How to Share Content in Webex Meetings and Webinars

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Anyone in a meeting, as well as a presenter in a  webinar  or event, can share content. If you move an open window over the shared application, nobody can see it, but you can  show your camera video over the shared application .

Share your screen

When you share your screen, everyone sees what you can see on your screen. If you have a Word document or a PowerPoint slide, or even a website or chat window open, they’ll see it.


Share only a specific application

When you share a specific application, others can't see anything other than the shared application. For example, if you have your browser and PowerPoint open and you choose to share PowerPoint, they can't see the browser tabs you have open. But if you have several PowerPoint presentations open, you can switch between them and they'll still be shared. You can also edit slides as you share them.

To share your video over your content, see  Show your video over shared content in  Webex Meetings  and  Webex Webinars .

Share multiple applications

You can share multiple applications without having to stop what you're currently sharing.

To share an additional app while currently sharing, click  Share  and then select  Share Content .

Share multiple applications

Share video content

Sharing video  content  is slightly different from sharing any other type of content. That’s why Webex Meetings and Events has a sharing mode that’s optimized for video.

sharing presentation webex

 so that the video sound comes directly through the audio conference.

See what you're sharing

When you’re sharing content, you want to make sure you’re sharing only what you want and that everyone in the meeting can see it. When you share your screen or an application, check what everyone else sees by opening a window that shows you what you're sharing.

While sharing, go to the tab in the meeting control bar at the top of the screen and click the down arrow.

See what participants are seeing

Share a file

Share a whiteboard.

Create a whiteboard  to visually share your ideas. Whiteboards shared during a meeting aren't automatically saved. Remember to save your whiteboard.

This is a Cisco product- for more information see

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How to Record and Share a Webex Presentation in Ten Easy Steps

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  • Find and click on the Start a Meeting button.
  • Enable your microphone and camera and click, Start Meeting.
  • If appropriate, launch PowerPoint and open your slide presentation.
  • When ready, click the Recorder button on the bottom of your screen and begin your presentation.
  • To display the PowerPoint, you must Open Powerpoint first, click the Share Content button (next to the Recorder button) and select PowerPoint.
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  • To Stop the Recording, click on the Recorder button again and select Stop Recording.
  • To share your recording, return to the Webex Portal ( and select Recordings (on the left). Please be aware that your recording may not be immediately available. Lengthy recordings sometimes take up to 24 hours to finish “generating.”
  • Locate your recording and either click the Download button to download a MP4 version of your video or click the Share button to email the recording to your selected recipients. 

If you have any problems recording or distributing your presentation, the Webex Video Tutorial site can help. Go to .

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How to Share Video with Sound in Webex

sharing presentation webex

Lee Stanton Lee Stanton is a versatile writer with a concentration on the software landscape, covering both mobile and desktop applications as well as online technologies. Read more August 20, 2022

One of the most important aspects of participating in video meetings is the ability to share your content with your colleagues. While sharing images and documents is relatively easy, sharing video content can be tricky. The resolution of the video might not always be clear, and your colleagues might not be able to hear your video at all. That’s why you should consider using Webex.

How to Share Video with Sound in Webex

Webex is a fantastic web conferencing platform that allows you to share your video content at a high frame rate, allowing other participants to see and hear the audio clearly. In this guide, we will show you how to share your video with sound in Webex across different devices.

How to Share Video with Sound in Webex on a Windows 10 PC?

If you are familiar with Webex, then you already know that you can use the desktop app or the web app. Although the desktop app provides many more features, you can participate in video meetings on the web app as well. However, since downloading the desktop app only takes a couple of minutes, we highly recommend doing it, as you will come across several limitations on the web app.

In any case, we will show you how to share videos with sound on both versions of this platform. What’s more, the process of sharing content on the web app and the desktop app is relatively similar.

To share your video file with sound in Webex on Windows 10 using the desktop app, follow the steps below:

sharing presentation webex

That’s about it. Webex allows all the participants of the meeting to hear the video clearly, no matter what device they are using to participate in the meeting at that moment.

To share video with sound in Webex on the web app, follow the steps below:

sharing presentation webex

Note : The option to optimize for text, images, motion, and video is only available on Google Chrome so far. This feature isn’t possible on other browsers at the time of this writing.

Keep in mind that the Webex web app looks the same on all devices. So, no matter which OS you have, sharing your video with sound on the Webex web app consists of identical steps.

How to Share Video with Sound in Webex on a Mac?

Sharing video content with audio in Webex on your Mac is similar to how you would do it on Windows 10, but it requires a couple of more steps. Here’s how it’s done:

sharing presentation webex

  • When ready, press Play .
  • Once your video finishes playing, click on Stop Sharing on the floating bar at the top of your screen.

That’s all there is to it. The next time you want to share your video content on your Mac, you will be taken to the “Share content” tab directly.

How to Share Video with Sound in Webex on a Chromebook?

If you want to share a video file with audio in Webex on a Chromebook, follow the steps below:

sharing presentation webex

To make sure everything goes smoothly, prepare the video before the meeting starts. When it’s time to share it, you will know exactly where it is. This step can be very handy if you have a lot of tabs and apps open. Just remember, when you share your screen, your colleagues can see everything it contains.

How to Share Video with Sound in Webex on Linux?

Sharing your video content with audio in Webex on Linux is also possible. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Open the Webex desktop app and either start a new meeting or join one.
  • Hover your cursor over the screen for the toolbar to appear and go to Share content .
  • A new tab will pop up. Click on the Optimize for text and images tab.
  • Select Optimize for motion and video from the menu.
  • Click on the Share your computer audio box in the bottom-right corner of your screen.
  • Choose the screen or app where your video is.
  • Enter the video and press Play .
  • When your video finishes playing and you don’t want to share any more content, simply go to the Stop Sharing bar at the top of your screen, and you can continue your meeting.

That’s all there is to it.

If you have multiple videos to share, but they are located within different screens, go to the Share content icon to switch between screens. The fewer tabs you have open at this point, the better. Too many open pages and tabs can confuse both you and your colleagues.

How to Share Video with Sound in Webex on iOS?

  • Within a meeting, tap on More and choose Share content .
  • Now, choose Optimize for Video and select the Include Audio option.
  • Select the video you want and tap Share .

Additional FAQ

Does webex offer this functionality on the iphone or android.

Webex is also available for mobile devices, and you can share your screen with both iPhone and Android devices. Unfortunately, sharing video and audio files still isn’t possible on Android at this point, but you can share video on the iOS app.

On the other hand, you can share plain text, Microsoft Office documents, Apple iWorks documents, PDF files, images, ZIP files, and many more. The option to share .mp4 files might become possible in the future.

Apart from standard video chat features, some other things you can do on the Webex mobile app include muting participants, changing your video connection options, changing your background, searching for participants, changing participant roles, recording meetings, and many more options.

Make Webex Video Meetings More Interesting with Video Content

Now you know how to share video content with sound in Webex across different devices, on both the desktop app and the web app. You also know how to stop sharing content, and how to switch between different screens and apps to ensure the meeting flows smoothly. Learning how to share video content in Webex is only the first step, there are countless other handy things you can do on this video conferencing platform.

Have you ever shared a video with sound in Webex? Did you use any of the methods outlined in this article? Let us know in the comments section below.

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no camera found on Chromebook

Paras Rastogi March 11, 2024

sharing presentation webex

Dave Johnson December 21, 2023

sharing presentation webex

Lee Stanton December 17, 2023

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How to share a powerpoint presentation using Cisco Webex

Many of us have had to turn to running meetings virtually in recent weeks, which can be a daunting task if you are not familiar with using virtual meeting software.

Here is a quick guide on how to share a Powerpoint presentation using Webex during a virtual meeting.

Log into your Webex account, create your meeting invite and join your meeting.

Once your meeting is set up, simply click on the share screen button (below) in Webex.

sharing presentation webex

This will open a pop-up screen (below) where you can select how you wish to share your presentation. In this case either via desktop or using Powerpoint directly.

sharing presentation webex

This will automatically broadcast the app or desktop view you chose to share. A small orange Webex strip will be visible at the top of the screen to remind you that you are broadcasting (below).

sharing presentation webex

If you hover over this strip you will find more options (including the ability to annotate your slides and use a group chat).

sharing presentation webex

The large orange button is to stop broadcasting.

Sharing a Powerpoint presentation with Participoll using Webex

If you are running an interactive PowerPoint presentation with ParticiPoll, all the polling/interactive functions within your Powerpoint will function normally (below).

sharing presentation webex

The audience can continue to use their mobile devices to participate with polling etc. as normal.

When sharing a Powerpoint presentation with Participoll in Webex remember the screen share feature (either desktop or via the Powerpoint app) is what you need to use to share your presentation, all ParticiPoll functionality remains the same.

Remember to test your slides before your meeting to ensure everything is working before you go live!

If you have any questions or wish to share your experiences we’d love to hear from you!

sharing presentation webex

Downloading ParticiPoll

Your file is downloading. Select ‘Save As’ if prompted

Can't download? Try a zipped copy

Download ParticiPoll

Click the button below to download the add-in, then mount the Participoll.dmg and follow the step by step instructions.

Don't double click!

Click the button below to download the add-in, then save it somewhere safe where it won’t get moved or deleted, then follow the step by step instructions.

Quantity Required

Select the pack size you required

Welcome back to ParticiPoll

Sign in below and start polling today!

Create Your Account

(free trial and purchase options available)

Thanks for registering!

You will be redirected to the plans page in 5 seconds or you can click here .

Cisco Blogs / Collaboration / Bring Collaboration to All Huddle Spaces with Cisco Webex Share



Bring collaboration to all huddle spaces with cisco webex share, snorre kjesbu.

Think of all the places in your offices where handfuls of people naturally gather to brainstorm ideas or to focus on a deadline. There’s usually a TV or monitor nearby. How can you make those hot-topic discussions far more engaging and effective? Today we announced Cisco Webex Share, a palm-sized affordable device that plugs into any TV or monitor to instantly turn it into a wireless presentation screen when used with a Cisco Webex app.

Cisco WebEx Share device

Huddle spaces are the new watercoolers

Huddle spaces can be small meeting rooms, open areas in common rooms, or touch down areas. Think about these areas as anywhere up to half dozen people can gather for impromptu discussions. Huddle spaces are important to the new way of working with small empowered teams coming together to complete specific tasks. I speak to customers every day that have increased the huddle spaces in their offices, or that teams themselves set up. While we already provide great products for huddle spaces with Webex Boards and Webex Room Series, there are millions of existing screens in huddle spaces out there that are ripe to be part of the collaborative workspace.

Making all huddle spaces work better for teams

Cisco Webex Share solves these problems. It provides simple wireless content sharing to any HD TV or monitor. No longer do users need to connect any cables or dongles, or adjust AV settings, just to get content on the screen. Simply walk into a room, pair with the system using the Webex app on your laptop, and immediately start sharing an application or your entire screen. And when you’re done, keep the work moving anytime, anywhere in a secure Cisco Webex Teams space.

Great for both teams and IT

IT organizations love Webex Share because it integrates with enterprise calendars and offers single-pane-of-glass management and analytics. This enables people to reserve huddle spaces in advance and see upcoming events on the screen to know when a space will next be in use. Analytics provide room and system usage details, helping resource planners optimize future real-estate investments. The user experience is consistent with other Cisco Webex devices such as Webex Board and the Webex Room Series, enabling ease of use wherever people meet.

To get started, we’re offering limited orderability by end of May 2018. By fall, we expect full general availability with support to enable virtual team members to view what is being shared using Cisco Webex Teams or Cisco Webex Meetings.

See What is a Huddle Space? 


Senior Vice President/General Manager of Webex Devices

Meeting room systems, 31 comments.

Great! Compatible with Cisco Proximity or Cisco Webex Apps are mandatory to share?

Cisco Webex apps will support proximity and you can share from the app.

I'm looking forward to seeing what this change brings. I really liked Spark though… Thanks for sharing!

Quite curious about seeing the combination of Webex Share device with the new Webex!

Looking forward to try it out!

Great hardware ! How can we order to try it?

Thanks JF. Great concept !!!

Excited to try it! Cannot wait!

What is the part number to order and any ETA when the part will be available for sale?

Great, when can we order ?

Do we have any data sheets for this product? I am hopeful that it works with Proximity.

It utilizes proximity on Cisco soft clients. It was mentioned at Cisco Collaboration Summit yesterday.

good to see but when and where we will find more details about this??

You will see the data sheets and more details published on as we get closer to release.

Any indication of cost? Will it be more expensive than, say, Chromecast or Apple TV?

This device is built for the Enterprise so not a consumer device, the device has secure boot and registers directly with the Webex cloud, making it simple to share with the same user experience that are in our video rooms. This will be priced compared to other business sharing devices that can support secure Wifi, power over Ethernet switches etc…

MSRP is around the $800 mark. Street price- who knows.

Great news…I have seen this WebEx share in my country Cisco office, fantastic technology. Kudos to Cisco Team

Sounds promising. Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter is encrypted and priced somewhere between a Chromecast and an Apple TV. It doesn't work well with Apple products, which this product should do better. Still, like Tom, I'm hoping the WebEx Share also competes in the sub-$100 range.

Good to see that, there are plenty of devices in market and I am working on ezcast, chromecast, Apple TV and Airtame.

I hope this will be good alternative for webex customers. How we can pre order.

In the section "Making all huddle spaces work better for teams", it refers to Laptop. So, I am guessing its not a BYOD solution like EZCAST or AIRTAME. What is required is to have one device (Windows, Android, iOS etc.) to connect any device to the Screen \ Projector

Will this pass audio?

Does Video & Audio displays while sharing in TV screen when connected with Webx Share Device? Or is it only for presentation sharing only?

What's is the frame rate per second? Proximity client used to only support 7-10fps, wondering that has been improved for this product…

30 fps was stated on the collaboration keynote.

What is the SKU for this device?

Great! SKU or datasheet please?

The data sheet and SKU will be available closer to when the device is available to order. Stay tuned!

Great stuff

Comments are closed.

sharing presentation webex

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sharing presentation webex

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sharing presentation webex

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sharing presentation webex

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sharing presentation webex

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sharing presentation webex

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sharing presentation webex

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sharing presentation webex

High-quality video conferencing on any platform, vibrant presentations, and next-generation room intelligence for your large workspaces.

Turn your meeting rooms into collaboration hubs where ideas flourish and everyone has a seat at the table.

Bring simplicity and elegance back into collaboration with unique software experiences and human-centric design that blends into your environment.

uca awards

Precise. Intuitive. Breathtaking.

The Room Kit EQ is a next-generation video device bundle that seamlessly integrates with up to three external displays. Power your meetings with a modular room kit that includes the AI-powered Cisco Codec EQ, the intelligent Quad Camera video bar, an intuitive touch controller, and room peripheral options.

sharing presentation webex

Enjoy the native Microsoft Teams experience on certified Cisco collaboration devices designed for hybrid work.

sharing presentation webex

Select from group best overview, prominent speaker view, or optimized image cropping for each participant so everyone is equally framed in the meeting.


The Quad Camera integrates a main, wide-angle lens and three tele-lenses, combining a UHD image sensors, powerful zoom, and advanced focus to put everyone front and center.


Combine your setup with the Cisco PTZ 4K Camera for advanced pan-tilt-zoom and presenter tracking for engaging presentations, training sessions, and hybrid events.

With the Room Kit EQ, you can experience exceptional, inclusive video conferencing and content sharing on any meeting platform.

A conference room system that levels the playing field.

AI-powered camera and audio intelligence. Flexible configuration options. Native support for RoomOS and Microsoft Teams Rooms. The Room Kit EQ is the most advanced collaboration kit for the conference room.

sharing presentation webex

Welcome to the intelligent workplace.

The Room Kit EQ automatically wakes up as you enter the room, and you can join your meeting in seconds with a single tap or voice command.

Use AI-powered face recognition to identify meeting participants and presence detection to provide real-time metrics for workspace optimization and in-office wellbeing.

sharing presentation webex

The new Cisco Codec EQ is a computing engine with an AI-enabled chipset in its core, bringing striking speed and power for ultra-high performance for your video conferencing system.


Unleash the ultimate hub for room collaboration in a box that connects external screens, cameras, microphones, touch controllers, and other room accessories.


Deploy an elegant codec box that powers video meetings from behind the curtains, facilitating smart cable management and flexible mounting options.

sharing presentation webex

Better collaboration with Cisco devices.

The goal is to make the experience for those who are remote as good or even better than being in person. We rigged the meeting rooms with Webex Room Kits from Cisco—and we got extremely good feedback on how these devices help include people from different countries and with different languages. We want to expand on that.

Collaboration across studios has become much more of a thing. It was not that we didn’t do it before, but now, borders don’t really matter anymore, because we can all collaborate and work remotely and clients also see this.

[Unlike other multi-vendor solutions], Webex offered a competitively priced, complete solution for schools that met all our criteria. In addition, we were long-time Cisco customers for our telephony and networking equipment, so we trusted the reliability and longevity of Cisco.

With Webex, you can always be a part of the conversation, whether you're remote or onsite. It gives you that instantaneous collaboration, whether you're here or there, you can still see what's going on.

sharing presentation webex

Great learning only happens when the social and emotional side of a student's life is in balance. We needed a technology where the whole purpose was to engage students and learners.

Unify cloud admin, device management, analytics, and workspace insights in Control Hub to remove IT headaches and improve resource planning.

Track environmental conditions and occupancy via smart sensors to create a safer and more productive workplace while enhancing employee wellbeing.

Get yours today.

Get in touch with a sales representative.

Pricing provided upon request*

  • First Light Carbon Black
  • Room Kit EQ
  • Room Kit EQ PTZ 4K
  • Codec EQ Standalone

sharing presentation webex







USB passthrough

USB passthrough

USB passthrough

Platform support

Platform support

Platform support




Camera options

Camera options

Camera options

Camera field of view

Camera field of view

70° horizontal FoV (PTZ 4K Camera)

Camera field of view







Group framing

Group framing

Group framing

Speaker tracking

Speaker tracking

Speaker tracking

Presenter tracking

Presenter tracking

Presenter tracking

Frames camera mode

Frames camera mode

Frames camera mode

Multi-camera support

Multi-camera support

Multi-camera support




ML-based noise suppression

ML-based noise suppression

ML-based noise suppression




Triple-screen support

Triple-screen support

Triple-screen support

Wireless content sharing

Wireless content sharing

Wireless content sharing

Touch controller

Touch controller

Touch controller







sharing presentation webex

We’ve designed the Cisco Room Kit EQ to support the circular economy and help you achieve your sustainability goals. Goodbye to foam-based packaging and redundant plastic containers, say hello to post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic in the cosmetic parts. The video bar and other components of the kit were designed for easy disassembly, repair, refurbishing, and recycling to reduce the environmental impact of the solution.

sharing presentation webex

Technical specifications.

Default components.

Room Kit EQ:

  • Cisco Codec EQ
  • Cisco Quad Camera (First Light or Carbon Black)
  • Wall mount for Quad Camera
  • Power adapter

Room Kit EQ PTZ 4K:

  • Cisco PTZ 4K Camera

Codec EQ Standalone:

Optional components

  • Cisco PTZ 4K Camera (also available as separate integrator bundle)
  • Cisco Table Microphone Pro
  • Cisco Table Microphone
  • Cisco Ceiling Microphone
  • Wall mount for Codec EQ
  • Rack ear for Codec EQ
  • 9m USB-C Cable with Laptop Charging
  • Cisco Multi-Head Cable, 4K
  • Cisco Room Navigator (wall-mount)
  • Cisco Room Navigator table-stand touch controller
  • Other cable and peripheral options (see datasheet)

Quad Camera overview

  • 4x 20 MP CMOS image sensors with machine intelligent switching
  • The camera generates frames from the 4 sensors simultaneously to provide a single HD output at 1080p
  • Support up to 60 fps
  • f/2.0 aperture
  • 83° horizontal field of view on wide lens
  • 50° horizontal field of view on tele lenses
  • Automatic group framing
  • Speaker tracking
  • Frames camera control for individual cropping of each in-room participant
  • 5056 x 3888 pixel resolution
  • Auto focus, brightness, and white balance
  • Focus distance 1 m to infinity

Video features

  • Main video resolution up to 1920 x 1080 at 30 fps
  • Three HDMI outputs supporting formats up to 3840 x 2160 at 60 fps
  • Three HDMI inputs support up to maximum 3840 x 2160 at 30 fps, including 1920 x 1080 at 60 fps
  • One USB-C input supports up to maximum 3840 x 2160 at 30 fps
  • Support for H.263, H.264 and H.265 video standards
  • Supporting available Webex video stream layouts and meeting features, including people focus, grid, prominent, stack and overlay.
  • Supporting Frames intelligent camera control in Webex and third-party meetings
  • When configured for RoomOS, the solution supports meetings on Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Google Meet with third-party video interoperability
  • Native support for Microsoft Teams Rooms (MTR) and the option to join native Webex meetings in MTR mode

Audio features

  • Integrated, 3-element loudspeaker system with high-quality full range driver and dual low frequency drivers, supporting 20kHz audio (Quad Camera)
  • 8-element microphone array for speaker tracking (Quad Camera)
  • Option to connect up to 3 external mics via 3.5mm mini Jack or up to 8 external mics via PoE. (Codec EQ)
  • 1x line out mini-Jack for stereo speakers (Codec EQ).
  • 1x RCA output for subwoofer (Quad Camera)
  • Support for more microphones via Ethernet and USB, loudspeakers and room peripherals via USB (Codec EQ)
  • Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC)
  • Active Lip Synchronization
  • AI-Powered, Adaptive Noise Removal
  • Automatic Gain Control (AGC)
  • Full Duplex
  • Full-Band Audio
  • Ultrasound Technology


  • Wireless content sharing via the Webex app (up to 3840 x 2160 at 7.5 fps)
  • Wireless content sharing via the Cisco Intelligent Proximity client (up to 3840 x 2160 at 3 fps)
  • Wireless content sharing via Miracast (up to 1920 x 1080 at 60 fps) – Not available on Non radio version.
  • Wireless content sharing via Apple AirPlay
  • Supports triple-screens for video and content
  • Supports dual content sources for local meetings
  • View whiteboard content and annotations shared from a Webex Board Series, Webex Desk Series, or the Webex App; participate in whiteboarding sessions through the Webex App
  • Wired (1x USB-C and 3x HDMI) passthrough for instant content sharing

Room intelligence

  • Cisco Room Navigator touch panel (wall-mount or table-stand) for access to conference controls, room booking, room controls and workplace applications.
  • Metrics: Counts people in the room via smart presence detection, enabling analytics for better resource planning
  • Automatic screen/display integration through HDMI CEC
  • Supports Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth®
  • Control peripherals such as lights and blinds through the Room Navigator touch panel
  • Environmental sensors when connected to the touch device to measure humidity, temperature, noise levels and air quality
  • System “wakes up” when someone walks into the room, and recognizes them through their mobile device
  • Webex Assistant enables conference controls via voice commands and other touchless workflows
  • Customizations via macros for digital signage and other workspace applications
  • Simplified meeting-join experience with One Button to Push (OBTP) or via voice commands using Webex Assistant

Security features

  • Secure management using HTTPS and SSH protocols
  • End-to-end encryption for calls and meetings on Webex
  • Standards-based media encryption on all back-ends (Secure Real-time Transport Protocol [SRTP], using AES-128-GCM or AES-256-GCM)
  • Password protection to access administration available on Room Navigator controller
  • Network settings protection
  • Privacy cover
  • 3x 3.5mm analog audio input for microphones
  • 1x audio line out for speaker
  • 3x HDMI input
  • 3x HDMI output
  • 4x USB 3.0 type A
  • 1x Ethernet (RJ-45) 10/100/1000 for LAN
  • 4x Ethernet (PoE++) (RJ-45) forfor camera control, touch controller, and PoE peripherals
  • 1 microUSB port
  • Power adapter port
  • Factory reset pinhole
  • Bluetooth® and Bluetooth® Low Energy
  • Wi-Fi 6 (Wi-Fi 6E coming soon)

Quad Camera:

  • Width: 37.4 in. (95.0 cm)
  • Height: 4.7 in. (12.0 cm)
  • Depth: 4.0 in. (10.3 cm)
  • Weight: 10.6 lb. (4.8 kg)
  • Width: 18.6 in. (47.3 cm)
  • Height: 1.7 in. (4.4 cm)
  • Depth: 8 in. (20.2 cm)
  • Weight: 5.1 lb. (2.33 kg)

Device management

  • For cloud deployments, the device is managed in Control Hub, providing a single pane of glass of system status, activation, configuration, metrics, workspace insights, and troubleshooting
  • For on-premises deployments, management via Cisco Unified Communications Manager or Expressway
  • In case of a hybrid deployment, Webex Edge for Devices allows for linking your on-premises Webex devices to the Webex Cloud and benefits from specific cloud features such as device management, monitoring, and analytics via Control Hub.

Reimagine your workspaces.

Explore a full range of workspaces and easily deployable blueprints to equip your spaces for incredible outcomes.

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Browse our devices to elevate your hybrid work experience.

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* As this offer is highly customized to specific end user requirements, pricing is provided upon request. Actual price will vary by specific offer model/configuration and the country/region.

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Cisco Live 2024: Cisco Announces New AI-powered Innovations and Investments to Help Customers Unlock a More Connected and Secure Future

Cisco Live 2024: Cisco Announces New AI-powered Innovations and Investments to Help Customers Unlock a More Connected and Secure Future

News Summary:

  • AI-powered innovations build customers’ digital resilience by uniquely combining the power of the network with industry-leading security, observability, and data, simplifying adoption, and offering visibility and insight across the entire digital footprint.
  • Cisco Investments has launched a $1 Billion Global AI Investment Fund to advance industry innovation and customer readiness, and support Cisco’s strategy to connect and protect organizations in an AI-powered future.
  • This year’s show headlined by keynote speakers, including Cisco Chair and CEO Chuck Robbins; 7x Super Bowl Champion, Entrepreneur & Philanthropist Tom Brady; and from McLaren Racing, CEO Zak Brown and F1 Team Driver Oscar Piastri.

CISCO LIVE, LAS VEGAS, June 4, 2024:  Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) kicks off Cisco LIVE 2024 with new AI-powered innovations and investments that deliver a clear message: AI isn’t just the latest turning point in technology. It’s an efficient, intelligent source of digital resilience that can connect and protect entire organizations and power growth, scale, and an inclusive future for all.  

At its premier networking and security event, Cisco is launching AI-enriched networking, security, and observability solutions across its entire portfolio. These are designed to give customers the visibility and insights they need to connect and protect their entire digital footprint and build digital resilience.

“We're thrilled to share incredible innovation and new AI-powered capabilities for our customers this week at Cisco Live,” said Chuck Robbins, Chair and CEO of Cisco. “Cisco is uniquely positioned to revolutionize the way infrastructure and data connect and protect organizations of all sizes, and we are confident we are the right strategic partner for our customers in this era of AI."

Cisco Investments also announced a $1B global investment fund to expand and develop secure and reliable AI solutions. Cisco is making strategic investments in Cohere, Mistral AI, and Sale AI that will advance several critical areas including customer readiness, compute infrastructure, foundational models, model development, and training.

Cisco’s Product Innovations Tackle Customers’ Core Challenges

Cisco customers are in the spotlight, showcasing the pivotal role Cisco plays as a crucial strategic ally in business and technology. Customers featured at Cisco Live include Steve Madden, Room & Board, Marriott, AT&T, Equinix, WWE, SoFi Stadium and Hollywood Park and McLaren F1 Racing.  

Making AI easier with AI & Networking

Cisco Nexus   HyperFabric AI clusters : This breakthrough AI cluster solution with NVIDIA features a single place to design, deploy, monitor and assure AI pods and data center workloads. It guides users from design, to validated deployment, to monitoring and assurance for enterprise-ready AI infrastructure. 

  • Cisco Networking Cloud: New AI-native Digital Experience Assurance innovations from Cisco ThousandEyes unlock cross-domain assurance for Cisco Networking Cloud and beyond. Customers are now empowered to see and manage every enterprise, cloud, SaaS, and Internet network for exceptional digital experiences to every user, everywhere, every time.

Making AI safer with AI & Security

  • In an increasingly complex and hyper-distributed world, Cisco tips the balance of power in favor of the defenders with new capabilities across the Cisco Security Cloud . Customers gain an AI-fortified security posture backed by market-leading firewall infrastructure, new sources of telemetry, superior network visibility, and AI-native management architecture.
  • A little over one month after the launch of Cisco Hypershield, Cisco is announcing Cisco Hypershield support for AMD Pensando DPUs and Intel IPUs. It enables enterprises to realize an AI-driven, distributed security architecture that seamlessly goes from the cloud to the data centers to the edge while still being highly performing and energy efficient.

Making AI work with AI & Observability

  • Customers benefit from Cisco’s recent landmark acquisition of Splunk with flawless, secure digital experiences powered by unparalleled visibility and real-time insights that help standardize the observability practice – getting customers ahead of future demands and set up for new opportunities.  
  • At the event, Cisco will share that it has combined the power of the Splunk platform with Cisco AppDynamics Application Performance Monitoring (APM) with the introduction of Splunk Log Observer for Cisco AppDynamics . This integration will enable users to drive faster troubleshooting across on-prem and hybrid environments. Cisco is announcing its AI assistant for Cisco AppDynamics to empower users to unlock meaningful guidance and insights to make informed decisions faster and more accurately than ever. 

Making AI work with the Future of Work

  • AI-Powered Contact Center and Hybrid Work Innovations: New capabilities in Webex Contact Center will help organizations design and manage conversational self-service experiences, provide an AI Assistant for contact center agents, and integrate third-party virtual agent solutions.  
  • Additionally, AI Assistant for Webex Suite will soon be generally available to customers. IT admins will benefit from remote device access management in Webex Control Hub, and allnew Desk Reservation with Cisco Spaces makes it easy to find and book desk spaces and Cisco Collaboration Devices.

Enabling AI Skills

  • New AI Fundamentals for Partners: Cisco will announce the first stage of its AI partner specialization training that will equip partners with the knowledge needed to optimize infrastructure for AI workloads using Cisco technology. It will explore AI basics, including key concepts and terms, a taxonomy of AI solutions and an overview of Cisco’s AI strategy, governance and use cases to master AI solution implementation in, on and through Cisco platforms.  
  • New Cisco Certification in AI: Organizations can build an AI-ready workforce with the announcement of Cisco’s new certification in designing modern AI architecture . The vendoragnostic certification will enable employers, employees and jobseekers to gain and validate the skills needed to design modern AI/ML compute and networks now and into the future.

About Cisco Live

Cisco LIVE 2024, the premier networking and security event that brings together the global Cisco community to showcase the latest innovations and inspire attendees to strive for a more inclusive future for all. Welcoming more than 20,000 attendees in-person, with nearly one million more tuning in from around the world via a live-streamed digital event, Cisco LIVE 2024 is set to be Cisco’s most impactful conference to date.

To experience the live keynotes, learn more about Cisco Live news announcements and view additional digital content, visit The Newsroom .

Additional Resources:

        •      Flickr album with on-site photos uploaded daily from Cisco LIVE 2024.

About Cisco

Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) is the worldwide technology leader that securely connects everything to make anything possible. Our purpose is to power an inclusive future for all by helping our customers reimagine their applications, power hybrid work, secure their enterprise, transform their infrastructure, and meet their sustainability goals. Discover more on The Newsroom and follow us on X (formerly Twitter) at @Cisco .

Cisco and the Cisco logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Cisco and/or its affiliates in the U.S. and other countries. A listing of Cisco’s trademarks can be found at . Third-party trademarks mentioned are the property of their respective owners. The use of the word ‘partner’ does not imply a partnership relationship between Cisco and any other company.

Media Contacts

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Outshift Leads the Way with AI at RSA Conference 2024

Zeljka Zorz

Vulnerability in Cisco Webex cloud service exposed government authorities, companies

The vulnerability that allowed a German journalist to discover links to video conference meetings held by Bundeswehr (the German armed forces) and the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD) via their self-hosted Cisco Webex instances similarly affected the Webex cloud service.

Cisco Webex cloud vulnerability

The Cisco Webex Meetings cloud vulnerability

The vulnerability affected all organizations “that have a domain such as ,” according to Netzbegrünung, an association that organizes the digital infrastructure for Bündnis 90/Die Grünen (a German green political party).

Discovered by Netzbegrünung and verified by Eva Wolfangel with ZEIT Online, the bug allowed the discovery of information about past and future Webex meetings involving:

  • The country’s Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), the Bundestag (i.e., the parliament), various ministries, the Federal Chancellery, and other federal and state offices
  • Authorities and companies – big and small – in Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Austria, France, Switzerland, Ireland and Denmark

Unlike the Bundeswehr and the SPD, these organizations use Webex in the cloud, Wolfangel said .

“The cause of the vulnerability is again [the fact that] Cisco does not use random numbers to assign numbers used for meetings,” Netzbegrünung explained .

“This time it affects a different number than the on-premise system of the Bundeswehr, but the counting method is similar. In combination with an incorrectly configured view for mobile devices, it was then possible to retrieve a huge amount of metadata with a simple web browser – and this for months, probably years.”

Tricks to gain access to Webex meetings

Meeting information may be of interest to spies and criminals, Wolfangel noted, as they might profit from knowing who is discussing which things with whom, when, and how long the discussion lasted.

But it is unknown whether the vulnerability has been previously exploited by malicious individuals or groups.

As Wolfangel established, it was also possible to dial in on some of the discovered meetings, even if passwords were required to (video) participate via browser or Webex app. Apparently, those who (audio) join via phone and don’t know their “participant number” can simply press the hash key and be allowed in.

She successfully used this trick to join a video meeting of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) and Barmer Krankenkasse (a health insurance firm), though the other participants noticed that an unknown number has joined the conversation.

When she previously joined a Webex meeting of the SPD where all the other participants were connected by phone, she said she went “partly unnoticed”.

Cisco implements fixes

“In early May 2024, Cisco identified bugs in Cisco Webex Meetings that we now believe were leveraged in targeted security research activity allowing unauthorized access to meeting information and metadata in Cisco Webex deployments for certain customers hosted in our Frankfurt data center. These bugs have been addressed and a fix has been fully implemented worldwide as of May 28, 2024,” Cisco confirmed on Tuesday.

“Cisco has notified those customers who had observable attempts to access meeting information and metadata based on available logs. Since the bugs were patched, Cisco has not observed any further attempts to obtain meeting data or metadata leveraging the bugs.”

Netzbegrünung board member Max Pfeuffer confirmed for Help Net Security that the method they used to find the meetings no longer works.

UPDATE (June 7, 2024, 07:25 a.m. ET):

“The German ethical hackers were able to collect information from more than ten thousand Dutch government meetings, more than in the other countries where they investigated government use of Webex,” Dutch newspaper de Volkskrant noted on Thursday.

The Dutch government is now investigating the extent to which information about its own video calls could have been found due to this vulnerability.


  • cloud security
  • video conferencing
  • vulnerability

Featured news

  • Windows Recall will be opt-in and the data more secure, Microsoft says
  • SolarWinds fixes severe Serv-U vulnerability (CVE-2024-28995)
  • June 2024 Patch Tuesday forecast: Multiple announcements from Microsoft
  • eBook: Cloud security skills
  • Download: The Ultimate Guide to the CISSP
  • eBook: Do you have what it takes to lead in cybersecurity?
  • Unpacking CISA’s AI guidelines
  • Zyxel patches critical flaws in EOL NAS devices
  • Kreyòl Ayisyen

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Spring 2024 Academic Research Council Meeting - Public Sessions

Virtual via WebEx

Washington, DC

CFPB Headquarters 1700 G Street NW Washington , DC 20552

The CFPB's Academic Research Council met with Bureau leadership to discuss broad policy matters related to the Bureau’s Unified Regulatory Agenda and general scope of authority.

Presentation slides

Auto Lending Research

National Mortgage Database

Time Agenda Location Speakers
Welcome WebEx Jason Brown, Assistant Director, Office of Research; Dean Corbae, Academic Research Council, Chair, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Auto Lending Research WebEx Jason Brown, Assistant Director, Office of Research; Dean Corbae, Academic Research Council, Chair, University of Wisconsin-Madison; David Low, Senior Economist, Office of Research; ARC Members
National Mortgage Database WebEx Jason Brown, Assistant Director, Office of Research; Dean Corbae, Academic Research Council, Chair, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Judith Ricks, Senior Economist, Office of Research; Siobhan McAlister, Research Analyst, Office of Research; Daniel Grodzicki, Principal Economist, Federal Housing Finance Agency; ARC Members
Closing WebEx Jason Brown, Assistant Director, Office of Research; Dean Corbae, Academic Research Council Chair, University Of Wisconsin- Madison
Meeting Adjourns WebEx Jason Brown, Assistant Director, Office of Research
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5 reasons to switch to Galaxy Z Flip5

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6 productivity apps that are better on Galaxy Z Fold5

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How to maximize productivity with Galaxy Z Fold5 and the Galaxy ecosystem

How to use your galaxy s24 as a pc with samsung dex.

Working on the go is great, but sometimes you need a full desktop experience to truly get work done. One of the most surprising and useful features on Galaxy mobile devices and tablets is Samsung DeX , which lets you extend your device to a larger screen, creating a desktop-like experience . Once your device is connected to a display, you can work across multiple apps simultaneously and resize windows, much like you would on a PC.

On the latest Samsung mobile devices, such as the rugged Galaxy Tab Active5, the Galaxy Z Fold5 , and the new Galaxy S24 line — which features the game-changing power of Galaxy AI — you can run DeX wirelessly on any display that supports Miracast, enabling an even more seamless work experience. Running DeX wirelessly removes the need for an HDMI adapter to connect, and it works nicely on Samsung Smart TVs for presentations or anything else requiring an expansive display.

For a more traditional desktop experience, Samsung also has a Smart Monitor line, which supports wireless DeX. With a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, you can create a streamlined DeX setup to power through your workday without ever booting up a PC or connecting a cable.

Of course, if you don’t have a Smart Monitor or Miracast-enabled display, you can still use DeX. Just use an HDMI to USB-C adapter, or connect directly to a USB-C monitor.

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But if you do want to take advantage of wireless DeX, here’s how to set it up on your Samsung Smart Monitor:

Setting up Samsung DeX on your Samsung Smart Monitor

  • Begin by plugging in your Smart Monitor and turning it on.
  • Using the provided remote or the physical buttons on the monitor, select the Source option and choose Screen Mirroring.
  • On your Galaxy device, open the quick menu by dragging down from the top of the screen, then tap the DeX option.
  • In the DeX menu, select “DeX on TV or Monitor.”
  • Your Galaxy device will search for available displays to connect to. When you see your Smart Monitor appear, tap on it.
  • That’s it! You’ll now see the DeX logo appear on your Smart Monitor, and you can get right to work.

With DeX enabled, you can use your mobile device as a touchpad. But for a true desktop-like experience, you’ll likely want to add a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse.

Adding a keyboard and mouse

  • Put your keyboard and mouse in pairing mode, following the manufacturers’ instructions.
  • Open the Settings app on your smartphone and navigate to the Bluetooth menu.
  • Select the keyboard and mouse from your Bluetooth menu.
  • You may be asked to type in a verification code on your keyboard to complete pairing.

Go mobile-only with Samsung DeX

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Your comprehensive guide to rolling out a mobile-only solution for your workers. Download Now

Once these are paired, you can use your DeX-enabled device to work in your favorite productivity apps, including Microsoft Office , Citrix Workspace, Microsoft Remote Desktop, Zoom Cloud Meetings, Cisco Webex, Google Workspace and more.

Samsung DeX vs. screen mirroring

You may have seen other smartphones that offer screen mirroring, but screen mirroring functions quite differently from DeX. With typical screen mirroring, your device’s screen is duplicated on another display — still retaining its original shape and layout. But with DeX, your second display offers a complete PC-like experience while your smartphone continues to function independently. These dual screens allow you to use DeX for more than just sharing presentations or multimedia on a larger monitor. Instead, you can work just as freely as you would on a desktop PC.

Plus, if you want to get more done without connecting to an external display, Samsung Galaxy tablets, such as the Galaxy Tab S9 line , can switch to a DeX experience with the push of a button.

With Samsung DeX, you can get work done at any desk — taking your most important work with you. And with new wireless options, DeX can take your daily productivity even further.

Sign up for updates on the Galaxy S24 , and enjoy exclusive volume pricing, bulk trade-in discounts, free shipping and more with a Samsung Business Account including 50% off Samsung Care+ and a free case.

Avatar photo

Michael Archambault

Michael Archambault is a technology writer located in Long Island, New York. For the past decade, Michael has covered the consumer technology space, reporting on the latest industry offerings while crafting comprehensive how-to guides, hands-on-reviews and opinion-editorials.

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Live Translate AI feature on the S24 device

4 pillars of keeping AI secure for business

Artificial intelligence (AI) can do amazing things in the workplace. It can accelerate information gathering, supercharge marketing, simplify data analysis, optimize resource allocation and

Integrated solutions empower productivity for SMBs

Integrated solutions empower productivity for SMBs

Integrated solutions for SMBs are the best way to power up greater productivity. Learn how Samsung can help.

Featured Posts

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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 is a small phone with big productivity enhancements and a beautiful design.

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Samsung is partnering with leading business software providers to optimize apps for Galaxy Z Fold5's form factor.

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Galaxy Z Fold5 syncs effortlessly with a Galaxy Book, Buds, and Watch to simplify your life — so busy days are that much easier.

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  • How to Login
  • Use Teams on the web
  • Join a meeting in Teams
  • Join without a Teams account
  • Join on a second device
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  • Join a breakout room
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Share slides in Microsoft Teams meetings with PowerPoint Live

PowerPoint Live in Teams gives both the presenter and audience an inclusive and engaging experience, combining the best parts of presenting in PowerPoint with the connection and collaboration of a Microsoft Teams meeting.

Your browser does not support video. Install Microsoft Silverlight, Adobe Flash Player, or Internet Explorer 9.

When you’re the presenter, you have a unique view that lets you control your presentation while staying engaged with your audience, seeing people’s video, raised hands, reactions, and chat as needed.

And if you’re an audience member, you can interact with the presentation and personalize your viewing experience with captions, high contrast slides, and slides translated into your native language.

Here’s how it works:  

Tip:  Are you an audience member? Jump down to learn more about how you can interact during the presentation.

Presenter view

PowerPoint presentation in Teams

Present your slides

PowerPoint Live sharing file options

If you're in PowerPoint for the web, select Present > Present in Teams .

Your slides will appear in the Teams meeting, with your Notes next to them.

Navigate through the slides

Navigation arrows in PowerPoint Live

Use the navigation arrows to go forward and backward.

Use the thumbnail strip to jump ahead or backwards.

Select Go to slide to see a grid view of all slides in the presentation. Select one to jump to it.

Stay connected to the audience

One of the benefits of using PowerPoint Live to present instead of sharing your screen is that you have quick access to all your meeting tools you need to engage with the audience and to read the room in one view. This is especially true if you’re presenting from a single screen.

Turn Chat on or off to view what your audience is saying.

See audience reactions and raised hands in real-time.

Change the Layout of your presentation and choose how your live camera feed appears in your presentation, like Standout or Cameo . It helps the audience read your non-verbal cues and keeps them engaged.

Use the Laser pointer , Pen , Highlighter , or Eraser to clearly reference items on your slides.

Audience view

As an audience member, you’re able to personalize your experience without affecting anyone else. Try these options to find what works best for you:

Select Sync to Presenter, next to the navigation arrows

Note:  If presenters don't want people to be able to independently navigate through a PowerPoint file they are sharing, use the  Private view  toggle to turn it off.

Click any hyperlink on slides to get more context right away.

Interact with videos on slides to adjust the volume or jump to a timestamp and consume it at your own pace.

Use a screen reader to get full access to the slide content.

Select Translate slides

Switch to a high contrast view to make the slides easier to view if you have low vision. Select More options > View slides in high contrast .

Your viewing experience will be at a higher fidelity, letting you see crisp text and smooth animations. PowerPoint Live also requires significantly less network bandwidth than typical sharing, making it the best option when network connectivity is a problem.

Independent magnifying and panning

You can zoom in and pan on a presentation slide without affecting what others see. Use your mouse, trackpad, keyboard, touch, or the Magnify Slide option as applicable. 

To zoom in or out on a slide, do any one of the following: 

Hover over the slideshow and pinch or stretch on trackpad.

Pinch or use the stretch touch gesture (on a touch-enabled device).

Press the + or – keys.

Hover over slide, hold down Ctrl key and scroll with mouse wheel.

In the More Actions menu, click the + or – buttons.

To pan around your slide, do any one of the following:

Press the arrow keys.

Click and drag using a mouse.

Click and drag on a trackpad.

Use one finger to touch and drag (on touch-enabled device).

When done zooming and panning, press  Esc to reset your screen.   


PowerPoint Live is not supported in Teams live events, CVI devices, and VTC devices.

If you're using Teams on the web, you’ll need Microsoft Edge 18 or later, or Google Chrome 65 or later, to see the presenter view.

Presenter view is hidden by default for small screen devices but can be turned on by selecting More options below the current slide and then Show presenter view (or by selecting the sharing window and then pressing Ctrl+Shift+x).

Meetings recordings won’t capture any videos, animations, or annotation marks in the PowerPoint Live session.

When you share from Teams, the PowerPoint Live section lists the most recent files you've opened or edited in your team SharePoint site or your OneDrive. If you select one of these files to present, all meeting participants will be able to view the slides during the meeting. Their access permissions to the file outside of the meeting won't change.

If you select Browse and choose to present a PowerPoint file that hasn't been uploaded to Teams before, it will get uploaded as part of the meeting. If you're presenting in a channel meeting, the file is uploaded to the Files tab in the channel, where all team members will have access to it. If you're presenting in a private meeting, the file is uploaded to your OneDrive, where only the meeting participants will be able to access it.


Need more help?

Want more options.

Explore subscription benefits, browse training courses, learn how to secure your device, and more.

sharing presentation webex

Microsoft 365 subscription benefits

sharing presentation webex

Microsoft 365 training

sharing presentation webex

Microsoft security

sharing presentation webex

Accessibility center

Communities help you ask and answer questions, give feedback, and hear from experts with rich knowledge.

sharing presentation webex

Ask the Microsoft Community

sharing presentation webex

Microsoft Tech Community

sharing presentation webex

Windows Insiders

Microsoft 365 Insiders

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Webex Suite: Maximize Productivity and Teamwork with Webex Messaging

' src=

Tags: Artificial Intelligence , Cloud Communications , Collaboration Solutions , Collaboration Tools , High-Quality Audio , High-Quality Video , Intelligent Meeting Summaries , Real-Time Closed Captioning , Webex and Google , Webex and Microsoft , Webex Calling , Webex Events , Webex Meetings , Webex Polling , Webex Suite , Webex Webinars , Webex Whiteboarding

In my last blog , I shared 5 ways to have more effective and productive meetings, but what happens after the meeting ends? That is when real collaboration and teamwork starts to get the project across the finish line. No matter if you are working from the office with your colleagues or collaborating remotely at home or on the go, a single messaging application where you can easily chat and communicate with individuals or in groups is a must-have in today’s hybrid work.

Webex Messaging connects individuals and teams instantly from inside and outside the organization, regardless of the time, device, and location. With AI-powered innovations and premier features such as file sharing, co-creation, and video messaging, Webex enables users to seamlessly connect, collaborate, engage, and get work done.

With Webex Messaging, you can keep in touch with your colleagues, customers, and partners 1:1 or in groups before, during, and after the meeting to keep the conversation and work moving forward. After the meeting ends, you can easily access the summary of the meeting within the space including the conversation highlights, action items, key decisions, and even questions that were addressed, so you never have to worry about missing an important update.

Webex also integrates seamlessly with the most popular third-party apps so you can collaborate in real time without having to switch applications. Let’s dive more into how you can leverage Webex Messaging to increase your productivity and teamwork.

New Webex AI Assistant With Meeting Summaries And Integrated Tools

Real-time conversations, anywhere, anytime

Managing and coordinating different time zones and schedules can be a challenge when working with a global and distributed workforce. With Webex, you no longer have to wait till the next scheduled meeting to have real conversations. Chat instantly with your colleagues, answer questions quickly, share files, and keep projects moving forward while you’re in the office, at home, or on the go using your laptop or mobile device.

And when text isn’t sufficient, turn your thoughts into captivating video messages and share them directly within the space, making it easier for others to understand your point of view. With Video Messaging (by Vidcast) now directly accessible in Webex, you can easily record and share video messages and keep the ball moving forward, without blocking time.

Webex Messaging (Part Of The Webex Suite) Showing Team Collaboration Via Video Sharing Powered By Vidcast

Sharing and collaborating on files is easy

We’ve all had experiences with sharing large files via email, only to see the failed delivery notification for exceeding the allowed file size. No more struggles with file sizes and attachments with Webex. You can easily drag and drop files, share screenshots with one click, and even co-edit documents in real time. Share your box, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, or Sharepoint Online files directly in the space so everyone can access the latest to collaborate on.

Also, you can quickly express, show, and capture ideas on a whiteboard , and co-create with anyone, anywhere.

Webex App Showing Webex Meetings Space With Users Collaborating On Document In Real-Time Using The Webex Suite's Whiteboarding Feature

Cisco AI Assistant for Webex keeps you productive

If you’re short on time and have a mountain of chat messages to catch up on, you can leverage the Cisco AI Assistant for Webex to summarize one or multiple chat threads within seconds, enabling you to quickly get caught up and respond more efficiently to requests.

The Cisco AI Assistant for Webex can also translate messages or help you quickly adjust the tone of your message before sending, to help you draft effective communications and overcome language barriers.

Stay focused and organized

With Webex, you can create organized workspaces for different teams, projects, or topics to find information easily, and never miss an important update. Edit, @ mention, forward, flag, pin, thread messages, create reminders and sections to save time, and stay on top of your work while ensuring communications always remain clear. You can also leverage gifs and emojis to express yourself in the conversation.

When you need time to focus and don’t want any incoming notifications to disturb you, simply enable Do Not Disturb (DND) on your Webex App. Once DND is enabled, the state is automatically synchronized to all your devices.

Once you’re done with work, you can set quiet hours, helping you avoid burnout and set boundaries for better work-life balance. You can also create a schedule to mute notifications during non-work hours.

Webex enables greater workplace productivity and efficiency by providing a unified collaboration experience for all users, inside and outside of your organization. With Webex Messaging, you can connect to all the tools and people in one single place and collaborate seamlessly via an easy and intuitive user experience, packed with AI-powered innovations and premier features accessible anywhere, anytime.

The most complete and intelligent collaboration suite for Hybrid Work

Graphic Showing A Full List Of Collaboration Tools And Features In The Webex Suite

Webex Messaging is included in the Webex Suite , an all-one-collaboration, and communication solution with eight powerful workflows – Meetings , Messaging , Calling , Webinars , Events , Whiteboarding , Polling, and Video messaging. Webex Suite delivers exceptional value, world-class user experiences, and unmatched audio and video quality, empowering users to connect, collaborate, and engage with colleagues, customers, and partners, from anywhere, on any device.

The Webex Suite is built on the enterprise-grade secure Webex platform with AI-powered features built-in. It is innovative, intuitive, secure, and simple to use and manage. Click here to learn more about the Webex Suite and contact our Sales team to request a live demo or discuss your specific needs.

More on the Webex Suite:

  • The AI-Powered Webex Suite | Built for any industry and workstyle
  • The AI-powered Webex Suite: unpack exceptional value and cost savings
  • How the Webex Suite delivered 204% ROI and a rapid 6-month payback

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Webex のマニュアル・使い方


「Webex Suite プラットフォームへの移行」の影響により、Webex Meeting の Q&A/投票ツールが Slidoに移行されます。


使い方ガイドは、こちらからダウンロードできます。, 困ったときはオンラインヘルプやコミュニティをご確認下さい, webex 簡単使い方動画.

Webex アプリから会議に参加する方法 

Webex アプリから会議に参加する方法 





モバイル上の Webex アプリから会議を予約する方法

モバイル上の Webex アプリから会議を予約する方法

Outlook から会議を予約する方法

Outlook から会議を予約する方法

会議の録画方法 / アプリケーションから会議の録画ファイルを確認する方法

会議の録画方法 / アプリケーションから会議の録画ファイルを確認する方法

Webex セットアップガイド.

Webex Control Hub 利用開始 管理者用ガイド

Webex Control Hub 利用開始 管理者用ガイド

Webex Control Hub でのセットアップからユーザ追加までの登録方法をご説明しています。

Webex App/Webex Calling App インストール手順

Webex Appインストール手順

様々なデバイスへのインストール手順を具体的にご説明しています。(PDF - 3.6MB)

Webex ユーザ登録/変更/削除 の時によくある質問

Webex ユーザ登録/変更/削除 の時によくある質問

Control Hub からユーザ登録行うときに発生するよくあるお問い合わせをまとめたサポートコミュニティサイト

Webex Control Hub ユーザ追加手順 

Webex Control Hub ユーザ追加手順 

CSV を使ったユーザ追加手順や、AD 連携についてもご説明しています。

Webex 利用者ガイド

Webex Suite ミーティング プラットフォームの紹介(5:50 min)

Webex Suite ミーティング プラットフォームの紹介(5:50 min)

Webex Suite プラットフォームで提供される、新しい Webex Meetings のユーザーインターフェイスを紹介します。



2023年10月から始まった「Webex Suite プラットフォームへの移行」の影響により、今後Webex Meetings に付随していた Q&A/投票ツールが廃止になり、同機能がすべて Slido に移行します。

  • 「Slido」利用マニュアル  (PDF - 13MB)


Webex アプリへのアップデート

2022年2月から5月にかけて、Webex デスクトップアプリ が Webex アプリへアップデートされます。

大幅な機能追加や操作性の変化が伴いますので、Webex 管理者のみなさまは、影響がないか事前にご確認ください。

  • Webex アプリ へのアップデート概要  (PDF - 252KB)
  • よくある質問(FAQ)
  • Webex アプリ へのアップデート詳細  (PDF - 4.8MB)

Webex Calling 簡単マニュアル

  • 固定電話を設定しよう (PDF - 6.6 MB)
  • スケジューリングを使いこなそう (PDF - 3.1 MB)
  • ハントグループを設定しよう (PDF - 3.7 MB)
  • コールピックアップを設定しよう (PDF - 2.8 MB)
  • コール キューを設定しよう (PDF - 3.8 MB)
  • エグゼクティブアシスタントを設定しよう (PDF - 6.2 MB)
  • 自動音声応答を設定しよう (PDF - 5 MB)
  • ページンググループを設定しよう (PDF - 2.6 MB)
  • MPP 設定ホテリングを使おう (PDF - 3 MB)
  • Office Anywhere を設定しよう (PDF - 2.6 MB)
  • シェアードラインを設定しよう (PDF - 2.5 MB)
  • ワンボタンコールパークを設定しよう (PDF - 4.3 MB)
  • BLF スピードダイヤルを設定しよう (PDF - 3.5 MB)
  • 回線キー短縮ダイヤルボタンを設定しよう (PDF - 4.2MB)
  • 日本語名表示にしよう (PDF - 2.4 MB)
  • Webex Calling アプリ (iPhone) ユーザ操作 基本編 (PDF - 9.8 MB)
  • Webex Calling アプリ (iPhone) ユーザ操作 転送編 (PDF - 4.8 MB)
  • Webex Calling アプリ (iPhone) ユーザ操作 ボイス メール編 (PDF - 1.6 MB)
  • Widows PC x Webex Calling アプリ ユーザ操作 基本編 (PDF - 3.9 MB)
  • ボイスメールの応答メッセージを変更しよう (PDF - 558 KB)
  • 仮想内線を設定しよう (PDF - 1.19 MB)


無料デモ受付中 ご購入前に実際にWebexを体験してみませんか?



テレワークを快適にする Webex TIPS 集

Webex Meetings と Webex Messaging を使いこなして快適で生産性高いテレワークを行うコツをご紹介します。(PDF - 2.4 MB)

  • TIPS 集をダウンロード

Webex ではじめるテレワーク

  • Cisco Webex ではじめる テレワーク - 1. はじめに -
  • Cisco Webex ではじめる テレワーク - 2. 準備編 -
  • Cisco Webex ではじめる テレワーク - 3. 入門編 -
  • Cisco Webex Eventsのご紹介 (PDF - 5 MB)
  • Cisco Webex Trainingのご紹介ver.2 ~機能と使い方~ (PDF - 8.6 MB)
  • Webex Calling でオフィスの固定電話をもっと自由に (PDF - 730 KB)
  • 働き方をもっと自由にする新しくなった Webex (PDF - 814 KB)
  • Webexを安全に利用するためのガイド (PDF - 9.1 MB)
  • Webex Meetings アプリから Webex アプリへの移行 展開ガイド (PDF - 2.6 MB)

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  1. Free screen sharing with Cisco Webex Meetings

    Select Share in the control bar on your screen. Select to share your screen or application from the list of open applications. To share an application that isn't open, select Share, and Other Applications. To start a whiteboard session, select Share, and New Whiteboard.

  2. Options for sharing PowerPoint slides in Webex (including Presenter

    (The Webex documentation on sharing content in a meeting is here if you want to learn more about the options.) Sharing slides only. If you want to share your slides in Slide Show mode with the slides full screen and you can't see anything else on the screen, the best option is to share your screen when in Slide Show mode. This will work well.

  3. Sharing a PowerPoint Presentation in a Webex Meeting

    Meeting Hosts can upload and share a PowerPoint presentation during a meeting by using the Share File feature. Within a meeting, select the Share button from the meeting controls. Select the File tab. Select Share File. Select Next. Browse your computer and open the PowerPoint file. PowerPoint will open.

  4. How to properly present PowerPoint slides in Webex Meetings

    In this step-by-step tutorial, learn how to best present Microsoft PowerPoint slides in Cisco Webex Meetings.0:00 Introduction1:08 Present PowerPoint slides ...

  5. Best way to Share a PowerPoint Presentation using Webex ...

    Learn the best way to share your PowerPoint presentation using Webex Meetings, Microsoft Teams and Zoom. This video will teach you how to avoid those awkwar...

  6. How to Share Content in Webex Meetings and Webinars

    To share an application that is open, select Share and select the application from the list of open applications. To share an application that is not open, select Share and Other Applications, then click next to the application you want to share. To share your video over your content, see Show your video over shared content in Webex Meetings ...

  7. How to Record and Share a Webex Presentation in Ten Easy Steps

    To display the PowerPoint, you must Open Powerpoint first, click the Share Content button (next to the Recorder button) and select PowerPoint. To stop sharing the presentation, move your pointer to the orange bar at the top of the screen wait for the tool bar to descend from the top of the screen. Select Stop Sharing.

  8. How to Share Video with Sound in Webex

    To share your video file with sound in Webex on Windows 10 using the desktop app, follow the steps below: Open Webex on your desktop. Start a meeting or join an ongoing one. Click on the Share ...

  9. How to share a powerpoint presentation using Cisco Webex

    Here is a quick guide on how to share a Powerpoint presentation using Webex during a virtual meeting. Log into your Webex account, create your meeting invite and join your meeting. Once your meeting is set up, simply click on the share screen button (below) in Webex. This will open a pop-up screen (below) where you can select how you wish to ...

  10. Bring Collaboration to All Huddle Spaces with Cisco Webex Share

    Cisco Webex Share, a palm-sized affordable device, instantly turns any HD TV into a wireless presentation screen when used with a Cisco Webex app. ... Tags: Featured HD video meeting rooms presentation Webex Share. 31 Comments Cyrille says: April 18, 2018 at 7:59 am. Great! Compatible with Cisco Proximity or Cisco Webex Apps are mandatory to share?

  11. Cisco Collaboration Endpoints for Conferences and Meetings

    New devices, tailored for the way you work. Cisco Desk devices bring high-quality collaboration to your home and office desktop. With built-in intelligence, distractions are eliminated, meetings stay productive, and the virtual becomes personal. Get more details.

  12. Cisco Room Kit EQ: Inclusive video conferencing for large rooms

    High-quality video conferencing on any platform, vibrant presentations, and next-generation room intelligence for your large workspaces. Put an end to exclusion. Meet as equals. ... Wireless content sharing via the Webex app (up to 3840 x 2160 at 7.5 fps) Wireless content sharing via the Cisco Intelligent Proximity client (up to 3840 x 2160 at ...

  13. Cisco Live 2024: Cisco Announces New AI-powered Innovations and

    Additionally, AI Assistant for Webex Suite will soon be generally available to customers. IT admins will benefit from remote device access management in Webex Control Hub, and allnew Desk Reservation with Cisco Spaces makes it easy to find and book desk spaces and Cisco Collaboration Devices. Enabling AI Skills

  14. Best screen sharing practices for small businesses

    As you and your customers become more mobile and spread your work across multiple devices, screen sharing via Webex is the perfect way to stay in sync. Schedule online meetings with ease, set up a video conference for superior engagement, and mark up documents and presentations in detail. Try Cisco Webex for free today! Learn More

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    Using the provided remote or the physical buttons on the monitor, select the Source option and choose Screen Mirroring. On your Galaxy device, open the quick menu by dragging down from the top of the screen, then tap the DeX option. In the DeX menu, select "DeX on TV or Monitor.". Your Galaxy device will search for available displays to ...

  18. Share slides in Microsoft Teams meetings with PowerPoint Live

    Present your slides. If you're already in a Teams meeting, select Share and then under the PowerPoint Live section, choose the PowerPoint file you're wanting to present. If you don't see the file in the list, select Browse OneDrive or Browse my computer. If your presentation is already open in PowerPoint for Windows or Mac, go to the file ...

  19. Webex Suite: Maximize Productivity and Teamwork with Webex Messaging

    Webex Messaging is included in the Webex Suite, an all-one-collaboration, and communication solution with eight powerful workflows - Meetings, Messaging, Calling, Webinars, Events, Whiteboarding, Polling, and Video messaging.Webex Suite delivers exceptional value, world-class user experiences, and unmatched audio and video quality, empowering users to connect, collaborate, and engage with ...

  20. Webex のマニュアル・使い方

    Webex のマニュアル・使い方. 会議や電話の設定方法、オンラインクラス、使い方ガイド、動画などのお役立ち情報です。. 「Webex Suite プラットフォームへの移行」の影響により、Webex Meeting の Q&A/投票ツールが Slidoに移行されます。. 関連資料.