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Graphic design is the art and practice of projecting ideas and/or experiences with visual or textual content. This can be in the form of physical or digital content, such as images, words, or shapes. The area covers multiple topics which often overlap, and can lead to careers in commerce, education, politics, culture, and computer science. There is extensive overlap between the areas of graphic design and 3-D graphics  - a very hot topic in video gaming.

This eclectic arrangement of type, form, and image has been expressed on posters, packages, advertisements, and other printed materials. It may also be digitalized to display a topic over a predetermined amount of time, such as an online video accompanied by the representative article. This form of graphic design is known as motion graphics .

Wayfinding  is an important form of design that concentrates on environmental graphics, such as branding and signage specific to a business or organization, yet displayed on an object located elsewhere, such as on a building, business card, or products produced by the business. This form focuses on the relationship between the image and the business or products produced by the business, in such a way that targets a potential audience for the purpose of marketing or awareness.

Designs can also be interactive and may use an interface to work in conjunction with digital material. Editorial design  and Product design  are two broad examples of this interactivity, due to their relationship with websites, blogs, and mobile apps.

Individuals who wish to become involved in the world of graphic design may find themselves drawn to professions such as:

  • Art director
  • Creative director
  • Motion designer
  • Digital designer
  • Graphic artist
  • Exhibition designer

Due to the fact many high schools do not offer courses in graphic design, it can be more difficult to determine if a person has the desire to pursue this option as a career choice. Students who choose to do so will most often attend a design school, such as  California Institute of the Arts  to obtain a bachelor's or master’s degree in graphic design. Examples of classes in a graphic design program might be:

  • Imagemaking
  • Skills for Visualization
  • Digital Photography and Design Issues
  • Historical Survey of Graphic Design
  • Motion Graphics Design
  • Digital Type Design
  • Mutant Design
  • Publication Design

Students who pursue graphic design as a career could be investing in a lifetime of opportunities, as the field is ever changing. New businesses are created and restructured every day, thus requiring branding and signage relevant to these changes. Likewise, companies create and market products daily, which places a demand for a competent person who can successfully form a relationship between shapes, images, and a product so that the focus can be on a target audience in the hopes of increasing sales and revenue.  

To fulfill our tutoring mission of online education, our college homework help and online tutoring centers are standing by 24/7, ready to assist college students who need homework help with all aspects of graphic design. Our art tutors can help with all your projects, large or small, and we challenge you to find better graphic design tutoring anywhere.

College graphic design homework help.

Since we have tutors in all Graphic Design related topics, we can provide a range of different services. Our online Graphic Design tutors will:

  • Provide specific insight for homework assignments.
  • Review broad conceptual ideas and chapters.
  • Simplify complex topics into digestible pieces of information.
  • Answer any Graphic Design related questions.
  • Tailor instruction to fit your style of learning.

With these capabilities, our college Graphic Design tutors will give you the tools you need to gain a comprehensive knowledge of Graphic Design you can use in future courses.

24HourAnswers Online Graphic Design Tutors

Our tutors are just as dedicated to your success in class as you are, so they are available around the clock to assist you with questions, homework, exam preparation and any Graphic Design related assignments you need extra help completing.

In addition to gaining access to highly qualified tutors, you'll also strengthen your confidence level in the classroom when you work with us. This newfound confidence will allow you to apply your Graphic Design knowledge in future courses and keep your education progressing smoothly.

Because our college Graphic Design tutors are fully remote, seeking their help is easy. Rather than spend valuable time trying to find a local Graphic Design tutor you can trust, just call on our tutors whenever you need them without any conflicting schedules getting in the way.

graphic design homework help

12 Things You Can do to Learn Graphic Design

How to learn graphic design? There’s more than one way. Still, here are 5 simple steps to get even total beginners on the right track.

Table of Contents

One-stop for all your designs. Flat monthly price, unlimited requests and revisions.

‍ Professional graphic design is a discipline that requires a lot of talent, hard work, and special knowledge. Luckily, thanks to modern technology anyone can design graphics nowadays. 

What does a graphic designer do?

By definition, graphic designers create visual designs that communicate certain messages to a specific audience . This can be in the form of a logo, website, packaging, illustration, or anything else in between. 

Graphic designers need an array of skills ; from technical skills such as drawing and using a particular design software, to teamwork and communication skills which are critical for any creative and collaborative project.

So, how to learn graphic design if you’re a total beginner? Here are 5 simple steps to guide you through the process. 

Understand the basic design elements and principles

Think of it this way - if you don’t know basic subtraction and division, are you going to be able to do advanced algebra?

Design elements are the components of a graphic , such as lines, shapes, typography and colors. 

The fundamental design principles are the rules and ways these elements are combined. For example, the principle of balance ensures the design looks like a cohesive whole. Principles like hierarchy, proximity, and scale help the most important elements in a design to shine through and convey information clearly.

Read more about the essential principles of graphic design here .

Take deep dive into typography and color

Yes, these are two basic design elements. So, why are we giving them a separate mention?

The rules of using lines, shapes, and texture are a lot more flexible. However, with typography and color, there’s a lot more theory you should be aware of. 

Color theory is the study of colors, based on the color wheel. It helps us to categorize colors (e.g. primary and secondary, complementary and contrasting, warm and cold, etc.) and learn how to combine them. 

Color psychology is an evolving study of human reactions to color. For example, there are many studies that suggest red evokes feelings of hunger, passion, or anger, while blue has a more calming effect.

Since graphic design often communicates marketing messages,typography is often one of the most vital elements. Five basic types of fonts are serif, sans serif, scrip, monospaced and display .

In order to choose the best font you should understand their different qualities, as well as concepts like kerning (space between the letters), cap height (the height of upper case letters) and bowl (closed curved parts of the letter) and more. This will allow you to adjust fonts to your needs and maybe even create custom fonts one day.

graphic design homework help

Learn to use white space

White or negative space is the empty space between other visual elements. Non-designers often think that the existence of empty space means a lazy designer. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Negative space ensures the balance of the design and allows vital elements to shine . It can be especially critical in web design , as more “breathing room” often means a better user experience. Not to mention that a busy interface can also mean visitors will overlook or struggle to find vital elements, such as a CTA button or navigation bar.

graphic design homework help

Read some design books

Can anyone learn graphic design? The basic type, for sure. However, you certainly can’t learn graphic design online alone .

Like every other discipline, you need to do a bit of studying. Whereas graphic design course online provide a great practical perspective, design books will take you deeper into the topic of graphic design. Courses can teach  you how to design, but books are there to answer why certain things make sense.

Here are some reading essentials you should know about:

  • How To , Michael Bierut: one of the most famous graphic designers in history explains his approach and process in different projects.
  • Work for Money, Design for Love , David Airey: a practical guide for design beginners to navigate through the business side of design.
  • Graphic Design Rules, 365 Dos and Don’ts , Peter Dawson, John Foster, and Sean Adams: a collection of practical tips based on fundamental principles. 

We also have a great list of design books you can check out. It includes some helpful general reads, and books on specific topics, like fonts, or negotiating with clients. 

Select a graphic design software

Yes, there are plenty of great online design tools like Canva that allow everyone to design basic graphics. However, if you want to learn graphic design like a pro, then you need to master at least one professional design software .

Going with classics like Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator is preferred. Most clients and design collaborators will be familiar with them, and probably able to download and use source files. 

Still, it’s best to consider what type of design projects you wish to specialize in. Illustrator and Photoshop are probably the best choices for digital design. But if you want to work in editorial design , specialist graphic design program like InDesign or QuarkXPress are a better choice.

Take a design course

Once you understand which design tool is the most useful for you, it's time to get some practical knowledge. There are lots of online design classes you can take, so knowing exactly what you want to learn can help you find the right one.

For example, if you want to learn to design social media graphics, a course that combines marketing and visual communication is the best choice. If you want to become proficient at a single design software, then seek a course that covers this area in more detail. 

Of course, you can also try to find in-person courses. These usually cost more and take longer. However, you usually earn some sort of graphic design certificate.

Copy work you admire

The prep is done, so you can finally design something yourself. The best way to learn to design graphics is to start by copying other people’s work.

Try to make the exact same design first, and then allow yourself to experiment with color, layout, shapes, etc. 

This is the best way to really learn the basics of graphic design, before you can start experimenting creatively.

graphic design homework help

Get creative inspiration

Speaking of creativity - it usually  doesn’t come out of thin air. Just like every good writer must read a lot, good graphic designers need to spend a lot of time researching the work of others.

Social media, especially platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, are a great place to find creative inspiration, but also connect with people from the industry. Of course, you should also search widely on portfolio platforms like Behance and Dribbble. 

Start designing and build your style

Not even the best designers in the world are good at everything. So, as a beginner,  you should focus on one area of design and a narrow skill set. 

This will help you hone in your graphic design skills and also build a unique sense of style. When looking to hire a graphic designer, many employers will select potential candidates based on their unique personal style. 

Develop your design process

Aside from technical design skills, an efficient design process requires a lot of thought and attention. If you wish to land a design job, potential employers will often interview you to understand your process, as well as how you communicate and collaborate, etc.

Create a design workflow that makes sense for you. It might not seem like much when you only have a couple of projects on your hands. But as your design career develops, this will help you balance multiple projects and work more efficiently.

Seek feedback

You can definitely learn graphic design online, but you can never improve without human input. Once you have built a portfolio of work , it’s critical to ask more experienced designers for help. 

They will be able to give you actionable feedback, and ask insightful questions about your design process. 

This is another reason regular networking and nurturing professional relationships is essential for all aspiring graphic designers. If you blatantly ask a total stranger for help and feedback, they’ll probably refuse. A person who’s work  you’ve been following and engaging with is more likely to help you out and share some of their valuable knowledge.

Why you shouldn’t become a self-taught designer

So, can anyone learn graphic design? The answer is yes.

However, although it doesn’t take a lot of time to learn some basics of design, creating professional graphics can be time-consuming .

You’ll need years of design practice before you’re able to produce good design fast. Moreover, keeping on top of all the design trends and latest developments in the design industry can also eat up a lot of your time.

Then again, you’re probably here because graphic design can be expensive . And your small business or startup budget simply doesn’t allow for regular design help.

That’s where you’re wrong! An unlimited design subscription is the most affordable and easiest way to get professional design for your business . One flat monthly rate covers unlimited requests and revisions, and a vast range of design projects. 

ManyPixels is a leading unlimited design service . With 6 years of experience, and thousands of happy clients, our designers know how to deliver quality work fast. Why waste your time learning to design graphics? Get professional design whenever you need it for a price you can afford.

Book a free consultation with us to see how we can help. 

graphic design homework help

Having lived and studied in London and Berlin, I'm back in native Serbia, working remotely and writing short stories and plays in my free time. With previous experience in the nonprofit sector, I'm currently writing about the universal language of good graphic design. I make mix CDs and my playlists are almost exclusively 1960s.

A design solution you will love

Fast & reliable, fixed monthly rate, flexible & scalable, pro designers, get a taste of what we do.

Get inspired with some of ManyPixels best designs. Download our portfolio to check them out!

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graphic design homework help

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Hello, my name is sheila, UX, UI, and graphic designer with a passion for traveling, camping, and listening to music. In addition to my love for graphic design, I also have a strong desire to teach and interact with people from different cultures. I combine my technical skills with my love for teaching and I'm always eager to share my knowledge with others. with over 5 years of experience as a graphic designer, I also have 3 years of experience teaching graphic design and video editing one on one. I believe I am the best teacher to guide you in your design journey. I am also gentle with my students and care not just about them knowing how to design different creative things but also about getting to appreciate the process. some of the lessons I can teach include; understanding the foundation of different creative designs. web design UI and interactive design motion graphic design packing design illustration publication and typographic design marketing and advatising designs. I will always strive to make our lessons not only simple and easy to understand but also engaging and fun, my lessons are tailored to each student's needs, interests, and motivations. each having a unique structure. The lessons are, however, generally divided into three phases, Introduction, practice, and finally application: this final face once the concept is understood, we apply our knowledge to building a mini project. During our lessons, we will always have a couple of projects based on the concepts that we have previously learned as we also introduce new ones. if you're looking for a tutor who can not only help you with your graphic design skills but also provide you with unique perspectives and insights, I am the perfect choice for you. with my diverse interests and experience, I am sure to bring fresh and exciting creativity to your learning experience. I encourage you to book a trial session with me. and let's stay creative together.

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Universidad de Guadalajara

Hi I am Edd and I would love to tutor you, always open for a lovely chat.

I study in distance mode, which has allowed me to explore more educational areas and activities of my interest, such as: Photography, graphic design and programming. And also that it offers me the time to be able to work while study.

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Professional Teacher

I have enough expertise and over 17 years experience in tutoring; English,Music,Computer Programing,Ethical hacking,Six sigma,ISO 9001,Data sciences,statistics,web/graphic design,environmental subjects,business studies, Psychology and computer technology,Geo-Spatial(GIS),Python Data

Subjects : Business, Cloud Computing, Computer Certification and Training, Computer Science, CyberSecurity, Data Science, Data Visualization, Emergency Medical Technician/Paramedic, English, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Science, Essay Writing, Information Technology, Linux, Machine Learning

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I am an experienced tutor you can trust to help you with your work.

I am an experienced art and English tutor and you can trust me in helping you with your work.

Subjects : 3D Art, Art & Design, English, Graphic Design, InDesign, Interaction Design

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  • Jun 6, 2023

Five Tricks to Complete Graphic Design Homework Easily

Five Tricks to Complete Graphic Design Homework Easily

Completing graphic design homework assignments often requires students to use their knowledge of design principles and their artistic abilities. Although fulfilling graphic design tasks is rewarding in the end, it can require much thoughtfulness in the process. Employing various tricks enables you to streamline your workflow, thus increasing efficiency and improving the overall quality of work.

The following article highlights five practical and effective tricks for making graphic design homework easier for students. Achieving success involves using various techniques ranging from proper planning to the use of design tools while obtaining constructive criticism. Incorporating these strategies into workflow enables students to surmount common obstacles while managing time smartly and drawing on creativity for impressive design work that meets the demands laid out in each assignment. Moreover, graphic designing can be made smoother and more successful for beginners and experienced designers by applying the tips in this article. Scholars having difficulty completing their academic work can always seek help from reputable custom writing companies like Peachy Essay . It's time to uncover the tips and tricks that will facilitate your success in finishing your graphic design homework without difficulty.

1. Plan and organize your work

Plan and organize your work - Five Tricks to Complete Graphic Design Homework Easily

One effective strategy for tackling graphic design homework is planning and organizing your tasks. Before starting with anything else, it's essential to thoroughly understand what is required by analysing all objectives and requirements. The specific goals and expectations of the project you are completing can be understood by diligently studying the provided instructions. When you have a perfect understanding of the task, dividing it into smaller and more achievable parts may be useful in the long term.

It is vital to note that systematically tackling different components of an assignment is enabled through division. Dividing the project into bite-sized chunks can help alleviate pressure and allow you to give your full attention to one element at a time. Additionally, creating a timeline or schedule is necessary during the planning process.

2. Gather inspiration and references

Gather inspiration and references - Five Tricks to Complete Graphic Design Homework Easily

Gathering inspiration and references is fundamental in improving your creativity while completing graphic design assignments. You could seek out significant examples of design work to gain access to an extensive range of ideas and concepts that correspond with your project's theme or objectives.

Exploring various sources of inspiration can be helpful for students; therefore, they should consider checking out design blogs, online galleries, and books. These platforms often display a broad spectrum of design styles with various techniques and current trends. Explore for cases that reverberate with your distinct style or those that are in close harmony with the precise specifications of your project. Different visual aesthetics like colour schemes, typography choices, and layout compositions can be found by immersing oneself in design inspiration.

3. Utilize design tools and resources

Utilize design tools and resources - Five Tricks to Complete Graphic Design Homework Easily

Graphic design homework can be completed efficiently using appropriate design tools that ensure productivity and creative expression. Popular design software, including Adobe InDesign and Illustrator, play a vital role in meeting any specific requirements for your projects. Create design like a pro with a wide range of features and capabilities offered by these software programs.

It is essential to note that mastering these design tools makes it easy to create digital illustrations and manipulate images. If you take time to explore the numerous features and methods offered by these software programs, you will be better equipped to leverage them for the successful execution of your design concepts.

4. Seek feedback and critique

Seek feedback and critique - Five Tricks to Complete Graphic Design Homework Easily

By seeking feedback and critique, one can complete their graphic design homework effectively; getting input and perspectives from others is one way to significantly improve the quality of your designs. Getting feedback on your work can be achieved by connecting with others, such as peers and teachers, and seeking help from the many online design communities. Having various people with different backgrounds providing input allows for a broader range of opinions offering beneficial feedback.

Additionally, gaining access to a collective pool of expertise is possible when you share your work with them. You can discover room for growth in your abilities by receiving feedback from others, and by accepting input on things like the use of typography or colours within a design's layout or structure, you can achieve greater visual appeal.

5. Practice time management and avoid procrastination

Practice time management and avoid procrastination - Five Tricks to Complete Graphic Design Homework Easily

To succeed in academics, students must learn the importance of proper time utilization and avoiding delay. Effectively managing your schedule as a student means you can prioritize your work accordingly while allocating enough quality study hours to complete assignments on time. Achieving better academic results is possible when students experience decreased amounts of stress and an increased level of self-direction toward their workloads.

Avoiding procrastination is vital for students who want to avoid rushing through assignments and instead focus on dedicating concentrated effort. Being disciplined and self-motivated is paramount to reaching success in academia and one's profession. Through effective time management and avoiding procrastination, students are empowered to utilize their educational journey while feeling accomplished fully, thus setting themselves up for future success.

Effectively completing graphic design assignments requires developing the essential habits of time management practice and avoiding procrastination. By managing your time wisely, you can stay organized, meet deadlines effortlessly, and avoid excessive last-minute pressures. Task breakdown is an essential step towards effectively completing graphic design assignments as it becomes easier to manage by setting clear goals and dividing the project into specific components or milestones. One of the benefits of using this technique is that it prevents overwhelm and directs all your attention toward one particular task. Once you have listed all the small tasks needed, break them down into allocated and scheduled time slots.

Carrying out graphic designing tasks could be arduous, but incorporating the five tactics illustrated in this write-up can remarkably streamline it and produce favourable outcomes. Additionally, breaking down assignments into smaller parts through task planning and organization enables students to make substantial progress. This methodology assists in keeping an eye out for the essential elements and avoiding the sensation of being overloaded. Moreover, increased effectiveness and creative output can be achieved by using design resources. Being well-acquainted with applications like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator can help students unlock their full creativity and produce breath-taking designs.

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Optimizing SEO Tactics to Boost Website Rankings

graphic design homework help

Beginner’s Guide to Graphic Design

Elliot Ulm

Your Instructor

Elliot Ulm is a freelance graphic designer and YouTuber from Australia, with clients like Adobe. He is known for his comedic personality, humorous videos and bold designs.

What you’ll learn


Discover how easy and fun graphic design can be, as you follow along with Elliot step by step!

Despite what people may say, designing in Photoshop doesn’t have to be intimidating—if you have the right teacher!

In this engaging course, Elliot will teach you everything you need to know to start out, equipping you with core design skills to fuel your creativity!

You’ll breeze through super easy lessons, each building on another, covering key concepts and techniques that you can put to use immediately on your first poster ever! Exciting!!!

Look forward to mastering Photoshop’s essential tools and functions, working with fonts and colors to create eye-catching designs, grasping the fundamentals of design theory, and discovering Elliot’s best practices. PLUS, you’ll also enjoy fun homework exercises to implement all you’ve learned!

  • If you’re a complete beginner, this course is for you!
  • If you’ve never touched Photoshop in your life, this course is for you!
  • If you don’t know how to draw, this course is for you!

So what are you waiting for? Let’s jump right in!

Who is this course for

  • Absolute beginners to graphic design
  • Those wanting to express their creativity through graphic design
  • Designers looking to pick up new skills and techniques

This course includes

Used in course.

graphic design homework help

What you'll need

  • Digital drawing software such as Photoshop or similar ( see examples Affinity Photo, ArtRage, Artweaver, Astropad, Clip Studio Paint, Corel Painter, Krita, Inkscape, IbisPaint, GIMP, Rebelle 4, Photoshop, Paintstorm Studio, Procreate, MediBang Paint, SketchPad, SketchBook, TwistedBrush, Vectr... )
  • No drawing experience needed

Lesson Plan

Join this entertaining, learning adventure with Elliot, where he shares the joy of graphic design and gives you a solid foundation to start out in this field.

The aim of this course is to have fun and express yourself creatively while picking up essential tools and nifty skills! Sounds amazing, right?

Design Thinking and Getting Started

Graphic design isn’t just a service for a client, it can be an avenue to express yourself creatively as well!

Elliot will walk you through the basics in this lesson, including composition, color choice, typography, contrast, and more—essentials for creating eye-catching designs!

You’ll also explore ways to find inspiration and decide on the message you want to communicate. Fun!

Problem Solving

The basic elements, finding inspiration, what do you want to say, using photoshop.

The easiest way to learn about Photoshop is to start designing something!

You’ll have a blast with Elliot in a fun warm-up exercise to familiarize yourself with the Photoshop workspace and its user-friendly tools.

He’ll teach you about file setup for both web and print, composition techniques using grids, blending modes, filters and lots more fun stuff!

By the end of this lesson, you’ll have a basic design skill set under your belt! Awesome!

Starting a New File

The basic tools, warm-up design, grids, rulers and spacing, blending modes, typography, colors and gradients.

How to choose fonts and colors for design

Using a good font is the easiest way to make your designs look better.

You’ll explore font sources and what to look for when picking fonts. Also, discover how to use the type tool to perfect your poster’s heading.

Next, dive into the world of color palettes. Elliot will show you how to choose colors that work harmoniously together and use them strategically to create an impressive design that’s easier than it looks! Magic!

Choosing a Font

The type tool, choosing a color palette, creating a gradient orb, extra elements and exporting.

Elliot Ulm teaches graphic design

Get ready to add those final touches to make your poster really pop! You’ll immerse yourself in the world of textures, learning to seamlessly add them into your design and discover cool tricks to fill in any blank spaces.

Elliot will demystify the process of exporting your file, breaking down each step so it’s a breeze. He’ll also give solid advice on how to grow as a designer, sharing insight from his own creative journey.

Come join us and let’s take your graphic design skills to new heights!

How to Fill Space

Using texture, best ways to export, where to post, student feedback, 60 customer reviews & ratings.

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graphic design homework help

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graphic design homework help

Frequently Asked Questions

What is 21 draw.

21 Draw is an online learning community where students of all skill levels can learn how to be a better artist. Our contributing artists and instructors are the best in the world.

Our streaming platform on makes it possible for anyone to watch hundreds of video lessons by industry legends who have worked for Disney, Marvel, DC, Dreamworks, Pixar & more. A membership gives full access to our streaming platform.

On you can buy our popular learn-to-draw ebooks and physical books, separate from the courses, and they too are also delivered to you by the heavyweights of the art industry.

What is included in the membership?

Membership includes unlimited access to all 50+ courses taught by the world’s best artists PLUS new courses as they are released.

Each class includes 10-20 video lessons that are 7 minutes long on average. Most classes include exercise sheets, assignments, and layered PSD or PNG files.

Some classes include the ability to chat with the instructor in a public forum, e.g. if you want feedback on your artwork.

Do I receive a certificate after I complete a course?

Yes! When you complete a 21 Draw course, you will receive a certificate of completion, which you can download and share with your friends, relatives, co-workers, and potential employers!

Are these online or offline courses?

21 Draw courses are on-demand (pre-recorded) video tutorials that you can watch online with any digital devices anytime and for an unlimited number of times! This means you can easily watch (and rewatch) them at your own pace and convenience.

Can a beginner follow along?

We have classes for all levels, even for those with zero drawing experience. In general, artists at all levels can benefit from these courses—whether beginner, intermediate or advanced.

Do the courses teach digital or traditional art?

Many lessons in our courses apply to both digital and traditional art. In a few tutorials, digital drawing software, e.g. Photoshop or Procreate for iPad is required. However, for the majority of lessons it is more about the underlying concepts and all that is needed is a pen and paper.

Can I download the course videos?

You can download the course resources (exercise sheets, assignments, PSD files, etc.) from the site, but you cannot download the video lessons to your computer.

How much does a membership cost?

Normally it costs $235/year. However, there is a special sale running now for a limited time: Save 75% ! This means you can get an annual membership for just $59 USD/year.

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graphic design homework help

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About 21 draw.

graphic design homework help

21 Draw offers online courses and books on how to be a better artist for students of all skill levels. Our contributing artists and instructors are the best in the world.

We make great products to help you be a better artist! You'll also be the first to know about new products and special offers.

Graphic Design Junction

Written by Naveed Ahmed • May 23, 2020 • 4:18 am • Resources

5 Tricks To Complete Graphic Design Homework Easily

graphic design homework help

Not everyone has a spirit of creativity. However, if you have taken the graphic design path , you should enhance it. Have you seen how you can learn to apply incredible makeup by following the tutorials on YouTube? Yes, it doesn’t look perfect right away, but the practice works. At one point, you won’t follow everything you’re shown and feel like experimenting. The same goes for graphic design. Learning to use Photoshop, Illustrator, and other Adobe programs is always better with online lessons. These videos are designed to help you learn the tools inside programs and put them into practice. Yes, you could have taken an online course or even sat through a few classes with a professor, but it’s all in vain without training. So, watching the tutorial on your homework topic will help you do it faster. Reading books and articles is great. But why waste time on a theory you’ve already heard, but can’t apply it in practice?

Make sure you read over your instructions carefully

Instructions Manual

It happens that you listen to a lecture, giving persuasive nods that you understand everything (and you really seem to!), and then you open the task and can’t understand what is expected of you. Before you start your homework, make sure that you really understand what is required of you. What’s more, if your teacher has prepared all the items for you to do, then it’s best not to skip them or ignore the sequence. You feel that everything is very clear, and you can do it yourself without further instructions. And so, you have a finished result, you’re almost satisfied, and then you read the last point of the task, and it does not match the result of your work. Always get acquainted with the task from beginning to end, before you start. This will not only help you understand what is expected of you but will also save you time.

Set yourself a deadline

Set Deadline

So, you’ve already gotten acquainted with the assignment. You realized that you’re required to accomplish and almost visualized the outcome. Now, you should turn it into a game. Add time limits to each item in the list. This will help you stay focused and not be distracted by external factors such as the phone, social networks, and procrastination. This little trick will not only help you concentrate on doing your graphic design homework but also help you do it faster. You need to assess your strength and allocate more time to more complex tasks that you are doing for the first time and reduce the time for the more regular ones.

Do not be afraid to ask for help

Ask for Help

If you have come to the deadlock and got confused in certain parts of the assignment, do not hesitate to write a teacher with questions that interest or worry you. Not only will he be able to give you the solution and answers to your questions, but he will also help you finish the project with a deeper understanding of the material you are practicing in general. Just don’t contact your teacher every time you don’t know how to use a tool in a program or for other trifles. Let’s be honest — there are Google and textbooks that can basically provide you with a visual solution to your problem with a detailed description of what you are doing. Ask your teacher for help if you have already used the methods available to you, and have not achieved the desired result.

Double check


About the Author / Naveed Ahmed

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graphic design homework help

Published: November 10, 2023

From logos, posters, magazines, product packaging, and ads, we see graphic design at work every day.

graphic design tips for beginners

It’s an industry that’s always in demand. Why? Because brands always need designers, whether it’s to create branding assets or design an upcoming event flyer.

Take our free Graphic Design Essentials Course on HubSpot Academy to learn  design fundamentals and how to create simple designs.

If it’s an industry you’re interested in, discover the tips you can use today as you start your career.

What is graphic design?

Graphic design is the creative practice of combining visual elements, typography, and images to communicate messages effectively. It encompasses the art of designing for various mediums, such as print, digital, and web, to engage and influence audiences.

There isn't one way to become a graphic designer, but there are some tips that can lead you in the right direction to improve your skills and set yourself up for success.

Graphic Design Tips for Beginners

  • Learn fundamental design principles.
  • Enroll in a graphic design course.
  • Master a design program of your choosing.
  • Network with fellow designers.
  • Practice, then practice some more.
  • Follow design influencers and industry leaders.
  • Build an inspiration catalog.
  • Dissect the process.
  • Get specific with your online search queries.
  • Replicate your favorite work for learning purposes.
  • Embrace negative space.
  • Seek constructive feedback.
  • Undertake a passion project.
  • Just start.

1. Learn fundamental design principles.

Graphic design is a visual communication tool that combines graphics, typography, color, and illustration to communicate a message.

And while there are endless ways to communicate a message (that’s where the creative part comes into play), there are fundamental principles that every graphic designer must follow:

These fundamental concepts ensure a design is cohesive, impactful, and clear.

In addition to these principles, other elements come into play, such as typography and color theory .

2. Enroll in a graphic design course.

Contrary to popular belief, having an eye for design isn’t an innate trait – it’s a learned skill.

Courses can teach you about the history of graphic design, the various subdivisions within the discipline, the psychology behind design principles, and the tools you’ll need.

Here are the top online resources for graphic design courses:

  • General Assembly
  • Vectornator Academy
  • LinkedIn Learning

Then, of course, there’s always YouTube University. The best thing about this university is that it’s 100% free. Though, it‘s not guaranteed that you’ll receive the same depth in the material on YouTube, and you won’t have the support of a professor. However, it can be an excellent place to start if you’re on a budget or learning on your own time.

3. Master a design program of your choosing.

It’s hard to think of graphic design without immediately considering the tools they use.

So much of graphic design work relies on using tools like Adobe Illustrator , Adobe InDesign , Adobe Photoshop , and Sketch .

These are all powerful software that allows you to create everything from logos and illustrations to website designs.

While they aren’t accessible to use, consider them investments in your career, as you will likely use them for every project you take on.

4. Network with fellow designers.

In addition to the knowledge you’ll gain from your courses, it’s essential to speak with designers who are currently working in the field. This will help you get a 360-view of what it’s like working as a graphic designer and what it takes to succeed in your role.

Start on social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn . You’ll find plenty of design communities and groups that share information and opportunities.

You can also use sites like MeetUp to find designers in your area who are interested in meeting up, as well as Eventbrite , to find fun events you can join.

Networking across is as important as networking up. Make sure you lean on your community for support and advice as you develop your skills as a graphic designer.

5. Practice, then practice some more.

When learning anything new, practicing is key. It’s not enough to take in the knowledge — you have to use it and learn how it works in real-time. Search for graphic design exercises online to further hone in your skill.

For instance, Type Connection and   KernType allow you to test your typography skills. You can also use sites like Sharpen to find design prompts to work on. They have prompts in various categories, from branding to marketing and user experience (UX).

Once you feel confident in your ability, consider taking on a design project of your own. It could be a passion project you give yourself or seek out. Getting real-world experience in what it takes to take a project from start to finish, and all of the non-design implications, are important to consider.

6. Follow design influencers and industry leaders.

There‘s much to learn from influencers or leaders in the field of graphic design. They’re highly knowledgeable in their niche and are often willing to share the secrets to their success in their content.

If you seek out their content regularly, you'll become more familiar with the graphic design world, discover more tips from industry leaders, become comfortable with relevant terminology, and stay on top of trends.

Wondering how to engage? Turn to YouTube, X (Twitter), Instagram, and even Tiktok.

And don't be afraid to reach out to them. You never know who might respond to your questions – and any positive connection you make will only help you move further along in your journey.

What I Recommend

  • Build a X List of influential designers, so you can follow their daily insights without picking out their tweets from a sea of friends, coworkers, and news sources on your timeline.
  • Have a mix of well-known designers who inspire you and those whose work you do not enjoy. That last point may seem counterintuitive, but consistently observing the work of that group can help you understand why you don't like it, which is a crucial part of understanding design.

7. Build an inspiration catalog.

Start building a catalog of work that is successful.

That can be as simple as bookmarking images in your web browser, making a Pinterest board, or saving items to a folder on your computer.

Sifting through a catalog of inspiring work will help you to identify trends – both past and present – and can inform your style.

  • Get acquainted with leading designer portfolio sites like Dribbble and Behance . These platforms showcase an abundance of high-quality work from leading designers across the spectrum – everyone from web and UX designers, to graphic designers and typographers.
  • Set aside time in your day to review these sites and use apps like Panda to make the collection process easier.

8. Dissect the process.

Dissect designs you admire to understand the steps and techniques involved.

One of the most pivotal moments in my design journey was when I recognized that every single illustration, infographic, and icon I had ever ogled over was the product of someone mastering how to combine shapes and lines.

Analyzing the process behind a design will allow you to understand the steps required to produce a piece of work. Depending on your current skill level, you may have a leg up in knowing which tools were used, or which aspect was created first. But if you‘re a beginner, don’t let that stop you – examining the construction of a design will let you flex your creative muscle.

  • Download a free vector or PSD design resource, and dig through the layers to see how the designer constructed the object. You can find a number of those files here .
  • Once you pick your file, open it in Photoshop, then open the Layers Panel (which you can learn to use here ) and un-collapse some of the folders, so that you can see the layers contained within them.

By simply changing the visibility of the layers, you can begin to see how the designer used each shape to build upon one another. You can also begin to understand how to use Photoshop Effects, like drop shadows and strokes.

9. Get specific with your online search queries.

As you begin creating your own designs, you'll likely hit an obstacle where you think to yourself, " Hmm, how the heck do I do that? "

Chances are, others have wondered the same thing.

Like many self-taught disciplines these days, the majority of my own technical design knowledge was gained by watching a  YouTube tutorial while I actively followed along.

The key is to be really specific with your searches, so you can find a highly relevant tutorial.

Searching for something like “How to Create an Icon” might deliver really broad search results. Instead, type in exactly what you want to learn, like, “How to Create a Flat Icon with a Long Shadow.” Boom.

Browse a design terminology glossary to find the specific terms for techniques you‘re trying to learn. That can help you find what you’re looking for online much more easily, in addition to helping you familiarize yourself with the language.

10. Replicate your favorite work for learning purposes.

Let me be clear: Under no circumstances should you infringe on anyone‘s copyrighted work. Never reproduce someone else’s work and try to pass it off as your own.

That said, re-creating a design you like is helpful to gain a deeper understanding of design techniques.

You‘ll have to get creative with the method you choose to recreate the design. Don’t get frustrated if you can't duplicate a design exactly – remember, the process is more important than the result.

  • Find a design piece you think is successful, which should be easy if you've created an inspiration catalog.
  • Open up your go-to design software to recreate it.
  • Start dissecting the design and recreating it using your own process.
  • If you get stuck, use specific search queries and lean on your design community.

11. Embrace negative space.

Beginner and advanced designers alike often overlook the proper use of negative space.

What is negative space, or white space? It‘s the space in your design that’s not occupied by any visual or written element. A design piece that doesn't incorporate enough negative space is like a sentence with no spaces: itisdifficulttocomprehend .

  • Read some of the articles on this list , compiled by David Kadavy, author of Design for Hackers: Reverse Engineering Beauty . Then, try to put some of these theories into action.

Remember, there's no hard-and-fast rule to using white space. It takes practice. Eventually, exercises in resizing elements of your composition and changing the layout will lead to a natural understanding of the amount of breathing room required.

12. Seek constructive feedback.

On some level, everyone is afraid of criticism. Learning to accept constructive criticism is no easy task, but it's key to becoming a better designer.

Paul Arden, who was the creative force behind Saatchi & Saatchi at the pinnacle of its success, wrote this in his best-selling book, It‘s Not How Good You Are, It’s How Good You Want to Be :

“If, instead of seeking approval, you ask, 'What’s wrong with it? How can I improve it?' you are more likely to get a truthful, critical answer. You may even get an improvement on your idea. And you are still in a position to reject the criticism if you think it is wrong. Can you find fault with this?”

Design critics allow us to incorporate others‘ viewpoints into our work and improve our ideas. You always have the option to reject the feedback, but considering it in the first place is what’s important.

  • Have a one-on-one conversation with an experienced designer. If you don't know anyone in the design world, join an online community of designers.
  • Post on Reddit's Design Critiques .
  • Publish your work on social media and ask for feedback from fellow designers.

13. Undertake a passion project.

Engage in design projects that align with your interests and passions. These projects will motivate you to push through challenges and provide direction during the early stages of your learning journey.

  • Align your interests or current situation with your projects. If you're a blogger, try creating the header image for your next post. V
  • Voice your willingness to work on an offer with your content team.

There are several ways to work design into your day, but it's up to you to pick something that matters to you. And if you're trying to market your work to the world from a personal portfolio or website, use HubSpot's SEO Marketing Software .

content-management-seo tool

Present your hard work in a format where professionals can see it clearly, and let the tool do the heavy lifting for you, generating copy and meta descriptions that target the niche your work caters to.

14. Just start.

It's easy to be intimidated by the sheer amount of learning associated with graphic design, but remember that even the most talented designers were newbies once, too.

What makes the creative field so special is that everyone‘s journey is unique – there’s no one way to approach DIY design. You'll find your own means to discern what you want and need to learn.

Furthermore, design is an iterative process, so keep reworking your ideas and projects.

Grow Your Career in Graphic Design

As you progress, you‘ll develop your own workflow, and one day, that design that took you all day will only take you a mere fraction of time. Trust me, I’m living proof.

Editor's Note: This post was originally published in June 2017 and has since been updated for comprehensiveness.

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What is the difference between illiberal and liberal democracies?

What is the value of G? I dont know what “value” is.

When the price in the market is $100, Company 1 will produce 100 computers and Company 2 will produce 200. When the price rises to $200, Company 1 will produce 200 computers, and Company 2 will produce 300. When the market price increases from $100 to $200, what is the market elasticity of supply using the midpoint formula?

what is 4+1

3 ways magma forms

What effect does high Co2 and thus carbonate level on marine organisms

Why do you think earth is round?

How long would a human survive on each planet according to the video?

In 3-4 sentences, explain all of the phases of the moon based off of the video

What human impact led to the “Love Canal Disaster?”

1.What are symptoms?

1.What are symptoms?

2.What are the treatment options?

1.What are the causes of fetal alcohol syndrome?

A space probe on the surface of Mars sends a radio signal back to the Earth, a distance of 8.27  ✕  10 7  km. Radio waves travel at the speed of light (3.00  ✕  10 8  m/s). How many seconds does it take for the signal to reach the Earth?  

Is gravity always 9.8m/s^2

If a government is willing to sacrifice human life in favor of the private accumulation of profit, it is in violation, most directly of which of Dussel's principles?

What is the wavelength of an electromagnetic wave that has a frequency of 5x10-5m/s?

1.    Journalize the following transactions for Central Jump Park, Inc.

a.    Start Microsoft Excel, and open the BUS114_02_06.xlsx file from C:\ACTT2\Data\Unit_02.

b.    Click the File tab, and click Save As. Save the file to C:\ACTT2\Student\Unit_02.

c.    Central Jump Park, Inc. received its charter on August 1. Journalize the following transactions associated with starting a corporation, issuing stock subscriptions, and declaring and paying dividends.

                                             i.       August 4. Ten incorporators pay for 50,000 shares of $5.00 value common stock. Receipt No. 1-10.

                                            ii.       August 4. Peter O’Donnelly was reimbursed for organization costs, $6,500.00. Check No. 1.

                                           iii.       August 6. Adina Lee subscribed to purchase 500 shares of $5.00 value common stock. Memorandum No. 1.

                                           iv.       September 16. Adina Lee made a full payment on the stock subscription. Receipt No. 11.

                                            v.       September 16. Issued stock certificate to Adina Lee for 500 shares. Memorandum No. 3.

                                           vi.       November 1. Central Jump Park, Inc.’s board of directors declared an annual dividend of $40,000.00. Preferred stock issued is $100,000.00 of 10%, $100.00 value. Common stock issued is $400,000.00 of $5.00 value. Memorandum No. 151.

                                          vii.       December 1. Paid cash for annual dividend declared November 1. Check No. 381.

d.    Save and close the spreadsheet.

e.    Submit your file to your instructor for grading.

What does “IR” stand for in engineering?

1.What is the motivating force behind each nation's esteeming some practices good and other practices

O The will to live.

O Jealousy.

O The will to power.

2. For Nietzsche, what is the origin of religious values?

O a. Human beings create the values found in religious texts. 

O b. The prophets reveal God's law in religious pronouncements that are then recorded.

Oc. Space allens brought religious values to earth. 

Od. All religious values come from divine revelation to each person whose heart is open to God.

3. For Enrique Dussel, what happens as a result of the face to face encounter with the Other if I a receptive to the Other's call for help?

O a. I realize I am too different from others and must focus on just taking care of myself and my family.

O b. I realize I am co-responsible for the life of the 

Other. Oc. I begin to see that utilitarian standards are the only moral ones.

O d. I find myself to be alone in this world

4. What is the material ethical principle?

O We ought to follow democratic procedures whereby everyone impacted by a policy has an equal voice 

O We ought to do only what is feasible

in its formulation?

O We ought to love our neighbors as we do ourselves.

O We ought to advance human life in community and in harmony with the environment.

5.What is the formal ethical principle in Dussel?

O a. We ought to advance human life in community and in harmony with the biosphere.

Ob. We ought to follow democratic procedures by which everyone impacted by decisions has an equal

voice in their formulation.

Oc. We ought to do what can be accomplished.

O d. We ought to follow Kant's ethics.

6. What is the principle of feasibility? 

O a. We ought to advance human life in community.

O b. We ought to do what is achievable.

O c. We ought to use democratic procedures in which everyone has an equal voice who is impacted by the decisions being formulated. 

O d. We ought to follow Nietzsche's ethics.

7. If a government is willing to sacrifice human life in favor of the private accumulation of profit, it is in violation, most directly of which of Dussel's principles?

O a. material

O b. formal

Oc. feasibility

O d. utilitarian

8. What Social movements as a force for change in 21st century Latin America? Add  ONE ethical standard, (Plato, Kant, Mill, Dussel) to assess whether social movements have advanced or hindered an ethical standard.

(1)  Why were the Genains specifically used for this study? What was rare or unique about them?

In the process of classifying objects, people are especially likely to make use of

What is the difference between a compound shape and a compound path in Illlustrator?

How can I open PSD files in Adobe Illustrator?

Why is Illustrator adding a '#' to my line of text?

How do I move an Illustrator artboard?

Trying to understand AP Statistics. Just the entire course in general. Any tips?

I need math help

Can you please help me answer this questions

This is the question:

In a recent random sample of 100 students, 14 reported that they had texted while driving in the past month.

  • Assumptions and Conditions  - Make a check-list of assumptions and conditions.
  • Raw data, computations, and resulting confidence   interval  - Present the data that you were given, and show the computations for the confidence interval by showing the key-strokes on your TI-84 or Excel.

Can you please help me?

A monthly plan cost $1 per month plus 0.35 per text message. Find the monthly cost for x text message

Can you please help me? Thank you!

For your first news analysis, you will need to find an article of your choosing. The article must contain a discussion of some data using summary statistics.

1) Identify the following. The first three items are crucial. The rest should be reported if they are mentioned in the article:

A. The things or people being examined.

B. What is being examined with respect to those things or people?

C. Where it is being examined?

D. When it was examined?

E. Why it's being examined?

F. How it's being examined? 

2) List at least one summary statistic given in the article. If you'd like to list more than one, that's ok.

3) Give a short analysis of why you agree or disagree with the article. This analysis can be based on anything which the article states or anything that you're aware of.

4) Include a copy of the article in your submission. You may do this by copying and pasting the article into your document, or by copying and pasting a url address for that article.

Two current carrying wires are a distance a apart and experience a Force F between them. The wires are moved a distance 2a apart. What is the new force between the wires?

What law explains electromagnetic induction?

What is Japanese traditional sports?

For f(x) = 1/(x^2 - 2x + k) and k= -8, what is the integral of f(x) dx over [0, 1]?

Can you help with this questions it for interpersonal communication class

What should I know for the AP Macroeconomics exam? (Besides the types of graphs and their rules)

What is the output from the following code? String s = "Computer Science is fun!"; String s1 = s.substring(0,8); String s2 = s1.substring(1); String s3 = s2.substring(1,3); System.out.println(s3);

"Cat has a speak method that returns ""Meow"" Bird has a speak method that returns ""Tweet"" Dog has a speak method that returns ""Woof"" Pig doesn’t have a speak method Cow has a speak method that returns ""Moo"" What is the output from looping through this array of animals and asking each to speak()? Animal[] a = { new Cat(), new Cow(), new Dog(), new Pig(), new Bird() }"

public void f(int a, int b) { if (a/b != 0) f(a/b,b); System.out.print(a % b); } Given the method above, what is printed by the call f(4,2) ?

Why might a provider like to see a graphic representation of a patient's results or vitals over time? provide examples. 

What are other options for travel in Mexico?

I really am trying to teach myself Spanish because I don't have access to a Spanish class or lessons, but after a few weeks my dedication steadily decreased because I'm not seeing any real results or actually learning the language. What should I do?

What tense of the verb am I supposed to use? 'Yo voy a compara una videograbadora para que mi hermana ___ (poder) ver películas en español.'

Spanish help: Complete the sentences replacing the ____ with the correct present perfect form of the verb in parentheses.

Yo le __ una buena propina a la camarera (dar) *, yo __ con toda la tarea de español. (preocuparse) *, yo __ un abrigo porque hace fresco. (ponerse) *, nosotros __ las manos para ser sanos. (lavarse) *.

What is the future tense for I am going to go somewhere? Like "I am going to take this prescription to the pharmacy" "________ tomar la receta a la farmacia"

"Cuando la clase no es interesante, yo estoy..." How would I finish this sentence (nervioso, aburrido, preocupado, alegre)?

Which word (acuerdo, recuerdo) is correct for this sentence? ¿Conoces a ese actor? Pues, no me ___ de él

What should be in the blank? Por fin, el zorro _____ que las uvas estaban agrias. (At last, the fox decided that the grapes were sour.)

How do you say “mismatch” in Spanish?

What is equilibrium means?

Convert the angle 23pi/12 radians to degrees

Solve each triangle using Law Of Sines. Explain your answers.​

When factoring a polynomial in the form ax 2 + bx + c, where a, b, and c are positive real

numbers, should the signs in the binomials be both positive, negative, or one of each?

Can you please help me write a quadratic equation in standard form with the given root(s)

Need help graphing and find the function equation for ferris wheel. *Word Problem given a situation graph the function & be able to write the equation based on the situation. Sea World opened a new feris wheel ride. The ferris Wheel is 120 ft tall. The height from the lowest car to the ground is 30 ft. The ferris wheel makes one full rotation in 2 minutes sketch the graph of on period labeling all the key point.

I don’t know how to get the answer to this problem…number 13

Algebra 2 question

what should i do to spice up my collage resume. I want to really make it impressive, but im already a junior.

Background about me-  My family and I moved to the USA 5 YEARS ago, and as immigrants with limited English, my parents have had to accept low-paying jobs. My father doesn't get any job because of his medical conditions, and my mother is working in a warehouse where she can't earn too much that can help my father's medical bills, pay our rent, and put food on the table, so I've always known they could not help me pay for College. 

So I've been proactive about earning and saving my own money. Since age 18, I've worked odd jobs (like mowing my neighbors' lawns); I started working at the subway after school and on weekends. Through all these jobs, I've saved about $6000. But even with my finances, I can't afford to pay for my College because I have to pay the bills and help my parents. I need help and complete College to give a good life to my parents. 

Current in College and doing a bachelor's in business management.

  • If applicable, state any specific person or family financial circumstances affecting your need for assistance.
  • From a financial standpoint, what impact would this scholarship have on your education?
  • Discuss how your interest in your field or major developed. Describe your experience in the field and what you gained from this involvement. Please provide a minimum of 200 words.
  • When did you know that you wanted to pursue this degree? What makes now the time to pursue or continue your pursuit of your degree? Please provide a minimum of 200 words.
  • What are your short- and long-term career goals, and how will earning this degree contribute to achieving those goals? Please provide a minimum of 200 words.
  • Describe the skills and traits you possess that help you overcome obstacles. Please describe an experience or accomplishment that you are proud of. Please provide a minimum of 200 words.
  • It is highly encouraged that students submit a professional resume to allow the scholarship committee a more accurate view of your professional experience (Please upload PDF or .docx format only. Pages documents will not be accepted).

Taylor argues a disproportionate number of Black people are poorer, more likely to be underemployed, condemned to substandard housing, and given inferior health care because of a lack of participation in local government b race discrimination c. Republican leadership d. failing to vote

Toward the end of her article, Taylor evokes the voice of Martin Luther King, Jr. Complete the quotation: In 1968 during another period of social upheaval, Martin Luther King, Jr., explained that the power of the black movement lies not only its capacity to fight for the rights of African-Americans but in its revelation of the interrelated flaws of American society, including a class and race. b. militarism and materialism. C racism, poverty, militarism, and materialism. D consumerism, poverty, and corruption

The ban on smoking in public buildings infringes on the rights of individual smokers in order to safeguard the health of the majority who are non- smokers. This ban was passed after Dr. Mills argued that it would give rise to the most amount of good health, which is necessary for happiness, and it would alleviate overall suffering from second-hand smoke related illnesses. What ethical theory is the best fit for this argument? a. Kant's categorical imperative b. Plato's theory of the tripartite soul . C Nietzsche's moral relativism d. Mill's theory of Utilitarianism

Kant maintained that human choices, though limited by our circumstances, is ultimately determined by a. the laws of physics b. patterns of activation in the brain c the Matrix d free will

For Kant, if I have heteronomy of the willI have opted to subordinate my will to a the moral law b self love and instinct c. the appetitive part of my soul d eros

For Kant, the only thing in the world that morally good without qualification is a the action that brings about the greatest happiness of the greatest number bthe action that brings inner harmony or justice in the soul c the good will or the will that acts in accordance with the categorical imperative d. the form of goodness itself

One can argue on Kantian ethical grounds that the government's separation of migrant children from their families and their placement in detention facilities to deter others from seeking asylum in the US is unethical because it a. brings about awful consequences by their acts. b. views someone as a liability . c. treats other persons as a mere means . d categorically reject capitalist ideology

The categorical imperative (or moral law), in Kant, is most similar to: a the greatest happiness principle b the golden rule c the idea that you should get what you can while you can d the traffic laws

For Nietzsche, as discussed in class, the death of God means: a an actual God once lived and then recently died, so it is time for the new gods. B the belief in the Christian God is now untenable (people are

 generally falling away from faith) so the European moral values based on that belief are in peril c God has sent his only son to die for our sins d humans do not have free will

According to Nietzsche, as expressed in the Thousand and One Goals in Thus Spoke Zarathustra, human societies develop ethical codes and religious texts by a. forming faith based communities and waiting for the revealed word of God. B discovering the Book of the Dead and deciphering the tablets c simply being open to the prevailing ideology d creating their own values, but then imagining (incorrectly) that a God or Gods created and sanctioned these values

For Enrique Dussel, ought to advance human life in community and protect the biosphere (environment) by means of a practices that are in accord with the categorical imperative. b. democratic procedures and in accord with what is feasible. Cpractices that produce the most amount of happiness. D mindful walking, breathing, and meditation

For Dussel, in the face to face encounter with the Other (victims of the prevailing system) recognize a that there is only one true God b my co-responsibility for the victims of the prevailing system c there is no hope for the future of humanity and the planet

For Descartes, come to prove the existence of God (in the Meditations) only after I realize a I am an unlimited being and can extend my reach throughout the universe b. I am a limited being and did not create myself cam a true believer and have heard the voice of God . D Faith has rewards in heaven

For Descartes, the argument sometimes referred to as "Cogito Ergo Sum" (think, therefore I am)is aan argument which proves the existence of everything to be only within his own mind ban argument that shows the mind cannot be deceived about anything. C an argument for one's own existence while one is doubting or thinking. d. there is a cog in the ergo when one hits the sum

For Descartes, indirect realism or representationalism includes all of the following claims about knowledge except a we have direct perceptual contact with the mathematical physical world b. we only know something about the world through the mediation of ideas in the mind. C only the primary qualities of our ideas resembles features of the mathematicalã physical world. d. there is a real extra mental world beyond the horizon of human subjectivity

For Descartes, Galileo, Locke, and other indirect realists, the primary qualities represent what are today are called asubjective or observer-dependent qualities bobjective or observer -independent qualities c. the first qualities anyone ever knows d. the primary source of horoscope information

The term extra-mental as used in class refers to what is beyond or outside of the mindSince George Berkeley rejects the extra-mental dimension of primary qualities, what is commonly referred to as a physical object is really for Berkeley, a an idea or ideas in the mind b a bunch of particles external to any mind c afantasy d quarks in a field

Epistemology is the study of a aknowledge b. morality c. how weapons inspectors go about their business in the episteme of toxic substances d. how epitomes come to lost souls .

 Rene Descartes' method for putting knowledge on a firm foundation starts with the employment of systematic doubt. Instead of enumerating every one of his opinions, he economizes by calling into question claims about the world which are based on the evidence of a the rational intuition .b the Internet c revelation. D the senses

For Descartes, by the time we finish the third section of the Meditations on First Philosophy we can be confident that the primary qualities really do represent observer independent features of the world and that we are not being deceived about this because A there is a Good God who would not deceive us about this. B there is an infinitely powerful evil genius who creates the external world c while am thinking cannot doubt that exist

In class, we mentioned the theory of knowledge of John Locke only with regard to his contribution of the concepts of primary versus secondary qualitiesIt expresses a distinction made by Galileo, Descartes, and other early modern philosophers and scientistsWhich of the following, would be considered a secondary quality? A the spherical shape of a ball b extension in space c the motion of a guitar string (vibration) d the sweet smell of the rose

In the experiment performed in class, we closed our eyes and imagined a blue sweater. Dr. Mills asked : if we were to go into someone's skull or brain, would we find the blue image? After discussing this , we concluded that the blue image we imagined, each in our own minds, could not be seen by others because it was not to be found in the brain. For Descartes , the mystery of how to account for the blue image is to say that a. it is in the brain but you just cannot see it. b. it is in the mind and the mind is not located in space as are physical objects .c there really is no such thing as a mind or a thinking thing d. to have a blue image in the mind is nothing more than the disposition to say "I have a blue image in my mind

If one accepts Descartes' substance dualism and believes that the mind is separate from the body, then one will have a very hard time explaining : a why I seem to float above my body b. how dreams occur .c what happens when someone hears voices that are not really out there. D what appears to be the very close connection between mind and body

Descartes argues that while the body is made of parts and therefore will one day disintegrate (return to the earth), the human mind A is also made of parts and will have to die b. is indivisible and thus might be immortal. .c creates the body and is all powerful d goes on existing even when there is no thinking at all

For Thomas Hobbes, there is no mind body problem because the human being is basically a. just a bundle of ideas b a physical thing c a dream in the mind of God d neither mental nor physical

For Berkeley, the computer that appears to be outside of my mind is really a. an extra-mental physical object b. a shadow on the wall of the cave . C an idea in the mind d. an image generated by a computer program

Berkeley does not accept the indirect realist distinction between primary and secondary qualities. For one of his arguments against this distinction he uses a thought experiment. Here is a simple version of the

 argument. If we imagine a rolling red ball, and we then try to subtract out ALL of the color (a secondary quality) from the shape and motion (primary qualities ) of the ball, according to Berkeley athe shape and motion of the ball will disappear along with the color. b. the shape will remain even while the color is substracted out c Cthe motion remain ; the ball will roll along without any color . d. the motion and shape will produce a new color.

Descartes argues that the mind and body are separate substances. We have called this substance dualism or the mind body problem. Maurice Merleau-Ponty offers an alternative to substance dualism Merleau -Ponty argues that the correct starting place in the theory of knowledge is not the isolated thinking Ego that is detached (separate ) from the body and physical world, but rather the a categorical imperative b . body c. mind d. lived body

For Merleau-Ponty, when someone is joyous and smiles at me, the smile a is just a physical behavior the joy is hidden from me in the person's mind because mind and body are different substances b is just an idea in my mind; there is no other being apart from me except the unlimited God c is an expression of the person's joy that is, the person's lived experience of the joy is incarnate in the smile. D is just a psychological state (please help me I really need help)

E. B. Tylor is famous for his theory of ‘survivals’; that is “processes, customs, and opinions, and so forth, which have been carried on by force of habit into a new state of society different from that in which they had their original home, and they thus remain as proofs and examples of an older condition of culture out of which a newer has been evolved.” For a total of 10 homework points, come up with 10 original examples of survivals that are not mentioned in the lecture, and be sure to explain the ‘origin’ of each survival (what are they said to be a ‘survival’ of?).

how sociological inquiry can help us understand diversity, group dynamics and the power of separating societies into groups

summarize Descartes' theory of knowledge using one concrete example. For example, explain the relationship between your visual perception of the computer screen or some other item and the item itself that exists in the physical world outside the mind.  Be sure to illustrate the distinction between primary and secondary qualities.

respond to peer:

I think what best explains how and why gender socialization came out to be the way it is today is the patriarchy. I say this because it gives you a base on how gender was seen in earlier days and what it lead to today. Like how in the video it talks about the types of jobs men and women tend to lead to. Men take on more of those physical or engineering related jobs while women tend to take on more care taking jobs. I think in a way this is good because it utilizes some of the skills on gender leans more too than the other since women are the ones that can grow and have children. However in a way this is also a bad thing for the people who view it the wrong way. They think women are weaker or less important than men because of the type of jobs they choose, typically because they're "less physically demanding". However in these days i think it's pretty apparent both men and women can do 99% of the jobs the other can and so stereotypes like this should be ruled out.Career should be chosen by personal preference and not looked down upon. 

After watching the video, I believe that the main sociological perspectives used in the video was symbolic interactionism. This perspective represents the gender socialization. This is because males and females have been taught in the past society to adapt to a specific gender stereotype. We are taught certain things as kids that effect our gender roles as adults.  Masculinity and femininity are personality traits that separate the gender roles. Gender roles have different beliefs and expectations. There are gender stereotypes that are talked about like personality, occupation, and abilities. For example, like in the video they talk about how girls are known to be good at arts and humanities, and boys lean more towards math and science. Or even with the name Sam being a female or males' name. Some people may think otherwise. In today's society I believe that things have changed a little due to women being able to do the same jobs as men, but are they are still judged due to their gender. Stereotypes follow us and influence decisions throughout our lives. The choices and decisions we make are reflective upon learned behaviors.

why are social classes harmful to society?

I’m three paragraphs What is the explanation on the meaning of Nietzsche's The Death of God thesis?

 what responsibility do you think any society has in dealing with inequality. 

sweep - In french passe compose form

We went to - In french passe compose form

was- in french imparfaire form

In the French language, what would be the difference between using leur and les in a sentence if both mean "them". If I said, "We speak to them often, so we known them well." where would the leur and les go and why. Give another example if possible please and thank you.

What is a good way to practice my French without it being boring? I wish I could talk to a french speaking person but I do not know any. Also any tips on helping to remember words?

In french, how can I tell when to use "ce" "cet" and "cette" when describing "this"

Find the words!! in french

find the french words pls screenshot the answers thanks

What's the difference between phyla, order and family?

What causes hurricanes in the Southern Hemisphere to spin in the opposite direction from ones in the Northern Hemisphere?

How can coral reefs and estuaries support high levels of biological diversity?

What started ww1

How many inhabitants were required to became a state,according to the land ordinance of 1787 A(60,000 B(50,000 C(30,000 D(40,000 E(70,000

Which was a positive change that occurred in China because of Ming Dynasty policies that helps increase population?

Think about an amendment (1-10) you think has been challenged in the past twenty-five years.

Then, post a link to an article, video or other piece of media that relates to one of these controversies. For example, this article  Drones  relates to the Fourth Amendment interpretation of what constitutes illegal search and seizure. In at least 150 words, explain how your article relates to the particular amendment you've chosen to discuss.

I need to help the introduction and the conclusion in the essay about the relationship between colonies and England.

Can someone help me to do it? It's due tonight.

The title I choose is John Brown's Rebellion

What is a topic sentence

Why was the summer of 1863 so decisive for the Union?

Who coined the term “great resignation”?

Tiffany can read 90 words in 5.4 minutes. How many words can she read in 30 minutes?

Why do inline CSS commands not work with h1 even when using "! Important"?

What does the tag do?

How do I center the text of my footer in CSS?

How can we combat stereotype threat?

Pretend you're an -psychologist, and you have been given the job of redesigning the recruitment and training processes for a police departmentHow would you change these processes to ensure equal treatment of all races and ethnicities?

Briefly describe the trait theorists’ approach to personality.

  • Specifically, how did Gordon Allport, Raymond Cattell, and Hans Eysenck study traits?

I need help with finding sources that r peer-reviewed, academic journals, or sources that have academic backing for the attached discussion topic. I am new at having to find sources and having trouble this week

What type of memory is for automatic activities, such as bike riding and handwriting?

The Browns have experienced digital adaption in each of the different social structures. Explain how the Brown family has adapted. ***The Brown's Family Scenario***- The lives of the Brown family are entirely dependent on technology. In their lives, it can be seen how we can evaluate society's structural adaption to digital growth, analyze how identities are developed in the digital world, evaluate social theories impacting the digital world, evaluate changes in society's organizations through additional theories, evaluate the evolution of language within online environments and through digital technology, and analyze the development of deviance in the digital world. 

Ross and Kristina met on a  dating  website. Ross is from Florida, and Kristina is from Connecticut. They met on average once a month in person and used video calls almost every day for six months before getting married. Most of their friends also had profiles on dating websites and found their spouses in the same way. Online dating apps have brought about a revolution in how we choose our partners.

Together, Ross and Kristina have two kids - Samantha, who is twelve years old, and eight-year-old Nate. The Brown Family exemplifies how the digital world has become part of almost every aspect of society. Increasingly, all members of the family are  connected with technology . 

Ross works from home and wakes up to the phone alarm, and quickly looks through his Google calendar to see the different meetings he has throughout the day. 

Kristina wakes up and grabs her phone to ask what the weather is going to be like. The answer will help her decide if she will go to work or work from home. Her workplace has made changes to how the business will run, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic. A few of the departments have completely gone remote. Going remote has saved the company on office space as well. 

Kristina decides to work from home. However, she must also oversee the kids who are attending  school online . The kids use e-books and use online technology for tests and assignments. Often, she has to help Nate and Samantha with their homework assignments as well. For lunch, she usually orders on Grubhub or UberEats for food to be delivered. She often thinks that the food industry has essentially turned into an online business, putting the livelihoods of a significant number of food industry workers, primarily waiters and waitresses, at risk of losing jobs.

Ross and Kristina's family typifies an increasingly digital economy, rapidly creating groups of digital haves and have nots. The Brown family is able to keep pace with the digital economy as opposed to being on the other side of the digital divide. 

Since the onset of Covid-19, Ross and Kristina have been purchasing nearly everything online. Every store they buy a product from, be it grocery, food, garments, beddings, to mattresses, all give a discount for signing up for their reward programs. Kristina enjoys receiving these discounts. Her  usernames and passwords  have become her new cyber identity in the digital world. Cyber identity can be in the form of user names and passwords or even just a phone number. In fact, Kristina and others reliant on this digital world have cyber identities that bring a new set of realities and consequences.

When Kristina's computer broke, she had difficulty remembering all the usernames and passwords for the various websites. Fortunately, by using each site's login assistance function and with some help from customer care when needed, she was able to retrieve her usernames and passwords. She did so by authenticating her identity using a set of identifying features such as her date of birth, social security number, and other personal details. The digital world has created and confined the identity of Kristina and users like her into a complex digital persona that serves as her cyber identity and fingerprint. 

Ross, Kristina, Samantha, and Nate all have Facebook accounts. Samantha and Kristina have Instagram accounts as well. This helps them stay connected with family out of state and friends that they do not see every day. 

Samantha , who likes to be popular, has been regularly posting on  Tik-Tok . She keeps adding to her Tik-Tok content to remain popular, and in the process, appears to have moved away from her past identity. The real Samantha has been overtaken by identity she worked upon based on followers' interests and expectations. Samantha's followers are from all over the world. Samantha and Nate have been texting each other using internet slang and abbreviations that Ross or Kristina cannot understand. However, Kristina has started using emojis in her emails and texting to be trendier with digital communication .  

Samantha's friend, Alex, has been following a celebrity using a fake ID and writes demeaning comments using slang on her Instagram page as he does not like her. Alex has access to celebrities and the ability to comment only because of digital anonymity. He would have never been able to do this in person. 

What is an example of the displacement defense mechanism?

What is an example of "argument by evidence"?

Who is Maslow and what is his theory?

Wilhelm Wundt used the research method known as what?

How do Afro-Latin individuals code-switch between Black English to regular English and Spanish and vice-versa and how does it impact their Afro-Latin identities?

See attached document and answer the question.

Which sentence from the text best demonstrates the central idea of feeling defeated?

In paragraph 1, Franz is preoccupied with being both late and unprepared for school. How does this affect the plot of the story?

Read these lines from stanza 4 of “Robin Hood. What do these lines suggest about Keats’s attitude towards the world in which he lives?

Hey y’all, I need help writing an essay. The topic is “Did Daniel and Natasha fall in love” . This is due tomorrow and I’m stressing outtt

 During the time which Rip spends slumbering, his place of residence is transformed from an English Colony into the new United States of America (a transition that takes place, at least for Rip, on election day). What changes have this transformation wrought on Rip's way of life? What specific identity problems does Rip have in this new nation, and how could these identity problems be seen as national issues for all new Americans?

"Roselily" by Alice Walker 

How does Roselily's attitude change about marriage and moving from the beginning to the end of the story?

Please answer the question using the answer choices. Thanks

You can skip the passage and jump to the questions. Please answer the questions thank you

What is good to submit for a portfolio?

What should I avoid submitting in my portfolio?

I don’t know how to study for my TSI do you know any good websites?

Does anyone have really good advice, or various ideas on how to improve on the SAT ELA portion? I feel stuck.

In a right triangle,  a  and  b  are the lengths of the legs and  c  is the length of the hypotenuse. If  a =3 inches and  b =1 inch, what is  c ? If necessary, round to the nearest tenth.

Succession plans generally cover a time frame of (1,2,or 3) year and human resources professionals often use software specifically designed for succession planning

What are the different saving vehicles?

What is the significance of saving for emergencies?

What are the cost benefits associated with different investing methods?

How do spending habits change through an average person’s life?

How should saving habits change through an average person’s life?

How do commercial banks and credit unions differ?

What are the various types of credit that can be used to borrow money?

What are the three credit score reporting agencies?

What are the factors that influence credit scores? What are the different types and causes of bankruptcy?

What are different investment options, other than savings accounts?

What political or social events in history have impacted the stock market?

Why should beginning investors choose low-risk investments?

What are the common types of consumer fraud in today’s society?

What laws have been recently created to address consumer fraud?

How does a person know they need credit/debt counseling?

Where can a person go to receive credit/debt counseling?

What steps need to be taken to restore a person’s identity once it has been stolen?

What are the various types of insurance?

Why is it important to carry an insurance policy? Who can be identified as a beneficiary?

What insurance companies offer the best coverage and prices?

Any good study tip for the SAT?🥲🥲

Hi! I need help improving my SAT score from 1080 to 1510< can anyone share tips and sources?

"There is a growing feeling, as expressed by several of our focus group participants, that the news media should be “informative rather than authoritative”; the job of journalists should be to “give the news as raw as it is, without putting their slant on it”; and people should be given “sufficient information” from which “we would be able to form opinions of our own." What does 'raw' mean in this sentence?

The diameter of a circle is increased by 80%. By what percent is the area increased?

"Watching such a film, one will likely notice that many cubicles (still a workplace staple) have unwieldy computers and an equally unwieldy office phone." Is this sentence correct?

The largest organ of human?

How could a greater diversity of traits help an organism survive in a wider range of climates?

Both molecules and compounds are made up of compounds 


. Two or more atoms joined together by shared electrons form a molecule

. Substances made from two or more different elements are 

how did darwin describe his findings?

if This gun was fired at an angel of 30 degrees. How far would the shell go?

DNA binding proteins, called transcription factors and activators, are responsible for establishing ____________ level control of gene expression, as they are required for the initiation of and the rate at which this process occurs.

  • Administrative agencies may create rules substantive rules, which are commonly referred to as regulations.
  •  False

Which is NOT a stage or activity that exists in the civil legal process 

A.Determination of personal and subject matter jurisdiction.

B.Post-conviction sentencing

C.Filing the complaint in the appropriate jurisdiction

D.Service of process


F.Motions before and after trial

G.Alternative Dispute Resolution


I.Voir dire

When it comes to the topic of free enterprise, there is often debate. For example, some people will say that free enterprise is an ethical economic system. Others will argue that it is unethical. Write a two paragraph essay discussing whether you think the free enterprise system is ethical or unethical and why.

This discussion board has three (3) parts.

Part I  - It’s time to tell me and your classmates a little about yourself. Tell us where you work, what type of work you do your major, and other information you’re comfortable sharing with us, such as your hobbies, unique life experiences, future career plans, etc. Share some information about yourself so that we can get to know one another.

Part II  - Use the most current Occupational Outlook Handbook ( U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics (Links to an external site.)

) to research three (3) different categories of managers. For each, prepare a bulleted list in your own words (not copy-and-paste) that describes the following:

  • The nature of the work
  • Training and qualifications needed
  • Job outlook
  • Projections data

Your initial posting should be substantive (at least 200 words) and is  due no later than 11:59 PM on THURSDAY of this module .

Part III  – To complete the discussion board portion of this assignment, your responses to a minimum of  TWO  (2) classmates is required  no later than SUNDAY at 11:59 PM.   These responses should be substantive (at least 50 words each) and add significantly to the discussion by building on your classmates’ comments, noting similarities or differences, suggesting alternative solutions, pointing out problems, and even at times, constructively disagreeing. When responding to classmates, please include their first names (i.e., Rebecca, I think you hit the nail on the head!)

Please note : You must post to the discussion board before you can view classmates' responses.

Please also note : Late postings and/or responses will  not  be accepted for grading. For further guidance, refer to the discussion board rubric.

This assignment is worth up to 30 points: up to 20 points for your initial posting, and up to 10 points for your responses to classmates. 

In his book, The Innovator’s Dilemma, Clayton Christensen describes companies that do everything right, yet still fail. The external environment changes and destroys or radically changes existing business models. Is disruptive innovation real, and how do we as managers anticipate it.

What is debt ceiling?

What is the difference between public investment and government expenditure?

what is the best format for a debate 2 AC paper

How should I end a speech?

How can I improve my speech and debate?

What are some fun debate topics?

How many words are in a 3-minute speech?

How do you change this sentence into indirect speech, “She said to me, ‘I have a pen’”?

What are some examples of frozen speech style?

What are some tips to write a speech about yourself?

I'm trying to make a 3D maze game in Construct 3 and would like to add 3D floating lights that bounce off the wall (similar to that of a firefly) but I can't figure out how to get them to glow

i need help creating a simple enemy AI in construct 3, can anyone help me?

Write the expression with positive exponents.

Read the following two articles. Reflect on how the world economy may change during the next 10 years. Think about areas of the economy that will grow, and how you might be able to navigate your career towards those areas. What are some skills you can learn during the next 5 years to prepare for this? (Think of both specific technical skills, as well as soft skills.) What are other activities you might do to prepare for these changes? Imagine yourself in 5 years, with the changing economy, and think of anything where you might be in a position to think, "I wish when I was in school I had done, or studied ... ### to better prepare for my career in this new economy and market environment. "

Self-driving trucks: what's the future for America's 3.5 million truckers?

Self-driving trucks: what's the future for America's 3.5 million truckers? | Self-driving cars | The Guardian

Expect More Jobs And More Automation In The Post-COVID-19 Economy (

Read & watch the following articles and videos. Think about how they relate to each other, and to the study of computer science. Then write a reflection of your thoughts on the topics.

(77) CEO Teaches Student How To Make The Right Decision | Vishen Lakhiani Speech | Goalcast - YouTube

Admiral McRaven addresses the University of Texas at Austin Class of 2014 - YouTube

Why Grit Is More Important Than IQ When You're Trying To Become Successful (

(77) A Navy SEAL commander explains how he learned to never give up - YouTube

Read & watch the following articles and videos. Think about how they relate to each other, and to the study of computer science. Then write a reflection of your thoughts on the topics. I selected these stories for this reason; in my experience, the two most important factors for success in computer science are motivation & hard work, and loving what you do for your career. Without those you cannot succeed. I also feel those factors are more critical than any natural talent and ability.

Which other programming languages share a common syntax with Java? (Select all that apply.)

Group of answer choices

Can I have help with a C++ assignment?

I need help creating a business calculator on visual studios. I know how to make the calculator just not the business calculator.

What is the history of the concept of entertainment?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of news values?

What are the old tools of journalism?

What is ethics in journalism, and why is it important?

What is Sturgeon's Law in relation to film and media?

Create a different histogram of the data using a different bin size. Similarly, be sure to label your axes and add a title

If you test the difference between three groups in ANOVA and you get a significant F test, you must

Suppose that a  random sample  of nineteen recently sold houses in a certain city has a  mean  sales price of $

, with a  standard deviation  of $

. Under the assumption that house prices are  normally distributed , find a 95

  confidence interval  for the  mean  sales price of all houses in this community. Then find the lower limit and upper limit of the 95

 confidence interval. 

Carry your intermediate computations to at least three decimal places. Round your answers to the nearest whole number. (If necessary, consult a  list of formulas .)

Lower limit: $

Upper limit: $

How do you calculate standard deviation?

Can I write in a dotted font in MS Word?

What are the four types of alignment in MS Word?

Why is there such a big gap between my lines on Word?

How do I activate wrap text in Word?

Factor the polynomial by factoring out the GCF.

7 x 2  − 14 xy  + 21 xy 2

The health care provider prescribes Minipress 2 mg by mouth two times a day for a patient who is diagnosed with hypertension. Using dimensional analysis, how many capsules caps should the nurse administer per dose?

A team of researchers at UMass Boston want to understand undergraduate college students’ decisions about food. They create a survey and stand outside the cafeteria, distributing it to every 5 th person who leaves, for a total of 239 undergraduate student responses. a. What is the population for this study? The sample? b. What type of sampling method is used? c. Create one qualitative and one quantitative question that might be on a survey about healthy eating. Explain why each question is the type you claim. d. Of the students surveyed, 147 were concerned about healthy eating. If there are approximately 12,500 undergraduates, how many might you expect to be concerned about healthy eating? e. Identify a type of bias in this study. Explain.

Our Class (15 points) In our QR class, 43% live in Massachusetts. Of the Massachusetts residents, 67% live in Boston. What percentage of the class lives in Boston? 

Since people weren’t traveling during the pandemic, car rental agencies sold of their fleets of cars. However, with the vaccinations, increased travel and supply chain issues, car rental agencies were left with not enough inventory to meet the demand. Use the chart below to calculate the absolute and relative change in national car rental price from its low in January 2021 to its peak in June 2021. Source: New York Times, September 20, 2021: “How Car Rentals Explain the 2021 Economy” 

In Fall 2019, there were approximately 16.6 million undergraduate students in degree-granting postsecondary institutions. This represents a 5% decrease from the Fall 2009 number of students. How many undergraduate students were there in 2009? Source:

Please Help with this question

I just need help with Trigonometry, I don’t really understand anything about it.

Find the measure of one interior angle of a regular 105-gon.

My student needs help with this is needed.

Please help with this is needed.

My student needs help with this problem...

Please help my student with this question...

Please help with my student's question...

Please help my student...

The lengths of side AB and side BC of a scalene triangle ABC are 12 cm and 8 cm respectively. The size of angle C is 59 degrees. Find the length of side AC.

What type of graph is y = 2 csc(x)?

Please answer B and C

Please answer A,B, and C? Use the graph

This is what I have so far. I don’t what to do both of these questions are an improper integral. An example of both of these would be very helpful.

How do you do this please show an example.

We are supposed to use the integration technique and u trig sub. And I don’t know how to solve it.

I am taking a Cambridge end-of-year exam on pre-calculus in a few months, what should I study?

To solve the equation f(x) = 6x^3 - 48, I took the GCF first. Now, I am left with 6(x^3 - 8) = 0. Instead of using the a^3 - b^3 formula, I solved it like this. (x^3 - 8) = 0, x^3 = 8, x = 2. I took the cube root of both sides, and I got only one solution. The other two solutions are complex, but I can't find them if I use this method. So what is wrong with using this method? If 8 was not a perfect cube, we could have used this method. Why is that?

I don’t understand

Write a quadratic function  h whose only zero is −10

Carlos and Shawn are selling fruit for a school fundraiser. Customers can buy small boxes of oranges and large boxes of oranges. Carlos sold 13 small boxes of oranges and 5 large boxes of oranges for a total of $133. Shawn sold 10 small boxes of oranges and 8 large boxes of oranges for a total of $148. Find the cost of each of one small box of oranges and one large box of oranges.

If you had a country what would you name it and why

What is the most effective way to study for unit tests in APUSH?

Was slavery the main engine of American economic growth? 

What was slavery main role in the u.s economic growth that lead to the civil war 

How did slavery play a role in American’s capitalism.

 how/ why did slavery play a big role in building thye

 American economy system and how it impacted it.

What was the cause and effect of slavery in the American economy world and how did it affect the economy in this generation.

In what way did the end of slavery affect us 

What were the positive effects of slavery in the United States economy in 2020?  

what was the ideal of “homespun virtue” and how did it appeal to different groups in the colonies

How do i study for the AP exam when its this friday?

How did Japanese Americans use the loyalty questionnaire to resist or critique their incarceration?

I need help studying for my Chapter 17 AP US History test.

Was the election of 1960 an easy victory for Kennedy? Why?

What were causes for the Seven Years War?

What was similar between the New Deal and Great Society programs?

Read the following passages and answer the following questions for each one:

1. What is the phenomenon being explained?

2. What theories are advanced to explain the phenomenon? (Some theories may be unstated.)

3. Which theory seems the most plausible and why? (Use the criteria of ad-equacy.)

4. Regarding the most credible theory, is there a test implication men-tioned? If so, what is it? If not, what would be a good test implication for the theory?

5. What test results would convince you to change your mind about your preferred theory?

"In the past several years, a researcher named David Oates has been advocating his discovery of a most interesting phenomenon. Oates claims that backward messages are hidden unintentionally in all human speech. The messages can be understood by recording normal speech and playing it in reverse…. [According to Oates] 'Any thought, any emotion, any motive that any person has can appear backwards in human speech. The implications are mind boggling because reverse speech opens up the Truth’.... To our knowledge there is not one em-pirical investigation of reverse speech in any peer-reviewed journal. If reverse speech did exist it would be, at the very least, a noteworthy scientific discovery. However, there are no data to support the existence of reverse speech or Oates's theories about its implications.”

Rhetorically analyze the poem "Voyage to the Moon" by Archibald MacLeish. How does the poet establish ethos, pathos, and logos? Discuss the subject, speaker, audience, and purpose of the poem. How does the intersection between the subject, speaker, and audience affects the poem?

What is a good topic for a persuasive essay?

Create  a flowchart to help fellow teachers evaluate the complexity of authentic texts that could be used in your  Signature Assignment: Content Area Literacy Unit *. Your flowchart must contain a minimum of 6 steps or components.

85443 x 484

O2 can be produced by the reaction 2KClO3 → 2KCl + 3O2. In one experiment, 0.312 g of O2 was formed. How much was KCl formed? 

What volume of a 2.00 M KOH solution is needed to neutralize 50.0 mL of a 3.00 M HCl solution?

Question options:

What is the pH of a buffer solution that is 0.55 M CHOOH and 0.45 M CHOONa?

What is the pH of a buffer solution that is 0.55 M CHOOH and 0.45 M CHOONa? (Thank you for the help)

Which solution has the highest pH?

0.10 M CHOONa

0.10 M CHOOH

Which molecule is the Lewis base in the process?

CO 2 ( g ) + H 2 O( l ) à H 2 CO 3 ( aq )

Which molecule is the strongest acid?

How many particles are in 171.77 grams of aluminum iodide?

What was the difference between Burke's and Paine's views on the French Revolution?

Why was the Crystal Palace a representative symbol of British power?

What are causes for World War I?

Help with scholorship essay

The cheerleading team was raising money for a local charity by running a concession stand at the soccer game. They used a markup rate of 300%. If it cost the cheerleaders $0.50 to purchase a bag of chips, what was their selling price?

The sum of a number and negative three

what is the volume of a cylinder with the formula v=3.14*r^2*h with the raduis be 12 and height 6

"I’m thinking of 5 numbers such that their mean is equal to their median. If 4 of the numbers are 14, 8, 16, and 14, what is the 5th number?" What is the 5th number Ms. Hernandez is thinking of?

Taher plans to cut the 3 pieces of lumber for the flower bed border from a single piece of lumber. Each cut takes 1/8 inch of wood off the length of the piece of lumber. Among the following lengths, in inches, of pieces of lumber, which is the shortest piece that he can use to cut the pieces for the flower bed border?

What is the degree measure of the acute angle formed by the hands of a 12-hour clock that reads exactly 1 o’clock?

"The balcony is fenced with a balustrade, a stone railing supported by a row of waist-high, vase-shaped pillars." Is this sentence correct?

" naval officer paid out eight miles of rope..." What does 'paid out' mean?

If x:y = 5:2 and y:z = 3:2, what is the ratio of x:z?

Write a pattern that represents a Phrygian half cadence.

What is a rondo?

Hard edge is a subset of A(Futurism B(Photorealism C(Cubism D(Vorticism E(Minimalism

how many handheld engraving tools appear in the foreground of Paul revere A(three B(two C( One D( Four E(Five

John Singleton Copley exhibited boy with a (Flying) Squirrel at the A(Royal academy (France) B(Royal academy (united Kingdom)C( Louvre D(Society of artists of great Britain E( Palace of Versailles

Best college?

write about a time when color affected you in a specific way.

What is the weather today?

How do you draw a mandala?

What is impasto painting?

What is common in all areas of the arts?

What are the different forms of contemporary art?

  Review the sources included, paying attention to the sourcing information and contextualization of each source. Use the right hand column to take notes.  You are looking for how your industrialist made so much money, how he treated his workers and competitors, and how he spent his money . Use all these websites only

In a paragraph, explain if you think Reconstruction meant mostly a time of change or mostly a time of continuity for freedmen.  Be sure to use a stand alone topic sentence, to explain at least 3 pieces of evidence to support your point of view, and to proofread before you submit this assignment.

  • In general terms, how have Americans' views of the Russia-Ukraine war changed over the past 9 months?
  • What was NATO's initial response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine and how has it changed?
  • Name two tribes that inhabited areas around the Rio Grande.

Early Labor Movement Notes Fill in the various problems faced by industrial workers during the Second Industrial Revolution:​

Compare two of the earliest national labor unions using the Venn Diagram: Knights of Labor and American Federation of Labor.​

What happens if I get a D at the end of my junior year in AP history will tht lower my chances of college acceptance

This week's reading discusses important policies that influence the field of human services. Choose one of the following problems: alcohol and substance abuse, child abuse and spouse abuse, elderly health and social care, issues in corrections, or poverty. Discuss the historical perspective about the issue you chose. Then, select one policy from the past 50 years (late 20th or early 21st century) and explain how it has impacted the issue you selected (good or bad) and what changes to that policy, if any, would better serve those in need. Be specific and use material from chapter two and outside research to support your position.  In your answer, tell us why you selected that particular policy. Examples include The Affordable Care Act, Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement, and Modernization Act, Welfare Reform (PRWORA), the Americans with Disabilities Act, etc. ,

When was WW2

When the lionesses give birth? She gives birth to their cubs.

How does the nervous system keep blood carbon dioxide and oxygen levels stable

If the concentration of a solution in test tube #1 is 200 mg / mL and a serial dilution is performed with a tube dilution of 1/4 for subsequent tube #1, a tube dilution of 1/3 for subsequent tube #2 and a tube dilution of 1/8 for subsequent tube #3 what is the final concentration of the solution in test tube #4?

If the concentration of a solution in test tube #1 is 16 mg / mL and a serial dilution is performed with a tube dilution of 1/4 for all subsequent tubes, what is the final concentration of the solution in test tube #3?

Can someone help me with this question? In a population of Pennsylvanians, only 18% of individuals express the recessive trait of Syndactyly or webbed fingers ( if using F's = ff) .  What percentage of the population are not webbed?

Explanation of how the carbon cycle occurs Explanation of why the carbon cycle is important to life on earth

How does energy move through the ecosystem?

What is the lab value of biocarbonate?

Transition theory provides a framework that generates research questions and guides effective care prior to, during and after the transition. Patients, families, and health systems encounter and face many changes that prompt processes and strategies for coping with these changes and their aftermath. For patients and families receiving care, interventions are made to assist them in facing each of the changes and promote well-being. They must understand the transition experience of passing from one stage to another. Examples include going from a teenager to a single parent or going from being perfectly healthy to very ill. This theory and its interventions aim to ensure a healthy transition from one state to another. This theory is also used in many different fields, not just nursing.  List 3 ways this theory could apply the transition into nursing school

4. Lay-folk will sometimes use the unscientific expression "missing link" in an attempt to engage in scientific conversation. What are they trying to describe when they use this expression? How do they this expression?

Does anybody have resource recommendations for students studying AP Chinese? The course my school offers is independent study, so I'm trying to supplement it wherever I can. Resources can include fictional books or shows, so long as I can use it to practice Mandarin!

Are there any profile websites for Ph.D. students like Plexuss?

In 3-4 sentences, explain how coal made us rich, and why it needs to go?

1. What did the miners Dad teach him about land?

1. What did the miners Dad teach him about land?

2. The goal of a miner is to make money. Reclamation projects are very expensive, so why do miners end their excavations with a reclamation project?

3. What does the miner describe to be in the topsoil used in the reclamation project?

4. How long did the miner project the land to return to its original form?

In 2-3 sentences explain where oil comes from

In 3-4 sentences, explain what would happen if Vesuvius Volcano Erupted in 2020?

In 2-3 sentences, explain how the Hawaiian Islands were formed thru volcanic activity.

If the DNA sequence is TAC how do I know what amino acid it translates to?

1.      In cats, the allele for black fur (B) is dominant over the allele for brown fur (b). A heterozygous female cat mated with a homozygous recessive male cat.

a.      What is the genotype of the female cat?

b.      What is the phenotype of the female cat?

c.      What is the genotype of the male cat?

d.      What is the phenotype of the male cat?

What is the purpose of “end” in Python?

Can the Python dictionary have duplicate keys?

I need help to bring my Adv. graphic designs grade up from 59. do you like have any advice for me on how to bring my grade back up?

What is Computer Aided Design with examples?

What should be a designer's priority while creating a design?

What is the importance of computer-aided design?

What are examples of some aesthetic things?

On which factors should design be rated?

What does approach to design mean?

How and where can I learn graphic design?

Fill the box

Help me explain the rhetorical situation to my professor.

His ancestors' zealous attacks against Quakers, Native Americans, and accused "witches" were both a source of interest and of conflict for Hawthorne, who so often explored this history and his connection to it in his writings. In "Young Goodman Brown" he powerfully weaves family facts into the plot and theme of his story and, as Edward Wagenknecht points out, "is perfectly clear-cut on witchcraft, as perhaps he had to be to purge himself in his own mind of the sins of his ancestors. In his stories the Salem outburst was a `terrible delusion,' a `universal madness,' in which `innocent persons' `died wrongfully' "

How does "Young, Goodman Brown" offer an interpretation of the "persecuting spirit" of late seventeenth-century Puritanism?

can someone help me with an essay about a book called Wuthering Heights?

thing that people must feel self recpect.

Hi! My teacher tells me to write an essays with the titile compare and contrast the Superman and me and Prison Studies.I need to help the introduction and conclusion. These are stories and direction:

Give a brief introduction of the Tuskegee Airmen and describe what significance they hold in American military and social history. Use dates and historic background.

under what conditions would the ussr leave afghanistan

what led to the placing military detachments in afghanistan.

What effect did private and government institutions have on People and businesses during the Great Depression?

What were some of the effects of World War I? 

Also what part of the land includes the city of Rome?

Who is the leader of the Haitian Revolution?

How were Chartists eventually able to democratize Great Britain?

How do you think Durham's report affected French speaking Canadians? 

How did the colonial settlement of Australia and New Zealand differ?

Drag the ruler into the box next to his nationality.

Which of the following are characteristics of nation-states?

A boat travels due north across a river at 22 m/s, while the river flows west at 7 m/s. What is the boat's resultant velocity as it crosses the river?

Which of the following materials create a a force of friction of 519.4 N when the mass of the object is 100 Kg?

A force of 40 Newtons applied horizontally is required to push a 20 kg box at a constant velocity across the floor. Find the acceleration of the box. Calculate the Net Force. Calculate the weight of the box. Calculate the coefficient of friction between the box and the floor.

An 80 kg person slides along the ground. Assuming the coefficient of friction is 0.3, find the force of gravity acting of the ground.

Calculate the frictional force acting on the person.

Find the net force acting on the person.

Find the acceleration rate of the person.

A horizontal force of 15 N pulls a 5kg block along a horizontal surface. If the force produces an acceleration of 2 m/s^2, what is the net force acting on the object? Calculate the frictional force on the block. calculate the weight of the block. Calculate the coefficient of friction.

how do I bring all of my grades in my classes up except for my algebra 2 class?

A force of 50 N is used to drag a 10 kg box across a horizontal table. If a frictional force of 15 N is present on the box, calculate the unbalanced (net) force on the box. 

N Calculate the acceleration of the box. 

ms2 Calculate the force of gravity acting on the box.

N Calculate the coefficient of friction.

Starting from rest, a car travels 18 meters as it accelerates uniformly for 3.0 seconds. What is the magnitude of the car's acceleration?

How much work is done pushing a 15 kg crate a distance of 2.5 m at constant speed across a wooden floor ? The coefficient of kinetic friction between the crate and the floor is 0.40. (a.) 0J (b.) 15 J (c.) 368 J (d.) 147 J

how much work is done pushing a 15 kg crate a distance of 2.5 m at constant speed across a wooden floor ? The coefficient of kinetic friction between the crate and floor is 0.40. (a.) 0 J (b.) 15 J (c.) 368 J (d.) 147 J

I have an error in my code. Can I have help figuring it out, please?

How do I square?

What is a c string?

How do I write pseudocode in C++?

What is the difference between printf() and cout in C++?

What formula would I use In excel to get the average of high and low temperatures

Use Excel functions to find the mean, median and mode of the height data. Label these on your spreadsheet.

d.     Save and close the spreadsheet.

e.     Submit your file to your instructor for grading.

What are rows and columns?

What is syntax of Vlookup in excel?

What does * mean in Excel formula?

How do you add shadow to text in Excel cells?

where is the nile river and nile delta on here

What was the Malthusian theory and what were criticisms against it?

What's the capital of Russia?

In what year did Alaska become the 49th state of America?

What is the name of line which connects the north pole to the south pole?

What is the longest distance between any two places on earth?

how do i start photographing

So I am just starting out, and I have a few questions. 1. What are some good things to buy to help me with photography? 2. Where can I get a good quality affordable camera? 3. Any tips?

What are some must-know things about photography?

What is the focal length of a lens of power +4D?

How can I learn photography skills?

What is the best photography tip that you can teach me?

What type of cameras can we use for photography?

Describe confidentiality, privacy, and why record keeping is important

Why did the members of the National Assembly divided into political groups?

What exactly is an Oligarchy? A few examples?

help me to do it!

What two laws are essential for our society to operate, and what two laws are hindering society from excelling? Respond in complete sentences.

why are  social classes harmful  to society?

This week's reading discusses important policies that influence the field of human services. Choose one of the following problems: alcohol and substance abuse, child abuse and spouse abuse, elderly health and social care, issues in corrections, or poverty. Discuss the historical perspective about the issue you chose. Then, select one policy from the past 50 years (late 20th or early 21st century) and explain how it has impacted the issue you selected (good or bad) and what changes to that policy, if any, would better serve those in need. Be specific and use material from chapter two and outside research to support your position.  In your answer, tell us why you selected that particular policy. Examples include The Affordable Care Act, Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement, and Modernization Act, Welfare Reform (PRWORA), the Americans with Disabilities Act, etc.

Remember to support your answer with material from the readings and outside research and include APA style in-text citations to show where your information comes from.

In response to your peers, share your reactions to the policy selection of at least two classmates. Do you agree or disagree with their conclusions regarding the impact of the policy on the issue they selected?  Use this as an opportunity to learn about a wide variety of social services policies from your fellow classmates.

Which of these were achievements of the Kingdom of Silla during its golden age?

How was shamanism  different  from other belief systems in the Kingdom of Silla, such as Buddhism, Confucianism, and Taoism?

How do I get my assignments done on time?

1. Why do you think the author chose to call Buddhism as a "certain way of thinking" rather than a religion?

2. What do you believe was the justification of representing the Buddha through a lotus, a horse with out a rider, or a tree when the Buddha said never to worship idols or idolize himself? 

3. Do you think the adding of the 5th and 6th virtues of Buddhism is what the original practicers of the religion would have ever wanted? A wide open religion that would become accessible to all? 

4. How do you believe the original followers of Buddhism would react to expansion like Zen Buddhism or images of Greco Buddhist Art?

5. Why would the Kushans change their complete lifestyle and live between the Roman and Chinese empires rather than attempts to expand their boarders?

6. Why is it the Kushans decided to represent all of their peoples religions on their currency?

7. Traditionally donations had no purpose in Buddhism, yet the Kushans were so worried about happiness after life so they added donations into traditions...why would this not correct late to traditional Buddhism?

8. How would Stupas be view by a traditional buddhist? 

9. What were the other two major ways of thinking when buddhism expanded into china? 

10. Buddhism is a true combination of eastern and western thinking, why? This is evident at the end of the documentary when it shows Japanese celebrations of the arrival of spring.

I would like to start up a trade school for 7th -12th graders and I need directions to funding

What art historian was the champion of the Impressionists, particularly Renoir?

Your best friend is pregnant and she knows you're taking Human Development 180 (likely you've shared how exciting this class is!) and now she has asked you for some advice. I would like you to share 3 things that you've learned in this module which would be helpful for a first time mom. Offer information about what she should know and what she can do to ensure a healthy pregnancy. 

2. Company Law: A Cyprus videogame publisher (Publisher) wishes to acquire a third-party developer

(Developer) based also in Cyprus. The Developer has already released its first videogame they have been

developing for 7 years, but unfortunately, the profit does not yet correspond to Developer’s expecta

es signed a term sheet for the first stage purchase: the Developer will issue addi

onal shares (+100% to the

current share capital) and sells them to the Publisher, but 20% can be bought back by an op

The Developer and wish to proceed with the due diligence and the contract. However, the Developer needs

financing ASAP and cannot wait for the end of all legal ma

ers to be done.

On the other hand, Publisher does not have enough cash to close the deal, so they are thinking of borrowing a

secured loan, and have chosen Gaijin’s Cyprus company as a poten

al investor. The loan will be secured by the

Gaijin’s own ordinary shares previously obtained by the Publisher. A li

le part of this loan will be used to acquire a

small number of addi

onal Gaijin’s shares from another shareholder, so the Publisher could become its major


Publisher’s current legal counsel has never conducted due diligence or prepared any contracts on company

on, so they ask you, a prospec

ve Gaijin’s legal advisor, to briefly advise their lawyers on how to conduct

legal due diligence, which difficul

es (if any) may arise with loan and purchase contracts, what the most crucial

issues should be considered while dra

ing them, and which ac

ons and documents are required to close the deal.

Answer: _______________________

what do you consider the best term length for the Supreme Court justices?

What is the name for a person who has very strong influence on others' views? What is an organization whose members share certain views and objectives?

Which voting requirement was the first to be eliminated?

What is the usual pattern of voter turnout in U.S. elections?

What was the outcome U.S. v. Lopez (1995)?

What type of organization is the Chamber of Commerce?

What are powers that can be exercised exclusively by the U.S. national government, but not state governments?

What is the purpose for brushfire and exit polls?

I need help it’s least to greatest

How many are painted on 4 faces? 3 faces? 2 faces? 1 face? 0 faces? What is the total surface area that is unpainted?

Find each measurement indicated using LAW OF SINES. Do number 11 and 12.​

Solve each triangle using LAW OF SINES. Please do number 13 and 15​

Solve each triangle using LAW OF SINES.​

Find the measure of each angle indicated using RIGHT TRIANGLE TRIGONOMETRY (SOHCAHTOA).​

I already know the triangles are similar by SAS (I think so) but I don’t understand what steps I’d need to do to find what segment DB and CB is. Please help

Help with number 6, I don’t get how to do it. If ABCD is a kite, find each measure (just side AB because it’s only question 6).

I’m not sure how to do the statements and reasons for this problem.

I can't get application to submit

how do i make a flyer using google slides

Can people know or see who else is invited to view or edit a Google Doc?

How can I save a video from Google drive?

How do I rotate text in Google Docs?

Which lines from “Robin Hood” best support the idea that Robin Hood and his companions feel a strong connection with nature?

What is the capital of ethiopian

How do you write a research paper?

6. In paragraph 9, the narrator thinks about the time he spent hunting for eggs and playing games as a reflection of which of the following?

A) his limited ability as a student, b) his realization that he should have been studying more, c) his secret pleasures in life, d) his joy at having adventures.

If You are able to help it would be graciously accepted... thank you for considering helping!!!!!! *****Is John Proctor a good puritan? ***use Act 2 page 57, line 18 to page 67, line 3 *** this is an argument essay **This is all from The Crucible ********Link to read is below

Who would the antagonist be in the Pixar short "Purl"?

Use details (at least three) from the text to explain what sort of town the author describes in the first two paragraphs. Why does the author describe this town in such detail for readers?

Read the sentences and choose the correct word that goes with the sentence

Consider Pasteur's speech in conjunction with the Essential Question for this unit (What responsibility do people have when developing new technology?) What responsibility does Pasteur seem to think scientists have for what they create? Explain using details from the last two paragraphs that support your answer.

the length of a rectangle is 3m less than twice the width, and the area of the rectangle is 14m squared. find the demension

One giant ant colony is reported to have about 3.06 x 10 8  worker ants and 1.02 x 10 6  queen ants. The number of worker ants is about how many times the number of queen ants? 

(-8-b)+6c if b=-5 and c=2


Becky's dad gives her money each time she washes the car. The first time she washes the car he gave her $1.00. Each time after, he gave her $1.00 more than the time before. how much money will Becky have when she has washed the car 14 times?

what is the absolute value of |-3x|=18

What is the translation of “happy birthday” in German?

How do I say “happy birthday” in German?

  • What is Fine’s overall aim or thesis for her article?
  • Fine develops a number of objections to Wellman’s argument; reconstruct these.
  • Review each of the previous questions. How does Fine compare or contrast with previous authors/articles? Where applicable, add a note to each section of your outline.
  • Do you have new or lingering questions about Fine’s article? What questions might your peers have?
  • Explain the Experiment Eratosthenes used to figure out the shape and size of the Earth.  Be detailed and descriptive.  Draw a diagram to accompany your explanation.  Make an argument, using your drawing and your words, that the Earth must be round.
  • Suppose you are stuck on a strange asteroid and you begin walking.  You walk in a straight line for 20 miles and the stars overhead appear to shift by 10 degrees (i.e. the stars that where directly above you are now 10 degrees lower in your sky).  What is the circumference of the asteroid?   HINT: The version of this question that appears on the actual exam may have different numbers or slight changes in details.
  • In 1996, astronomers discovered an icy object beyond Pluto and named it 1996 TL66.  It has a pretty eccentric orbit (e=0.579), see picture.  It’s perihelion distance is 35 AU and it’s aphelion distance is 132 AU.  Also, it takes a full 761.7 years to orbit the Sun once.  Answer the following.

1)     When in its orbit will 1996 TL66 be moving with the fastest speed?

2)     What shape is this orbit?

3)     What is the semi-major axis of 1996 TL66 (show work)?

Know how to identify which constellation the Sun can be found at any time of the year. If I give you a particular month and a picture of the ecliptic, can you tell me which constellation will be high overhead at midnight? At noon? Practice this! Know how to identify a person’s astrological sign if you are given an ecliptic diagram. Know the difference between seasonal constellations and constellations you can see all year long from your latitude. Be able to explain why some constellations are circumpolar and some are not. Coordinate systems might be important here!

What makes a hypothesis different from a theory?

(m^4-101m^2+18m-88) / (m-10)

write each expression as a multiple of a power of 10

I really need help on this question? I can't seem to find k

A sum of money is compounded at a yearly interest rate of 9%. After 7 years it is worth $4,000. What is the original amount of money to the nearest dollar

need help step by step

Why is it that the result of joining (or removing) a sizeless object to anything is no change at all, and that the “thing” added (or removed) is literally nothing?

The questions is below…

Marlene wants to determine which podcast adults prefer. She surveys 30 adults entering a park one morning. Which type of sample does this represent?

I’m writing a code for an AI bot and i keep getting an error, does anyone know how to fix this?

What is 1.140 divided by 3

i am a highschool freshman interested in learning how to code with java! any tips?

 System.out.printf("This program will determine the use of a cell phone bill");


   System.out.printf("Enter Package A, Package B, Package C");

   Scanner keyboard= new Scanner(;

   String packageletter; 



   {//switch (number)

  }//being switch


   case 1: "PackageA"+ "450 + 39.99";


  case 2: "Package B" +"900+ 59.99";


  case 3:"Package C+" +"200+ 69.99";

   default:System.out.print("This number entered wlll determine how much each phone bill cost);

  }//end switch

   if (packageA+PackageB+PackageC)

How do I square in Java?

What are some tricks to learn Java quickly?

How to find hieght of a triangle

Solve for a = b/c*2 for b

A city currently has 3.07 thousand residents. Each year the city's population grows by around 310 persons.

After 16 years what will the approximate population of the city be? Round to three significant digits.

Inflation causes things to cost more, and for our money to buy less (hence your grandparents saying "In my day, you could buy a cup of coffee for a nickel"). Suppose inflation decreases the value of money by 5% each year. In other words, if you have $1 this year, next year it will only buy you $0.95 worth of stuff. How much will $100 buy you in 15 years?

Diseases tend to spread according to the exponential growth model. In the early days of AIDS, the growth factor (i.e. common ratio; growth multiplier) was around 1.9. In 1983, about 1600 people in the U.S. died of AIDS. If the trend had continued unchecked, how many people would have died from AIDS in 2005?

A city currently has 2.37 thousand residents. Each year the city's population grows by around 480 persons.

After 20 years what will the approximate population of the city be? Round to three significant digits.

Create a different histogram of the data using a different bin size. Similarly, be sure to label your axes and add a title.

Predict Suppose you were given an element that has a boiling point around -185°C and a melting point around -190°C. Determine if you were given an element from a group that you already considered in this activity, or a different element. Explain your reasoning.


Use dimensional analysis to solve all of the following for 2 questions:

Use Dimensional Analysis to solve all of the following:

Is the cobalt system always the same color when it is at equilibrium, meaning a steady ratio of products to reactants? 

in Figure 1. Which bond has the highest bond energy? Which has the lowest?

The Haber Process is used to make ammonia on an industrial scale. If you want to produce 10 metric tons of ammonia, how would you calculate the mass of the reactants needed?

Can you guys check my answer and correct the one that need to be correct!!

In your own words, describe how scientists can monitor what goes on in the brains of music listeners (based on the video "How playing an instrument benefits your brain". Must use at least 10 words.

 (146) How playing an instrument benefits your brain - Anita Collins - YouTube

Giuseppe Verdi and Richard Wagner composed operas in their unique styles. What are some significant differences between Verdi’s La Traviata and Wagner’s The Valkyrie that you can readily identify?

Discuss which Nationalistic composer’s music still has a profound impact on society today and why?

This chapter discusses how musical influences grew in the Nineteenth Century. Discuss how you can compare this discussion to modern-day influences of music on society?

Why do musical notes repeat at the octave?

Why is chromium +3 more stable?

What aldehyde is the most easily oxidized?

How do I study for AP Government & Politics? I have 2 weeks before the exam.

What led to the development of the federal court system after the ratification of the Constitution?

What does fiscal federalism mean?

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What are the best website tracker tools?

How do I create my own website?

Why do we need responsive web design?

What is the definition of a landing page design?

How do I do on-page effective SEO?

How do I Display HTML code on Web Page?

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MMA100: Foundations of Digital Graphic Design

MMA100: Foundations of Digital Graphic Design

A BMCC OpenLab Site


Final project – assignment #6 – type & typography.

Assignment  6   – Poster Design with Type & the Alphabet.

Create 2 new designs using and applying balanced typography in adobe illustrator. Students will generate and demonstrate both a balanced and unconventional composition using each individual letter of the alphabet. (A-Z) The examples (below) are just a few potential ways to display style, simplicity, order and efficiency. A demonstration will be given in class.

Size requirements – 8.5 inches -X- 11 inches (or larger – 11″ x 14″)

Typefaces – Limit yourself to no more than 2-3 different fonts and 4 color values.

Step 1 – Find and discover your own inspiration and share the URLs in the comments section below. Each student will add 2-3 URLS of their inspiration in the comment section before starting this assignment.

Things to consider – Layout & balance – Using rulers, guides and grids. Free transformation & typesetting style.

*COMPOSITION and command over the picture plane and its chosen dimensions.

graphic design homework help

We will have a final class critique on Wednesday 12/18. A printed version of this assignment will be presented by each student. You will select two of your designs for the critique.

Students may later wish to create a new 11″X17″ tabloid layout set for print in Adobe Illustrator. (You may use use multiple art boards to create iterations) Students will apply a series of their designs into a collaborative magazine for print and the web.

graphic design homework help

*Student submissions of the completed project:

Students will submit the project to me via e-mail saved as a .PDF file and a high resolution .JPG file – Please send to – [email protected] no later than Thursday 12/19/19


Assignment #5 – cross college course collaboration project.

graphic design homework help

COLLAB PROJECT!  – Class Demonstrations will take place in class! I would like to spend a bit of time contributing to this great project and opportunity! Please Read Here –

Submission due date is preferred by – 12/5/19

Assignment #4 – Mid-Semester Poster Project 

Poster Design.  We will bring together the applications of a vector portrait, composition, image and typography.

graphic design homework help

Museum Exhibit Poster ( examples will be shown in class – as well as a series of Illustrator vector demonstrations)

Choose one or more of these styles/movements of art to create a poster using a SELF-Portrait:


Process:  Research! Find and discover a series of images and references to work from. Your research should inspire you! Create a new project folder titled “Mid-Term-Project” – save these images to your project folder. Create your self-portrait in the style of the Art Movement that you chose for a Museum Exhibition. It should be obvious which style you picked WITHOUT seeing the title.

*Your self-portrait IS the artwork for the poster campaign that you create for the exhibit. You must design the poster in 2 sizes – one landscape and one portrait orientation. I suggest 11” x 17” (or slightly smaller)

Your self-portrait must first be drawn in Illustrator and can be brought into Photoshop later for manipulation, (like adding blended color, additional imagery or effects.) After you illustrate your self-portrait, you’ll create the actual poster for the ex­hibit.

Specifications:  The museum having the exhibit you’ve chosen is: SAM, Seattle Art Museum.   Find out more about the institution at this website:

For the midterm project please use the SAM logo as it is: ( attached as a download link here ) *feel free to re-render the logo on your own if you wish. (This does not mean change it)

You may use any of the tools in Illustrator that we’ve learned or explored and also find and experiment with new ways to draw. You can work from a photo in Illustrator as demonstrated in class.

Do the Portrait First. Then compose the poster. :))

Minimum required copy/text for the poster is:

New Voices Exhibit

April 15th – May 30th 2019

Opening Reception, April 20th 7PM-9PM

*(and the SAM logo of course)

Fonts and colors  – are entirely student choice. Students may ADD additional copy, but may not delete from the minimum above.

Submissions & Due Dates: 11/13, 11/20 & 11/27 will be full-lab work sessions with progress critiques along the way. We will be printing and having a full class critique on Wednesday 12/4 of the completed project. Students will submit to me via e-mail ( [email protected]) the 2 final versions of the poster project as both a PDF file saved from Adobe Illustrator as well as a high resolution JPG. saved from Photoshop (I will give a demonstration on this)

Assignment #3 – Shapes, Forms, Composition & Color

graphic design homework help

1. Open Adobe Illustrator and create a new document sized at 11″ X 17″ in CMYK color mode. We will be both printing and displaying the final work on screen.

Consider, how will you set your guides to equally balance and format the graphics evenly? Will you use a grid? Do you have a preferred method for layout? Lets explore what this means.

2. Generate a new series of “subjective” graphic Icons following the layout and arrangement above. (Don’t re-create my example) make your own, but follow the balanced composition.

3. Limit yourself to 6 values of 1 complimentary color scheme. Consider referring to the color wheel for reference – ( Located here )

4. Limit yourself to creating and composing your graphics with no more than 6 shapes created with the pathfinder or the shape builder tool. Begin without using a stroke around your shapes and then apply a stroke for contrast later.

5. Save your work as an Ai. file (adobe illustrator) as well as a .pdf – Print your work in .pdf format.

6. E-mail ALL of your final PDF. files to me – [email protected]  ****If your .pdf files are too large to send via e-mail (and it may – you can easily use a free service like – to send the large documents or use google drive)

graphic design homework help

PART 2 –  Each student will follow the images in the gallery below as a guide to further extend and develop their designs.

Size  – Use a square shape for this series of designs. I suggest 8″x 8″

Students will select and isolate their strongest single icon/graphic from the original layout in Part 1 of the assignment – 1 version will include a stroke and one with out(example below). Students will explore a 4-part color variation drawn from their selected color palette as well as 1-3 balanced patterns using their icons.

graphic design homework help

Assignment #2 – Elements & Principles

Working with Photoshop. Lets create and apply layers, composition, image resizing and placement techniques to customize our design progress. Class demonstrations will continue.

Assignment Specifications:  Students will generate a series of visual examples and solutions to define, communicate and illustrate the vocabulary of the elements & principles of design. Each term will display a visual image example using the vocabulary below:

Outcome – Students will save two variations of the project as a photoshop psd. file as well as exporting the files as a .jpeg for the web (demonstration in class)

Assessment of the project: How has illustrating the vocabulary with images helped your understanding of each term? Discussion follows.

Vocabulary (Definitions can be found here) <–click

Elements – C olor, Line, Mass, Movement, Space, Texture, Type & Value

Principles – Balance, Contrast, Direction, Economy, Emphasis, Proportion, Rhythm & Unity

Size: –  8.5″ X  11″ – The final design will be 2 composite designs of 8 squares composed and arranged by each student. (2 files will be created – one for the elements of design and 1 for the principles of design)

Part 1 – Student will first create a balanced layout in adobe photoshop. Images will be found from research and investigation via the Internet and class resources. Each term for the elements of design will be illustrated and applied by cutting, formatting and placing the examples into a composite (the example below is simply one example, you will create your own)

Part 2 – Students will generate their own examples of each term using techniques learned in class with photoshop.

Part 2B – Students will generate a Poster combining all 16 vocabulary terms with accompanying images. (examples were shown in class) The poster size is open but I suggest keeping it smaller than 11″X17″

R&D – Where will you find visual inspiration and research? Add your links to the comments section below.


Students will prepare their final works in screen resolution format and  application on the web (RGB).

Project / Assignment Due Dates: 

We will be starting and working on and this project in class beginning 9/18. The project will be due, completed and submitted by next Wednesday 9/25.

Blank Template example of the layout. (not including the border around the image)

graphic design homework help

Assignment #1 – PostCard Design

graphic design homework help

We will be designing a standard sized Postcard to promote and communicate one of the following messages below (students must choose one)

1 – A cause or message that you are passionate about –

2 – An up and coming event that you would like to promote

Assignment Specifications:

Size: The final design will be 4″ X 6″ in size. (Students should decide on the arrangement of the height and width, will your postcard be a horizontal or vertical image? You will be designing both the front and back side of the post card with the full intention of mailing it so space must be allotted for the address and postal stamp.

R&D – Where will you find visual inspiration and research? Flickr ? NYPL Digital Archives ?

1 – Thumbnail sketches – Students will generate a series of 2-3 thumbnails sketches using a pencil / pen and their sketchbooks to brain storm and illustrate their process.

2 – Roughs – Students will select from the 2-3 strongest thumbnail sketches and develop them into 1 rough scaled to the 4″X6″ size in pencil or “other medium”.

3 – Not mandatory but students will be encouraged to produce a final comprehensive pencil rendering scaled to size ready for scanning and application using photoshop. Students will experiment with various image manipulating techniques and styles to develop contrasts and visual interest.

Students will prepare their final work for both print out put in (CMYK) as well as presentation and application on the web (RGB).

*See week #1’s blog post for resources and useful info.

What images will you be referencing and using? Where did you find them? Are they free to use, if so, how do you know? Please bring all of your resources and research to class. Thumbnail studies and a rough lay out.

Project / Assignment Due Dates:

The final Post card will be worked on in class on 9/11 the final version of the Postcard is due on Wednesday 9/18 via e-mail to [email protected] as a high resolution.JPG file

graphic design homework help

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Our experts can handle any assignment connected to graphic design. They are experienced enough to help you with any task connected to this field. Each of our experts was tested on their knowledge and skills to make sure they can help with any assignment. Only those who pass these tests successfully can work for AssignmentShark.

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When you place an order on our site, you have the opportunity to choose the expert. If you want to make the best choice, consider experts’ bids, ratings, and background (spheres of knowledge). After selecting the person you want, you can contact him or her to discuss your order. This will help them to make sure you are satisfied with the final result.

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While filling in the order form and including the basic requirements, you can also add materials for the expert to use. As a result, your assignment will be done the way you want it. The expert will stick to your instructions and all necessary information will be included no matter if you decide to add any materials or not.

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Being our customer, you can be sure that the expert will do everything possible to satisfy your needs. However, if you don’t like the assignment, you can ask your expert to make the necessary corrections. The expert will do it for free, and you can request corrections until you are satisfied with the work. Of course, you should know that after you have marked the order as finished, you won’t be able to ask for revisions anymore.

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All our customers should set the deadline when placing an order. Our experts never ignore the time limits, and you can be sure that you will receive the completed assignment on time. Most of our experts have a long-term career in providing graphic design help, and they understand that it is important for students to submit assignments on time.

How much should I pay to do my graphic design assignments online?

First of all, you should know that our assistance is cheap. The price can differ according to the requirements you include. After placing an order, you will see bids from experts you can choose from. In this way,you actually choose the final price yourself. In any case, it doesn’t matter whether you need help with assignments for high school, college, or university, you won’t pay much here.

Do you help students from the USA only with graphic design homework?

We should admit that we help students from all over the world! You can place an order from any country using any convenient method: a computer, phone, laptop, etc.

Premier Liga

Premier Liga

FC Sochi

Position: 9

23. Matchday | Sat, 4/15/23   |  3:30 PM

Fisht Olympic Stadium   |   Attendance: 3.129 Referee: Vitaliy Meshkov

FK Krasnodar

Position: 6

Sochi - Krasnodar

Supporting your club in the stadium? No holiday without live football? With Transfermarkt's Groundhopping tool, you can collect all of your matches in one list and view lots of statistics. Simply register as a Transfermarkt user and start collecting.

FC Sochi




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    To fulfill our tutoring mission of online education, our college homework help and online tutoring centers are standing by 24/7, ready to assist college students who need homework help with all aspects of Graphic Design. Get Help Now. Parker Paradigms, Inc Nashville, TN Ph: (845) 429-5025.

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    The best way to learn to design graphics is to start by copying other people's work. Try to make the exact same design first, and then allow yourself to experiment with color, layout, shapes, etc. This is the best way to really learn the basics of graphic design, before you can start experimenting creatively. By dak studio.

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    You might benefit from having a Graphic Design tutor if you're having difficulty with various concepts or formulas, get constantly frustrated with Graphic Design homework, or when your grades start falling behind. On top of that, having 1-on-1 tutoring sessions with a Graphic Design tutor can help you to regain confidence and get back on track.

  4. Five Tricks to Complete Graphic Design Homework Easily

    4. Seek feedback and critique. By seeking feedback and critique, one can complete their graphic design homework effectively; getting input and perspectives from others is one way to significantly improve the quality of your designs. Getting feedback on your work can be achieved by connecting with others, such as peers and teachers, and seeking ...

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    Design your own amazing, attention-grabbing posters. Master the basics of Adobe Photoshop, unlocking its essential tools and features. Get a solid grasp of key concepts and techniques for professional designs. Blend colors and effects seamlessly to quickly create stunning graphics. Elevate your poster's professionalism by selecting the perfect ...

  6. 5 Tricks To Complete Graphic Design Homework Easily

    Add time limits to each item in the list. This will help you stay focused and not be distracted by external factors such as the phone, social networks, and procrastination. This little trick will not only help you concentrate on doing your graphic design homework but also help you do it faster. You need to assess your strength and allocate more ...

  7. A step-by-step guide to designing from scratch

    01. Choose the right dimensions for your design. To begin, choose your design type from the Canva homepage. These are set to the optimal dimensions for each graphic, whether it's a social media post, flyer, photo book, or more. Or you can use custom dimensions by searching for "custom size". You can choose from pixels, millimetres or inches.

  8. Graphic design basics: From the experts

    1:53. Use visual hierarchy to make the most important information stand out. Create contrast with size, weight, colour, style. Be bold when it comes to contrast. Share. In Canva, we believe every one can become a designer. Here, we're going to teach you the basic, design foundations to effectively communicate your design.

  9. 14 Essential Design Tips for Beginners: Transform Your Skills and

    Graphic Design Tips for Beginners. Learn fundamental design principles. Enroll in a graphic design course. Master a design program of your choosing. Network with fellow designers. Practice, then practice some more. Follow design influencers and industry leaders. Build an inspiration catalog. Dissect the process.

  10. How to make your assignments look more professional

    04. Create graphs and charts people want to look at. Graphs and charts tend to draw someone's eye. If you see a page full of text, or a presentation full of bullet points, these picture representations of your work tend to be where people look first. Sometimes, they even set the tone for what someone is about to read.

  11. What are the Common Assignments for Graphic Design Students?

    Assignments for beginners. At the university level, the common 1st-year assignments for Graphic Design students are: Redrawing famous logos on the computer as detailed and accurate as possible. Using black and white to design logos, posters, book covers, invitations, and other media or you creating these using the most innovative colors possible.

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    What is Graphic Design. Graphic design is an artistic medium that communicates ideas and messages through visuals and text. While it is most commonly associated with marketing and advertising ...

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    Homework Help Ask . Graphic Design homework questions for free! Graphic Design creates visuals to communicate messages to a targeted group of people. Drawing or sketching is only one part of graphic design, as it is a form of art that involves planning and projecting ideas and experiences. Advertising, creation of infographics, and creation of ...

  14. Assignments

    Principles - Balance, Contrast, Direction, Economy, Emphasis, Proportion, Rhythm & Unity. Size: - 8.5″ X 11″ - The final design will be 2 composite designs of 8 squares composed and arranged by each student. (2 files will be created - one for the elements of design and 1 for the principles of design) Process: Part 1 - Student will ...

  15. Home-Based Work Tips for Graphic Designers

    Home-based work has gotten the most popular it's ever been in the last few years, due primarily to the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns around the world. Now, more than ever, graphic designers of all skill and experience levels need to adapt to working at home or remotely. Without a doubt, the graphic designers who have already been working from home have the strongest advantage ...

  16. I need some help, struggling with College graphic design homework

    I'm a college student taking an industry project class, and I have an assignment to explore graphic design communities. Some context: My design challenge this semester is to figure out how my college can attract and engage employers, community partners, and students in impactful projects that advance students' career opportunities.

  17. Homework assignment help : r/graphic_design

    Homework assignment help. Asking Question (Rule 4) I'm doing a research assignment and I've chosen to research whether or not the industry of graphic design is over saturated or not. However I have a hard time finding secondary resources meaning articles and studies about this specific topic.

  18. Graphic Design Help

    When you order help from you always get additional features that are free for all customers. Unlimited revisions, free title page, and outline are guaranteed to any student who turns to our help. We are there to help you with any graphic design assignment 24/7. Price includes.

  19. Homework help! : r/graphic_design

    Hi! I was hoping some of you guys could help me. I have a homework where I need to ask at least 5 people these questions: "Tell me 3 characteristics that you think, define a professional graphic designer?" "What are 3 activities that you think a professional designer does?" "What are 3 things you asume of a graphic designer?"

  20. Olga Raspopova

    - Interaction with contractors, design management. - Creating design mock-ups using the official Universiade brandbook, preparing for printing. - Writing and editing texts for the publications. - Designing and editing presentations and official reports.

  21. FC Sochi

    Cards. Aleksandr Chernikov. 1. Yellow card , Foul. Kaio. 4. Yellow card , Dissent. This is the match sheet of the Premier Liga game between FC Sochi and FK Krasnodar on Apr 15, 2023.

  22. Sochi, Krasnodar Krai, Russia Weather

    Hourly Local Weather Forecast, weather conditions, precipitation, dew point, humidity, wind from and The Weather Channel

  23. Погода Сейчас Краснодар I, Краснодарский Край, Россия, Официальные

    Погода за окном Краснодар i. Текущая информация по всему миру. Архив погоды, климат и нормы, информация о погодных явлениях. Многолетние наблюдения.