1. Allocating housing assistance after the decentring of social housing

    social housing research paper

  2. Full article: The limits of right-sizing: analyzing social housing

    social housing research paper

  3. Rethinking housing assistance

    social housing research paper

  4. Full article: The limits of right-sizing: analyzing social housing

    social housing research paper

  5. (PDF) The health, social care and housing needs of lesbian, gay

    social housing research paper

  6. Policy White Papers

    social housing research paper


  1. PDF Social housing: A key part of past and future housing policy

    Social housing systems can be broadly classified as universalist or targeted. Universalist models are, in theory, open to a broad cross-section of the population. Targeted models, on the other hand, concentrate the allocation of social housing primarily (or exclusively) to low-income, vulnerable populations and/or key workers (Scanlon,

  2. Evaluating the impact of social housing policies: Measuring

    The case study focuses on the social housing buildings financed by the Minha Casa, Minha Vida (My House, My Life, MCMV) social housing program in Natal, Brazil. The program is an integral component of a national housing policy initiated in 2009 and remains in operation to this day.

  3. Social housing: A key part of past and future housing policy

    Employment, Labour and Social Affairs Policy Brie fs. Social housing is an important dimension of social welfare policy and affordable. housing provision, representing more than 28 million ...

  4. Outcomes Associated with Providing Secure, Stable, and Permanent

    A paper was included if it examined what the provision of stable housing meant for a range of social and health outcomes or if it compared types of stable housing and relative outcomes. The review excluded psychiatric care models that incorporated housing as a de-institutionalization model.

  5. Defining Social Housing: A Discussion on the Suitable Criteria

    The selection of definitions and descriptions of social housing used in this paper has been made on the basis of geography and actuality, including contributions from countries with both unitary and dual housing markets. ... Hence, there seems to be consensus in housing research communities and society at large that target group is a necessary ...

  6. PDF Sustainable Social Housing in India

    Research Team Gregor Herda Gregor Herda is an urban planner who has been coordinating the sustainable housing portfolio of UN-Habitat since 2014, including the activities of the Global Network for Sustainable Housing. His research interests include the socio-economic and financial sustainability of social housing programmes,

  7. Efficiency, Fairness and Sustainability in Social Housing Policy and

    Feature papers represent the most advanced research with significant potential for high impact in the field. A Feature Paper should be a substantial original Article that involves several techniques or approaches, provides an outlook for future research directions and describes possible research applications. ... Social housing also implies ...

  8. Full article: The design of subsidized housing: towards an

    Introduction: subsidized housing, design research, and comparative perspectives. This paper proposes an interdisciplinary research agenda with an architectural design-focused analytical framework to capture contextual differences in cross-national subsidized housing comparisons and to overcome problems of transferability in housing systems analysis.

  9. Sustainability

    This paper highlights the need for a more inclusive and sustainable development of social housing in rapidly developing countries of Asia, Latin America, and Africa. At the example of the Philippines, a multi-perspective development process for a bamboo-based building system is developed. Sustainability Assessment Criteria are defined through literature review, field observations and ...


    To mitigate this, the research drew upon qualitative interviews conducted as part of a wider research project in 2015-16 with key social housing finance intermediaries and business professionals, including real estate solicitors and treasury and valuation experts.

  11. Sustainability

    The urban development in the 21st century builds upon sustainable urban redevelopment. In this paper, we use urban regeneration as a strategic intervention that reverses social and physical decline through an integrated approach. We argued that social housing is an important strategic intervention of urban regeneration. Unlike many European countries, social housing in Italy has remained an ...

  12. The role of housing stability in predicting social capital: Exploring

    The current study attempts to fill this gap by exploring how social support and community integration influence the relationship between housing stability and social capital among individuals with histories of homelessness and vulnerable housing. Social capital. Research on social capital finds its roots in sociology, most significantly through ...

  13. PDF Social Housing: Evidence Review

    and Local Government announced a Green Paper on social housing. The Green Paper was intended to be a wide-ranging review of the issues facing social housing. This independent report, produced by researchers at the University of York's Centre for Housing Policy, is designed to support the process of developing the Green Paper.

  14. Housing as a social determinant of health and wellbeing: developing an

    The paper postulates causal hypotheses on the basis of staff interviews and then uses a Realist Research approach to test and refine these into a theoretical framework for the connections between tenants' broader experience of housing and their health and wellbeing. ... The role of housing as a social determinant of health is well-established ...

  15. How to Address Homelessness: Reflections from Research

    In their study of supportive housing, they find that social services, including mental health and substance use outpatient services, fail to affect the stability of housing outcomes, though services provide other important benefits to residents of supportive housing. ... Social Science Research 62:362-77. PubMed. Google Scholar. Dworsky Amy ...

  16. Sustainable housing development: role and significance of satisfaction

    Providing quality public housing is one of the main goals of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) government. This paper assesses the level of satisfaction with public housing offered by the UAE government to its citizens based on the physical characteristics and traditional social aspects of the housing unit, urban design, and social environment in the residential area, whereas also their ...

  17. Exploring the relationship between housing concerns, mental health and

    Despite these limitations, this research draws attention to the relationship between housing and mental health through the views of social housing tenants themselves. Conclusion Given the complexity of issues faced by social housing tenants alongside increased cuts to public spending, this paper considers the extent to which social housing ...

  18. (PDF) Sustainable Social Housing: An Examination of Global Best

    This paper is important because it shows that the initial reduction in energy consumption was subsequently reversed as household behaviour went back to 'normal'. ... "Sustainable Housing in the Urban Context: International Sustainable Development Indicators Sets and Housing" Social Indicators Research, 87, 2, pp. 211-221. Zhu, Y. and ...

  19. Study of approaches for social housing in different contexts

    The present paper is an attempt to analyse spatial patterns of housing shortage, variations in the levels of deprivation and causal relationship between housing shortage (dependent variable) and ...

  20. Fostering Social Sustainability: Inclusive Communities through ...

    Over the last decade, many major cities have experienced a housing crisis to keep pace with patterns of urban population growth. Housing continues to face many challenges such as land use, regulatory issues, and environmental issues. In recent years, new housing research has also revealed that prefabricated housing could indirectly be a solution to environmental issues, as the housing sector ...

  21. Enhancing Social Sustainability in a Social Housing Project in India

    CC BY -NC-SA 4.0. Abstract. This paper assesses the social environment required for enhancing social. sustainability in a social housing p roject in India, with a case study of Ajith. Singh nagar ...

  22. Free templates for social media, documents & designs

    See the templates for: 3. Share your creation with the world. When you're done, share directly with your followers or audience in just a few clicks, or save to your device and share later. And it's easy to resize social media designs for any platform, so you can reach your audience wherever they are. Use our free tools and customizable ...

  23. Process View to Innovate the Management of the Social Housing ...

    The paper contributes to research and practice on process innovation and digital transformation of public administrations: three important lessons are derived and discussed also taking into consideration Industry 5.0, the vision on the future of industry recently proposed by the European Commission. ... Yet, in many countries, social housing is ...

  24. (PDF) Social Housing and Upward Mobility in South Africa

    Social housing is intended to support vulnerable groups and even promote upward mobility. would also find it difficult to qualify for a commercial mortgage. The primary target market are h ...

  25. Faculty & Research

    By: Guhan Subramanian and Michael Klausner. Business transactions take widely varying forms—from multibillion-dollar corporate mergers to patent licenses to the signing of an all-star quarterback. Yet every deal shares the same goal, or at least should: to maximize the joint value created and to distribute that value among the parties.

  26. News and Insights

    Try our options backtesting calculator to learn how Nasdaq-100 options strategies would have performed at critical moments. Get Started ->. Jun 11, 2024. COMP. NASDAQ Composite Index. 17,343.55 ...

  27. (PDF) Arcilla 2019 Affordability of Socialized Housing in the

    Education Research Program. The UP CIDS Policy Brief Series 2019 is free to read and download at For physical copies, please contact Mr. Joseph Cruzado of the UP CIDS Library ...

  28. Department of Human Services

    Overview. Our mission is to assist Pennsylvanians in leading safe, healthy, and productive lives through equitable, trauma-informed, and outcome-focused services while being an accountable steward of commonwealth resources. Report Abuse or Neglect. Report Assistance Fraud. Program Resources & Information.