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The 15 Best Free Online Web Presentation Software Tools for 2024

Laura Spencer

Are you running a small business, and now you need to give a sales presentation? Maybe you're a student and your assignment is to create a slideshow.

Either way, you probably don't have much to spend on a web presentation software tool. At some point or another, most of us need to create a slideshow. 

Virtual Presentation Illustration

If you need a tool to help you create web presentations, but you're on a limited budget, you may think you're out of luck. Fortunately, there are quite a few good free presentation tools for you to consider.

In this post, we'll share 15 free presentation tools. We'll describe each and point out key features. We'll also explain what to look for when choosing your online presentation software.

Finally, we'll share resources you can use with some online presentation software .  

What to Look for in Free Online Presentation Software

It's important to use a good web presentation tool when showcasing it. Many free online presentation tools have all the features you need. Create a top-notch web presentation with presentation websites for free .

Here are some things to look for when selecting online presentation software:

  • Ease-of-use. You don't want to spend hours and hours learning how to use the web presentation tool. Good online presentation software should be easy to learn and have plenty of training resources available.
  • Import/export features. Your presentation software tool should be compatible with popular file formats. Also, keep in mind that at some point you may want to export your presentation into another tool.
  • Real-time collaboration . Teamwork has become increasingly important in today's professional environment. With the right web-based tool, you and a teammate can work together on a presentation project.
  • Cloud access and storage. It used to be that when you were away from your computer, you couldn't work on your project until you came back. With a cloud-based tool, that's no longer a problem. Access your work anywhere there's an Internet connection.
  • Audio/video capabilities. Multi-media has become the norm for slideshows. If you want your presentation to really stand out, consider adding an audio or video component.
  • Good technical support. What are you going to do if something goes wrong while you're creating your presentation? Look for quality support resources such as third-party tutorials and a strong online help section

When choosing an online presentation software tool keep in mind your future needs. Consider starting with presentation websites for free. Then work with the premium version of the presentation software tool of your choice. 

Free Online Presentation Software Tools—Well-Known Tools (2024)

Looking for free presentation websites? Now you know what to expect from a free presentation software. We made a selection of free presentation websites for you.

Let's examine some of the most popular options. Look at the free versions of some of the most popular online presentation tools:

1. PowerPoint Online

PowerPoint Online presentation software

Many people don't realize that there's a free version of PowerPoint available . This free presentation tool i s a great choice for students who need to make a presentation once and can't afford a Microsoft Office subscription.

Microsoft products are widely used. Because these online presentation tools are so popular, many people are familiar with the software layout and commands. That helps make PowerPoint Online easy to learn to use.  Plus, you can upgrade to the premium PowerPoint tool if you need more features.

The online presentation software, PowerPoint Online, includes many of the features of its premium counterpart. Format text, use animations, and include other graphic elements. Since it's web-based, there are also collaboration features and cloud storage.

There are some limitations of this free presentation tool . For example, you can't use PowerPoint Online unless you've got Internet access. Some views aren't available. You're limited to built-in themes, although you can import a presentation with a third-party theme. And you can only insert audio and video files through YouTube. There are other differences as well. 

PowerPoint provides many help documents and articles to its users. O nline presentation tools like this one includes online help in the form of the Tell Me tool. Plus, you can find lots of third-party articles and resources on PowerPoint, such as this Tuts+ tutorial:

web presentation application

2. Google Slides

google slides

Next up on our list of free presentation tools in Google Slides. Even though it's free online presentation , Google Slides' features rival those of premium presentation software tools. It's real-time collaboration tools make it ideal for times.

Google Slides is also a great option if you intend to publish your presentation online. Plus, even though Google Slides is a cloud-based tool, you can change the settings to use it while you're offline .

Considering using Google Slides? These articles explain how it compares to more expensive tools: 

web presentation application

Google's office suite is increasing in popularity. And you can upgrade to a premium version of the office suite if your needs grow.

This free online presentation is also easy to learn. Google has helpful online documentation within each office tool, including Google Slides.

Check out our tutorial on how to use Google Slides:

web presentation application

Make your Google Slides presentation stand out. Yse a professional template like the ones available on Envato Elements . For a peek at some of the best Google Slides presentation themes, look at:

web presentation application

3. Keynote  


Keynote is another one of the many free online presentation tools available. If you've purchased a Mac computer lately, it probably came with Apple's Keynotes software already loaded. It's also available to download for free for iOs devices from the iTunes App Store. PC users can now view or edit Keynote presentations online with the iCloud website.

If you've got a Mac, you'll probably find Keynote easy to use. It's well-integrated with the Mac platform, which makes it easy to add images and multimedia into your presentation. A recent upgrade added better collaboration features to Keynote. 

Coming from Apple, Keynote is well-documented. There's good technical support and other resources from both Apple and third parties. To learn more about this online presentation software , read this Tuts+ article:

web presentation application

Produce a professional slideshow quickly and easily through a third part template such as those available through Envato Elements . 

Here's a look at some popular Keynote presentation templates:

web presentation application

4. Prezi Basic

Prezi presentation software

Prezi is a popular free online presentation tool known for its graphic interface. It has a non-linear approach to presentations.

The zooming tool is impressive in this online presentation software . Plus, there are tutorials and other aids to help you learn how to use it.

Its popularity is growing, which means there's also a growing number of third-party resources available.

Try Prezi for free by using either the basic version or by signing up for Prezi basic, or for a free trial of one of the other versions. 

5. SlideShare Scribd

linkedin slideshare

SlideShare Scribd isn't a presentation authoring software tool, but rather a free presentation sharing software tool. If you need to get your slideshow in front of a large professional audience, then this online presentation software is worth knowing about.

Currently, there are millions of users on this best free presentation software , many of whom are business professionals.

This best free presentation software is easy to use and there's some help available within the tool. Since SlideShare is growing in popularity, there are also a growing number of third-party resources and tutorials. To learn more about SlideShare, study:

web presentation application

Canva is most know as an online graphic design tool. However, this software has presentation software. It allows users to create beautiful slides online with free custom presentation templates and a massive media library. It offers some of the best-looking templates around.

It has drag-and-drop functionality that makes it easy to add your own content and visual assets, or users can pick from an extensive library of free photos and graphics.

Best Free Online Software Presentation Tools—Other Tools

The free online presentation tools below may not be as famous as others listed above. But many have features similar to their well-known counterparts.

Many of these free interactive presentation tools are limited in features at the free level. Some free tools may display ads or require that your presentation include their logo or company name on it.

Let's take a closer look: 

1. Zoho Show  

zoho show

Zoho Show is part of a popular office productivity suite. According to the website, the free version of this office suite is available for teams of up to 5 users. The free version also offers some nice extra features for teams such as secure file collaboration and in-app chat.

Zoho Office Suite offers quite a bit of support, with a knowledge base, articles, and more.  

2. FlowVella  

FlowVella presentation software

FlowVella (formerly Flowboard) was designed to work online with mobile devices. But there's also version available for the Mac. Easily incorporate multi-media and other online content into your presentation. The newest version also includes drag and drop. Presentations are also easily shared through URL links.

FlowVella is a strong presentation tool choice with company support and help. Currently, there aren't a lot of third-party resources. The free version limits you to four public flows (presentations). The presentation size is limited to ten slides. 

3. LibreOffice Impress  

LibreOffice presentation software

Impress is part of LibreOffice (based on OpenOffice), which is free and open source software. There's no premium version available for this free online presentation tool . This might not be a problem for you because Impress compares favorably to many pricier alternatives.

When LibreOffice 5.3 was released in 2017, LibreOffice also made LibreOffice online available. To use it you'll need to install it on your own server.

As might be expected for open source software, LibreOffice has a sizeable community. This means that there are several third-party resources and tutorials available for this free online presentation tool . 

Ludus online presentation software

A promising new best free presentation software tool is Ludus. It's designed with creativity and the web in mind. So, you can easily integrate content from other web services like YouTube, Vimeo, DropBox, GIPHY, and more. It's also got some nice design tools including the ability to upload fonts, blend colors, use overlays, and more.

Because Ludus is so new, there aren't a lot of third-party resources, such as articles and tutorials. But the main site includes helpful videos that illustrate how to use some of the main features that should help new users get up to speed.

You can get a free trial of any of their versions. With the free trial version of the Solo level, one user can create unlimited presentations for free with access to all the features. When the trial ends, you'll need to decide if you want to buy one of the premium versions.

5. PowToon  


Next up on our list of best free presentation software is PowToon. PowToon gives you the option to create an animated video instead of a more static, slide-based presentation. Even at the free, basic level you get access to some nice features. Free users get up to 100 MB of storage and can create a video of up to three minutes. With the free version, your video will have the PowToon branding.

The PowToon site includes help articles and tutorials to help you learn to use this tool quickly. Plus, there are plenty of third-party tutorials available.

6. Speaker Deck

speker deck.png

Speaker Deck is a free tool owned by GitHub. While it's not a presentation authoring tool, upload your presentations as a PDF file and it'll convert them to slideshow format. You can then share your presentation through the Speaker Deck site or embed it into another website.


The Visme website includes many resources such as tutorials and a helpful knowledge base.

This free interactive presentation tool  is a multi-faceted online presentation software. Not only can you create presentations, but you can also make infographics, charts, and social graphics. Add video or audio or animate an object in your presentation to make it more interesting. With the free version of Visme, create up to five projects and you also get 100 MB of storage. You can download your project as a .jpg file.

8. WPS Presentation  

WPS Presentation 

WPS Presentation is part of a free office suite that also includes Writer and Spreadsheets. If you choose this option, you'll find it to be very comparable to more popular office productivity software such as MS Office. Even with the free version you get 1G of cloud-based storages. You can also use it on up to three devices (one desktop device and two mobile devices). 

This free interactive presentation tool  includes a searchable online help, a useful blog, and other helpful resources.

9. Genially  

Genially presentation software

This online presentation software specializes in letting you create interactive content. It also features many animation effects. You use Genially to create online presentations, create infographics, and other interactive projects. 

Most people should find this software easy to learn. The website includes a frequently updated blog with some helpful tips. I was also able to find some third-party tutorials for this presentation software tool.

10. Haiku Deck


Haiku Deck is an easy-to-use presentation software that focuses on simplicity and clarity. It offers a range of stylish templates and high-quality images that you can use in your presentations. The tool also provides various font and filter options to help you customize your slides.

The free version of Haiku Deck only gives you certain features and limits the number of presentations you can create.

Emaze is an online presentation tool that enables you to create impressive presentations with its wide range of templates, 3D effects, and video backgrounds.

It also allows you to easily share your presentations online and view them on any device. The free version comes with limited storage and access to a select number of templates.

12. SlideDog


SlideDog lets you combine different types of media into a seamless multimedia presentation. You can mix PowerPoint presentations, PDF files, Prezi presentations, movie clips, web pages, and more to create an interactive viewing experience for your audience.

The free version comes with SlideDog branding and does not include some advanced features like interactive elements.

13. Animaker


Animaker is a do-it-yourself video animation software. While it's primarily used for creating animated videos, it can also be used to make animated presentations. It offers a variety of features, including a wide range of characters, props, and backgrounds, as well as the ability to add voiceovers and special effects.

14. Microsoft Sway


Sway is a digital storytelling app from Microsoft that's perfect for creating presentations, newsletters, personal stories, and more. It has a simple interface that allows you to add various types of content.

It automatically takes care of the design aspect, creating a polished, cohesive look for your presentation.

15. Slidebean


Slidebean offers a unique approach to presentation creation by focusing on design. You input your content, and Slidebean automatically formats it into a visually appealing presentation.

This can be a great option for those who want to create professional-looking presentations but may not have a lot of design skills or time. Slidebean also offers collaboration features, allowing multiple people to work on a presentation together.

5 Quick Tips for Making Great Online Web Presentations in 2024

We'll help you create the best possible online web presentation. Here are five quick tips that you can use in your free interactive presentation tools :

1. Simplicity Is Key

Free interactive presentation tools have many advanced features, allowing you to personalize your slides. A header text plus no more than four bullet points and graphics is more than enough to create a powerful presentation. 

Pitch Deck Google Slides Template

2. Timing Is Everything

If you create a presentation that's too short, your audience will feel like you didn't put enough effort into the presentation.

If you create a presentation that's too long, you run the risk of confusing and boring your audience. Aim to create no more than 17 slides and have each slide take no longer than four minutes. 

3. Use Graphics

To make your presentation more engaging and connect with your audience, include graphics on some slides.Make sure to include graphics that are relevant to the subject of the slide that you're on and that helps you illustrate your point.


4. Speak in a Clear and Expressive Voice

How you speak during your presentation will make or break the presentation.

Speak in a clear, strong, and expressive voice. This type of voice will capture the attention of your audience and make the entire presentation much more appealing to watch.

5. Ask Your Audience to Take Part

Presenting online has many advantages. One advantage is being able to send messages during the presentation without disturbing the speaker.

This opens up a great opportunity for you to encourage questions and comments. This will help engage your audience but also help them learn the material you are trying to present more effectively. 

Premium Templates Help You Create Powerful Online Presentations in 2024

If you're new to making slideshows and on a budget, focus on design. As a business owner or student, a professional-looking presentation helps create a good impression.

You can find templates for many online presentation tools at a much lower cost than hiring a professional designer. 

Presentation templates on Envato Elements

Get a professional template for your PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Keynote presentations on Envato Elements . All for a low monthly payment.

The unlimited downloads that Elements offers lets you download anything in the Envato library. Not only can you access all these presentation templates, but you get access to photos, videos, fonts, and many other resources that could be helpful to you.

The presentation templates that Elements offers include a variety of features:

  • modern and engaging designs
  • completely customizable slides
  • gallery and portfolio slides
  • free fonts and icons 

Take advantage of this offer on Envato Elements today!

Have a look at some of the best-selling PowerPoint presentation templates below:

web presentation application

Top 5 Trending Presentation Templates (From Envato Elements - For 2024)

Envato Elements gives you a huge library of business presentation templates to choose from. 

I've gathered five top-selling presentation templates from Envato Elements for PowerPoint, Keynote, and Google Slides. This should help you find the perfect one!

1.  Permanent Keynote Template

Permanent Keynote Template

This eye-catching Keynote features 32 masters and two slide sizes. It'll allow you to choose the flexibility to choose a layout that'll work for you.

Find matching charts, diagrams, and tables in this template that'll make your presentation stand out. If you're looking for a versatile template that works well for a wide variety of presentations, then this is the template for you.

2.  Nextar - Multipurpose PowerPoint Template

Nextar - Multipurpose PowerPoint Template

This sleek, modern PowerPoint template is perfect for creative agencies, tech startups, and any finance-related presentation. All the elements are fully editable and can easily be customized. 

Here's what to expect in this presentation template:

  • 30 unique slides
  • 12 PPTX files
  • 3 premade colors theme
  • widescreen & standard
  • easy to change colors 

3.  Expert PowerPoint Template

Expert PowerPoint Template

The Expert template will make you look like an expert. This presentation template offers a whopping 620 unique slides, 100 color themes, and 24 templates.

The design of the template is very versatile making this a go-to template for any of your presentation needs. Don't be afraid to use this template for more than one presentation!

4.  iEdu - Education Google Slides Template

iEdu - Education Google Slides Template

The iEDU template gives you a contemporary and minimal design that'll engage your audience. All the content on the design is well structured and flows nicely. 

Here are a few of this template's main features:

  • 30+ total slides
  • free web fonts
  • vector icons
  • 100% fully editable
  • aspect ratio 16:9

Don't miss out on this high-quality presentation template !

5.  Tech Corp - Modern Google Slides Template

Tech Corp - Modern Google Slides Template

This multipurpose presentation is ideal for many cases. These include internal meetings, investor pitch decks, weekly meetings, and much more. Every object in this Google Slides template is editable. So, customize the presentation to your specific needs. 

Here are a few notable features of this presentation

  • 30 unique slides in HD r
  • optimized and fully compatible PPTX 
  • professional company profile slides
  • business reports slides

Discover More Presentation Templates for 2024

The templates outlined in this article are some of the best available. But this is only a small selection of the presentation templates that you can find on Envato Elements.

With the unlimited subscription on Envato Elements, you get to use all kinds of presentation templates .

Didn't find the perfect template for your presentation in this article? We have lots of high-quality templates for presentations:

web presentation application

Learn More About Making Stunning Presentations

Online web presentation tools come with a variety of features that can help you in creating a professional presentation.

Learn more great tips and tricks when it comes to free online interactive presentation tools. Check out our articles below: 

web presentation application

Extra Resource: Free Presentation eBook Download ( PDF )

Download our new eBook on Making Great Presentations . It'll help you with the complete presentation process. Learn how to write your presentation, design it like a pro, and prepare it to present powerfully.

Free PDF Presentation eBook

Get Started on Your Next Online Presentation

Don't let a limited budget keep you from creating the presentations you need. You're just learned about what to look for in an online presentation software tool.

We've also shared 15 free online presentation software packages. One of them is bound to be right for you. 

Choose from the professional templates we shared for these online presentation makers. You can use them to make your presentation look great and leave a good impression.

Good luck with your presentation!

Editorial Note: This tutorial was originally published in December of 2017. It's been comprehensively revised to include new information—with special assistance from Daniel Strongin .

Laura Spencer

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With easy-to-use presenter view, speaker notes, and live captions, Slides makes presenting your ideas a breeze. You can even present to Google Meet video calls directly from Slides.

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Slides is thoughtfully connected to other Google apps you love, saving you time. Embed charts from Google Sheets or reply to comments directly from Gmail. You can even search the web and Google Drive for relevant content and images directly from Slides.

Slides connect to Google apps

Extend collaboration and intelligence to PowerPoint files

Easily edit Microsoft PowerPoint presentations online without converting them, and layer on Slides’ enhanced collaborative and assistive features like comments, action items, and Smart Compose.

Slides connect to Google apps

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With Slides, everyone’s working on the latest version of a presentation. And with edits automatically saved in version history, it’s easy to track or undo changes.

Design slides faster, with built-in intelligence

Make slides faster, with built-in intelligence

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Slides Template Proposal

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Slides Template Photo album

Book Report

Slides Template Book report

Visit the Slides Template Gallery for more.

Ready to get started?

The best presentation software in 2024

These powerpoint alternatives go beyond the basics..

Hero image with logos of the best presentation software

The latest presentation apps have made it easier than ever to format slides and create professional-looking slideshows without giving off a "this is a template" vibe. Even standard PowerPoint alternatives have updated key features to make it easier than ever to collaborate and create presentations quickly, so you can spend more time prepping for your actual presentation.

If, like me, you've used Google Slides unquestioningly for years, it's a whole new world out there. The newest crop of online presentation tools go way beyond the classic slideshow experience, with new features to keep your audience's attention, streamline the creation process with AI, and turn slide decks into videos and interactive conversations.

I've been testing these apps for the past few years, and this time, I spent several days tinkering with 25 of the top presentation software solutions out there to bring you the best of the best.

The best presentation software

What makes the best presentation app, how we evaluate and test apps.

When looking for the best presentation apps, I wanted utility players. After all, slideshows are used for just about everything, from pitch decks and product launches to class lectures and church sermons. With that in mind, here's what I was looking for:

Pre-built templates. The best presentation tools should have attractive, professional-looking templates to build presentations in a hurry.

Sharing and collaboration options. Whether you plan to share your webinar slides later, or you just want to collaborate with a coworker on a presentation, it should be easy to share files and collaborate in real-time.

Flexibility and customization options. Templates are great, but top presentation apps should enable you to customize just about everything—giving you the flexibility to build exactly what you need.

Affordability. Creating compelling presentations is important, but you shouldn't have to bust your budget to make it happen. With capable free tools on the market, affordability is a top consideration.

Standalone functionality. There's no reason to use multiple tools when one can do it all, so I didn't test any apps that require and work on top of another presentation app like PowerPoint or Google Slides.

Familiar, deck-based interface. For our purposes here, I only tested software that uses slides, with the familiar deck-based editor you expect from a "presentation" tool (versus, for example, a video creation app).

Beyond that, I also looked for presentation apps that brought something unique to the table—features above and beyond what you can get for free from a legacy solution like PowerPoint or Google Slides.

Here's what my testing workflow looked like:

I went through any onboarding or guided tutorials.

I created a new deck, scanning through all available templates, noting how well-designed they were (and which were free versus paid).

I added new slides, deleted slides, edited text and images, and played around with other content types.

I changed presentation design settings, like color schemes and background images.

I reviewed and tested the sharing and collaboration options.

I tested out presenter view (when available).

After my first round of testing, I went back into the top performers to test any unique or niche features, like AI, brand settings, and interactive content. With that, these are the best presentation apps I found—each one really brings something different or radically easy to the table.

The best presentation software at a glance

A free option

Free plan available; paid plans from $10

AI-powered design

From $12/month

Non-linear presentations

Free plan available; paid plans from $7/month

Video presentations

Limited free plan available; paid plans from $15/month


Free plan available; from $22/month for 2 users

Conversational AI features

Free plan available; paid plans from $8/user/month

Audience engagement

Free plan available; paid plans from $11.99/user/month

Generative AI features

Limited free plan available; paid plans from $16/user/month

The best free presentation software

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Canva, our pick for the best free presentation app

Canva pros:

Excellent free plan

Tons of amazing templates for all use cases


Canva cons:

The AI tools aren't groundbreakingly useful

Canva offers one of the most robust free plans of all the presentation apps I tested. The app delays account creation until after you've created your first design, so you can get started building your presentation in seconds. Choose from an almost overwhelming number of beautiful templates (nearly all available for free), including those designed specifically for education or business use cases.

Anyone who's accidentally scrolled too far and been bumped to the next slide will appreciate Canva's editor interface, which eliminates that problem altogether with a smooth scroll that doesn't jump around. Choose from a handful of preset animations to add life to your presentations, or browse the library of audio and video files available to add. And Canva also has a number of options for sharing your presentation, including adding collaborators to your team, sharing directly to social media, and even via QR code.

Present directly from Canva, and let audience members submit their questions via Canva Live. Once you share a link to invite audience members to your presentation, they can send questions for you to answer. As the presenter, you'll see them pop up in your presenter view window, so you can keep the audience engaged and your presentation clear. Alternatively, record a presentation with a talking head bubble—you can even use an AI presenter here—to share remotely.

Canva pricing: Free plan available; paid plans start at $120/year for 1 user and include additional features like Brand Kit, premium templates and stock assets, and additional AI-powered design tools.

The best presentation app for AI-powered design

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Beautiful.ai pros:

True AI design

No fussing around with alignment

Still allows for customization

Beautiful.ai cons:

No free plan

If you're like me, editing granular spacing issues is the absolute worst part of building a presentation. Beautiful.ai uses artificial intelligence to take a lot of the hassle and granular design requirements out of the presentation process, so you can focus on the content of a presentation without sacrificing professional design. If I needed to make presentations on a regular basis, this is the app I'd use.

Many apps have recently added AI design features, but Beautiful.ai has been doing it for years—and they've perfected the experience of AI design, ensuring the tool's reign as the most streamlined and user-friendly option for AI design.

The editor is a little different from most presentation apps, but it's still intuitive—and you'll start off with a quick two-minute tutorial. When creating a new slide, scroll through "inspiration slides" to find a layout you like; once you choose, the app will pull the layout and automatically adapt it to match the design of the rest of your presentation.

With 10 themes, several templated slides, over 40 fully-designed templates, and more than 20 different color palettes to choose from, Beautiful.ai strikes a perfect balance between automation and customization.

While Beautiful.ai doesn't offer a free plan, paid plans are reasonably priced and offer sharing and collaboration options that rival collab-focused apps like Google Slides. And speaking of Google, you can connect Beautiful.ai with Google Drive to save all your presentations there.

Note: I re-tested the generative AI feature (called DesignerBot) this year. It's great for adding individual slides to an existing presentation—automatically choosing the best layout and matching the design to the rest of the deck—but as with most other apps, it struggled to pull in relevant images.

Beautiful.ai pricing: Plans start at $12/month for unlimited slides, AI content generation, viewer analytics, and more. Upgrade to a Team plan for $40/user/month to get extra collaboration and workspace features and custom brand controls.

The best presentation app for conversational presentations

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Prezi pros:

Doesn't restrict you to standard presentation structure

Lots of customization options

Prezi Video lets you display a presentation right over your webcam video

Prezi cons:

Steep learning curve

Struggling to squeeze information into a basic, linear presentation? Give Prezi a try. Unlike nearly all other presentation apps on the market, Prezi Present doesn't restrict the structure of your presentation to a straight line. The editor focuses on topics and subtopics and allows you to arrange them any way you want, so you can create a more conversational flow of information.

With the structural flexibility, you still get all the same customization features you expect from top presentation software, including fully-editable templates. There's a learning curve if you're unfamiliar with non-linear presentations, but templates offer a great jumping-off point, and Prezi's editor does a good job of making the process more approachable.

Plus, Prezi comes with two other apps: Prezi Design and Prezi Video. Prezi Video helps you take remote presentations to a new level. You can record a video where the presentation elements are displayed right over your webcam feed. Record and save the video to share later, or connect with your video conferencing tool of choice (including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet) to present live.

Prezi's generative AI feature works ok, but it's more useful as a wireframe. When I asked it to create a presentation about the Stanley Cup Playoffs, for example, the resulting content read a lot like a student writing a term paper in the broadest strokes possible to avoid doing any actual research.

The best presentation app for video presentations

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Powtoon pros:

Timing automatically changes based on the content on the slide

Can toggle between slideshow and video

Can orient presentation as horizontal, vertical, or square

Powtoon cons:

Limited free plan

Powtoon makes it easy to create engaging videos by orienting the editor around a slide deck. Editing a Powtoon feels just like editing a presentation, but by the time you finish, you have a professional video. 

You can edit your slides at any time, and when you hit play, a video plays through your deck—the feel is almost like an animated explainer video. Each slide includes the animations you choose and takes up as much time as is needed based on the content on the slide. Powtoon figures the timing automatically, and you can see in the bottom-right of the editor how much time is used on your current slide versus the total presentation. If you ever want to present as a slide deck, just toggle between Slideshow and Movie.

You'll likely need to subscribe to a paid plan to get the most out of Powtoon—like creating videos longer than three minutes, downloading them as MP4 files, and white-labeling your presentations—but doing so won't break the bank. Plus, you'll unlock tons of templates complete with animations and soundtracks.

One of my favorite Powtoon features is the ability to orient your video: you can choose horizontal orientation (like a normal presentation) or opt for vertical (for mobile) or square (for social media). When your presentation is ready, you can publish straight to YouTube, Wistia, Facebook Ads, and any number of other locations.

The best presentation app for collaborating with your team

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Pitch, our pick for the best presentation software for collaborating with your team

Pitch pros:

Google levels of collaboration

Assign slides to specific team members

Excellent generative AI feature

Pitch cons:

User interface is a little different than you're used to

Need to collaborate on presentations with your team? Pitch is a Google Slides alternative that gets the job done. As far as decks go, Pitch includes all the beautifully-designed templates, customizability, and ease of use you expect from a top-notch presentation tool. But the app really shines when you add your team.

The right-hand sidebar is all about project management and collaboration: you can set and update the status of your deck, assign entire presentations or individual slides to team members, plus comment or add notes. Save custom templates to make future presentations even easier and faster.

You can also invite collaborators from outside your company to work with you on individual decks. And if you opt for a paid plan, Pitch introduces workspace roles, shared private folders, and version history.

Pitch also offers one of the most impressive generative AI features on this list. It still struggles to pull in relevant images, but I found the AI-generated written content and design to be top-notch.

The best presentation app for conversational AI

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Gamma pros:

Creates fully fleshed-out presentations from a prompt

Conversational chatbot-like experience

Can still manually edit the presentation

Gamma cons:

Not as much granular customization

I tested a lot of apps claiming to use AI to up your presentation game, and Gamma's conversational AI features were head and shoulders above the crowd.

Simply give the app a topic—or upload an outline, notes, or any other document or article—approve the outline, and pick a theme. The app will take it from there and create a fully fleshed-out presentation. It's far from perfect, but Gamma produces a very useful jumping-off point. (Last year, it was by far the best, but this year, other apps are catching up.)

Here's the key: Gamma is much more geared toward the iterative, chatbot experience familiar to ChatGPT users. Click on the Edit with AI button at the top of the right-hand menu to open the chat, and you'll see suggested prompts—or you can type in your own requests for how Gamma should alter the presentation.

Once you've done all you can with prompts, simply close the chat box to manually add the finishing touches. While you do sacrifice some granular customizability in exchange for the AI features, you can still choose your visual theme, change slide layouts, format text, and add any images, videos, or even app and web content.

The best presentation app for audience engagement

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Mentimeter, our pick for the best presentation software for audience engagement

Mentimeter pros:

Tons of audience engagement features

Simple for participants to interact

Mentimeter cons:

Less granular customizability

Bit of a learning curve

If you need to engage with an audience during your presentation, Mentimeter makes that easy. The app is designed around interactive elements like quizzes, surveys, Q&As, sliders, and more (even a Miro whiteboard!).

Each of these is included in a number of different, professional-looking templates, so you can build a fully interactive presentation super quickly.

When it's time to present, your audience members can scan the QR code with their phone cameras or type in the URL and access code to participate. There's one code per presentation (so they won't have to do this on every slide), which gives access to each slide as you move through the presentation.

There are two main drawbacks to this one, though. First, there's a bit of a learning curve and less familiar editing interface (but I found it pretty easy to learn with some practice). The other drawback is that you can't get as granular with the visual customization as you can with many other presentation tools.

The best presentation app for generative AI

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Tome, our pick for the best presentation software for generative AI

Top-tier generative AI features

Simple, customizable templates

Intuitive doc-style editor

There's definitely a learning curve

Tome is one of the new additions to this list that I'm most excited about. If you're looking for generative AI that just genuinely works , it's definitely worth a look. The editor is a bit more stripped down than most presentation apps but intuitive nonetheless—it's almost a cross between your standard deck editor and a Notion-style doc.

To generate an AI deck, click Generate with AI in the top right, and either write your own prompt or choose from the example prompts that cover a handful of common use cases, like sales enablement and company pitches. Edit or approve the suggested outline, then generate the full presentation.

From there, you can edit each slide as a doc via the right-hand menu—without limits on how much information you can include. During the presentation, you simply size down any slides that take up more than the standard amount of space. It's super simple but somehow feels revolutionary in a presentation app.

What about the old standbys?

You might notice a few major presentation players aren't on this list, including OGs Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote, and Google Slides. These apps are perfectly adequate for creating basic presentations, and they're free if you have a Windows or Mac device or a Google account.

I didn't include them on the list because the presentation space has really developed in the last several years, and after testing them out, I found these behemoths haven't kept pace. If they weren't made by Microsoft/Apple/Google, I might not even be mentioning them. They're pretty basic tools, they're behind the curve when it comes to templates (both quantity and design), and they don't offer any uniquely valuable features like robust team collaboration, branding controls, video, and so on.

In any case, if you're reading this, you're probably looking for an alternative that allows you to move away from one of the big 3, and as the presentation platforms featured above show, there's a ton to gain—in terms of features, usability, and more—when you do.

What about PowerPoint and Google Slides add-ons?

While I focused my testing on tools with full feature-sets—those that can serve as your sole presentation tool—there are a ton of add-on tools you can use atop big name tools like PowerPoint and Google Slides.

Related reading:

This post was originally published in October 2014 and has since been updated with contributions from Danny Schreiber, Matthew Guay, Andrew Kunesh, and Krystina Martinez. The most recent update was in April 2024.

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Open canvas.

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Ready-made asset libraries

Choose from millions of images, stickers, GIFs, and icons from Unsplash and Giphy.

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Present in-person.

Have the confidence to deliver a memorable presentation with presenter notes and downloadable presentations.

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Your own ideas, ready to present faster

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The 11 Best Presentation Software to Use in 2023

best presentation software to use in 2021, presentation software list

The ability to effectively share ideas, illustrate a concept, and convince an audience is invaluable whether you’re a student or a C-level executive. These days, the presentation software you use to create presentations is just as important as your public-speaking skills.

On top of that, most companies have transitioned to remote work recently due to the current coronavirus situation, and now need to share their stories online through a virtual conference room with their distributed teams and external audience members.

That’s why we’ve come up with a list of some of the best presentation software available right now, so you can choose a compatible and innovative presentation maker that includes the best presentation tools to suit your specific needs.

Choose the best presentation software by weighing the pros and cons

You’ll see some of the most popular presentation apps: from free to paid subscription platforms, and slideshow applications to full-blown visual design presentation software with interactive features and more.

Each presentation software has its pros and cons, so it’s up to you to figure out which suits your needs best; consider the software learning curve, whether your company is made up of Mac users or Windows users and the software compatibility, if you need an enterprise account or free account, etc.

Let’s dive in!

1. Piktochart

presentation software piktochart, best presentation software

Piktochart is a presentation software that can create a variety of design visuals, from infographics to social media stories.

An area in which Piktochart shines is crafting unique presentations. 

On Piktochart, users can choose from a wide range of professionally-designed presentation templates .

These custom templates include everything from monthly marketing reports to employee onboarding templates.

This broad selection of customizable templates is especially useful for those who don’t have much design experience or know-how but need to create a visually stunning unique presentation in a pinch. 

Piktochart’s presentation maker also makes it easy to edit presentations and include design elements such as lists, timelines, comparisons, graphs, and different types of charts through drag-and-drop tools.

You can even make visual maps and interactive charts to keep your audience engaged throughout your presentation. 

And if your company uses a Piktochart TEAM plan , you can enjoy the platform’s ability to store brand assets , color schemes, and bespoke templates. Here, replicating company-branded visuals is a breeze. 

Piktochart comes with a free version but with certain limitations. Active visuals are capped at five per month and published visuals have a Piktochart watermark.

If you want features such as team template collaboration, project sharing, and annotated commenting, you’ll have to get a Team account. To sum it up:

  • Lots of professionally-designed templates 
  • Good for both design professionals and non-professionals 
  • Easy to store brand assets and bespoke templates for future presentations
  • Access presentation tools from anywhere via a web browser
  • Free presentation app version available
  • Might take some getting used to if you’re used to PowerPoint presentations

2. Microsoft PowerPoint

microsoft powerpoint, powerpoint presentation

Microsoft PowerPoint is often the first presentation software that comes to mind.

Once considered the “O.G.” and best presentation software available, it is still widely used and has a familiar interface—which means most users are comfortable with it. 

This presentation app has everything you need to create a presentation: from animated transitions for interactive presentations to pre-installed fonts and graphic elements.

Users can also upload their own fonts, graphics, and images into their finished presentation.

Lastly, it’s available as part of the Microsoft Office software package; and you can work on your presentations via the web and mobile devices, for offline viewing as well as online. 

However, PowerPoint is no longer considered the best presentation software, as it has very few templates to choose from, and these tend to fall quite flat compared to modern apps and software.

It’s easy to fall back into boring slideshow PowerPoint files if you don’t know what you’re doing.

And because most people use PowerPoint, you’re likely using the same template as the next guy. 

As standalone presentation software, PowerPoint is pricey at US$139.99—and accessible through only one device unless you upgrade your package.

And while PowerPoint is primarily a slideshow application and presentation maker, its strengths are limited to this category. 

So if you’re looking for the best presentation software, and bang for your buck for a robust presentation tool, you might want to look elsewhere. 

  • Market leader in slideshow applications to create slides
  • Widely used and familiar interface for the presentation process
  • Reliable and usable on most devices as well as being a desktop app
  • Flat templates
  • Limitations with its standalone-presentation software price

3. Google Slides

google slides, presentation software example

Google Slides is a slideshow application that is very similar to PowerPoint.  But there are three main differences: it’s fully online (while also allowing for offline viewing), collaborative, and free. 

The great thing about Google Slides (besides the fact that it’s completely free for anyone with a Google account) is that you can log on via your browser or through its official app. 

You can access all Google Slides presentations from any device (mobile, tablet, and desktop), and share them with other people so you can collaborate in real-time. 

Google Drive allows all your presentations to live on the cloud, accessible to all marketing and sales teams, with unparalleled ease of use.

And there’s no need to worry about disruptions as all changes are saved as they happen, as long as you have an active internet connection. 

Additionally, anyone familiar with PowerPoint will be comfortable using Google’s iteration and likely be delighted by Google Drive and the slide library available. 

It’s also a lot simpler, so even those new to presentation-making will find it easy to navigate. 

However, some might find Google Slides too simple as it lacks the wealth of features available on PowerPoint. 

These include embedding videos from sources other than YouTube, plus adding audio tracks and sound effects, limiting the ability to create unique interactive presentations. 

Some users also encounter issues with downloading and exporting to different formats, including PowerPoint. 

Some slides may even turn out completely different from the original version. 

All in all, Google Slides is a great option for those who are looking for a free application and only need to create simple presentations. 

  • The free plan supports professional presentations
  • Web-based and collaborative to create presentations
  • Simple and familiar interface for an online presentation software
  • Too simple for advanced presentation making
  • Difficult to export to other formats
  • Limited templates and customization options for interactive content

keynote, keynote presentations

You could say Keynote is Apple’s version of PowerPoint. It’s also a slideshow application—but in typical Apple fashion, it comes with a sleek, minimalist interface and is considered one of the best presentation apps on the market. 

There are 30 different themes to choose from, which serve as templates for those who need a quick fix. And it can do most of what PowerPoint can. 

Keynote’s main perk is that it’s part of the Apple ecosystem. 

That means it has built-in iCloud and Apple Watch support so users can control their presentation from their mobile device or even their wrists with just a click. 

This presentation app comes pre-installed on most Mac devices. Otherwise, you can purchase it from the Apple store for just US$9.99 for mobile and US$19.99 for OS X. 

The big downside is that Keynote is exclusive to Mac OS. 

Non-Apple users can create, upload, and sync their own Keynote presentations through their iCloud Drive, but this presentation app is only truly helpful only for those who use multiple Apple devices. 

And if you’re used to working on PowerPoint, you might find Keynote a bit confusing in the beginning, especially when editing presentations. 

  • Sleek, minimalist interface 
  • Free with most Apple devices
  • No access for PC and Android devices except through iCloud

5. SlideDog

Sliding away from straightforward slideshow applications and other presentation apps, SlideDog is a web-based multimedia presentation tool that lets users combine different types of media to create and edit presentations. 

This includes everything from PowerPoint decks to videos and even PDFs that can all be played side by side without any awkward transitions. 

It’s also extremely easy to customize a SlideDog presentation. 

You just need to upload the files into the SlideDog web browser application, and then drag and drop them according to the order in which you want them to play. 

You can control your presentations and playlists from another device, and audience members can view your slideshow on their devices by clicking a link. 

SlideDog has a free presentation app version that provides all of the basic features. 

However, live sharing and premium support are only available with a Pro account that costs US$99 per year, and not via the free version alone.

While SlideDog is technically considered presentation software, you can’t actually create presentations on it. 

You can simply stitch together different pre-made presentations in various formats into what is essentially a playlist. 

Lastly, SlideDog supports only Windows devices, so Apple and Linux users can’t use it. 

  • Supports a lot of different media
  • Provides live-sharing
  • More dynamic compared to the usual slideshow presentation
  • Only collates media; doesn’t create them

6. Haiku Deck 

haiku deck, presentation software example

Ever come across presentations with size-eight fonts and blocks of indecipherable paragraphs on each slide? 

You can avoid such an unfortunate scenario with Haiku Deck. 

HaikuDeck is a web and mobile application that favors images over text. 

It works by limiting the number of words users can put on each slide, and allowing them to search for images on their platform related to the slide’s main idea. 

This makes it ideal for those who want to simplify their thoughts and let the images do all the talking. 

Users have over 40 million royalty-free photos to choose from, plus dozens of simple slide layouts on the platform itself. 

While this certainly simplifies the process of creating a visually rich presentation, it can be limiting for those who need to include more information into their slides. 

It’s a great option for someone giving a TED Talk, for example.

But for others who need to pass on more facts and figures, having a built-in word limit might be too restrictive.  

  • Simple and easy to use 
  • Access to millions of royalty-free stock images
  • May be too simple for some
  • No Android support
  • Limited features

7. Prezi Business

prezi business, business presentation software

Among the other presentation software on this list, Prezi Business might be one of the most unique presentation tools. 

Rather than offering a regular slideshow format, Prezi looks more like a 3D interactive mind map where viewers jump dynamically from one idea to the next. 

You can zoom in on one “slide” and then zoom out for the next. 

Prezi has over 100 templates to choose from and comes with a very simple interface and a drag-and-drop style of editing. 

It’s compatible with both Mac and PC desktops as well as smartphones. 

It’s also similar to a regular PowerPoint deck in that you can jump back and forth from one “slide” to the next. 

And like SlideDog, you can send viewers the link to the presentation as you’re presenting. 

Also, up to 10 people can work on a Prezi presentation at the same time, one of its main selling points. 

This is great for collaboration, but having so many hands-on deck at once can get messy. 

  • Dynamic and immersive presentations
  • Highly visual
  • Easy to use
  • May not be appropriate for all types of presentations

screenshot of ludus presentation software

In a world of slides and presentations, standing out is the key. Ludus brings the flair of graphic design into the world of presentations.

At its core, Ludus is the bridge between presentation tools and design software. It enables users to infuse their slides with the kind of design elements you’d typically find in advanced design platforms.

Not only can you import assets from design giants like Adobe, but its seamless integration with tools like Unsplash and Giphy makes sourcing visuals a breeze.

It’s a fairly affordable tool for all its features compared to the other paid options in this list, as users pay 12.49 euros monthly (if billed annually).

However, while Ludus’ robust design capabilities can elevate the look of your presentation, those unfamiliar with design tools might find there’s a learning curve.

  • Merges presentation creation with advanced design tools.
  • Seamless integration with popular design platforms and visual databases.
  • Offers a unique edge in presentation aesthetics.
  • Might be a tad overwhelming for non-designers
  • Can have a steeper learning curve for those used to more straightforward platforms

9. Slidebean

screenshot of slidebean presentation software

Crafting a compelling presentation demands not only compelling content but also a design that can captivate your audience. Enter Slidebean.

Slidebean offers an intelligent design solution, using AI to transform raw content into professionally styled presentations. This platform streamlines the design process, allowing you to focus on the message rather than fretting over aesthetics.

The basic plan is free and allows you to create a presentation. But if you want to share or download your presentations, as well as unlock the full suite of features, you’ll need to sign up for the All-Access plan priced at $199 per year.

While it provides a quick and efficient method to produce polished slides, it also offers features for sharing, collaboration, and viewer analytics, adding an edge to your presentation strategy.

However, for professionals who prioritize granular design control, the automated design might feel limiting at times.

  • AI-driven design ensures visually appealing presentations.
  • Features for collaboration and viewer insights.
  • Efficient design process reduces time and effort.
  • Might not offer the detailed design customization some users desire.
  • Automated choices may not always align with specific branding or style preferences.

10. ClearSlide

screenshot of clearslide presentation software

Having great visuals to drive your point home can be the difference between getting a sale across the line or customers walking away. ClearSlide stands out in this area as a presentation tool for businesses laser-focused on boosting their sales and marketing game.

At its core, ClearSlide is all about leveling up business presentations. Whether you’re marketing a new product or tracking client engagement, it’s got tools that cater to every need.

Whether it’s a PowerPoint, a PDF, or something from Google Drive or Dropbox, ClearSlide makes it simple to upload and work with these files.

The unique edge? ClearSlide’s virtual meeting space pops open with just a click. It’s all about seamless, professional presentations without the hassle.

Beyond just slides, the platform dives deep into metrics and analytics, ensuring every presentation is backed by data-driven insights. And the tool is available for $35 per month, which isn’t too pricey for medium-sized businesses.

However, its complexity isn’t for everyone. For some, the variety of features might seem a tad overwhelming, and its focus on metrics might be a bit much for those just wanting a basic presentation tool.

  • Seamless virtual meetings and presentations
  • Integrates with popular platforms
  • Offers insightful analytics for sales and marketing
  • Might feel complex for some users
  • Limited transition and design effects
  • Mobile experience could be better

screenshot of vyond presentation software

Stepping into the world of animation, Vyond, once known as GoAnimate, allows users to turn their narratives into professional animated videos. For those looking to elevate their content without diving deep into animation complexities, Vyond can be the go-to tool.

This platform is more than just drag-and-drop animations. It integrates AI capabilities with Vyond Go, which transforms text prompts into rough-cut videos.

Fancy a quick draft for your upcoming project? This AI assistant is up for the task. And if perfection is your game, take it to Vyond Studio, filled with an array of characters, templates, and backgrounds.

The Essential Plan at $25 per month is suitable for individuals on a budget. However, if you want to export videos at 1080p and above, have collaboration tools, or different export options, you’ll need to sign up for the Professional Plan at $92 per month.

As robust as the tool is, there are still some kinks to iron out. AI voiceovers might still need some tweaks, and detailed color customizations can be a bit tricky, but the tool’s strengths, especially for businesses, are undeniable.

  • Hassle-free video creation for beginners to experts
  • Generous library of pre-made assets
  • AI-powered video and script creation with Vyond Go
  • AI voiceovers might feel a bit robotic
  • Some customization limitations for specific props and scenes

The best presentation software is…

 …completely up to you! 

When it comes to presentation software, the world is your oyster. 

Each of these tools either has a free or trial version for you to check out, so you don’t have to commit just yet. 

When it’s time to choose, consider the following aspects to find the right presentation software for you: 

  • Ease of use. Is it easy for you to understand or will it require lots of training before you can start creating presentations? 
  • Accessibility. Can you access your presentation software from any device or are you limited to carrying your laptop to every presentation? 
  • Real-time collaboration. Can multiple people work on the same project or do you have to keep downloading and emailing drafts? 
  • Create design tools. Can you create presentations with dynamic design elements or are you stuck with the same kind of slide each time? 
  • Template availability. Is this tool only accessible to a design professional or can anyone create stunning presentations through pre-designed and updated templates? 
Piktochart , for example, would be a fantastic presentation software choice among the long list of PowerPoint alternatives for teams looking for a variety of eye-catching designs without requiring much technical know-how. Meanwhile, Microsoft PowerPoint might be the best presentation software for those who are just looking to play it safe. 

Hopefully, this best presentation software list sheds some light on the tools at your disposal. Choose wisely! 


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Gabrielle Gosha

Review: Top 5 Web-based Presentation Tools Compared

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Google Slides

Bottom line, frequently asked questions about web presentation tools.

photo credit: plural

Recently we looked at a few alternatives that can help you translate your raw data into some delicious visual goodness. Today I thought we’d talk about ways you might present it.

Most of us — at some point in our careers — need to present our ideas to an audience.

Maybe it’s a client pitch? Sometimes it might be for colleagues or even potential employers. Other times it might be for a bigger audience at a meet-up night or conference.

While your data may be easy to read and understand, applying it to some slides and adding some text can actually benefit you. Now, not everyone has access to the established desktop presentation applications such as PowerPoint or Keynote.

Happily, there are now some great online alternatives out there. And being ‘web-native’, means they’re not only better suited to social sharing platforms than their desktop brethren, but can be launched from ANY computer with a web browser — a huge relief during rare but inevitable hardware disasters.

Today I’m sharing my first impressions on five online presentation services that will keep your audience engaged without tapping your wallet.


This is where the fun part comes in. After choosing to “create a deck” I was taken to the very sleek editor workspace. While Slides clearly wants to make things as self apparent as possible, it does offer a nifty walkthrough tutorial — a thorough guide that shows you where everything is and the function such as the “Top Level Options”.

Slides is friendly enough that you’ll most likely quickly figure this out through trial and error, but it is nice to have an option.

Creating your slides is really an easy task. With ten default slides designs to choose from, you can do everything from upload background images, tinker around with your type and even add speaker notes.

Speaking of type, there are 12 distinct type options to choose from. If that’s not enough variety, you also have multiple color style choices to choose from as well as transitions.

All in all, I think Slides is a winner. However, if I were to have one complaint, it’s the fact that you have to go Pro in order to export your deck to either PDF or sync it to your Dropbox. Until then you’re only options are to export as an HTML doc or to embed it (and pray your WiFi doesn’t fail at the wrong moment).

  • View your slides either online or on the go via your mobile device
  • Control your presentations through the power of any touch enabled mobile device
  • The ability to present your slides live in real-time anywhere in the world
  • Variety of themes and transitions at your disposal
  • Teams can streamline their presentation workflow
  • Share and fork your presentations
  • Revisions are saved so you can always go back if you make a mistake
  • HTML ability allows you to edit your markup and customize your decks

Zoho slides

First Impression : To get started on your first presentation with Zoho Docs, you do have to register for an account. Thankfully, if the last thing you need is one more login to remember, you can sign in via your Google, Google Apps, Facebook or Yahoo accounts.

Once that’s done it’s time to start creating. The workspace is rather attractive and user-friendly, guiding you along without actually forcing you into a structured tutorial from the get go. Presentation formats are broken up into three options: document, spreadsheet or presentation. Take each one for a test-drive by clicking the “Create” button on the left hand screen.

Creating a fresh presentation opens up a new tab to pull up Zoho Show. While this may not be appreciated by everyone, it does allow you to switch back to your Zoho Doc’s workspace whenever you need it without having to press the back button.

Right away you’re prompted to choose one of the 17 available themes as well as selecting a preferred aspect ratio (16:9 or 4:3). This is a nice touch especially if you know you will be presenting on a wide-screen monitor or projection screen. I don’t believe any other tool offered this functionality

While choosing your theme, you can also decide your preferred color palette and font. From there you are taken through a thorough walkthrough of the creation process. There are tons of customization options plus you have four export options for your presentations.

  • Unlimited users with the Free Forever plan
  • Shared storage is more than generous even with a free account
  • Share your work through email, embed it into your sites or even publish it publicly
  • Word documents, spreadsheets and presentations can be easily created
  • History of your changes in documents are there for you if revisions are needed
  • Ability to sync right to your desktop
  • Enabled document and user management
  • Export your presentation as a PDF, PPTX, ODP or PPSX

Google slides

First Impression : I must admit that I have used Google Slides once in my life, but that was for a film presentation during my last year of university. If you, like most people, have a Google account, you already have access to Google Slides ,so no registration is required.

To get started you only have to go to your Docs/Drive, open the hamburger menu to the left and click “slides”. Should you have no presentations already created, you only have to click the “+” in the bottom right corner to get started. As with Zoho, you’re immediately tasked to choosing your theme and aspect ratio.

While there are 20 available theme options, they are rather plain when compared to the templates offered by competing products .

While other apps do a good job at ‘prepping’ first time users, this is a case where Google won’t take your hand and walk you through you what Slides has to offer. This may not be a big issue for most, but is likely to discourage anyone who isn’t 100% confident with web apps.

That being said, the UX of Slides isn’t very different to the UX of other Google apps, so many users will feel a sense of familiarity from the start. Adding images and text or even aligning them, changing the type or color are all just a matter of a few button clicks. To add in a new slide you but only need to press the “+” button to the far left on the toolbox.

In order to change up your slide’s layout you need to click the “layout” button which is between “background” and “theme”. This will give you a few more options to choose from and add some dynamic to your final presentation.

As expected there are some transitions to make the slides run smoothly and a bit more options to get something you’re proud of before you share it.

  • Similar Google Docs layout makes using Slides relatively easy
  • 6 available download formats including SVG, PDF and PNG
  • Edit and collaborate on your work in real-time
  • Chat and comment right there in your window
  • Changes are automatically saved as you work
  • PowerPoint compatible
  • Enabled offline editing for when you need it
  • Absolutely free


First Impression : Emaze prides themselves on allowing you to easily create your own presentations so that you can “emaze” everyone.

Once you register with e-mail address and password, you’re ready to start building your first presentation.

Of course you have to decide which plan you want: Free, Pro or Emazing. Choose and you’ll be immediately presented with an excellent selection of good quality templates — from fun to professional-looking.

Unlike some of the other presentation creators, these templates are thoughtfully categorized to make it easier for you to find the best fit for your presentation. Even though some categories only have one available color choice for that particular theme, there are still 34 themes to choose from.

Like Zoho, creating a presentation in Emaze pulls up a new tab to bring you to the workspace. Instead of the typical walk-through, Emaze uses animated arrows to show exactly where things are and what they do, which is a nice take on the general tutorial.

Because the templates are pre-conceived each new slide template already has a built in layout that only requires you to insert your desired graphics, video and text. Emaze has some cool features as well which include adding sections to your presentations and even adding effects to create motion to your objects.

Creating and editing your presentation with Emaze is rather simple and can be done relatively quickly if you know what you’re trying to achieve. Clicking on text will automatically open a text editor tool to allow you to change text sizes, color, as well as add effects.

There are some limitations to Emaze however. The preset font for your chosen template is the one you’re stick with, plus you have limited color palette to apply to your text. Also, as is often the case, free accounts are always publicly accessible. Not a big deal for many, but a consideration for some.

  • Automatic translation tool allows for your presentation to be seen by everyone
  • Multi-device compatibility lets you view and edit your work no matter where you are
  • 3D effects can be added to your elements
  • Share and download your presentations
  • Cloud based and HTML5 enabled to allow for seamless and efficient workflow
  • A variety of pre-designed templates


First Impression : After getting yourself signed up with Visme you are thrown right into creating by first naming your project. Once you have your project named it’s time to decide whether you want to create a presentation, infographic, banner ad or a blank canvas.

The first thing you will notice is the comparitively low number of templates available to you when creating your presentation. There are 7 templates in total. Of course, you’re quite free to design your own layout by choosing a blank canvas, but it’s a little disappointing when Visme’s own marketing boasts about the ‘ tons of template and presets ‘ that are available to you.

The dashboard for your presentation is mapped out for you in your first go round, in a very similar method to Emaze’s approach.

The layout for creating is as simple as you can get so if you don’t need or want all the fancy effects and all that jazz Visme is definitely for you. While there isn’t anything amazingly new that Visme brings to the table, their presentation creator there are some nice touches.

The first thing worth noting is the thousands of free stock images that are available for you to use in order to make your presentation stand out. Simply search on a given topic and ninety percent of the time a viable result will seem to pop up. Photos aren’t the only visuals available — you’ll find hundreds of vector images too.

In my opinion, whatever Visme may lack in features, they certainly make up for with their easy-to-use editor and their large, free asset library. Visme also does allow you share, embed and download your presentation, but unfortunately you’re stuck with the branding and fewer options unless you upgrade.

  • Free templates and presets available to you from the start
  • Customizable assets
  • One-click security settings to keep your work hidden from the public
  • Pre-loaded fonts, images and vectors all for you to use
  • Share via social networks or URL links
  • Downloadable and embeddable for when you want to share offline or online
  • The ability to create anything from presentations to banner ads

While everyone is going to have different needs, I can tell you that these five should be high on your list to visit when choosing a solution. Each presentation builder offers something different but most of all they are all user-friendly.

If you’re looking for top-notch slide builder with an impressive, free option, I’d currently recommend Emaze and Slides. But don’t let that stop you from trying out the other three as well. This is a competitive sector with new features and improvements being rolled out regularly.

What are the key features to look for in a web presentation tool?

When choosing a web presentation tool, consider features such as ease of use, customization options, collaboration capabilities, and the ability to share presentations easily. Some tools offer interactive features, analytics, and the ability to embed videos or other media. The best tool for you will depend on your specific needs and the audience you’re presenting to.

Are there free web presentation tools available?

Yes, there are several free web presentation tools available. Some of these include Google Slides, Prezi, and SlideShare. However, keep in mind that free versions may have limitations or include watermarks on your presentations. For more advanced features, you may need to consider a paid version.

How can I make my online presentation more engaging?

To make your online presentation more engaging, consider incorporating multimedia elements such as videos, images, and interactive quizzes. Use storytelling techniques to connect with your audience and keep your content concise and focused. Also, consider using a tool that allows for real-time audience interaction, such as live polls or Q&A sessions.

Can I collaborate with others on my presentation using these tools?

Yes, many web presentation tools offer collaboration features. This means you can work on a presentation with a team, even if you’re not in the same location. You can share the presentation, make edits in real-time, and leave comments or suggestions.

Can I use web presentation tools on different devices?

Most web presentation tools are compatible with various devices, including desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. This allows you to create, edit, and present from anywhere. However, it’s always a good idea to check the specific device requirements for the tool you’re considering.

How can I share my online presentation with others?

Most web presentation tools allow you to share your presentation via a link, embed it on a website, or download it as a PDF or other file format. Some tools also offer the option to present live online, allowing your audience to join from anywhere.

Can I track the performance of my online presentation?

Yes, some web presentation tools offer analytics features. These can provide insights into how many people viewed your presentation, how long they stayed, and which slides they interacted with the most. This can be useful for understanding your audience’s engagement and improving future presentations.

Can I customize the design of my presentation?

Yes, most web presentation tools offer a range of customization options. You can usually choose from a variety of templates, change colors and fonts, and add your own images or logos. This allows you to create a presentation that aligns with your brand and captures your audience’s attention.

Are there any limitations to using web presentation tools?

While web presentation tools offer many benefits, there can be limitations. For example, some tools may require an internet connection to access and edit your presentations. Also, free versions of these tools may have limitations on features or the number of presentations you can create.

How can I improve my presentation skills?

Improving your presentation skills involves practice, feedback, and continual learning. Consider joining a public speaking group, taking a course, or reading books on the subject. Also, take advantage of the features offered by web presentation tools, such as rehearsal modes and presenter notes.

Gabrielle is a creative type who specializes in graphic design, animation and photography.

SitePoint Premium

web presentation application

Get started with PowerPoint for the web

With PowerPoint for the web you create presentations right in your browser. Create and save your presentations in your OneDrive, and edit and share them online. You don’t need any additional software and you don’t have to install anything.

Here’s how to get started:

Go to Office.com .

Click PowerPoint.

The Office 365 home page with the PowerPoint app highlighted

Create a new, blank presentation, start with a template, or open an existing file.

The New Presentation section of the PowerPoint welcome screen.

When you start with a new, blank presentation, PowerPoint automatically saves it to OneDrive with a default name, such as Presentation 1. To rename your presentation, do the following:

On the File menu, select Rename .

Select Rename

You can do many things using PowerPoint for the web. See the following for more information about working with PowerPoint.

Create a basic presentation in PowerPoint for the web

Upload a PowerPoint presentation created elsewhere

Share and co-author a presentation by using PowerPoint for the web


Need more help?

Want more options.

Explore subscription benefits, browse training courses, learn how to secure your device, and more.

web presentation application

Microsoft 365 subscription benefits

web presentation application

Microsoft 365 training

web presentation application

Microsoft security

web presentation application

Accessibility center

Communities help you ask and answer questions, give feedback, and hear from experts with rich knowledge.

web presentation application

Ask the Microsoft Community

web presentation application

Microsoft Tech Community

web presentation application

Windows Insiders

Microsoft 365 Insiders

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Best presentation software of 2024

Make perfect slides for speeches and talks

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The best presentation software makes it simple and easy to create, manage, and share slideshow presentations.

A person setting up files to import into Powerpoint.

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Presentation software runs at the heart of business sales, management, and development, so it's important to ensure you have the best presentation software for your needs. This is especially when looking to share ideas, concepts, and workflows, and the ability to present these in a simple and understandable way is essential.

However, while presentation software has been traditionally limited to text and images, it has widened its ability to work with different media such as video and audio. 

Therefore it's important for the best presentation software to not simply be easy and simple to use, but also be able to support additional media so that presentations can be more engaging, lively, and ultimately serve their purpose in educating and updating their intended audience.

Below we've listed the best presentation software currently on the market.

We've also listed the best free presentation software .

The best office software in the world is: Microsoft 365

The best office software in the world is: Microsoft 365 There are many different office software suites out there, but Microsoft Office remains the original and best, offering an unsurpassed range of features and functionality that rivals just can't match.

Even better, Microsoft 365 - previously branded as Office 365 - is a cloud-based solution which means you can use it on any computer, mobile device, or smartphone, without having to worry about compatibility. All your files are saved in the cloud and synced between devices, so you can begin work on a document at home or in the office, then continue working on it on the go.

You can sign up to Microsoft 365 here .

The best presentation software of 2024 in full:

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Microsoft PowerPoint website screenshot

1. PowerPoint

Our expert review:

Reasons to buy

For most people, Microsoft 's PowerPoint remains the original and best of all the presentation software platforms out there. While other companies have managed to catch up and offer rival products worthy of consideration, the fact is that PowerPoint's familiar interface and ubiquitous availability means it remains a favorite for the majority of people.

On the one hand, it's long been a staple of the hugely popular Microsoft Office suite, meaning that for most users this is going to be the first - and last - presentation software they are going to need to use.

Additionally, Microsoft has made PowerPoint, along with their other office products, available as free apps (with limited functionality) on both iOS and Android for mobile use, meaning it's even harder to avoid them. And this is before we even consider the inclusion of PowerPoint in Microsoft's cloud-based Microsoft 365.

It does everything necessary that you'd expect of presentation software, allowing you to add text and media to a series of slides, to accompany a talk and other presentations. There are easy-to-use templates included to help spice things up a little, but even a general user with little experience of it is likely to find themselves able to use PowerPoint without much trouble at all.

Overall, it's hard to go wrong with PowerPoint, and although Microsoft 365 has a nominal cost, the apps are free to use even if they do have more limited functionality.

Read our full Microsoft PowerPoint review .

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CustomShow website screenshot

2. CustomShow

Reasons to avoid.

Branding says a lot about a business, and it’s something firms need to get right from day one – from a good logo to a suitable font. CustomShow is business presentation software that puts all these elements of branding first.

Using the system, you can design and present customized, branded presentations that reflect your company and the products you offer, featuring the aforementioned logo and custom fonts. As well as this, you get a slide library and analytics to ensure your presentations are a success.

What’s more, you can import presentations into the software, and use it to tweak them further. There’s also integration with SalesForce , and because the platform is cloud-based, you can access your presentations on computers, tablets, and smartphones. 

Considering the focus on branding, this offering could be good for marketing and sales teams, and it's used by major companies such as HBO and CBS Interactive.

ClearSlide website screenshot

3. ClearSlide

Just like CustomShow, ClearSlide has a niche focus for companies. The platform is targeted at firms looking to generate successful marketing campaigns, pushing sales via presentations (and more), not least through a range of analytics and metrics to work for sales and marketing.

With the product, you can upload a range of files, including PowerPoint, Keynote, PDF, and Excel. ClearSlide is integrated with other platforms, including Google Drive, Dropbox, and Salesforce.

This system is pretty complex and may offer too many irrelevant features for some businesses, but you can create customized content that reflects your company and the message you’re trying to get out to customers. There are also some good metrics and analysis features, and you can sign up for a free trial before making any decisions.

The real strength of ClearSlide comes from its focus on sales and marketing data, not least being able to track user engagement alongside other metrics.

Haiku Deck website screenshot

4. Haiku Deck

Any presentation app will allow you to personalize your slides to at least some extent, but Haiku Deck goes one step further than the competition. It comes with a wide range of themes suited to different needs, and you also get access to 40 million free images from the Creative Commons collection.

When it comes to creating a presentation, you have the option to do so on the web, which means your presentation is accessible across a range of mobile devices as well as desktops. Regardless of the device used, you’re able to select from a variety of different fonts, layouts, and filters to make the perfect presentation.

The great thing about these various customization options is that they’re categorized into different industries and use cases. For instance, you’ll find themes for teaching, cooking, real estate, and startups. Most of the features require you to be online, but hopefully, you’ll have a sturdy net connection wherever you go.

SlideDog website screenshot

5. SlideDog

It’s all too easy to end up creating a presentation that’s unappealing, and the last thing you want to do is make the audience fall asleep. SlideDog lets you combine almost any type of media to create a rich presentation that’s sure to keep the viewers’ peepers open, avoiding the ‘cookie cutter’ look that makes presentations seem dull.

Marketed as a web-based multimedia presentation tool, it gives you the ability to combine PowerPoint presentations, graphics, PDF files, Prezi presentations, web pages, pictures, videos, and movie clips. You can drag these into custom playlists and display them to your audience with ease.

You’re able to remotely control your presentations and playlists from your smartphone, the web, or a secondary computer, and there’s also the option to share slides in real-time. Audience members can even view your slide from their own devices by clicking a link. That’s a handy feature if you’re looking to create an immersive presentation experience.

SlideDog is probably the cheapest of the presentation software featured, with a free account that will cover the essential features. However, for live sharing and premium support, you need to upgrade.

Read our full SlideDog review .

Prezi website screenshot

Prezi is one of the more unique presentation tools. Instead of presenting your graphics and text in a slide-to-slide format, you can create highly visual and interactive presentation canvases with the goal of “emphasizing the relationship between the ideas”.

Presentations can also be tailored to the specific audience, as this is a flexible platform that’s capable of skipping ahead, or veering off into a side topic, without having to flip through all the slides to get to a particular bit.

For business users, there are a variety of handy tools available. By downloading Prezi , you can build and edit presentations with your colleagues in real-time, which is perfect for companies with teams based around the globe.

When you have created a presentation you’re happy with, you can present it live (in HD) and send a direct link to viewers. There are some analysis tools here, too – you can see who’s accessed your presentation, which parts of it, and for how long. The app is available for Mac and Windows devices.

Read our full Prezi review .

Other presentation software to consider

Google Slides  is part of the Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) office platform intended as an online alternative to Microsoft Office. It may seem a little limited by comparison to PowerPoint, but as it's browser-based that means cross-platform compatibility. Additionally, it allows for collaborative work, and Google Slides really works well here. On top of the fact that it integrates with the rest of the Google Workspace apps, not least Google Drive, and you have a contender. 

Zoho Show  is another of the many, many tools and apps that Zoho has made available for business use. It also operates in the cloud so it's accessible to any device with a browser, and it also allows for collaborative work. You can also easily share the link for users to download, or provide a live presentation online. The updated version has a simpler and easier to use interface and comes with a free version and a paid-for one with expanded features.

Evernote  is normally thought of as just note-taking software, but it does provide the option to create a presentation you can share online or with an audience. In that regard, it's a little more limited than the other options in not being dedicated presentation software. However, as an easy and handy way to pull together a presentation quickly, it could serve as a backup or last-minute option, especially if Evernote is already being commonly used by you.

LibreOffice Impress  is part of the open-source suite offered as a free alternative to Microsoft Office, and comes with a powerful array of tools and editing options for your presentation, not least working with 3D images. It's supported by a large community, so it's easy to find an array of additional templates. If there is a limitation it's that it's software you download and install rather than web-based, but any presentations created should be easily portable to the web if needed.

Adobe Spark  does things a bit differently, as rather than just use images it's geared toward video as well. This makes for potentially more powerful multimedia presentations, especially as Adobe also has a big selection of photos and images available for its users. There is a free tier for core features but requires a subscription for custom branding, personalized themes, and support.

Slides  comes with a lot of features in an easy-to-use interface, and involves setting up presentations using drag and drop into an existing grid. It's also internet-based so there's no software to download, and it only requires a browser to use and access. 

Presentation software FAQs

Which presentation software is best for you.

When deciding which presentation software to download and use, first consider what your actual needs are, as sometimes free platforms may only provide basic options, so if you need to use advanced tools you may find a paid platform is much more worthwhile. Additionally, free and budget software options can sometimes prove limited when it comes to the variety of tools available, while higher-end software can really cater for every need, so do ensure you have a good idea of which features you think you may require for your presentation needs.

How we tested the best presentation software

To test for the best presentation software we first set up an account with the relevant software platform, whether as a download or as an online service. We then tested the service to see how the software could be used for different purposes and in different situations. The aim was to push each software platform to see how useful its basic tools were and also how easy it was to get to grips with any more advanced tools.

Read how we test, rate, and review products on TechRadar .

We've also featured the best alternatives to Microsoft Office .

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web presentation application

web presentation application

Microsoft 365 Basic now includes ransomware protection for your files and photos at no extra cost.

web presentation application

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Whether you’re at work or on the go, create your best work on your favorite browser.

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The familiar Microsoft 365 experience you know and trust, so there’s nothing new to learn.

web presentation application

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Share your documents with anyone and work together in real-time.

A laptop screen displaying a Word document with multiple authors editing in Word on the web

Word for the web

Craft great-looking resumes, newsletters, and documents while inviting others to review and coauthor in real time. Plus, access free Word templates, formatting tools for APA, MLA, and Chicago style, and add functionality with free add-ins.

Excel for the web

Organize your data in familiar spreadsheets and workbooks, with all changes saved automatically. Create modern visuals that turn numbers into valuable insights. Work together in real time knowing that everyone is on the same page.

A laptop displaying colorful charts and graphs in Excel on the web

PowerPoint for the web

Turn your ideas into compelling presentations using professional-looking templates. Use animations, transitions, photos, and videos to tell one-of-a-kind stories. Co-author team presentations at the same time, from anywhere.

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Web Project Proposal

It seems that you like this template, web project proposal presentation, free google slides theme, powerpoint template, and canva presentation template.

We live in the internet era, which means that web design is currently one of the most demanded skills. This free template is perfect for those designers who want to present their web project proposal to their clients and see a preview of the final work.

Impressing your audience is always important, so the graphic elements included in the design of the slides are all about technology and interface elements, giving consistency to your project plan. The colors are also meaningful, using a palette that combines dark blue and very light green. This gives contrast and provides a trustworthy message to your clients, while also contributing to the professional look of this business presentation. We’ve decided to include some illustrations and infographics that can help you make your proposal more interesting. They're also a nice visual aid to better explain what you have in mind, so make good use of them. Don’t forget that everything in this template is editable and customizable, so you have as much freedom as possible at your disposal. Download it and get started!

Features of this template

  • 100% editable and easy to modify
  • 19 different slides to impress your audience
  • Available in five colors: blue, pink, orange, yellow, and green
  • Contains easy-to-edit graphics and maps
  • Includes 1000+ icons and Flaticon's extension for customizing your slides
  • Designed to be used in Google Slides, Canva, and Microsoft PowerPoint
  • 16:9 widescreen format suitable for all types of screens
  • Includes information about fonts, colors, and credits of the free resources used

How can I use the template?

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How to attribute?

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Available colors.

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Premium template

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Artificial Intelligence in Finance Project Proposal presentation template

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Web Application Architecture – Detailed Explanation

What is web application architecture, why is web app architecture important, how does web app architecture work, layers of web app architecture, web application components, models of web application, types of web application architecture, single page application architecture, microservice architecture, serverless architecture, progressive web applications, web application architecture best practices, additional resources.

In this article, you’ll find out what constitutes a solid web application framework. Before you develop any business apps, you must first identify the structure of a good web app. To respond to your company’s objectives and challenges, you must first understand its foundations. The following discusses the fundamental components of web app architecture, including its tiers, components, codes, and standards.

Quality-driven web architecture is key to data and information flow to help companies achieve their objectives. A quality feature and intuitive interface make for seamless use. A well-designed feature and intuitive interface make data and information flow more efficient. Quality assurance is critical in quality-driven web architecture.

It’s critical to understand what good architecture is, how to future-proof your architecture, how to scale it, and how to sustain it in the market in order to keep costs down while developing applications. Web applications require what components and functionalities?

Confused about your next job?

If you want to answer all of the questions that are on the Internet, you need to be knowledgeable about Web application architecture, its components, and modules. Don’t worry, we’ll help you with that in this article. We’ll go over everything you need to know.

The architecture of an application describes how its components are interconnected and how they communicate with each other. It can also be described as the connection between the client and server that defines the connection, along with the server that handles the communication between the client and server.

Web applications are constructed following an architecture that specifies how components are linked. The way the client and server connect is determined by the web application architecture.

The different levels of web applications’ size and complexity all follow the same architectural structure, but their details are unique. In addition to learning how a request-response process functions and what components it includes, we’ll also cover how a simple request-response cycle works.

Your business app must be able to grow without constricting due to a rigid, outdated web app structure. Your app will stagnate if it does not expand and evolve with the times, user demands, and corporate expansion.

Well-planned web apps may perform all of the tasks well and stay current with the business in addition to providing an immediate user experience. You can break up the design into several small components, which will also shorten the development time, in order to perform several things at the same time. Because it becomes simpler to incorporate new features without altering the structure, they may be integrated in the future more easily.

Future-proof applications split up the application into many blocks shielded by separate security barriers. Even if the application is split up into many blocks, the blocks may also be at risk of attack. Future-proof applications allow for the addition of new functions and staying low latency as the number of users increases.

The two basic parts of every application are:

  • The code is located on the user’s machine and is composed of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, which is known as client-side code. On the client, user behavior is what happens.
  • The server side contains the logic to handle transactions and respond to HTTP requests. Java, PHP, Ruby, Python, and so on are examples of server-side code.

An additional benefit of using this solution is that the database server provides the requested data to the server-side.

An architecture can be understood by looking at how it works:

Interviewbit.com is located on the server, so when you type ‘interviewbit.com’ into the browser, your IP address will be recognized and the request will be sent to the Domain Name Server. The Domain Name Server will then send the request to the server where Interviewbit is located, which will retrieve the requested data and display it on your screen.

A web application framework, which is composed of presentation, business, persistence, and database tiers, is layered. Small applications, which consist of one layer, have a business and persistent data layer as one unit, whereas large applications have five or six layers.

  • The presentation layer consists of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and its frameworks, which provide an HTML template for the presentation layer and enable interaction between the interface and browser.
  • The business logic and rules are located in the business layer. A browser request is processed here, followed by the execution of the business instructions specified in that request, and then passed on to the presentation layer.
  • The data persistence layer is part of the persistence layer and is also known as the Data Access Layer. It connects to the business layer and, in addition to data retrieval, also manages data storage. Data is retrieved from the database servers by the data persistence layer.
  • The business logic is connected to the client-side via the database layer, which protects data integrity by separating it from the business.

Each layer operates on its own and handles its own problems. The presentation layer consists of interconnected parts that deal with display issues. The business layer, in contrast, consists of components that handle business issues.

Changing one layer without disturbing the other components reduces the future burden of alterations.

Web app components consist of two parts –

  • The architecture of an application does not impact the appearance of its user interface. For example, activity logs, configuration settings, dashboards, statistics, widgets, notifications, and the like are simply displayed on a web page and have no effect on it. They provide information, widgets, and notifications in addition to enhancing the user experience.
  • Structural web components are client-side and server-side components that work with web applications. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are frequently used to create these components.
  • Business logic is handled by the web app server, which is composed of PHP, Java, Python, Node.js, .NET, and Ruby on Rails.PHP, Java, Python, Node.js, .NET, and Ruby on Rails are used to build server components.

Different types of designs are produced using diverse methods. To provide the best app performance in your firm, Simform always opts for the most advantageous architecture model. We look at the following list of items to see if the following describes your web application:

  • A single server and one database configuration are too outdated as they have only one server and one database to handle all requests. Since a server outage would also impact your app, this is an excellent choice for a fledgling company with limited resources. On the other hand, if you are an established firm with ample resources, this would be a poor decision.
  • Whenever using a database and multiple servers, there is less risk of data loss since a backup server is always accessible in the event one server crashes. Even so, the possibility of a web site crash may still exist due to the fact that only one database may be accessed.
  • Performance risk is reduced since there are two database storage options, since both database storage and performance are addressed in the same way. Data may be stored on all servers or distributed evenly among them, resulting in identical data being stored on all servers.

When developing an app, it’s always a good idea to stick to the most appropriate architecture based on the app’s logic, functionality, and so on. The correct architecture defines the objective of the entire product.

There are four kinds of web applications, as listed below:

SPA (Single Page Applications) seeks to overcome the classic difficulty of constructing smooth apps, in order to provide an easy-to-use, intuitive user experience. These difficulties are overcome by SPA.

A SPAs loads a single web page and updates the data on that page with dynamically generated content rather than loading a new page. Instead of loading a new page, SPAs load a single page and refresh the data on that page with dynamically updated content. The front end receives the same logic as the back end. JavaScript frameworks are used to develop SPAs on the client side using client-side JavaScript frameworks.

We want to build a technological tool that may function as an automated directory connecting event organisers, property owners, and food entrepreneurs. Food Truck Spaces was created using AngularJS and ASP.Net API. The web application automatically books, advertises, and online handles transactions using it.

Monolithic architectures are now outcompeted by microservice architectures, which are built around a multitude of services that can function asynchronously to solve complicated problems. Because APIs are used to communicate between services, they are loosely associated.

Deploying web apps has been made simple because of the lack of coupled parts in microservices. Microservices have eliminated the difficulty of deploying service components in a monolithic fashion. Microservices have prevented the necessity for numerous service components to be deployed in addition to eliminating the monolithic app deployment difficulty. Amazon, Netflix, SoundCloud, Comcast, and eBay are a few of the country’s most renowned technology firms that use microservices.

Cloud service providers such as Amazon and Microsoft manage the servers that are used by serverless architectures, so no manual intervention is required on the server. No matter how complex your code is, cloud service providers can handle everything for you— you don’t need to deploy them manually on your server. Serverless architecture is a design pattern in which applications are built and run without any human intervention on servers managed by third-party cloud service providers like Amazon and Microsoft.

It allows you to focus on the quality of the product and the difficulty of making them highly scalable and reliable. Backend-As-A-Service (BaaS) and Function-As-A-Service (FaaS) are the two types.

Developers who use BaaS to eliminate the back-end operations can focus on building the front-end aspects of their applications without worrying about operating the back-end. Amazon Amplify, for example, is a popular BaaS product. FaaS, on the other hand, is an event-driven model that allows developers to concentrate on coding and event triggers. The remaining work will be handled by FaaS service providers such as Amazon Lambda and Microsoft Azure.

To develop an accessible and efficient web app, we collaborated with the FIH. We used headless CMS, React, and integrated APIs to support serverless features. Amazon EC2 was used to handle the enormous traffic, Amazon S3 to store videos, and Amazon CloudFront as a Content Delivery Network (CDN). Experts as well as Amazon AWS used Amazon EC2 to handle the huge traffic, Amazon S3 to store videos and Amazon CloudFront as a Content Delivery Network (CDN).

In 2015, Google created Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). To develop apps that offer rich and native functionality with enhanced capabilities, reliability, and ease of installation, PWAs were created.

A PWA is capable of functioning on any browser and on any device. It may be adjusted to run on a tablet and a desktop as well as on a tablet. URL instead of app stores is used to discover and share these apps. These apps can be quickly added to a device’s home screen in addition to being installed quickly. Poor internet connection and offline mode are both advantages.

Several popular companies, such as Uber, Aliexpress, Alibaba, Pinterest, and Starbucks, manufacture their products by creating PWA websites.

Choosing the right architectural patterns for your web app is the first phase, but its success relies a lot on how you design it. You need to avoid doing more harm than good by mimicking popular web apps, as often they aren’t optimal for your business needs. To avoid this, you should follow a few guidelines. Ensure that your web app’s architecture follows:

  • System performance and system performance management can be enhanced by reducing failures.
  • Component reusability is the principle that components should be reusable.
  • Code is well-formed when it is well-thought.
  • High scalability applications
  • The quality of being stable and reliable
  • With the help of A/B testing, you can easily detect bugs.
  • Using security standards is the best practice
  • Create sections to collect user feedback

Here’s a glance at some of the tools and choices that can help deliver the best web app experience:

  • There are IDEs for productivity enhancement in Webstorm, Github’s Atom, NetBeans, and AWS Cloud9.
  • Design and improve user experience with UX Builder tools: Figma, Sketch, and Invision are among the most popular today.
  • Integration tools such as MuliSoft, Cleo, JitterBit, and Automate.io offer a seamless, entertaining, and unified user experience.
  • There are a lot of popular frameworks such as React, Angular, Python, Vu, Express, Django, and so on, that can be utilised to create quality products.

The architecture of a modern web application must always keep pace with changing demands. Keeping up with current demands is a tough job and a minor error can cost you the life of your product. The success of a web application, in comparison to its architecture, is closely connected to its rapid and secure web-based communication for users. However, an unrefined web architecture may even work without the app, but a precise architecture will produce the best apps.

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Top Characteristics of Object Oriented Programming

web presentation application

Introducing Microsoft 365 Copilot – your copilot for work

Mar 16, 2023 | Jared Spataro - CVP, AI at Work

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Screenshot Microsoft 365 Copilot

Humans are hard-wired to dream, to create, to innovate. Each of us seeks to do work that gives us purpose — to write a great novel, to make a discovery, to build strong communities, to care for the sick. The urge to connect to the core of our work lives in all of us. But today, we spend too much time consumed by the drudgery of work on tasks that zap our time, creativity and energy. To reconnect to the soul of our work, we don’t just need a better way of doing the same things. We need a whole new way to work.

Today, we are bringing the power of next-generation AI to work. Introducing Microsoft 365 Copilot — your copilot for work . It combines the power of large language models (LLMs) with your data in the Microsoft Graph and the Microsoft 365 apps to turn your words into the most powerful productivity tool on the planet.

“Today marks the next major step in the evolution of how we interact with computing, which will fundamentally change the way we work and unlock a new wave of productivity growth,” said Satya Nadella, Chairman and CEO, Microsoft. “With our new copilot for work, we’re giving people more agency and making technology more accessible through the most universal interface — natural language.”

Copilot is integrated into Microsoft 365 in two ways. It works alongside you, embedded in the Microsoft 365 apps you use every day — Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams and more — to unleash creativity, unlock productivity and uplevel skills. Today we’re also announcing an entirely new experience: Business Chat . Business Chat works across the LLM, the Microsoft 365 apps, and your data — your calendar, emails, chats, documents, meetings and contacts — to do things you’ve never been able to do before. You can give it natural language prompts like “Tell my team how we updated the product strategy,” and it will generate a status update based on the morning’s meetings, emails and chat threads.

With Copilot, you’re always in control. You decide what to keep, modify or discard. Now, you can be more creative in Word, more analytical in Excel, more expressive in PowerPoint, more productive in Outlook and more collaborative in Teams.

Microsoft 365 Copilot transforms work in three ways:

Unleash creativity. With Copilot in Word, you can jump-start the creative process so you never start with a blank slate again. Copilot gives you a first draft to edit and iterate on — saving hours in writing, sourcing, and editing time. Sometimes Copilot will be right, other times usefully wrong — but it will always put you further ahead. You’re always in control as the author, driving your unique ideas forward, prompting Copilot to shorten, rewrite or give feedback. Copilot in PowerPoint helps you create beautiful presentations with a simple prompt, adding relevant content from a document you made last week or last year. And with Copilot in Excel, you can analyze trends and create professional-looking data visualizations in seconds.

Unlock productivity. We all want to focus on the 20% of our work that really matters, but 80% of our time is consumed with busywork that bogs us down. Copilot lightens the load. From summarizing long email threads to quickly drafting suggested replies, Copilot in Outlook helps you clear your inbox in minutes, not hours. And every meeting is a productive meeting with Copilot in Teams. It can summarize key discussion points — including who said what and where people are aligned and where they disagree — and suggest action items, all in real time during a meeting. And with Copilot in Power Platform, anyone can automate repetitive tasks, create chatbots and go from idea to working app in minutes.

GitHub data shows that Copilot promises to unlock productivity for everyone. Among developers who use GitHub Copilot, 88% say they are more productive, 74% say that they can focus on more satisfying work, and 77% say it helps them spend less time searching for information or examples.

But Copilot doesn’t just supercharge individual productivity. It creates a new knowledge model for every organization — harnessing the massive reservoir of data and insights that lies largely inaccessible and untapped today. Business Chat works across all your business data and apps to surface the information and insights you need from a sea of data — so knowledge flows freely across the organization, saving you valuable time searching for answers. You will be able to access Business Chat from Microsoft 365.com, from Bing when you’re signed in with your work account, or from Teams.

Uplevel skills. Copilot makes you better at what you’re good at and lets you quickly master what you’ve yet to learn. The average person uses only a handful of commands — such as “animate a slide” or “insert a table” — from the thousands available across Microsoft 365. Now, all that rich functionality is unlocked using just natural language. And this is only the beginning.

Copilot will fundamentally change how people work with AI and how AI works with people. As with any new pattern of work, there’s a learning curve — but those who embrace this new way of working will quickly gain an edge.

Screenshot Microsoft 365 Copilot

The Copilot System: Enterprise-ready AI

Microsoft is uniquely positioned to deliver enterprise-ready AI with the Copilot System . Copilot is more than OpenAI’s ChatGPT embedded into Microsoft 365. It’s a sophisticated processing and orchestration engine working behind the scenes to combine the power of LLMs, including GPT-4, with the Microsoft 365 apps and your business data in the Microsoft Graph — now accessible to everyone through natural language.

Grounded in your business data. AI-powered LLMs are trained on a large but limited corpus of data. The key to unlocking productivity in business lies in connecting LLMs to your business data — in a secure, compliant, privacy-preserving way. Microsoft 365 Copilot has real-time access to both your content and context in the Microsoft Graph. This means it generates answers anchored in your business content — your documents, emails, calendar, chats, meetings, contacts and other business data — and combines them with your working context — the meeting you’re in now, the email exchanges you’ve had on a topic, the chat conversations you had last week — to deliver accurate, relevant, contextual responses.

Built on Microsoft’s comprehensive approach to security, compliance and privacy. Copilot is integrated into Microsoft 365 and automatically inherits all your company’s valuable security, compliance, and privacy policies and processes. Two-factor authentication, compliance boundaries, privacy protections, and more make Copilot the AI solution you can trust.

Architected to protect tenant, group and individual data. We know data leakage is a concern for customers. Copilot LLMs are not trained on your tenant data or your prompts. Within your tenant, our time-tested permissioning model ensures that data won’t leak across user groups. And on an individual level, Copilot presents only data you can access using the same technology that we’ve been using for years to secure customer data.

Integrated into the apps millions use every day. Microsoft 365 Copilot is integrated in the productivity apps millions of people use and rely on every day for work and life — Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams and more. An intuitive and consistent user experience ensures it looks, feels and behaves the same way in Teams as it does in Outlook, with a shared design language for prompts, refinements and commands.

Designed to learn new skills.  Microsoft 365 Copilot’s foundational skills are a game changer for productivity: It can already create, summarize, analyze, collaborate and automate using your specific business content and context. But it doesn’t stop there. Copilot knows how to command apps (e.g., “animate this slide”) and work across apps, translating a Word document into a PowerPoint presentation. And Copilot is designed to learn new skills. For example, with Viva Sales, Copilot can learn how to connect to CRM systems of record to pull customer data — like interaction and order histories — into communications. As Copilot learns about new domains and processes, it will be able to perform even more sophisticated tasks and queries.

Committed to building responsibly

At Microsoft, we are guided by our AI principles and Responsible AI Standard and decades of research on AI, grounding and privacy-preserving machine learning. A multidisciplinary team of researchers, engineers and policy experts reviews our AI systems for potential harms and mitigations — refining training data, filtering to limit harmful content, query- and result-blocking sensitive topics, and applying Microsoft technologies like InterpretML and Fairlearn to help detect and correct data bias. We make it clear how the system makes decisions by noting limitations, linking to sources, and prompting users to review, fact-check and adjust content based on subject-matter expertise.

Moving boldly as we learn  

In the months ahead, we’re bringing Copilot to all our productivity apps—Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams, Viva, Power Platform, and more. We’ll share more on pricing and licensing soon. Earlier this month we announced Dynamics 365 Copilot as the world’s first AI Copilot in both CRM and ERP to bring the next-generation AI to every line of business.

Everyone deserves to find purpose and meaning in their work — and Microsoft 365 Copilot can help. To serve the unmet needs of our customers, we must move quickly and responsibly, learning as we go. We’re testing Copilot with a small group of customers to get feedback and improve our models as we scale, and we will expand to more soon.

Learn more on the Microsoft 365 blog and visit WorkLab to get expert insights on how AI will create a brighter future of work for everyone.

And for all the blogs, videos and assets related to today’s announcements, please visit our microsite .

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Customize every aspect of your presentation with your own images and text

Record yourself presenting

Once you’ve created your presentation, do more than only share or download it. With Visme’s Presenter Studio, you can record your presentation and share it with your audience.

  • Record your screen, audio, and video, or switch off your camera for an audio-only presentation.
  • Present asynchronously on your own time, at your own pace. Let your colleagues watch it at their convenience.

More Great Features of the Presentation Maker

Share your presentation.

Visme makes it easy to create and share presentations online. Our presentation software allows you to present online by generating a link to access your presentation, share privately by sending a password protected link to friends and colleagues, or even turn your presentation into a lead generation tool by requiring email sign-in before viewing.

Share Your Presentation


What is a Presentation ?

A presentation is a sequence of slides that tell a story or teach an audience about a topic. These are often used in business as ways of demonstrating something and in the classroom as teaching aids. While PowerPoint long dominated the presentation industry, Visme’s free online presentation maker allows you to create even more beautiful and engaging content.

With Visme's engaging presentation maker, you can start with a template, dive into one of our themes with various slide ideas, or mix and match slides from different templates to create your own masterpiece.

What is a Presentation?

Use the presentation maker to take the trouble out of presentation design.

Creating a slide deck for an important presentation can take several hours, if not days. Our free presentation maker provides a searchable slide library with 900+ layouts that you can fully customize. With so many options, you can easily find the exact slides that you need instead of searching for the right template or building a slide design from scratch.


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Visme’s online presentation tools allow you to create an interactive online presentation that will blow your audience away. Add interactive elements, animate your slides and create a presentation that will have your viewers talking for days to come.


Create interactive presentations with popup and rollover effects that allow your viewer to interact with your design to learn more information.

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Mix and match template styles and slide ideas, customize with your own ideas, insert design elements from our asset library, present online with presenter notes and more.

  • Sign up for free or log into your Visme account and create a new project.
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How to Use the Presentation Maker

Before creating your slide deck, make sure to create an outline with all the major points that you need to include within your presentation.

Start creating your slides. You can easily use our free presentation slides and templates to help you create a well-designed and informative presentation.

Easily replace any image with millions of free images within our editor, as well as diagrams, charts, icons, illustrations and maps.

Insert your own text by clicking on any text box and typing in your own information (or you can simply copy and paste it from your outline).

Our free presentation maker online also comes with built-in animation effects. Add transitions, audio, pop-ups, rollovers and interactive buttons to wow your audience.

Use the Presenter View to rehearse your delivery. Use the timer to make sure you don’t go over the allotted time. You can easily add presenter notes that only you will see while you present.

Generate a public or private URL to share with anyone or embed your slide deck on your website or blog by clicking the Share button in the Visme editor.

Download as an editable PowerPoint or in HTML5 to keep all of your animations and interactivity intact for offline presenting.

Questions About the Presentation Maker

How can i create an account with visme, how much does it cost to create a presentation with the presentation maker app, can i create animated projects, is it possible to make interactive projects with the presentation maker, how do i present my slide deck, how can i create a slide deck in a few minutes.

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U.S. flag

An official website of the United States government

Here's how you know

The .gov means it’s official. Federal government websites often end in .gov or .mil. Before sharing sensitive information, make sure you’re on a federal government site.

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Natural Resources Conservation Service

  • farmers.gov
  • State Offices
  • Wildlife Habitat
  • Invasive Species and Pests
  • State Technical Committees Every state has an NRCS State Technical Committee. The State Technical Committee advises the State Conservationist on technical guidelines necessary to implement the conservation provisions of the Farm Bill.
  • Conservation by State Learn about the conservation needs and latest updates in your state, and access needed resources.
  • State Offices Find contact information for your state office location and employees.

Farmer and agronomist discuss how to improve soil quality.

Soil Science

NRCS delivers science-based soil information to help farmers, ranchers, foresters, and other land managers effectively manage, conserve, and appraise their most valuable investment — the soil.

  • Conservation Technical Assistance Helps producers identify conservation objectives and a roadmap for conservation on their operation.
  • Conservation Concerns Tool Use this tool to learn about natural resource concerns that may impact your ag operation (farmers.gov).
  • Engineering NRCS applies sound engineering tools and principles to plan, design, and implement conservation practices and systems through delegated approval authority.
  • Technical Service Providers Technical service providers offer planning, design, and implementation services to agricultural producers on behalf of NRCS.
  • Act Now Enables states to pre-approve applications when they meet or exceed a state's pre-determined minimum ranking score.
  • Applications and Forms Find more information on how to apply for NRCS conservation programs.
  • Conservation Compliance: Wetlands and Highly Erodible Land Provisions To maintain eligibility for most USDA programs, producers must comply with wetland conservation provisions.
  • How to Apply Follow our step-by-step process to get started making improvements on your land with our one-on-one conservation assistance.
  • Payment Schedules Review the amount and availability of financial assistance for selected conservation practices in your state.
  • Ranking Dates Applications for NRCS conservation programs are ranked and funded at key times throughout the year.
  • Cultural Resources NRCS programs are administered following the National Historic Preservation Act and other laws.
  • Environmental Compliance NRCS programs are administered following the National Environmental Policy Act.
  • Disaster Recovery NRCS can help ag producers and communities recover when natural disasters strike.
  • Underserved Communities Farm Bill special provisions provide incentives and address unique circumstances of historically underserved producers.
  • Nutrient Management This practice helps producers reduce input costs, maximize yields, and efficiently manage nutrients.
  • Organic Agriculture Conservation and organics go hand-in-hand, and NRCS offers tools for organic farmers to improve their operations.
  • Urban Agriculture Conservation assistance is available for urban farmers, including high tunnels, soil health practices, composting and irrigation.

A producer reviews a conservation plan.

Conservation Technical Assistance

Conservation Technical Assistance (CTA)  provides our nation’s farmers, ranchers and forestland owners with the knowledge and tools they need to conserve, maintain and restore the natural resources on their lands and improve the health of their operations for the future.

  • Environmental Quality Incentives Program Provides assistance to agricultural producers to address natural resource concerns.
  • Regional Conservation Partnership Program Brings together partners to expand the reach of NRCS conservation programs.
  • Conservation Innovation Grants Brings together partners to innovate on conservation approaches and technologies.
  • Conservation Stewardship Program Helps agricultural producers take their conservation efforts to the next level.
  • Voluntary Public Access and Habitat Incentive Program Helps state and tribal governments improve public access to private lands for recreation.
  • Agricultural Management Assistance Helps agricultural producers manage financial risk through diversification, marketing or natural resource conservation practices.
  • Wetland Mitigation Banking Program Offers competitive grants to support wetland mitigation banks for ag producers.
  • Conservation Reserve Program The Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) provides a yearly rental payment to farmers who remove environmentally sensitive land from agricultural production and plant species that will improve environmental health and quality.
  • Agricultural Conservation Easement Program Helps producers protect wetlands, grasslands and farmlands for future generations.
  • Wetland Reserve Easements Helps private and tribal landowners protect, restore, and enhance wetlands degraded by agricultural uses.
  • Wetland Reserve Enhancement Partnership Brings together partners and producers to protect wetlands.
  • Healthy Forests Reserve Program Helps landowners restore, enhance, and protect forestland resources on private and tribal lands and aids the recovery of endangered and threatened species.
  • Agricultural Land Easements Helps private and tribal landowners, land trusts, and other entities protect croplands and grasslands on working farms and ranches.
  • Appraisal Submission Center Centralized point for submitting valuation reports and reviews for easement programs.
  • Emergency Watershed Protection Assists communities recovering from natural disasters.
  • Watershed and Flood Prevention Operation Offers assistance to communities to address watershed resource concerns.
  • Watershed Rehabilitation Rehabilitates NRCS dams to comply with design safety performance standards.
  • Landscape Conservation Initiatives Accelerates conservation benefits through targeted efforts for water quality, water quantity and wildlife.
  • Grazing Lands Conservation Initiative Nationwide collaborative process working to maintain and improve the management, productivity, and health of privately owned grazing land.
  • High Tunnel Provides targeted assistance to promote use of high tunnels, which offer many benefits including longer growing season.
  • On-Farm Energy Initiative Assistance to inventory and analyze farm systems that use energy and identify ways to improve efficiency through an Agricultural Energy Management Plan.
  • Sentinel Landscapes Initiative The Sentinel Landscapes Partnership is a coalition of federal agencies, state and local governments, and nongovernmental organizations that work with private landowners.


Regional Conservation Partnership Program

The Regional Conservation Partnership Program (RCPP) is a partner-driven approach to conservation that funds solutions to natural resource challenges on agricultural land. 

  • Field Office Technical Guides
  • Conservation Practice Standards
  • How to Get a DUNS Number
  • National Soil Survey Handbook
  • Keys to Soil Taxonomy
  • Soil Survey Manual
  • Soil Taxonomy
  • Technical Soil Services Handbook
  • Web Soil Survey
  • PLANTS Database
  • RCA Dataviewer
  • Soil Texture Calculator
  • Official Soil Series Descriptions
  • SSURGO/STATSGO2 Metadata
  • Conservation Effects Assessment Project (CEAP)
  • What is Soil?
  • State Soils
  • Soil Colors
  • Soil Formation and Classification
  • WIN-PST WIN-PST is an environmental risk screening tool for pesticides.
  • WinTR-20 Download WinTR-20 Tool
  • WinTR-55 Download WinTR-55 Tool

seedlings growing in an aquaponic system in a greenhouse.

Field Office Technical Guide (FOTG)

Technical guides are the primary scientific references for NRCS. They contain technical information about the conservation of soil, water, air, and related plant and animal resources.

Stork flying over wetlands at sunset

USDA Invests $7 Million in Wetland Mitigation Banking to Support Producers and Protect We...

Bumblebee perched on a pinkish-purple flower, with greenery in the background. Photo Credit: Lance Cheung, USDA

USDA Conservation Efforts Support Pollinators, Agricultural Production Nationwide

  • Find a Service Center Access local services provided by the Farm Service Agency, Natural Resources Conservation Service, and the Rural Development agencies.
  • Find An Employee Looking for a particular employee of NRCS? Find them in the USDA Employee Directory.
  • State Office Contacts Our State Offices Directory provides contact information for NRCS State Office Representatives.
  • National Information and Centers Find information about NRCS National Programs and Centers.

Two NRCS team members discuss a conservation application.

Applications and Forms

If you’re interested in applying for NRCS conservation programs, contact your local NRCS office. To apply, you’ll have to complete an application as well as have other forms on file.

Forms for Farmers, Ranchers and Landowners

Applications for NRCS conservation programs are ranked and funded at key times throughout the year.

  • Find ranking dates for your state . 

Below you'll find applications and other forms to help with applying for NRCS conservation programs, including the Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP), Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP), Agricultural Management Assistance (AMA) Program, Regional Conservation Partnership Program (RCPP) and Agricultural Conservation Easement Program  (ACEP). 

Application for AMA, ACEP Wetland Reserve Easements, CSP and EQIP

Application for acep agricultural land easements, ama contract appendix, csp contract appendix, eqip contract appendix, rcpp contract appendix.

A producer reviews a conservation plan.

Conservation Plan

The first step in the process, is an NRCS conservation planner will contact you and schedule a visit to your property. During that visit they will walk the land with you and review any resource concerns. Following the site visit, the NRCS planner develops a conservation plan that includes a variety of conservation practices or systems to address the concerns or management goals.

Evaluation of Application

Applications are ranked, and if yours is funded, NRCS will offer you an EQIP contract to receive financial assistance for the cost of implementing practices. Payment rates for conservation practices are reviewed and set each fiscal year. Learn more about the application and evaluation process.

Other Forms on File

To apply for NRCS conservation programs, you’ll have to have a few other forms on file to ensure you have a farm number, you are in conservation compliance , and you meet other eligibility requirements. Learn more on our Common Forms webpage . Most of these forms are filed with USDA’s Farm Service Agency (FSA), which is often co-located with your NRCS local office. 

You can get email and text updates from your local NRCS and FSA offices related to program deadlines. Sign up here .

Find Your Local Service Center

USDA Service Centers are locations where you can connect with Farm Service Agency, Natural Resources Conservation Service, or Rural Development employees for your business needs. Enter your state and county below to find your local service center and agency offices. If this locator does not work in your browser, please visit offices.usda.gov .

  • Network infrastructure

User Datagram Protocol (UDP)

  • Linda Rosencrance
  • George Lawton
  • Chuck Moozakis, Editor at Large

What is User Datagram Protocol (UDP)?

User Datagram Protocol (UDP) is a communications protocol primarily used to establish low-latency and loss-tolerating connections between applications on the internet.

UDP speeds up transmissions because it enables data transfer before the receiving party provides an agreement. As a result, UDP is beneficial in time-sensitive communications, such as voice over IP (VoIP), domain name system ( DNS ) lookup, and video or audio playback.

UDP is an alternative to TCP . Both UDP and TCP run on top of IP and are sometimes referred to as UDP/IP or TCP/IP. But there are important distinctions between the two. For example, UDP enables process-to-process communication, while TCP supports host-to-host communication.

TCP sends individual packets and is a reliable transport medium. UDP sends messages, called datagrams , and is considered a best-effort mode of communications. This means UDP doesn't guarantee data delivery or offer any special features to retransmit lost or corrupted messages.

UDP provides two services not provided by the IP layer:

  • Port numbers . Help distinguish different user requests.
  • Checksum. An optional capability that verifies if data arrived intact.

UDP features

UDP's attributes make it beneficial for use with applications that can tolerate lost data. Features of UDP include the following:

  • Packets can be dropped and received in a different order than they were transmitted, which is suitable for real-time applications where latency might be a concern.
  • Transaction-based protocols, such as DNS or Network Time Protocol , can use UDP for communication.
  • UDP is useful in locations with a large number of clients where real-time error correction isn't necessary, such as gaming, voice or video conferencing, and media streaming.

UDP header composition

UDP uses headers when packaging message data to transfer over network connections. UDP headers contain a set of parameters -- called fields -- defined by the technical specifications of the protocol.

The UDP header has four fields, each of which is 2 bytes. They are the following:

  • Source port number. The number of the sender.
  • Destination port number. The number of the port to which the datagram is addressed.
  • Length. The length in bytes of the UDP header and any encapsulated data.
  • Checksum. Used in error checking -- IPv6 requires checksums, but they're optional in IPv4 .

Diagram of a UDP header

How UDP works

UDP uses IP to get a datagram from one computer to another. UDP gathers data in a UDP packet and adds its own header information to the packet. This data consists of the source and destination ports on which to communicate, the packet length and a checksum. After UDP packets encapsulate in an IP packet, it sends packets off to their destinations.

Unlike TCP, UDP doesn't guarantee the packets will get to the right destinations. This means UDP doesn't connect to the receiving computer directly, which TCP does. Instead, it sends the data out and relies on the devices in between the sending and receiving computers to move the data where it needs to go.

Most applications wait for any replies they expect to receive as a result of packets sent with UDP. If an application doesn't receive a reply within a certain time frame, the application either sends the packet again or stops trying.

UDP uses a simple transmission model that doesn't include handshake dialogues to provide reliability, ordering or data integrity. Consequently, UDP has an unreliable service. Packets might arrive out of order, appear to have duplicates or disappear without warning.

Although this transmission method doesn't guarantee the data will reach its destination, it does have low overhead and is popular for services that don't have to work the first time.

UDP applications

Applications of UDP include the following:

  • Lossless data transmission.
  • Gaming, voice and video.
  • Services that don't need fixed packet transmission.
  • Multicasting and routing update protocols.
  • Fast applications.

Lossless data transmission

Applications that require lossless data transmission can make use of UDP. For example, an application that is configured to manage the process of retransmitting lost packets and correctly arrange received packets might use UDP. This approach can help to improve the data transfer rate of large files compared to TCP.

In the Open Systems Interconnection communication model, UDP is in Layer 4, the transport layer. UDP works in conjunction with higher-level protocols to help manage data transmission services, including Trivial File Transfer Protocol, Real Time Streaming Protocol and Simple Network Management Protocol.

Gaming, voice and video

UDP is an ideal protocol for network applications in which perceived latency is critical, such as in gaming, voice and video communications. These examples can suffer some data loss without adversely affecting perceived quality. In some cases, however, forward error correction techniques are used in addition to UDP to improve audio and video quality, despite some loss.

Services that don't need fixed packet transmission

UDP can also be used in applications that depend on the reliable exchange of information but should have their own methods to answer packets. These services are advantageous because they're not bound to fixed patterns to guarantee the completeness and correctness of the data packets sent. Users can decide how and when to respond to incorrect or unsorted information.

Multicasting and routing update protocols

Multicasting can use UDP because it supports packet switching. In addition, some routing update protocols, such as Routing Information Protocol , can also use UDP.

Fast applications

UDP can be used in applications where speed -- rather than reliability -- is critical. For example, it might be prudent to use UDP in an application that sends data from a fast acquisition where it's OK to lose some data points.


TCP and UDP are part of the TCP/IP protocol suite, which includes a number of protocols that carry out network communications.

TCP has emerged as the dominant protocol used for the bulk of internet connectivity due to its ability to break large data sets into individual packets, check for and resend lost packets, and reassemble packets in the correct sequence. But these additional services come at a cost in terms of additional data overhead and latency.

In contrast, UDP is considered a connectionless protocol because it doesn't require the establishment of a virtual circuit before any data transfer occurs. The communication protocol only sends the packets, which means it has much lower bandwidth overhead and latency. With UDP, packets might take different paths between sender and receiver. As a result, some packets might be lost or received out of order.

Comparison chart between TCP and UDP

UDP characteristics include the following:

  • Connectionless.
  • Used for VoIP, video streaming, gaming and live broadcasts.
  • Faster and requires fewer resources.
  • Packets don't necessarily arrive in order.
  • Allows missing packets, which is useful for real-time communications, but the sender doesn't receive an acknowledgement of whether a packet has been received.
  • Better suited for applications that need fast, efficient transmission, such as games.

TCP characteristics include the following:

  • Connection-oriented .
  • The most widely used protocol on the internet.
  • Guarantees that no packets go missing and all sent data arrives to the intended recipient.
  • Sends packets in order so they can be stitched back together easily.
  • Slower and requires more resources.
  • Has a bigger header than UDP.
  • Best suited for apps that need high reliability, and transmission time is relatively less critical.

Editor's note: This definition was reformatted to improve the reader experience.

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