thank you for your time. I greatly appreciate it. Have a nice day." She said, as politely as she could. And yeah right. Like she's gonna gather dust in that warehouse while the galaxy is moving without her. She already finished her part and it's up to the brass to do its thing. The boondoggle are out there and she got a mystery on her cannons. Even if it's unrelated to why the boondoggle attacked Garrus, it would be best to ensure it truly is so. Better to do things that will need to be covered up later than just stand still and let potential enemies position themselves into advantageous positions. His brother is a pain in the ass. That was all Wrex could think of. How long had it been since he last visited the Citadel? Far too long. At least, in a non-official capacity. Say what you will but official visits are just... flavorless. Always got to be surrounded by a honor guard. Everyone asking who he was and what he did. It was the worst. And well, many of the lords at home were noticing that he was doing an awful lot of paperwork and very little shooting. Some were actually starting to imply he was a paper pusher overlord. And well, there's only so many times a headbutt can put that kind of concern to rest when you're almost never stepping out of the imperial palace. Well, it's not his bloody fault! There was just something about Wreav that attracted idiots to him and for the life of him, he couldn't understand what. Well, perhaps it was because Wreav's sheer stupidity was so colossal it formed a gravitational field strong enough that if you kicked him out of an airlock, he'd likely be able to successfully use it to activate a mass relay. Seriously. The lessons to be taken from the Krogan Schism were extremely bloody obvious! It took some truly impressive stupidity to draw the conclusions Wreav did. If only the idiot actually had the decency to get himself hired into some mercenary company and then either get himself shot or spaced in the line of duty or get a clue. Likely the later, to be honest. Every morning, he and Bakara eagerly looked up the obituaries section in the news site and got disappointed when Wreav, day after day, missed the memo that he was supposed to tragically get himself eaten by a tresher maw, "accidentally" stumble into a STG mad science project, or find a Spectre who just happened to have a convenient hostage situation on hand. For one who was all about ancient krogan traditions and being a bloodthirsty idiot, Wreav was the single biggest source of paperwork for both he and Bakara. Like, mountains of paperwork. Sometimes, she suggested they make an entire dreadnought out of said paper and then mount an engine on it, then call it "Wreav's Foly". Maybe it might get him to actually go out there instead of continuing to try shooting for the overlord position while leaving more paper in his trail than the entire military leave heat sinks. Oh, don't get him wrong, his brother is an idiot and all that paperwork might as well be toilet paper given the motions and laws he's pushing for. But there was... just... so much... of it. He was convinced at this point that since Wreav had failed to kill him with guns in the past, he was now attempting to do so with useless bureaucracy. It took way, way too long for them to find a hole in Wreav's repetitive but unending assault and cripple his output, if only for a while. Oh and ensure he doesn't get access to a computer or to paper. Wrex admitted he was a bit worried about Bakara. Normally, it wouldn't be actually a bad thing for the overlord to take a vacation and see the galaxy a bit. In fact, it was encouraged ; getting to stretch your legs and actually live the average krogan way did a lot of good on one's perspective and prevented one from becoming too much like the salarians' dalatrasses. Ivory towers made for poor leaders. Ivory is also less effective than concrete and steel against angry, hungry tresher maws. However, given Wreav, that meant leaving Bakara to deal with his bureaucratic war all by herself. They already struggled with it together normally. Would she be fine, while he's gone? Actually, with Wreav away from any form of computer system and being denied paper for a day, she should be fine. He's sometimes wondering to himself why she didn't make a shot for the throne herself, given how tough she was when she stopped pretending to be a softie. Still, he intended to make the most of his vacation. And already, he admitted it felt good. In the empire, he can't walk down the street without everybody recognizing him as the acting emperor. Everybody knows his name. They see his face on the news. But here, on the Citadel? Given how complicated politics could get, most citizens in star nations tended to have limited knowledge of how other star nations' systems worked, given they followed them at all. Everyone was aware of the councilors, obviously, but the star nation politicians behind them? People tended not to bring those up. Here, the face of krogan authority was Oburzn. Wrex was just a krogan who happened to have very shiny armor. Oh and before you asked, he saved up to get it. He doesn't waste the imperial funds on personal matters like these! Maybe he could have sneaked it into the budget if he was officially leading a campaign personally but nah. Taking his mind off of his idiot broodbrother, Wrex looked down into his glass and found that honestly, his drink didn't seem appealing anymore. So instead he focused on the extranet's news. And frankly? If it wasn't from what Oburzn had sent him, he'd believe it was the result of tabloid journalists bouncing off one another non-stop. Like that time when they claimed that the salarians had finally cracked the boondoggle energy weapons (actually, they just figured out how to make lasers that fire 5% farther without dispersing uselessly) or they claimed the galaxy was about to be overrun by some kind of invincible AI god (a merchant ship's VI malfunctioned and then overclocked its engines to burn a nearby ship that tried to lend assistance before burning itself out). So, new alien species shown up. Humans. Ambassador was a full body cyborg, a fighter more exactly. Somehow managed to reach the Council chamber despite her size. Oh and she's cute. The photos from random people weren't exactly the best but from what he could tell, it was some kind of huge, obese bird thing with no wings and adorably small ailerons. Also, it had a backpack of all things and oversized side-pods. Really weird design, unlike any fighter design he ever saw before (and he saw a lot of fighters over the years). Maybe he could go and watch it try to jam itself into door frames? Might be good for a laugh. If Bakara was here, she'd likely remind him that it would be kind of mean and also that maybe he should consider more the implications Oburzn got from the first contact and humanity's official history. But then, she'd likely digress and agree with him that he's supposed to be on vacation and that it might be a good opportunity to get a feel of how those humans might play on the galactic scene. Oh and of course, can't forget the batarians. Oh sure, they've been exiled and stuff but ever since they've been booted from both the Citadel and Omega, they've been more daring lately. It was desperation, not bravery of course ; the Batarian Hegemony beat its chest all the time but everybody knows what happens to a civilization when it get advanced and big enough to be noticed by the boondoggle. The protheans, elcor, and the old krogan rebels were just the most well-known cases. Even to this day, explorers continue to find the burnt out graves of civilizations the murder plants claimed whenever they open new mass relays. Despite the amount of propaganda that kept being pumped out of batarian space, everybody knew the batarians were getting pasted by the boondoggle. For all of their posturing and arrogance, centuries of economic sanctions completely crippled the Batarian Hegemony and rather than get a clue, they essentially dedicated all of their efforts into turning most of their military into the biggest pirate fleet of all time. Say what you will about Omega but most of its fleets are tributes of professional fleets from its clients and large scale mercenary companies, with all of the advanced technology and expertise that come with it. By contrast, the majority of the batarians' assets were nothing but privateers. And everyone knew how ships designed to raid lightly defended worlds and attack defenseless merchant ships did when faced with the boondoggle super dreadnoughts and fighter swarms. In the light of this ongoing disaster, the batarians had intensified their raids on all systems they could reach. It was clear as day to anybody who knew how those pompous four-eyed assholes thought why that was the case. Any sane civilization would, when faced with the choice between annihilation and change, attempt change no matter how catastrophic the consequences. Better economic collapse than the actual collapse of your society. But that implied having the strength to admit your mistakes and enough pride to retain your dignity in face of such a humiliation and well, the batarians never had the strength to actually own up to their mistakes. They would raid and raid and enslave, hoping to boost their economy and produce enough hulls to keep the murder plants at bay, never once considering that this very attitude was why they were being destroyed. That no matter how many hulls they rush, it won't change a thing if they keep putting pirates instead of soldiers in them. That the Batarian Hegemony would soon join the list of civilizations destroyed by the boondoggle was inevitable. The question here was just how much damage they'd cause before going down and whether the batarian species would survive, if only as refugees in somebody else's civilization. All of this served to explain why there were so many batarians around. In fact, there had never been as many since the exile. Now that Wrex thought about it, it was suspicious. Why had so many batarians begun showing up everywhere lately? Not the pirate fleets but rather, individuals? It's not like they can raid the Citadel and it's well-known that most batarians can't stand life in societies unlike their own. Then, there were the rumors. Some quarian, apparently a very high-ranked one, tried to get an audience with the Council. Something about vital, urgent information. That was oddly familiar. Now that Wrex thought about it, wasn't there something about a bunch of ships making claims only to disappear? Oburzn mentioned that one of the Spectres was on the case and was actually pursued, actually pursued from system to system, by the boondoggle while investigating data related to that quarian. Then there was the fact that the boondoggle flagship was sighted. It always shown up just as the boondoggle prepared to perform some of their more grandiose acts of cruelty, the ones that were got recorded in the history books like the murder of the elcor and of half his people. It was likely unrelated but even if it was, it was a great opportunity. Sure, he could simply look up for a generic random mercenary contract and get himself lost in the rank and file for a while... but you know what's more fun? Taking advantage of the fact that he's out there, on the field personally, and get his hands dirty writing history directly. Sure, it will likely just involve escorting that quarian girl back to the Citadel Tower and threatening to headbutt people until they get the stupid glitch that prevented her getting an audience fixed but hey, it will feel important and give him an excuse to sample the fish restaurant's food while he's there. Who knows, maybe some C-Sec thug will think he's mishandling her and he'll get to pull a turian's stick out of their ass and beat them up with it? "Wait, you're the overlord!" Oh damn it. And just as he was about to get up and leave. Wrex instantly knew that idiot was trouble the moment he glared at him as hard as he could and instead of walking, he instead sat down next to him. "You got the wrong number I'm afraid. I'm just some merc on my off time." "Some merc? I'd recognize that crest anywhere! So the pencil pusher got functional legs, huh? Never thought you'd leave your palace!" He sighed. "Will you go away and stay quiet if I pay you?" "Pfft, no wonder you won the election with a minority and became acting emperor instead of the proper emperor." And just as he thought were going to improve, this happens. Because obviously this had to happen. It's the only way. "I can threaten to shoot you if that makes you feel better." "You don't have the guts." "Given you're ruining my vacation, I'd be willing to ditch the gun and cut you up and fry you for a nice meal but I'd rather spend my vacation shooting at thugs instead of looking at them from inside a C-Sec cell." "Yeah right. So say the guy who's constantly pushed around by his wife on public television. I think you're just afraid of ruining the paint off that armor." What an obvious thug like this was doing on the Citadel and why it was antagonizing him, he had no idea. All he knew was that he was just about the most obnoxious thing ever and well, he really would rather not spend his vacation answering awkward questions at C-Sec. So rather he checked around the bar for anybody wearing C-Sec uniforms. Good, nobody was. He then looked outside. No cops. Good. He turned to the bartender. "I'm buying the glass too." "It's not for sale, mister." As if he hadn't seen that coming. He brought up subtly a hologram using his omni-tool and then, the bartender's eyes widened ever so slightly. Knew he'd be reasonable and let him keep the glass. He got up and begun walking away, glass in hand. "Yeah, you walk away, pencil pusher!" He then stood on the sidewalk, near the railing and waited, back turned, listening. Predictably, the idiot got closer to keep egging him, likely expecting a reaction. And the moment he was by the bar's entrance, Wrex immediately turned around and thrown the glass. The glass and its content smashed against the idiot's chest, instantly and forever ruining the clothes he was wearing and soaking him in alcohol. The moron paused, huffed comically, and then roared as he charged. Wrex didn't even bother taking out his guns. Rather, he just stood there, eyes half-closed as he just shook his head internally at how that obviously brain-rattled idiot just reacted so predictably. Then the moment the moron almost struck him, Wrex side stepped to the side... sticking out his foot juuuust enough. The idiot instantly lost his footing and given Wrex had stood almost close enough to the railing to actually lean on it, it was too late for the idiot. He immediately (unintentionally) vaulted right over the railing and screamed as he plummeted down the street. Oh, not to worry. The guy is krogan. He'll live. But hopefully, this will be a lesson to him and by the time he leave the hospital, he'll know better than to try egging someone much higher than him in the Clans' hierarchy again. Meh. Who is he kidding? Of course the idiot will be back. Of course, only after he heal from that fall and the possible multiple collisions with cars on the way down so hey, that did the job of getting him to go away. To be honest, Arrowhead didn't tend to deal with civilians that much. It wasn't that she disliked them but rather that things tended to get awkward. Or at least, that was what she thought. It's funny how today she just learnt that actually human civies are getting used to seeing R-series outside of warehouses. Namely, through the sheer shock of seemingly every single person who is seeing her. That C-Sec guy by the Presidium turned out to actually be the exception, not the rule. Of course, that made her investigation harder, since on top of most people not knowing who that Garrus guy was, they also kept muttering under their breath about ships not going indoors. And... you know... she kind of wish she couldn't hear them. But when you're designed to be able to successfully see (as to hit) something light years away from you, whispering didn't stop her from hearing somebody speak whatsoever. It was just her nature, as an Angel. Also, she admitted that she never expected to have somebody try to fine her for flying a starship in a no fly zone. Yeah, military R-series and B-series were expected to fly in the skies or in space but for all of their size, the R-series started out as a civilian line and large amounts of civilian models still existed. Rr2o-3s and R-11s were pretty common in most cities, both on Earth and elsewhere. So people tended to just notice she was a R-9A, mentally noted it, and kept walking. That is when they particularly cared. Okay, so people did complain when she made her groceries but who cares? Even if she's not burning fuel, her organic brain still need nutrient paste you know! So yeah. Repeating that conversation from back at the dock and repeatedly at that? It's just... She didn't expect people to stare that much. It felt unwarranted. Like, those are aliens living in a space faring civilization, right? Why would a ship be such a shock to so many of them? She isn't even shiny, noteworthy, or even particularly scary and yet they're all staring as if Gamma had decided to go on a stroll! What do they expect her to do? Stay locked up in that empty warehouse room and do nothing? Anyway, Garrus. Used to be a cop. C-Sec don't like to give info. Half the officers argue she should be fined, half of them ask why she's not at the Presidium doing whatever ambassadors do. It was a pain and she barely learnt anything. Well, he's a turian and he's a he. She learnt that. Oh and he's some kind of maverick or something. Well, not that she noticed so far but then she barely spoke with him and she didn't even get to see him outside of his ship. The Citadel's AIs are all VIs. They're stupid and she hate them. They know fuck all about anything unless it's very specifically the questions they've been programmed to answer. She dealt with smarter porn scam chat bots on the internet. But above everything else was the fact that all those aliens looked at her and they didn't see her. Oh, they're not blind. Rather, it was the fact that they looked at her and instead of seeing Arrowhead, an Angel, they saw some alien freak who decided to pilot a ship in a crowded street. She's not piloting some ship, she is Arrowhead! This is her body! This is who and what she is! Don't the aliens have any concept of what cyber connectors are? "Oh, piss off! I saw you scribble on that holographic notepad of yours! I'm not a ship breaking the no fly zone, I'm a full body cyborg! Look up your stupid database before throwing toilet paper at me!" And don't think she didn't see you do that, you insufferable mandible thing-faced idiot! Seriously, what's with turians and having a stick so far up their ass that if they open their mouths you can see the tip of it poking out of their throat? Seriously. They have fucking flying cars everywhere yet one ship that actually look like a ship and they lose their god damned minds? Somebody give her a break! SMASH! BANG! CRASH! And then... and then she saw one of those lizard-like things, a krogan, falling from the sky, be hit by one of those cars, keep going, smash into a lower railing causing it to bounce, get hit by another car, and then finally crash into the pavement below. All the while screaming, flying cars swerving and honking in a cacophony, and pieces of broken glass and metal flying all over the place. If she could, she would have blinked a few times at the sight of that thing just laying down in a crater in front of her. And somehow, it was groaning and wiggling, revealing it was still alive. Somehow. Did somebody pour drugs into her systems when she wasn't looking? She ran diagnostics briefly... alright, everything's green. The good news are, her fragile sanity has not given up the ghost. The bad news are, the universe has decided to shit in her cereal again. As she directed her sensors at the krogan thing, she expected it to be half-dead or something. To her shock, it wasn't anywhere so. Oh sure, it absolutely broke something but even now, it tried to get up and it was complaining and swearing in alien tongues rather than crying out for help. Well, wow. Krogans are tough. That's some serious durability here. Okay, she must investigate this. No way she's just flying away pretending this just didn't happen. Even if it's unrelated, she have to know. HONK HOOOONK! Oh fuck you! It's not like she's causing more traffic than there already is, what with that krogan deciding to play human cannonball earlier! Also- "I am NOT fat, you piece of shit sunday driver!" Oops. She didn't mean to actually broadcast that over her speakers. Let's... pretend that didn't happen. Alright, so she's now up there! And there seems to be another krogan staring straight at her. Huh. Is he the reason why that other krogan fell down or is her just a bystander? Don't just stand there like a pigeon, Arrowhead! Say something! "Hmmm... hello?" That was about as unprofessional as it could go. Great going, Arrowhead. "Well, what do you know? It actually looks like a big, fat bird. Hilarious!" W-wait. What? "I am NOT fat! My curves are beautiful and graceful!" "Right. Graceful. Let's go with that." "Let's go nothing! Do you make a habit of calling ladies you meet fat, you... you..." Oh right. "... I have no idea what's your name but whoever you are, you are rude!" "Wrex." "Whatever, I'm not fat you tin can-wearing dinosaur!" "No need to get that upset. You were perfectly clear the first time. So, any particular reason for rising up like this from the shadows, bird thing? Or do you just enjoy making dramatic introductions?" Why you little-! "Arrowhead." "Wrex." Fine FINE! "Wrex." "Arrowhead." His tone didn't even change and yet she can feel the sheer smug that is radiating out of him. Anyway. Let's move on. Yes, let's move on. "Nevermind all of that. So! I saw some guy, at least I assume it's a guy, who just played pinball with cars before leaving a krogan-shaped imprint on the pavement below. Any idea how that happened?" "Oh? You believe I might have anything to do with it just because I'm nearby?" "What? No. Why would I think that? I thought you might have seen something because you were nearby when it happened. Who would accuse someone like this just for being nearby?" She shifted her position, putting herself over the sidewalk. Mostly because if she hold position any longer she swear those cars will smash into her out of frustration. Jerks! "But then, I'm starting to notice a pattern with C-Sec giving fines like candy. Especially the turians. Seriously, what's with turians and having a stick up their ass?" "And that, is the question everybody in the galaxy has been attempting to answer for the last few hundred years." He... he totally said that with a straight face. How did he do that? "Also, I had nothing to do with it. Mister pinball, as you called him earlier, lost his temper and didn't watch where he was going." "Huh. Quite the temper." You know what? She saw enough stupid, surreal shit to accept this. So let's go with that. Fully shifting herself to be on the sidewalk, thus trading being glared at and cursed by car drivers to being glared at and cursed by civies on foot, Arrowhead considered Wrex and his winning personality. Well, he's not gaping like a fish before her frame and he seems quite talkative. So let's talk for a bit! "So... heard of some guy called Garrus Vakarian?" "Might have heard of him. Used to be a cop. Pulled his stick out of his ass and tried to tear the red tape out with it. Joined the Spectres when it didn't work. About as subtle as a herd of varrens in a meat shop. You want something with him?" "Well, he helped me out earlier with something and I thought of returning the favor but he left before I could catch him. If anything, I'd like to catch up if only to say thanks." "Aren't you supposed to do ambassadorial duties or something? Kinda weird you'd go out there running after a Spectre." Huh? Oh right. "Already done with those. Beside, why would some random krogan know that?" "Well, it's not every day that we get a first contact. You're the talk of the extranet, human. That and it's quite hard to miss a giant fighter shoving itself through doors and hovering over sidewalks." Oh god damn it. "Let me guess, you're going to berate me for when I tried to get into that restaurant." She deadpanned. And hey, Joker had asked and even if she couldn't actually get him anything, she thought it would be nice to at least take a look at the menu. "No, it was amazing! I've not laughed this hard in a while. You should try entering any store you want and if they try to stop you, threaten to eat them!" "I'm a ship, you know." She further deadpanned. "So why enter a restaurant, if you can't eat?" ... right. "I'll take the hit. Just don't ask how I eat while being a ship." "Won't." Right, right. "So, any idea where that Garrus guy went?" "Nope!" Well, that was fast? And with that, she was back to searching for leads. Oh well. Still, since this guy has been so talkative, she may as well push a bit. Not too much, just a little bit. "So, anything interesting you heard about? Or any situation on your end? If I may ask." "You must be really bored if you strike conversations with every random person you meet." Wrex sure got a talent for deadpanning, doesn't he? Because Joker wasn't good enough, she needed alien Joker in her life. "Well, it's not that I don't appreciate fruitlessly trying to ask for info I'm not cleared to be given and seeing how many possible variations of "I don't know" people can come up with but well, whatever you're doing can't be worse. At most, you'll tell me it's none of my business and I'll be on my way." "Nicely put. And well, if you absolutely must know, I was going to check on a quarian girl. Heard rumors she got trouble with getting some data to the authorities and well, since I got nothing better to do, I figured it might as well help." "You have a strange definition of the word fun." Arrowhead deadpanned. Then, after a short pause... "You know what? Why not? Can't be worse than trying to get info on something I'm not cleared for while repeatedly fending off the attempts of C-Sec to paste parking tickets on my canopy." "You can carry a gun?" "If I can carry a gun? I bet I got more gun than those silly things you call warships floating outside like lobotomized fish." Yes yes, she allowed herself to be smug for a moment. Hey, it's not because she's hopelessly obsolete and without a Force Device that it's not true! "Then it seems we have a new friend!" Well, he's definitely enthusiastic. Excellent! Yeah yeah, she knows, it's unrelated to the Garrus thing but hey, it's better than wandering around and being told nobody know anything! Who knows, maybe she'll even run into a clue? As it stand, she hovered nearby as they begun to make their way out of the area. He seemed to know where he was going, excellent. What was less excellent was that on foot travel was rather slower than her speed. Say what you will about her curves and lack of aerodynamics but she is capable of going nearly four hundred times the speed of sound inside an atmosphere! It was one of the joys in her life, when she traveled back into the past and saw all of those silly early fighters from the pre-space eras. They'd look at her and then question how fast she can truly be given her immense size and lack of aerodynamics. Then she'd effortlessly pass their fancy birds barely able to go past mach-2 and aileron roll right in their faces. Of course, the earlier you get, the funnier it gets. Still, in this case, it wasn't very funny. Given the sheer size of the Citadel, it could take several days if the target was far away given Wrex's speed. Which made her consider why they have flying cars instead of magnetic trains or just plain shuttles. Many hallways inside human capital ships are big enough to fly fighters and shuttles in specifically so it doesn't take bloody days to travel from one end of the ship to the other. And well, all those cars seem so very slow. Meh. Whatever. If he's not in a hurry, then she's not in a hurry. ... oh. Oh no. Those are... "More stairs..." Wrex paused and turned to look at her. Wait, why are your eyes sliding downward? Oh fuck you. "Ah, right. Your "graceful" curves likely makes staircases problematic." "Don't laugh!" "Don't worry, you won't hear any laughter from me." But she knows he'll be laughing internally the entire time, the jerk! God, she's gonna be sore for days. Yeah, she knows it's just phantom pain as her body is much, much easier to repair than a fleshy body but her organic brain was stupid like that. On one hand, not feeling spacesick all the time was great. On the other hand, having her belly feels like somebody took on an industrial cheese grater to it was not an improvement. Seriously, fucking ouch. Still, she was done with it and there were no more visible stairs, thank god. The plaza ahead was rather more pleasant than the street behind her. Nice blue sky above, a lake ahead, a couple of trees, a bunch of inexplicable waist-high walls nearby, and a bunch of aliens ahead. One of them had oddly shaped legs and actually wore a helmet. The legs reminded her of a humanoid R-series in a way instead of normal human-like ones. Surprisingly curvy frame. Must be one of the quarians she heard of! Can't really tell but she's guessing that's a girl, maybe? Then there were a bunch of four-eyed aliens nearby. Four eyes, weird. Didn't see too many of those so far. Batarians, she think. Apparently, they were kicked from the Citadel because they declared slavery to be part of their culture. Yeah, if they try that on humanity, they'll learn that it's also part of humanity's culture to hunt down and systematically execute slavers, trial optional. Their stances were odd, though. Wait. Those are- Wrex instantly reacted, as Arrowhead did. He took out a weapon, looking like a shotgun, and immediately moved in to engage. Meanwhile, her military training almost caused her to immediately put a wave motion pulse in those guys. The quarian threw herself away from the console she had been at, throwing something at the feet of the batarians. The two batarians closest to her were startled and stepped back, which was enough to throw off their aim and miss her but not enough to get them out of the range of the grenade that had just landed at their feet. The resulting explosion tore through them and though a brief blue flash shown they had kinetic barriers, the violence of a point blank grenade and the resulting shrapnel shower meant that even if they survived the short flight as they were thrown backward, they'd land as pulped messes of meat and metal. Given Wrex immediately fired at one of the batarians, a kinetic barrier's blue light being the only reason its head was not immediately turned to viscera, it was more than enough to Arrowhead to know that this was a firefight, not a police intervention. Arrowhead had no idea how powerful the aliens' small arms were. Her armor was a memory shape alloy mesh with solonium plates and was fairly tough but she knew her canopy was rather vulnerable. A headshot could very easily Ghost her, if those small arms were powerful enough and well, given those were infantry-level kinetic barriers she just witnessed, this implied a certain level of toughness. She'd rather they not mess up anything important. So she immediately jetted upward and to the side. The trees may not be especially large but they'd partially cover her and force them to point their guns up to aim at her. Blowing holes through the Citadel would likely be frowned upon. Thankfully, the wave motion cannons were initially designed as mining lasers and featured a neat feature: the ability to select how much power goes into your shots. So she dialed the power way, way down to something that would still seriously mess up an organic but would not smash giant holes through the Citadel. Time for a test! That batarian guy Wrex just shot, let's see if her power level is enough to defeat him! She immediately proceeded to do just that. One pulse, making sure not to hit anything but the guy. FWOOSH!! Compared to the deafening noise made by the aliens' guns, Arrowhead's wave motion cannon, for all of its size, was comparatively quiet. It made a a small sound, like a paper fan being swung fast near an ear, or maybe somebody blowing on something quickly. However, as it slammed into the batarian, his entire frame lit up like a lightbulb before he was reduced to a mix of component atoms and cosmic rays, being so completely pulverized it didn't even splatter blood. Where he stood was a black stain of dust on the floor, with only his boots remaining. A second later, they fell down, red blood pooling on the floor. Ah! So they bleed red! Also, adjusting power a bit lower. Seems they're nowhere near as tough as krogans. Better not overkill them. "The krogan got a gunship!" One of the batarians yelled, in alarm. Gunship? Well, if they want to see her that way! She hovered out of her hiding spot and then turned slowly, showing off a bit. She then made her thrusters flare out loudly, launching great blue flames behind her. Yes, look at her. Look deeply at the big scary ship and don't pay attention to the krogan moving right behind you to- BANG!! Aaaaaw, they got distracted and now Wrex is right in the middle of their formation, having just thrown a guy on the floor with his shotgun. His kinetic barrier clearly had saved his life. Not that it mattered when the quarian took out a pistol and immediately gave the guy's chest flow through ventilation. Then there was a deafening bang, louder than all but the grenade's that had opened the fight. On a nearby balcony, a turian with a much, much bigger rifle and a targeting lens over one of his eyes had just blown away yet another batarian. Arrowhead may not have participated in many ground operations but she wasn't completely clueless and she was able to put two and two together. "Unknown number of hostiles. Must evacuate quarian. Can you provide cover?" Oh! Oops! She tried to network herself to him! Unless he has a system that can interpret that kind of data, she just wasted her time. Well, maybe he got radio? She repeated, using that instead. "I'd ask why you're here or getting yourself involved but well, that can wait until the quarian is safe. By the way, nice to see you on the same side again." Wait, she recognize that voice. Garrus! "Been looking for you. Will elaborate when fight's over." She agreed. Then she looked on and saw that though there had been four initial attackers, she could see more of them coming out from behind a corner. At least one of them had a big, tubular weapon and she bet that was an anti-vehicle weapon. No way she's getting shot down by hand held AA! If that happens, Joker will never let her live it down! Okay, time for a daring plan. With Wrex having just charged another guy and knocked him down, Arrowhead immediately dashed forward before lowering herself. She then fired her corrective boosters and spun around. She waited until Wrex was clear, having ran back into cover, and then sent a surge of power straight to her thrusters. Massive blue flames spewed forth. None of the hostiles were close enough to be burnt but it sure blinded them! Now that she's facing the quarian... "Run. We got this." "Thanks! But I can take care of myself." It wasn't in a rude tone and she don't have time to think on if alien language and mannerisms match human ones or not. So she'll have to assume it was a polite reminder and an offer to help. "Then take cover." She waited until the quarian had run behind one of those very convenient walls and then swung around. Eek! She immediately fired her thrusters as hard as she could and almost sent herself flying out of the Citadel's atmosphere. The rocket tried to correct its course but thankfully, much to Arrowhead's relief, it hadn't been designed to catch targets as fast as her and thus missed its target, going for a loop. Well, she wouldn't allow it to catch her! She flew backward and then, calculating quickly the trajectory, nailed it straight into the warhead with a slightly higher power wave motion pulse. It exploded in mid-air, debris sent raining down. Thankfully, none of them hit Wrex, Garrus, or that quarian girl. Unfortunately, it didn't hit any of the baddies down there. Oh no! You jerks aren't firing more of that shit at her! She set her wave motion cannon settings back to something close to small arms fire and then immediately released a long burst. And to her frustration, even without kinetic barriers, that armor was quite tough. It wasn't as tough as the Citadel itself so her shots still did damage but she didn't get the impressive results she got when she blasted that first batarian guy. Thankfully, it forced them to try and get out of hiding and damaged their defenses, allowing another sniper shot from Garrus to drop one of them. The other one found itself with the quarian hitting him. The first few strikes were blocked by kinetic barriers but she kept firing and one of them struck him straight in one of his eyes, flooring him on the spot. Finding themselves picked off one by one by a sniper, with a krogan charging in their midst, and what appeared to be a gunship supporting their foes, the batarians faltered and retreated. Arrowhead remained overhead for a bit, as to make sure they weren't just regrouping but as seconds turned to minutes, it quickly became obvious the situation was dealt with. As the fighting died down, she slowly lowered herself back to the floor, turning to face her extremely strange new allies. "Well, I didn't expect a gunship rescue but I would be lying if I said I wasn't thankful." The quarian said, in a voice that Arrowhead guessed was feminine. "All in a day's work." Arrowhead said. Yeah yeah, she saved an alien yada yada. Saving people is saving people, even if they try to kill you down the line. And hey, given how she's seeing those aliens are a bit like humanity, maybe they'll be more hesitant to attack humanity if they get a good impression of humans. "So, Tali I presume." Wrex said, sliding his gun back on his back. As the quarian nodded, he looked to Arrowhead with what she assumed to be a smile. "Well, can't say that was what I expected when I offered to accompany me in helping that girl. But hey, it was fun!" Ah, so definitely a girl. Which means it was indeed the girl Wrex wanted to help out. Good thing they didn't sit out that fight! Also, where is C-Sec when they actually need them?... oh god. Please let them not catch up only to accuse them! ... calm down, calm down. Stay focused. Ah! Good, Garrus made his way here. "Ah, Garrus. Nice to see you face-to-face. I have been looking around for you." "I hope it didn't involve firefights the entire time." "Didn't. To be fair, we didn't expect this either." Now that this is said... "So, what's going on? Normally, issues with data upload tend to involve system glitches or red tape, not people with guns shooting at you." Tali, Wrex called her, nodded. "I'd love to explain but not here. We should do this somewhere safe." Sounds sensible. If Garrus could snipe at people here, those guys could reposition and do that down the line. Well, maybe... "How about at the embassies?" Noticing all the aliens looking at her, she decided to elaborate. "I've got a room there, there's plenty of C-Sec for protection, and only one real entrance and exit." "That will do." Garrus said before looking at her in a way that frankly felt like a glare. "I expect you to explain yourself as well when we get there." Of course of course. "That's... a warehouse." Yeah yeah, rub it in Tali. Real nice of you. "Yeah yeah, I know." "Also, you can come out of your ship. You're not forced to stay in it all the time." Seriously, Tali. Stop. "I was wondering about the same thing." Garrus, please. You're supposed to be the serious spook here. "It appears I'm the only one who actually pay attention to the extranet here. Well, that is amusing." Wrex said. Did Tali and Garrus just flinch? "I'm a full body cyborg. I'm not inside a ship. This is my body." Arrowhead said. ... oh no. Oh no oh no. Don't look at her like this. Don't even think about it! "Now can we please discuss the whole data thing, please?" "Before that, I'd like to know what you were doing... flying around in the wards. Aren't you supposed to be humanity's ambassador?" Garrus said. Oh yeah, that. "Oh, that. Well, I've already finished my task. My task was to establish contact and set the foundations so proper diplomats could take over. And well, a big part why it went so quickly and smoothly is thanks to Garrus over there. We fought off a boondoggle fleet pursuing him together." That is enough info, she thinks. "Wait, humanity? Contact? You're an ambassador?" Tali asked, sounding more than a little bit surprised. "Yes, the Citadel has made first contact with a species named humans. Arrowhead over there is one of them. Which reminds me, what were you doing out there?" Garrus said. "Looking for you. We suspect the boondoggle might be up to something and well, the boondoggle were pursuing you. I thought you may have a clue as to what they may be up to." She said. "The boondoggle were pursuing him?" Wrex asked, his usual tone broken by what seemed to be surprise. "Across systems." Garrus added. "The plants never do that." Wrex stated. "Indeed..." Garrus confirmed. "I... don't know about any of that but I have information that relates to Saren, the boondoggle, and something called the Reapers." Tali said. She didn't know about that Saren guy or the Reapers, but she certainly knew about the boondoggle. So she figured she may ask some questions and see if she can get a better picture. "How did you end up in possession of that information?" "I was on my Pilgrimage, my rite of passage into adulthood." She begun. "I was serving on the Honorata, exploring known sites of burnt colonies and other abandoned facilities, hoping to salvage technology when we found what appeared to be boondoggle ground forces." Boondoggle... ground forces? For a moment, Arrowhead drawn a blank but then, as she saw the quarian girl visibly shudder, it reminded her of the footage from the Boondoggle War. Of what the hero of the war had seen, when he got a glimpse of captured human ships. And what the boondoggle had done to the crew... The boondoggle may not be the bydo but it doesn't mean they're not nightmarish. "We were barely able to escape. But we brought back one of the monsters' memory cores." She had no idea what that pilgrimage business might be about but given it involved poking lost colonies for technology, she guessed it had to do with bringing things of value back to her family, people, clan, or whatever. "The Honorata? Tali, you said? Then... I am sorry." "I... had hoped it wouldn't be the case. But I guess I expected it..." The quarian said. "After we recovered the data, we tried to deliver it, sharing it with as many nearby ships as we could. But every data upload we attempted was intercepted and the boondoggle begun to show up, destroying every ship with the data onboard. Some of us tried to get off on various colonies and habitats, only to be found dead the next day. It's clear Saren doesn't want that data to be seen." "Saren? But... why?" Okay, so Tali is likely the last survivor of a bunch of people who found some really bad mojo involving the boondoggle, those Reaper things, and somebody or something called Saren. Garrus seemed shocked about the Saren thing. And whoever or whatever it was, it was going to great lengths to ensure Tali was silenced. In fact, those batarians were likely linked... which meant Saren was not a boondoggle. Maybe an organization or an individual? "Well, that sure sounds ominous. Can you show us the data, now?" Tali seemed startled and then nodded quickly. "Yes. Here, let me replay it." One of those strange omni-tool interfaces then appeared on her arm and then, in front of her, video footage started to play... Static filled the screen, the memory scrambled. But as it cleared, it shown a turian standing in a strange, grey-orange hall of sorts. By his side was an asari in a black dress, with a helmet (also black) that looked like some kind of crown. Strange, cybernetic abominations of all sizes and styles stood straight by their sides, their optics looking straight ahead. Then in the distance, the sound of machinery, a shuttle's door opening. The perspective shook slightly as a cyborg different from all the others approached. It was a fundamentally horrifying thing. Four gigantic mechanical legs held up a malformed, skeletal figure that looked like a rachni queen... until you looked closer and notice it actually was made of several figures fused together, the skulls of asaris and salarians merged together to form a twisted new head. A series of eight optics, all glowing green, could be seen glaring at the turian. The glow of the monster's eyes clearly allowed one to see the turian and asari. The turian was Saren Arterius. Standing straight, the Spectre begun to speak. "I speak in the name of-" " Shut up. " The horrifying cyborg suddenly interrupted Saren, its voice harsh and deep. "We re-" " Cease. " The horrifying cyborg said, almost yelling, closing the distance between them. "I-" " Shut. " The cyborg whispered, bringing a clawed forelimb close to Saren's face and making a closing motion with its long, scythe-like fingers. " Let me make something clear, puppet. " The cyborg almost snarled the last word, even as it tone remained ever so quiet. " The difference in importance and intellect between us is so vast as to be impossible to quantify. There is nothing, absolutely nothing that your fleshy little flapping thing you call a maw can imitate that will come close to anything resembling a relevant, useful contribution to this situation. " "Ptolomaea, the Vanguard is demanding that-" " I'm sorry, what's your name? " The cyborg suddenly asked, stepping back, its frame deforming into a parody of body language. "Saren A-" " NOBODY CARES!!! " The cyborg suddenly screamed, a chorus of deep, echoing voices causing the footage to lag for a moment, static filling the screen, the optics of the cyborg flaring so brightly they were blinding for a moment. The cyborg then joined its hands, looking down upon Saren, his tone as quiet as it was coldly furious. " Nobody cares. Listen to me, mister Nobody Cares. Do you want to know why nobody cares? Because nobody cares about your feeble accomplishments or how smart you think you are. You're a sack of meat animated by randomly bouncing neurons, an errand boy that worked for a bunch of walking fertilizers who think they're clever because they learnt how to fling trash cans through glorified sling shots they didn't even make, which took them millenia to figure out despite being made to be idiot-proof. And then you got promoted to being an errand boy for a Reaper so incompetent he failed to activate one mass relay for a thousand years despite being served two armies on a silver plater. " The cyborg moved back, pointing to something at the distance. " I know you expect us to do your job for you, because you're basic like that. Your title means nothing. Your accomplishments are lacking. Results. Bring me results. " The cyborg then thrown a strange slate behind it, not even bothering to turn around to face Saren. " Have a freebie. Now piss off. I have actually important matters to attend to. " The footage shorted out. As the footage died, any hint of humor had swiftly died. "I can't believe it. Saren..." Garrus said, slowly. "But it's Saren! The best Spectre there is!" "And the most unstable and ruthless one." Wrex said, cutting off the turian. "Saren's track record is nearly spotless. There are none who have brought results as consistently as he!" "At the cost of how many innocents' lives?" Wrex countered. "Gone dark for months, seems to work with boondoggle, boondoggle conveniently kill everybody who might rat him out, thugs and mercenaries just happen to kill all those who escape the boondoggle? Sounds like a rogue Spectre to me." "But... why?" And she could understand that. She still struggled to understand why Fenrir had rebelled, years ago. Even knowing the real reason, she still couldn't understand what led to him falling so completely. And that also meant one thing: if this Saren guy has thrown his lot in with the boondoggle, then understanding him is secondary to stopping whatever he was doing. He was clearly working for something called the Vanguard and it was likely the Reapers was a super weapon of sorts the boondoggle had made or were preparing. Well, it wouldn't do. The entire reason humanity sent Blue Light squadron was so that after first contact was finished, they'd be right in the perfect position to take out any threats to humanity pre-emptively. Well, the boondoggle making something called Reapers and using a turian patsy to setup what will likely be a knockout blow sure sounded like a threat. "Regardless of if Saren is rogue or not, those Reapers are almost certainly a new boondoggle super weapon and we should nip this in the bud." Arrowhead said, determined. And then, she decided to make something clear. "The boondoggle have demonstrated that they are capable and willing to strike anybody, anywhere, at anytime. We have evidence that the boondoggle are preparing something, something involving things called Reapers, which will likely give them an edge. We have reasons to suspect they may be used proxies to set up the stage for a new escalation to their war. Humanity will not stand for this. I will not stand for this. Humanity will investigate this and neutralize the boondoggle threat." Garrus considered this for a moment and then nodded. "The Council must know of this. Even if Saren is innocent, this footage and the evidence from the destruction of the Honorata and the attempt on Tali's life shows that there is a threat afoot. One that must be investigated. We need to discover what's going on." "After all I saw, all they tried to do to me? I cannot just walk away. Beside, I have to make it to the Migrant Fleet. They must see this data as well." Tali stated. Wrex looked around at each of his fellow aliens then at Arrowhead. Then back to the other aliens. Then he... laughed? "This is amazing! Just great! We've barely become a team and this is already the most fun I had in centuries! My wife will be delighted by the tales of our adventures!... after I get out of hospital after she shot me for getting into so much trouble. Damn it." Deep within space, away from prying eyes, a gigantic ship flew on its own. Though it had the somewhat thin look of a turian cruiser from a long distance away, approaching it would reveal for what it truly was ; a nearly kilometer-long black shadow, massive arrays of external thrusters pushing what should be a ponderous vessel at a speed something this big had no business had. Deep within the ship, Saren sat before his desk, a gigantic array of screens lit up before him. To most onlookers, it would be nothing but an incomprehensible overload of notes, pictures, videos, and contact information. To the Spectre, it was the center of a web of intrigue over a decade in the making. As he processed the information his contacts had shared, it was then that a familiar hologram popped up, covering and corrupting most of the data stream. " Saren. " The deep, echoing voice of the Vanguard boomed through the room. " You are to go to the place which your people call Eden Prime. There is a prothean beacon on its surface. I am transmitting its coordinates as we speak. You are to retrieve the data and then leave. You shall not delay. You shall perform this task immediately. Any of your agents on its surface are forfeit. There will be no second chance to retrieve the data. The beacon, as well as the planet, shall be immediately destroyed the moment you are finished. " The hologram then flickered and faded as Sovereign immediately cut the transmission. The Reaper did not ask if he had any questions or to confirm the order. He simply gave instructions and expected to be obeyed without question. Still, the ancient machine's overconfidence meant many opportunities. Saren pressed a button on the console on his desk and then resumed his work. Soon enough, the door opened. True to the designed Saren had specified, his chair and desk were elevated, with his chair facing the door. Anybody who entered would do so from the front, not behind. A pistol was always on his desk, within reach. There would be no need for it though. Even if his crew had been compromised, he could recognize Benezia just by her outfit alone. "You called, Saren?" "We are to go to Eden Prime and retrieve data from a prothean beacon there." Saren then paused and shifted a few of the screens to the side, as to stare upon the asari matriarch. "I do not like our heavy asset options being controlled solely by Sovereign. But some of my contacts have found... promising opportunities." A hologram shifted, showing what appeared to be a strange, alien fighter with a series of what appeared to be drone satellites around it. "A few days ago, first contact was made with those strange ships. The technology they have appears... promising." Saren slowly looked back to Benezia. She remained unflinching as he stared intently at her, his expression never shifting, his tone almost monotone. "You are to contact some of your batarian contacts in the area. I want covert operations and recovery teams assembled. If they need convincing, make it clear what kind of technology is involved and hint that we may let them bring a copy of it back to their overlords in the Hegemony." The matriarch nodded and then left the room, the doors automatically sliding closed behind her. Saren turned back to the footage of the fighters in action and couldn't help but smirk. Even if the Council revoke his Spectre status and declare him rogue, it will not matter much longer. Codex entry: Krogan Empire Following the Krogan Schism, the surviving krogan Clans underwent an in-depth cultural and technological revolution, redefining their civilization as a whole. In theory, the system is simple. Every Clan act as its own independent group, with its own culture, territory, and laws. All Clans are subjects to the emperor, who is elected by the Clans, each individual Clan representing one vote. A majority vote see a new emperor crowned. If a Clan leader get the most votes but not enough to get a majority, they become the overlord and acting emperor, with losing candidates getting the ability to suggest or obstruct their decisions via a vote. An emperor retain their title until death or until the Clans pass a vote of non-confidence and win it. Where this system becomes complex is the relations between individual Clan laws and overarching Imperial laws, with priority varying depending on a given planet, Clan, or even the circumstances of a given scenario. Likewise, the culture and even political structure of Clans can be drastically different. Some Clans elect their lords. Some use a hereditary system. Others use trial by combat or trial by written exams. Some Clans establish population control through extremely powerful, mandatory contraceptives. Others have a few "breeding couples" with exclusive rights to reproduction, mimicking the salarian system in some way. The krogan political system has been described by many outside observers as "matching the krogans themselves. Sounds simplistic, even shallow at first glance. Then you take a better look, notice the sheer complexity, and instantly get a headache" and as "an ironic, warped mirror of the salarians' political system. Equally as incomprehensible and needlessly complicated, just with more headbutts".  



Myuu said: "You are to contact some of your batarian contacts in the area. I want covert operations and recovery teams assembled. If they need convincing, make it clear what kind of technology is involved and hint that we may let them bring a copy of it back to their overlords in the Hegemony." Click to expand... Click to shrink...


Herald of Dis Lev

  • Jun 23, 2022
Myuu said: Baraka. Click to expand... Click to shrink...
Myuu said: He Why had so many batarians Click to expand... Click to shrink...
Myuu said: " Shut. " The cyborg whispered Click to expand... Click to shrink...
Myuu said: "an ironic, warped mirror of the salarians' political system. Equally as incomprehensible and needlessly complicated, just with more headbutts ". Click to expand... Click to shrink...
Evaunit02mark1 said: Oh man, those poor bastards. I'm gonna need more popcorn. Click to expand... Click to shrink...


No signs of bydo remnant yet so no humans going on full alert mode. Wrex is a blast as always and his thoughts on Arrowhead solidified my belief that Krogan will become meltcraft care takers in the future. Also Eden Prime! Hopefully no one from Blue Light Squadron has to die there as per stations of ME canon. Also weee Batarians are gonna try capturing humans, this can only end well!  

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"Wow, that sure is some outside context bullshit-" *Remembers classic ME1 quality explosive ammo mods could allow you to practically air juggle people, robots, and bugs to death. Why are people scared of the rachni? You need to shoot them TWICE that is why!* "Oh second thought, Arrowhead shooting the batarians seems rather subdued." *mutters about saving all of his grenades for the final boss and they still did less damage than explosive bullets*  

Huh, that saren looks weird... Also lmao the boondoggle being the angriest shit in the room, I almost expect it to backhand saren physically there. Wait, are the reaper's creators, the leviathan, exist here? The boondoggle are almost nice in how they describe the abject embarrassment that is the vanguard reaper. Are the leviathan cousins to the boondoggle?  

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    Creative Writing Archives. For stories to be archived and/or posted without extraneous comments. Threads 603 Messages 14.6K. Threads 603 Messages 14.6K. Table of Indexes - A Thin Veneer - Chapters, Comments & Stats. Mar 5, 2024; kclcmdr; Worm. For all fan fiction related to the webnovel Worm and the Parahumans series by Wildbow. Threads 7K

  9. Starships don't go indoors! (Mass Effect/R-Type)

    Even to this day, explorers continue to find the burnt out graves of civilizations the murder plants claimed whenever they open new mass relays. Despite the amount of propaganda that kept being pumped out of batarian space, everybody knew the batarians were getting pasted by the boondoggle.

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    Merchandise. Threadmarks: 00 - Chargen. Threadmarks: War Never Changes. ME3: Did the Geth trick Shepard and the Players about the Morning War? stephenopolos. Thread. Jan 9, 2020. masseffectmasseffect crossover stargate.

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    Mass Effect - This universe is perfect for epic space operas and tales of survival against enormous odds. You have multiple alien races, ancient technologies, and the ominous threat of the ...

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    Trivia /. SpaceBattles.com. Follow the Leader: The Creative Writing forum is infamous for focusing on a certain franchise ( Mass Effect, The Familiar of Zero, and especially Worm, the site having gotten so clogged with Worm fics that a subforum was created solely for them) and devoting thousands of pages to snippets and full fics set in that ...

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