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7 Teacher CV Examples - Here's What Works In 2024

Want to be a teacher it's not just about passion. you need a strong cv too. a good cv is your ticket to your dream job. it tells your story, lists your skills, and gets you in the door for an interview. this article shares solid examples and templates. they'll guide you on creating a cv that works for teaching jobs..

Hiring Manager for Teacher Roles

Imagine walking into a buzzing classroom, hefty cup of morning coffee in hand and "Teacher" boldly etched in your job title. As the visionary of the classroom, you're the inspirational architect, assigned the task to mold young minds. Having this passion clearly reflected in your CV is key for recruiters. They not only look for certified qualification but also the magic that makes you stand out as an educator. As a recruiter, we want to see your talent for awakening curiosity and carving out unique learning paths. In recent years, teaching has become more dynamic than ever. You're not just a book presenter anymore. From blending traditional methodologies with technology to multi-modal teaching styles, the trends in 2023-2024 call for innovative educators. Stepping into 2024, your CV should give us a tour of your adaptability and your knack to thrive in an ever-changing landscape. In the field of teaching, you might have heard chatter about CVs and resumes. Here's the scoop – they're simply two sides of the same coin. Typically in the UK, Europe, and Australia, "CV" is used more often than "resume." Yet, when it comes to content, length, and format, they rise to the same standards. A teacher CV is not a lengthy document listing all your life’s work, it is just the same substantial 1-2 page document we simply refer to as a resume. As we traverse through the rest of this article, we'll dive into some stellar templates that are making waves in 2024. We'll dissect the key skills you'd want to stitch into your CV and fine-tune your application to resonate with every recruiter’s expectations. Enjoy the journey and let's whip up a CV that champions your unique teacher persona.

Teacher CV Templates

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  • Substitute Teacher
  • Preschool Teacher
  • Elementary Teacher
  • High School Teacher
  • Teacher Assistant

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Template 1 of 7: Teacher CV Example

Being a teacher is a calling, not just a profession. As a teacher, you shape the leaders of tomorrow, imparting knowledge, values and critical thinking skills. When crafting your CV, it's crucial to understand that schools are increasingly prioritizing a holistic approach to education. This means they're not just looking for subject matter experts, but also individuals who can foster creativity, resilience, and empathy among students. Your CV should therefore reflect not only your professional qualifications, but also attributes that make you an effective educator. At the same time, the teaching industry is evolving rapidly with technology, so schools are especially interested in teachers who can effectively use digital tools for teaching. Your CV should demonstrate that you're tech-savvy and capable of adapting to new teaching methods.

A teacher's CV demonstrating their lesson planning and adaptability skills.

Tips to help you write your Teacher CV in 2024

   show your ability to create engaging lesson plans.

As a teacher, your CV needs to show your ability to create engaging, effective lesson plans. Discuss the strategies you use to make challenging topics accessible and interesting for students. This could include integrating multimedia content, practical applications, or cross-curricular links.

   Show your ability to adapt to different learning needs

In an inclusive classroom, you'll encounter students with a range of learning needs. Your CV should demonstrate how you've differentiated instruction to cater to these varying needs. Share specific tactics you've used, like individual learning plans, or technology you've leveraged to aid students with special needs.

Show your ability to adapt to different learning needs - Teacher CV

Skills you can include on your Teacher CV

Template 2 of 7: substitute teacher cv example.

The role of a substitute teacher is not always easy to define, akin to being a relief hitter in baseball. Unlike their full-time counterparts, substitute teachers must blend into various educational environments on short notice, which can be both challenging and rewarding. Being adaptable and quick on your feet are key traits for this role. There's a growing trend in schools hiring multilingual substitutes due to the diversifying student population. When crafting your CV, it's important to showcase these areas alongside your teaching capabilities, as potential employers are looking for substitutes that can easily fit into different classroom settings, cultures, and age groups.

A CV screenshot displaying the adaptability and multilingual skills of a substitute teacher.

Tips to help you write your Substitute Teacher CV in 2024

   demonstrate your adaptability in teaching methods.

Supply teaching often requires you to adapt quickly to new teaching methodologies. On your CV, share instances where you were able to adequately adjust your teaching style or approach to fit with the class's routine. It could be an unexpected science class you had to take over, or a class you had to handle with special needs students.

Demonstrate your adaptability in teaching methods - Substitute Teacher CV

   Showcase your multilingual skills

If you speak more than one language, your CV is the place to brag about it. Schools are increasingly on the lookout for substitutes who can cater to a diverse student population. Mention the languages you're fluent in, any cultural immersion experiences and how you've used these skills in a teaching capacity.

Showcase your multilingual skills - Substitute Teacher CV

Skills you can include on your Substitute Teacher CV

Template 3 of 7: preschool teacher cv example.

In preschool teaching, you're not just an instructor, but a nurturer of young minds. It's vital to understand that the documents you submit, like your CV, should reflect this soft side of the role, while also showcasing your qualifications and experience. Lately, there's been a significant emphasis on interactive, play-based learning in preschool environments. So it's a game-changer if your CV paints you as someone imaginative, creative and attuned to the latest learning strategies. Remember, you're writing to a school or educational institution, but they're people too; don't hesitate to make your CV personal, inviting and a little bit fun.

A well-structured CV for preschool teaching roles highlighting unique skills and experiences.

Tips to help you write your Preschool Teacher CV in 2024

   display knowledge of child development.

Your CV should demonstrate your understanding of the stages of early childhood development. This is crucial in preschool teaching as it enables you to cater to the unique needs of this age group. You could mention relevant courses, certifications or on-the-job trainings you've undergone.

Display knowledge of child development - Preschool Teacher CV

   Showcase creativity in teaching methods

In this digital age, traditional teaching methods are steadily evolving. Your CV should show your ability to incorporate creative, interactive and play-based learning strategies in your teaching. This could be through lesson plans, initiatives you've led, or teaching tools you've developed.

Showcase creativity in teaching methods - Preschool Teacher CV

Skills you can include on your Preschool Teacher CV

Template 4 of 7: elementary teacher cv example.

As an elementary teacher, you're at the helm of shaping the minds of young learners. Your CV is your chance to show a prospective school what you have to offer, not only in terms of your educational qualifications but also the personal attributes that you can bring to the classroom. When considering trends in the education sector today, there's a move towards a more hands-on and personalized approach to teaching, so it would be beneficial to show how you've adapted to this in your previous roles. It’s vital to remember that your CV needs to be more than a list of credentials, it should demonstrate your dedication and passion for teaching young children.

An elementary teacher's CV showcasing their proficiency in behavior management and understanding of child development.

Tips to help you write your Elementary Teacher CV in 2024

   showcase your behavior management skills.

As an elementary teacher, managing the behavior of a classroom full of energetic children is part of the job. In your CV, provide specific examples of how you've effectively managed behavior in the past. This could be through implementing a reward system or devising unique strategies to encourage positive behavior.

Showcase your behavior management skills - Elementary Teacher CV

   Highlight your expertise in child development

Schools are looking for teachers who are knowledgeable in child development. This means that you need to show how you've put your understanding of child development into action. Maybe you differentiated your lesson plans to accommodate varying learning styles or perhaps you were able to identify and cater to students with special educational needs.

Skills you can include on your Elementary Teacher CV

Template 5 of 7: high school teacher cv example.

As a high school teacher, you're engaging with today's youth, shaping their minds and preparing them for the future, whether that's further education or entering the workforce. Your CV should communicate the depth of your subject knowledge, your ability to deliver engaging lessons, and your commitment to student development. Reflect recent trends, like increased use of technology and online learning tools, as well as a focus on student mental health and wellbeing. Your CV isn't just a list of jobs and qualifications, it's a reflection of who you are as a teacher and how you make a difference in your students' lives.

Screenshot of a high school teacher's CV showcasing relevant experience and skills.

Tips to help you write your High School Teacher CV in 2024

   show commitment to continued professional development.

As the world of education is always evolving, it's important that high school teachers demonstrate a commitment to staying on top of the latest trends, research, and methodologies. Use your CV to outline any relevant workshops, courses, or professional conferences you've attended.

   Detail experience with ed-tech tools

Today's classrooms heavily rely on technology. So, if you're adept at using learning management systems or have experience integrating tech tools into your lesson plans, make sure to outline this. Be specific about the platforms you've used and how you applied them to enhance teaching.

Detail experience with ed-tech tools - High School Teacher CV

Skills you can include on your High School Teacher CV

Template 6 of 7: high school teacher cv example.

As a high school teacher, your work is all about the effective transfer of knowledge. Your CV should reflect your mastery in this area. With the shift towards remote learning and technology integration in classrooms in recent times, recruiters are keen on teachers with experience in these areas. Your CV needs to factor in these current trends. The beauty of teaching is that each day is different; your CV should echo this dynamism and show your versatility as well. Remember, recruiters are also interested in your soft skills just as much as your teaching qualifications. Your CV should reflect your ability to manage a classroom, understand student needs, and adapt teaching methods to meet those needs. Your CV is not just a list of qualifications; it's a demonstration of who you are as a teacher.

High school teacher's CV emphasizing subject expertise and tech skills.

   Demonstrate subject mastery

As a high school teacher, your subject expertise is vital. Rather than merely stating your qualifications, give examples of how you've put your subject knowledge into practice. Maybe you created a unique curriculum or developed interesting teaching materials? Show them off.

   Show your tech savviness

Digital literacy is a must in today's teaching world. Instead of simply stating that you're tech-savvy, specify the educational software and technologies you have experience with. If you've conducted virtual lessons, participated in e-learning modules or used digital tools to enhance student learning, make sure this is clear on your CV.

Template 7 of 7: Teacher Assistant CV Example

Being a Teacher Assistant, you're in a unique position as the bridge between students and their teachers. Your role's dynamism now requires more digital skills than before due to the current shift to hybrid and remote learning environments. When working on your CV, it's essential to show the employer that you not only have experience supporting various teaching methods, but that you're also comfortable with the latest educational technology. You can't leave out your ability to adapt to each student's individual learning style - this skill is a real deal breaker.

A CV screenshot displaying skills and experiences relevant for a Teacher Assistant role.

Tips to help you write your Teacher Assistant CV in 2024

   show your versatility with technology.

As a Teacher Assistant, you're often in charge of managing online classroom tools. Therefore, it's crucial to outline any technical skills you have, whether it's different Learning Management Systems or digital communication platforms like Zoom. Make sure you show everything you know about digital education.

Show your versatility with technology - Teacher Assistant CV

   Include your experience with diverse learning styles

Assisting in a classroom means you're exposed to a variety of children with different learning needs. Discuss your experiences with these diverse learning styles, especially if you've worked with special needs students or those with learning difficulties. This will show that you're adaptable and capable of providing individual support.

Include your experience with diverse learning styles - Teacher Assistant CV

Skills you can include on your Teacher Assistant CV

Skills for teacher resumes.

For teachers crafting a CV in 2024, understanding your main job duties is vital. Jobs in teaching call for patience, understanding, and a knack for clear explanation. Ensure these skills shine on your CV. Study the job description. Pinpoint relevant skills and present them prominently - either in your CV’s Skills section or as a bullet point under your job history. For instance, you might write "Applied strong problem-solving skills in implementing new teaching techniques." But don't forget, before your CV reaches a human, it has to get past the robots. Hiring software, known as Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), screens every CV. To make the cut, peppering in the right skills is crucial. Teachers might need to highlight skills like curriculum development or mastery of educational software like Google Classroom. Think of it this way: your CV is a test you need to pass to land that dream role, so prepare it thoughtfully.

  • Instructional Design
  • Business Education
  • Teacher Training
  • Lesson Planning
  • Curriculum Development
  • Technology Integration
  • Staff Development
  • Classroom Management
  • Higher Education
  • K-12 Education
  • Differentiated Instruction
  • Classroom Instruction
  • Educational Technology
  • Secondary Education
  • Educational Leadership

Skills Word Cloud For Teacher CVs

This word cloud highlights the important keywords that appear on Teacher job descriptions and CVs. The bigger the word, the more frequently it appears on job postings, and the more 'important' it is.

Top Teacher Skills and Keywords to Include On Your CV

How to use these skills?

Action verbs for teacher resumes.

Are you a teacher looking to write your CV? Your key role is to enlighten young minds, foster curiosity, and guide growth. Reflect these skills on your CV with action verbs that speak volumes. Start sentences with words like "led", "inspired", "mentored", or "facilitated". These words show that you are active, involved, and a force for good in the classroom. For example, instead of writing "Was in charge of a class of 30 students", try "Led a diverse class of 30 students, fostering an inclusive learning environment". Instead of "Worked on science projects with students", use "Facilitated hands-on science projects, mentored students, nurturing a love for discovery and exploration". Let your CV show the heart of your teaching craft - your ability to inspire, nurture, and lead. Try these small tweaks and watch how your CV shines, putting across your passion and competency in the most effective way. Remember, the right action verbs offer a glimpse of your teaching charisma way before the interview stage.

  • Implemented
  • Coordinated
  • Facilitated

For more related action verbs, visit Teaching Action Verbs .

For a full list of effective CV action verbs, visit Resume Action Verbs .

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Social worker.

A resume screenshot displaying specialized skills and teamwork experience for a Clinical Social Worker role.

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cv personal statement teacher

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cv personal statement teacher

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3 Teacher CV Examples (With CV Writing Guide for Teachers)

Posted by CV Nation on May 23, 2020

A comprehensive guide to writing an interview-generating teacher CV, with three teacher CV samples.

When pursuing teaching positions, your CV is usually the first impression headmasters, principals or HR professionals get of you.

As such, it’s critical that your teaching CV makes a powerful impact and makes you stand out among the competition.

As a teacher, your CV is your greatest marketing tool.

cv personal statement teacher

In this guide, which includes three teacher CV samples, we’ll show you how to craft a hard-hitting CV that helps you land teaching job interviews .

This guide is designed to help all teachers, from secondary school teachers, headmasters/headmistresses and university professors to substitute teachers, primary school teachers and pre-school teachers.

Feel free to take a look at our Premium CV service to learn how the package could help you achieve your career goals.

Teacher CV Example

Teacher CV Sample

As of October 2019, there were over 506,400 full time teachers in the UK , according to the British Educational Suppliers Association. The majority of these teachers are employed as primary school and secondary school teachers.

When we consider the fact that there are over 32,100 schools in the UK, with an average of only 16.4 teachers per school, it’s clear to see that competition for teaching positions in tough.

This is why it’s important to approach the job market with an effective CV.

Teacher CV or teacher resume?

You might be wondering if you should be preparing a teacher CV or a teacher resume. However, we use the term interchangeably and see no distinction between the two.

Whether you use the term CV or resume, the document has the same purpose: to articulate your experiences and skills in the most effective manner and make a strong impact on the reader.

How to write a teacher CV

Add your contact details.

Like CVs for all profession, teacher CVs should include your contact details in an easy to read manner. Contact details are usually positioned at the top of CVs, as demonstrated in the teacher’s CV sample in this guide.

Include your contact number, email address and LinkedIn URL if you have one. Ensure to add your location too. There is no need to include your full address; simply state your town/city and country.

Start with a professional profile

Teachers’ CVs should include a powerful professional profile – a short introduction to your CV – that illustrates your expertise and experiences in teaching while showing what makes you unique.

How do you make your professional profile unique?

The key to writing a unique professional profile is to tailor it to job you are applying for. Study the job posting for the teaching position and tailor your professional profile in line with the essential requirements.

Additionally, it's important to craft a professional profile that touches on your unique value proposition. Your unique value proposition is the key, unique benefit that you bring to the table.

For example, have you got a reputation for generating excellent GCSE grades? Do you utilise a novel approach to teaching that gets fantastic results?

Identify your unique value proposition and ensure it comes across in your professional profile.

Here is an example of a teacher’s professional profile:

I am an enthusiastic secondary school history teacher with high aspirations for students, committed to supporting growth in children and enabling them to realise their learning objectives. An agent for positive change, I believe that researching the past is vital in understand the present. This is why I take pleasure from encouraging students to throw themselves into history and learn the valuable lessons of our past.

My love for teaching is demonstrated in my students’ exam results; for the last five years, an average of 84% of my GCSE history students have achieved grades B or higher.

Showcase your skills

The best teaching CVs articulate teachers' relevant job skills in an effective, easy-to-follow manner.

Include a concise, professionally formatted skills section to draw attention to your capabilities. In this section, focus only on your hard skills.

For more detailed advice on how to demonstrate skills on your CV, view our comprehensive guide on how to write a CV .

Which hard skills are important for teachers?

  • Classroom management
  • Subject knowledge
  • Conflict management
  • Curriculum delivery methods
  • Lesson planning
  • Student support
  • Disciplinary procedures
  • Departmental management
  • Counselling

When it comes to soft skills, you should always try to show, rather than tell . As soft skills don’t hold much weight unless they’re backed up with examples of times you’ve utilised them, it’s much more effective to demonstrate them in your career summary.

This way, you can provide tangible evidence of times you have used the skills to achieve positive results.

View our complete guide to the most important skills for CVs . Or view our in-depth guide to teacher skills and how to show them on your CV.

Which soft skills are important for teachers?

1. patience.

As a teacher, you’ll be well aware of the importance of patience. All teachers encounter students who lack respect and cause disruptions in lessons.

To cope with this, teachers need to have an abundance of patience and very thick skin.

To show that you have a patient character, touch on your conflict management experience and demonstrate times that you’ve maintained your composure in pressurised situations.

2. Communication

Teaching is largely about communicating ideas to students. Teachers who are able to communicate effectively with their students tend to get better results.

Whether it’s verbal, non-verbal or written communication, your teacher CV should highlight your ability to optimise the learning process through strong communication.

To show your communication acumen on your CV, illustrate your own unique approach to engaging with students.

For example, do you smile at students and maintain a kind demeanour? Do you converse with students on individual basis because you find it helps them to understand?

By showing your ability to communicate effectively with pupils, your CV will be more effective.

3. Organisation

Teachers must balance multiple tasks alongside the actual process of teaching. This may include marking, planning lessons or overseeing disciplinary processes; there’s always plenty of work for teachers to do.

As such, teachers must be able to organise their time effectively.

To show your organisation skills on your CV, demonstrate your experience managing multiple tasks simultaneously. Show your time management skills and planning skills.

Did you arrange after school clubs? Did you establish new support groups for students? If so, draw attention to this to illustrate your organisation skills.

Furthermore, prepare your CV in a well-organised, professionally formatted manner. Such CVs demonstrate a highly organised candidate with good attention-to-detail.

4. Leadership

While many teachers don’t have managerial responsibilities, they are leaders of their classroom and they’re responsible for the success of their students.

The best teachers are great leaders.

How do you show leadership skills on your teacher CV?

The key to showing leadership skills on your CV is to highlight your successes.

Great leaders get results.

There is no more effective way to showcase your leadership qualities than to draw attention to your successes as a leader.

For example, did you reduce cases of misbehaviour in your classroom? Did you introduce a new teaching strategy that contributed to improved student performance?

These kinds of accomplishments indicate a teacher with sound leadership skills.

5. Enthusiasm

As with most professions, those who are enthusiastic about their job tend to perform to higher standards. Teachers’ enthusiasm rubs off on their students, which in turn improves the quality of their learning experience.

For this reason, enthusiasm is a key skill for teachers.

This doesn’t mean that teachers should be hyperactive in lessons, jumping up and down in front of the blackboard.

They simply need to be passionate about their job.

To show your enthusiasm on your CV, highlight what drew you to a career in teaching and why you love your job.

Take a look at the teaching CV examples in this guide; notice that the history teacher touches on her passion for history in regards to learning lessons from the past. This shows that she is passionate about her subject.

When you start to land job interviews for teaching jobs, you may be asked about your weaknesses. To prepare yourself for questions about weaknesses, view our guide on the topic. This guide includes 12 weakness examples for your job interview.

Include your work experience

Add your work experience, starting with your most recent role. Include the job title, school name, location and dates of employment.

Then articulate your duties and achievements in a concise manner. Try to quantify your achievements, using numbers to bolster them and make a stronger impact.

Here is an example: ‘Increased the number of Year 10s securing A*-C grades at GCSE by 24%’.

Note that the use of numbers makes the achievement more ‘real’ and offers evidence of the teacher’s success.

Add any other relevant sections

Teacher CVs often include more sections than CVs for other professions. These sections include memberships, awards and honours, publications and conferences attended.

Memberships and Associations

If you’re a member of professional associations, such as the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development or the National Association of Teachers in Further and Higher Education (NATFHE), include a memberships/associations section on your CV.


Have you attended conferences or delivered presentations that are relevant to teaching? If so, include a conferences section to highlight them.

Add the name of the conference and the dates attended.


Many academic CVs include a list of the teacher or professor’s publications. Include any publications in an easy-to-read format, starting with the title of the publication, the name of the journal or organisation and the dates of publication.

Awards & Honours

If you’ve been presented with any awards or honours that are related to teaching and academia, include a section to showcase them.

Additional Information

In the final section of your CV, highlight any relevant additional information. This may include languages, clearances, licences, voluntary activities and IT proficiency.

Primary School Teacher CV Example

Teacher resume

Nowadays, CVs need to be optimised for recruitment screening software, such as Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). These systems filter and rank candidates’ CVs to provide recruiters with the most relevant candidates.

To ensure your CV beats these bots, you’ll have to optimise it through keywords insertion and professional formatting.

Which keywords are important to include for teacher CVs?

Education planning, classroom management, education programmes, teaching strategies, career development, course design, curriculum development, behaviour management, learning strategies, student counselling, special needs education, high school teaching, primary school teaching, lesson planning, course management.

To optimise your CV further for ATS, ensure your CV is well-formatted and easy-to-follow.

Don’t include photos, graphics or tables on your CV. Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) can’t read these and including them could have a negative impact on your CV.

Tips for formatting your teacher CV

Use the reverse chronological CV format. This format involves including your work experience in reverse chronological order, starting with your most recent teaching position.

To see what reverse chronological CVs look like, take a look at the teaching CV samples in this guide.

View our guide on CV format , which includes 12 CV examples.

For more in-depth guidance on formatting your CV, view our ultimate guide on how to write a CV .

When preparing your CV, select adequate margin sizes. To ensure your CV is professional in appearance, you don’t want your margins to be too wide or too narrow.

The ideal margin sizes on all sides are between 1.7 cm (0.66”) and 2.2 cm (0.86”).

Separate your CV’s sections with professional borders. This makes your CV easier to follow.

To add borders to your CV in Microsoft Word, navigate to the top of the document and click ‘Design’. Select ‘Page Borders’ and choose the type of border you would like to use on your CV. Then highlight the text where you would like to add the border beneath. Click ‘Borders’, which you will find next to the shading tab, and then select ‘Bottom Border’.

Line Spacing

Breaking up text is important to optimise the reading experience of your CV and make the key information easy to locate.

One of the best ways to break up text is to add line spacing between blocks of text.

To add line spacing to your CV, highlight the text you would like to add space above or beneath, click ‘Layout’, and then choose the amount of space you would like to add (we usually recommend around 6 pt. of spacing).

Fonts and Font Sizes

Use common, trusty sans or sans serif fonts, such as Calibri, Arial, Tahoma and Times New Roman.

Avoid overly creative fonts, which will be sure to make your CV unprofessional in appearance.

Middle School Teacher CV Example

Middle School Teacher CV Sample

We hope you have found this teacher CV writing guide helpful. Don't forget to proofread your CV to ensure it doesn't include mistakes. View CV Nation's proofreading services .

Want to boost your job search and make sure your CV is ATS friendly? Feel free to make use of our professional teacher CV templates .

Or get inspired with our guide on CV layout , which includes 10 CV layout ideas.

More resources for teachers:

- 3 Great Teacher Cover Letter Samples

- 10 Key Skills for Teachers

- 20 Teacher Job Interview Questions

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The application form is the first hurdle you have to get over and sets the first impression of you as a person in the recruiter’s mind.

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The personal statement: why does it matter? 

The personal statement presents the perfect opportunity to show you are an exceptional candidate, understand teaching and know the school you are applying to.

It is not an easy task and is a tricky thing to get right. It requires being concise and clear – it shouldn’t be too long or read like a list.

You should talk about yourself and your professional achievements, while at the same time apply those experiences to the school itself.

We spoke to Malcolm Trobe, deputy general secretary of the Association of School and College Leaders , about what goes into the perfect personal statement. Here's what he said:

What does a great teaching personal statement look like?

"In general, I would say no longer than two sides of A4 – typescript. It needs to be well structured and linked to the specific school. It will need to include a number of key areas, including behavioural management, educational philosophy, subject expertise, pedagogy, personal organisation and skills and enrichment activities that the candidate can bring."

What should it contain?

"I would recommend that candidates include three elements in each of the key areas:

  • What their beliefs/philosophy/approach is – i.e., the theory
  • Their experience in that area
  • How they would use that experience in the school they are applying to and specific to the job they are applying for

The statement should also include something personal in terms of their outside interests to indicate that they live an interesting and well-balanced life."

What are school leaders looking to read in a good personal statement?

"They will want to see something of the person’s character come through. It must not be just a list of achievements or repeat of the CV. It needs to be well-written, error-free and mention the school they are applying for – but not too many times. It should read as if it has been specifically written for the school and job they are applying for. I would be looking for something similar to the approach I have indicated above, covering all of the key areas and indicating that they have a vocation for working with young people. Somehow I would like to see a ‘generosity of spirit’ come through in the statement."

How can a candidate stand out in a personal statement?

"A good personal statement needs to include something of the person themselves. It has to make the reader believe that the candidate has something special without bragging or appearing arrogant – but something a bit above what other candidates may offer. A really good introduction and ending are important, and it's worth spending a great deal of time crafting those sections of the statement. Hook the reader in at the beginning and finish on a high note so that they want to meet the person and explore what has been written."

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How to Write a CV Personal Statement [+4 Real-life Examples]

Background Image

Creating an effective CV takes time and close attention to detail. You've already included your jobs and experience , and now you want to allow the recruiter or hiring manager to understand the strategic value you can add.

This is when you need to utilize a personal statement at the top of your CV.

How to Write a CV Personal Statement [+4 Real-life Examples] 

cv personal statement example

What is a Personal Statement? 

A personal statement is a few brief and direct sentences at the top of your CV. The personal statement is also referred to as a career summary or personal mission statement.

This is used to grab the attention of the recruiter or hiring manager and summarizes essential experiences or training that you can bring to this position.

Why do I Need a Personal Statement?

A recruiter or hiring manager is tasked with sorting through an enormous amount of resumes every single day. A personal statement is a way to separate yourself from the other applicants.

This statement summarizes your experience and highlights your unique talents . The CV personal statement is meant to demonstrate why you are the perfect fit for the job. 

Even med students need a medical school personal statement , as it is what differentiates them from all the other students applying. Plus, it allows them to share their personal stories and objectives.

Where do I Start? 

Always begin by reading the job description carefully and thoroughly.

Your personal statement should be tailored to each job description, so it explicitly states the value you’ll bring to the position you are applying. A generic personal statement cannot do that. 

Once you have a solid handle on the job description, you can begin writing. It’s important to keep your personal statement brief, about 50-200 words will do.

Don’t forget that you have your whole cover letter to show some personality and include engaging content.

The personal statement should be a quick summary that highlights why you are the best person for the job. 

You’ll need to decide whether you are writing your personal statement in first- or third-person. This should follow how you've written the rest of your CV.

For example, if you've already written, “I grew and developed a team of 50 salespeople,” in your CV then you will want to keep your personal statement in first-person to match the prevailing style.

No matter what you choose, make sure that you keep it consistent throughout. Do not switch between first- and third-person as that will get confusing to the hiring manager.

Writing a personal statement for your CV in first-person does not mean you need to start every sentence with “I.”

There are ways to craft your personal statement to sound snappy, concise and personal, and here are a few examples to help inspire your personal statement. 

CV Personal Statement Examples

It doesn’t matter what chose as your desired career or how much experienc e you have, use these examples to drive the creation of your own personal statement.

You can take snippets from each or write something completely different. Always remember that your personal statement is a reflection of yourself and should align with your own personal goals and experience.

If these examples don’t fit your exact career, feel free to take some pointers and write yours from scratch. 

#1: Personal Statement Example for Recent Graduate CV

“As a recent graduate from university, with an honors degree in communications, I held several internships within leading organizations, including Bertelsmann. These internships enabled me to gain experience in the field and learn how to serve up valuable contributions in a fast-paced, professional environment.”

Explanation: This example should be customized to include the university you’ve graduated from and any relevant internships. A compelling personal statement always highlights relevant skills and experiences.

In this case, a recent graduate does not have extensive experience in the workforce, so soft skills like experiencing success in a fast-paced work environment and becoming a trusted team member become even more critical.

#2: Personal Statement Example for Returning to the Workforce CV

“A highly motivated and experienced office administrator, I am currently looking to resume my professional career after an extended hiatus to raise my family. Proficient in all Microsoft Office programs, I can lead meetings and work with clients to keep your office running smoothly and efficiently. After spending several years volunteering as an administrative worker for a local charity, I am committed to resuming my professional career on a full-time basis.”

Explanation: After time off from a career, it can be hard to break back into the market. This personal statement outlines the reason for the break, the relevant qualifications and what the applicant has been doing in between jobs.

Any volunteer experience becomes highly relevant when there is no concrete professional experience to draw upon, to demonstrate the use of those skills. 

job search masterclass

#3: Personal Statement Example for a Career Change CV

“With over 15 years as a sales manager, I have extensive experience building high-functioning sales teams that consistently achieve budget numbers. In fact, my ability to grow talent led to a 20% increase in annual renewals across the board. Now, after 15 years, I am seeking new challenges to flex my marketing muscles in a fast-paced environment.” 

Explanation: When changing careers , it's essential to highlight skills that are transferable between industries.

In this case, leadership and team-building experience can apply to any industry. Homing in on concrete numbers and percentages increases credibility when applying for a position.

The applicant ends with the reason behind the desired career change. This part is not necessary but may be appealing to some hiring managers who are wondering what the impetus for the career change.

#4: Personal Statement Example for a Experienced Professional CV

“As a friendly, professional and highly trained educator, I am passionate about teaching and have an innate ability to understand student’s needs. Creating a safe and productive environment for optimal learning is my top priority. I’ve worked as a teacher for nearly 10 years in a variety of subjects and my experience and skill set make me the perfect fit for your team.”

Explanation: With more experience comes more skills and a better idea of strengths and weaknesses. Showcasing your passion for the industry is a great way to begin a personal statement, as it shows the hiring manager your dedication to the craft. 

A personal statement can be written in many different ways, but it is ultimately up to you to determine what skills you want to highlight for your chosen position.

You can follow these examples or take learnings from each to contribute towards your personal statement. 

If you understand the job you are applying for and know the unique skill set that you bring to the table, you will have a stellar personal statement for your CV that will get you across the table from the hiring manager in no time.  

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Teaching personal statement examples

Giving you the chance to show why you'd be a great teacher, your personal statement is an important part of your application and worth taking the time over

What is a teaching personal statement?

Your personal statement is used to explain why you want to become a teacher and your suitability for the role. While your application form briefly outlines your qualifications, skills and work experience, your teaching personal statement is where your personality shines through.

Take your time with it. Many candidates often spend a few weeks on this part of the application as you don't have to write it all at once. You should get someone to read over it and be prepared to receive constructive feedback and write a few drafts before you send it off.

It's important to:

  • use examples based on your recent teaching experience
  • tailor your personal statement according to the school/age group
  • use good, clear, written English, using first person terms such as 'my' and 'I'
  • be original and honest
  • avoid clichés and general statements, such as 'I've always wanted to teach'
  • demonstrate a passion for teaching.

While it's crucial to get it right, your teaching personal statement is only a small part of the application process. Find out how else you'll need to prepare to  get a teaching job .

How to write a personal statement for teaching

Your personal statement should be between 500 and 1,000 words. It's crucial that you  don't copy  and that the statement you provide is  your own work .

This is your opportunity to:

  • write about any relevant skills and experience you have
  • explain your understanding of why teaching is important
  • detail why you want to become a teacher
  • list any extra skills or experience you have, such as volunteering or first aid.

See  personal statements for postgraduate applications  for more guidance.

The nature of your personal statement will vary, depending on the type of teaching you'd like to pursue. Take a look at some of our example personal statements to get an idea of how they differ.

Personal statement for PGCE primary

As well as focusing on roles in which you've gained experience with primary-age children, a PGCE primary personal statement should demonstrate your well-rounded personality and any skills that could be useful for the range of extra-curricular activities primary schools provide (such as the ability to read music for recorder lessons, or drama experience to help with school plays).

Personal statement for PGCE secondary

Many good PGCE secondary personal statements acknowledge the challenges involved in teaching older pupils and provide examples of where the candidate has worked to overcome these problems. As secondary teaching roles are geared towards teaching a specific subject, training providers are looking for more evidence of your subject and degree knowledge.

Personal statement for School Direct

If you're applying for the salaried School Direct route, you should discuss the experience you've gained in the classroom prior to your application. One of your references will need to be from an employer, or someone who can comment on your work ethic and suitability for teaching. Don't worry if your degree is unrelated to the subject you'd like to teach - you may still be able to apply by completing a subject knowledge enhancement (SKE) course .

Find out more

  • Discover how to structure a teaching CV .
  • Find out what it's really like to be a primary or secondary school teacher .
  • Search postgraduate courses in teaching .

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How to write a teacher personal statement

What experience do you have, are you engaged in teaching theory and research, are you up to date on safeguarding statutory guidance, what are your skills and qualities, how can you contribute to wider school life, search for roles.

Your personal statement is your first opportunity to show the school you’re a great fit for the job, and gets you closer to being shortlisted for an interview. The more you show how your skills and interests match the school’s ethos and values, the better. We’ve spoken to a range of teachers to get their top tips for success.

Schools want to hear about your trainee experience with different subjects, key stages, types of school, and working with a range of pupils.

Think about your approach to teaching, how you keep pupils engaged, and how you communicate with different kinds of people (children, staff, parents and carers). Ensure you provide evidence for how you have improved student engagement and built positive relationships with pupils.

Schools will be interested in your approach to behaviour management, so think about your go-to strategies.

Think about any research that has affected your teaching practice. Explain what has worked well and if it didn’t, what you learnt.

You need to demonstrate your awareness of the importance of safeguarding and the requirements of Keeping Children Safe in Education . Include any examples of how you worked with a Designated Safeguarding Lead.

Are you a well-organised, confident, and motivated teacher? Say it, and provide examples! Schools are looking for great communicators, team players and relationship builders. Make sure you say how you create a positive learning environment, and consider skills like time management, organisation, and flexibility. Schools will also want to know how you overcome challenges.

Set yourself apart by showing how your hobbies and achievements could contribute to the wider school community. Could you run an after school club or organise school trips?

Search for roles on Teaching Vacancies now.

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Teaching Personal Statement

  • CV Templates & Advice


Are you applying for your dream teaching role but you’re not sure what to write in your personal statement? Here is our expert advice on what to include and how to present your knowledge, skills and experience in the best way. The key to a successful teaching personal statement is for it to portray how and why you teach, and who you are as an individual.

Personal statements give applicants the chance to shine. We recommend using this short space to show off your strengths, achievements and share your career aspirations. Use this 100-150 words to provide evidence of how you match the job specifications, and how much you would love this teaching role.

Alternatively, you can check out our generic  personal statement guide .

What to include in your teacher personal statement

Why you’re applying for the role.

  • Refer to any knowledge you have of the school and the role at hand, including any research you have done on the school, or any visits specifically.
  • Include reference to what appealed to you about this school and position.

Provide details about your education/course

  • Provide information on your previous education (School/University/Courses)
  • Reference any relevant courses or qualifications you have completed.
  • If you completed a PGCE course, mention your degree and dissertation, if appropriate, along with any classroom-based projects and modules.

Your teaching experience

  • Highlight the year groups you have taught in the past.
  • Mention the range of subjects you have covered.
  • Point out any use of specific teaching strategies that you have used.

Provide details on classroom management

  • Lesson planning and delivery tactics.
  • Provide any details, if applicable, of experience working with teaching assistants.
  • Mention how you handled classrooms and behavioural issues.

Short Example

A kind hearted, friendly, professional and highly trained teacher. I am extremely passionate about teaching, I find the position personally satisfying and beneficial to the students I work with. I am a great communicator and listener, and have the ability to understand a student’s needs. I love creating lesson plans, organising work flow and interacting with the students. Education is a passion of mine and creating a safe, friendly and productive environment for my students to learn is a top priority. I’ve worked as a teacher for several years across a range of subjects, with my experience and set of skills I feel that I would make a great asset to your team.

If you’re seeking your next teaching role, then be sure to check out the range of other resources that we have available:

  • Teaching Assistant Personal Statement
  • Teacher CV Template

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StandOut CV

CV personal statement examples

Andrew Fennell photo

If you want to secure job interview, you need a strong personal statement at the top of your CV.

Your CV personal statement is a short paragraph which sits at the very top of your CV – and it’s aim is to summarise the benefits of hiring you and encourage employers to read your CV in full.

In this guide I have included 17 CV personal statement examples from a range of professions and experience levels, plus a detailed guide of how to write your own personal statement that will get you noticed by employers

CV templates 

17 CV personal statement examples

To start this guide, I have included 10 examples of good personal statements, to give you an idea of how a personal statement should look , and what should be included.

Note: personal statements are generally used by junior candidates – if you are experienced, check out our CV profile examples instead.

Graduate CV personal statement (no experience)

Graduate with no experience CV personal statement

Although this  graduate has no paid work experience, they compensate for it by showcasing all of the skills and knowledge the have gained during their studies, and demonstrating how they apply their knowledge in academic and personal projects.

When you have little or no experience, it’s important to draw out transferable workplace skills from your studies and extracurricular work, to showcase them to employers.

Graduate CV personal statement (part time freelance experience)

Graduate with part time freelance experience CV personal statement

This candidate has graduated with a degree in biochemistry but actually wants to start a career in digital marketing after providing some digital freelance services to fund their studies.

In this case, they haven’t made much mention of their studies because they aren’t relevant to the digital marketing agencies they are applying to. Instead they have focused their personal statement around their freelance work and passion for the digital field – although they still mention the fact they are degree educated to prove their academic success.

CV builder

School leaver CV personal statement (no experience)

School leaver with no experience CV personal statement

This candidate is 16 years old and has no work experience whatsoever, but they compensate for this by detailing their academic achievements that relate to the roles they are applying for (maths and literacy are important requirements in finance and accountancy roles).

They also add some info on their extracurricular activities and school work-placements, to strengthen this student CV further.

    Top tips for writing a CV personal statement

  • Thoroughly research the jobs and companies you are planning to apply for to identify the type of candidate they are looking for – try to reflect that in your personal statement
  • Don’t be afraid to brag a little – include some of your most impressive achievements from education, work or personal life
  • Focus on describing the benefits an employer will get from hiring you. Will you help them to get more customers? Improve their workplace? Save them time and money?
  • If you have no work experience, demonstrate transferable workplace skills from your education, projects, or even hobbies

School leaver CV personal statement (part time experience)

School leaver with part time experience CV personal statement

Although this person has only just left school, they have also undertaken some part-time work in a call centre alongside their studies.

To make the most of this experience, they have combined their academic achievements with their workplace exposure in this personal statement.

By highlighting their GCSE results, summer programme involvement, work experience and expressing their ambitions to progress within sales, this candidate really makes an appealing case for hiring them.

College leaver CV personal statement (no experience)

College leaver with no experience CV personal statement

This candidate has left college with good grades, but does not yet have any work experience.

To compensate for the lack of workplace exposure, they have made their A level results prominent and highlighted skills and experience which would benefit the employers they are targeting.

Any recruiter reading this profile can quickly understand that this candidate has great academic achievements, a passion for IT and finance and the ability to transfer their skills into an office environment.

College student CV personal statement (freelance experience)

College student with freelance experience CV personal statement

As this student has picked up a small amount of freelance writing work during their studies, they have made sure to brag about it in their personal statement.

They give details on their relevant A level studies to show the skills they are learning, and boost this further by highlighting the fact that they have been applying these skills in a real-life work setting by providing freelance services.

They also include key action verbs that recruiters will be looking for , such as creative writing, working to deadlines, and producing copy.

Academic CV personal statement

Academic CV personal statement

Aside from junior candidates, the only other people who might use a personal statement, are academic professionals; as their CV’s tend to be more longer and detailed than other professions.

This candidate provides a high level overview of their field of study, length of experience, and the roles they have held within universities.

School leaver CV personal statement with and sports experience

School leaver with part time experience CV personal statement

Although this person has no work experience, they are still able to show employers the value of hiring them by selling their other achievements and explaining how they could benefit an organisation.

They expand on their sports club involvement to demonstrate their teamwork, leadership skills, communication and motivation, which are all important traits in the workplace, and will be looked upon favourably by recruiters and hiring managers.

They also draw upon their future plans to study business studies and take a part time job, to further prove their ambition and dedication.

History graduate CV personal statement

History graduate CV personal statement

This history graduate proves their aptitude for both academic achievement and workplace aptitude by showcasing valuable skills from their degree and voluntary work.

They do this by breaking down the key requirements for each and showing how their skills could be beneficial for future employers, such as listening, communication, and crisis management.

They also describe how their ability to balance studies alongside voluntary work has not only boosted their knowledge and skills, but also given excellent time management and organisational skills – which are vital assets to any employer.

Law graduate CV personal statement

Law graduate CV personal statement

This legal graduate makes the most from their work university work placements by using it to bulk out the contents of their CV personal statement.

They include their degree to show they have the necessary qualifications for legal roles, which is crucial, but more importantly, they showcase how they applied their legal skills within a real-life work setting.

They give a brief overview of the types of legal professionals they have been working alongside and the type of work they have been carrying out – this is all it takes to get the attention of recruiters and show employers they have what it takes to fulfil roles in the legal sector.

Medical student CV personal statement

Medical student CV personal statement

This medical student proves their fit for the role by showcasing the key skills they have gained from their studies and their work experience placements.

In just these few sentences, they are able to highlight the vast amount of experience they have across different disciplines in the industry, something which is particularly important in the medical sector.

As they have not graduated yet and are still studying, they have provided proof of their most recent grades. This can give the recruiter some indication as to the type of grade they could be graduating with in the near future.

Masters student CV personal statement

Masters student CV personal statement

This masters student has started by specifying their area of study, in this case, accounting, and given details about the specific areas of finance they are most interested in. This can hint towards their career goals and passions.

They have then carefully listed some of the key areas of accounting and finance that they are proficient in. For example, business finance, advanced corporate finance and statistics.

They have also outlined some of the transferable skills needed for accounting roles that employers will be looking out for, such as communication, attention to detail and analytical skills.

Finance student CV personal statement

Finance student CV personal statement

As this finance student has recently undertaken some relevant work experience, they’ve made sure to shout about this in their personal profile.

But more than this, they have included a list of some of the important finance skills they gained as a result of this work experience – for example, financial reporting, processing invoices and month-end reconciliations.

Plus, through power words and phrases such as ‘prevent loss’ and ‘ improve upon accuracy and efficiency’, they have also showcased how they can apply these skills in a workplace setting to benefit the potential employer.

Internship  CV personal statement

Internship CV personal statement

This digital marketing professional has started their personal profile by outlining their most relevant qualifications and work experience, most notably their freelance role as a content manager.

They have also provided examples of some of the key marketing skills that potential employers might be looking for, including very detailed examples of the platforms and tools they are proficient in – for example, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest.

They have then closed their statement by giving a detailed description of the type of role or opportunity they are looking for. In this case, an in-house position in a marketing company.

Graduate career changer personal statement

Graduate career changer CV personal statement

Switching careers as a graduate can be tough. Especially when it comes to writing a personal statement that will attract employers in your new chosen field.

This candidate is looking to move from history teaching into journalism, so they have created a statement which briefly mentions their current workplace, but mainly focuses on highlighting transferable skills which are relevant to journalism. They achieve this by discussing the writing skills they use in their current role, and mentioning their hobby of writing – including some publications they have been featured in for extra brownie points.

Business management graduate personal statement

Business management graduate CV personal statement

This business management proves their ability to work within a junior business management position by swiftly highlighting their impressive degree (to ensure it is not missed) and summarising some of the real-life experience they have gained in management during their university placements and volunteering. They do not let their lack of paid work experience, stop them demonstrating their valuable skills.

PhD graduate

PhD graduate CV personal statement

PhD graduate roles attract a lot of competition, so it’s important that your CV contains a personal statement that will quickly impress and attract recruiters.

This candidate provides a short-but-comprehensive overview of their academic achievements, whilst demonstrating their exceptional level of knowledge in research, languages and publication writing.

By highlighting a number of skills and abilities that are in high-demand in the academic workplace, this CV is very likely to get noticed and land interviews.

How to write a personal statement for your CV

Now that you’ve seen what a personal statement should look like and the type of content it should contain, follow this detailed guide to one for your own CV – and start racking those interviews up.

Guide contents

What is a CV personal statement?

Cv personal statement or cv profile, personal statement format, what to include in a cv personal statement.

  • Personal statement mistakes

How to write persuasively

A personal statement is a short paragraph at the top of your CV which gives employers an overview of your education, skills and experience

It’s purpose is to capture the attention of busy recruiters and hiring managers when your CV is first opened – encouraging them to read the rest of it.

You achieve this by writing a tailored summary of yourself that explains your suitability for the roles you are applying for at a very high level, and matches your target job descriptions .

Personal statement positioning

One question candidates often ask me is , “what is the difference between a personal statement and a CV profile?”

To be honest, they are almost the same – they are both introductory paragraphs that sit at the top of your CV… but there are 2 main differences

A personal statement tends to be used more by junior candidates (graduates, school leavers etc.) and is relatively long and detailed.

A CV profile tends to be favoured by more experienced candidates , and is shorter in length than a personal statement.

Personal statement VS Profile

Note: If you are an experienced candidate, you may want to switch over to my CV profile writing guide , or example CV profiles page.

To ensure you grab recruiters’ attention with your personal statement, lay it out in the following way.


You need to ensure that your personal statement sits at the very top of your CV, and all of it should be totally visible to readers, without the need to scroll down the page.

Do this by reducing the top page margin and minimising the space taken up by your contact details.


This will ensure that your whole personal statement can be seen, as soon as your CV is opened.

We have a Word CV template which can help you to get this right.


Your personal statement needs to contain enough detail to provide an introduction to your skills and knowledge, but not so much detail that it bores readers.

To strike the right balance, anything between 8-15 lines of text is perfect – and sentences should be sharp and to-the-point.

As with the whole of your CV or resume , your personal statement should be written in a simple clean font at around size 10-12 to ensure that it can be read easily by all recruiters and employers.

Keep the text colour simple , ensuring that it contrasts the background (black on white is best) and break it into 2 or even 3 paragraphs for a pleasant reading experience.

It should also be written in a punchy persuasive tone, to help you sell yourself and increase your chances of landing interviews , I cover how to do this in detail further down the guide.

Quick tip: A poorly written CV will fail to impress recruiters and employers. Use our quick-and-easy CV Builder to create a winning CV in minutes with professional CV templates and pre-written content for every industry.

Once you have the style and format of your personal statement perfected, you need to fill it with compelling content that tells recruiters that your CV is worth reading.

Here’s what needs to go into your personal statement…

Before you start writing your personal statement, it’s crucial that you research your target roles to find out exactly what your new potential employers are looking for in a candidate.

Run a search for your target jobs on one of the major job websites , look through plenty of adverts and make a list of the candidate requirements that frequently appear.

Job research for CV

This research will show you exactly what to include in your personal statement in order to impress the recruiters who will be reading it.

Education and qualifications are an important aspect of your personal statement, especially if you are a junior candidate.

You should highlight your highest and most relevant qualifications, whether that is a degree, A levels or GCSEs. You could potentially go into some more detail around modules, papers etc. if they are relevant to the roles you are applying for.

It’s important that you discuss the experience you have gained in your personal statement, to give readers an idea of the work you are comfortable undertaking.

This can of course be direct employed work experience, but it doesn’t have to be.

You can also include:

  • School/college Uni work placements
  • Voluntary work
  • Personal projects
  • Hobbies/interests

As with all aspects of your CV , the content should be tailored to match the requirements of your target roles.

Whilst discussing your experience, you should touch upon skills used, industries worked in, types of companies worked for, and people you have worked with.

Where possible, try to show the impact your actions have made. E.g . A customer service agent helps to make sales for their employer.

Any industry-specific knowledge you have that will be useful to your new potential employers should be made prominent within your personal statement.

For example

  • Knowledge of financial regulations will be important for accountancy roles
  • Knowledge of IT operating systems will be important for IT roles
  • Knowledge of the national curriculum will be important for teachers

You should also include some information about the types of roles you are applying for, and why you are doing so. Try to show your interest and passion for the field you are hoping to enter, because employers want to hire people who have genuine motivation and drive in their work.

This is especially true if you don’t have much work experience, as you need something else to compensate for it.

CV personal statement mistakes

The things that you omit from your personal statement can be just as important as the things you include.

Try to keep the following out of your personal statement..

Irrelevant info

Any information that doesn’t fall into the requirements of your target roles can be cut out of your personal statement. For example, if you were a professional athlete 6 years ago, that’s great – but it won’t be relevant if you’re applying to advertising internships, so leave it out.

Generic clichés

Cliches in CV

If you are describing yourself as a “ dynamic team player with high levels of motivation and enthusiasm” you aren’t doing yourself any favours.

These cliché terms are vastly overused and don’t provide readers with any factual details about you – so keep them to a minimum.

Stick to solid facts like education, skills , experience, achievements and knowledge.

If you really want to ensure that your personal statement makes a big impact, you need to write in a persuasive manner.

So, how do you so this?

Well, you need to brag a little – but not too much

It’s about selling yourself and appearing confident, without overstepping the mark and appearing arrogant.

For example, instead of writing.

“Marketing graduate with an interest in entering the digital field”

Be creative and excite the reader by livening the sentence up like this,

“Marketing graduate with highest exam results in class and a passion for embarking on a long and successful career within digital”

The second sentence is a much more interesting, makes the candidate appear more confident, throws in some achievements, and shows off a wider range of writing skills.

Quick tip: A poorly written CV will fail to impress recruiters and employers. Use our quick-and-easy CV Builder to create a winning CV in minutes with professional templates and pre-written content for every industry.

Your own personal statement will be totally unique to yourself, but by using the above guidelines you will be able to create one which shows recruiters everything they need.

Remember to keep the length between 10-20 lines and only include the most relevant information for your target roles.

You can also check our school leaver CV example , our best CV templates , or our library of example CVs from all industries.

Good luck with the job hunt!

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Top CV Tips for Teachers - Writing a Personal Statement


Whether you’re applying for a job on or creating a CV for substitute work an important element to your CV is a personal statement. A well written, self-aware and authentic personal statement (or professional summary) can be a fantastic way to sell yourself when looking for jobs or handing your CV around looking for substitute work.

Firstly, I should say that a personal statement or professional summary and I suggest that if you haven’t put thought and effort into what a potential employer would want to learn about you…. You should leave it out. Nobody wants to read something that is a copy and paste type of sales pitch. After all, a CV can be effective without it.

For my clients, however, I suggest that they include a personal statement because it can be a very short paragraph that tells them why you’re (authentically) a great match for the role that they have advertised or vacancy for a substitute teacher.

So, how do you go about it?

Writing a Personal Statement

In a personal statement, you’re telling the school why you’re suitable to work at their school in 3-5 sentences.

Here are some ideas to help you get started:

Look at the job descriptions and identify the qualities, skills, and experience it requires – you can use these to help you decide what to write about.

Tell the reader why you’re applying – include your ambitions, as well as what interests you about the school from a research-driven and authentic place.

Think about what makes you suitable – this could be relevant experience, skills, or achievements you’ve gained from education, work, or other activities.

Include any clubs or societies you belong to – sporting, creative, or musical.

Mention any relevant employment experience or volunteering you’ve done.

> Read ‘Top CV Tips for Teachers - Writing a Personal Statement’ here .

What do principals want?

Having done extensive research with principals throughout Ireland, they report that they want someone who is….

Flexible and adaptable

Has great classroom management skills

Will fit in well on staff

Have proven themselves

Are good communicators

Have a special skill (sport/ICT/choir/music/experience with ASD/planning etc)


Can use their own initiative

Can work well in a team

Is willing to give new initiatives a try

Cheerful and positive, up for a laugh.

> Check out my free download here to learn more about what principals are looking for in candidates for jobs at their school .

Writing an authentic personal statement

Well the way to do it is… simply, begin with some self-reflection. What do you do well? What might they find interesting to learn about you? Never copy information from an online source or a friend. The best content comes from you when you are feeling confident and self-assured.

Sample personal statement

As mentioned above, personal statements can be very short but can still be very effective.

E.g. Enthusiastic, creative and adaptable Newly Qualified Teacher available to work at Scoil Mhuire, Ballyfinstown. Achieved 2 A grades in Teaching Practices with Hibernia College. Camogie fanatic with a special interest in helping your school achieve further success in the Cumann na mBunscoil competition.

how the personal statement is tailored to the interests of the school

shows impressive qualifications

outlines some of the teacher’s best qualities

Providing supporting evidence

*One point to note here however, is - if you make a statement e.g. about being dedicated or being interested in camogie – make sure you outline further down in your CV where you’ve been dedicated in the past or how you’ve been involved in your camogie team.

Always support statements with evidence of where and how you live that quality or skill.

If you want help creating a fantastic subbing CV or to have one in case your ideal school may request one in the Summer when recruiting new teachers email me at [email protected] to book your CV Review.

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