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The Latest: Gender and Violence in Papua New Guinea

Wednesday, October 11, 2023 / By: Ruth Kissam ;   Zuabe Tinning

In addressing violence in Papua New Guinea, most programs seek to work with survivors. However, to prevent the recurrence of violence — especially gender-based violence — it’s important to address the harmful attitudes that drive it. USIP’s Ruth Kissam and Zuabe Tinning discuss how a USIP program seeks to reorient men’s perspectives in Papua New Guinea toward championing equal participation for women in decision-making processes and repairing the damage caused by harmful and violent behaviors in their communities.

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The Current Situation in Papua New Guinea

The Current Situation in Papua New Guinea

Friday, March 8, 2024

As the United States reengages in the Pacific Islands, Papua New Guinea is emerging as an increasingly important U.S. partner. It is the region’s largest country, with a landmass about the size of California and a population estimated to be somewhere between 10 and 17 million. In April 2022, Papua New Guinea was designated as one of the focus countries under the U.S. Strategy to Prevent Conflict and Promote Stability (SPCPS). In May 2023, the United States and Papua New Guinea signed a Defense Cooperation Agreement.

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Addressing Gendered Violence in Papua New Guinea: Opportunities and Options

Addressing Gendered Violence in Papua New Guinea: Opportunities and Options

Thursday, March 7, 2024

By: Negar Ashtari Abay, Ph.D. ;   Kathleen Kuehnast, Ph.D. ;   Gordon Peake, Ph.D. ;  Melissa Demian, Ph.D.

Each year, more than 1.5 million women and girls in Papua New Guinea experience gender-based violence tied to intercommunal conflict, political intimidation, domestic abuse, and other causes. It is, according to a 2023 Human Rights Watch report, “one of the most dangerous places to be a woman or girl.” Bleak as this may seem, it is not hopeless. USIP’s new report identifies several promising approaches for peacebuilding programming to reduce gender-based violence and effect meaningful and lasting change in Papua New Guinea.

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In the Pacific, Corruption and Poor Policing Open a Door to China

In the Pacific, Corruption and Poor Policing Open a Door to China

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After the Pacific’s largest island nation, Papua New Guinea, recently suffered deadly rioting that included police, an official last week announced a Chinese offer to help strengthen its police force. That sequence exemplifies a rising challenge for democracy and stability in the Pacific: Many island nations suffer corruption and deficient policing that undermines the rule of law. This gap in responsive governance lets China seek influence through technical assistance drawn from its authoritarian model of policing. In response, democracies must reshape narrow, outdated approaches to security assistance.

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Riots in Papua New Guinea Are a Warning: Urgent Change is Needed

Riots in Papua New Guinea Are a Warning: Urgent Change is Needed

Thursday, January 11, 2024

Riots erupted in Papua New Guinea's capital yesterday, laying bare the hollowness of governance that is failing to meet public needs, thus risking deeper violence and instability. U.S attention to the Pacific Islands' largest and most populous nation is increasing, partly because it is an arena for geopolitical competition with China. While Papua New Guinea's leaders are good at rolling out the red carpet for visiting partners, the state fails lamentably in providing basic services for its people. This week’s violence is a wake-up call for U.S and international policymakers to re-focus on this root of the country’s instability.

Democracy & Governance ;  Fragility & Resilience

Published daily by the Lowy Institute

Making ground in the fight against gender-based violence in Papua New Guinea


By Jonathan Pryke , Research Fellow and Director of the Aus-PNG Network in the Lowy Institute's Melanesia Program, and Kath Taplin , Senior Development Manager for Femili PNG

Rates of gender-based violence in Papua New Guinea (and in the Pacific Islands region more broadly ) are among the highest in the world. Estimates from Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)  suggest that 70% of women in PNG experience some degree of physical or sexual assault in their lifetime. The issue hit international headlines again this year with MSF delivering a major report on the crisis as it wrapped up its engagement in PNG after almost 25 years of operations. Even more hard-hitting than these statistics are the images in Vlad Sokhin's photography book Crying Meri .

However, less is heard about the important work being done in all sectors of Papua New Guinea toward addressing this pervasive issue. Solutions are desperately required throughout the Pacific Islands region, but there are new approaches warranting broader attention both within and outside of Papua New Guinea.

The Lowy Institute, in partnership with the Development Policy Centre, recently hosted events in Canberra and Sydney to hear from exceptional Papua New Guinean leaders in government, civil society and the private sector. This article attempts to summarise some of the work being done, making specific reference to the guests from our events.

Violence against women is underpinned by a complex interplay of individual, relationship, community and societal factors, not all of which are easy to pinpoint, but at its core it is an exertion of power and control that maintains women's inequality. A sustained and coordinated national response is required, and this starts with the PNG government. [fold]

The Department for Community Development and Religion takes a lead role in this regard, and is developing the first national strategy to address gender-based violence in PNG. Anna Solomon, the Secretary of the Department, assured audience members at the events that this strategy (which will help focus and guide government) is in its final stages of development after a lengthy consultation process.

PNG's Family Protection Act and child protection laws were also discussed, as they form part of the developing legal framework necessary to start effectively addressing violence. Unfortunately, PNG's ongoing fiscal challenges raise the question of whether the resources the government will allocate to new initiatives and to bolster existing work will be sufficient. Comprehensive strategy and laws, however, are critical to demonstrate national commitment on an issue challenging national development, help concentrate domestic efforts and coordinate international assistance. The government also has the luxury of being the largest employer in PNG's formal economy, and where it can't lead with cash it can certainly lead by example (such as through implementing and enforcing stringent employment and recruitment standards). 

Momentum in the private sector is starting to build as employers grasp that there is not only a moral justification for serious action, but also an economic one . At our events we heard from Oil Search Foundation CEO Kymberley Kepore (Oil Search recently committed over US$50 million to the Foundation for the years 2016-2020) on why gender has become a cornerstone of the Foundation's work and how investing in this space is more than just corporate social responsibility for Oil Search.

We also heard from Kevin Byrne, Deputy Chair of the PNG Business Coalition for Women  (BCFW), a recently established group of companies and corporate leaders, on his work to promote business and employment opportunities for women. BCFW is also actively trying to address violence in the workplace (such through developing model family and sexual violence policies being taken up by companies who want to support their employees who are suffering violence). The BCFW is an example of how the private sector is starting to coalesce and unify around this critical issue. 

Another instance of business recognising the importance of both empowering women and addressing the barriers and violence they face was the recent Aus-PNG Business Forum in Cairns. There was an address from KTF Archer Leadership Scholar Stephannie Kirriwom , an awe-inspiring Henry Kila Memorial Address from Dr Barry Kirby  on the topic of addressing maternal health challenges and breakout sessions on addressing violence against women in the workplace. The leadership and resources PNG's private sector wields will be critical in developing much more concerted and integrated private sector, government and NGO responses over time. 

While leadership, raised awareness, resources and coordination are all parts of the puzzle, delivering services and support to survivors of sexual and family violence is particularly vital. With limited resources and an already stretched health budget, front line workers do a valiant job of providing treatment to adult and child survivors. However, there are insufficient examples of integrated services for survivors in PNG, which is where Femili PNG (which operates in PNG's second-largest city of Lae) comes in. Operations Manager Denga Ilave discussed how the organisation (supported by DFAT, along with Oxfam and private sector and philanthropic donations), works with provincial government, police, courts, hospitals and the private sector to provide daily assistance to adults and children affected by family and sexual violence. Femili PNG staff provide access to services for hundreds of women and children, including medical treatment, counselling, legal assistance, safe houses and (when necessary) relocation assistance, including business start-up kits and other support to assist women's economic independence. You can read more Denga and Femili PNG's work at ABC . 

Another area discussed at our panel events, and which repeatedly came up in conversation, is how to address these challenges in rural communities, where the majority of PNG's nearly eight million people live. This is where existing networks (critically wantok groups and churches) need to be supported, involved and utilised to help this pressure for action reach the grassroots level. 

There is some cause for optimism in seeing every sector take action, but it will take a redoubling of efforts to stitch together these pockets of momentum into a movement that can cause real change in the lives of many. And that change certainly won't happen without men's involvement. Ultimately violence against women isn't just a women's issue; it is the action of men, and gender inequality, we must address. But when looking around the room at both events, something was missing: sufficient men. In both crowds only around 20% of attendees were male.

For a country where, according to the 2016 Lowy Institute Poll , 79% of Australians feel that domestic violence is a very important issue facing Australia (more so than the economy or terrorism), this turnout was embarrassing. But it is also an important reminder that we need to intensify our efforts both at home  and in our region to bring men to the table, because just as it will take all sectors working together to see change, it will also take all people. 

Photo: Getty Images/Hadi Zaher

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Women Across Frontiers Magazine

The Bride Price Tradition in Papua New Guinea

Issue 2 - November 2015 , Issue 2 Features , Papua New Guinea

By Maureen Gerawa

Store goods and garden produce for bride price.

Photo credit: AD Bank


Gethrude Bakaie

Originally, Bride Price is an exchange of goods and food stuff to build relationship between the families but now it is no longer an exchange but a business. The modern-day payment of bride price has run into six figures, hundreds of thousands. It is a miss fit in our society and therefore we should do away with it. A girl does not born with a price tag and therefore they should get married freely. Bride Price in today society is simply showing of how wealthy someone is.

Manu Kembil

i agree. because of hundreds of thousands, girls are interested in someone who has money who is a wealthier person. however, the younger boys are left out, girls favoring money forgetting about true love and friendship.


Bride Price is just another financial burden. There’s no pride or honor in it and should be banned. Its telling our women folks that their bodies worth some money, and if they decide to claim it themselves, we call them prostitutes

Bride Price backfires in a lot of situation and it is the main cause of family sexual Violence.

Those educated ones supporting it should come out from their traditional huts and see how today’s world is programmed to be.

Its a tradition worth termination!

Noel Langu

That’s true , i really agree with you because seeing ladies as comedies of earning money to earn your living is not appropriate. We must not see girls as a cash crops, we must see them as subject and vale them as a human person. The girls a human to and we must respect the human dignity and appreciate the gift of women in this world .

Phaz Frank

Bride Price payments be critically assessed before adhering to. My mother would gladly force my partner to pay for my bride price so she can continue her drinking spree. And all her relatives a supportive knowing the cash would be in the pockets. I am one of those few women strong enough to put an end to this failed and abused custom and not have it passed down to my future daughters.

Serah tade

totaly agreeing to all of the above. Bride price traditionally had value, because of respect and honor. Today its all about fast money, property ownership, typical common mentality of this century in PNG. How do we changed that now? It’s already taking place, Bride price valuing is up against real estate business and before you know it, everyone we are all heading for Doom, because we all don’t know the real meaning of Bride price anymore. its been commercialized. Because we are already in the future, why not we do away with bride price because no female baby was born with a price tag and prefer state marriage and church marriage because it has god’s blessing and state recognition, for common understanding. lets have all marriage vows be blessed and honored and legally bound through civil for respect and honor to be maintained.

Nabil Heina

Pride price is a customary marital obligation performed by man (husband) as a sign of respect and token of appreciation to the families and relatives of a woman (wife).

Allan Gene

I totally agree with you all. Lets say Bride Price is a bad culture today as it was before. The values in the Bride Price are fading away because of modernization and the level of Individual understandings now a days. We know that our cultures are also changing and some cultures are blending into modern cultures (Money Culture). Let me say that some of our cultures are modified to suits individual needs and wants. For example, there are different levels of Bride Price now a days. Some of the criteria that add values (PGK) to Bride Price such as Family Social and Economic Status in the community, Level of Education, Job Employment, and family’s pride. Lately PNG Men are paying Bride Price ranging from PGK 500, 000.00 to PGK 1, 000 000.00. As a woman, you must think about your future and make a decision to be free. Women are not sexy toys, property or commodity where men spend so much thinking that they bought and own you. “SO GIRLS STAND UP AND SAY NO TO BRIDE PRICE”..Tell your Parents “DO NOT SELL ME!

I totally agree with all the comments here. One thing that I do not want is the modification of Bride Price. We sort of miss leading the very intent of the Bride Price. Bride Price is a social obligation to build and strengthen family relationship and this is all about social beneficiaries and social networking. But when money is involved, the social obligation shift to economic obligation and the mentality of our people also change to go with the new modified obligation.

When someone use money to do any transaction, there are always goods and services and once transaction is done, the new owner owns it and do whatever he/she wants to do. Therefore, if a lady is charged more than thousand Kina, your all life is own by your man and your rights and freedom will be restricted, limited and controlled. Women may say that we are not own by anyone but we all know that money plays big role here.

The Bride Price should be done away with or otherwise the family of Groom and Bride come together to give whatever support for the new couple to make a new journey in their lives.

Soniah Yamai

Birde price has been taken out of context with westernization-we have lost the traditional meaning of pride price. To add on-Poligamy is a curse that needs eradication-Back in the olden days manpower was required to protect the land so man had to have multiple wives to to increase manpower. There is no need for poligamy now,with land shortage,high employment rate,ect. This cultural mindset need to be changed for the sake of the future generation.

Joe Biri Kumai

Bride price is a customary obligation of groom’s families to appreciate the bride’s families in a mutual understanding of common bond. The duty of payment has been exist since prehistorical era, and the process evolved was so complicated. Constitution also recognized the bride price activities, yet does not give full effect to deal with irregularities involved. Pay back system of bride price in the country cause an impediment on the progression of women in each societies. After bride price payment men’s perceptions on women as an owning property where he could do anything he wishes. These perceptions lead to violence against women rights. Therefore, bride price should be a thing of the past compared to today’s westernized period where everything is changed to promote equality. Strong governmental policies on bride price should paw way for women’s development.


Bride pride is basically a mode of strenghtening bonds between the two parties as well as compensation to her family for leaving them. Thus, bride price has resulted in highly domestic violence over the past years even to date. Many or not most man pay bride price and yet continues to have many affairs and continue to abuse their wives. Therefore, strong policies from authorities be implemented to monitor and deal with such issues. those that take advantage of bride price to create violence be held accountable. The world is changing and certain practices needed serious look through.


I would agree with the majority of comments expressed above. Taking into account all that has been expressed above, I pose the following question, Can you confidently say Bride Price has lost its Cultural essence in modern Papua New Guinea?

Jeremiah Naki

I think pride price is a kind of tradition practised in PNG as well as other parts of the world. However, its not been practised as it has been. Its like selling a high quality product with thousands of dollars. This is not a good culture and tradition to be paractise.

Danny Langa

I agree with you Gethrude. We were born without price tag but I am wondering where these prices are coming from. We are created with Gods Love and that is reflected in the marriage or co-existence of our great grand parents in love with intimacy when babies are conceived and subsequently given birth. that was basically how we come to being. All through LOVE. Now, When in marriage relationships, the same would be given a role to play. We should have love at the forefront as the binding factor of the bride and the groom. there should not be any application of wealth or man made material applied in a relationship that requires nothing but LOVE. Lets Change please, we can do it.

Samuel Isaiah

By reading all the suggestions made with comments I just want to refute on a comment made here by saying, woman is not born with a price tag,

Here is my only view according to biblical perspective,

Always consider the living word before you come up with solutions,

EXODUS 22:16

Verse 16: If a man has sexual relations with a virgin who he is not engaged to, then he must pay her father the full amount necessary to marry her.

Be a man of value… Success is not achieved its attracted. Respect is not achieved its earned.


Bride price is a good if it serve the original intent of it, which is exchange of goods, money and goods for the successful of the new marriage come into existence. However, such practices are no longer available, instead there is unrestricted payments and sharing of gifts for their own reasons like for pride and even it actually practing discriminating and make the life of the news couple difficult to Mary for some and some even take it lightly due to They could not comply with those expectations of the people in the community. In which get involved in marriage early or in their old age. Thus, we literally need to improve in this areas for building good, trustworthy and healthy family.

Egulyapz Mogoi

100% AGREE! with all of your comments because in the beginning or Genesis there is no bride price excepted


Should the authorities look at the use of money at bride price ceremonies and banned this practice? Is this not prostitution?

Charles Pallaghy

Bride price is one of the causes why PNG rates very low as a tourist destination because of the high crime rates particularly rape. Males of all ages, without relatives able to muster a worthy bride price, resort to crime or rape to satisfy their sexual urges. Bride price was an ancient tribal custom from which the law of liberty and grace in Jesus Christ has set us free. Godly Christian churches and pastors in PNG should denounce the bride price which is a source of pride by those who can afford to pay and poverty by those who can’t afford to pay. Where else but through rape will many men be able to satisfy their sexual urges when they are not financially marriageable? Furthermore, it gives the chauvinistic male the pleasure of owning the woman as a commodity which gives him the apparent right to beat her if she displeases him. I believe that this can also be the case amongst married Christians as recounted to me by a former missionary to PNG.


I have seen one of our most priceless traditions deteriorate and become corrupt over the past few years. The bride price is no longer valuable. What was once a vital culture that united families and honoured Melanesian women has been subverted and ruined by materialism.

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Polygamy in Papua New Guinea labelled a 'social evil' as men take 'fifth, sixth, seventh' wife

A woman in PNG walking down a road clutching a baby

At about five years old, Ellis* realised her father "just wasn't there" — he married another woman and set up his new family in a separate household.

Key points:

  • The UN says polygamy is destructive and leads to violence against women
  • Up until the mid-1800s, it was a popular practice among wealthy land-owning men in PNG
  • In Papua New Guinea today, advocates say it is exploiting women and young girls

"It was the same for my siblings and I'm sure it was the same for my half-siblings," she told ABC Radio Australia's Sistas Let's Talk program.

"It was just a painful way to be as a child."

Ellis' father was a polygamist, but not in the traditional sense.

"My family's situation was not like… where a man owns a lot of land and requires extra wives to work the land and raise pigs to give him status in society," she said.

"I'm going to put it very bluntly. Polygamy just provides extra sex. I mean, he already had a wife and children.

"It was more like a cash-pumped set-up."

Polygamy, where a man is married to more than one woman, has a long history in parts of the south-west Pacific country.

Before missionaries arrived in the mid-1800s, wealthy landowners married multiple women to work the land, raise pigs and bear children, which in turn boosted their social status.

But its continued practice today has come under fire from survivors, human rights advocates and organisations.

The UN's Division for the Advancement of Women described polygamy as a destructive and harmful practice that often leads to violence against women and girls, both by husbands and co-wives.

Advocates believe it also gives rise to human trafficking, where women and girls are forced or coerced into marriages.

Despite the PNG government moving to ban  polygamous marriage in 2014, the practice persists today.

Being the daughter of a polygamist

Ellis said her mother "refused to tolerate" her father's polygamy, which resulted in him having 10 more children. 

Eventually, he struggled to generate enough income to sustain both households and stopped supporting her family. 

"[My mother] provided accommodation and food and other needs for us," she said.

"As we got older, it meant we had less food on the table, less [money for] school fees or they were not paid on time and we couldn't pursue higher education.

"We had to enter the workforce early at 16, 17, 18 years old."

She said the "unseen and unspoken" impacts of her father's polygamy manifested years later. 

"There were more issues within ourselves that surfaced like depression," she said.

"These are very real effects of what being in situations like this do to people."

A close-up of a woman's hands held against an orange scarf.

'Pain in my heart'

Depressed and in despair over her husband's marriages, Ellis said her mother self-medicated with valium. 

"She told us as we were growing up, 'I took valium because I had so much pain in my heart. I couldn't sleep,'" she said.

"This is real."

Ellis wants men to be held to account for the harm they cause women and children through the practice.  

"[Men] put food on the table. They provide the school fees and whatever else and women and children are meant to just shut their mouth and accept this," she said.

"The women just tolerate it or they fight amongst themselves and the children have resentment amongst themselves and it goes on for a lifetime.

"Unacceptable, in my view."

Escalating violence, children displaced

In 2014, the PNG government  repealed the Civil Registration Act to make it compulsory for all marriages, including customary ones, to be registered.

The move was designed to stop men from marrying multiple women, particularly from different provinces.

But Sarah Garap, a human rights and social justice advocate in Jiwaka Province, said the ban was never properly enforced which has had wide-reaching consequences.

"There's more killing happening, co-wives killing each other and even the men are being murdered by women who suspect they are having adulterous relationships," she said.

A woman wearing a beanie, jumper and scarf smiling

Ms Garap founded women's rights organisations Kup Women for Peace and Meri Kirap Suppotim and has three decades' experience working in politics, academia and grassroots activism.

"There's not much educational awareness … there isn't anyone going out strongly advocating against polygamy," she said.

"Children are not in school and not being properly provided for and women are fighting each other.

"It is a social evil that needs to be done away with because more and more men are not responsible."

Ms Garap said children born from polygamous marriages, who are raised outside a village setting, are left behind after a father dies.

"If one child is in Lae, one is in Goroka and one is in Simbu, later on when the father dies, these children… would be seen as displaced; children with no heritage," she said.

Kidnapping, human trafficking in public

Kidnapping and human trafficking are known consequences of polygamy in PNG.

In recent years, Ms Garap said several kidnappings have been attempted by groups of men on the streets of Port Moresby.

"The guys pretend they knew the women in town. They ask, 'Where did you go? You were supposed to return three or four days ago. Why didn't you come back?'" she said.

"The women were just completely powerless. The group of men would physically harass and throw her into a vehicle."

She believes the situation is "just becoming worse" as girls as young as 15 enter into polygamous marriages, sometimes due to economic hardship.

"Men lure these women into becoming their third, fourth or even fifth, sixth and seventh wife, which is a sad thing," she said.

A woman's hand wrapped around a small child's wrist

Escaping a polygamous marriage

Judy Gelua married her husband in the Catholic Church and they had three children. But 12 years later, he decided to take a second wife.

She believes the "big-man chief culture" in the highlands region of PNG normalises the practice. 

"They think having so many wives increases their wealth or their fame, or because the woman will produce plenty of children, then the male children are regarded as security for the men," she said.

Despite the initial shock, the single mother-of-three is determined to break the cycle of polygamy while being a positive role model.  

"Every time I'm talking to them about polygamy, [I tell them] it's not good and they [should] just have a single partner so they progress in terms of economic and social development," she said.

"All my three children have reached university, so they're very good.

"They help their wives and they're living a happy life here."

*Ellis' name has been changed to protect her identity. 

The national family and sexual violence helpline for callers within Papua New Guinea is 715-08000.

  • X (formerly Twitter)

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A woman's hand wrapped around a small child's wrist

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  • Officer-Involved Domestic Violence, Essay Prompt: The number of officer-related domestic violence has been on the rise, which causes concern about the safety of the family members of police officers. The main reason domestic violence has been on the rise is the stressful work environment that police officers go through.
  • Theoretical Explanations for Domestic Violence Social Research Paper Essay Prompt: Domestic violence is one of the major societal problems experienced around the world. According to Guerin and Ortolan (2017), domestic violence encompasses aspects such as bullying, intimidation, and in extreme cases, murder perpetrated by an individual within a domestic setting.

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  • Types of domestic violence. Essay Prompt: Point out the ways women can be violated. What are the most dangerous ones? What are their consequences?
  • Domestic violence: a personal matter or an open problem? Essay Prompt: In this essay, discuss whether domestic violence should be kept in secret or brought out to publicity. Give your reasons.
  • Domestic violence: who is to blame? Essay Prompt: If a husband beats up his wife, is he a brute or does she really deserve it? Give your reasons.
  • Why women bear it. Essay Prompt: Try to find an answer to the question: why do women endure violence? Is it the absence of self-respect or the power of love? Give your reasons.
  • Domestic violence as the echo of the past. Essay Prompt: In the past, violence against women was acceptable and nowadays some men keep to such a stereotype. Is it reasonable to keep this “noble” tradition or should it become a thing of the past?

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Domestic violence argument topics

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Domestic Violence Argumentative Essays Samples For Students

13 samples of this type

Do you feel the need to check out some previously written Argumentative Essays on Domestic Violence before you get down to writing an own piece? In this open-access catalog of Domestic Violence Argumentative Essay examples, you are provided with a thrilling opportunity to discover meaningful topics, content structuring techniques, text flow, formatting styles, and other academically acclaimed writing practices. Using them while composing your own Domestic Violence Argumentative Essay will surely allow you to complete the piece faster.

Presenting the finest samples isn't the only way our free essays service can aid students in their writing ventures – our experts can also create from point zero a fully customized Argumentative Essay on Domestic Violence that would make a solid foundation for your own academic work.

Sample Argumentative Essay On Domestic Violence

Introduction, negative effects of domestic violence argumentative essay examples, example of domestic abuse argumentative essay.

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Argumentative Essay On Why Domestic Violence Towards Children Is A Problem In California

Argumentative essay on perceived legitimacy of the sentence.

One of the most frequent forms of violence in the present day society is domestic violence. Analyze and assess reasons why it ought to be tougher?

Argumentative Essay On Theories of People Becoming Criminals

Argumentative essay on solutions towards the issue of domestic violence towards children, arguments for aboriginal child protection argumentative essay, arguments for aboriginal child protection, sample argumentative essay on women in prison, example of the cruelty of crime in our society argumentative essay.

I believe that this question is important for understanding the essence of crimes. Their background and main driving forces allow us to find a proper way to prevent them, as well as decrease the number of recidivism incidences. I believe that the majority of crime is violent in nature, but I interpret violence in this case in somewhat other manner, than it is commonly understood. To explain this statement, I will describe what violence is in my point of view, why it can become the source of crimes and how this knowledge can be used to change the current situation.

Argumentative Essay On Underage Marriage

Thesis statement: Whichever way we look at it, underage marriages are not right, and they should be abolished in every country once and for all. - Body Paragraph

Underage marriage is a violation of the rights of the young girl who gets married.

- The minor does not get involved in the marriage negotiations which contravenes the spirit of marriage. - Apart from being denied education, the girl suffers domestic violence. - Body Paragraph

Underage marriage means early motherhood and a large family as a consequence.

Free argumentative essay on “killing women: a pop music tradition”(read and response essay), response essay for “killing women: a pop music tradition”, lack of public transportation in bankstown as a source of youth crimes argumentative essay.

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153 Domestic Violence Topics & Essay Examples

A domestic violence essay can deal with society, gender, family, and youth. To help you decide which aspect to research, our team provided this list of 153 topics .

📑 Aspects to Cover in a Domestic Violence Essay

🏆 best domestic violence titles & essay examples, ⭐ interesting domestic violence topics for an essay, 🎓 good research topics about domestic violence, ❓ research questions on domestic violence.

Domestic violence is a significant problem and one of the acute topics of today’s society. It affects people of all genders and sexualities.

Domestic violence involves many types of abuse, including sexual and emotional one. Essays on domestic violence can enhance students’ awareness of the issue and its causes. Our tips will be useful for those wanting to write outstanding domestic violence essays.

Start with choosing a topic for your paper. Here are some examples of domestic violence essay titles:

  • Causes of domestic violence and the ways to eliminate them
  • The consequences of domestic violence
  • The importance of public domestic violence speech
  • Ways to reduce domestic violence
  • The prevalence of domestic violence in the United States (or other countries)
  • The link between domestic violence and mental health problems among children

Now that you have selected one of the titles for your essay, you can start working on the paper. We have prepared some tips on the aspects you should cover in your work:

  • Start with researching the issue you have selected. Analyze its causes, consequences, and effects. Remember that you should include some of the findings in the paper using in-text citations.
  • Develop a domestic violence essay outline. The structure of your paper will depend on the problem you have selected. In general, there should be an introductory and a concluding paragraph, as well as three (or more) body paragraphs. Hint: Keep in mind the purpose of your essay while developing its structure.
  • Present your domestic violence essay thesis clearly. The last sentence of your introductory paragraph should be the thesis statement. Here are some examples of a thesis statement:

Domestic violence has a crucial impact on children’s mental health. / Domestic violence affects women more than men.

  • Present a definition of domestic violence. What actions does the term involve? Include several possible perspectives on domestic violence.
  • Discuss the victims of domestic violence and the impact it has on them too. Provide statistical data, if possible.
  • Help your audience to understand the issue better by discussing the consequences of domestic violence, even if it is not the primary purpose of your paper. The essay should show why it is necessary to eliminate this problem.
  • You can include some relevant quotes on domestic violence to make your arguments more persuasive. Remember to use citations from relevant sources only. Such sources include peer-reviewed articles and scholarly publications. If you are not sure whether you can use a piece of literature, consult your professor to avoid possible mistakes.
  • Support your claims with evidence. Ask your professor in advance about the sources you can use in your paper. Avoid utilizing Wikipedia, as this website is not reliable.
  • Stick to a formal language. Although you may want to criticize domestic violence, do not use offensive terms. Your paper should look professional.
  • Pay attention to the type of paper you should write. If it is an argumentative essay, discuss opposing views on domestic violence and prove that they are unreliable.
  • Remember that you should include a domestic violence essay conclusion in your paper too. This section of the paper should present your main ideas and findings. Remember not to present any new information or citations in the concluding paragraph.

There are some free samples we have prepared for you, too. Check them out!

  • Domestic Violence and Conflict Theory in Society The Conflict Theory explains remarkable events in history and the changing patterns of race and gender relations and also emphasizes the struggles to explain the impact of technological development on society and the changes to […]
  • Domestic Violence against Women Domestic violence against women refers to “any act of gender-based violence that results in or is likely to result in physical, sexual, and mental harm or suffering to women, including threats of such acts as […]
  • Break the Silence: Domestic Violence Case The campaign in question aimed to instruct victims of domestic violence on how to cope with the problem and where to address to get assistance.
  • Domestic Violence and Repeat Victimisation Theory Domestic violence is a crime which often happens because of a bad relationship between a man and woman and usually continues to be repeated until one of the parties leaves the relationship; hence victims of […]
  • Domestic Violence: Reason, Forms and Measures The main aim of this paper is to determine the reason behind the rapid increase of domestic violence, forms of domestic violence and measures that should be taken to reduce its effects.
  • Domestic Violence Ethical Dilemmas in Criminal Justice Various ethical issues such as the code of silence, the mental status of the offender, and limited evidence play a vital role in challenging the discretion of police officers in arresting the DV perpetrators.
  • Annotated Bibliography on Domestic Violence Against Women They evaluate 134 studies from various countries that provide enough evidence of the prevalence of domestic violence against women and the adverse effects the vice has had for a decade.
  • Behind Closed Doors: Domestic Violence The term “domestic violence” is used to denote the physical or emotional abuse that occurs in the homes. Therefore, it has contributed to the spread of domestic violence in the country.
  • Supporting Female Victims of Domestic Violence and Abuse: NGO Establishment The presence of such a model continues to transform lives and make it easier for more women to support and provide basic education to their children.
  • Alcohol and Domestic Violence in Day-To-Day Social Life My paper will have a comprehensive literature review that will seek to analyze the above topic in order to assist the reader understand the alcohol contributions in the domestic and social violence in our society.
  • Social Marketing Campaign on Domestic Violence In this marketing campaign strategy the focus would be centered on violence against women, as a form of domestic violence that is currently experience in many countries across the globe.
  • Effects of Domestic Violence on Children’s Social and Emotional Development In the case of wife-husband violence, always, one parent will be the offender and the other one the victim; in an ideal situation, a child needs the love of a both parents. When brought up […]
  • Domestic Violence: Qualitative & Quantitative Research This research seeks to determine the impacts of domestic violence orders in reducing the escalating cases of family brutality in most households. N1: There is a significant relationship between domestic violence orders and the occurrence […]
  • Alcoholism, Domestic Violence and Drug Abuse Kaur and Ajinkya researched to investigate the “psychological impact of adult alcoholism on spouses and children”. The work of Kaur and Ajinkya, reveals a link between chronic alcoholism and emotional problems on the spouse and […]
  • Substance Abuse and Domestic Violence: Comprehensive Discussion Substance abuse refers to the misuse of a drug or any other chemical resulting in its dependence, leading to harmful mental and physical effects to the individual and the wellbeing of the society.
  • Domestic Violence in Marriage and Family While there are enormous reports of intimate partner homicides, murders, rapes, and assaults, it is important to note that victims of all this violence find it very difficult to explain the matter and incidents to […]
  • Affordable, Effective Legal Assistance for Victims of Domestic Violence Legal assistance significantly increases the chances for domestic abuse victims to obtain restraining orders, divorce, and custody of their children. Helping victims of domestic violence with inexpensive legal aid is a critical step in assisting […]
  • Domestic Violence: Far-Right Conspiracy Theory in Australia’s Culture Wars The phenomenon of violence is directly related to the violation of human rights and requires legal punishment for the perpetrators and support for the victims.
  • Domestic Violence and Black Women’s Experiences Overall, the story’s exploration of the reality of life for an African American married woman in a patriarchal society, and the challenges faced by black women, is relevant to the broader reality of domestic violence […]
  • Domestic Violence: Criminal Justice In addition, the usage of illegal substances such as bhang, cocaine, and other drugs contributes to the increasing DV in society.
  • Witnessed Domestic Violence and Juvenile Detention Research The primary purpose of this study is to examine the relationship between witnessed domestic violence and juvenile detention. Research has pointed to a relationship between witnessed violence and juvenile delinquency, and this study holds that […]
  • Domestic Violence Against Women in Melbourne Thus, it is possible to introduce the hypothesis that unemployment and related financial struggles determined by pandemic restrictions lead to increased rates of domestic violence against women in Melbourne.
  • Domestic Violence and Its Main Signs In general, the providers should be able to identify the markers of abuse by paying closer attention to the people they serve, treat, teach, or work with.
  • Intersectionality in Domestic Violence Another way an organization that serves racial minorities may address the unique needs of domestic violence victims is to offer additional educational and consultancy activities for women of color.
  • Domestic Violence and Primordial Prevention In addition, the promotion of social norms against violence and increased penalties for domestic and sexual abuse need to be supported at the legislative level.
  • Healthcare Testing of a Domestic Violence Victim Accordingly, the negative aspects of this exam include difficulties in identifying and predicting the further outcome of events and the course of side effects.
  • Financial Insecurity: Impact on Domestic Violence Therefore, this problem is global and widespread, and it would be wrong to assume that spousal abuse only exists when couples are poor.
  • Domestic Violence, Child Abuse, or Elder Abuse In every health facility, a nurse who notices the signs of abuse and domestic violence must report them to the relevant authorities.
  • Educational Services for Children in Domestic Violence Shelters In order to meet the objectives of the research, Chanmugam et al.needed to reach out to the representatives of emergency domestic violence shelters located in the state of Texas well-aware of the shelters’ and schools’ […]
  • The Domestic Violence Arrest Laws According to the National Institute of Justice, mandatory arrest laws are the most prevalent in US states, indicating a widespread agreement on their effectiveness.
  • Environmental Scan for Hart City Domestic Violence Resource Center In particular, it identifies the target population, outlines the key resources, and provides an overview of data sources for assessing key factors and trends that may affect the Resource Center in the future.
  • Domestic Violence Investigation Procedure If they claim guilty, the case is proceeded to the hearing to estimate the sentencing based on the defendant’s criminal record and the scope of assault. The issue of domestic abuse in households is terrifyingly […]
  • Educational Group Session on Domestic Violence This will be the first counseling activity where the counselor assists the women to appreciate the concepts of domestic violence and the ways of identifying the various kinds of violence.
  • What Causes Domestic Violence? Domestic abuse, which is also known as domestic violence, is a dominance of one family member over another or the other. As a result, the probability of them becoming abusers later in life is considerably […]
  • Domestic Violence and COVID-19: Literature Review The “stay safe, stay at home” mantra used by the governments and public health organizations was the opposite of safety for the victims of domestic violence.
  • Domestic Violence and COVID-19 in the United States Anurudran et al.argue that the new measures taken to fight COVID-19 infections heightened the risk of domestic abuse. The pandemic paradox: The consequences of COVID 19 on domestic violence.
  • Rachel Louise Snyder’s Research on Domestic Violence Language and framing play a significant role in manipulating people’s understanding of domestic violence and the nature of the problem. However, it is challenging to gather precise data on the affected people and keep track […]
  • Domestic Violence Prevention and Restraining Order Since upon the expiry of a restraining order, a victim can file a renewal petition the current task is to determine whether the original DVRO of our client has expired, the burden of obtaining a […]
  • Domestic Violence Counselling Program Evaluation The evaluation will be based upon the mission of the program and the objectives it states for the participants. The counselors arrange treatment for both sides of the conflict: the victims and offenders, and special […]
  • Domestic Violence and Suicide Risk Hence, considering these facts, it is necessary to put the notion of suicide risk in perspective when related to the issue of domestic violence.
  • The Roles of Domestic Violence Advocates Domestic conflict advocates assist victims in getting the help needed to cope and move forward. Moreover, these advocates help the survivors in communicating to employers, family members, and lawyers.
  • Ambivalence on Part of the Police in Response to Domestic Violence The police have been accused of ambivalence by their dismissive attitudes and through sexism and empathy towards perpetrators of violence against women.
  • Domestic Violence and Home Visit Intervention As the study concludes, despite the increase in general awareness concerning domestic violence cases, it is still a significant threat to the victims and their children.
  • Domestic Violence: How Is It Adressed? At this stage, when the family members of the battered women do this to them, it becomes the responsibility of the people to do something about this.
  • Victimology and Domestic Violence In this situation there are many victims; Anne is a victim of domestic violence and the children are also victims of the same as well as the tragic death of their father.
  • Domestic Violence Among Police Officers The objective of this research is to establish the level of domestic violence among police officers and relative the behavior to stress, divorce, police subculture, and child mistreatment.
  • “The Minneapolis Domestic Violence Experiment” by Sherman and Berk The experiment conducted by the authors throws light on the three stages of the research circle. This is one of the arguments that can be advanced.
  • Domestic Violence and Diversion Strategies of Drug Offenders in Australian The article is very informative since outlines a couple of the reasons behind the rampant increase in cases of negligence and lack of concern, especially from the government.
  • An Investigation on Domestic Violence This particular experiment aimed to evaluate the nature of relationship and the magnitude of domestic violence meted on either of the partners.
  • Educational Program on Domestic Violence The reason why I have chosen this as the topic for my educational program is that victims of domestic violence often feel that they do not have any rights and hence are compelled to live […]
  • Family and Domestic Violence: Enhancing Protective Factors Current partner Previous partner Percentage of children When children are exposed to violence, they encounter numerous difficulties in their various levels of development.
  • Domestic Violence and Women in Abusive Relationships Despite the fact the author of the article discusses a controversial problem of domestic violence against women based on the data from recent researches and focusing on such causes for violence as the problematic economic […]
  • Parenting in Battered Women: The Effects of Domestic Violence In this study, ‘Parenting in Battered Women: The Effects of Domestic Violence on Women and their Children,’ Alytia A. It is commendable that at this stage in stating the problem the journalists seek to conclude […]
  • Domestic Violence Types and Causes This is acknowledged by the law in most countries of the world as one of the most brutal symbols of inequality.
  • Power and Control: Domestic Violence in America The abusive spouse wants to feel powerful and in control of the family so he, usually the abusive spouse is the man, beats his wife and children to assert his superiority.
  • Domestic or Intimate Partner Violence Intervention Purpose of the study: The safety promoting behavior of the abused women is to be increased using a telephone intervention. They were allocated to either of the groups by virtue of the week of enrolment […]
  • Federal and State Legislative Action on Domestic Violence In 2004, the state of New York decided to look into some of the ways of preventing this form of domestic violence by forming an Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence in 2005, employers […]
  • Environmental Trends and Conditions: Domestic Violence in the Workplace Despite the fact that on average the literacy rate and the rate of civilization in the world have been increasing in the past few decades, the statistics for domestic violence have been increasing on an […]
  • Domestic Violence in the Organizations Despite the fact that on average the literacy rate and the rate of civilization in the world has been increasing in the past few decades, the statistics for domestic violence have been increasing on an […]
  • Domestic Violence and Honor Killing Analysis Justice and gender equality are important aspects of the totality of mankind that measure social and economic development in the world. The cultural justification is to maintain the dignity and seniority framework of the family.
  • Facts About Domestic Violence All aspects of the society – which starts from the smallest unit, that is the family, to the church and even to the government sectors are all keen on finding solutions on how to eliminate, […]
  • One-Group Posttest-Only Design in the Context of Domestic Violence Problem This application must unveil the risks and their solutions by researching the variables and the threats to the validity of the research.
  • Help-Seeking Amongst Women Survivors of Domestic Violence First, the article explains the necessity of the research conduction, which includes the relevance of the abuse problem and the drawbacks of solving and studying it.
  • Domestic Violence as a Social Issue It is one of the main factors which stimulate the study’s conduction, and among the rest, one can also mention the number of unexplored violence questions yet to be answered.
  • Reflections on Domestic Violence in the Case of Dr. Mile Crawford Nevertheless, the only way out of this situation is to escape and seek help from the legal system. From a personal standpoint, to help her would be the right thing to do.
  • Gender Studies: Combating Domestic Violence The purpose of this paper is to provide a detailed description of domestic violence, as well as the development of an action plan that can help in this situation.
  • Domestic Violence Perpetration and Its Predictors The implementation of sound research can help in addressing the problem and decreasing the incidence of domestic violence, which will contribute to the development of American society.
  • Domestic Violence Funding and Impact on Society The number of domestic violence cases in the US, both reported and unreported, is significant. The recent decision of Trump’s administration to reduce the expenses for domestic violence victims from $480,000,000 to $40,000,000 in the […]
  • Domestic Violence and Millennium Development Goals As a result, a review of the potential of MDGs for resolving the issue needs to analyze the contribution of the goals to the resolution of the instances, consequences, and causes of DV.
  • Campaign against Domestic Violence: Program Plan In addition, men who used to witness aggressive behavior at home or in the family as children, or learned about it from stories, are two times more disposed to practice violence against their partners than […]
  • Domestic Violence and Bullying in Schools It also states the major variables related to bullying in schools. They will confirm that social-economic status, gender, and race can contribute to bullying in schools.
  • Domestic Violence Within the US Military In most of the recorded domestic violence cases, females are mostly the victims of the dispute while the males are the aggressors of the violence.
  • Domestic Violence and Married Couples’ Issues There are different types and causes of domestic violence, but the desire to take control over relationships is the most common cause.
  • Domestic Violence Impact on Child Maltreatment Reporting The present research aims to address both the general population and social workers to examine the overall attitudes to the reporting of child maltreatment.
  • Domestic Violence Management and Budget Cuts On the other hand, the allocation of financial resources with the focus on awareness campaigns has also led to a lack of financial support for centres that provide the frontline services to victims of domestic […]
  • Domestic Violence and Its Impact on Victims This paper highlights some of the recent cases of the violence, the forms of abuse involved, and their overall impacts on the victims.
  • Family and Domestic Violence Legislation in the US In fact, this law is a landmark pointing to the recognition of the concept of domestic violence at the legal level and acknowledging that it is a key problem of the society.
  • Domestic Violence and Social Interventions In conclusion, social learning theory supports the idea that children have a high likelihood of learning and simulating domestic violence through experiences at home.
  • Domestic Violence Victims’ Right to Sue Authorities Victims of child abuse and domestic violence have the right to seek legal recourse in case of violation of their rights.
  • Domestic Violence and Child’s Brain Development The video “First Impressions: Exposure to Violence and a Child’s Developing Brain” answers some questions of the dependence of exposure to domestic violence and the development of brain structures of children. At the beginning of […]
  • Local Domestic Violence Victim Resources in Kent The focus of this paper is to document the local domestic violence victim resources found within a community in Kent County, Delaware, and also to discuss the importance of these resources to the community.
  • Domestic Violence Activism in Law and Society I also suppose that some of these people may start lifting their voices against the law, paying particular attention to the idea that it is theoretically allowable that the law can punish people for other […]
  • Domestic Violence Abuse: Laws in Maryland The Peace and Protective Orders-Burden of Proof regulation in Maryland and the Violence against Women Act are some of the laws that have been created to deal with domestic violence.
  • Theories of Domestic Violence It is important to point out that women have received the short end of the stick in regards to domestic violence. A third reason why people commit domestic violence according to the Family Violence Theory […]
  • Domestic Violence in Australia: Policy Issue In this paper, DV in Australia will be regarded as a problem that requires policy decision-making, and the related terminology and theory will be used to gain insights into the reasons for the persistence of […]
  • Nondiscriminatory Education Against Domestic Violence The recent event that prompted the proposed advocacy is the criticism of a banner that depicts a man as the victim of abuse.
  • Domestic Violence in International Criminal Justice The United Nations organization is deeply concerned with the high level of violence experienced by women in the family, the number of women killed, and the latency of sexual violence.
  • Project Reset and the Domestic Violence Court The majority of the decisions in courts are aimed to mitigate the effects of the strict criminal justice system of the United States.
  • Same-Sex Domestic Violence Problem Domestic violence in gay or lesbian relationships is a serious matter since the rates of domestic violence in such relationships are almost equivalent to domestic violence in heterosexual relationships. There are a number of misconceptions […]
  • Domestic, Dating and Sexual Violence Dating violence is the sexual or physical violence in a relationship which includes verbal and emotional violence. The rate of sexual violence in other nations like Japan and Ethiopia, range from 15 to 71 percent.
  • Anger Management Counseling and Treatment of Domestic Violence by the Capital Area Michigan Works These aspects include: the problem that the program intends to solve, the results produced by the program, the activities of the program, and the resources that are used to achieve the overall goal.
  • Understanding Women’s Responses to Domestic Violence The author’s research orientation is a mix of interpretive, positivism and critical science – interpretive in informing social workers or practitioners on how to enhance their effectiveness as they deal with cases related to violence […]
  • Poverty and Domestic Violence It is based on this that in the next section, I have utilized my educational experience in order to create a method to address the issue of domestic violence from the perspective of a social […]
  • Teenage Dating and Domestic Violence That is why it is important to report about the violence to the police and support groups in order to be safe and start a new life.
  • National Coalition Against Domestic Violence In addition, NCADV hopes to make the public know that the symbol of the purple ribbon represents the mission of the organization, which is to bring peace to all American households.
  • Evaluation of the Partnership Against Domestic Violence According to the official mission statement of the organization, PADV is aimed at improving the overall wellbeing of families all over the world and helping those that suffer from domestic violence The organization’s primary goal […]
  • Cross-Cultural Aspects of Domestic Violence This is one of the limitations that should be taken account. This is one of the problems that should not be overlooked.
  • Domestic Violence in the Lives of Women She gives particular focus on the social and traditional aspects of the community that heavily contribute to the eruption and sustenance of violence against women in households. In the part 1 of the book, Renzetti […]
  • Financial Planning and Management for Domestic Violence Victims Acquisition of resources used in criminal justice require financial resources hence the need to manage the same so as to provide the best machines and equipments.
  • Violence against Women: Domestic, National, and Global Rape as a weapon for the enemy Majority of cultures in war zones still accept and regard rape to be a weapon of war that an enemy should be punished with.
  • Effects of Domestic Violence on Children Development In cases where children are exposed to such violence, then they become emotionally troubled: In the above, case them the dependent variable is children emotions while the independent variable is domestic violence: Emotions = f […]
  • Evaluation of Anger Management Counseling and Treatment of Domestic Violence by the Capital Area Michigan Works These aspects include: the problem that the program intends to solve, the results produced by the program, the activities of the program, and the resources that are used to achieve the overall goal.
  • Knowledge and Attitudes of Nurses Regarding Domestic Violence and Their Effect on the Identification of Battered Women In conducting this research, the authors sought the consent of the prospective participants where the purpose of the study was explained to participants and confidentiality of information to be collected was reassured.
  • Domestic Violence Dangers Mount With Economic, Seasonal Pressures These variables are believed to be able to prompt the family to explore the experiences and meanings of stress and stress management.
  • Impact of the Economic Status on Domestic Violence This article investigates the possible factors that may help in explaining the status of women who are homeless and their capacity to experience domestic violence.
  • Dominance and “Power Plays” in Relationships to Assist Clients to Leave Domestic Violence According to psychologists, the problem of domestic violence is based on the fact that one partner needs to be in control of the other.
  • Art Therapy With Women Who Have Suffered Domestic Violence One of the most significant benefits of art therapy is the fact the patients get to understand and interpret their own situations which puts them in a better position to creatively participate in own healing […]
  • Collaborative Crisis Intervention at a Domestic Violence Shelter The first visit is meant to collect the information that the professional in domestic violence deem crucial concerning the precipitating incidence and history of violence.
  • Domestic Violence Exposure in Colombian Adolescents In this topic, the authors intend to discover the extent of association of drug abuse to domestic violence exposure, violent and prosocial behavior among adolescents.
  • Domestic Violence and Its Classification Sexual abuse is the other common form of maltreatment which is on the rise and refers to any circumstance in which force is utilized to get involvement in undesired intimate action. Emotional maltreatment entails inconsistent […]
  • Domestic Violence and Social Initiatives in Solving the Problem The absence of the correct social programs at schools and the lack of desire of government and police to pay more attention to the prevention of the problem while it is not too late are […]
  • Domestic Violence in the African American Community Previous research has suggested this due to the many causes and effects that are experienced by the members and especially the male members of the African American community.
  • Domestic Violence: Predicting and Solutions There are several factors which predict the state of domestic violence in the future and this will help in preventing domestic violence.
  • Domestic Violence: Signs of Abuse and Abusive Relationships The unprecedented rejuvenation of such a vile act, prompted the formation of factions within society, that are sensitive to the plight of women, and fight for the cognizance of their rights in society.
  • Domestic Violence against South Asian Women Again, this strategy is premised on the idea that domestic violence can be explained by the financial dependence of women in these communities.
  • The Effects of Domestic Violence According to statistics and research provided in the handout, women are at a higher risk of being victims of domestic violence.
  • Effect of Domestic Violence on Children This is done with the aim of ensuring that the child is disciplined and is meant as a legitimate punishment. Most of our children have been neglected and this has contributed to the increase in […]
  • Domestic Violence and Elderly Abuse- A Policy Statement Though this figure has been changing with the change in the method of survey that was conducted and the nature of samples that were taken during the research process, it is widely accepted fact that […]
  • Domestic Violence as a Social and Public Health Problem The article, authored by Lisa Simpson Strange, discusses the extent of domestic violence especially in women and the dangers it exposes the victims to, insisting that severe actions should be taken against those who commit […]
  • Guilty until Proven Otherwise: Domestic Violence Cases The presumption of the guilt of a man in domestic violence cases is further proven by the decision of the court in which the man is required to post a bond despite the fact that […]
  • Community and Domestic Violence: Elder Abuse In addition, the fact the elderly people cannot defend themselves because of the physical frailty that they encounter, they will experience most of the elderly abuse.
  • Community and Domestic Violence; Gang Violence Solitude, peer pressure, need to belong, esteem, and the excitement of the odds of arrest entice adolescents to join these youth gangs.
  • Fighting Domestic Violence in Pocatello, Idaho Having realized the need to involve the family unit in dealing with this vice, Walmart has organized a sensitization program that will involve the education of whole family to increase awareness on the issue. The […]
  • What Is the Purpose of Studying Domestic Violence?
  • What Does Theory Explain Domestic Violence?
  • What Is the Difference Between IPV and Domestic Violence?
  • What Age Group Does Domestic Violence Affect Most?
  • When Domestic Violence Becomes the Norm?
  • How Are Domestic Violence Problems Solved in American and Other Cultures?
  • What Are the 3 Phases in the Domestic Violence Cycle?
  • How Can Domestic Violence Be Explained?
  • How Many Deaths Are Caused by Domestic Violence?
  • When Was Domestic Violence First Defined?
  • How Is a Domestic Violence Prevention?
  • How Race, Class, and Gender Influences Domestic Violence?
  • Why Do Victims of Abuse Sometimes Stay Silent?
  • How Does Domestic Violence Affect the Brain?
  • Is Mental Illness Often Associated With Domestic Violence?
  • How Does Domestic Violence Affect a Person Emotionally?
  • How Does Domestic Violence Affect Children’s Cognitive Development?
  • Why Should Employers Pay Attention to Domestic Violence?
  • What Are the Causes of Domestic Violence?
  • What Country Has the Highest Rate of Domestic Violence?
  • How Does Domestic Violence Affect the Lives of Its Victims?
  • What Are the Possible Causes and Signs of Domestic Violence?
  • How Does Socioeconomic Status Affect Domestic Violence?
  • How Does the Australian Criminal Justice System Respond to Domestic Violence?
  • How Does Culture Affect Domestic Violence in the UK?
  • What Is the Psychology of an Abuser?
  • What Is Police Doing About Domestic Violence?
  • How Does the Government Define Domestic Violence?
  • What Profession Has the Highest Rate of Domestic Violence?
  • What Percent of Domestic Violence Is Alcohol-Related?
  • Chicago (A-D)
  • Chicago (N-B)

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"153 Domestic Violence Topics & Essay Examples." IvyPanda , 26 Feb. 2024, ivypanda.com/essays/topic/domestic-violence-essay-examples/.

IvyPanda . (2024) '153 Domestic Violence Topics & Essay Examples'. 26 February.

IvyPanda . 2024. "153 Domestic Violence Topics & Essay Examples." February 26, 2024. https://ivypanda.com/essays/topic/domestic-violence-essay-examples/.

1. IvyPanda . "153 Domestic Violence Topics & Essay Examples." February 26, 2024. https://ivypanda.com/essays/topic/domestic-violence-essay-examples/.


IvyPanda . "153 Domestic Violence Topics & Essay Examples." February 26, 2024. https://ivypanda.com/essays/topic/domestic-violence-essay-examples/.

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Domestic Violence Persuasive Speech

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Published: Mar 13, 2024

Words: 615 | Page: 1 | 4 min read

Table of contents

The prevalence of domestic violence, the impact of domestic violence, the urgent need for action, the broader implications.

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argumentative essay on domestic violence in png

Why we need to stand against domestic violence

To commemorate White Ribbon Day, experts from the University reflect on why it is critical that we take a stand against domestic violence.

argumentative essay on domestic violence in png

While the rate of domestic and family violence  changes over time , the impact on survivors remains devastating. Ahead of  White Ribbon Day , experts from the University of Sydney reflect on the effects of domestic violence and discuss why we need to take action. 

Violence as a human rights abuse

“Violence against women is one of the most prevalent manifestations of human rights abuse in Australia according to the Australian Human Rights Council, with one in four women having experienced domestic violence,"said  Dr Susan Heward-Belle  from the University’s Faculty of Education and Social Work.

"Death, disabilities, serious physical and psychological injuries and social disadvantage are often the results.

“The 2015-2017 NSW Domestic Violence Review Team Report (DVDRT) found that 204 people died from intimate partner violence over a 14-year period, with the vast majority of victims being women who were killed by current or former male partners.

“As expected, the DVDRT report contains recommendations aimed at legislators, policymakers, and practitioners but the report also highlights the crucial role that family and friends can play. This role includes supporting and believing survivors of domestic violence and holding those who perpetrate domestic violence to account. Preventing domestic violence is everybody’s business and that begins with becoming domestic violence informed.

“This includes the understanding that domestic violence is not a ‘lover’s spat’, or a mutual ‘quarrel’. Instead, it occurs when one person chooses to exert power over another through a pattern of coercive control, which is embedded within systems of inequality, the most substantial of which is gendered inequality."

Domestic violence and workplaces

Research Affiliate from the University’s Women and Work Research Group,  Ludo McFerran , highlights the importance of creating safe work environments that ensure support is available to those impacted by domestic violence.

“Most women who report domestic violence experiences are in paid employment. As a community, we need to reduce the impacts of domestic violence by supporting those affected to stay safe in their homes and in their jobs,” she said.  

“Domestic violence drives employees into casual and precarious work. A special duty of care needs to be extended to casual staff as a result.”

“The clear messages employers can give employees are that victims will be supported and their jobs are safe; that perpetrator behaviour will be managed and won’t be tolerated; and that co-workers need to respect confidentiality but also encourage disclosure to managers or HR.”

If you or someone you know is experiencing violence and need help or support, please  contact 1800 RESPECT  (1800 737 732).

Take the White Ribbon oath

Charlotte moore.

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There is growing evidence that violence against women may be the result of society’s traditional beliefs about what it means to be a “real man”.

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Australia has caught up to - and on some measures surpassed - the United States in female labour force participation and in relation to women's representation in senior and strategic organisational roles, according to new report from the United States Studies Centre. 


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    Domestic violence is a significant problem and one of the acute topics of today's society. It affects people of all genders and sexualities. Domestic violence involves many types of abuse, including sexual and emotional one. Essays on domestic violence can enhance students' awareness of the issue and its causes.

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