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  • Fulfilled all financial obligations to the college

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Online undergraduate-level course, creative writing: poetry.


Authored by Pat Pattison

Course Code: OLART-215

Next semester starts June 24 Enroll by 5 PM ET. Limited seats available.--> Enroll by 5 PM ET. Limited seats available.-->

3-credit tuition, non-credit tuition.

Creative Writing: Poetry is a course for writers—songwriters, poets, and anyone who wants to write more effectively. The course—authored by Pat Pattison, who developed the curriculum for the only songwriting major in the country at Berklee—will give you specific tools to help you craft and control your writing. You will be taken through a step-by-step process, each step handing you another tool to give what you say more power. You'll learn how to enhance your ideas through arranging lines into odd or even numbered line groups and creating either a feeling of tension or resolution with the composition itself, independent of the poem's meaning. You'll learn placement, timing, focus, and especially how to use rhythm in language expressively.

  • Write clearly and strongly
  • Precisely control form and composition
  • Counter-point lines against phrases to create musical effects
  • Use language rhythms to create tension and resolution
  • Understand the relationship between poetry and music
  • Deeply understand prosody, the fundamental principle underlying not only poetry, but art in general

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Lesson 1: Prose vs. Poetry

  • Prose: Phrase Lengths
  • Sentence Construction: Simple Sentences
  • Compound Sentences
  • Sentence Types
  • Lines with Multiple Phrases
  • Units of Composition

Lesson 2: Managing End-Stops 

  • Creating Subordinate Clauses
  • Stable and Unstable Groupings
  • "Days" by Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • Instability
  • Student Poetry Examples
  • Switching Line Order

Lesson 3: Managing Caesuras 

  • Frontal, Medial, and Terminal Caesuras
  • Creating Tension
  • Emerson's Handling of Caesuras
  • Creating Motion

Lesson 4: Managing Enjambment

  • Moving from Light to Heavy
  • Other Movement
  • Managing Enjambment

Lesson 5: Writing in Iambic Pentameter

  • Stressed and Unstressed Syllables
  • Iambic Pentameter
  • Blending Languages
  • Why Pentameter?
  • English Poetry
  • Groove and Variation
  • "Distractions" by Emma Joy Hanley
  • "The Woman with Fire Engine Nails" by Caroline Harvey
  • Learning your Craft

Lesson 6: Substituting in Iambic Pentameter

  • Substituting in Iambic Pentameter
  • Themes and Variations
  • Creating Emotion
  • "After Long Silence" by William Butler Yeats
  • Substitutions in "After Long Silence"
  • Going Against Expectations

Lesson 7: Writing in Blank Verse 

  • Writing in Blank Verse
  • "Birches" by Robert Frost
  • "Ulysses" by Alfred, Lord Tennyson
  • Compositional Tools
  • "Spring" by Elisa Lomazzo
  • "Christmas Cheer" by Ian Henchy

Lesson 8: Blank Verse Again 

  • More on Blank Verse
  • Blank Verse and Substitutions
  • "A Wake" by Ryan Toll
  • "Still" by Rachel Borovik

Lesson 9: Using Rhyme

  • Using Rhyme
  • Sound in Poetry
  • Rhyme Schemes
  • Perfect Rhyme
  • Consonance Rhyme
  • More on Consonance Rhyme
  • Rhyme Schemes Revisited
  • "Ode to the West Wind" by Percy Bysshe Shelley

Lesson 10: English (or Shakespearean) Sonnet

  • English or Shakespearean Sonnet
  • "When I Have Fears" by John Keats

Lesson 11: English (or Shakespearean) Sonnet Continued

  • Modern Sonnets
  • "Putting in the Seed" by Robert Frost
  • "Baby Running Barefoot" by D. H. Lawrence

Lesson 12: Italian (or Pertrarchian) Sonnet        

  • The Italian (or Petrarchian) Sonnet
  • The First Eight Lines
  • "In Memoriam"
  • The Italian Sonnet Road Map
  • "Mezzo Cammin" 
  • "Grief"
  • "Design"
  • The ccdeed sestet
  • e. e. cummings
  • e. e. cummings Variation


Prerequisites and course-specific requirements .

Prerequisite Courses, Knowledge, and/or Skills All students enrolled in this course must know English well enough to:

  • Easily understand recorded videos and written class lessons
  • Participate successfully in written and oral class discussions
  • Read, write, and study without being hindered by language problems
  • Possess intermediate or advanced grammar skills related to punctuation and verb conjugation Though the course uses a rudimentary musical vocabulary, no musical training is required.


  • No textbooks required

Student Deals After enrolling, be sure to check out our Student Deals page for various offers on software, hardware, and more. Please contact [email protected] with any questions.

General Course Requirements

Below are the minimum requirements to access the course environment and participate in Live Chats. Please make sure to also check the Prerequisites and Course-Specific Requirements section above, and ensure your computer meets or exceeds the minimum system requirements for all software needed for your course. 

  • macOS High Sierra 10.13 or later
  • Windows 10 or later
  • Latest version of Google Chrome
  • Zoom meeting software
  • Speakers or headphones
  • External or internal microphone
  • Broadband Internet connection


Pat Pattison

Pat Pattison is a professor at Berklee College of Music, where he teaches lyric writing and poetry. In addition to his four books, Songwriting Without Boundaries  (Penguin/Random House), Writing Better Lyrics, 2nd Edition (Penguin/Random House), The Essential Guide to Lyric Form and Structure (Hal Leonard), and The Essential Guide to Rhyming (Hal Leonard), Pat has developed several online courses for Berklee Online. He has written more than 50 articles for various blogs and magazines, including American Songwriter , and has chapters in both The Poetics of American Song Lyrics (University Press of Mississippi) and The Handbook on Creative Writing (Edinburgh University Press).

Eric Leva

Eric Leva is a songwriter, singer, producer, and classically trained pianist from Massachusetts. Leva has studied at the New England Conservatory of Music and Berklee College of Music. Following his studies, Leva spent time in New York City to hone his craft and develop his writing. A songwriting award from the ASCAP Foundation eventually sparked a move to Los Angeles to pursue more collaborations. His recent releases include Kesha, DNCE, Wes Period, and Rozzi.

Sarah Anne Stinnett

Sarah Anne Stinnett is a multi-disciplinary artist and educator. Since 2017 she has served as Teaching Assistant for Harvard Extension and Harvard Summer Schools in the subjects of speech, communication, and social media. At Lesley University she is Teaching Assistant for Musical Theater Writing and instructs curriculum in collaboration, voice, and performance. Her core tenets in teaching are as in life: employ unparalleled curiosity, to do is to discover, and a life of learning and imagination is impelled by the study of the masters before.

What's Next?

When taken for credit, Creative Writing: Poetry can be applied towards the completion of these related programs:

Related Certificate Programs

  • General Music Studies Professional Certificate
  • General Music Studies Advanced Professional Certificate

Related Degree Majors

  • Bachelor's Degree in Music Production
  • Bachelor's Degree in Music Business
  • Bachelor's Degree in Music Composition for Film, TV, and Games
  • Bachelor's Degree in Electronic Music Production and Sound Design
  • Bachelor's Degree in Interdisciplinary Music Studies (Create Your Own Major)
  • Bachelor's Degree in Songwriting
  • Bachelor's Degree in Guitar Performance
  • (Pre-Degree) Undeclared Option
  • Bachelor's Degree in Songwriting and Producing Music

Related Music Career Roles

Employers look for skills learned in this course, when hiring for the following music career roles:

creative writing poetry courses online

Music Journalist

creative writing poetry courses online


Contact our Academic Advisors by phone at 1-866-BERKLEE (U.S.), 1-617-747-2146 (INT'L), or by email at [email protected] .

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Poems of All Sizes: Haiku, Tanka, and Japanese Poetic Forms

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Experiments in Poetry

With elizabeth winder.

See poetry in a totally new light! Draw inspiration from the most radical, innovative, and imaginative poets in literary history, master their techniques, and write new exciting poems of your own.

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Writing Circle Workshop: Moving Toward Creativity & Light

With susan vespoli.

Connect with other writers, spark your creativity, and write light-filled poems in this writing circle workshop. 

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It Starts with Play: Get (Back) into Writing

With janée baugher.

Harness the joy of creativity in this inspiration-focused class, where we'll uncover new ideas for writing projects and draft loads of new material. 

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With rosemary tantra bensko.

Join us for this workshop on creating powerful poems—poems that are clear and organized, fresh and moving, full of life.

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Ordinary to extraordinary: turning everyday experiences into poetry, with tina barry.

No experience is too small or mundane to serve as a foundation for extraordinary poetry and short fiction.

Creative Nonfiction , Personal Essay , Poetry

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Call of the Weird: Poetry and Nature

Turn your poetic lens towards the outdoors in this six week workshop, where we'll put to verse everything strange and wonderful about the natural world. 

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The Healing Power of Poetry

Poetry heals. Journey alongside several poets whose works resonate with a variety of healing themes, and learn how to use craft elements as healing tools.

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Finding Inspiration in Dreams

Our dreams are fertile fields of inspiration, meaning, and creativity. Learn how to use your dreams as doorways to future writing.

Creative Nonfiction , Fiction , Lifestyle and Wellness , Memoir , Novel , Personal Essay , Poetry , Short Story

Finding inspiration in dreams writing course

Observing What’s Vivid in Prose and Poetry

With marc olmsted.

Learn how to spotlight beauty through fresh, vivid, and surprising language, in this four week mindfulness writing course.

Creative Nonfiction , Fiction , Memoir , Novel , Personal Essay , Poetry , Short Story , Stage and Broadcast

observing what's vivid in prose and poetry

July Courses

Opening the door to poetry, with jude nutter.

How do we use poetry to express life's marvelous complexity? Learn how to control language beyond the "ordinary" and discover the many possibilities of poetry.

opening the door to poetry

Both Fish and Fowl: The Prose Poem

With anna scotti.

A successful prose poem reads like a magic trick. Learn how to wield the powers of poetry in the context of prose in this comprehensive prose poetry course.

Poetry , Short Story

Both Fish and Fowl: The Prose Poem

Writing Mindfulness: Sensual World/Poetry Mind

A four-week class, melding the language mind with the sensual: How to turn detailed observation into a poem. With Marc Olmsted.

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Crafting poems in form: rhyme, meter, fixed forms, and more, with jonathan j.g. mcclure.

Working within the guidelines of a fixed poetic structure can make your poetry more creative, not less. Find freedom in form in this 8 week workshop. 

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The Deep Dive: Poem As Self-Discovery

With meghan sterling.

Through poetry, we can access our deepest truths. Use the poem as a roadmap to self-discovery in this 6-week poetic deep-dive.

The Deep Dive poetry writing course

Warp and Weft: Weaving Free Verse Poetry from Life

Weave everyday events into deftly-written free verse poems in this generative, creativity-centered poetry workshop. 

Warp and Weft poetry writing course

September Courses

A writerly life: develop a writing routine that works for you, with shelby hinte.

What does a writer's life look like? Build a productive writing habit in this course for writers of all backgrounds.

living a writerly life course

Telling Truth: A Poetry Workshop

With ollie schminkey.

Learn how to tell your story and write a mini chapbook of poems in this truth-driven poetry workshop.

telling truth poetry workshop

Writing with Consistency and Courage

With tamara dean.

What makes a successful writer? It's not talent, craft, or even the right connections—it's consistency and courage.

Creative Nonfiction , Fiction , Lifestyle and Wellness , Live Workshop , Memoir , Novel , Personal Essay , Poetry , Short Story

writing with consistency and courage

Putting It All Together: Completing Your First Poetry Manuscript

How do you put together a poetry book? From choosing a theme to ordering your poems, you'll end this course with a ready-to-publish manuscript.

poetry manuscript writing course

October Courses

Plumbing the past: turning life experience into poetry, flash and creative non-fiction.

Dig deep into personal ritual while studying narrative poets, short fiction and non-fiction authors, and food writers.

Creative Nonfiction , Personal Essay , Poetry , Short Story

creative writing poetry courses online

The Spirituality of Poetry

Let the spirit of language move through you. In this 6 week course, we will study, write, and share poetry about the sacredness of human experience.

spirituality of poetry

January Courses

The poetry of play.

Get playful in your poetry in this fun-focused workshop, where we'll experiment our ways into new and delightful poems. 

The Poetry of Play writing course

Unscheduled Courses

These online writing classes don’t currently have a next session on our calendar, but will soon. If you see a course you’re interested in, use the “I’m Interested” button to let us know, and we’ll follow up with you when the course is on our calendar next.

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(Live Workshop) Drawing Poems: the Art of Visual Poetry

By melding poetry with design, visual poets can create multidimensional works of art and literature. Explore the craft in this visual poetry workshop. 

visual poetry writing course

(Live Workshop) Get Clear on Your Story and Voice

What is your story about? What is your voice? Whether you write poetry, fiction, or nonfiction, hone your writing in this 3 hour workshop.

get clear on your story writing class

(Live Workshop) Haiku & Senryu: Rekindling A Sense of Wonder

Haiku, Senryu, and other Japanese poetry forms encourage us to slow down and write mindfully. Learn how to write these forms in this meditative writing workshop.

haiku and senryu writing class

*Private Class | Poetry Workshop: Bring Your Poems to Life

*private class | the craft of poetry.

Poetry is alive and well. Contemporary poets can be touching, terrifying, and laugh-out-loud funny. Join us for an exploration of writing and reading poems.

the craft of poetry

*Private Class | Using Bullet Journaling to Achieve Writing Goals

With rudri patel.

Looking to keep your writing goals organized? Make it happen in our bullet journaling course. Learn the art of the BuJo with Rudri Patel!

learn bullet journaling course

*Private Class | Writing with Tarot

With sandra novack.

Jump-start your creative juices, and explore a world of divination, symbolism, and imagery right at your fingertips: learn short story and novel writing through Tarot.

online writing course using tarot

30 Poems in 30 Days

This National Poetry Writing Month (NaPoWriMo), build community and get feedback on your work while writing a poem every day.

30 poems in 30 days

A Crazy Little Thing Called Love: Writing Original Love Poems

With lisa c. taylor.

How do poets write about love in fresh, surprising, original ways? Tackle the art of love poetry and write about all kinds of love in this generative workshop.

writing love poetry course

Architecture of the Creative Heart: Writing Formal Poetry

With david mills.

Learn how diving into form—the coherent relationship of all of a poem’s parts—can enhance your creativity and freedom as a poet.

writing formal poetry

Crafting the Poetry Novel for Young Adults

With kelly bingham.

Even if you’ve never written poetry before, you can begin the rewarding process of crafting a poetry novel for Young Adults. Is there a market for novels written in verse? Are they well received? Yes, there is, and yes, they are!

Fiction , Novel , Poetry

creative writing poetry courses online

Crafting the Poetry Novel: Advanced Workshop

Want to make headway on your poetry novel? This workshop offers the structure and resources to get it done, with instructor Kelly Bingham.

Creative Nonfiction , Fiction , Memoir , Novel , Poetry

advanced poetry novel workshop

Death Riding Shotgun: How Awareness of Our Mortality Impacts Poetry

How can your own mortality inform your work? In this 6-week course, you'll use death to inspire and motivate your poetry writing.

death riding shotgun mortality writing class

Deep Waters: The Prose Poem Advanced Workshop

Take the plunge in this advanced prose poetry course, where you'll write and revise short, powerful works of prose that hit like poetry.

deep waters prose poetry course

Embodied Writing: Improve Your Writing with Full-Body Creativity

Have a grand time with specific physical exercises that honor your health, generate imaginative ideas, explore deeply and make your creative writing entertaining.

embodied writing interview | writing and the body

Embodied Writing: Somatic Practices to Improve Your Work

Even smaller: adventures in short-form writing.

Less is more in this bite-sized writing class, where you'll learn how to tell complete stories under the tightest word counts.  

Fiction , Personal Essay , Poetry , Short Story

Even Smaller micro writing course

Fall (Back) In Love with Poetry

With moriel rothman-zecher.

Whether you're new to poetry or returning after a hiatus, rekindle the spark that puts verse to page in this exploratory poetry class.

poetry writing course

Finding Wildness and Freedom in Poetry

Find a greater sense of comfort, ease, lightheartedness, and freedom in reading and writing poetry.

finding wildness and freedom in poetry

From Writing Circle to Finished Poem: Turn Raw Writing into Poetry

Gather together in a virtual writing circle, hit the mute button on your internal editor, and uncover inspiration to shape into poetry.

From Writing Circle to Poems in 6 Contemporary Forms

From the sonnet to the villanelle, turn your journal entries into formal poetry in this 6 week writing circle workshop.

From Writing Circle to Poems in 8 Contemporary Forms (Tuesdays and Saturdays)

From the sonnet to the villanelle, turn your journal entries into formal poetry in this 8 week writing circle workshop.

From Writing Circle to Poems of Kindness, Wonder, Connection & Joy (Mondays and Fridays)

Only 2 seats left!

Explore the power of joy, kindness, and community in this four week poetry workshop.

from writing circle to poems of gratitude and hope

From Writing Circle to Poems of Kindness, Wonder, Connection & Joy (Tuesdays and Saturdays)

From writing circles to poems of gratitude & hope for the new year (mondays and fridays).

Want to move forward into the new year with gratefulness and clarity for 2024? Join us for 4 weeks of writing about gratitude and hope.

From Writing Circles to Poems of Gratitude & Hope for the New Year (Tuesdays and Saturdays)

From writing circles to poems of gratitude and hope.

Poetry is a powerful method for healing and happiness. Write poems about gratitude and hope in our intimate, live-video writing circles, with instructor Susan Vespoli.

Get It Done: Create the Scaffolding to Start (and Finish) a Writing Project

With eman quotah.

Get your butt in the chair, your mind roaming freely, and your creative juices flowing in this motivational, all-genres writing class.

Creative Nonfiction , Fiction , Lifestyle and Wellness , Live Workshop , Memoir , Novel , Personal Essay , Poetry , Short Story , Stage and Broadcast

scaffolding a writing project

I’ve Drunk Your Poisoned Nectar: Writing with the Goddess

With shankar narayan.

Dig deep into the rich mythology of South Asian goddesses to find new inspiration for your work in this generative, open-genre writing class.

goddess writing course

Iconoclast: Reimagining the Line Break

Poets can express so much in just a line break. Hone this tool of the poetic craft in this two part Zoom workshop.

line break writing course

In Bloom: Nature Writing Workshop

With dana de greff.

Only 3 seats left!

Want to write about nature like Robert Frost, Henry David Thoreau, or Annie Dillard? Join us for this six-week nature writing course.

Creative Nonfiction , Fiction , Lifestyle and Wellness , Personal Essay , Poetry , Short Story

online nature writing course

Mastering the Manuscript: Completing a Full-Length Poetry Manuscript (from Start to Finish)

In this generative course, you'll write the bulk of the poems you'll use in your full-length manuscript, and learn how to structure them into a collection.

AWP booth

Poetic Prose: The Prose Poem

With barbara henning.

Only 1 seat left!

Explore the border between prose poetry and flash fiction. For writers of fiction, poetry, essay and memoir.

Fiction , Poetry , Short Story

creative writing poetry courses online

Poetry and Performance: Slam Poetry 101

In these workshops, master the elements of poetry and performance, and learn to take your poems from the page to the stage.

microphone slam poetry

Simple Summer Writing Circles and Poems

Sail through the summer and survive the heat with these chill writing circles, where you'll laugh, vent, and honor the season in poetry.

simple summer writing circles

Simple Winter Sanity-Saving Writing Circles

Write your way to the finish line of 2023: let go of and say goodbye to a momentous year, honor the changes in yourself and the world, and set your intentions for a new chapter.

winter writing circle course

Sing the Body Electric: Poetry of the Body

With andrea jurjević.

The human body is a continuous source of inspiration for poetry. Embody the poetic in this electric workshop. 

sing the body electric poetry of the body course

Techwashed!: Writing with AI, Data, and Surveillance

Raise a mirror against society's relationship to technology in this two part workshop series where we will learn how to write about tech.

Creative Nonfiction , Fiction , Live Workshop , Memoir , Novel , Personal Essay , Poetry , Short Story

techwashed writing course

The Chronology of Mind: From Journal to Poem or Prose

Gather material through writing and experimenting with journaling, researching and taking notes to develop into poems or prose works.

Creative Nonfiction , Fiction , Memoir , Personal Essay , Poetry , Short Story

A_Wilde_time Wiki Commons

The Craft of Poetry

The only submission workshop you will ever need.

How do you get your poems in literary journals? This two part webinar shows you the ropes for getting your work published, read, and celebrated.

coaching editing independent study

The Surprising Sentence: Honing Your Prose Style

With jessie roy.

Great sentences stack up into great stories. Learn how to hone your style and voice at the most basic unit of writing, the sentence, in this workshop.

the surprising sentence writing course

Twoness Poems

With e. ethelbert miller , miho kinnas.

Twoness poems are poems written collaboratively with another poet. Learn something new about yourself, your writing partner, and poetry in this collaborative Valentine's Day workshop.

twoness poems course

Using Bullet Journaling to Achieve Writing Goals

Creative Nonfiction , Fiction , Lifestyle and Wellness , Poetry

Using Your Poetry Skills to Write Memoir

With freesia mckee.

How do poets tell their stories in prose? Take the leap from poetry to memoir in this hybrid writing workshop.

Creative Nonfiction , Live Workshop , Memoir , Poetry

memoir for poets

What’s So Funny? Writing Poetic Humor

Can a poem make the audience laugh out loud? Learn how to harness poetic humor in this class about knocking the reader's socks off.

writing poetic humor

Word Flashes & Eye Snapshots: Sketching Your Life Awake

For any writer wanting to root writing in vision and vision in the body: for poetry, fiction, essay, memoir & pleasure.

creative writing poetry courses online

Write from the Untamed Mind: Find Your Voice

Join Susan in two writing circles each week: intimate spaces for writers to free-write together, saying yes to whatever shows up, followed by group read-arounds. These writing sessions are spontaneous, intimate, freeing, and transformative.

Write from the Untamed Mind writing course

Writing Circle Workshop: A Focus on Eight Contemporary Poets (Section 2)

By studying the poems of Billy Collins, Ellen Bass, Natalie Diaz, and more, write stunning poetry in this generative writing circle workshop.

writing circle workshop a focus on eight contemporary poets

Writing Circle Workshop: A Focus on Nine Contemporary Poets

Write freely and expressively in this 8-week poetry workshop. Along the way, we'll explore the transformative work of 9 contemporary poets.

writing circle workshop nine contemporary poets

Writing Circle Workshop: A Focus on Six Contemporary Poets –Mon./Fri.

By studying the poems of Maya Stein, Sharon Olds, Alberto Rios, and more, write stunning poetry in this generative writing circle workshop.

Writing Circle Workshop: A Focus on Six Contemporary Poets –Tues./Sat.

Writing circle workshop: finding community and creativity in a challenging time.

Write out the storm: Join supportive, friendly faces in twice-weekly virtual community writing circles.

Writing Circle Workshop: Writing for Happiness, Healing, and Health (Monday/Friday)

Expressive writing can be a powerful elixir for what ails you. Learn and practice tools for writing expressively, including two virtual writing circles each week, turn raw writing into poetry or prose, and come away with a better understanding of how writing can lead toward wellness.

Creative Nonfiction , Fiction , Lifestyle and Wellness , Memoir , Personal Essay , Poetry , Short Story

writing for happiness healing and health

Writing Circle Workshop: Writing for Happiness, Healing, and Health (Tuesday/Saturday)

Writing circles & exercises to spark new poems (mondays and fridays).

Looking for inspiration? Write, vent, laugh, and honor your writing practice in these generative writing circle workshops.

Writing Circles & Exercises to Spark New Poems (Tuesdays and Saturdays)

Writing circles: finding community, clarity, poetry, and prose.

Join our writing circle to form a writing community, find clarity in your words, and turn your untamed free-writes into poetry and/or prose.

Lifestyle and Wellness , Poetry , Short Story

Writing Poetry About Family Histories

To write about our families means reconciling past and present, our origins and our futures. Put these contradictions to verse in this two part webinar.

Writing Poetry about Family Histories

You Are Drinker and You Are Wine: Writing with the South Asian Sufis

Through the traditions of Sufi poetry, learn how to write poems that access the divine and stand the test of time.

Sufi poetry writing course

You Yourself Are the Beloved: Writing with South Asian Ghazals

The ghazal poem has a rich history with a tricky form to master. Learn the ropes in this inspiring and electrifying workshop.

ghazal poetry course

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creative writing poetry courses online

Course details

  • Wed 18 Sep 2024 to 29 Nov 2024
  • Mon 20 Jan 2025 to 04 Apr 2025
  • Mon 12 May 2025 to 25 Jul 2025

Writing Poetry (Online)

UThere are no time-tabled sessions on this course. Using a specially designed virtual learning environment this online course guides students through weekly pathways of directed readings and learning activities. Students interact with their tutor and the other course participants through tutor-guided, text-based forum discussions. There are no ‘live-time’ video meetings meaning you can study flexibly in your own time under the direct tuition of an expert. For further information please click here

How can poetic form help me to turn the passion and intensity of life into memorable expressions? How can an appreciation of the techniques used by past and living poets help me to improve as a poet? Take this course and find out.

Poetry can seem like a members-only club. Even the names of poetic forms such as 'sonnet', 'villanelle', and 'sestina' can be as intimidating as the list of writers associated with them, from Shakespeare to Shelley to Sean O'Brien. This course is designed to demystify poetic composition, and to help students to gain the confidence to produce poems of their own. It introduces students to a wide range of poems and poetic techniques with the aim of enabling them to gain a deeper appreciation of how poetry works, an understanding of the forms best suited to the kind of statements that they are interested in making, and confidence in deploying such devices as metre, rhyme, figurative language. This course is for anyone who would like to start to write - or to write better - poetry.

For information on how the courses work, please click here .

Programme details

1. Rhyme, Rhythm and Metre 2. Figurative Language 3. Divisions 4. Blank Verse 5. Syllabic verse and free verse 6. Free Verse II 7. Lyric Poetry 8. The Sonnet 9. Pastoral 10. What More and What Next We strongly recommend that you try to find a little time each week to engage in the online conversations (at times that are convenient to you) as the forums are an integral, and very rewarding, part of the course and the online learning experience.

Recommended reading

To participate in the course you will need to have regular access to the Internet and you will need to buy the following books:

  • Strand, Mark, and Eavan Boland, The Making of a Poem: A Norton Anthology of Poetic Forms (New York: W. W. Norton & Co. Ltd, 2001)
  • Hollander, John, Rhymes Reason: A Guide to English Verse (New Haven: Yale University Press, 2001)

Digital Certification

Credit Application Transfer Scheme (CATS) points 

To earn credit (CATS points) for your course you will need to register and pay an additional £10 fee for each course you enrol on. You can do this by ticking the relevant box at the bottom of the enrolment form or when enrolling online. If you do not register when you enrol, you have up until the course start date to register and pay the £10 fee. 

See more information on CATS point

Coursework is an integral part of all online courses and everyone enrolled will be expected to do coursework, but only those who have registered for credit will be awarded CATS points for completing work at the required standard. If you are enrolled on the Certificate of Higher Education, you need to indicate this on the enrolment form but there is no additional registration fee. 

Digital credentials

All students who pass their final assignment, whether registered for credit or not, will be eligible for a digital Certificate of Completion. Upon successful completion, you will receive a link to download a University of Oxford digital certificate. Information on how to access this digital certificate will be emailed to you after the end of the course. The certificate will show your name, the course title and the dates of the course you attended. You will be able to download your certificate or share it on social media if you choose to do so. 

Please note that assignments are not graded but are marked either pass or fail. 

Dr Simon Pomery

Dr Simon Pomery is a sonic artist, drummer, guitarist and poet. He has performed his poetry at Xing the Line; Ikletik; European Poetry Festival; Clinic; A Year in Literature Festival, Magdalen College, University of Cambridge; CB1; BroadCast; The Book Club Boutique; Modern Poetry Day, in honour of T.S. Eliot, at Naishe Priory, East Coker; Post-Projects, New Cross, with a “poster-poems‟ installation from my Steve Reich Variations; Camaradefest at Rich Mix; Interrobang at the Betsey Trotwood; Writers At Risk for the Enemies Project and English Pen. In 2022 he founded the label/publisher/event series ‘Sonic Poetics’ in London: the name comes from his doctoral thesis which was completed in 2022: ‘ Sonic Poetics: Sound and Listening in the Work of M. NourbeSe Philip and Sean Bonney ’. His first pamphlet of poems , 'The Stream', was published in 2010 by tall-lighthouse. FLUF published his first collection of poetry, ‘FOUR PINTS OF GUINNESS FOR TONY CONRAD’, on Bloomsday in 2019., Popular Songs (Sonic Poetics) appeared in 2022. His poetry has been widely published in journals including The Times Literary Supplement, 3am Magazine, P.N. Review, and Sure Hope.

Course aims

This course aims to introduce participants to a wide variety of poetic technique and form.

Teaching methods

  • guided reading;
  • guided writing tasks;
  • guided use of relevant websites;
  • use of tutor notes and handouts;
  • close critical analyses of selected extracts from the texts studied and participants own writing.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this course participants will be expected to understand:

  • a wide range of verse forms and structures;
  • notable examples of poetic forms from the history of literature in English;
  • the relative advantages and challenges of one verse form over another;
  • which forms and techniques are best suited to one's own emerging voice.

By the end of this course participants will be expected to have gained the following skills:

  • competence and confidence in writing in a wide range of verse forms;
  • an ability to recognise and experiment with different poetic structures and techniques;
  • an ability to articulate their intentions and achievement in engaging with poetic form.

Assessment methods

You will be set two pieces of work for the course. The first of 500 words is due halfway through your course. Assignment 1 is up to 500 words about a drafted poem, as well as the drafted poem.  This does not count towards your final outcome but preparing for it, and the feedback you are given, will help you prepare for your assessed piece of work due at the end of the course. Your assessed work, Assignment 2, is more drafts of that same first poem as well as 3 other poems, no fewer than 10 and no more than 45 lines. The assessed work is marked pass or fail.

English Language Requirements

We do not insist that applicants hold an English language certification, but warn that they may be at a disadvantage if their language skills are not of a comparable level to those qualifications listed on our website. If you are confident in your proficiency, please feel free to enrol. For more information regarding English language requirements please follow this link:


Please use the 'Book' or 'Apply' button on this page. Alternatively, please complete an Enrolment form for short courses | Oxford University Department for Continuing Education

Level and demands

FHEQ level 4, 10 weeks, approx 10 hours per week, therefore a total of about 100 study hours.

IT requirements

This course is delivered online; to participate you must to be familiar with using a computer for purposes such as sending email and searching the Internet. You will also need regular access to the Internet and a computer meeting our recommended minimum computer specification.

Terms & conditions for applicants and students

Information on financial support

creative writing poetry courses online


Learn How to Write a Novel, Join Tom Bromley for a writing master class.

Learn How to Write a Novel

Join Tom Bromley for a writing master class and finish your first draft in 3 months.

73 Best Poetry Creative Writing Classes in 2024

Showing 73 courses that match your search.

Quilting Together Your Scraps and Pieces of Writing

Anyone else have scraps of writing just sitting in the Google drive or an overstuffed notebook? What do you do with them all? These pieces do all have something in common; you wrote them and you like them, so we are going to have an old fashioned quilting bee.


Categories: Poetry

Start date:

Prerequisites: No prerequisites

Exploring Poetic Forms: a 6-Week Generative Zoom

Writing Workshops

Level up your poetry by gaining form tools for your toolbox! In this 6-week workshop, we’ll explore why form is relevant for contemporary poets, and how we can take advantage of form to strengthen both traditional and free-verse poems.


The Flowers of Rhetoric Applied to Your Poems

Poetry School

Do you know your prolepsis from your epanalepsis? Or your tricolon from your transferred epithet? How about your polyptoton from your hyperbaton? All will be explained in this half-day course. After this session, you’ll have tools to create a powerful impact on readers of your work.


creative writing poetry courses online

How to Write a Novel

Your story matters. Unlock your potential with daily video lessons from bestselling ghostwriter Tom Bromley, and finish your first draft in just 3 months. Learn more →

Writing Poetry

University of Oxford

This 10-week online course from Oxford University, taught by Dr. Simon Pomery, is designed for flexible learning. It involves tutor-guided forum discussions and self-paced study, focusing on reading and activities around poetry. Suitable for those looking to explore poetry writing in a structured yet flexible environment​​​​​​​​​​.


April, 2024

Tucson Workshop (Mahaffey) - Spring 2024

The Writers Studio

The Writers Studio Tucson Workshop is open to both beginning and experienced writers eager to learn the elements of craft, including first- and third-person narrators, tone and mood. An important goal of the workshop is to help writers understand that a narrative voice is born out of conscious creation.


May Seaport Free Write

What's more satisfying than leaving work behind on a Friday evening? Rounding out the week with a free writing session of course! Maximize that Friday feeling and kick off your writing weekend with us! In 60 jam-packed minutes, you’ll meet fellow writers and get your creative juices flowing!


Getting Your Poetry Published

The Writer's Center

This intensive one-day workshop will offer all poets—whether they have yet to submit their first poem to a literary journal or are ready to present a publisher with a book-length manuscript—hands-on advice on how to achieve their publishing goals.


Pacing, Structure and Timelines in Fiction 8-Week Zoom Workshop

Get your agent submission questions answered! This workshop will equip you with everything you need to jump into the publishing industry. Discuss the roles of agents and editors, what they’re looking for in work, and how you can make your work stand out through strong query letters, pitches, and bios.

Start to Write Poetry

Faber Academy

Get instant feedback on your poems, learn how to find inspiration all around you, and explore how to start reading – and thinking – like a poet in this one-day introduction to writing poems.


Open all year round

Writing Comic Poetry: Seriously?!

Quebec Writers' Federation

Can a poem be funny? Can we balance the light and the dark, find hilarity in a haiku? What is the value of play in creation? In this workshop, participants will be encouraged to explore the place of humor in their work, through guided readings, discussions, and exercises.


March, 2024

Poetry Explorations: Scientific Topics

In this class, you will discover ways to explore the physical and natural world by means of poetry. You will use observation, creative play, and iterative building, along with the constraints of forms, and the flexibility of free verse to represent scientific knowledge as poetic works of art.


Poetry Generative and Critique Workshop

Attic Institute

Join us for a Poetry Workshop, a class that welcomes poets of all levels of experience. Learn the craft of poetry in a welcoming and supportive setting. Every class includes a variety of writing exercises designed to inspire original poetry throughout the course and beyond.


How to choose a poetry writing class

Looking to build your writing skillset, learn more about your genre, or finally finish that poem you’ve been working on? You’re in the right place. That’s why we built this directory of the best writing courses.

However, creative writing classes aren’t one size fit all. If you’re planning to join a poetry writing class in particular, you’ll want to make sure that it matches what you’re seeking to learn about poetry writing.

So make sure to consider the following questions when you’re researching poetry writing courses:

  • Who is the instructor? How many years of experience do they have in poetry writing?
  • Is there something in particular you’d like to learn about poetry writing? Does this course include it?
  • How long is the course, and where is it taught?
  • How much does the poetry writing course cost? Does it fit into your budget?

More poetry writing resources

Whether you’re a new or established author, there are always evergreen resources out there to how to get a headstart on poetry writing. 

Free online materials

  • How to Write a Poem (blog post)
  • How to Publish a Poem (blog post)
  • Places to Submit Your Poetry (blog post)
  • 72 Top Poetry Book Publishers (resource)
  • 13 Top Poetry Literary Agents (resource)

Recommended books

  • For writers in the UK:  Writers' & Artists' Yearbook  
  • For writers in the US:  Writer’s Market 2020

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Poetry Courses

  • Creative Writing Programme (In-person)
  • Creative Writing Programme (Online)
  • The Life Writing Programme (In-person)
  • Advanced Writing Workshops (In-person)
  • Advanced Poetry Workshops (In-person)
  • Advanced Poetry Workshops (Online)
  • Creative Writing Programme (Blended)

Writing Poetry (Online) 2022-2023

(20 weeks, one evening per week).

This course will boost your writing in a friendly, structured environment. It is suitable for both new and more experienced writers. In practical work guided by your tutor, you will explore the effects of techniques in published poetry and learn how to strengthen your own poetry through an understanding of craft. You will learn creative and critical skills and develop a stronger individual style.

The Move to Online Learning

The technology is now available for us to move confidently into online learning. Video conferencing allows us to maintain the interactive element we feel is crucial to successful teaching. We have discovered that in many areas it offers effective approaches to teaching beyond those available in the traditional classroom. We are also excited at the prospect of working with writers from more diverse backgrounds, physically, geographically and culturally.

In the week before the beginning of your course you will be invited to attend Zoom familiarisation sessions if you have not taken an online learning course before.

This course will:

  • look at a range of poetic techniques such as compression, imagery, texture, line breaks, traditional forms, rhyme and metre.
  • consider the value of poetry in the contemporary world and our relationships with it.
  • cover a variety of topics such as writing practice, sound and texture, form and metre, imagery and editing
  • read and discuss works by poets such as Sylvia Plath, Emily Dickinson, Bernadette Mayer, Amiri Baraka, Frank O’Hara and Liao Yiwu
  • discuss methods of presenting poetry including publishing, performance and mixed media

As well as considering practical aspects of writing technique and exploring them through your own writing in class, you will be asked to bring in up to 50 lines of your poetry for constructive feedback from your tutor and fellow writers. Each student will workshop poems like this twice on the course, both times receiving constructive and detailed feedback from other members of the writing group and your tutor, who will provide written comments. You will have the opportunity to hand in poetry of up to 100 lines at the end of the course. This work will be read by your tutor, annotated and returned with supportive feedback both on your strengths and on how your use of poetic techniques might be enhanced.

Your Learning Space

Each writing group on the Creative Writing Programme has its own course page on our website. Once logged in to your course you will have access to course outlines, supporting seminar notes and a Writer’s Forum where you can chat with other writers in your group. Your tutor will add materials to your course page as the course progresses. Links for your online classes will be placed on this page. To access your online class, simply click on the link provided and your Zoom class will open on your desktop where you will be able to see your tutor and the other members of your group.

It is now a standard requirement that writers on writing programmes use computers for communication and the production of work. This has become more important now that online learning is being used more extensively. Writers should ensure that they have access to a desktop computer with a video camera and good internet connection.

What is required of me?

You will need to be able to make a six-month commitment. Over these six months you will need to organise a minimum of six hours per week for reading and the development of writing activities and exercises: this includes seminar time, writing time and reading time.

How are seminars structured?

Each weekly online or face to face seminar runs for two hours. Seminars will include a mix of discussion of work you have written whilst on the course and the discussion of published texts, group work, tutor led feedback and taught sessions.

Programme Length:  One year in 20 taught sessions. Maximum group size 15

Time: tuesdays 6.30 pm- 8.30pm, venue: online, term dates:.

Autumn: 3rd October – 16th December (Reading Week 24th – 28th October)

Spring: 9th January – 24th March (Reading Week 13th – 17th February)

Entry requirements : No formal qualifications required

Programme tutor:  verity spott.

Net price: £280

Total: £350

Fees can be paid in full or at the beginning of each term. There is a £20 additional admin fee for the Autumn Term if fees are paid per term:

Autumn Term: £195 (incl. VAT)

Spring/Summer Term: £175 (incl. VAT)

To enrol: click on one of the payment links at the bottom of this page

Please ensure that you have read our terms and conditions . for further information on this course or our other programmes contact.

Mark Slater [email protected]

creative writing poetry courses online

Manuscript Assessment

  • Success Stories
  • Reading Room
  • Novel Writing
  • Fiction Development
  • Non-Fiction
  • Writing for Children
  • Short Story

Starting Out

  • How’s My Driving
  • An honest assessment of your work-in-progress, with advice to help you with the rest of the draft.
  • Full Report
  • Our most comprehensive report – a full MOT on your manuscript.
  • Submission Review
  • Ready to send your novel out into the world? Have your submission documents reviewed to make sure everything's in the best possible shape to impress an agent.
  • Magazine Submission Review
  • Ready to submit your poems to magazines, journals or websites? Get feedback on a selection of four to six of them to check you're on the right track.
  • Pamphlet Review
  • Designed for poets preparing a pamphlet for possible publication, this report will offer constructive feedback on a group of up to twenty poems.
  • Collection Review
  • Put your poems through their paces with an in-depth evaluation of your entire collection.
  • Creative Writing Exercises
  • Writing Competitions

The last page you viewed...

  • by location
  • Can't find the right course? Book a professional reader's report on your manuscript.

creative writing poetry courses online

  • Writing a Novel
  • Our flagship course is available in London, Newcastle and online – spend six months working on your novel with help from experienced tutors and industry experts.
  • Prose Assessment
  • Poetry Assessment

creative writing poetry courses online

  • Q&As with our tutors and alumni, reading lists and deep dives into all aspects of creative writing – and lots more.


  • Whether you're stuck on dialogue, plot, character or something else, we've got a whole range of exercises to help and inspire you.

Creative Writing Exercises

  • Here you'll find all of our past, ongoing and upcoming writing competitions, plus details of any others we think you should know about.

Writing Competitions

  • Afterwords: Reflections on Writing a Novel
  • Shelley Weiner reflects on some of her students' key takeaways over the years.

Creative Writing Courses

Creative Writing Courses

Our creative writing courses are run by award-winning authors and industry experts from Faber and beyond. Whether you’re just starting out or an experienced writer taking the next step in your career, we offer the support and structure you need to achieve your writing goals.

  • Popular Categories Short Story Novel Writing Fiction Development Non-fiction Poetry Crime Writing for Children
  • Level Improving Advanced Starting out
  • Location London Newcastle Online
  • Length 1-5 days 4 weeks 8 weeks 12 weeks 6 month +
  • Featured Featured Upcoming Lowest Price A-Z Z-A

Popular Categories

Our advanced courses in fiction and poetry offer the next step for the committed writer – serious writing time, industry advice and expert guidance, along with a close-knit group of fellow writers to keep you on track.


Writing a Novel (Evening)

What do these levels mean?

Richard T. Kelly, Sarah May, Joanna Briscoe

Wednesday 02 Oct 2024

Application Deadline

Sunday 15 Sep 2024

Places available


Writing a Novel (Daytime)

Shelley Weiner, Sabrina Broadbent, Nikesh Shukla

Thursday 03 Oct 2024

creative writing poetry courses online

The Salon: Developing Your Poems

Richard Scott, Rachel Long

Thursday 18 Apr 2024

creative writing poetry courses online

Getting Started: Beginners' Fiction

Mick Jackson

Last few places available


Getting Started: Beginners' Fiction (Daytime)

Wednesday 24 Apr 2024

Writing Fiction

Notebook with pencil and cup on wooden table

Keith Ridgway

creative writing poetry courses online

Start to Write

Richard Skinner, Sarah May

Saturday 27 Apr 2024

Close-up image of a notebook open in a woman's lap, with her pen poised to start writing on a blank page

Start to Write Poetry

Victoria Adukwei Bulley

Image of a laptop left on a picnic table on a sunny terrace with blue railings

Marcel Theroux

Can’t find the right course?

creative writing poetry courses online

Get comprehensive editorial feedback on your manuscript from our experienced readers – whether it’s still a work-in-progress or you’re preparing to submit to literary agents.

creative writing poetry courses online

We offer a range of mentoring options if you’d prefer to work one-on-one with an established writer to help you shape your project and realise your writing ambitions.

creative writing poetry courses online

We use cookies to personalise your experience. By continuing to visit this website you agree to our use of cookies.

Course Level Guide

There’s something for everyone at the Faber Academy, whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned writer or somewhere in between. To help you select the right course for you, this guide breaks down what the different levels mean.

These courses are ideal for those who are curious about writing and have little to no prior experience in the field. There are no pre-requisite for these courses – all we ask is that you come with an open mind and a keenness to learn. That’s not to say they aren’t suitable for someone with more experience, though – if you’re looking to refresh your skills or experiment with a new area of writing, you’re also welcome to enrol.

These courses are ideal for those who have some experience in writing – as a hobby, or perhaps through academic or professional work – and are looking for challenging courses to hone their skills further. These courses are also a good next step if you’ve already taken a beginners’ class but don’t feel ready to commit to an advanced course yet.

These courses are ideal for seasoned writers who are serious about getting published. Entry to most of these courses is on an application basis and writers will usually be asked to submit samples of their work-in-progress or a past project.

creative writing poetry courses online

  • Poetry Course

Start Date: 7th May, 2024 Duration: 6 Weeks Fee: $299 3 places remaining

Welcome to Our Online Poetry Writing Course!

Our exclusive 6-week Online Poetry Writing Course will take you on a creative journey of profound exploration through the art of poetry! With our expert guidance and support, you’ll unleash your inner poet and discover the depth and beauty of this timeless art form. Our course is designed to help you hone your poetic skills and develop your unique writing style, all under the guidance of published poets who bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table.

Course Structure and Flexibility

Each week, you’ll receive a new module containing text lessons that you can work on at a pace that suits your lifestyle, ensuring maximum flexibility. We recommend dedicating 2-3 hours per week to this course. No set class hours allow you to learn at your convenience.

Registration and Course Availability

Our courses are in high demand, so we encourage early registration to secure your spot. While our talented instructors are based in New Zealand, our classes are open to students from all over the world.

Course Access and Materials

Even after the course ends, you’ll have lifetime access to the course materials, allowing you to revisit the content whenever you need a refresher.

Starting Your Course

Your tutor will email you the first module on the course start date. Check your Spam/Junk folder to ensure you don’t miss this information. Every week, you’ll be assigned a written task to help you learn and develop your skills. Upon completion, you’ll submit these assignments for personalised feedback from your dedicated online tutor, who will guide and support you every step of the way, pushing you to refine your craft and elevate your poetry to new heights! Our weekly modules are broken down into the following topics:

Week One – Writing Poems That Matter We start with setting intentions: for our poems, practice, process. We will examine the ‘why’ that carries us to the page – what dreams and desires do we have for the poems we write? What do we want them, if anything, to ‘do’? What makes them matter, if only to ourselves? How can we embed a sense of creative urgency to write braver and bolder work, over the next six weeks?

Week Two – The ‘Long-Armed’ Poem: Letting Anything Belong This week we will explore examples of poems that roam, wander freely, welcoming various thoughts, feelings, and observations inside their doors, rather than shutting them out. We will reflect on the potential limitations we set ourselves by what we feel should ‘belong’ in a poem, and work to allow chaos to enter our first drafts, before deciding what we let stay, what we choose to cast off.

Week Three – Poems That (Like Us) Contain Multitudes This week we will challenge the idea that a poem must sing in one note, and instead turn to Donald Hall’s belief that when it comes to poetry: ‘no conflict, no energy’. We will explore the importance of empathy and nuance when writing our own personal experience / the experiences of others, and examine the impact of poems that hold vast emotional landscapes.

Week Four – Poems That Reimagine, Retell, Make Possible This week we look to the poets who use poetry to imagine a world different than this one. Who turn to the page to rewrite their own stories, reclaim a history. We will investigate the power of erasure and blackout poetry: forms that enable you to take an experience, feeling, or entire text, and transform it into something fresh, new, yours.

Week Five – On Finding The Form This week we take a deep-dive into the many ways poetic form can both restrict and set free. Make a poem sing or stifle it. We will explore how learning the rules, only to break them, can create delightful surprises for both writer and reader. You will also have the opportunity to devise your own, personalised form of poetry, based on elements that both excite and challenge you.

Week Six – What We Did, What Will Do Next In this session, we will look back on what we have achieved, however small or large. You will have the chance to ‘showcase’ a poem that you are proud of, and we will set out clear goals and ideas that will support you to keep going, and growing, as a poet.

Join Us Today

Take this opportunity to immerse yourself in a world of creativity and self-expression as you learn from experienced poets and engage with a community of like-minded individuals. So join us, and let us help you bring your poetic vision to life!

To find out more about how the online courses work, or if you have any further queries, you can check out our  Frequently Asked Questions  or email us at [email protected] .

Our cancellation/refund policy may be viewed  here .

creative writing poetry courses online

About The Tutor

The Writers Studio

The Original School of Creative Writing and Thinking, est. 1987

Online Level 1

About online level 1 courses.

Our Online Level I workshop is an introduction to the philosophy on which The Writers Studio was founded in 1987 by Pulitzer Prize winning poet, Philip Schultz. Persona writing, a method of borrowing the voice and temperament of accomplished writers, offers writers the imaginative distance and perspective they need to overcome their negative inclinations, their fear of self-exposure and endless doubt. This method also helps writers try on different voices, or personas, to develop narrative and lyric voices to be used as a tool for unlocking one’s most intimate and private stories and turning even their most difficult subject matter into inspiration for writing fiction, poetry, and creative non-fiction.

Weekly exercises based on short pieces of published work are turned into assignments designed to introduce students to various literary styles and approaches and broaden their sense of what is possible in their own work. As the student’s understanding of technique deepens so does the clarity and emotional power of the writing. Teachers provide written weekly critiques of each student’s work, a degree of attention nearly unheard of elsewhere. The teacher also leads weekly one-hour discussions of technique via Google Meet or typed chat.

To take a class, all students need is a computer or tablet with an internet connection. A link to our friendly online classroom is emailed to you after you register, and tech support is available throughout the class.

Available Online Level 1 Intro to Fiction & Poetry Courses

The writers studio, online and local communities.

New to The Writers Studio? Start here .

San Francisco

Hudson river towns, craft class, tutorial program, all memoir courses.

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Free Online Poetry Courses from Top Universities

About this article

Free Poetry Courses

Free poetry courses can be taken online with a laptop or home computer and an Internet connection. Among other things, students can study poets like Sorley MacLean and W. B. Yeats.

Yale University

Yale University offers courses on modern poetry and John Milton. Interested individuals can access these audio and video lectures from Yale's Open Courses platform. These courses are also available on YouTube and iTunes.

  • Modern Poetry

Open University

Open University gives students the opportunity to learn about poetry online for free. Read through lessons on form or discussions on what poetry is from the OU website, or download an entire lesson as an eBook.

  • Approaching Poetry
  • What is Poetry?
  • The Poetry of Sorley MacLean
  • Form and Uses of Language

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT's OpenCourseWare offers a variety of online poetry courses for free. Choose from literary interpretation courses or specific areas of study - like gender and lyric - or learn about major poets and their influences on the literary world.

  • Writing and Reading Poems
  • Digital Poetry
  • Literary Interpretation: Beyond the Limits of the Lyric
  • Literary Interpretation: Interpreting Poetry
  • Studies in Poetry: 'Does Poetry Matter'
  • Studies in Poetry: Gender and Lyric -- Renaissance Men and Women Writing about Love
  • Major Poets
  • Studies in Poetry: From the Sonneteers to the Metaphysicals
  • Poetry in Translation
  • Studies in Poetry - British Poetry and the Sciences of the Mind
  • Studies in Poetry: 'What's the Use of Beauty?'
  • Studies in Poetry: 20th Century Irish Poetry: The Shadow of W. B. Yeats

Free Online Poetry Courses At a Glance

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Popular Schools

Online programs available 1. grand canyon university, program options.

  • M.A. in Communication with an Emphasis in Education
  • B.A. in Professional Writing for New Media
  • Bachelor of Arts in Communications with an Emphasis in Interpersonal Communication and Human Relationships
  • BA in Digital Film - Screenwriting

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  • Bachelor of Fine Arts - Creative Writing for Entertainment

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  • MA: Creative Writing - Poetry

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Online Programs Available 4. Liberty University

  • PHD: Communication
  • CTG: Communication

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Cornell University

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Online Programs Available 7. Penn Foster High School

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  1. Creative Writing: Poetry Course

    Non-Credit Tuition. $1,290. Creative Writing: Poetry is a course for writers—songwriters, poets, and anyone who wants to write more effectively. The course—authored by Pat Pattison, who developed the curriculum for the only songwriting major in the country at Berklee—will give you specific tools to help you craft and control your writing ...

  2. 15 Online Poetry Courses

    10. Online Pause with Poetry - City Academy. This course from City Academy is a "calm, relaxing online course that encourages mindfulness with an actor's approach to poetry". There are regular start dates and the course duration is 6 weeks on this interactive online poetry course.

  3. Online Poetry Writing Courses

    Online Poetry Writing Courses. Explore and grow as a poetry writer in our online poetry courses. Collaborate with other serious poets, and enjoy direct interaction with and feedback from our award-winning instructors. We're here to support you through all stages of your poetry writing journey, from deepening in craft elements to exploring ...

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    In summary, here are 10 of our most popular creative writing courses. Creative Writing: Wesleyan University. Write Your First Novel: Michigan State University. Introduction to Psychology: Yale University. Sharpened Visions: A Poetry Workshop: California Institute of the Arts. Good with Words: Writing and Editing: University of Michigan.

  5. Writing Poetry (Online)

    Writing Poetry (Online) UThere are no time-tabled sessions on this course. Using a specially designed virtual learning environment this online course guides students through weekly pathways of directed readings and learning activities. Students interact with their tutor and the other course participants through tutor-guided, text-based forum ...

  6. Sharpened Visions: A Poetry Workshop Course (CalArts)

    This course is built on the notion that the most exciting writing begins after the first draft. It is specifically for folks who believe that writing poems just to express oneself is like using the Internet just for email. After all, poetry can change the way you and your readers think of the world and its inhabitants; it can break new ground ...

  7. 73 Poetry Writing Classes in 2024

    This directory of creative writing courses will help you find the right class for you. Simply filter by genre, price, and location to find the writing class that best fits your needs. ... 73 Best Poetry Creative Writing Classes in 2024 Showing 73 courses that match your search. Quilting Together Your Scraps and Pieces of Writing. Writespace ...

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    Build Essential Poetry Skills. The poetry courses we offer are designed to enhance your understanding and appreciation of this timeless art form, equipping you with the necessary skills to analyze, interpret, and create poetry. Whether you aspire to become a poet, deepen your literary knowledge, or simply explore the beauty of language, our ...

  9. Best Online Poetry Courses and Programs

    Poet: Write and publish poetry collections, perform at poetry slams, collaborate with other artists, and participate in literary events. Writer: Write novels, short stories, essays, and other literary works, infusing prose with lyrical and evocative language. English teacher: Teach literature and creative writing to learners at various levels.

  10. Best Online Creative Writing Courses and Programs

    Creative writing course curriculum. Online writing classes can unlock creativity and improve learners' writing technique. For example, a class that focuses on writing novels can teach individuals how to ideate, outline, and execute on a large project. Learners can study different forms of writing, such as American poetry, long-form journalism ...

  11. MindEdge Online

    MindEdge Course Catalog is an online learning resource for learning institutions and professionals, offering fully online certificate programs, certification exam prep courses, professional credits, and micro-credentials. ... Course: Creative Writing: Poetry. Sara Lynn E. " I'm glad you made us write our own exercises. It cemented the learning ...

  12. Online Courses: Creative Writing

    Stanford Continuing Studies' online creative writing courses make it easy to take courses taught by instructors from Stanford's writing community. Thanks to the flexibility of the online format, these courses can be taken anywhere, anytime—a plus for students who lead busy lives or for whom regular travel to the Stanford campus is not possible.

  13. Poetry Writing Courses

    Poetry Writing Courses. Whether you're just starting out or preparing your first collection, our poetry writing courses offer the technical knowledge, the practical support and the creative encouragement you'll need. With courses available online and in London, take the next step on your writing journey at the home of British poetry.

  14. Online Poetry Courses

    Earn personalised poetry certificates when you complete an online course on FutureLearn, complete with lead educator signatures, organisation logos and course details. Share your achievements with employers, on Linkedin, on your CV and more. Explore our other creative arts and media courses to continue your learning journey.

  15. Playing with Poetry: Creative Writing and Poetics

    Get creative with a playful and practical exploration of poetry. Poetry often has the reputation of being an abstract and complicated form of expression, guarded by the pretentious elite. On this three-week course, you'll discover the fun and value that can be found in writing your own poetry. This practical and hands-on course gives you the ...

  16. Poetry Courses

    Poetry Courses. Search by Title. Quarter. Instructor. Title Instructor Quarter Day, Time, Location ENGLISH 9CE. Creative Expression in Writing. Section: 1. Trahan, J. (PI) 2023 - 2024 ... Creative Writing Program 450 Jane Stanford Way, Bldg. 460 Stanford, CA 94305-2087. Connect With Us.

  17. Understanding Poetry Writing

    This creative writing course offers a great way to become a skilled poet and publish your work. We cover the basics of verse and explore the role of theme, linguistic structure, sound and imagery to help you make the most of your talent and turn your love of poetry into publishable content. We draw on expert guidance to show you how to read ...

  18. Writing Poetry (Online)

    Writing Poetry (Online) 2022-2023 (20 weeks, one evening per week) This course will boost your writing in a friendly, structured environment. It is suitable for both new and more experienced writers. In practical work guided by your tutor, you will explore the effects of techniques in published poetry and learn how to strengthen your own poetry ...

  19. Creative Writing Courses In London & Online

    Creative Writing Courses. Our creative writing courses are run by award-winning authors and industry experts from Faber and beyond. Whether you're just starting out or an experienced writer taking the next step in your career, we offer the support and structure you need to achieve your writing goals. Our creative writing courses take place ...

  20. Poetry Course

    Our exclusive 6-week Online Poetry Writing Course will take you on a creative journey of profound exploration through the art of poetry! With our expert guidance and support, you'll unleash your inner poet and discover the depth and beauty of this timeless art form. Our course is designed to help you hone your poetic skills and develop your ...

  21. Poetry Writing for Beginners

    Learn how to write and publish poems in this free online course that provides creative tools and poetic devices. Poetry conveys powerful messages, tells stories, teaches lessons and expresses emotions. This writing course boosts your creative thinking and skills as a budding poet. We show you how to employ poetic devices like imagery to sharpen ...

  22. Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing

    Creative Writing Program Details. Our Masters of Creative Writing degree program offers comprehensive online courses in literary arts, encompassing advanced writing studies in various genres such as fiction, poetry, non-fiction, and more. Students benefit from one-on-one mentorship with renowned and published writers in their respective genres ...

  23. Online Level 1

    July 2, 2024. Tuesdays. 7:30 - 8:30 pm ET. $435. Open. Register. View all classes. The Writers Studio Online Level I workshop is an introduction to the philosophy on which The Writers Studio was founded in 1987 by Pulitzer Prize winning poet, Philip Schultz.

  24. Free Online Poetry Courses from Top Universities

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology. MIT's OpenCourseWare offers a variety of online poetry courses for free. Choose from literary interpretation courses or specific areas of study - like gender and lyric - or learn about major poets and their influences on the literary world. Writing and Reading Poems.