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AUTOBIOGRAPHY in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Autobiography

sentence with Autobiography

Have you ever wondered what goes into writing an autobiography? An autobiography is a self-written account of one’s own life, detailing personal experiences, memories, and moments that have shaped the individual.

Crafting an autobiography allows individuals to reflect on their journey, share their unique story, and leave behind a legacy for future generations. Through this genre of writing, authors have the opportunity to provide insights, lessons, and inspiration drawn from their own lived experiences.

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7 Examples Of Autobiography Used In a Sentence For Kids

  • Autobiography is a book about someone’s life.
  • I will write my autobiography about all the fun things I do.
  • My autobiography will have pictures of my family and friends.
  • In my autobiography , I will talk about my favorite things to do.
  • I like reading autobiographies of famous people to learn about them.
  • Let’s make a autobiography for our classroom pet.
  • Autobiography helps us share our stories with others.

14 Sentences with Autobiography Examples

  • Autobiography assignments are a common task for college students studying literature.
  • College students may be asked to write an autobiography as part of their English course.
  • Writing your own autobiography can help you reflect on your past experiences and personal development.
  • Autobiographies allow college students to explore their own stories and share them with others.
  • An autobiography can serve as a great exercise in self-reflection and self-awareness for college students.
  • In the context of college, an autobiography can be a unique way to showcase one’s personal journey and growth.
  • College students often find writing their own autobiography to be a challenging yet rewarding task.
  • Writing an autobiography can help college students articulate their thoughts, emotions, and experiences.
  • For college students in India, writing an autobiography can be a culturally enriching experience.
  • An autobiography assignment can help Indian college students explore their identity and heritage.
  • College students may discover new insights and perspectives about themselves through the process of writing an autobiography .
  • In a college setting, an autobiography can serve as a powerful tool for personal expression and growth.
  • As part of their academic journey, Indian college students may be asked to write an autobiography to document their experiences.
  • Reflecting on one’s life and achievements through an autobiography can be a valuable exercise for college students in India.

How To Use Autobiography in Sentences?

Autobiography is a noun that refers to a written account of a person’s life, written by that person themselves. To properly use autobiography in a sentence, follow these guidelines:

Identify the Subject: First, identify the person whose life story is being presented. This person should also be the author of the autobiography.

Introduce the Autobiography: Begin your sentence with a clear introduction that the text is an autobiography. For example, “In his autobiography,” or “Her autobiography details.”

Share Relevant Information: After introducing the autobiography, provide some relevant information from the text that you want to highlight. This could be a key event, insight, or personal reflection.

Use Correct Punctuation: Place the title of the autobiography in italics or quotes, following the appropriate punctuation rules.

Proper Grammar: Ensure that your sentence is grammatically correct and clearly conveys the intended meaning.

Example: In her autobiography, “Becoming,” Michelle Obama shares her journey from a young girl in Chicago to becoming the First Lady of the United States.

By following these steps and tips, you can effectively use autobiography in a sentence to accurately convey the subject and context of a person’s life story.

In conclusion, sentences from an autobiography are personal accounts of the author’s life experiences, often reflecting their thoughts, emotions, and memories. These sentences provide intimate insights into the author’s worldview, struggles, triumphs, and growth over time. By narrating key events, relationships, and turning points in their lives, authors shape a narrative that can resonate with readers on a human level.

Autobiographical sentences serve as powerful tools for self-reflection, self-expression, and storytelling. They offer a unique window into the author’s inner life, allowing readers to connect with the author’s journey and gain a deeper understanding of their perspectives and values. Through autobiography sentences, authors create a lasting record of their lives, leaving behind a legacy that can inspire, educate, and resonate with others for generations to come.

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How To Use Autobiography In A Sentence

  • Moceanu has written an autobiography , had book signings and cashed in on corporate and commercial appearances. 0 0
  • A short autobiography is prefixed to the 1827 edition of Juvenal. 0 0
  • I had just published my autobiography , which met with universal disapproval. Times, Sunday Times 0 0
  • In this rather archaically written biography, marred by ornate, stilted language and the author's reliance on and citation of endlessly extended passages from his great-great-grandfather's autobiography , James Mellon struggles mightily but fails to make his readers care much for or about Thomas Mellon. Banking On the Future 0 0
  • A ghosted autobiography requires a deep bond between sportsman and journalist. Times, Sunday Times 0 0

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  • How grateful and enlightened he must be to have that cleared up: one wouldn't want a thicko to write one's autobiography . 0 0
  • Well, you can wait for the autobiography or you can come with me to shop for formalwear. 0 0
  • One final irony: In 1950, at age 82, Millikan published his Autobiography , with Chapter 9 entitled simply "The Experimental Proof of the Existence of the Photon--Einstein's Photoelectric Equation. 0 0
  • Her mother, Jackiey, the daughter of a market trader, was described in her daughter's autobiography as a petty thief and "clipper" - a woman who pretends to be a prostitute but runs off with the money instead. DUFF & NONSENSE! 0 0
  • As he accepts, it would have been dishonest to write an autobiography without touching on this subject. Times, Sunday Times 0 0
  • After all, in her 1993 autobiography she disclosed one or two juicier titbits contained in the files, which she was allowed to see soon after the Wall came down. 0 0
  • Between these two positions lies a range of literacy activity, such as personal autobiography , diaries, functional lists etc. 0 0
  • Indeed there is probably more fiction in autobiography than there is autobiography in fiction. 0 0
  • While at the BlogWorld Expo in Las Vegas next week, I’ll be signing copies of my autobiography I’ll Do It Myself in which I intimately share living with cerebral palsy to show others that cp is not a death sentence, but rather a life sentence: Do It Myself Blog – Glenda Watson Hyatt » 2007 » November 0 0
  • It is not everyday that you find an autobiography so disarmingly direct and candid. 0 0
  • Along the way he offers a sort of autobiography of his bibliomania, which takes him across New England and the rest of the country searching for old books. 0 0
  • There are elements of autobiography in these acute, erudite, elegant and amusing essays. Times, Sunday Times 0 0
  • Matilda of Canossa had obsessed Maureen for the better part of the last two years, possessing her first when Maureen read the autobiography of the controversial countess, and then as she wrote her latest book in honor of this remarkable woman. The Poet Prince 0 0
  • Jack . Welch Autobiography & gt ; praised as " the Holy Bible of CEO ". 0 0
  • And he found time to write two volumes of autobiography in which he could give full vent to his views on theatre. Times, Sunday Times 0 0
  • While going through such varied sources, it is a great joy when one finds an autobiography or a biography or an unpublished piece of writing. 0 0
  • She wrote in her autobiography that The Manchurian Candidate was ‘a dynamite film,’ though she had worried about working with Frank Sinatra. 0 0
  • Autobiography used to be the preserve of hammy actors, gammy lieutenant commanders and superannuated hangers-on to the Bloomsbury Group. 0 0
  • It is a famously unclassifiable book, part cultural criticism, part autobiography , mixing participant ethnography with literary analysis. The Times Literary Supplement 0 0
  • In her autobiography she said curiosity had made her take the job, but 60 years on she admits she failed to let herself see the atrociousness of the regime she worked for. 0 0
  • I thought, 'Doing this autobiography is more serious than I thought. With No Ax to Grind 0 0
  • Beyond the headlines inspired by his recent autobiography , it is easy to recognise just how the modern game has transformed his life. Times, Sunday Times 0 0
  • These texts, written in the style of 1980s bonkbuster novels but with the content of newsy autobiography , could change the face of publishing. Bonk-bios, the perfect beach books 0 0
  • As well as being erudite, witty and utterly shameless, his autobiography shows he was capable of great mercy. Times, Sunday Times 0 0
  • These and other insights into a distinguished writer 's life are reason enough to read this chronological autobiography . Times, Sunday Times 0 0
  • George is the survivor, the cat with nine lives, and he has an autobiography for every one of them. 0 0
  • He re-read his father's autobiography and realised they shared many character traits. 0 0
  • This autobiography will appeal most to those interested in the history of the Chattahoochee Valley. 0 0
  • In four volumes of autobiography and three books of journals he distilled much of the flavour of each decade of a remarkable century. 0 0
  • Certainly this critique of autobiography has validity; how many autobiographers are truly honest even with themselves, let alone with their readers, about themselves in narrative? 0 0
  • After Lacroix, Man Ray spent about six years with the famed Parisian demi-mondaine Kiki de Montparnasse, to whom he devoted an entire chapter in his autobiography . 0 0
  • As he wrote in his autobiography : 'I serve as a blank screen on which people of vastly different political stripes project their own views. Times, Sunday Times 0 0
  • Still, autobiography may be the land of the invented past but, when the person is interesting enough and the life is large enough, the compensations are considerable. 0 0
  • There is a story told in his otherwise unrevealing autobiography which nicely illuminates the practical side of this pursuit of goodness. 0 0
  • Known as a master of tokiwazu bushi, a Japanese song featured in Kabuki plays, she published her autobiography two years ago. Autopsy Disclosed 0 0
  • He said he'd been working hard recently on his autobiography , which was now half finished. 0 0
  • In his autobiography , he explains in detail why it did not become a worldwide business. 0 0
  • In his Autobiography he reports a personal experience of racial harassment. 0 0
  • In his autobiography , King mentioned that when he "chivved" someone (interesting that the slang hasn't changed), he was always careful to draw the blade downwards across the face, never upwards or sideways, so as not to slash a major artery. A Night With Annie Nightingale; Mary Anne's Send Off Show; Bandits of the Blitz; Jamie Cullum 0 0
  • He was reading the Russell autobiography in order to steady himself for the selection procedure. 0 0
  • Burderop farmer Charles W Whatley recalls his schooldays at Swindon High School in his autobiography Farming And Foxhunting published c1940, where Mr Snell had the reputation of pushing on the smart and forward boys. Undefined 0 0
  • I was intrigued to read in your autobiography that your relationship with your parents was starchy and formal, while you were close to your grandmother. 0 0
  • Tebow's autobiography , audaciously written when he was merely a 23-year-old second-string quarterback most critics called a miscast running back, came out in June. News 0 0
  • In her autobiography , she describes the song's genesis late one night in a Dublin bar. 0 0
  • Rowlandson intersperses her autobiography with numerous quotations from the Bible. 0 0
  • For now Ricky is busy attending book signings around the country to promote his autobiography Ricky. 0 0
  • As it cools, write another autobiography . The Sun 0 0
  • His autobiography is set to become a massive hit - but it seems not even the England captain can topple Harry Potter from top spot. 0 0
  • Further, Langdon deems the sculpture — which depicts St. Teresa of Avila in spiritual ecstasy, based on a description in her autobiography — as pornographic, as it supposedly depicts the saint “on her back in the throes of a toe-curling orgasm.” Ron Howard, Angry & Demeaning? 0 0
  • While trying to help starving villagers, Yunus met a 21-year-old woman named Sufia Begum, who was burdened by a tiny yet crushing debt, Yunus recalled in his autobiography , "Banker to the Poor. 0 0
  • I, Dreyfus takes the form of its eponymous hero's autobiography , penned while in prison. 0 0
  • IT was supposed to be his grand comeback - a new album and autobiography out on consecutive days after months of hard work. The Sun 0 0
  • In his autobiography , My Life, he tells of his lifelong passion for golf both as a player and a commentator. 0 0
  • It went right across the board - from literary fiction to celebrity autobiography . 0 0
  • Note the dramatic narrative and implicit autobiography that emerge from this penetrating insight. 0 0
  • According to Evans's autobiography , Mascarenhas told him that the army's outrages against Bengalis far outweighed those of Bengalis against non-Bengalis. It's not the arithmetic of genocide that's important. It's that we pay attention | Ian Jack 0 0
  • In this untypical but engaging sports autobiography , he portrays himself as a man of destiny, overcoming all obstacles in the way of England's Rugby World Cup victory. 0 0
  • Ireland, in short, has no monopoly on the use of memoir, fiction, biography or autobiography as a political tool. 0 0
  • Government lawyers have been encouraged by a 1997 Appeal Court judgment preventing the spy George Blake from receiving royalties on his autobiography . 0 0
  • The details, he says, are pretty much straight autobiography , the sentiments also. 0 0
  • In his autobiography Russell reports this sad interlude with agonized regret. 0 0
  • Esposito's book is part autobiography , part travel story, part food diary, and part oenological tale. The Wine Book Club Wrap-Up for May 0 0
  • If he was the quintessential Parisian (in his autobiography , he describes himself as “a Parisian from the heart of Paris”), she was the fiercely ambitious arriviste. The King Is Dead 0 0
  • One wishes one of her many friends and admirers had advised her not to make her autobiography sound like a list of testimonials from famous people interspersed with anecdotes. 0 0
  • I told him time after time to write his autobiography . Times, Sunday Times 0 0
  • The film is not quite a confessional cry for help, but on some level it functions as scrambled autobiography . 0 0
  • As hard as it can be to truly open up and mine the meaning of one's existence, and then stake that meaning out for public display, this is what it means to write a worthwhile autobiography . 0 0
  • The book is not so much a formal ‘ autobiography ’ as a free-floating memoir. 0 0
  • In his autobiography , he recalls the poverty he grew up in. 0 0
  • If an autobiography is the true and full story of one's life -- the entire trip so to speak -- a memoir examines recurring scenes along the way. Will Weaver: Making Sense of the Memoir 0 0
  • As is so often the way with writers, paradox seemed not to detract from but strengthen his work, as this collection of novel extracts, short stories, travel writing and autobiography proves. 0 0
  • The rugby union star has vowed to address all the claims surrounding his personal life in his autobiography , due out in September. The Sun 0 0
  • Because people have ripped her off and sold kiss-and-tell stories (which, presumably, her autobiography is not). 0 0
  • This image of a monastic, reclusive author, wilfully at odds with much of modernity, was confirmed by the posthumous appearance of Brown's autobiography . 0 0
  • “I sent him another challenge, and another and another,” he wrote in his autobiography , “and the more he did not want to fight, the bloodthirstier I became.” LIGHTING OUT FOR THE TERRITORY 0 0
  • Her autobiography refuses to give the reader anything more than a blandly introspective narrative. 0 0
  • This book clearly falls into the category of fictionalised autobiography . 0 0
  • Autobiography prevails over shop talk, and every voice flickers with creative passion. 0 0
  • There is an unusual emphasis on ghosts in herautobiography . 0 0
  • He specializes in American literature, African-American culture from 1940 to 1960, Afro-American autobiography , nonfiction prose, and popular culture. 0 0
  • In sharp contrast to the autobiography , it tends to be prolix and muddled with excessive detail, and it often reads like a jumbled mix of fantastic stories. 0 0
  • A man's face is his autobiography . A woman's face is her work of fiction. Oscar Wilde  0 0
  • Surely knowing that he was writing his own epitaph, Frank, who lived in Piccadilly Village, last year published a candid autobiography , I Am What I Am. 0 0
  • A pastiche of autobiography and post-modern plot twists, it was haunted by an off-putting tone of smug precociousness. 0 0
  • VIctoria Beckham, in her autobiography Learning to Fly, talks about how legendary corsetier Mr. Pearl made hers for her wedding dress. Ava and Lana BFF - A Dress A Day 0 0
  • The cover for a bestselling autobiography , or what? Times, Sunday Times 0 0
  • It is a unique record that pushes at the boundaries of autobiography and fiction. 0 0
  • If we accept the testimony of his Autobiography , his attention was mainly turned to religion and to chemical and cabbalistical studies; from his correspondence, on the other hand, it would appear that his thoughts at least occasionally ran on subjects that had little to do with his spiritual welfare. The Youth of Goethe 0 0
  • According to his online autobiography , Mr. Unger recently retired from the practice of cosmetic dentistry and decided to devote his life to painting in oil, acrylic and watercolor, which he called his “passion and first love.” St. Paul’s Hosts Art Show & Sale « Beachwood Historical Alliance 0 0
  • Fry said in a "valediction" on his website www. that he intends to disconnect himself from his multimedia chatter on Twitter, blogs and websites to write a follow-up to his autobiography "Moab Is My Washpot. Reuters: Top News 0 0
  • If all fiction is autobiography , then we must suggest that perhaps all autobiography is fiction. 0 0
  • The novel is a thinly disguised autobiography . 0 0
  • Broyard wrote this before the boom in what Joyce Carol Oates has called “pathography,” or biography and autobiography that focus on the sordid. 2007 January « One-Minute Book Reviews 0 0
  • The autobiography covers the author's early years up to the threshold of university. 0 0
  • I expect his forthcoming autobiography will have the same effect. Times, Sunday Times 0 0
  • Very few guessed just how complex until he published the first volume of his autobiography . Times, Sunday Times 0 0
  • Moore has just finished his autobiography , One Voice - My Life in Song, a funny, moving and searingly honest book, as you would expect from an unblinking chronicler of Irish ways and Irish laws. 0 0
  • Excerpted and condensed from Glenda’s recently released autobiography ‘I’ll Do It Myself’, in which she intimately shares her life story to show others cerebral palsy is not a death sentence, but rather a life sentence. Do It Myself Blog – Glenda Watson Hyatt » 2007 » April 0 0
  • KING: He wrote in his autobiography ten years ago he started dating you to escape cocaine which he described as comparable to jumping in a lake to avoid getting wet. CNN Transcript Mar 23, 2004 0 0
  • A New Yorker cartoon reprinted in Lee's autobiography epitomizes her appeal: A pot-bellied, bald man shaving at the bathroom sink glances at his wife, who is speaking to him from behind a shower curtain. More Than a Girl With a Gimmick 0 0
  • In this semi- autobiography , Simon experiences the remoteness and instability of growing up on a reservation. 0 0
  • What gives to this autobiography its particular value is its inversion of insider-outsider positions. 0 0
  • Political anoraks who want to get ahead of the game should read Winning Back America, the former Vermont governor's recently published campaign autobiography . 0 0
  • This wit, who has bequeathed to us no wit; this man of genius, who has formed no work of genius; this bold advocate for popular freedom, who sunk his patriotism in the chamberlainship; was indeed desirous of leaving behind him some trace of the life of an _escroc_ in a piece of autobiography , which, for the benefit of the world, has been thrown to the flames. Literary Character of Men of Genius Drawn from Their Own Feelings and Confessions 0 0
  • He went so far as to write his autobiography in the third person and in Welsh - a language few of his admirers could read. 0 0
  • It was in the only way--I give most all of the credit to (Bhutto producer) Mark Siegel (who coauthored Bhutto's autobiography Daughter of Destiny), who is a colleague and the person who made the family connection possible and available to me. Dan Lybarger: A Complicated Legacy: Duane Baughman on Bhutto 0 0
  • In business matters, like who was going to ghost Jett's autobiography , Kevin's word was obviously law. DEAD BEAT 0 0
  • She would later write in her autobiography that she "used to try more and more cunningly to hide my feelings." 0 0
  • The past six months had been spent ghostwriting the autobiography of a twenty-five-year-old pop star. LOST SUMMER 0 0
  • Just here I rise to remark: For effective purposes one must not be unduly sensitive or overmodest in writing autobiography -- for, being the events and memoirs of his life, written by himself, the ever-present pronoun "I" dances in such lively attendance and in such profusion on the pages that whatever pride he may have in the events they chronicle is somewhat abashed at its repetition. Shadow and Light An Autobiography with Reminiscences of the Last and Present Century 0 0
  • A vitrine contains parts of the original manuscripts for his 15,000 page novel and his 5,000-page autobiography . 0 0
  • (in French) by Gerard DepardieuIn his autobiography , this giant of French cinema -- who calls himself "bulimic" -- engagingly describes his 56 years of binging on food, alcohol and, above all, work. SNAP JUDGEMENT: BOOKS 0 0
  • I'm always reluctant to do so because I don't want this blog to turn into autobiography by other means. 0 0
  • The celebrity autobiography is a way of binding celebrities to their fan base. Times, Sunday Times 0 0
  • Charles Darwin complained quite crossly in his autobiography that, despite many denials, people still kept saying he thought natural selection was the sole cause of evolutionary development. A valuable onslaught on neo-Darwinist simplicities « Anglican Samizdat 0 0
  • In this autobiography , Manning portrays himself as a humble but highly intellectual and sage man who is driven by a love of country and his Christian faith. 0 0
  • This is autobiography , and since when have we been worried about autobiography being indulgent? 0 0
  • (The sentence, "Following in the footsteps of Miley Cyrus, he just came out with an autobiography ," is one of the predicted thirty-six pop culture signs of the Apocalypse.) Welcome back, Chilean miners! 0 0
  • Her autobiography , The Kindness of Strangers, published last year, is exceedingly short on personal detail. 0 0
  • I cannot forbear observing the philosophical significance of the fact that Autobiography fails to include a photograph of LeWitt himself. 0 0
  • Putting it more starkly, he was a mythomaniac, but the autobiography itself, "Each Man in His Time" 1974, is among the most entertaining books about Hollywood ever written. We Shall Not See His Like Again 0 0
  • While exploring ideas of anxiety, autobiography , and taxonomy, Amundson and Gour's work goes beyond posing the question of why people collect, and seeks to understand how people delineate their existence through the amassment of things. 0 0
  • Will my words find their way into some new tell-all autobiography ? Times, Sunday Times 0 0
  • In her autobiography she often refers to her unhappy schooldays. 0 0
  • Adrian Glew, who works on the Tate collection's archives in London, was studying the seven-volume handwritten autobiography of 19th-century British sculptor Henry Sibson when he came across a reference to a Frenchman whose nickname was "le bossu," or hunchback. The Globe and Mail - Home RSS feed 0 0
  • The stories about Dan are legion, and don't bear repetition here - although his autobiography is highly recommended. 0 0
  • Agent, asking for me, somebody, anybody to ghost write an autobiography for Alex Higgins. 0 0
  • And the Bill Clinton autobiography hits stores this week. 0 0
  • To write a biography of another can involve one in autobiography . 0 0
  • Thanks largely to shameless self-promotion in his autobiography , a vivid and amusing account written in the vernacular, he is one of the best documented and most widely reputed Mannerist artists after Michelangelo. 0 0
  • He also gets £50 and a personally inscribed copy of my autobiography . 0 0
  • Finally, by facilitating self-discovery and personal growth, autobiography has therapeutic power. 0 0
  • She is in talks for a 5million fee to write her autobiography , something she always said she would only do at the end of her career. The Sun 0 0
  • He penetrates deeper into the artist's life in the second volume of his autobiography . 0 0
  • The autobiography accompanying the new album appears to be redundant. Times, Sunday Times 0 0
  • Both texts direct the reader to attend to the saving and comforting power of God; both also provide ostensive biblical legitimization for Equiano's autobiography . 0 0
  • In her autobiography she occasionally refers to her unhappy schooldays. 0 0
  • Although he claims that his films should not be read as autobiography , he is a past master at transforming his life into art. 0 0
  • Also, where is his autobiography , supposedly finished over a year ago? 0 0
  • Some feminists turned towards poetry, fiction and autobiography . The Past is Before Us - feminism in action since the 1960s 0 0
  • A fresh surprise is sprung by this long-awaited autobiography , which turns out not to be an autobiography at all. Times, Sunday Times 0 0
  • The Book of Margery Kempe, the spiritual autobiography of the wife of a Lynn burgess, exemplified the virtues which lay men and women sought, and the revelations, visions, and ecstasies by which they came to possess them. 0 0
  • On a related note has any one read his autobiography ? 0 0
  • His autobiography (ghost-written, like all the publications that came out under his name) was serialized in magazines and on radio, bought by a major book club, and reprinted a number of times. 0 0
  • Oskar has convinced Bruno to buy him a ream of blank white paper (Oskar terms it ‘virgin’ paper) so that he can write out his autobiography . 0 0
  • This would lead one to expect a fat, dense and detailed autobiography . The reverse is true. The book is short and spare. 0 0
  • Autobiography and biography have provided more intimate insights into the lives of homosexual men. 0 0
  • In a more recent portion of his autobiography , Rexroth reports that he and his first wife, Andree, also a painter, carried on correspondence with Theo van Doesberg, Moholy-Nagy, and other European post-Cubist abstractionists. 0 0
  • As the two parts of the title imply, it contrasts the recent Axelrodian hagiography of Obama as the biracial transcender with the man's own evasively written but ultimately quite clear autobiography . Steve Sailer's iSteve Blog 0 0
  • In his autobiography he points to influences from punk, reggae, rock and pop with hip-hop, which really gave him his sense of direction. 0 0
  • This autobiography is the unrepentant rant of a violent sex offender, Nathan McCall, who participated in gang rape and violent assaults and shows no remorse but instead pride. Thirteen (!) School Board Applicants at 0 0
  • A film based on his autobiography , Hooleygan: Music, Mayhem, Good Vibrations - described as "anarchic, dishevelled and hugely entertaining" - is scheduled to begin production later this year. The Independent - Frontpage RSS Feed 0 0
  • She has written her autobiography , Memoirs Of An Unfit Mother, which unpicks her marriage. 0 0
  • The Improvisatore," upon which, next to "The Wonder-Tales," his fame rests, is a kind of disguised autobiography which exhibits the author's morbid sensibility and what I should call the unmasculine character of his mind, [19] To appeal to the reader's pity in your hero's behalf is a daring experiment, and it cannot, except in brief scenes, be successful. Essays on Scandinavian Literature 0 0
  • And I thought you might enjoy hearing one of the toughest ones I had, which was a very earnest fourth-grader that wanted an autobiography of a caveman. Librarian Kee Malesky Considers 'All Facts' For NPR 0 0
  • They put his photograph on the dust jacket of his autobiography . 0 0
  • His autobiography provides an illuminating insight into his mind. 0 0
  • According to his autobiography (Hoxsey, 1956, 62-64), it was his great-grandfather, a horse breeder named John Hoxsey, who developed it at mid-nineteenth century, out of grasses and flowering wild plants which John took from the pasture where a favorite stallion, afflicted with a cancerous growth, grazed daily until the growth necrotized. Ron Paul Wins! | Campaign for Liberty at the Daily Paul - Blog 0 0
  • It is in that episode that the larger implications of Schreiner's intricate weave of fiction and autobiography become apparent. 0 0
  • This year, a century after Mark Twain's death in 1910, the University of California Press is posthumously publishing "The Autobiography of Mark Twain," a three-volume 'unexpurgated' collection that promises never-before-seen glimpses into a man who continues to defy hard-lined definitions. Apartment Therapy Main 0 0
  • It is part autobiography , part history, part psychological investigation of the Scottish character. 0 0
  • I've tried to keep this ‘ autobiography ’ as brief as possible but I can't ensure you a weariless reading. 0 0
  • Since starting the whirlwind publicity tour to promote his autobiography , he has done his best to seem high-minded. 0 0
  • She wrote her autobiography , besides authoring books on the status of women, handicrafts and embroidery. 0 0
  • The relation between autobiography and your writing is a complicated one. 0 0
  • In his autobiography , "Tales Out of School," he described the central board of education as a "nettlesome" body whose "time-wasting intrusions and demands" made his job impossible. Who Would Want This Job? 0 0
  • He has also just signed a megabucks deal to write his autobiography . The Sun 0 0
  • Deanna Favre, who alluded to her husband's infidelity in her 2007 autobiography , is promoting a new book and was asked about the allegations on "Good Morning America" Thursday. This just in...: Harvard Club says "No thanks" to Eliot Spitzer; Deanna Favre breaks silence on sexting-scandal 0 0
  • Her autobiography opens with an epigraph by Virginia Woolf that firmly sets this metanarrative within a matriarchal tradition of storytelling. 0 0
  • He was one of the most best-natured and cheerfullest persons I have in my time met with," writes his pious daughter-in-law (_ Autobiography of Lady Warwick_, ed. Croker, p. 27). Characters from 17th Century Histories and Chronicles 0 0
  • It's something else - a hybrid text - combining elements of fiction, autobiography , philosophy, poetry and prose. 0 0
  • In an autobiography , I will have to write the truth, I should not hide anything. Just to avoid people’s feelings, I should not be hiding things. If I don’t present events as they happened, truthfully, it is not an autobiography at all. I have read Mahatma Gandhi’s autobiography and if I can muster up the kind of courage that he had, I will write one. Rajinikanth  0 0
  • They're my particular way of writing my autobiography , the fragments of my day which make up an impression of my state of mind in a particular place. 0 0
  • Honesty, Amos says, is one of the advantages of committing her autobiography to CD rather than to paper. 0 0
  • Nobody writes an autobiography saying I was a loser, a failure and a fool. 0 0
  • Lee Iaccoco's Autobiography was acknowledged to be number one on the best - seller list of 1985. 0 0
  • This is really an autobiography as much as a book about heroines. Times, Sunday Times 0 0
  • It was published in 1937 so is probably unobtainable now (though you could try abebooks), but it was a marvellous autobiography by a man who edited pulp magazines. 0 0
  • The translation represents Dante's autobiography as a prolepsis of the culminant visions in the Paradiso. 0 0
  • In "Vivre Dans le Feu: Confessions" Éditions Robert Laffont, or "Living in Fire: Confessions," Mr. Todorov has organized extracts from nine volumes of her letters, notes and diaries into what he calls the autobiography she never wrote. TWO FROM THE TIMES. 0 0
  • Let's just say that by 30, I want to have had an international best-selling autobiography . 0 0

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Autobiography in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Autobiography

the story of an individual’s life written by that individual

Examples of Autobiography in a sentence

To learn about the deceased celebrity, you should read the autobiography he wrote about his life.  🔊

It was interesting to listen to the actress share a memory she had included in her autobiography.  🔊

During the interview, the singer took a few moments to promote the autobiography he penned about his college days.  🔊

Writing my autobiography has been difficult because my childhood was unpleasant.  🔊

While an autobiography is self-written, a biography is written by someone other than the book’s subject.  🔊

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  • In his autobiography, he recalls the poverty he grew up in.
  • in an/​the autobiography

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Meaning of autobiography – Learner’s Dictionary

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  • autobiographical

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Writing Beginner

How To Write an Autobiography 2024 (Tips, Templates, & Guide)

Your life story has value, merit, and significance. You want to share it with the world, but maybe you don’t know how .

Here’s how to write an autobiography:

Write an autobiography by creating a list of the most important moments, people, and places in your life. Gather photos, videos, letters, and notes about these experiences. Then, use an outline, templates, sentence starters, and questions to help you write your autobiography .

In this article, you are going to learn the fastest method for writing your autobiography.

We are going to cover everything you need to know with examples and a free, downloadable, done-for-you template.

What Is an Autobiography?

Typewriter, lightbulb, and crumpled paper - How To Write an Autobiography

Table of Contents

Before you can write an autobiography, you must first know the definition.

An autobiography is the story of your life, written by you. It covers the full span of your life (at least, up until now), hitting on the most significant moments, people and events.

When you write your autobiography, you write an intimate account of your life.

What Should I Include In an Autobiography?

If you are scratching your head, baffled about what to include in your autobiography, you are not alone.

After all, a big part of how to write an autobiography is knowing what to put in and what to leave out of your life story. Do you focus on every detail?

Every person? Won’t your autobiography be too long?

A good way to think about how to write an autobiography is to use the Movie Trailer Method.

What do movie trailers include?

  • High emotional moments
  • The big events
  • The most important characters

When you plan, organize, and write your autobiography, keep the Movie Trailer Method in mind. You can even watch a bunch of free movie trailers on YouTube for examples of how to write an autobiography using the Movie Trailer Method.

When wondering what to include in your autobiography, focus on what would make the cut for a movie trailer of your life:

  • Most important people (like family, friends, mentors, coaches, etc.)
  • Significant events (like your origin story, vacations, graduations, life turning points, life lessons)
  • Emotional moments (When you were homeless, when you battled a life-threatening condition, or when you fell in love)
  • Drama or suspense (Did you make it into Harvard? Did your first surgery go well? Did your baby survive?)

Autobiography Structure Secrets

Like any compelling story, a well-structured autobiography often follows a pattern that creates a logical flow and captures readers’ attention.

Traditionally, autobiographies begin with early memories, detailing the writer’s childhood, family background, and the events or people that shaped their formative years.

From here, the narrative typically progresses chronologically, covering major life events like schooling, friendships, challenges, achievements, career milestones, and personal relationships.

It’s essential to weave these events with introspective insights.

This allows readers to understand not just the what, but also the why behind the author’s choices and experiences.

Towards the end, an effective autobiography often includes reflections on lessons learned, changes in perspective over time, and the wisdom acquired along life’s journey.

Example of the Structure:

  • Introduction: A gripping event or anecdote that gives readers a hint of what to expect. It could be a pivotal moment or challenge that defines the essence of the story.
  • Childhood and Early Memories: Recounting family dynamics, birthplace, cultural background, and memorable incidents from early years.
  • Adolescence and Discovering Identity: Experiences during teenage years, challenges faced, friendships formed, and personal evolutions.
  • Pursuits and Passions: Describing education, early career choices, or any particular hobby or skill that played a significant role in the author’s life.
  • Major Life Events and Challenges: Chronicles of marriage, parenthood, career shifts, or any significant setbacks and how they were overcome.
  • Achievements and Milestones: Celebrating major accomplishments and recounting the journey to achieving them.
  • Reflections and Wisdom: Sharing life lessons, changes in beliefs or values over time, and offering insights gained from lived experiences.
  • Conclusion: Summarizing the journey, contemplating on the present state, and sharing hopes or aspirations for the future.

How To Write an Autobiography Quickly: Strategies & Templates

Want the quickest way to organize and write your autobiography in record time? You can literally write your autobiography in 7 days or less with this method.

The secret is to use done-for-you templates.

I have personally designed and collected a series of templates to take you from a blank page to a fully complete Autobiography. I call this the How to Write an Autobiography Blueprint.

And it’s completely free to download right from this article. 🙂

In the How to Write an Autobiography Blueprint, you get:

  • The Autobiography Questions Template
  • The Autobiography Brainstorm Templates
  • The Autobiography Outline Template

Here is an image of it so that you know exactly what you get when you download it:

Autobiography Blueprint

How To Write an Autobiography: Step-by-Step

When you sit down to write an autobiography, it’s helpful to have a step-by-step blueprint to follow.

You already have the done-for-you templates that you can use to organize and write an autobiography faster than ever before. Now here’s a complete step-by-step guide on how to maximize your template.

  • Brainstorm Ideas
  • Order your sections (from medium to high interest)
  • Order the ideas in each section (from medium to high interest)
  • Write three questions to answer in each section
  • Choose a starter sentence
  • Complete a title template
  • Write each section of your by completing the starter sentence and answering all three questions

Brainstorm Your Autobiography

The first step in writing your autobiography is to brainstorm.

Give yourself time and space to write down the most significant people, events, lessons, and experiences in your life. The templates in the How to Write an Autobiography Blueprint provide sections for you to write down your brainstormed ideas.

How to Brainstorm Your Autobiography

This will help you organize your ideas into what will become the major sections of your book.

These will be:

  • Y our most significant events and experiences.
  • The people who impacted you the most.
  • The challenges you have overcome.
  • Your achievements and successes.
  • The lessons you have learned.

The “other” sections on the second page of the Brainstorm template is for creating your own sections or to give you more space for the sections I provided in case you run out of space.

As I brainstorm, I find asking myself specific questions really activates my imagination.

So I have compiled a list of compelling questions to help you get ideas down on paper or on your screen.

How to Write an Autobiography: Top 10 Questions

Order Your Sections (From Medium to High Interest)

The next step is to order your main sections.

The main sections are the five (or more) sections from your Brainstorm templates (Significant events, significant people, life lessons, challenges, successes, other, etc). This order will become the outline and chapters for your book.

How do you decide what comes first, second or third?

I recommend placing the sections in order of interest. Ask yourself, “What’s the most fascinating part of my life?”

If it’s a person, then write the name of that section (Significant People) on the last line in the How to Write an Autobiography Outline Template. If it’s an experience, place the name of that section (Significant Events) on the last line.

For example, if you met the Pope, you might want to end with that nugget from your life. If you spent three weeks lost at sea and survived on a desert island by spearfishing, that is your ending point.

Then complete the Outline by placing the remaining sections in order of interest. You can work your way backward from high interest to medium interest.

If you are wondering why I say “medium to high interest” instead of “low to high interest” it is because there should be no “low interest” parts of your autobiography.

But wait, what if you met the Pope AND spent three weeks lost at sea? How do you choose which one comes first or last?

First of all, I want to read this book! Second, when in doubt, default to chronological order. Whatever event happened first, start there.

Here is an example of how it might look:

Autobiography Example

Order The Ideas in Each Section (From Medium To High Interest)

Now, organize the ideas inside of each section. Again, order the ideas from medium to high interest).

Within your “Significant People” section, decide who you want to talk about first, second, third, etc. You can organize by chronological order (who you met first) but I recommend building to the most interesting or most significant person.

This creates a more compelling read.

Keep in mind that the most significant person might not be the most well-known, most famous, or most popular. The most significant person might be your family member, friend, partner, or child.

It comes down to who shaped your life the most.

So, if your “significant people list” includes your dad, a famous social media influencer, and Mike Tyson, your dad might come last because he had the biggest significance in your life.

Write Three Questions to Answer in Each Section

Ok, you’ve done the heavy lifting already. You have the major sections organized and outlined.

Next on your autobiography to-do list is to choose and write down three questions you are going to answer in each section. You can write your questions down in the provided “boxes” for each section on the template outline (or on another piece of paper.

This is easier than it might seem.

Simply choose one of the sample autobiography questions below or create your own:

  • Why did I choose this person/event?
  • What does this person/event mean to me?
  • How did I meet this person?
  • Where did it happen?
  • When did it happen?
  • Why did it happen?
  • How did it happen?
  • What is the most interesting part?
  • How did I feel about this person or event?
  • How do I feel now?
  • Why does this person or event matters to me?
  • How did this person or event change my life?
  • What is the most challenging part?
  • How did I fail?
  • How did I succeed?
  • What did I learn?

Questions are the perfect way to write quickly and clearly. I LOVE writing to questions. It’s how I write these blog posts and articles.

Choose a Starter Sentence

Sometimes the hardest part of any project is knowing how to start.

Even though we know we can always go back and edit our beginnings, so many of us become paralyzed with indecision at the starting gate.

That’s why I provided sample starter sentences in your How to Write an Autobiography Blueprint.

Here are the story starters:

  • I began writing this book when…
  • Of all the experiences in my life, this one was the most…
  • I’ve been a…
  • My name is…
  • Growing up in…
  • It wasn’t even a…
  • It all started when…
  • I first…
  • I was born…

Keep in mind that you do not need to begin your book with one of these story starters. I provide them simply to get you going.

The key is to not get bogged down in this, or any, part of writing your autobiography. Get organized and then get writing.

Complete a Title Template

At the top of the How to Write an Autobiography Outline is a place for you to write your book title.

Some authors struggle forever with a title. And that’s ok. What’s not ok is getting stuck. What’s not ok is if coming up with your title prevents you from finishing your book.

So, I provided a few title templates to help juice your creativity.

Just like the story starters, you do not need to use these title templates, but you certainly can. All you need to do is fill in the title templates below and then write your favorite one (for now) at the top of your outline. Presto! You have your working title.

You can always go back and change it later.

How to Write an Autobiography Title templates:

  • [Your Name]: [Phrase or Tag Line]
  • The [Your Last Name] Files
  • Born [Activity]: A [Career]’s Life
  • The Perfect [Noun]: The Remarkable Life of [Your Name]

Examples using the Templates:

  • Christopher Kokoski: Blog Until You Drop
  • The Kokoski Files
  • Born Writing: A Blogger’s Life
  • The Perfect Freelancer: The Remarkable Life of Christopher Kokoski

Write Your Autobiography

You have your outline. You have your title, templates, and sentence starters. All that is left to do is write your autobiography.

However, you can use tools like Jasper AI and a few other cool tricks to craft the most riveting book possible.

This is the easy way to remarkable writing.

Check out this short video that goes over the basics of how to write an autobiography:

How To Write an Autobiography (All the Best Tips)

Now that you are poised and ready to dash out your first draft, keep the following pro tips in mind:

  • Be vulnerable. The best autobiographies share flaws, faults, foibles, and faux pas. Let readers in on the real you.
  • Skip the boring parts. There is no need to detail every meal, car ride, or a gripping trip to the grocery store. Unless you ran into the Russian Mafia near the vegetables or the grocery store is perched on the side of a mountain above the jungles of Brazil.
  • Keep your autobiography character-driven . This is the story of YOU!
  • Be kind to others (or don’t). When writing about others in your story, keep in mind that there may be fallout or backlash from your book.
  • Consider a theme: Many autobiographies are organized by theme. A perfect example is Becoming . Each section of the book includes “becoming” in the title. Themes connect and elevate each part of the autobiography.
  • Write your story in vignettes (or scenes). Each vignette is a mini-story with a beginning, middle, and end. Each vignette builds. Each vignette should be described in rich sensory language that shows the reader the experience instead of telling the reader about the experience. Each vignette is immersive, immediate, and intimate.
  • Include snippets of dialogue. Use quotation marks just like in fiction. Show the dialogue in brief back-and-forth tennis matches of conversation. Remember to leave the boring parts out!
  • Choose a consistent tone. Some autobiographies are funny like Bossy Pants by Tina Fey. Others are serious such as Open by Andre Agassi. Your story (like most stories) will likely include a mix of emotions but choose an overall tone and stick with it.
  • Don’t chronicle, captivate . Always think about how to make each section, each chapter, each page, each paragraph, and each sentence more compelling. You want to tell the truth, but HOW you tell the truth is up to you. Create suspense, conflict, and mystery. Let drama linger until it becomes uncomfortable. Don’t solve problems quickly or take away tension right away.

How Do I Format an Autobiography?

Most autobiographies are written in the first person (using the pronouns I, me, we, and us).

Your autobiography is written about you so write as yourself instead of pretending to be writing about someone else.

Most autobiographies are also written in chronological order, from birth right up to your current age, with all the boring parts left out. That doesn’t mean you can’t play around with the timeline.

Sometimes it’s more interesting to start at a high moment, backtrack to the beginning and show how you got to that high moment.

Whatever format you choose, be intentional, and make the choice based on making the most compelling experience possible for your readers.

How Long Should an Autobiography Be?

There are no rules to how long an autobiography should be but a rough guideline is to aim for between 200 and 400 pages.

This will keep your book in line with what most readers expect for books in general, and will help get your book traditionally published or help with marketing your self-published book.

How To Write a Short Autobiography

You write a short autobiography the same way that you write a long autobiography.

You simply leave more out of the story.

You cut everything down to the bones. Or you choose a slice of your life as you do in a memoir. This often means limiting the people in your book, reducing the events and experiences, and shrinking your story to a few pivotal moments in your life.

How To Start an Autobiography

The truth is that you can start your autobiography in any number of ways.

Here are four common ways to begin an autobiography.

  • Start at the beginning (of your life, career or relationship, etc.)
  • Start at a high moment of drama or interest.
  • Start at the end of the story and work backward
  • Start with why you wrote the book.

Good Autobiography Titles

If you are still stuck on titling your autobiography, consider going to Amazon to browse published works. You can even just Google “autobiographies.”

When you read the titles of 10, 20, or 50 other autobiographies, you will start to see patterns or get ideas for your own titles. (HINT: the title templates in the Autobiography Blueprint were reverse-engineered from popular published books.

Also, check out the titles of the full autobiography examples below that I have included right here in this article.

Types of Autobiographies

There are several different kinds of autobiographies.

Each one requires a similar but slightly nuanced approach to write effectively. The lessons in this article will serve as a great starting point.

Autobiography Types:

  • Autobiography for School
  • Autobiography Novel
  • Autobiography for a Job
  • Short Autobiography
  • Autobiography for Kids

Therefore, there is actually not just one way to write an autobiography.

Memoir vs. Autobiography: Are They The Same?

It’s common to feel confused about a memoir and an autobiography. I used to think they were the same thing.

But, nope, they’re not.

They are pretty similar, which is the reason for all the confusion. A memoir is the story of one part of your life. An autobiography is the story of your full life (up until now).

What Is the Difference Between an Autobiography and a Biography?

An autobiography is when you write about your own life. A biography, on the other hand, is when you write the story of someone else’s life.

So, if I write a book about the life of the President, that’s a biography.

If the President writes a story about his or her own life, that’s an autobiography.

What Not To Include In an Autobiography

Autobiographies are meant to be a snapshot of our lives that we can share with others, but there are some things that are best left out.

Here are three things you should avoid including in your autobiography:

1) Anything That Readers Will Skip

Your life may not be filled with non-stop excitement, but that doesn’t mean you need to include every mundane detail in your autobiography.

Stick to the highlights and leave out the low points.

2) Character Attacks on Others

It’s okay to discuss conflicts you’ve had with others, but don’t use your autobiography as a platform to attack someone’s character.

Keep it civil and focus on your own experiences and how they’ve affected you.

3) Skipping Highlights

Just because something embarrassing or painful happened to you doesn’t mean you should gloss over it in your autobiography.

These are the moments that shape us and make us who we are today, so don’t skip past them just because they’re uncomfortable.

By following these simple tips, you can ensure that your autobiography is interesting, honest, and engaging.

How To Write an Autobiography: Autobiography Examples

I have always found examples to be extremely instructive. Especially complete examples of finished products. In this case, books.

Below you will find examples of published autobiographies for adults and for kids. These examples will guide you, motivate you and inspire you to complete your own life story.

They are listed here as examples, not as endorsements, although I think they are all very good.

The point is that you don’t have to agree with anything written in the books to learn from them.

Autobiography Examples for Adults

  • A Promised Land (Autobiography of Barack Obama)
  • If You Ask Me: (And of Course You Won’t) (Betty White)
  • It’s a Long Story: My Life (Willie Nelson)
  • Stories I Only Tell My Friends: An Autobiography (Rob Lowe)
  • Becoming (Michelle Obama)

Autobiography Examples for Kids

  • This Kid Can Fly: It’s About Ability (NOT Disability) (Aaron Philips)
  • Bee Fearless: Dream Like a Kid (Mikaila Ulmer)

Final Thoughts: How To Write An Autobiography

Thank you for reading my article on How to Write an Autobiography.

Now that you know all of the secrets to write your book, you may want to get it published, market it, and continue to upskill yourself as an author.

In that case, read these posts next:

  • Can Anyone Write A Book And Get It Published?
  • The Best Writing Books For Beginners 2022 (My 10 Favorites)
  • Why Do Writers Hate Adverbs? (The Final Answer)
  • How To Write a Manifesto: 20 Ultimate Game-Changing Tips

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Example sentences for autobiography

Autobiography in a sentence.

Here below you will find several sentences that illustrate how to use the word autobiography  in a sentence.

In his autobiography , he wrote:.

In her autobiography , she wrote:.

His autobiography appeared in 1882.

In his autobiography , Brandt wrote:.

In her autobiography , Goldman wrote:.

He later wrote in his autobiography:.

In his autobiography , Du Bois wrote:.

Brown wrote his autobiography in 1851.

In his 1883 autobiography , Gilbert wrote:.

Robson denies this claim in his autobiography .

He intends this autobiography to be his final book.

He later called his autobiography An Eye for a Bird.

Hansen co-authored his autobiography , Forever Young.

In his autobiography , Barbera said of his efforts ...

Major-General Christopher Vokes in his autobiography .

In her autobiography , she wrote, "It was a unique feeling that I had for [Tracy].

In his autobiography Mein Leben Wagner recalled once playing the part of an angel.

Wagner also began to dictate his autobiography , Mein Leben, at the King's request.

He wrote in his autobiography : "I had never opened before and was a little dubious.

Harriet Jacobs wrote her autobiography while being employed as his children's nurse.

This is also the case for African-American autobiography , which has its roots in the slave narrative.

Leno published an autobiography , Dan Leno: Hys Booke, in 1899, possibly assisted by a ghostwriter, T.

O'Reilly said in his autobiography Tiger that the move played no vital part in his cricket education.

This is also the case for African American autobiography , which has its roots in the slave narrative.

At the end of the 1953 tour, he published Eyes on the Ashes, and his autobiography , It Isn't Cricket.

Angelou (1928–2014) is best known for her first autobiography , I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings (1969).

In his 1978 autobiography , Watson said that he had stabbed Tate and that Atkins had never touched her.

Singin' and Swingin' opens shortly after Angelou's previous autobiography , Gather Together in My Name.

In his 1974 autobiography , Pierrepoint changed his view on capital punishment, and wrote that hanging:.

Dannatt has written an autobiography , titled Leading from the Front, published by Bantam Press in 2010.

Unfortunately, Sherwood's autobiography provides scant details of the last forty-odd years of her life.

He later wrote in his autobiography : "All he did was sit tight and take advantage of the work I put in.

Critics have classified Maus as memoir, biography, history, fiction, autobiography , or a mix of genres.

Shortly afterwards he worked with ghostwriter Terry Daum on an autobiography , Terry-Thomas Tells Tales.

During the course of his research Ottaviani found the then-unpublished autobiography of Charles Knight.

As Hill explains in her autobiography , "I was awed, but not just by the know-how and hard work she'd put into her ascent.

Maus proved difficult to classify to a genre, and has been called biography, fiction, autobiography , history, and memoir.

Dylan concurred in his autobiography Chronicles: "I had been in a motorcycle accident and I'd been hurt, but I recovered.

In his autobiography , Gretzky describes how at practices his father would drill him on the fundamentals of smart hockey:.

In his 2013 autobiography , Jackson stated that there was, and that Martin and some white Yankees would tell racist jokes.

When asked whether or not he would write an autobiography in 1896, Crane responded that he "dare not say that I am honest.

The book focuses mostly on his life since the 1987 publication of his first autobiography , Metamorphosis: Stages in a Life.

Rimsky-Korsakov's autobiography and his books on harmony and orchestration have been translated into English and published.

It marked the first time a well-known African-American woman writer had expanded her life story into a third autobiography .

Singin' and Swingin' and Gettin' Merry like Christmas is the third book of Maya Angelou's seven-volume autobiography series.

Apart from her autobiography , Bondfield contributed to a collection of essays entitled What Life Has Taught Me, in which 25 public figures pondered on the lessons of life.

According to her autobiography , her success there led to conflicts with the other actors which in turn led her to leave the engagement after six months for health reasons.

In his autobiography , Rodgers complained that only the brass section can be heard during an overture because there are never enough strings in a musical's small orchestra.

In his autobiography , Darwin said he had "gained much by my delay in publishing from about 1839, when the theory was clearly conceived, to 1859; and I lost nothing by it".

Berle's autobiography notes that in Detroit, "an investigation took place when the water levels took a drastic drop in the reservoirs on Tuesday nights between 9 and 9:05.


Autobiography's in a sentence

Autobiography's is a variation of autobiography, below you can find example sentences for autobiography's .

All of Angelou's autobiographies conform to the autobiography's standard structure: they are written by a single author, they are chronological, and they contain elements of character, technique, and theme.


Autobiography—but in a sentence

Autobiography—but is a variation of autobiography, below you can find example sentences for autobiography—but .

In 1933, Goldman received permission to lecture in the United States under the condition that she speak only about drama and her autobiography—but not current political events.


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General information about "autobiography" example sentences.

The example sentences for the word autobiography  that we present on this web site, stems from different official sources. For example one of our sources are articles on Wikipedia that are classified as at least Good articles . But we also use news articles, books and other generic texts to gather example sentences of how the word "autobiography" can be used in a sentence. To the right of every sentence you will find a link out arrow that sends you to the source of the sentence, where you can access the full text and context for the presented example sentence. This can be useful because some words can sometimes be difficult to understand with only a sentence for context, whereas the full article or text can help you gain insight on how to use the word "autobiography".

use a sentence with the word autobiography

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au to bio graph i cal

Definition of autobiographical, examples of autobiographical in a sentence.

These examples are programmatically compiled from various online sources to illustrate current usage of the word 'autobiographical.' Any opinions expressed in the examples do not represent those of Merriam-Webster or its editors. Send us feedback about these examples.

Word History

autobiography + -ical , after biographical

1807, in the meaning defined at sense 1a

Phrases Containing autobiographical

  • highly superior autobiographical memory
  • semi - autobiographical

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Nglish: Translation of autobiographical for Spanish Speakers

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Stop trying to make language ‘funner.’ Grammar rules exist for a reason.

Anne curzan’s book ‘says who’ goes too far in renouncing the fundamental rules of language usage.

use a sentence with the word autobiography

Because my no-nonsense mother habitually said “He don’t” and “She don’t,” and my moody steelworker father never opened a book after he quit school at 16, it may seem surprising that I became a stickler for correct English as well as a serious reader. Or perhaps not. To this day, though, I dislike faddish words, vulgarisms, most slang, weaselly euphemisms, clichés, and prose styles that are overly chummy, preachy or hip. When I write, I do my best to sound grown-up but try not to come across as a bewildered holdover from the 19th century.

So I should have been wary when I picked up Anne Curzan’s “ Says Who? A Kinder, Funner Usage Guide for Everyone Who Cares About Words .” “Funner” provocatively signals that this isn’t a book for someone, like me, who once devoted his days and nights to Robert Graves and Alan Hodge’s “The Reader Over Your Shoulder,” William Strunk and E.B. White’s “The Elements of Style,” Theodore M. Bernstein’s “The Careful Writer,” and William Zinsser’s “On Writing Well.” Instead, “Says Who?” pointedly aims to defuse common anxieties over what is “proper” and “improper” usage.

To do this, Curzan, dean of the College of Literature, Science and the Arts at the University of Michigan, contends that virtually every grammar or vocabulary no-no you learned from Miss Thistlebottom is wrong or out of date. In olden days, a grammatical slip was looked on as something shocking, but now, it would seem, almost anything goes. You can use “like” instead of “as” and “as if,” “who” instead of “whom,” even “irregardless,” regardless of the mute scorn of linguistic “grammandos.” For these last, the barbarisms are always at the gates.

Curzan does underscore that context and social situation should always be considered when we write and speak. As my father used to warn me when I was launching into some heated, clearly ill-advised back talk, “Watch your language, boy.” I quickly did, if I knew what was good for me. The same advice, minus the “boy,” is good for anyone. So is adjusting your words to your audience. You don’t write to your boss in the same way you talk to your children or the way you try to chat up an attractive stranger in a bar.

Curzan repeatedly emphasizes that language evolves, that we should welcome change, that new words express new ideas and thoughts. No one would argue otherwise. Yet rules define any game. Without them, games wouldn’t even exist. Similarly, the traditional principles of sentence structure, verb agreement and even spelling ensure effective and clear communication. Grammar helps us to say what we mean and others to know rather than guess what we’re talking about.

In her own prose, Curzan tries hard to downplay any soupçon of the didactic by adopting an up-to-date, friendly cheeriness. For my taste, she goes too far. She loads on the maple syrup, tacitly assuming that no one will pay attention to her linguistic points without a lot of sweetening. Perhaps she’s right, but I find this approach implicitly demeaning. But then, I would probably register somewhere in the middle of what Curzan calls her “crankiness meter.”

I say “middle” because I do agree with Curzan about the importance of what she calls “kinder,” more inclusive language and usage that avoids giving offense. To advocate for such sensitivity is a key purpose of her book. As she notes, it’s one thing to say “How tall is he?” and quite another to ask “How short is he?” Though essentially the same question, one is neutral and the other judgmental.

Yet even if we all need to be more understanding and less captious about some aspects of our changing language, Curzan doesn’t stress strongly enough the consequences of using vulgar, ugly and slovenly English. As with clothes and manners, the issue is what the sociologist Erving Goffman called the presentation of self in everyday life. Miss Eliza Doolittle can testify that if you talk like a Cockney flower girl, the world will regard you as a Cockney flower girl, but if you talk like a duchess, it will treat you as one. Fundamentally, you may be as gentle and sensitive as Saint Francis of Assisi, but if your English is loose, ungrammatical and crude, or alternatively if it’s pretentious, circumlocutory and condescending, people will think you are either stupid or a pompous blowhard. It’s hard to undo the effects of first impressions.

Verbal tics are particularly insidious. If you continually use “like” in, like, every other sentence you, like, say, it will not only drive others crazy but also brand you as essentially ditsy. If you regularly resort to prefabricated idioms — such as “at the end of the day,” “drain the swamp” or “on the same page” — you aren’t really thinking; your mind has simply turned on the cruise control.

To my old-fashioned mind, the adult use of street lingo, locker room demotic or teen slang, coupled with a lax attitude toward traditional grammar, often indicates a somewhat pathetic nostalgie de la boue. The poor and marginalized are thought to be more genuine, more vital, more imaginative than the dull middle class and the etiolated rich. It’s pretty to think so. However, my parents knew that sounding uneducated, ungrammatical or illiterate isn’t funner; it makes you a figure of fun. The world belongs to those who are taken seriously.

When I was young, I didn’t want to be regarded as a yokel, and that meant avoiding the yokelisms spoken all around me. Through language — that is, through reading, writing and speech — I hoped to better myself. I listened to recordings of Richard Burton and John Gielgud reciting poetry, Vincent Price and Basil Rathbone reading Poe’s short stories. At about the age of 14, I even unearthed a Victorian translation of Demosthenes’ orations and — this is absolutely true — was soon declaiming them to a bathroom’s tiled walls, sometimes following the ancient Greek’s training method by placing a few pebbles in my mouth. When Benjamin Franklin in his autobiography and Somerset Maugham in “The Summing Up” extolled the prose of the 18th century, I paid attention. Addison, Voltaire and Swift — these were the masters of concision, clarity, elegance and wit. I adopted these classical ideals as my own, though part of me has always secretly hankered to write with the baroque grandeur and all-stops-out organ roll of Sir Thomas Browne, Robert Burton and Jeremy Taylor.

Effective prose, in truth, doesn’t resemble conversation. It’s more like sculpting with clay. You start with an inchoate mass, shape it a bit, hate the result, start over, try this, try that, give up, slink away in disgust, come back, work some more and eventually end up with something that looks vaguely like a pot or an essay. Above all, though, as my favorite ghost story author, Vernon Lee, observed in “The Handling of Words,” the craft of the writer consists “in manipulating the contents of the Reader’s mind.” She added that “construction” — and that includes word choice — “means thinking out the results of every movement you set up in the Reader’s mind, how that movement will work into, help, or mar the other movements which you have set up there already, or which you will require to set up there in the future.”

To communicate ideas effectively, clarity must always remain paramount, but that doesn’t preclude an occasional rhetorical flourish or madcap turn of phrase. Nonetheless, tread carefully: Flashy prose, slang and pop references will sound hokey and dated in 20 years. That groovy Beat poetry, man, you can still dig it, though you really need to have bongos. Tom Wolfe’s Kandy-Kolored, Tangerine-Flaked, over-the-top style now screams “It’s the Age of Aquarius!” While it’s essential to write for one’s own time, a more restrained diction can often result in a longer shelf life for even supposedly deathless prose.

Still, avoiding mass-speak doesn’t mean you should go panting after show-offy, recherché diction. Anyone can use a thesaurus. Except under highly specialized circumstances, most of which are hard to imagine, never, ever use “sockdolager,” “rupestrian,” “solatium” or “gallinaceous” in a sentence. All these, by the way, were recently emailed to me from a website called Word Genius. I’ve already forgotten what they mean.

Polonius once asked Hamlet, “What do you read, my lord?” To which the melancholy Dane answered, “Words, words, words.” Anne Curzan and I both love the English language, she being more accepting of the new, while I instinctively value established grammar and usage as bulwarks against confusion, not a set of fetters that bind us. We both agree that people’s use of English brings consequences, often unforeseen and unintended. All of us, then, need to choose our words wisely. But which ones? “That,” as Hamlet once also said, “is the question.”

A Kinder, Funner Usage Guide for Everyone Who Cares About Words

By Anne Curzan

Crown. 336 pp. $29

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use a sentence with the word autobiography

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The word propound has appeared in five articles on in the past year, including on April 3 in “ A Gender Theorist Who Just Wants Everyone to Get Along ” by Jennifer Szalai:

Despite its notoriously opaque prose, Butler’s best-known book, “Gender Trouble: Feminism and the Subversion of Identity” (1990), has been both credited and blamed for popularizing a multitude of ideas, including some that Butler doesn’t propound , like the notions that biology is entirely unreal and that everybody experiences gender as a choice. So Butler set out to clarify a few things with “Who’s Afraid of Gender?,” a new book that arrives at a time when gender has “become a matter of extraordinary alarm.” In plain (if occasionally plodding) English, Butler, who uses they/them pronouns, repeatedly affirms that facts do exist, that biology does exist, that plenty of people undoubtedly experience their own gender as “immutable.” What Butler questions instead is how such facts get framed, and how such framing structures our societies and how we live.

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A placard of Nasser Abu Srour is held aloft during a demonstration marking Palestinian Prisoner Day in the West Bank town of Bilin, near Ramallah.

The Tale of a Wall by Nasser Abu Srour review – a Palestinian prisoner writes

Jailed since the first intifada, Abu Srour charts a deeply personal journey through the conflict that has defined his life

A ttempts to end the violence in Gaza have focused on the exchange of Israeli hostages taken by Hamas on 7 October for Palestinians held in Israeli prisons. One of the many Palestinians is Nasser Abu Srour, who has been incarcerated since 1993 for his alleged involvement in the death of an Israeli intelligence officer during the first intifada . This is the fourth time the prospect of freedom has been raised, the past three ending in disappointment, even when his release was part of a 2013 peace process pledge brokered by the Obama administration.

His experience might be difficult to imagine but for the extraordinary memoir he has written, translated into lyrical prose by Luke Leafgren. “This is the story of a wall that somehow chose me as the witness of what it said and did,” he begins. In a prison, walls are ever present, the single reliable feature of the world. The idea of the wall becomes a focal point for Abu Srour’s narrative, the stability to which he clings, the source of comfort and continuity.

Aspects of this life are familiar from his upbringing in a refugee camp in Bethlehem, his parents both having been displaced by the Nakba in 1948. The camp, walled in on four sides, unable to expand to fit its growing population, erupted in 1987 as part of the first intifada. The response of the occupying forces was mass repression and imprisonment, including Abu Srour’s.

“Farewell world,” he scratches on the wall after he is placed in solitary confinement at the beginning of his sentence. Following an extended hunger strike across the prison population, conditions improve, and he is moved to a shared cell. Although he now has people to cook, eat and discuss politics with, he experiences the shift as profoundly unsettling. He resists a rare chance to look at the spring landscape from a prison transport because he “was eagerly awaiting our destination and a return to my wall, with the clarity of all its empty space the profusion of questions and answers as yet unwritten, since they would all come from me”. Frequent changes in his location, from the Negev desert to coastal Ashkelon, are used as starting points for reflections on the history, geography, literature and religion of this small patch of land.

Abu Srour’s position apart from the society he grew up in gives his accounts of the wider conflict a curious objectivity. He is no longer an actor in the drama of Palestine, and so follows the developments at one remove. The Oslo accords initially bring hope: “The prison camps rose to their feet and remained standing,” he writes. But this soon ebbed away as details emerged. Yasser Arafat , the “Chief Storyteller”, signed documents and maps with the “Occupying State” that “he was unable to explain”. The attacks of September 11 and the subsequent rise of Islamism within the Palestinian struggle is condemned. In the Arab spring he initially perceives hope, and a sense of continuity with the Palestinian struggle.

What emerges from this memoir is the internal landscape of an individual in extremis. Abu Srour’s humanity shines through, even as he endures an incarceration with no end in sight. Yet enduring is not the right word for his story. He instead speaks in terms of “soaring”, the prisoners being “people of the sky”, whose souls and bodies have separated, leaving them free to attain new heights. It is this poetic sensibility that brings freshness to the telling of the well‑rehearsed story of this long-running conflict: we see it anew.

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Don't use these 3 types of phrases in your resume, says ex-Google recruiter


Recruiters are busy people. They've got "typically about 20 to 30 positions open, truckloads of resumes they have to wade through and folks they have to meet and interview," says Simon Taylor , former Disney recruiter and author of the leadership book " Build Smart ."

It stands to reason if a resume has any red flags whatsoever, they'll move onto the next one immediately. When you're writing yours, you'll want to make sure it meets their criteria and doesn't give them a reason to pass on your candidacy.

Here are three phrases former Google recruiter and current CEO of salary data company FairComp , Nolan Church, recommends avoiding.

'Coordinated meetings with X'

To begin with, under each job title, avoid writing a list of tasks that you took at the job. "I don't give a s--- about your tasks," Church says.

The day-to-day duties of your job like emailing with your boss or creating your quarterly goals do not give a concrete sense of what you accomplished and how you helped the business move forward. "The one I see all the time that just blows my mind is 'coordinated meetings with X,'" Church says.

"There's literally no business impact for coordinating meetings," he says. Think, instead, of what you did that truly benefitted the business, like booking new clients or exceeding sales goals, and use specific numbers to illustrate it.

A 'word salad' of keywords

Career experts recommend using keywords from the job description to prove you meet the role's criteria. But many jobseekers go too far.

People tend to " have this word salad based off of what the [job description] says," says Church. If a marketing job calls for implementing strategic marketing, refining the company's messaging platforms and engaging stakeholders, for example, a jobseeker might wrongly include every one of those terms in one sentence.

Create a rule for yourself when you're writing the bullets under your job titles: "You're not allowed to use more than one keyword in a sentence," says Church.

Sentences that are more than '25 words'

In a similar vein, avoid run-on sentences.

"All of these sentences should be less than 25 words maximum," says Church. "Probably even shorter than that. Because the goal of a resume is for me to very quickly understand what you've done."

Harkening back to recruiters' time crunch, they'll likely have just "three-to-five seconds" to dedicate to your resume, Taylor previously told Make It . If the sentences describing your accomplishments are too long, they won't necessarily take the time to read them. By writing concise phrases, you're helping recruiters get to the punchline of your impact right away, instead of having to look for it among many words.

"Time is the enemy in life and is the enemy in business," says Church. "The faster that we can move, the faster that we can solve problems."

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    use a sentence with the word autobiography

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    use a sentence with the word autobiography

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    use a sentence with the word autobiography

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    use a sentence with the word autobiography

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    use a sentence with the word autobiography

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    use a sentence with the word autobiography


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  1. Examples of "Autobiography" in a Sentence

    Kurakin was one of the best-educated Russians of his day, and his autobiography, carried down to 1709, is an historical document of the first importance. 2. 1. Jehangir tells us in his autobiography that before his father Akbar built the present fort, the town was defended by a citadel of great antiquity. 2.

  2. How to use "autobiography" in a sentence

    Sentence Examples. As you would expect from a historian of Molony's distinction, his autobiography is written chastely, elegantly, self-critically and charitably. While going through such varied sources, it is a great joy when one finds an autobiography or a biography or an unpublished piece of writing.

  3. AUTOBIOGRAPHY in a sentence

    Examples of AUTOBIOGRAPHY in a sentence, how to use it. 98 examples: Critics often applaud rock autobiographies that go at least partially ' against…

  4. AUTOBIOGRAPHY in a Sentence Examples: 21 Ways to Use Autobiography

    To properly use autobiography in a sentence, follow these guidelines: Identify the Subject: First, identify the person whose life story is being presented. This person should also be the author of the autobiography. Introduce the Autobiography: Begin your sentence with a clear introduction that the text is an autobiography. For example, "In ...

  5. How To Use "Autobiography" In A Sentence: Exploring The Word

    The most common usage of the word "autobiography" is as a noun. It functions as the subject or object of a sentence, providing information about a person's life story. For example: "I am currently reading an autobiography about Nelson Mandela.". "Her autobiography provides a fascinating insight into her early years.".

  6. Autobiography Definition & Meaning

    The meaning of AUTOBIOGRAPHY is the biography of a person narrated by that person : a usually written account of a person's life in their own words. How to use autobiography in a sentence.

  7. Examples of 'autobiography' in a sentence

    The rugby union star has vowed to address all the claims surrounding his personal life in his autobiography, due out in September. She is in talks for a 5million fee to write her autobiography, something she always said she would only do at the end of her career. The third requirement was for a detailed autobiography.

  8. How To Use "Autobiographies" In A Sentence: Diving Deeper

    Autobiographies primarily function as nouns in a sentence. As a noun, an autobiography refers to a written account of a person's life, typically written by that person themselves. It serves as a record of personal experiences, reflections, and insights. Example sentences: Her autobiography provides a captivating glimpse into her extraordinary ...

  9. AUTOBIOGRAPHY Definition & Meaning

    Autobiography definition: a history of a person's life written or told by that person.. See examples of AUTOBIOGRAPHY used in a sentence.

  10. Use autobiography in a sentence

    How To Use Autobiography In A Sentence. Moceanu has written an autobiography, had book signings and cashed in on corporate and commercial appearances. 0 0. A short autobiography is prefixed to the 1827 edition of Juvenal. 0 0.

  11. How To Use "Biography" In A Sentence: Exploring The Term

    3. Failing to capitalize "biography" when referring to a specific work: When mentioning the title of a specific biography, it is important to capitalize the word "biography" as you would with any other title. Incorrect Example: "I recently read a biography of Leonardo da Vinci.".

  12. Autobiography: In a Sentence

    Definition of Autobiography. the story of an individual's life written by that individual. Examples of Autobiography in a sentence. To learn about the deceased celebrity, you should read the autobiography he wrote about his life. It was interesting to listen to the actress share a memory she had included in her autobiography.

  13. autobiography noun

    Definition of autobiography noun in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. Meaning, pronunciation, picture, example sentences, grammar, usage notes, synonyms and more.

  14. Autobiography Definition, Examples, and Writing Guide

    A memoir is a type of autobiography that focuses on a particular period in the author's life rather than their whole life. The strict definition of autobiography is a first-person account of its author's entire life. A memoir does not document the memoirist's full life story but rather a selected era or a specific multi-era journey within ...

  15. AUTOBIOGRAPHY Definition & Meaning

    Autobiography definition: a history of a person's life written or told by that person. See examples of AUTOBIOGRAPHY used in a sentence.


    AUTOBIOGRAPHY definition: 1. a book about a person's life, written by that person: 2. the area of literature relating to…. Learn more.

  17. Autobiography

    autobiography: 1 n a biography of yourself Types: memoir an account of the author's personal experiences Type of: biography , life , life history , life story an account of the series of events making up a person's life


    AUTOBIOGRAPHY definition: a book written by someone about their own life. Learn more.

  19. Examples of "Autobiographies" in a Sentence

    2. 5. Autobiographies also tend to have a less focused "theme" in the storytelling, and usually cover an extensive amount of time that starts with the author's birth. 0. 4. The autobiographies of these early Methodist preachers are among the classics of the Evangelical Revival. 8.

  20. How To Write an Autobiography 2024 (Tips, Templates, & Guide)

    Order your sections (from medium to high interest) Order the ideas in each section (from medium to high interest) Write three questions to answer in each section. Choose a starter sentence. Complete a title template. Write each section of your by completing the starter sentence and answering all three questions.

  21. Examples of "Autobiographical" in a Sentence

    Amos is a real charmer, there's no denying that, setting up the perfect mood for his fairly straightforward autobiographical story. 0. 2. Harvey Pekar, the hilariously downtrodden Cleveland comic book artist, is the subject of AMERICAN SPLENDOR, titled after Pekar's autobiographical series.

  22. Example sentences for autobiography

    Here below you will find several sentences that illustrate how to use the word autobiography in a sentence. In his autobiography, he wrote:. In her autobiography, she wrote:. In her autobiography, Goldman wrote:. He later wrote in his autobiography:. In his autobiography, Du Bois wrote:. In his 1883 autobiography, Gilbert wrote:.

  23. Autobiographic Definition & Meaning

    The meaning of AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL is of, relating to, or being an autobiography. How to use autobiographical in a sentence.

  24. Examples of "Biography" in a Sentence

    1. His wife Elisa Lee (1787-1860), an American authoress of some reputation, published after his death his lectures and sermons, with a biography written by herself (5 vols., Boston, 1846). 2. Learn how to use "biography" in a sentence with 441 example sentences on YourDictionary.

  25. How To Use "Autobiographic" In A Sentence: Diving Deeper

    In this article, we will explore the proper way to use autobiographic in a sentence, providing you with the tools to craft compelling and authentic self-reflections. ... Autobiographic, derived from the words "autobiography" and "graphic," refers to the act of presenting personal experiences or characteristics through vivid and ...

  26. Word of the Day: interloper

    Based on the definition and example provided, write a sentence using today's Word of the Day and share it as a comment on this article. It is most important that your sentence makes sense and ...

  27. Stop trying to make language 'funner.' Grammar rules exist for a reason

    April 25, 2024 at 12:00 p.m. EDT. (The Washington Post illustration; iStock) 8 min. 0. Because my no-nonsense mother habitually said "He don't" and "She don't," and my moody ...

  28. Word of the Day: propound

    Based on the definition and example provided, write a sentence using today's Word of the Day and share it as a comment on this article. It is most important that your sentence makes sense and ...

  29. The Tale of a Wall by Nasser Abu Srour review

    Jailed since the first intifada, Abu Srour charts a deeply personal journey through the conflict that has defined his life Attempts to end the violence in Gaza have focused on the exchange of ...

  30. 3 phrases to avoid on your resume according to ex-Google recruiter

    In a similar vein, avoid run-on sentences. "All of these sentences should be less than 25 words maximum," says Church. "Probably even shorter than that. Because the goal of a resume is for ...