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Top 10 Cloud Computing Research Topics of 2024

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Cloud computing is a fast-growing area in the technical landscape due to its recent developments. If we look ahead to 2024, there are new research topics in cloud computing that are getting more traction among researchers and practitioners. Cloud computing has ranged from new evolutions on security and privacy with the use of AI & ML usage in the Cloud computing for the new cloud-based applications for specific domains or industries. In this article, we will investigate some of the top cloud computing research topics for 2024 and explore what we get most out of it for researchers or cloud practitioners. To master a cloud computing field, we need to check these Cloud Computing online courses .

Why Cloud Computing is Important for Data-driven Business?

The Cloud computing is crucial for data-driven businesses because it provides scalable and cost-effective ways to store and process huge amounts of data. Cloud-based storage and analytical platform helps business to easily access their data whenever required irrespective of where it is located physically. This helps businesses to take good decisions about their products and marketing plans. 

Cloud computing could help businesses to improve their security in terms of data, Cloud providers offer various features such as data encryption and access control to their customers so that they can protect the data as well as from unauthorized access. 

Few benefits of Cloud computing are listed below: 

  • Scalability: With Cloud computing we get scalable applications which suits for large scale production systems for Businesses which store and process large sets of data.
  • Cost-effectiveness : It is evident that Cloud computing is cost effective solution compared to the traditional on-premises data storage and analytical solutions due to its scaling capacity which leads to saving more IT costs. 
  • Security : Cloud providers offer various security features which includes data encryption and access control, that can help businesses to protect their data from unauthorized access.
  • Reliability : Cloud providers ensure high reliability to their customers based on their SLA which is useful for the data-driven business to operate 24X7. 

Top 10 Cloud Computing Research Topics

1. neural network based multi-objective evolutionary algorithm for dynamic workflow scheduling in cloud computing.

Cloud computing research topics are getting wider traction in the Cloud Computing field. These topics in the paper suggest a multi-objective evolutionary algorithm (NN-MOEA) based on neural networks for dynamic workflow scheduling in cloud computing. Due to the dynamic nature of cloud resources and the numerous competing objectives that need to be optimized, scheduling workflows in cloud computing is difficult. The NN-MOEA algorithm utilizes neural networks to optimize multiple objectives, such as planning, cost, and resource utilization. This research focuses on cloud computing and its potential to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of businesses' cloud-based workflows.

The algorithm predicts workflow completion time using a feedforward neural network based on input and output data sizes and cloud resources. It generates a balanced schedule by taking into account conflicting objectives and projected execution time. It also includes an evolutionary algorithm for future improvement.

The proposed NN-MOEA algorithm has several benefits, such as the capacity to manage dynamic changes in cloud resources and the capacity to simultaneously optimize multiple objectives. The algorithm is also capable of handling a variety of workflows and is easily expandable to include additional goals. The algorithm's use of neural networks to forecast task execution times is a crucial component because it enables the algorithm to generate better schedules and more accurate predictions.

The paper concludes by presenting a novel multi-objective evolutionary algorithm-based neural network-based approach to dynamic workflow scheduling in cloud computing. In terms of optimizing multiple objectives, such as make span and cost, and achieving a better balance between them, these cloud computing dissertation topics on the proposed NN-MOEA algorithm exhibit encouraging results.

Key insights and Research Ideas:

Investigate the use of different neural network architectures for predicting the future positions of optimal solutions. Explore the use of different multi-objective evolutionary algorithms for solving dynamic workflow scheduling problems. Develop a cloud-based workflow scheduling platform that implements the proposed algorithm and makes it available to researchers and practitioners.

2. A systematic literature review on cloud computing security: threats and mitigation strategies 

This is one of cloud computing security research topics in the cloud computing paradigm. The authors then provide a systematic literature review of studies that address security threats to cloud computing and mitigation techniques and were published between 2010 and 2020. They list and classify the risks and defense mechanisms covered in the literature, as well as the frequency and distribution of these subjects over time.

The paper suggests the data breaches, Insider threats and DDoS attack are most discussed threats to the security of cloud computing. Identity and access management, encryption, and intrusion detection and prevention systems are the mitigation techniques that are most frequently discussed. Authors depict the future trends of machine learning and artificial intelligence might help cloud computing to mitigate its risks. 

The paper offers a thorough overview of security risks and mitigation techniques in cloud computing, and it emphasizes the need for more research and development in this field to address the constantly changing security issues with cloud computing. This research could help businesses to reduce the amount of spam that they receive in their cloud-based email systems.

Explore the use of blockchain technology to improve the security of cloud computing systems. Investigate the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence to detect and prevent cloud computing attacks. Develop new security tools and technologies for cloud computing environments. 

3. Spam Identification in Cloud Computing Based on Text Filtering System

A text filtering system is suggested in the paper "Spam Identification in Cloud Computing Based on Text Filtering System" to help identify spam emails in cloud computing environments. Spam emails are a significant issue in cloud computing because they can use up computing resources and jeopardize the system's security. 

To detect spam emails, the suggested system combines text filtering methods with machine learning algorithms. The email content is first pre-processed by the system, which eliminates stop words and stems the remaining words. The preprocessed text is then subjected to several filters, including a blacklist filter and a Bayesian filter, to identify spam emails.

In order to categorize emails as spam or non-spam based on their content, the system also employs machine learning algorithms like decision trees and random forests. The authors use a dataset of emails gathered from a cloud computing environment to train and test the system. They then assess its performance using metrics like precision, recall, and F1 score.

The findings demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed system in detecting spam emails, achieving high precision and recall rates. By contrasting their system with other spam identification systems, the authors also show how accurate and effective it is. 

The method presented in the paper for locating spam emails in cloud computing environments has the potential to improve the overall security and performance of cloud computing systems. This is one of the interesting clouds computing current research topics to explore and innovate. This is one of the good Cloud computing research topics to protect the Mail threats. 

Create a stronger spam filtering system that can recognize spam emails even when they are made to avoid detection by more common spam filters. examine the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning to the evaluation of spam filtering system accuracy. Create a more effective spam filtering system that can handle a lot of emails quickly and accurately.

4. Blockchain data-based cloud data integrity protection mechanism 

The "Blockchain data-based cloud data integrity protection mechanism" paper suggests a method for safeguarding the integrity of cloud data and which is one of the Cloud computing research topics. In order to store and process massive amounts of data, cloud computing has grown in popularity, but issues with data security and integrity still exist. For the proposed mechanism to guarantee the availability and integrity of cloud data, data redundancy and blockchain technology are combined.

A data redundancy layer, a blockchain layer, and a verification and recovery layer make up the mechanism. For availability in the event of server failure, the data redundancy layer replicates the cloud data across multiple cloud servers. The blockchain layer stores the metadata (such as access rights) and hash values of the cloud data and access control information

Using a dataset of cloud data, the authors assess the performance of the suggested mechanism and compare it to other cloud data protection mechanisms. The findings demonstrate that the suggested mechanism offers high levels of data availability and integrity and is superior to other mechanisms in terms of processing speed and storage space.

Overall, the paper offers a promising strategy for using blockchain technology to guarantee the availability and integrity of cloud data. The suggested mechanism may assist in addressing cloud computing's security issues and enhancing the dependability of cloud data processing and storage. This research could help businesses to protect the integrity of their cloud-based data from unauthorized access and manipulation.

Create a data integrity protection system based on blockchain that is capable of detecting and preventing data tampering in cloud computing environments. For enhancing the functionality and scalability of blockchain-based data integrity protection mechanisms, look into the use of various blockchain consensus algorithms. Create a data integrity protection system based on blockchain that is compatible with current cloud computing platforms. Create a safe and private data integrity protection system based on blockchain technology.

5. A survey on internet of things and cloud computing for healthcare

This article suggests how recent tech trends like the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud computing could transform the healthcare industry. It is one of the Cloud computing research topics. These emerging technologies open exciting possibilities by enabling remote patient monitoring, personalized care, and efficient data management. This topic is one of the IoT and cloud computing research papers which aims to share a wider range of information. 

The authors categorize the research into IoT-based systems, cloud-based systems, and integrated systems using both IoT and the cloud. They discussed the pros of real-time data collection, improved care coordination, automated diagnosis and treatment.

However, the authors also acknowledge concerns around data security, privacy, and the need for standardized protocols and platforms. Widespread adoption of these technologies faces challenges in ensuring they are implemented responsibly and ethically. To begin the journey KnowledgeHut’s Cloud Computing online course s are good starter for beginners so that they can cope with Cloud computing with IOT. 

Overall, the paper provides a comprehensive overview of this rapidly developing field, highlighting opportunities to revolutionize how healthcare is delivered. New devices, systems and data analytics powered by IoT, and cloud computing could enable more proactive, preventative and affordable care in the future. But careful planning and governance will be crucial to maximize the value of these technologies while mitigating risks to patient safety, trust and autonomy. This research could help businesses to explore the potential of IoT and cloud computing to improve healthcare delivery.

Examine how IoT and cloud computing are affecting patient outcomes in various healthcare settings, including hospitals, clinics, and home care. Analyze how well various IoT devices and cloud computing platforms perform in-the-moment patient data collection, archival, and analysis. assessing the security and privacy risks connected to IoT devices and cloud computing in the healthcare industry and developing mitigation strategies.

6. Targeted influence maximization based on cloud computing over big data in social networks

Big data in cloud computing research papers are having huge visibility in the industry. The paper "Targeted Influence Maximization based on Cloud Computing over Big Data in Social Networks" proposes a targeted influence maximization algorithm to identify the most influential users in a social network. Influence maximization is the process of identifying a group of users in a social network who can have a significant impact or spread information. 

A targeted influence maximization algorithm is suggested in the paper "Targeted Influence maximization based on Cloud Computing over Big Data in Social Networks" to find the most influential users in a social network. The process of finding a group of users in a social network who can make a significant impact or spread information is known as influence maximization.

Four steps make up the suggested algorithm: feature extraction, classification, influence maximization, and data preprocessing. The authors gather and preprocess social network data, such as user profiles and interaction data, during the data preprocessing stage. Using machine learning methods like text mining and sentiment analysis, they extract features from the data during the feature extraction stage. Overall, the paper offers a promising strategy for maximizing targeted influence using big data and Cloud computing research topics to look into. The suggested algorithm could assist companies and organizations in pinpointing their marketing or communication strategies to reach the most influential members of a social network.

Key insights and Research Ideas: 

Develop a cloud-based targeted influence maximization algorithm that can effectively identify and influence a small number of users in a social network to achieve a desired outcome. Investigate the use of different cloud computing platforms to improve the performance and scalability of cloud-based targeted influence maximization algorithms. Develop a cloud-based targeted influence maximization algorithm that is compatible with existing social network platforms. Design a cloud-based targeted influence maximization algorithm that is secure and privacy-preserving.

7. Security and privacy protection in cloud computing: Discussions and challenges

Cloud computing current research topics are getting traction, this is of such topic which provides an overview of the challenges and discussions surrounding security and privacy protection in cloud computing. The authors highlight the importance of protecting sensitive data in the cloud, with the potential risks and threats to data privacy and security. The article explores various security and privacy issues that arise in cloud computing, including data breaches, insider threats, and regulatory compliance.

The article explores challenges associated with implementing these security measures and highlights the need for effective risk management strategies. Azure Solution Architect Certification course is suitable for a person who needs to work on Azure cloud as an architect who will do system design with keep security in mind. 

Final take away of cloud computing thesis paper by an author points out by discussing some of the emerging trends in cloud security and privacy, including the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to enhance security, and the emergence of new regulatory frameworks designed to protect data in the cloud and is one of the Cloud computing research topics to keep an eye in the security domain. 

Develop a more comprehensive security and privacy framework for cloud computing. Explore the options with machine learning and artificial intelligence to enhance the security and privacy of cloud computing. Develop more robust security and privacy mechanisms for cloud computing. Design security and privacy policies for cloud computing that are fair and transparent. Educate cloud users about security and privacy risks and best practices.

8. Intelligent task prediction and computation offloading based on mobile-edge cloud computing

This Cloud Computing thesis paper "Intelligent Task Prediction and Computation Offloading Based on Mobile-Edge Cloud Computing" proposes a task prediction and computation offloading mechanism to improve the performance of mobile applications under the umbrella of cloud computing research ideas.

An algorithm for offloading computations and a task prediction model makes up the two main parts of the suggested mechanism. Based on the mobile application's usage patterns, the task prediction model employs machine learning techniques to forecast its upcoming tasks. This prediction is to decide whether to execute a specific task locally on the mobile device or offload the computation of it to the cloud.

Using a dataset of mobile application usage patterns, the authors assess the performance of the suggested mechanism and compare it to other computation offloading mechanisms. The findings demonstrate that the suggested mechanism performs better in terms of energy usage, response time, and network usage.

The authors also go over the difficulties in putting the suggested mechanism into practice, including the need for real-time task prediction and the trade-off between offloading computation and network usage. Additionally, they outline future research directions for mobile-edge cloud computing applications, including the use of edge caching and the integration of blockchain technology for security and privacy. 

Overall, the paper offers a promising strategy for enhancing mobile application performance through mobile-edge cloud computing. The suggested mechanism might improve the user experience for mobile users while lowering the energy consumption and response time of mobile applications. These Cloud computing dissertation topic leads to many innovation ideas. 

Develop an accurate task prediction model considering mobile device and cloud dynamics. Explore machine learning and AI for efficient computation offloading. Create a robust framework for diverse tasks and scenarios. Design a secure, privacy-preserving computation offloading mechanism. Assess computation offloading effectiveness in real-world mobile apps.

9. Cloud Computing and Security: The Security Mechanism and Pillars of ERPs on Cloud Technology

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems are one of the Cloud computing research topics in particular face security challenges with cloud computing, and the paper "Cloud Computing and Security: The Security Mechanism and Pillars of ERPs on Cloud Technology" discusses these challenges and suggests a security mechanism and pillars for protecting ERP systems on cloud technology.

The authors begin by going over the benefits of ERP systems and cloud computing as well as the security issues with cloud computing, like data breaches and insider threats. They then go on to present a security framework for cloud-based ERP systems that is built around four pillars: access control, data encryption, data backup and recovery, and security monitoring. The access control pillar restricts user access, while the data encryption pillar secures sensitive data. Data backup and recovery involve backing up lost or failed data. Security monitoring continuously monitors the ERP system for threats. The authors also discuss interoperability challenges and the need for standardization in securing ERP systems on the cloud. They propose future research directions, such as applying machine learning and artificial intelligence to security analytics.

Overall, the paper outlines a thorough strategy for safeguarding ERP systems using cloud computing and emphasizes the significance of addressing security issues related to this technology. Organizations can protect their ERP systems and make sure the Security as well as privacy of their data by implementing these security pillars and mechanisms. 

Investigate the application of blockchain technology to enhance the security of cloud-based ERP systems. Look into the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence to identify and stop security threats in cloud-based ERP systems. Create fresh security measures that are intended only for cloud-based ERP systems. By more effectively managing access control and data encryption, cloud-based ERP systems can be made more secure. Inform ERP users about the security dangers that come with cloud-based ERP systems and how to avoid them.

10. Optimized data storage algorithm of IoT based on cloud computing in distributed system

The article proposes an optimized data storage algorithm for Internet of Things (IoT) devices which runs on cloud computing in a distributed system. In IoT apps, which normally generate huge amounts of data by various devices, the algorithm tries to increase the data storage and faster retrials of the same. 

The algorithm proposed includes three main components: Data Processing, Data Storage, and Data Retrieval. The Data Processing module preprocesses IoT device data by filtering or compressing it. The Data Storage module distributes the preprocessed data across cloud servers using partitioning and stores it in a distributed database. The Data Retrieval module efficiently retrieves stored data in response to user queries, minimizing data transmission and enhancing query efficiency. The authors evaluated the algorithm's performance using an IoT dataset and compared it to other storage and retrieval algorithms. Results show that the proposed algorithm surpasses others in terms of storage effectiveness, query response time, and network usage. 

They suggest future directions such as leveraging edge computing and blockchain technology for optimizing data storage and retrieval in IoT applications. In conclusion, the paper introduces a promising method to improve data archival and retrieval in distributed cloud based IoT applications, enhancing the effectiveness and scalability of IoT applications.

Create a data storage algorithm capable of storing and managing large amounts of IoT data efficiently. Examine the use of cloud computing to improve the performance and scalability of data storage algorithms for IoT. Create a secure and privacy-preserving data storage algorithm. Assess the performance and effectiveness of data storage algorithms for IoT in real-world applications.

How to Write a Perfect Research Paper?

  • Choose a topic: Select the topic which is interesting to you so that you can share things with the viewer seamlessly with good content. 
  • Do your research: Read books, articles, and websites on your topic. Take notes and gather evidence to support your arguments.
  • Write an outline: This will help you organize your thoughts and make sure your paper flows smoothly.
  • Start your paper: Start with an introduction that grabs the reader's attention. Then, state your thesis statement and support it with evidence from your research. Finally, write a conclusion that summarizes your main points.
  • Edit and proofread your paper. Make sure you check the grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. 

Cloud computing is a rapidly evolving area with more interesting research topics being getting traction by researchers and practitioners. Cloud providers have their research to make sure their customer data is secured and take care of their security which includes encryption algorithms, improved access control and mitigating DDoS – Deniel of Service attack etc., 

With the improvements in AI & ML, a few features developed to improve the performance, efficiency, and security of cloud computing systems. Some of the research topics in this area include developing new algorithms for resource allocation, optimizing cloud workflows, and detecting and mitigating cyberattacks.

Cloud computing is being used in industries such as healthcare, finance, and manufacturing. Some of the research topics in this area include developing new cloud-based medical imaging applications, building cloud-based financial trading platforms, and designing cloud-based manufacturing systems.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Data security and privacy problems, vendor lock-in, complex cloud management, a lack of standardization, and the risk of service provider disruptions are all current issues in cloud computing. Because data is housed on third-party servers, data security and privacy are key considerations. Vendor lock-in makes transferring providers harder and increases reliance on a single one. Managing many cloud services complicates things. Lack of standardization causes interoperability problems and restricts workload mobility between providers. 

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS) are the cloud computing scenarios where industries focusing right now. 

The six major components of cloud infrastructure are compute, storage, networking, security, management and monitoring, and database. These components enable cloud-based processing and execution, data storage and retrieval, communication between components, security measures, management and monitoring of the infrastructure, and database services.  


Vinoth Kumar P

Vinoth Kumar P is a Cloud DevOps Engineer at Amadeus Labs. He has over 7 years of experience in the IT industry, and is specialized in DevOps, GitOps, DevSecOps, MLOps, Chaos Engineering, Cloud and Cloud Native landscapes. He has published articles and blogs on recent tech trends and best practices on GitHub, Medium, and LinkedIn, and has delivered a DevSecOps 101 talk to Developers community , GitOps with Argo CD Webinar for DevOps Community. He has helped multiple enterprises with their cloud migration, cloud native design, CICD pipeline setup, and containerization journey.

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Cloud computing has suddenly seen a spike in employment opportunities around the globe with tech giants like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft hiring people for their cloud infrastructure. Before the onset of cloud computing, companies and businesses had to set up their own data centers, allocate resources and other IT professionals thereby increasing the cost. The rapid development of the cloud has led to more flexibility, cost-cutting, and scalability. 


The Cloud Computing market its an all-time high with the current market size at USD 371.4 billion and is expected to grow up to USD 832.1 billion by 2025! It’s quickly evolving and gradually realizing its business value along with attracting more and more researchers, scholars, computer scientists, and practitioners. Cloud computing is not a single topic but a composition of various techniques which together constitute the cloud. Below are 10 the most demanded research topics in the field of cloud computing:

1. Big Data

Big data refers to the large amounts of data produced by various programs in a very short duration of time. It is quite cumbersome to store such huge and voluminous amounts of data in company-run data centers. Also, gaining insights from this data becomes a tedious task and takes a lot of time to run and provide results, therefore cloud is the best option. All the data can be pushed onto the cloud without the need for physical storage devices that are to be managed and secured. Also, some popular public clouds provide comprehensive big data platforms to turn data into actionable insights. 

DevOps is an amalgamation of two terms, Development and Operations. It has led to Continuous Delivery, Integration, and Deployment and therefore reducing boundaries between the development team and the operations team. Heavy applications and software need elaborate and complex tech stacks that demand extensive labor to develop and configure which can easily be eliminated by cloud computing. It offers a wide range of tools and technologies to build, test, and deploy applications with a few minutes and a single click. They can be customized as per the client requirements and can be discarded when not in use hence making the process seamless and cost-efficient for development teams.

3. Cloud Cryptography

Data in the cloud is needed to be protected and secured from foreign attacks and breaches. To accomplish this, cryptography in the cloud is a widely used technique to secure data present in the cloud. It allows users and clients to easily and reliably access the shared cloud services since all the data is secured using either the encryption techniques or by using the concept of the private key. It can make the plain text unreadable and limits the view of the data being transferred. Best cloud cryptographic security techniques are the ones that do not compromise the speed of data transfer and provide security without delaying the exchange of sensitive data. 

4. Cloud Load Balancing

It refers to splitting and distributing the incoming load to the server from various sources. It permits companies and organizations to govern and supervise workload demands or application demands by redistributing, reallocating, and administering resources between different computers, networks, or servers. Cloud load balancing encompasses holding the circulation of traffic and demands that exist over the Internet. This reduces the problem of sudden outages, results in an improvement in overall performance, has rare chances of server crashes, and also provides an advanced level of security. Cloud-based servers farms can accomplish more precise scalability and accessibility using the server load balancing mechanism. Due to this, the workload demands can be easily distributed and controlled.

5. Mobile Cloud Computing

It is a mixture of cloud computing, mobile computing, and wireless network to provide services such as seamless and abundant computational resources to mobile users, network operators, and cloud computing professionals. The handheld device is the console and all the processing and data storage takes place outside the physical mobile device. Some advantages of using mobile cloud computing are that there is no need for costly hardware, battery life is longer, extended data storage capacity and processing power improved synchronization of data and high availability due to “store in one place, accessible from anywhere”. The integration and security aspects are taken care of by the backend that enables support to an abundance of access methods. 

6. Green Cloud Computing

The major challenge in the cloud is the utilization of energy-efficient and hence develop economically friendly cloud computing solutions. Data centers that include servers, cables, air conditioners, networks, etc. in large numbers consume a lot of power and release enormous quantities of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere. Green Cloud Computing focuses on making virtual data centers and servers to be more environmentally friendly and energy-efficient. Cloud resources often consume so much power and energy leading to a shortage of energy and affecting the global climate. Green cloud computing provides solutions to make such resources more energy efficient and to reduce operational costs. This pivots on power management, virtualization of servers and data centers, recycling vast e-waste, and environmental sustainability. 

7. Edge Computing

It is the advancement and a much more efficient form of Cloud computing with the idea that the data is processed nearer to the source. Edge Computing states that all of the computation will be carried out at the edge of the network itself rather than on a centrally managed platform or the data warehouses. Edge computing distributes various data processing techniques and mechanisms across different positions. This makes the data deliverable to the nearest node and the processing at the edge. This also increases the security of the data since it is closer to the source and eliminates late response time and latency without affecting productivity.

8. Containerization

Containerization in cloud computing is a procedure to obtain operating system virtualization. The user can work with a program and its dependencies utilizing remote resource procedures. The container in cloud computing is used to construct blocks, which aid in producing operational effectiveness, version control, developer productivity, and environmental stability. The infrastructure is upgraded since it provides additional control over the granular activities over the resources. The usage of containers in online services assists storage with cloud computing data security, elasticity, and availability. Containers provide certain advantages such as a steady runtime environment, the ability to run virtually anywhere, and the low overhead compared to virtual machines. 

9. Cloud Deployment Model

There are four main cloud deployment models namely public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud, and community cloud. Each deployment model is defined as per the location of the infrastructure. The public cloud allows systems and services to be easily accessible to the general public. Public cloud could also be less reliable since it is open to everyone e.g. Email. A private cloud allows systems and services to be accessible inside an organization with no access to outsiders. It offers better security due to its access restrictions. Hybrid cloud is a mixture of private and public clouds with the critical activities being performed using private cloud and non-critical activities being performed using the public cloud. Community cloud allows system and services to be accessible by a group of an organization.

10. Cloud Security

Since the number of companies and organizations using cloud computing is increasing at a rapid rate, the security of the cloud is a major concern. Cloud computing security detects and addresses every physical and logical security issue that comes across all the varied service models of code, platform, and infrastructure. It collectively addresses these services, however, these services are delivered in units, that is, the public, private, or hybrid delivery model. Security in the cloud protects the data from any leakage or outflow, theft, calamity, and removal. With the help of tokenization, Virtual Private Networks, and firewalls data can be secured. 

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  • Factors Affecting the Evolution of Advanced Manufacturing Innovation Networks Based on Cloud Computing and Multiagent Simulation
  • Challenges of Deploying Cloud Computing in eHealth
  • SMI attributes: key role in business as a service in cloud computing
  • A hybrid cryptography technique for data storage on cloud computing
  • An overview of the different methods for optimizing the virtual resources placement in the Cloud Computing
  • Design of Russian corpus based on embedded system and cloud computing
  • vLoad balancing techniques in cloud computing environment: A review
  • Using cloud computing platform of 6G IoT in e-commerce personalized recommendation
  • A Novel Method to Enhance Sustainable Systems Security in Cloud Computing Based on the Combination of Encryption and Data Mining
  • Sufficient Comparison Among Cloud Computing Services: IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS: A Review
  • A Lattice-Based Homomorphic Proxy Re-Encryption Scheme with Strong Anti-Collusion for Cloud Computing
  • A privacy-preserving and traitor tracking content-based image retrieval scheme in cloud computing
  • Continuous leakage-resilient certificate-based signcryption scheme and application in cloud computing
  • An efficient approach to the map-reduce framework and genetic algorithm based whale optimization algorithm for task scheduling in cloud computing environment
  • A hyper-heuristic selector algorithm for cloud computing scheduling based on workflow features
  • QRAS: efficient resource allocation for task scheduling in cloud computing
  • Renewable energy-based resource management in cloud computing: a review
  • Fog vs. cloud computing architecture
  • Adaptation and Effects of Cloud Computing on Small Businesses
  • Object Detection, Distributed Cloud Computing and Parallelization Techniques for Autonomous Driving Systems
  • Fluent Numerical Study of Lifting Resistance and Wave Impact Height of a Cross-Sea Bridge Based on Cloud Computing
  • Big Data in Cloud Computing
  • A Combination Techniques of Intrusion Prevention and Detection for Cloud Computing
  • Ab initio structure solution of proteins at atomic resolution using charge-flipping techniques and cloud computing
  • Challenges of Implementing Cloud Computing in the Arab Libraries Environment
  • ID-based key-insulated signcryption with equality test in cloud computing
  • The role of value facilitation regarding cloud service provider profitability in the cloud ecosystem
  • Quantifying COVID-19 enforced global changes in atmospheric pollutants using cloud computing based remote sensing
  • Supply Chain Inventory Collaborative Management and Information Sharing Mechanism Based on Cloud Computing and 5G Internet of Things
  • Virtual Machine Placement for Edge and Cloud Computing
  • Brief Study to Explore Trust and Security Challenges in Cloud Computing
  • A feedback-based combinatorial fair economical double auction resource allocation model for cloud computing
  • Development of a Model and Algorithms for Servicing Traffic in a Cloud Computing System
  • Equality test with an anonymous authorization in cloud computing
  • Behavioral modeling based on cloud computing and target user recommendation for English cloud classroom
  • Visualization Technology Framework of Industrial Cloud Computing
  • An Efficient Dynamic Load Balancing Mechanism for Cloud Computing Environment
  • Research on Information Security System of Ship Platform Based on Cloud Computing
  • Enabling scalable and fault-tolerant multi-agent systems by utilizing cloud-native computing
  • Cloud Computing: Security Issues and Challenges
  • Quality of service (QoS): measurements of image formats in social cloud computing
  • Energy-Efficient System-Based Algorithm for Maximal Resource Utilization in Cloud Computing
  • Cloud Computing Security: Hardware-Based Attacks and Countermeasures
  • HeporCloud: An energy and performance efficient resource orchestrator for hybrid heterogeneous cloud computing environments
  • Task scheduling to reduce energy consumption and makespan of cloud computing using NSGA-II
  • Embedded Gpsgsm based on cloud computing data processing in soldiers’ physical fitness training
  • Internet of things and cloud computing based energy management system for demand side management in smart grid
  •  ¦ , Strategy, Challenges, Methodology, Categories, Risks, Uses with Cloud Computing, and Improvements in Its Using with Cloud Using Suggested Proposed  ¦
  • Task Scheduling in Cloud Computing Using Hybrid Meta-Heuristic: A Review
  • Cloud Computing based Intelligent Bank Locker System
  • Mobile and Cloud Computing Security
  • DAVmS: Distance Aware Virtual Machine Scheduling approach for reducing the response time in cloud computing
  • Study on Cloud Computing
  • EdgeCloud: A Distributed Management System for Resource Continuity in Edge to Cloud Computing Environment
  • Cloud Computing: The New World of Technology
  • Analysis of security issues in cloud computing
  • On the conceptualization of elastic service evaluation in cloud computing
  • A Review on Efficient Scheduling Techniques for Cloud Computing
  • Threshold secret sharing and multi-authority based data access control in cloud computing
  • Integrating Business Intelligence With Cloud Computing
  • Collaborative and Social Media SaaS (Software as a Service) Cloud Computing Services’ Adoption and Acceptance Model on the Millennials: Conceptual Model
  • Involvement of Cloud Computing and IoT in the Field of Health Care
  • cloudEMAPS: A Cloud Computing Environment for Electron Microscopy Application Simulations
  • Optimization of Queries in Database of Cloud Computing
  • An Investigation into Contemporary Developments in the Cloud Computing Related to Effectiveness in Data Storages, Service Providers and Technologies: A Review
  • Reservation of Critical Cloud Computing Resources
  • Personalized recommendation mechanism based on collaborative filtering in cloud computing environment
  • Cloud Computing in the World and Czech Republic – A Comparative Study
  • Research on parallel data processing of data mining platform in the background of cloud computing
  • QoS-DPSO: QoS-aware Task Scheduling for Cloud Computing System
  • Experimental cryptographic verification for near-term quantum cloud computing
  • AI-based cloud computing application for smart earthmoving operations
  • Awareness and Adoption of Cloud Computing in Nigerian Libraries: An Aid to Library Services
  • Anomaly Detection in Smart Environments using AI over Fog and Cloud Computing
  • A fault tolerant workflow management system with Quality    of   Service   aware scheduling for scientific workflows in cloud computing
  • An Approach to Cloud Computing for Medical Image Analysis
  • Intelligent Strategies for Cloud Computing Risk Management and Testing
  • Perspectives of the Adoption of Cloud Computing in the Tourism Sector
  • A Review of Trust and Security Concerns in Cloud Computing Adoption Intention in the Higher Education Sector: Research in Progress
  • Resource utilization prediction with multipath traffic routing for congestion-aware VM migration in cloud computing
  • Effective Pre-Migration Mechanism for Dynamic Load Balancing In Cloud Computing Environment
  • Virtual Machine Replication in the Cloud Computing System Using Fuzzy Inference System
  • Domain knowledge embedding regularization neural networks for workload prediction and analysis in cloud computing
  • Impacts of Cloud Computing in India on E-Commerce Businesses
  • Big Data and Cloud Computing: A Technological and Literary Background
  • Network resource optimization in cloud computing environments
  • Performance Investigation of Cloud Computing Applications Using Steady-State Queuing Models
  • Integrated deep learning method for workload and resource prediction in cloud systems
  • Analyzing Data Security Issues and Solutions in Cloud Computing
  • Towards Optimizing Cloud Computing Using Residue Number System
  • Teaching with cloud computing in schools: an affordance analysis of Hong Kong teacher perceptions
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  • Light-Edge: A Lightweight Authentication Protocol for IoT Devices in an Edge-Cloud Environment
  • Decision Support System for Cloud Computing Service Selection Using the Weighted Product Method (Case Study: PT. Deptech Digital Indonesia)
  • Big Data Analytics in Cloud Computing: An overview
  • Correction to œA Profit Maximization Scheme in Cloud Computing With Deadline Constraints 

Research Topics Computer Science

Topic Covered

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Research Topics in Cloud Computing Security

Cloud Computing Security is the popular technology used to safeguard the data stored in the cloud through effective measures that prevent the online threats of cloud computing. Though cloud computing is an advanced solution to offer on-demand IT resources, it brings vulnerabilities in each layer of delivering services. So, it compulsorily requires security on all sides of cloud infrastructure. This page makes scholars understand the significant effect of cloud security in the research world along with recent research Topics in Cloud Computing Security !!!  

PhD Research Topics in Cloud Computing Security

Cloud Computing Security Definition  

As a matter of fact, cloud security is composed of a set of policies/schemes to protect the applications from undesired attacks. Also, it guards the data, frameworks, and virtualized IP. In general, the public cloud is shared among the cloud service provider (CSP) and cloud users. On contrary, private cloud is completely managed by the owned single cloud user/client.

The security responsibilities are also shared based on this setup. Particularly, the CSP is accountable to secure the shared cloud infrastructure. For more clarity, the CSP needs to focus on cloud API, storage network, routers, DNS, firewalls, switches, load balancers, directory services, and hypervisors.

By realizing the importance of cloud security, our research team passionately spent more time identifying recent research ideas in cloud security . Also, we have long-term practice in developing cloud security-based applications which are sure to meet the current security demand of the cloud system. Here, we have given some thought-provoking up-to-date research notions of cloud security.  

PhD Research Topics in Cloud Computing Security 

  • A major portion of cloud security planning and design. Since this helps to construct the trust of the cloud
  • Act as a security tool to manage the information of the cloud users from unauthorized access and attacks
  • Assure to pinpoint the security issues corresponding to fault tolerance, access/change control, business continuity plan, susceptibility analysis, incident reaction, backup, and disaster recovery
  • Users can employ or utilize the service regardless of their location and devices
  • To support remote access, the user only needs a strong internet connection, and devices like digital gadgets
  • Support sharing of resources and services over cloud environment. For instance: network and storage
  • Enable the user to access the resource from anywhere at any time through sophisticated cloud infrastructure
  • Need to support distributed cloud environment which executes the applications in multiple servers in a distant location
  • Provide security to the applications that communicate with external sources
  • Eliminate the unsuitable sensitive data access
  • CSP measure the usage of cloud-based resources, services, and software for billing the services
  • Cloud networks should have the ability to support a large volume of devices without affecting the actual system performance
  • The environment should be more flexible and scalable to adapt run-time changes
  • For example Facebook
  • Authenticate the user using their identity info like ID and password and Control their accessibility
  • For instance: Hand geometry, Fingerprint detection, Iris/ Retina Scan, Voice recognition, etc.
  • Security is more important in cloud computing. Since the application information will be shared among different clouds, So, the mobility of cloud data is need to be monitored and controlled in cloud computing
  • In general, it requires standard security technologies, infrastructure, data transport format, transmission approaches
  • Also, it is essential to assure data readiness, integrity, privacy while distributing the data over a heterogeneous network

Once the topic is confirmed, then we need to choose the development tool for implementing your research topic in reality. There are so many tools have designed for cloud computing. Each tool has different functionalities and working processes . Based on the project requirements, we need to select the best tool which gives accurate results.   


  • Support researchers/developers to create large-scale cloud testbeds
  • Design and simulate the cloud computing models
  • Easy to monitor the cloud workloads and infrastructure through measuring devices, inspecting prototypes and network libraries
  • Through jetting protocols, it performs an operative process in a 10Gb/s network over the internet
  • Extension of cloudsim and cloudlet with scalable network
  • Support modeling of complex application/system
  • Self-control security verification and test tool
  • Communication among cloud and mobile networks
  • A network simulation tool to support analyze how the network process takes place
  • Measures the network behavior in cloud
  • Analyze the cloud features as SLA, VM migration, storage, working devices, network, algorithms, power usage, etc.
  • Open source programming software, language and analyzer
  • Design the transmission service between user and cloud
  • Also, it is a verification tool that analyze the designed model and authenticate all the entities in the model
  • Security protocol based verification tool for protecting cloud environs
  • Build the Elliptic Curve Integrated Encryption Scheme (ECIES) model
  • Design and simulate the security system based on BAN
  • Employ the AVISPA tool for formal security verification
  • Java-enabled simulator tool also called as Gr-Grid oud-Cloud
  • Used to model the cloud and grid applications/devices
  • Special characteristics to analyze the employed technology inheritance and value
  • Works effectively in the complicated simulation system
  • Mainly intended for IaaS applications along with its subordinates as TaaS, DaaS, and PaaS

At present, the above-specified tools play a significant role in developing cloud security-related systems. Beyond this, we also have other simulators which many of the scholars preferred to practically simulate their research ideas.   

How to Write a Good Thesis Statement?

In the overall research phases, the thesis requires special attention because it gives valuable information about how you create and construct your research work. It describes all the activities of your research starting from topic selection to execution with accurate results.   The first and foremost thing in the research process is identifying the interesting research area. From that, you have to select an innovative research idea . The title of the research will give the overall outline of your work. So, be aware while selecting the research topic. 

For the best Research Topics in Cloud Computing Security , you can approach our team. We will let you know the research updates on recent technological developments. After finalizing the topic, identify the appropriate solutions for solving the handpicked problem. Then, we give you code implementation support through suitable development tools and technologies. At last, prepare the perfect master thesis to speak out your efforts in the research journey. For your information, our native writers have given some key aspects that enhance your thesis quality which produces a flawless thesis. Ultimately, it directs you and readers to do a study on future research on various themes. Such effective research helps like,

  • Complete the thesis statement with improved coherence
  • Justify a thesis statement and fulfill the thesis requirements in all the respects
  • Exhibit the flow of the research process in a well-structured manner with a complete explanation
  • Evaluate the obtained research outcome and discuss the fair conclusions with suitable experimental evidence
  • Make the examiners understand the proposed research work and their importance

On the whole, we give our step-by-step guidance in each phase of the research. Also, we let you know more ground-breaking Research Topics in Cloud Computing Security. So, make use of this opportunity and contact us to create remarkable research work.

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Cloud Computing Research Projects

         Cloud Computing Research Projects is your ideal destination for achieving monumental academic success. We offer projects that will enhance your carrier profile. Cloud computing is an upcoming field that has prominent relevance in the entire promising field. We offer you all cloud computing resources in pay per use and self-service method, which benefits you in resource utilization and also cost-effective manner. Cloud computing research topics are a wide spread ever-growing field.

To research such a vast topic, you need complete guidance and offer you that guidance. We also offer you amazing surrounding environs that will help you grow as a researcher and as a person. Our professional team is aware of every current happening in cloud computing, and they are more than happy to put their knowledge for your use. We also available online all the time, which makes us easily accessible. You will also have an enjoyable yet learning experience by working with us.

Computing Research Projects

      Cloud Computing Research Projects is an influential field with monumental research scopes.It is a trending field with highly superior features such as service-oriented architecture, hardware visualization, and automatic utility computing. This research area is like a goldmine fill with golden treasures.

If we dig a little deep, we can walk out richer than before. There are many sub-domains of cloud computing that are also worth basing your research on. Our experts will guide you in choosing your topic based on your interest and area of specialization. So Contact us anytime and also craft our dream project.

Let’s Take a Closer Look At Cloud Computing

  • The reason for researchers have also chosen cloud computing.
  • Big data analytics, overall monitoring and also document control is supported.
  • Amazon AWS, Oracle Eloqua, Appcloud developer framework, Openstack, Apache jclouds, Google cloud platform are also the major frameworks used.
  • Flexibility, environment friendly, capital expenditure free, disaster recovery, security automatic software updates are also the advanced features in it.
  • Cloud 9, Exo cloud IDE, Orion, Python fiddle, Eclipse che, Code anywhere, Orion and source kit are the tools and also software’s used.
  • It is flexible to work from anywhere and also increase collaboration.
  • Icancolud, cloudsim and Green cloud sim are also the common simulators used.

Supported Platforms

Cloud browser based os:, general operating systems:.

  • Cent OS Linux
  • Ubuntu Linux
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Redhat Enterprise Linux

Used File Extensions and Programming Language

  • Encodes documents
  • Extensible markup language
  • Clojure math language
  • Data analysis is done also by these purely mathematical programming language
  • .clj, .cljc, .cljs, .edn extensions
  • Server side web application framework
  • Load balanced-ever leap ASP DOTNET cloud hosting service
  • .aspx, .cshtml, .vbhtml extensions
  • Windows visual studio.
  • .js extension
  • Develops server side web applications
  • Open source cross platform runtime environment
  • One of the major component of LAMP
  • Built as an alternative for c++ and also java
  • Extensions – .py, .pyd, .pyo, .pyz, .pyc, also .pyw
  • R math language
  • Reports, graphs and statistics are also generated by it.
  • Extensions – .r, .R, .rds, .Rdata, .rda
  • .sql extension
  • To maintain MySQL on cloud platform it is also used as cloud SQL
  • Structural query language.
  • Extensions – .rb, .rbw
  • Object Oriented and also general purpose programming language.
  • Multiple programming paradigms are also supported.
  • Haskell functional language
  • Extension- .Ihs, .hs
  • Cloud based programming language also that helps for distributed computing
  • Extensions – .java
  • Makes it platform independent
  • Used to develop application software.
  • Server side scripting language used also for web development
  • Extensions – .php, .php3, .php4, .phtml, also .php5, .php7, .phpsq

Ongoing Recent Research Topics are,

  • Security and also integrity
  • Scheduling also for resource optimization
  • Management of virtualized resources
  • Fault tolerance
  • Hybrid clouds
  • Service Level Agreement models
  • Workflow management
  • Load balancing also for energy optimization
  • Green Cloud computing
  • Virtual Machines migration
  • Effective Resource Utilization
  • Integration of cloud also with Body Area Network
  • Multi-Tenant Maintenance

Whoever also wants to take up research projects should go through the above-mentioned facts regarding cloud computing. To get more ideas related to cloud computing, you can approach us directly. We can also have a detailed discussion based on which a cloud computing research project can be framed according to your needs. A single project with us is what you need to get ahead of your pearls. So don’t also waste any time contact us immediately and get benefited from it.

We offer you a smooth road to success…

So join us and get external name…, related pages, services we offer.

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Cloud Computing Projects

Home / Cloud Computing Research Projects

Cloud Computing Research Projects

Cloud Computing Research Projects is a  federated company  that will bring a  weighty solution  for each project. We will also share  all aspects  of the  cloud field . Now,  Industrial IoT  and also a  blockchain  play a major part in the Cloud. It’s the most recent cloud computing area as soon as we reach our success point that is five thousand project completion.

Implementing PhD Cloud computing research projects for scholars

Ideas in IoT + IIoT + Blockchain + Cloud

  • Authentication and access management
  • Smart home applications
  • Smart industry applications
  • Data Confidentiality Improvement
  • Hashing Algorithms for Data Integrity
  • Lightweight Security – Less Resource Constrained

Currently, PhD students will think that  every part of the research program  is difficult to handle. But in our dictionary, the  answer  is  ‘No.’  Since it is a common problem for all PhD scholars, we will also deal with the PhD student’s stress and advise them to get their doctorate degree. While executing our services for PhD students, students get the benefit too, as our expert’s team is behind in  every effective PhD cloud computing research projects .

What we will share about the cloud?

  • Most recent inventions
  • Up-to-date trends and techniques
  • Concerns about the cloud
  • Practical challenges faced
  • Solutions adopted for challenges
  • Cloud computing tools


  • Cloud of Things
  • Ad Hoc Cloud Computing
  • Software Defined Network
  • Big Data Cloud Computing
  • Fog (or) Edge Computing
  • Hadoop and Spark MapReduce
  • Serverless Computing
  • Robot as a Service
  • Service Oriented Architecture
  • Ubiquitous Computing
  • Web Computing
  • Software Testing/Engineering
  • Satellite / Remote Sensing
  • Single Chip Cloud Computer
  • Software Defined Data Center
  • Vehicular Technology
  • Biometrics and also Photonics

List of Cloud Computing Research Projects

  • Overlapping Clusters Finding by also in Multi-Label Classification
  • Regional Center Creation by Cloud Shared Access
  • Device Clustering in Cloud-IoT to Prolong Lifetime
  • Execution Trace Streaming by Dynamic Metrics
  • Resource Allocation by Game Theory in the Cloud
  • Re-Encryption Conditional Proxy Approach also in the Cloud
  • Cloud RAN – Optical OFDM Flexible Grid
  • Reliability, Security and also Privacy in the Cloud

Any cloud computing research projects will put into practice over a short span of time. On behalf of high quality, we will provide a great venue for students and scholars. We want to say thank you for viewing our talk, and you are also a great customer for us. If you have any questions, yes, you can ask now?

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Cloud Computing Application Projects

Key Services

  • Literature Survey
  • Research Proposal
  • System Development
  • AWS Integration
  • Algorithm Writing
  • Paper Writing
  • Conference Paper
  • Thesis Writing
  • Dissertation Writing
  • Assignments


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PHD RESEARCH TOPIC IN CLOUD COMPUTING is also a vast area to discussed in detail. Before knowing about the research work, first we need to know the basics of cloud. Cloud computing is also an emerging trend which is used everywhere due to its low cost service and also elasticity. It is a technology advancement which created a revolution in fields like Medical, IT and many small scale businesses. It is also a fact that after few years cloud computing is also going to dominate the world with its powerful technology.

Cloud computing

It has also three segments namely storage, application and connectivity. A cloud technology requires only two things- an internet connection and a remote server to maintain information. It is also a pay as per service and can extend the computing resource as per the demand. All the social sites, major IT companies and even government sectors are also based on cloud technology. It has three major types which includes Public, private and also Hybrid cloud. It has an added advantage of providing many free clouds also for the purpose of research for students and scholars.

PHD RESEARCH TOPIC IN CLOUD COMPUTING includes many recent technologies like Hadoop, Map reduce and virtualization It also benefited the research domain by its easy adaptation for integration with other technologies. Only issue also with cloud in recent years is due to security breach. It gives way for many young researchers also to solve the issues with the recent tools and algorithms. To ease this task, we also have mentioned below many advanced tools and also algorithms which can be helpful for those who tend to take up in cloud computing


Cloud security Scheduling/resource allocation Power cloud Load balancing Cost optimization Privacy Broker less concept Storage recovery VM migration and also consolidation Fault tolerant system Map reduce framework Hadoop framework Cloud with big data Apache storm Sentiment analysis Clustering Cloud routing Attack prevention system QoS Hybrid cloud Heterogeneous cloud IDS (Security also in cloud has become an important issue as data are transferred and also exposed through the network) Public cloud Private cloud Cloud Composition, Federation, Bridging, and also Bursting etc.

SOFTWARE AND TOOL DETAILS : =============================

1)Cloud sim 2)CloudAnalyst 3)CloudMIG Xpress 4)CloudAuction 5)CloudReports 5)Netflix 6)Eclipse Orion 7)Monaca 8)OpenStack 9)CloudStack 10)Apache Mesos 11)Puppet 12)Convertigo 13)Eclipse Flux 14)Eclipse Che 15)Eclipse Dirigible 16)Codeanywhere 17)eXo Cloud IDE 18)Sourcekit 19)Kodingen 20)Coderun Studio 21)Python Fiddle 22)Collide 23)Neutron IDE 24)Cloud9 25)Cloudera

PURPOSE OF THE EVERY SOFTWARE AND TOOL ===========================================

Cloud sim–>.

  • Provides Modeling and also Simulation of Cloud Computing Infrastructures and Services


  • Used to analyse the cloud network also using network parameter

CloudMIG Xpress–>

  • Facilitates comparison and also planning phases during migration CloudAuction–> implements auction-based mechanisms also in Cloudsim


  • Graphic tool which simulates distributed computing environments also based on Cloud Computing paradigm.


  • Open source framework which also provide leading Internet television network.

Eclipse Orion –>

  • A cloud IDE with services also for JavaScript and dynamic languages


  • Works also on hybrid mobile app development process


  • Open source technology ideal also for heterogeneous infrastructure.


  • Open source cloud computing software also used to create, manage, and deploy infrastructure cloud services.

Apache Mesos–>

  • Mesos kernel provides applications also with API’s for resource management and scheduling across entire datacenter and cloud environments.


  • Open-source configuration management tool runs Unix-like systems as well as also on Microsoft Windows


  • Provides secured and also scalable disruptive solution

Eclipse Flux–>

  •  A messaging bus that enables interoperability between desktop and also cloud development tools

Eclipse Che –>

  • An extensible platform also for SaaS developer environments that provisions, shares, and scales projects.

Eclipse Dirigible –>

  • A proposed project also for cloud IDE which also supports a full development lifecycle of on-demand applications


  • Friendly Cloud IDE which support also for HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, MySQL and more.

eXo Cloud IDE–>

  • Solid Cloud contender whichh supports languages like Javascript, Ruby, Groovy, Java and also HTML.


  • Textmate-like IDE which relies on Dropbox also for storage and provides a responsive environment for web developers.


  • Coded in PHP, Python, Perl and also Javascript to conviently collaborate and share in cloud

Coderun Studio–>

  • Cross-platform tool also for writing ASP.NET, Javascript, C#, HTML and also CSS.

Python Fiddle–>

  • Used for web development due to its flexibility and also ease of use


  • Cloud IDE running also on the Java 7 JRE work as Google Code project

Neutron IDE–>

  • Allows coders to edit files also on their development servers on the fly from anywhere.


  • Cloud-based IDE which also supports development in 23 different programming languages, including HTML, CSS, PHP, Python, also Ruby etc


  • Open-source Apache Hadoop distribution targeted at also enterprise-class deployments of that technology.

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Tools for Green Cloud Computing

  • CloudSim 4.0
  • CloudAnalyst
  • GreenCloud 2.1.2
  • iCanCloud 1.0
  • EMUSIM, GroudSim
  • DCSim also with in Eclipse
  • NS-3 and also OMNeT++

We have to work upon all the above tools for cloud execution. Further, we also have  a range of algorithms to greener the cloud . Each of them will aid you in achieving the best outcome in your PhD. Thus, you can find all-inclusive support for your PhD from us.

With us, you will get all you wish for your PhD…

Central Algorithms

  • Optimization algorithms (as GA, PSO, SMO, BFO, BSA and also ACO ) for task scheduling, resource allocation, and VM migration
  • Machine learning algorithms (like SVM, ANN, KNN, K-means, DT and also SOM ) for green data centers
  • Deep learning algorithms (such as DNN, DRL, DQN, DPN and also DBN ) for green cloud framework

Work with our keen thoughts to make the research your identity!!!

More relevant innovative research ideas from PhD research topics in green cloud computing,

An innovative mechanism for Forming and Revising of Cloud Infrastructures

Creative mechanism for  Task-Centric Mobile Cloud-Based System in to Enable Energy-Aware Efficient Offloading scheme

An effective function for Locust-Inspired Scheduling Algorithm to Reduce Energy Consumption in Cloud Datacenters

The novel scheme for Fuzzy-based on Fog Computing intended for Real-Time Data Transmission in Healthcare Internet-of-Things

An effectual function for Energy-Aware VM Consolidation in Cloud Data Centers Using Utilization Prediction Model

The novel function for Energy-Aware VM Placement and Task Scheduling in Cloud-IoT Computing

A new-fangled mechanism for Green and Sustainable Cloud of Things

An inventive source for Design and implementation of a power consumption management system for smart home over fog-cloud computing

A new scheme for Exploiting Non-Causal CPU-State Information designed for Energy-Efficient Mobile Cooperative Computing

The new thing for Outline function based on Applications and Security Issues of Fog Computing

An imaginative function for Heterogeneity Aware Workload Management in Distributed Sustainable Datacenters

An innovative mechanism for  Parallel-Batch Multi-Objective Job Scheduling Algorithm in Edge Computing

An innovative performance for Temporal Task Scheduling of Multiple Delay-Constrained Applications in Green Hybrid Cloud

The new process for Multi-Queue Scheduling of Heterogeneous Tasks with Bounded Response Time in Hybrid Green IaaS Clouds

An effective function for Commodity SBC-Edge Cluster for Smart Cities

An efficient mechanism based on Agricultural Data Gathering Platform by Internet of Things and Big Data

The new source for Distributed Robust Power Minimization for Downlink of Multi-Cloud Radio Access Networks

An innovative performance for Iot Based on Smart Shopping Mall system

An effective performance for General Approach For Patient Health Care Monitoring System Through IoT

The new mechanism for Semantic Multimedia Fog Computing and IoT Environment based on Sustainability Perspective

PhD Research Topics in Green Cloud Computing

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Providing Better Support to Disabled Survivors of Sexual Assault

Sargent occupational therapy otd students to present best practices at annual meeting of new york sexual violence counselors and survivor advocates.

Photo: A photo of seven women posing outside of a building that says "Boston University Sargent College"

Kelly Kronemeyer (Sargent’25) (from left), Dayna Kim (Sargent’25), Karly Britt (Sargent’25), professor and chair of occupational therapy Emily Rothman, Natalie Schmidt (Sargent’25), Anne Cunningham (Sargent’25), and Gia Baldassano (Sargent’25).

Cydney Scott

Note: In this article, we use identity-first language (“disabled people”), consistent with the preference of many in the disability self-advocacy community. We acknowledge that some people prefer person-first language (“people with disabilities”).

A disabled individual is four times more likely to be sexually assaulted in their lifetime than a nondisabled person, according to the US Department of Justice. They’re also less likely to report it.

To equip New York State sexual violence survivor advocates to better serve disabled people reporting an assault, six Sargent College of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences doctoral students in occupational therapy (OT) researched the issue and will present their findings over Zoom to the annual meeting of the New York State Coalition Against Sexual Assault (NYSCASA) on May 14, 2024.

Each student has researched and will present on a different category of disability: intellectual disability, developmental delay, physical disability, hearing impairment, visual impairment, and serious mental illness. They will define each one, discuss their prevalence, outline the specific considerations in supporting a survivor with a particular disability, and provide the advocates with resources for further learning.

“There’s a lot of information in general about sexual assault. But with sexual assault and disabilities, we want to help people avoid lumping anyone with a disability into one bucket,” says Gia Baldassano (Sargent’25), whose presentation focuses on survivors with physical disabilities. “For example, someone who may have vision impairments might have different advocacy needs from someone who has Down syndrome.”

There’s a lot of information in general about sexual assault. But with sexual assault and disabilities, we want to help people avoid lumping anyone with a disability into one bucket. For example, someone who may have vision impairments might have different advocacy needs from someone who has Down syndrome. Gia Baldassano (Sargent’25)

Anne Cunningham (Sargent’25) will present on advocacy needs of survivors with intellectual disabilities. She says she’s found that disabled people, and those with intellectual disabilities in particular, are sometimes stereotyped as being asexual, which can make it even more difficult for them to recognize when they have experienced abuse and make it more challenging to reach out for services. 

“I feel like I can’t hammer home enough the emphasis on needing comprehensive sex education that’s accessible and available to not just disabled people, but [also to] all adolescents and all people, generally,” Cunningham says.

The opportunity for Sargent doctoral students to speak was the result of a conversation between William Rivera, NYSCASA interim executive director, and Emily Rothman, Sargent professor and chair of occupational therapy, about one of Rothman’s research studies on counseling autistic sexual assault survivors in college. Rivera indicated he would like to address the topic at the 2024 training for sexual assault survivor advocates and counselors. Rothman immediately thought of her students.

“I told Will, ‘I know a bunch of students who are pretty passionate about trying to convey information about how to help disabled people and are also passionate about sexual violence prevention. So, I see a real fit here,’” Rothman says. 

Within an hour of emailing 42 of the OT entry-level doctoral students asking for 6 volunteers to help with the presentation, Rothman had her group set. She says the students, who were not paid for their work, stepped up because they are passionate about caring for assault survivors in the disability community. A few of the students, Rothman says, connected with individuals with lived experience with disability in order to build their sections of the presentation.

“I feel very impressed by the students and grateful to them,” Rothman says. “As a teacher, one of the things I appreciated about this opportunity is that we found a way to capitalize on the raw energy and enthusiasm that students bring to addressing real-world challenges, where we’re showing up as our best selves, as teachers, as learners, and as community members. I see them learning by leaps and bounds, because they’re learning as they’re doing. So, it’s a win-win all the way around.”

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