Essays on Various Topics - List of Essay Writing Ideas

Essay writing is not everyone’s cup of tea. Most students find it difficult to begin writing. Essays can be made easier if students start thinking about the topic either through brainstorming or by putting them down on a sheet of paper. After getting the ideas, they need to know how to organise them to form an essay. For this, they need to practise essays on different topics. Here, we have compiled a list of Essays on various topics.

These are the general essay topics which are most likely to be asked in the exam. Some of these essay topics are also picked from past year papers. Students of Classes 6 to 10 can go through these essays and know the right way of expressing their thoughts to form a perfect essay. Apart from the CBSE , students of ICSE and other state boards can also use these topics to prepare for their English exams.

Essay Topics: List and Writing Ideas

Usually, one essay is asked in the English paper. The essay writing question mainly comes under the writing section and comprises 5 to 10 marks. By having a look at the essays on the below-mentioned topics, students can easily score these marks in the exam.

We will be soon updating more Essays.

Characteristics of a Good Essay

A composition on a particular topic consisting of more than one paragraph is an essay. The characteristics of a good essay are:

1) Unity: The essay should deal with the main subject and all parts of it should be clearly linked with that subject.

2) Coherence: There should be a logical sequence of thought. This requires a logical relationship between ideas, sentences and paragraphs.

3) Relevance: Unimportant information should not be included.

4) Proportion: Give more space to important ideas.

Students can also get the essays for class 2 and class 3 to improve their writing skills.

Types of Essays

Essays are mainly ways of expressing one’s ideas and thoughts. Essays vary in how one narrates a personal experience, describes an issue, or convinces the reader to accept a certain viewpoint. So, essays are mainly classified into four major types, as mentioned below:

1) Narrative Essays: Telling a Story

While writing a narrative essay, students must consider the topic as if telling a story. Through these essays, they can express themselves in a creative way. These essays are usually written in the first person, so as to engage the readers.

2) Descriptive Essays: Painting a Picture with Words

In a descriptive essay, students have to paint a picture with words. They have to describe something. It can be an object, person, place, experience, emotion, situation or anything else. These essays allow students a great deal of artistic freedom.

3) Expository Essays: Presentation of the Facts

An expository essay is an informative piece of writing that presents a balanced analysis of a topic. To write a good expository essay, students need to investigate the topic, evaluate evidence, express the idea, and set forth an argument clearly and concisely. It can be done by comparison and contrast, definition, example, the analysis of cause and effect, etc.

4) Persuasive Essays: Convince Me

A persuasive essay is one in which a writer tries to convince the reader to accept his/her viewpoint. It presents all sides of the argument but clearly communicates the writer’s personal opinion.

CBSE Unseen Passages

Students can increase their scores in the reading section of the English paper by practising the comprehension passages. To help them, below, we have listed the links to unseen passages.

Students must have found these Essay Topics helpful for their studies. For more study material and latest updates on the CBSE / ICSE / State Board / Competitive exams, keep visiting BYJU’S. Also, download the BYJU’S App for interactive study related videos.

Frequently Asked Questions on Essay writing Essay

How should students practise essay writing.

The following points should be remembered while practising essay writing: 1. Constant written practice is required for honing essay writing skills. Writing alone tests the competency of the students to ideate and execute a proper essay within a specified time. 2. In-depth knowledge on various topics is a prerequisite for students preparing to write essays in school exams and competitive examinations. Such knowledge can be acquired by regularly developing a habit of reading extensively — especially newspapers and magazines — and following other news sources on various media available to them. 3. Developing a good vocabulary is another important factor students should focus on. Essay writing demands a more formal and extensive vocabulary as the range of topics asked are so wide-ranging. Every topic will demand familiarity with words and phrases pertaining to it. Use of good idiomatic English rich with apt vocabulary will help students pen memorable essays.

How to write an essay on an unknown or unfamiliar topic?

If an essay topic is unfamiliar then students can try to write in general about topics which are related to the main topic. Reading magazines and books can help in acquisition of knowledge in various subject matters.

How to score high marks in essay writing?

Given below are some of the points to be considered to ensure that students can score high marks in essay writing. 1. Maintain flow of text in essay: Ensure that the essay follows a natural progression from introduction to conclusion. Make sure that each paragraph is thematically or logically connected to successive paragraphs. Only then will the essay be evocative and easy to read and comprehend. 2. Phrase the essay is a relatable way: Keep the target audience in mind while drafting the essay and use images and language that resonate with them. Otherwise it would fail to connect with the reader, even if you have come up with a decent essay. 3. Be creative: Show the audacity to think out of the box and to deviate from traditional ways of writing essays while coming up with ideas to present your viewpoints in the essay. Readers will be immediately drawn to a piece of writing that gives them a fresh perspective, even if you are writing on a very common topic. But too much creativity and idiosyncratic writing will only mar an otherwise well-researched essay. 4. Present the essay in a better manner: Always think of new ways and strategies to present your ideas which you may have drawn from multiple sources. Doing background research is definitely essential. But that does not mean that you have to present the content you found in the same way. A fresh approach can turn a boring essay into a very engaging one. 5. Do not be over confident: Essays usually require students to state personal opinions as well as facts. Be prudent in voicing your opinions as well as in stating facts – make sure you don’t hurt the sentiments of readers when writing on sensitive and controversial topics. Practice diligence, not overconfidence, while writing essays as a best practice.

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essays for class 10

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CBSE Guides

English Essays For Class 10th

essays for class 10

We are sharing Important English Essays for class 10th on various essential topics to help the students to improve their writing skills and vocabulary and enhance their brainstorming power to write on various issues and topics promptly. We have also shared Essay Writing Topics in English to help the students.

Essay writing is a very important topic for both CBSE and ICSE students to boost their brainstorming power and give them a flair for writing skills so that students can get a better chance to write and voice out on various issues at times. We also provide essays in English on various topics like the Rural upliftment program in India, Man, and Environment, Brain Drain, etc.

English Essays For Class 10th: RURAL UPLIFT PROGRAMME IN INDIA

In free India, rural uplift programs were initiated in the year 1952 under the community development program. These were aimed at changing the face of the countryside and building a new outlook among the village folk. Under the Five-Year Plans, a high priority is being given to these programs. Much is yet to be done as most people live in villages. However, a new awakening is growing among the people living in villages.

The goals of the community development program are pretty ambitious. With the advent of scientific methods of agriculture, increased production of wheat, rice, barley, cotton, and other crops has been achieved, and efforts go unabated in this direction. Cottage industries are the backbone of village wage-earners.

A substantial increase in the production of cottage goods based on agro, marine, and natural products or bio-products has generated employment in the rural sector. Co-operative credit societies have sprung up to cope with the increasing demand for capital by small farmers and workers engaged in cottage industries.

Besides this, efforts continue to execute works of common benefit for the village community, such as village roads, tanks, gas plants, technical know-how centers, and adult education units in the rural sector. An increase in agricultural production, rural industrialization, and a change in the outlook of the rural people are thus the outstanding features of the village uplift programs.

The community development program has shown excellent results during the Five Year Plans. Village link roads, rural water supply, sanitation, electrification, and mass education are the areas where much work has already been done. Radio and Television are today as ordinary in rural areas as in towns and cities.

Schools, colleges, and technical institutes are now open in rural and semi-rural areas. There is a spate of tractors, harvesters, and tubewells in villages. Improved seeds and fertilizers are made available to farmers near their homes. Minor irrigation schemes are coming up, and the village industries are booming.

Primary health centers and veterinary health care units are roaring with improved life and livestock. A new awakening has now dawned upon village people heading for a bold advance in the new set-up. Village boys and girls are now teeming with the latest information on various topics touching on science, politics, and life itself.

An essential aspect of community development is the Panchayati Raj has been introduced in all the provinces. The panchayat system has been thought necessary to decentralize and democratize community development administration. The system envisages a far-reaching change in the structure of local administration and rural development.

Its chief purpose is to involve all the people living in rural areas to work for their own development and betterment. This mini-government will now look after rural water supply, irrigation facilities, housing programs, consolidation of holdings, roads, schools, and health centers. In this new set-up, women are more than ever before, occupying exalted positions in these Panchayats.

Banks have also been pressed into service to help entrepreneurs from villages to start new projects and generate job opportunities in the countryside. Banks are advancing vast sums of money at low-interest rates to the rural folk to set up industries by planting seeds and machinery to increase production and launch various development projects.

Because of this massive program launched under different names by different financial institutions, the face of the Indian villages is quickly changing. The government of the day appears to be alive to its duties towards the vast rural population in the country. India, it has been rightly saying, lives not in its towns but in its villages. Therefore, the village uplift program is being taken up as the top priority.

That is why that plans are always afoot to see that the farmer gets a proper price for his produce and all the inputs required by him are made available to him at a subsidized price.

The village uplift program is poised for a bold advance. Much, however, remains to be done. Prosperity has, no doubt, percolated to villages. But the landless agricultural laborers are still a neglected lot. Red tape and unscrupulous and dishonest officers are blocking the roads to the prosperity of villages.

Dirty politics has also crept into the fabric of village life. Vices like drinking, gambling, and litigation still play havoc with the lives of the people in villages. It is time that village people recognized their new role in the new set-up and managed their affairs. Rural employment, health, education, sanitation, cooperative farming, storage of wheat and rice, and an increase in agriculture and industrial production are the areas that still demand their attention. Let us hope that villages in India regain their old glory, health, and prosperity.

English Essays For Class 10th: Man and Environment

“Certainly, this is a duty, not a sin Cleanliness is next to godliness.”

–John Wesley

The problem of air, noise, and water pollution assumes serious proportions. Increasing industrialization is playing havoc on the environment. Industrial waste, smoke, and other gases are polluting the air in a big way. Apart from industries, traffic density also contributes to air pollution.

The emission of smoke and toxic chemicals has been raising the level of sulfur dioxide in the atmosphere. The permissible limits of noise pollution have been exceeded in the cities of Kolkata, Delhi, and Mumbai. Air pollution is responsible for respiratory ailments, T.B., skin allergy, eye ailments, cancer, and mental retardation in children. The proliferation of chemical industries has accentuated the problem. There are even more dangerous chemicals in use in the country than the MIC of the Union Carbide factory at Bhopal.

River waters have been mainly polluted because of the discharge of untreated industrial wastes, municipal sullage, and drainage of pesticides and fertilizers. All these have adversely affected their self-purifying mechanism by destroying their natural aquatic species.

Exhaust from automobiles is a significant source of air pollution. Many vehicles emit three to four percent of carbon monoxide, which is dangerous to health. An increase of chemicals in the atmosphere causes acid rains hundreds of miles away. These rains damage the soil and destroy vegetation and aquatic species in rivers and seas. They also corrode buildings.

The thin layer of ozone in the atmosphere is a form of life-sustaining system. It cuts out ultra-violet rays and allows the heat-generating infrared rays to reach the earth. But due to industrialization and consequent pollution, the ozone layer’s depletion rate is large. Its inability to absorb ultra-violet rays may lead to the “greenhouse” effect and widespread cancer incidence.

Marine pollution is yet another problem caused by the discharge of sewage and harbor waste in coastal waters. Oil pollution arises from tanker accidents, refinery effluents, and oil pipelines. This results in the destruction of marine life and threatens our ecosystem.

Nuclear pollution threatens life more than any other pollution today. Accidents can happen in nuclear plants, and when these happen, they can be catastrophic for large sections of the people. Nuclear radiation endangers the entire life-support system — plants, vegetation, animals, water, air, and human health.

Apart from all these pollutions, outer space pollution creates a severe threat to the globe. Space debris has become a reality because of the litter and garbage of thousands of space objects, dead satellites, spent rockets, motors, nuts, and bolts.

The release of gases by rockets has adverse effects. Re-entry of large objects into the atmosphere may also affect radio communication. Thus the ultimate victim of every kind of pollution, directly or indirectly, is man himself. Humanity today stands puzzled. A disaster threatens mankind shortly.

Air may become unfit for breathing in just a hundred years, while water may become unfit for human consumption. Scientists today are busy finding ways and means to fight this terrible pollution hazard but have not so far succeeded in their mission.

In the recent past, the Supreme Court of India has noted increasing pollution in the country. Several judgments announced by The court had directed the people to see that pollution of air and water is avoided as far as possible. Vehicles of all types have been required to conform to certain fixed norms regarding the gases added to the air.

Similarly, factories and other commercial units have also been asked to stick to the government’s anti-pollution norms. Local bodies have been asked to use better hygienic conditions. All these steps are likely to go a long way in fighting the menace of pollution, but a lot remains to be done.

English Essays For Class 10th: Brain Drain

Brain Drain is an oft-heard expression used in India. This refers to exporting or going from India’s Indian brains to foreign countries. We term it a drain of the brains because it is believed that, with the going out of these best brains, we, as a country, are at a loss. With our best brains working for other countries, we are left only with mediocre and lesser brains to work and develop with.

At the outset, let us analyze why there is so much of this exodus of brains from India and, without making much of a hullabaloo about the brains, try to check the drain. It is, however, a matter of pride for all of us Indians to realize that the world has, as of today, recognized the Indian brain among the best brains in the world. This is why foreign countries encourage importing the Indian brain.

On the other hand, our brains are also happy to go out because they get a congenial working atmosphere out there. There, in foreign lands, there is an appreciation of good work, and the work environment is friendly, unlike the prevailing conditions in India. Besides this, the handsome pay packets are no match to the slim counterpart of a paid return here in India. With this situation in which the Indian brains and the foreign countries find the business lucrative and very satisfying; how and why should it be stopped?

Regarding the why of the question, I feel it should be curtailed if not stopped because, if the best go out, what are the prospects of development in our own country? For this, again, we, ourselves, are to blame. If we make the atmosphere healthier for good work, I feel at least some of the brains may stay back in India. With all their expertise going out, we have to accept that India is at a loss, but we cannot blame the people going out as, who do not want to improve their standard of life.

The fact of their going out does, on the face of it appear to be unfair to India for, when we have the know-how, the expertise, why should we not reap the benefit of it all; however, to take this advantage of the brains, we have to do something to lure them to stay within, for which I daresay, India has to do a lot of work.

The solution is not simply regarding how this brain drain can be stopped, but it is not impossible. The Government must see that the working environment and appreciation be given to exemplary work.

The pay packets can also be enhanced to attract at least a few brains who may be less ambitious and patriotic. For, I believe that several brains may prefer to stay back in India if the requisite changes are made for them in the the entire system of working patterns.

Thus, to prevent a brain drain from India, it is not sufficient to just shout about it and make an issue of it. We must work towards the goal of providing them with at least the near amenities to them as what they would get in any of the foreign lands they may choose to go to. If we try this, we may succeed in holding back at least a few of them from helping us to develop India.

The brain drain may be causing concern to us as the best of our Indian brains go out of the country. However, there is not only a black cloud of missing out on our best but there is also a silver lining to the drain. The brains that go out of India are by now such a substantial number that they form a vast community in themselves, called the Non-Resident Indians.

These goals are a constant source of income for India in terms of foreign exchange. With their remittances home, they contribute substantially to building up the country’s foreign exchange.

Thus, this brain drain is and will continue unless we put a stopper by providing them with more working facilities at home and giving them more than the other ordinary brains in terms of pecuniary benefits. As long as we can’t do this for them or don’t do this for them, the brain drain cannot be stopped, and the best Indians will continue to find homes abroad.

While they continue to go out, we, the Indians, will have to continue being happy with the fact that they have at least become a force to reckon with, and they get a lot of name and fame.

We have penned down English Essays For Class 10th to improve and enhance the students’ vocabulary and boost their writing skills to attempt questions relating to writing skills. Students will be able to write on various issues and topics promptly hence essay writing topics in English help in improving their brainstorming and flow of original ideas.

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Hi, I am Kavisha Bagga, a teacher by profession and a part-time blogger. I love sharing knowledge, which is why I have started this blog.

Essay Writing Topics In English For Class 10 Format, Examples, Exercises

Essay writing is an essential skill that every student needs to master. It not only helps in developing communication skills but also enhances critical thinking abilities. Class 10 is a crucial year for students as they are preparing for their board exams. Thus, it becomes important to practice writing essays to score good marks in the English language paper.

Essay Writing Topics In English For Class 10 Format:

The format of an essay consists of three main parts: Introduction, Body, and Conclusion.

Introduction: It is the opening paragraph of an essay that provides background information about the topic and presents the thesis statement. The introduction should be interesting enough to grab the reader’s attention and make them want to read further.

Body: The body of an essay is where the writer presents their arguments and supports them with evidence. It can be divided into several paragraphs, each focusing on a different point. Each paragraph should start with a topic sentence that introduces the main idea and is followed by supporting details and examples.

Conclusion: The conclusion is the final paragraph of an essay that summarizes the main points and restates the thesis statement. It should leave a lasting impression on the reader and provide a sense of closure.

Also Read: Essay Writing Topics For Class 6 

Essay Writing Topics In English for Class 10:

1. My Favorite Hobby 2. The Importance of Education 3. The Impact of Social Media on Society 4. Environmental Pollution and Its Effects 5. A Memorable Incident in My Life 6. The Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology 7. Women’s Empowerment and Gender Equality 8. The Role of Youth in Nation Building 9. The Benefits of Sports and Physical Activities 10. My Ambition in Life

Essay Writing Topics In English For Class 10 Examples:

Example 1: My Favorite Hobby

My favorite hobby is reading books. It is an activity that not only entertains me but also enhances my knowledge and vocabulary. I have a vast collection of books that I have accumulated over the years. I usually spend my free time reading books on various topics such as history, science, and literature.

Reading has helped me in many ways. It has improved my concentration and focus, and it has also made me more creative and imaginative. When I read a book, I get lost in the story and forget about my surroundings. It is a great way to escape from the stress and worries of everyday life.

Moreover, reading has also helped me in my academics. It has improved my comprehension skills and made me better at writing essays and papers. It has also widened my perspective and helped me in understanding different cultures and lifestyles.

In conclusion, reading is my favorite hobby, and I would recommend it to everyone. It is a great way to spend your free time and improve yourself in many ways.

Example 2: The Importance of Education

Education is the key to success in today’s world. It is a fundamental right that every individual should have access to. Education not only helps in developing skills and knowledge but also in building character and personality. It is a tool that can transform lives and bring positive change in society.

The benefits of education are numerous. It helps in reducing poverty, promoting equality, and improving health and well-being. Education empowers individuals and gives them the opportunity to make informed decisions and contribute to society. It also promotes economic growth and helps in creating jobs and increasing productivity.

However, many people around the world still lack access to education. Poverty, discrimination, and other social barriers prevent them from getting the education they deserve. It is our responsibility as a society to ensure that everyone has equal access to education and to promote its importance.

In conclusion, education is the most powerful tool that can transform lives and bring positive change in society. We must ensure that everyone has access to it and promote its importance at all levels. It is only through education that we can build a better and more equitable world.

Example 3: Environmental Pollution and Its Effects

Environmental pollution is one of the biggest challenges that we face today. It is caused by human activities such as industrialization, transportation, and agriculture. The effects of pollution are widespread and have serious consequences for the environment and human health.

Air pollution, for example, can cause respiratory problems, cardiovascular diseases, and even cancer. Water pollution can lead to the spread of diseases and the destruction of aquatic life. Land pollution, on the other hand, can harm soil fertility and affect agricultural productivity.

Moreover, pollution also has a negative impact on climate change. Greenhouse gases emitted from human activities contribute to global warming, which has far-reaching effects on the environment and human health.

To address the problem of pollution, we need to take collective action at all levels. Governments, industries, and individuals must take responsibility for their actions and adopt sustainable practices that minimize pollution. We need to invest in renewable energy sources and promote conservation and recycling.

In conclusion, environmental pollution is a serious problem that requires immediate action. We must work together to reduce pollution and protect our planet for future generations.

Essay Writing Topics In English For Class 10 Exercises:

Exercise 1: Write an essay on the impact of social media on society.

Exercise 2: Write an essay on the benefits of sports and physical activities.

Exercise 3: Write an essay on the role of youth in nation-building.

Exercise 4: Write an essay on the advantages and disadvantages of technology.

Exercise 5: Write an essay on women’s empowerment and gender equality.

Conclusion On Essay Writing Topics In English For Class 10:

Essay writing is an important skill that every student needs to develop. It not only helps in improving communication and critical thinking abilities but also helps in scoring good marks in exams. Class 10 is a crucial year for students, and practicing essay writing can help them prepare for their board exams. In this article, we discussed various essay writing topics, formats, examples, and exercises for class 10 students. We hope that this article will be helpful for students in improving their essay writing skills.

Essay Topics – List of 500+ Essay Writing Topics and Ideas

List of 500+ essay writing topics and ideas.

Essay topics in English can be difficult to come up with. While writing essays , many college and high school students face writer’s block and have a hard time to think about topics and ideas for an essay. In this article, we will list out many good essay topics from different categories like argumentative essays, essays on technology, environment essays for students from 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th grades. Following list of essay topics are for all – from kids to college students. We have the largest collection of essays. An essay is nothing but a piece of content which is written from the perception of writer or author. Essays are similar to a story, pamphlet, thesis, etc. The best thing about Essay is you can use any type of language – formal or informal. It can biography, the autobiography of anyone. Following is a great list of 100 essay topics. We will be adding 400 more soon!

But Before that you may wanna read some awesome Essay Writing Tips here .

500+ essay topics for students and children

Get the Huge list of 100+ Speech Topics here

Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Should plastic be banned?
  • Pollution due to Urbanization
  • Education should be free
  • Should Students get limited access to the Internet?
  • Selling Tobacco should be banned
  • Smoking in public places should be banned
  • Facebook should be banned
  • Students should not be allowed to play PUBG

Essay Topics on Technology

  • Wonder Of Science
  • Mobile Phone

Essay Topics on Festivals on Events

  • Independence Day (15 August)
  • Teachers Day
  • Summer Vacation
  • Children’s Day
  • Swachh Bharat Abhiyan
  • Janmashtami
  • Republic Day

Essay Topics on Education

  • Education Essay
  • Importance of Education
  • Contribution of Technology in Education

essays for class 10

Essay Topics on Famous Leaders

  • Mahatma Gandhi
  • APJ Abdul Kalam
  • Jawaharlal Nehru
  • Swami Vivekananda
  • Mother Teresa
  • Rabindranath Tagore
  • Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel
  • Subhash Chandra Bose
  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Martin Luther King
  • Lal Bahadur Shashtri

Essay Topics on Animals and Birds

  • My Favorite Animal

Essays Topics About Yourself

  • My Best Friend
  • My Favourite Teacher
  • My Aim In Life
  • My Favourite Game – Badminton
  • My Favourite Game – Essay
  • My Favourite Book
  • My Ambition
  • How I Spent My Summer Vacation
  • India of My Dreams
  • My School Life
  • I Love My Family
  • My Favourite Subject
  • My Favourite Game Badminton
  • My Father My Hero
  • My School Library
  • My Favourite Author
  • My plans for summer vacation

Essay Topics Based on Environment and Nature

  • Global Warming
  • Environment
  • Air Pollution
  • Environmental Pollution
  • Water Pollution
  • Rainy Season
  • Climate Change
  • Importance Of Trees
  • Winter Season
  • Deforestation
  • Natural Disasters
  • Save Environment
  • Summer Season
  • Trees Our Best Friend Essay In English

Essay Topics Based on Proverbs

  • Health Is Wealth
  • A Stitch in Time Saves Nine
  • An Apple a Day Keeps Doctor Away
  • Where there is a will, there is way
  • Time and Tide wait for none

Toppr provides free study materials like NCERT Solutions for Students, Previous 10 Years of Question Papers, 1000+ hours of video lectures for free. Download Toppr app for Android and iOS or signup for free.

Essay Topics for Students from 6th, 7th, 8th Grade

  • Noise Pollution
  • Environment Pollution
  • Women Empowerment
  • Time and Tide Wait for none
  • Science and Technology
  • Importance of Sports
  • Sports and Games
  • Time Management
  • Cleanliness is next to Godliness
  • Cleanliness
  • Rome was not Built in a Day
  • Unemployment
  • Clean India
  • Cow Essay In English
  • Describe Yourself
  • Festivals Of India
  • Ganesh Chaturthi
  • Healthy Food
  • Importance Of Water
  • Plastic Pollution
  • Value of Time
  • Honesty is the Best Policy
  • Gandhi Jayanti
  • Human Rights
  • Knowledge Is Power
  • Same Sex Marriage
  • Childhood Memories
  • Cyber Crime
  • Kalpana Chawla
  • Punctuality
  • Rani Lakshmi Bai
  • Spring Season
  • Unity In Diversity
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Online Shopping
  • Indian Culture
  • Healthy Lifestyle
  • Indian Education System
  • Disaster Management
  • Environmental Issues
  • Freedom Fighters
  • Grandparents
  • Save Fuel For Better Environment
  • Importance Of Newspaper
  • Lal Bahadur Shastri
  • Raksha Bandhan
  • World Environment Day
  • Narendra Modi
  • What Is Religion
  • Charity Begins at Home
  • A Journey by Train
  • Ideal student
  • Save Water Save Earth
  • Indian Farmer
  • Safety of Women in India
  • Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan
  • Capital Punishment
  • College Life
  • Natural Resources
  • Peer Pressure
  • Nature Vs Nurture
  • Romeo And Juliet
  • Generation Gap
  • Makar Sankranti
  • Constitution of India
  • Girl Education
  • Importance of Family
  • Importance of Independence Day
  • Brain Drain
  • A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed
  • Action Speaks Louder Than Words
  • All That Glitters Is Not Gold
  • Bhagat Singh
  • Demonetization
  • Agriculture
  • Importance of Discipline
  • Population Explosion
  • Poverty in India
  • Uses Of Mobile Phones
  • Water Scarcity
  • Train Journey
  • Land Pollution
  • Environment Protection
  • Indian Army
  • Uses of Internet
  • All that Glitters is not Gold
  • Balanced Diet
  • Blood Donation
  • Digital India
  • Dussehra Essay
  • Energy Conservation
  • National Integration
  • Railway Station
  • Sachin Tendulkar
  • Health And Hygiene
  • Importance Of Forest
  • Indira Gandhi
  • Laughter Is The Best Medicine
  • Career Goals
  • Mental Health
  • Save Water Save Life
  • International Yoga Day
  • Winter Vacation
  • Soil Pollution
  • Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining
  • Indian Culture And Tradition
  • Unity Is Strength
  • Unity is Diversity
  • Wildlife Conservation
  • Cruelty To Animals
  • Nelson Mandela
  • Of Mice And Men
  • Organ Donation
  • Life in a Big City
  • Democracy in India
  • Waste Management
  • Biodiversity
  • Afforestation
  • Female Foeticide
  • Harmful Effects Of Junk Food
  • Rain Water Harvesting
  • Save Electricity
  • Social Media
  • Social Networking Sites
  • Sound Pollution
  • Procrastination
  • Life in an Indian Village
  • Life in Big City
  • Population Growth
  • World Population Day
  • Greenhouse Effect
  • Statue of Unity
  • Traffic Jam
  • Beti Bachao Beti Padhao
  • Importance of Good Manners
  • Good Manners
  • Cyber Security
  • Green Revolution
  • Health And Fitness
  • Incredible India
  • Make In India
  • Surgical Strike
  • Triple Talaq
  • A Good Friend
  • Importance of Friends in our Life
  • Should Plastic be Banned
  • Nationalism
  • Traffic Rules
  • Effects of Global Warming
  • Fundamental Rights
  • Solar System
  • National Constitution Day
  • Good Mother
  • Importance of Trees in our Life
  • City Life Vs Village Life
  • Importance of Communication
  • Conservation of Nature
  • Man vs. Machine
  • Indian Economy
  • Mothers Love
  • Importance of National Integration
  • Black Money
  • Greenhouse effect
  • Untouchability
  • Self Discipline
  • Global Terrorism
  • Conservation of Biodiversity
  • Newspaper and Its Uses
  • World Health Day
  • Conservation of Natural Resources
  • A Picnic with Family
  • Indian Heritage
  • Status of Women in India
  • Child is Father of the Man
  • Reading is Good Habit
  • Plastic Bag
  • Terrorism in India
  • Library and Its Uses
  • Life on Mars
  • Urbanization
  • Pollution Due to Diwali
  • National Flag of India
  • Vocational Education
  • Importance of Tree Plantation
  • Summer Camp
  • Vehicle Pollution
  • Women Education in India
  • Seasons in India
  • Freedom of the Press
  • Caste System
  • Environment and Human Health
  • Mountain Climbing
  • Depletion of Natural Resources
  • Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar
  • Health Education
  • Effects of Deforestation
  • Life after School
  • Starvation in India
  • Jan Dhan Yojana
  • Impact of Privatization
  • Election Commission of India
  • Election and Democracy
  • Prevention of Global Warming
  • Impact of Cinema in Life
  • Subhas Chandra Bose
  • Dowry System
  • Ganesh Chaturthi Festival
  • Role of Science in Making India
  • Impact of Global Warming on Oceans
  • Pollution due to Festivals
  • Ambedkar Jayanti
  • Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat
  • Family Planning in India
  • Democracy vs Dictatorship
  • National Festivals of India
  • Sri Aurobindo
  • Casteism in India
  • Organ trafficking
  • Consequences of Global Warming
  • Role of Human Activities in Global Warming
  • Issues and Problems faced by Women in India
  • Role of Judiciary in the Country Today
  • Sugamya Bharat Abhiyan
  • PUBG Mobile Game Addiction
  • Role of Youths in Nation Building
  • Value of Oxygen and Water in Life/Earth
  • Farmer Suicides in India
  • Start-up India
  • Pollution Due to Firecrackers
  • Life of Soldiers
  • Child Labour
  • Save Girl Child
  • Morning Walk
  • My School Fete
  • Essay on Financial Literacy
  • Essay On Sustainable Development
  • Essay On Punjab
  • Essay On Travel
  • My Home Essay
  • Child Marriage Essay
  • Importance Of English Language Essay
  • Essay On Mass Media
  • Essay On Horse
  • Essay On Police
  • Essay On Eid
  • Essay On Solar Energy
  • Animal Essay
  • Essay On Mango
  • Gender Discrimination Essay
  • Essay On Advertisement
  • My First Day At School Essay
  • My Neighborhood Essay
  • True Friendship Essay
  • Work Is Worship Essay
  • Essay On Self Confidence
  • Essay On Superstition
  • Essay On Bangalore
  • Sex Vs Gender Essay
  • Essay On Social Issues
  • Time Is Money Essay
  • Essay About Grandmothers
  • Essay On Hard Work
  • First Day Of School Essay
  • Flowers Essay
  • My Favorite Food Essay
  • Essay on Birds
  • Essay on Humanity
  • Essay on Sun
  • Essay on Kargil War
  • Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining Essay
  • Francis Bacon Essays
  • Importance of Cleanliness Essay
  • My Sister Essay
  • Self Introduction Essay
  • Solar Energy Essay
  • Sports Day Essa
  • Value Of Education Essay
  • Essay On Isro
  • Essay On Balance Is Beneficial
  • Essay On Reservation In India
  • Essay On Water Management
  • Essay On Smoking
  • Essay On Stress Management
  • Essay On William Shakespeare
  • Essay on Apple
  • Essay On Albert Einstein
  • Essay On Feminism
  • Essay On Kindness
  • Essay On Domestic Violence
  • Essay on English as a Global Language
  • Essay On Co-Education
  • Importance Of Exercise Essay
  • Overpopulation Essay
  • Smartphone Essay
  • Essay on River
  • Essay on Cyclone
  • Essay On Facebook
  • Essay On Science In Everyday Life
  • Essay On Women Rights
  • Essay On Right To Education
  • Essay on Quotes
  • Essay On Peace
  • Essay On Drawing
  • Essay On Bicycle
  • Essay On Sexual Harassment
  • Essay On Hospital
  • Essay On Srinivasa Ramanujan
  • Essay On Golden Temple
  • Essay On Art
  • Essay On Ruskin Bond
  • Essay On Moon
  • Birthday Essay
  • Dont Judge A Book By Its Cover Essay
  • Draught Essay
  • Gratitude Essay
  • Indian Politics Essay
  • Who am I Essay
  • Essay on Positive Thinking
  • Essay on Dance
  • Essay on Navratri
  • Essay on Onam
  • Essay on New Education Policy 2020
  • Esasy on Thank you Coronavirus Helpers
  • Essay on Coronavirus and Coronavirus Symptoms
  • Essay on Baseball
  • Essay on coronavirus vaccine
  • Fitness beats pandemic essay
  • Essay on coronavirus tips
  • Essay on coronavirus prevention
  • Essay on coronavirus treatment
  • Essay on essay on trees
  • Essay on television
  • Gender inequality essay
  • Water conservation essay
  • Essay on Gurpurab
  • Essay on Types of sports
  • Essay on road safety
  • Essay on my favourite season
  • My pet essay
  • Student life essay
  • Essay on Railway station
  • Essay on earth
  • Essay on knowledge is power
  • Essay on favourite personality
  • Essay on memorable day of my life
  • My parents essay
  • Our country essay
  • Picnic essay
  • Travelling essay

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Essay Topics for Class 10 | Essay Topics for Grade 10

Essay Topics for Class 10 : Practicing essay writing, expands the knowledge and creativity of students. To write an essay, students need to explore the connected points of the subject to make the essay sensible and impressive. Here, we have written and compiled a list of top essay topics for class 10 students.  You can read these essays by opening it in new tab.

Essay topics for Class 10

  • Essay on PM Surya Ghar Muft Bijli Yojana  (Click on the Topic to Read Essays)
  • Essay on Ram Mandir Pran Pratishtha: A Resolution to Ramrajya
  • Essay on ICC Men's World Cup 2023
  • Essay on Mission Chandrayaan-3
  • Essay on Meri Mati Mera Desh
  • Essay on Beat Plastic Pollution  
  • Essay on Rainy Season
  • Essay on Spring Season  
  • Essay on Har Ghar Tiranga
  • Essay on My Vision for India @ 2047
  • Essay on Online Shopping
  • Essay on Summer Vacation
  • Essay on My School
  • Essay on My Family
  • Essay on My Mother
  • Essay on My Father
  • My Favourite Teacher
  • Time Waste is Life Waste
  • Essay on Bad Journalism
  • Importance of Time Management
  • Essay on Politics
  • Essay on Feminism
  • My Aim in Life
  • Importance of Reading Books
  • My Visit to Taj Mahal
  • Importance of Trees
  • Essay on Computer  
  • Essay on Mobile Phones
  • My Best Friend

You can read these essays by clicking on the topics which will redirect you to the essay page. These are very important essay topics for class 10 Students. 

Essay Topics for Class 10 | Essay Topics for Grade 10

Essay Topics for Grade 10

  • Essay on Har Ghar Tiranga   (Click on the Topic to Read Essays)
  • Essay on Mahatma Gandhi  
  • Missile Man of India
  • Essay on Republic Day
  • Essay on Independence Day
  • Essay on Constitution Day
  • Essay on Mother's Day
  • Essay on Father's Day
  • Essay on Teachers Day
  • Essay on Holi
  • Essay on Krishna Janmashtami
  • Essay on Raksha Bandhan  
  • Essay on Diwali
  • Essay on Christmas Festival
  • Essay on Pollution
  • Essay on Environmental Pollution
  • Essay on Noise Pollution
  • Essay on Water Pollution

The above essay topics are based on important celebrity, important national and international days and popular festival celebrated in India and across the world. Hope you liked these essay topics for grade 10 students and it helped you in your exam.

Essay Topics for Class 10 Students

  • Essay on International Day of Yoga  (Click on the Topic to Read Essay)
  • Essay on Water Day
  • Essay on World Environment Day
  • Essay on Earth Day
  • Essay on Population Day
  • Essay on Sports Day
  • Essay on Christmas Day
  • Essay on Human Rights Day
  • Essay on Hindi Diwas
  • Essay on Benefits of Yoga

These above essay topics for Class 10 Students is based on important national and international days . These are celebrated world wide on different days during the calender year to highlight the importance of the subject of the date. Thus these essay topics are very important essay topics for class 10 students . Hope you liked this article on essay topics for class 10  students and it helped you in your exam preparation.

Tags: Essay topics for class 10, essay topics for grade 10, essay topics for class 10 students, Class 10 essay topics

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  • Download PDF Essay for All Exams

Download PDF Essay for All Exams Most important essays ranging from 250 words to 1000 …

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Trending Essay Topics | Important Essay Topics for Competitive Exams

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20 Most Important Essay Topics for CAPF 2024 | UPSC CAPF Essay Topics 2024

20 Most Important Formal Letter Topics for Class 10 | Formal Letter Topics for Class 10

20 Most Important Formal Letter Topics for Class 10 | Formal Letter Topics for Class 10

Download PDF Essay for All Exams

20 Most Important Letter Writing Topics for Competitive Exams

My School Essay in English 10 Lines, Essay on My School

My School Essay in English 10 Lines, Essay on My School

My Family Essay in English 10 Lines, Essay on My Family

My Family Essay in English 10 Lines, Essay on My Family

Essay on One Nation One Election for Competitive Exams

Essay on One Nation One Election for Competitive Exams

Important Days in 2024 | Important National and International Days | Important Days and Dates

Important Days in 2024 | Important National and International Days | Important Days and Dates

Important Essay Topics for All State PSC Exams

Important Essay Topics for All State PSC Exams

One word substitution (download here👇👇).

One Word Substitution (Download Here👇👇)

Essay Writing in English

Essay Writing in English

Important Topics

  • Essay in English
  • Essay in Hindi
  • 20 Essays for IBPS PO Descriptive Paper
  • Trending Essay Topics
  • IBPS PO Previous Year Descriptive Paper
  • Important Essays for UPSC
  • Essay Topics for UPSC CAPF AC Exam
  • How To Crack SSC CGL In First Attempt?
  • 100 Most Important One Word Substitution
  • Essay on Artificial Intelligence
  • Latest Jobs | Admit Card | Result
  • Essay on Global Warming
  • पर्यावरण प्रदूषण: नियंत्रण के उपाय
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Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav Essay in English

Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav Essay in English

Essay on Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Classes

Essay on Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Classes

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English Essays for Class 10 PDF – 10 Lines, 100, 500, 1000 Words

English Essays for Class 10 PDF: Explore a comprehensive collection of English Essays tailored for Class 10 students in this downloadable PDF. Covering a diverse range of topics, these essays aim to enhance writing skills, critical thinking, and creativity, providing valuable resources for students navigating the English curriculum.

Engage with thought-provoking content, improve essay-writing proficiency, and foster a deeper understanding of language and literature through this curated compilation designed for Class 10 students.

Short Essay on Climate Change and its Effects -Class 10 PDF in 100 Words

Table of Contents

English Essays (The Impact of Technology on Education) for Class 10 PDF in 10 Lines

Explore the transformative role of technology in education through this PDF, offering concise yet comprehensive English Essays for Class 10 PDF to understand and analyze the profound impact of technological advancements on the educational landscape.

  • This essay explores the profound impact of technology on education.
  • Technology has revolutionized traditional teaching methods in classrooms.
  • The integration of digital tools enhances learning experiences for students.
  • E-learning platforms provide accessibility to education from anywhere.
  • Interactive learning apps and multimedia resources engage students effectively.
  • Technology facilitates personalized learning, catering to individual needs.
  • The essay discusses the role of online assessments and e-books in education.
  • Virtual classrooms and webinars bring global perspectives to students.
  • Challenges such as the digital divide and cybersecurity are also addressed.
  • Overall, technology is a powerful catalyst for positive transformations in the educational landscape.

Also See – Essay on ISRO – 250, 500, 1000 Words & 10 Lines

Short Essay on Climate Change and its Effects -Class 10 PDF in 100 Words

Explore the complexities of climate change and its far-reaching effects in this concise 100-word English Essays for Class 10 PDF, providing insights into the environmental challenges and the urgent need for collective action.

Climate change, a pressing global concern, brings forth profound impacts on our planet. Rising temperatures, extreme weather events, and melting ice caps characterize the environmental shifts.

Ecosystems face disruptions, endangering biodiversity. Sea levels surge, threatening coastal communities. Droughts and floods intensify, impacting agriculture and food security. Human activities, notably carbon emissions, drive this crisis.

Urgent global action is imperative to mitigate these effects, emphasizing sustainable practices and international cooperation. This succinct essay for Class 10 students provides a glimpse into the intricate web of climate change, urging awareness and responsibility for the preservation of our planet.

English Essays for Class 10 PDF in Pollution and its Types in 500 Words

Dive into the comprehensive exploration of pollution and its various types in this 500-word essay, specially crafted for Class 10 students, providing insights into environmental challenges and sustainable solutions.

Understanding Pollution and its Diverse Forms

Pollution, a menacing adversary to our environment, stands as a pressing concern in today’s world. This essay, tailored for Class 10 students, embarks on a comprehensive journey into the realms of pollution and its various types. Pollution is defined as the introduction of contaminants into the environment, causing adverse effects on living organisms and natural habitats.

One of the primary culprits is air pollution, emanating from vehicular emissions, industrial activities, and the burning of fossil fuels. The essay delves into the harmful effects on respiratory health, the environment, and strategies for reducing air pollution through sustainable practices and regulatory measures.

The narrative seamlessly transitions to water pollution, spotlighting contamination sources such as industrial discharges and improper waste disposal. The essay outlines the disastrous consequences on aquatic life, ecosystems, and human health, emphasizing the importance of responsible waste management and stringent regulations.

Soil pollution, often overlooked, takes center stage in the essay. Pesticides, industrial chemicals, and improper disposal of waste contribute to soil degradation. The text explores the repercussions on agriculture, biodiversity, and potential remediation techniques, advocating for sustainable agricultural practices.

In the urban soundscape, noise pollution emerges as a pervasive threat, affecting both physical and mental health. The essay scrutinizes its sources, ranging from traffic to industrial machinery, and underscores the need for noise control measures and public awareness to mitigate its impact.

The essay doesn’t merely highlight the problems; it intricately weaves in preventive measures. It champions the role of individuals in adopting eco-friendly habits, supporting sustainable policies, and fostering a collective responsibility toward the environment.

In conclusion, this essay offers a holistic view of pollution and its varied forms, imparting valuable insights to Class 10 students. By understanding the sources, effects, and preventive measures for each type of pollution, the hope is to inspire a generation committed to environmental stewardship.

Armed with knowledge, individuals can become agents of positive change, contributing to a healthier and sustainable future for our planet.

This essay underscores the importance of understanding pollution’s multifaceted nature and encourages sustainable practices and awareness to combat this global challenge.

English Essays for Class 10 PDF in 1000 Words – My Ambition in Life

“Embark on a 1000-word English Essays for Class 10 PDF journey exploring ‘My Ambition in Life,’ tailored for Class 10 students, delving into aspirations, goals, and the path to realizing one’s dreams.”

My Ambition in Life


Ambition is the driving force that propels individuals toward their goals and aspirations. It serves as a beacon, guiding one through life’s journey. In this essay, I will delve into the significance of ambition, exploring its definition, my personal ambition, and the associated career aspirations.

Definition of Ambition

Ambition is more than a mere desire; it is a relentless pursuit of a specific goal or dream. It serves as a catalyst for personal growth and success, urging individuals to push their boundaries and strive for excellence. Ambition transforms ordinary lives into extraordinary ones, shaping destinies and leaving a lasting impact on the world.

Personal Ambition

In the tapestry of my life, my ambition stands out as a vibrant thread. My ambition is [insert your ambition here]. This choice is not arbitrary; rather, it is a reflection of my passions, interests, and the impact I aspire to make on the world. The alignment between personal values and ambition is crucial, ensuring that the journey towards the goal is not only fulfilling but also meaningful.

Career Aspiration

At the core of my ambition lies a specific career path – [insert your career path]. The allure of this profession captivates me, not just for the financial rewards it may offer but for the intrinsic satisfaction derived from contributing to society in a meaningful way. This section explores why [insert your career path] is the chosen avenue and the steps I envision taking to achieve success in this field.

Educational Goals

Education forms the bedrock of any ambitious pursuit. To realize my ambition, I recognize the importance of acquiring the necessary knowledge and skills. This section discusses the educational milestones and qualifications required for [insert your career path], highlighting the commitment to continuous learning and personal development.

Challenges and Obstacles

No journey towards ambition is devoid of challenges. Acknowledging potential obstacles is a crucial step in overcoming them. This section candidly addresses the challenges I anticipate and outlines strategies to navigate them. It emphasizes the resilience and determination necessary to stay the course in the face of adversity.

Role Models and Inspiration

Every ambitious soul draws inspiration from others who have walked a similar path. In this section, I introduce the individuals who inspire me – [mention role models]. Their stories serve as beacons of hope, demonstrating that success is not an elusive dream but a tangible reality for those who persevere.

Impact on Society

True ambition transcends personal gain; it extends its reach to positively impact society. This section explores the ripple effects of my ambition, elucidating how [insert your career path or goals] contribute to the greater good. It delves into the concept of giving back to the community, fostering a sense of responsibility towards the collective well-being.

In conclusion, my ambition is not merely a destination; it is a journey marked by self-discovery, growth, and contribution to society. This essay has explored the multifaceted aspects of ambition – from its definition to the personal and societal implications. As I embark on this ambitious journey, I am cognizant of the challenges ahead, yet fueled by the unwavering belief that my ambition will not only shape my destiny but leave an indelible mark on the canvas of life.

Challenges Faced by the Youth Today

“Challenges Faced by the Youth Today” encapsulates the multifaceted obstacles confronting young individuals in contemporary society. It hints at a comprehensive exploration of issues such as education, employment.

Today’s youth encounter various challenges in a rapidly changing world. Educational pressures, economic uncertainties, and intense competition pose significant hurdles. Social media influences and societal expectations can contribute to mental health issues. Additionally, navigating environmental concerns and addressing global issues can be overwhelming. Youth unemployment and access to opportunities further compound these challenges. Nevertheless, resilience, education, and community support play crucial roles in empowering the youth to overcome obstacles, fostering personal growth and societal progress.

10th Class Essay on Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media

“Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media” explores the positive and negative aspects of online platforms that enable communication and information sharing. It delves into the benefits, such as global connectivity and instant access to information, while also addressing drawbacks like privacy concerns, cyberbullying, and the potential for misinformation.

Social media has become an integral part of modern life, offering both advantages and disadvantages. On the positive side, it facilitates communication and connectivity across the globe. People can stay in touch with friends and family, share experiences, and build diverse networks. Social media platforms also serve as powerful tools for information dissemination, enabling quick access to news and updates.

However, these benefits come with drawbacks. One major disadvantage is the risk of privacy invasion. Personal information is vulnerable to misuse, and cyberbullying has become a prevalent issue. Moreover, excessive use of social media may lead to addiction and adversely affect mental health. The spread of misinformation is another concern, as false narratives can quickly circulate, influencing opinions and creating societal discord.

In conclusion, while social media enhances communication and access to information, it also poses risks to privacy, mental health, and the spread of accurate information. Striking a balance and using these platforms responsibly is essential for maximizing their benefits.

Role of Science and Technology in Our Daily Lives in 100 Words

Role of Science and Technology in Our Daily Lives explores the integral influence of scientific innovations and technological advancements on our everyday routines. It delves into how these advancements impact our communication, healthcare, transportation, and overall quality of life.

Science and technology are integral to our daily lives, shaping the way we live and work. From smartphones and the internet that connect us to medical advancements improving healthcare, their impact is pervasive. Transportation, communication, and household appliances all rely on scientific innovation. However, this reliance raises challenges like privacy concerns and environmental impacts.

Embracing science and technology enhances convenience, efficiency, and quality of life, but a thoughtful approach is crucial to address ethical, social, and environmental implications. Balancing innovation with responsibility ensures that these advancements contribute positively to our daily existence.

Essay on My Role Model and Why I Admire Them in 250 Words

“My Role Model and Why I Admire Them – Mother” is a heartfelt exploration of the profound impact a mother has as a source of inspiration. The title suggests a personal reflection on the qualities that make the mother a role model, emphasizing admiration for her strength, kindness, humility, and positive outlook.

My role model is my mother, a woman of unwavering strength and compassion. Her selfless dedication to family and community inspires me daily. Despite facing numerous challenges, she exemplifies resilience and grace. Her work ethic and determination are unmatched, guiding me to pursue my goals with passion.

What sets her apart is her kindness. She extends warmth and support to everyone, fostering a sense of belonging. Her ability to empathize and offer a helping hand makes her a pillar in our community.

Furthermore, my mother’s humility is admirable. Despite her achievements, she remains grounded, teaching me the value of modesty and humility in success. Her wisdom and positive outlook are beacons of guidance.

In times of adversity, my mother’s unwavering spirit becomes a source of strength. She faces challenges with a smile, reminding me that difficulties are opportunities for growth.

In essence, my mother’s qualities of resilience, kindness, humility, and positivity shape my aspirations. She is not just my role model; she is the embodiment of the virtues I strive to emulate. Through her example, I learn the true meaning of success, emphasizing the importance of character, kindness, and determination on life’s journey.

The journey through the “Description of English Essays for Class 10 PDF” underscores the importance of effective communication and expression in written form. The exploration of various essay types, structures, and topics equips students with the tools to articulate their thoughts with clarity and coherence.

As students engage with these English Essays for Class 10 PDF, they not only enhance their language skills but also cultivate critical thinking and creativity. This journey serves as a foundational step towards becoming adept communicators and thoughtful writers in the academic realm and beyond.

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Computer Essay

Computer Essay – Short Essay, 10 Lines, 500 & 1000 Words

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10th Class English Grammar Nots PDF 2024

Latest update.

Updated February 2024 The 10th Class English Grammar Notes 2024 have been uploaded on the Ilmkidunya website, along with their PDF files now available for download. This update provides valuable resources to students seeking assistance with their math studies.

10th Class English Grammar PDF Notes

English is the most widely spoken language in the world, and having a good command of the language is essential. English is a compulsory subject for  Matriculation Board exams.  The subject is the blend of grammar, compositions, essay writing, letter writing, stories, and much more. The  English Board exam for SSC Part-II  consists of a total of 100 marks.

On this page, you can easily download essays and stories for matric in pdf format. A rainy day essay for class 10 and  my house essay for class 10  have been given here. The grammar part of the subject includes the following:


Essay writing is generally referred to as the writer’s perspective of writing a story regarding an event. Essays can be formal or informal depending upon the topic. The formal essays generally include the academic portion and raise some serious events, or topics whereas, the informal essays include the humorous side of the writer perceiving any event. My self essay for class 10 and Quaid e azam essay in english for class 10 have also been give at Ilmkidunya.

Essays are of different types:

  • Narrative Essays: These types of essays include the writer’s narration of any story or incident. 
  • Descriptive Essays: Descriptive essays are a way to convey an event in such a way that the reader may feel the story at the moment.

Some important essays for matriculation board exams include:

  • A Rainy Day
  • Technical Education
  • My House 
  • Sports and Games
  • Health is Wealth 

Few tips to enhance your essay writing:

  • Attract the readers through an interesting title
  • Make your essays simple and easy to understand 
  • Do not fall for complex sentences
  • Quotations make the draft look more interesting
  • Draft a rough draft to make the essay an organized way
  • Have a grip on grammar to avoid mistakes that might distract the reader’s attention

Grammar is the main component of English subjects. Grammar helps to form various structural sentences for different types of writing. With a grip on grammar, students can ace their essay writing, stories, and various others. The English paper includes some questions regarding grammatical errors in which the students have to identify the correct grammatical approach. 

A story is usually written to entertain or to convey a point. It is mainly a narration of real or imaginary events providing some sort of a moral lesson. A story is shorter as compared to essay writing. Story writing helps enhance your thinking and creative ability. Some common moral lesson stories for 10th grade are:

  • No Pain, No Gain
  • Honesty is the best policy
  • A friend in need is a friend indeed
  • Haste makes waste
  • Kindness is a Virtue
  • All that glitter is not Gold

The students who have to appear for SSC Part-II board exams can visit our website to learn more English essays and stories.

10th Class Notes

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essays for class 10

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essays for class 10

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essays for class 10

10 th Class -->

essays for class 10

10 th Class

Prepare for 10th Class Board Exams 2024 with Our Exclusive Guess Papers

BISE Gujranwala Announces First Annual 9th & 10th Class Date Sheet 2024

Federal Board Announces 9th and 10th Class Date Sheet 2024

BISE DG Khan Has Released 2024 Date Sheet for 9th and 10th Class Exams

Sargodha Board Announces 9th & 10th Class Date Sheet 2024

essays for class 10

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essays for class 10

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Important English Essays for 10th Class 2024

Board administration gives the essays in matric class and nowadays people are looking at the Important English Essays for 10th Class 2024 are written here for all those students who are going to attempt their Matric class examinations. So if you are also among those candidates then you are here on the right page to get your English essay topics. Well, candidates here we not only provide you the essay topics but also important essays that you have to learn on a priority basis. There are almost 400 plus topics for essays from which only 15 or 20 essays are selected for the 10 th class. According to the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education BISE, there are only 5 or 8 essays that are more important from a paper point of view. So here we recommend you and suggest you learn all these English essays as these essays are not only important for your exams but also increase your vocabulary.

Important Essay Topics for Class 10 in English Pakistan

All the important English for 10th class 2024 is going to be listed below and those candidates who are seeking now can note it down from this page. All the topics are very important and must-read before the annual exam because every year some topics come.

Increase Vocabulary

Important English Essays

Quaid-e-Azam Library 3

Important Instructions

So, candidates, these are all the English essay topics and the Important English Essays for 10th Class are only 5 or 8 which are My Last Day at School, Village Life, A Visit to a Hill Station, My Favorite Personality (Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah or Allama Iqbal ), A Hockey Match, A Cricket Match, My Favorite Book, My Hobby, A Rainy Day. So these are all the most Important English Essays. Furthermore, if we only talk about the 10 th class papers then this class is the basic class of your educational career. The student chooses in this class the subject that is the student going to study in the next classes a student chooses BioScience if he or she wants to be a doctor and if a student wants to be an engineer he or has to choose computer Science and otherwise student choose arts subjects.

Muhammad Hassnain

As a Professional career consultant, I am dedicated to providing educational services to students through My primary objective is to provide all educational news to the students on time.

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Essay on Libraries with Quotations in English for Class 10

Essay on Libraries with Quotations in English is here for the students of Class 10. There are 3 samples of this essay in this post. Students can choose any of them to prepare. The first essay on Libraries is with Quotes and other 2 essays are without quotations. you can visit this link for more English Essays .

Libraries Essay with Quotations for 10th Class in English

A library is a shed of knowledge. It is the proper place where everyone can find some books that are full of knowledge. This is an age of progress in education. Great importance is attached to the libraries as they play a vital role in promoting literacy and education.

“The true university these days is a collection of books” (Thomas Carlyle)

Books are said to be man’s best companion. Books are the core of knowledge. They are the torches that lead us to the path of knowledge. Books are the medicine for the soul. A truly alive mind seeks books because books are key for confronting our problems, searching for solutions and making pathways to the future.

“A good book is the best of friends” “Books are the lighthouses created in the great sea of time” (Edwin P. Whipple)

A library has a large collection of books and is a place where any individual can walk in and make us of those books. Libraries are the places where one learns manners, discipline, methods of working and concentration. Since all types of people flock to libraries one gets to indulge and communicate with different people. One learns culture, etiquette and ways of dignified and elegant behaviour from other people. People learn remarkable habits and marvellous qualities in such a civilized environment.

“A library is thought in Cold Storage” (Herbert Samuel)

Libraries provide an atmosphere of deep concentration and study in perfect calm. They help us in building up concentration. They give us glorious flashes of knowledge. A reader feels indulged in the books. For students, libraries provide a suitable environment in which they can study properly without any kind of disturbance and interference. Libraries are stocked with academic books and textbooks for students. LIbraries also assist the needy scholars and students who cannot afford to buy expensive books. Libraries become a tremendous advantage for these students who can easily borrow books from here and study them at home.

“Books are the over burning lamps of accumulated wisdom” “books are the window through which the soul looks out”

Reading is regarded as one of the most enriching habits. It’s not just a hobby or a pass time that entertains us but it’s also an educational activity. Reading brings us a vast reservoir of knowledge. Reading inspires people to gain more information. Thus, a library is a treasure of valuable books for people who want to use and gain from it.

“The reading of all good books is like a conversation with the finest man of past centuries” (Descartes)

2nd Essay on Libraries for Class 10 Easy

The history of the library is very old. It started when the man learns to write. The libraries have becomes a need of the day. All sort of books that a man is unable to buy can be had from libraries. Many public libraries have thousands of books, magazines, fictions and daily newspaper.

The books are arranged subject-wise in a library. They are nicely bound and carefully numbered. They are issued to fixed days to the cardholders only. if a book is not returned the borrower has to pay a per-day find fixed by the librarian. All who love to improve and disperse knowledge should go to libraries regularly.

Libraries receive newspapers and magazines. A man who has thirst for knowledge goes there and studies them so long as he wants. Libraries are a big source of knowledge. They serve the purpose of literacy and universal education. They have a vital role in dispersing knowledge and awareness in public. The advanced countries establish libraries in their cities. They publish hundreds of books daily. Their reading habits are for better than ours. In order to enhance our literacy rate and awareness in modern trends, the establishment of libraries in every city is the dire need of our motherland. No nation can make progress without books on relevant topics.

Essay on Libraries in English, Libraries Essay for Class 10, Essay on Libraries in English for 10th Class

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essays for class 10

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Essay My House in English for Class 10

Nearly everyone dreams of building his own house. First, he plants it in his imagination. Then he speaks of it to his friends. He discusses the detail hundreds of times. A house is an important necessity. Your own house will certainly improve your quality of life. My dreams come into reality through my house.  According to our taste, we decorate our rooms. We look after our plants and flowers with loving care.

“The home is a paradise for all family members.” (Quotation)

I have always been living in the same house for a long time.  It will be unjust, if, I only call it a house because it is more like a home. A house is indeed a great blessing.

  “A house is made up of walls and beams;” (Quotation)

  “A home is built with love and dreams.” (Quotation)

My house is something very dear and near to me. It holds all my childhood memories. It may lay look very ordinary to an outsider but to me, it is my personal paradise. So, the comfort I feel in my house cannot be compared to any other place.

 “East or west-east is the best” (Quotation)

It is situated at a very suitable place with all the facilities nearby. The street that runs by my house is very wide. There are very tall buildings on both sides of my house.

My house is not very large, but it is big enough for my family. It has three stories but we only use the first and the second one. It was specially designed by my father. It has a very beautiful front that attracts the attention of those who pass by.

It has a very nice living room, which has been beautifully decorated by my mother and me. The living room contains all the necessary stuff including a television, couches, lamps, etc. the kitchen of the house is very airy and decent. It is painted in different colors by my mother, which gives it really a majestic look. The walls are up of plywood and so is the floor. My mother’s crockery is placed in a very alluring and captivating cupboard made up of mahogany wood.

‘‘peace- that was the other name for home.” (Quotation)

My parent’s bedroom is carpeted wall to wall and has some wonderfully painted beautiful pictures of hills, forests, and seas. My mother’s contribution to this room is in the form of artistically designed and finely sewn curtains across the window. The dining room has a small dining table made up of glass and metal. As we go upstairs, the steps are covered by a thin carpet. The house has long windows, which make it very cool and light up. There are a lot of flowerpots in the house, which makes it a nice fragrance.

“Home is the place where it feels right to walk around without shoes.” (Quotation)

The part I love the most about my house is my own room. It is the most beautiful room that I own. Every inch of its decorated according to my own choice. The best thing about it is that it has its own balcony from where I can see the garden of my house. My father and I love to work in the garden. We cut the bushes twice a year and we get our fruit trees sprayed once a month. My mother loves roses and lilies and she looks after the flowerbeds herself from time to time. I take extra care to keep the lawn tidy enough by using a lawn mower. There is a small bench in my garden, which I usually use for relaxing.

“A man’s home is his castle.” (proverb)

The front yard is also great. I usually skate and play with brother my in the front yard. Everything is right in its place and perfect for my family. I love everything about my house. My house is the place where I can be myself. Its atmosphere relaxes my thoughts.

Essay My House for 10th Class with Quotations

Apart from this, my house is surrounded by wonderful neighbors. We know our neighbors for a long time. They often come to meet us. They are very gracious people. Our house is located in a suitable area, which makes it quite a great advantage.

Whenever I look at my house, I feel warmth, love, and satisfaction. It gives me the type of comfort I can never feel anywhere else. Even the thought of living away from my house makes me shiver. It is more like a dream house. It is the type of house, which everyone wants and I am very thankful to Allah Almighty for providing me with such a nice shelter. To me my house is out of this world it gives me the necessary shelter from the world.

‘‘There is nothing half as pleasant as coming home again.’’ (Quotation)

I would never want to replace it with anything bigger or better because I think that it is the best house and I can never ask for anything else.

“Every house where love abides,

  And friendship is a guest,

  Is surely home and home sweet home?

  For there the heart can rest.”

Essay My house Quotations

 Published on: Dec 2, 2022, at 10:30

Download  Essay My House in English

Translation of Essay my house for 10th class

Essay My House in English for Class 10

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Essay My House in English for Class 6

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Essay Topics for Class 10 Students

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Courtesy Essay for 10th Class with Quotations

Courtesy Essay for 10th Class

Courtesy Essay with Quotations

Politeness costs nothing and gains everything. Lady Montague

A man who is sincere and kind to other people is courteous. Self-respect and humility are the basis of courtesy. Pride and vanity are disliked by, everybody. Courtesy comes out from the heart. Courtesy is, therefore, liked by everybody. A courteous man uses polite words. He meets the people with smiling faces. He is successful in every field of life. His polite and soft words win the heart of everybody. as said:

Courtesies of a small and trivial character are the ones that strike deepest in the grateful and appreciating heart. Henry Clay

Proper education and good company help us to become courteous. We may learn courtesy from other people. The media and T.V. can play their part in making the people courteous. If courtesy is part of our character, we are always successful. A man who is courteous greets others smilingly with open arms. He respects the elders and loves the young people.

He loves mankind and prays for their safety and betterment. He is always ready to help the poor and needy. A courteous fellow is always ready to sacrifice his everything for the welfare of his fellow men. He lives in peace with his neighbors. His mission is to help the needy, protect the weak and be sympathetic to his fellow citizens. Indeed, more courtesy is all that mankind needs. 

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important Urdu essays for class 10 2024

10th class important essays 2024.

  • 10th class English important essays
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10th class important Urdu essays 2024

علامہ اقبال

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والدین کے ساتھ حسن سلوک

علم بڑی دولت ہے

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10th class the most important urdu essay topics 2024


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    A rainy day essay for class 10 and my house essay for class 10 have been given here. The grammar part of the subject includes the following: ESSAY WRITING. Essay writing is generally referred to as the writer's perspective of writing a story regarding an event. Essays can be formal or informal depending upon the topic.

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    A man who is sincere and kind to other people is courteous. Self-respect and humility are the basis of courtesy. Pride and vanity are disliked by, everybody. Courtesy comes out from the heart. Courtesy is, therefore, liked by everybody. A courteous man uses polite words. He meets the people with smiling faces. He is successful in every field of ...

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    Here is the list of all important Urdu essay topics for the 10th class for exams 2024. قائد اعظم. علامہ اقبال. وقت کی پبندی. والدین کے ساتھ حسن سلوک. علم بڑی دولت ہے. تعلیم نسواں. حب وطن. تندرستی ہزار نعمت ہے.

  23. 10th Class Urdu

    10th Class Urdu - Essays / Mazameen. Class 10 Urdu Notes. Download. Useful? Share with your friends. Read more articles. Previous Post 10th Class Urdu - Comprehension. Next Post #55 Important C Language Programs with FlowChart. This Post Has 5 Comments. Haseeb Gillani March 2, 2023 Reply.