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If you are planning a persuasive speech, you should think about a topic that can engage your audience. For this reason, you may want to consider a few topics before settling on the one that allows you to be more descriptive and entertaining.

Another important factor when picking a persuasive speech topic is to choose one that can provoke your audience. If you stir up a little emotion in your audience members, you'll keep their attention.

The list below is provided to help you brainstorm. Choose a topic from this list, or use it to generate an idea of your own. It could even be an idea that opposes the proposed example. For instance, instead of arguing American workers should be guaranteed a three-day weekend by law, you could argue why this shouldn't be the case.

How to Pick a Good Persuasive Speech Topic

Persuasive speeches are generally meant to convince an audience to agree with an idea you present. The topics can range from political to scientific or societal, and professional to personal—or even fun. They can be almost anything.

Just remember, a persuasive speech is different than a persuasive essay because you are presenting to an audience. So as you decide on a topic, think about your audience and decide on a subject matter that will be appropriate, compelling, and engaging to discuss. Perhaps it's a timely issue attracting a lot of news coverage, or maybe you want to be motivational and encourage a healthy activity. Whatever it is, structure your argument with a hook to capture attention , a clear definition of the topic or issue, and finally, your proposed solution or opinion.

100 Examples of Persuasive Speech Topics

  • Studying martial arts is good for mind and health.
  • Competitive sports can teach us about life.
  • Reality shows are exploiting people.
  • Community service should be a graduation requirement for all high school students.
  • The characteristics that make a person a hero.
  • It's important to grow things in a garden.
  • Violent video games are dangerous.
  • Lyrics in a song can impact our lives.
  • Traveling and studying abroad are positive experiences.
  • Journal writing is therapeutic.
  • You should spend time with your grandparents.
  • A laptop is better than a tablet.
  • Religion and science can go hand in hand.
  • School uniforms are good.
  • All-female colleges and all-male colleges are bad.
  • Multiple-choice tests are better than essay tests .
  • We should not spend money on space exploration.
  • Open-book tests are as effective as closed-book tests.
  • Security cameras keep us safer.
  • Parents should have access to students' grades.
  • Small classes are better than big classes.
  • You need to start saving for retirement now.
  • Credit cards are harmful to college students.
  • We should have a royal family.
  • We should protect endangered animals.
  • Texting while driving is dangerous.
  • You can write a novel.
  • Recycling should be required in the U.S.
  • State colleges are better than private colleges.
  • Private colleges are better than state colleges.
  • We should do away with penny coins.
  • Fast food containers hurt the environment.
  • Plastic straws are harmful to the environment.
  • You can eat and enjoy healthy snacks.
  • You can become a millionaire.
  • Dogs are better pets than cats.
  • You should own a bird.
  • It's unethical to keep birds in cages.
  • Liberal arts degrees prepare graduates to be better workers than other degrees.
  • Hunting animals should be banned.
  • Football is a dangerous sport.
  • School days should start later.
  • Night school is better than day school.
  • Technical training is better than a college degree.
  • Immigration laws should be more lenient.
  • Students should be able to choose their schools.
  • Everyone should learn to play a musical instrument.
  • Grass lawns should be prohibited.
  • Sharks should be protected.
  • We should do away with cars and go back to horse and carriage for transportation.
  • We should use more wind power.
  • We should pay more taxes.
  • We should do away with taxes.
  • Teachers should be tested like students.
  • We should not interfere in the affairs of other countries.
  • Every student should join a club.
  • Homeschooling is better than traditional schooling.
  • People should stay married for life.
  • Smoking in public should be illegal.
  • College students should live on campus .
  • Parents should let students fail.
  • Giving to charity is good.
  • Education makes us happier people.
  • T​he ​ death penalty should be outlawed.
  • Bigfoot is real.
  • We should increase train travel to save the environment.
  • We should read more classic books.
  • Fame is bad for young children.
  • Athletes should stay loyal to teams.
  • We should reform our prisons.
  • Juvenile offenders should not go to boot camps.
  • Abraham Lincoln was the best president.
  • Abraham Lincoln gets too much credit.
  • Students should be allowed to have cell phones in elementary, middle, and high school.
  • College student-athletes should be paid for playing.
  • Elderly citizens on fixed income should receive free public transportation.
  • Colleges and universities should be free to attend.
  • All American citizens should complete one year of community service.
  • Students should be required to take Spanish language classes.
  • Every student should be required to learn at least one foreign language .
  • Marijuana should be legal for recreational use nationwide.
  • Commercial testing of products on animals should no longer be allowed.
  • High school students should be required to participate in at least one team sport.
  • The minimum drinking age in the U.S. should be 25.
  • Replacing fossil fuels with cheaper alternative energy options should be mandated.
  • Churches need to contribute their share of taxes.
  • The Cuba embargo should be maintained by the U.S.
  • America should replace income taxes with a nationwide flat tax.
  • Once they reach the age of 18, all U.S. citizens should be automatically registered to vote .
  • Doctor-assisted suicide should be legal.
  • Spammers—people who bombard the internet with unsolicited email—should be banned from sending junk mail.
  • Every automobile driver should be required to take a new driver's test every three years.
  • Electroshock treatment is not a humane form of therapy.
  • Global warming is not real.
  • Single-parent adoption should be encouraged and promoted.
  • Gun companies should be held accountable for gun crimes.
  • Human cloning is not moral.
  • Religion does not belong in public education.
  • Juveniles should not be tried as adults.
  • American workers should be guaranteed a three-day weekend by law.
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persuasive speech topic ideas for high school students

112 Persuasive Speech Topics That Are Actually Engaging

What’s covered:, how to pick an awesome persuasive speech topic, 112 engaging persuasive speech topics, tips for preparing your persuasive speech.

Writing a stellar persuasive speech requires a carefully crafted argument that will resonate with your audience to sway them to your side. This feat can be challenging to accomplish, but an engaging, thought-provoking speech topic is an excellent place to start.

When it comes time to select a topic for your persuasive speech, you may feel overwhelmed by all the options to choose from—or your brain may be drawing a completely blank slate. If you’re having trouble thinking of the perfect topic, don’t worry. We’re here to help!

In this post, we’re sharing how to choose the perfect persuasive speech topic and tips to prepare for your speech. Plus, you’ll find 112 persuasive speech topics that you can take directly from us or use as creative inspiration for your own ideas!

Choose Something You’re Passionate About

It’s much easier to write, research, and deliver a speech about a cause you care about. Even if it’s challenging to find a topic that completely sparks your interest, try to choose a topic that aligns with your passions.

However, keep in mind that not everyone has the same interests as you. Try to choose a general topic to grab the attention of the majority of your audience, but one that’s specific enough to keep them engaged.

For example, suppose you’re giving a persuasive speech about book censorship. In that case, it’s probably too niche to talk about why “To Kill a Mockingbird” shouldn’t be censored (even if it’s your favorite book), and it’s too broad to talk about media censorship in general.

Steer Clear of Cliches

Have you already heard a persuasive speech topic presented dozens of times? If so, it’s probably not an excellent choice for your speech—even if it’s an issue you’re incredibly passionate about.

Although polarizing topics like abortion and climate control are important to discuss, they aren’t great persuasive speech topics. Most people have already formed an opinion on these topics, which will either cause them to tune out or have a negative impression of your speech.

Instead, choose topics that are fresh, unique, and new. If your audience has never heard your idea presented before, they will be more open to your argument and engaged in your speech.

Have a Clear Side of Opposition

For a persuasive speech to be engaging, there must be a clear side of opposition. To help determine the arguability of your topic, ask yourself: “If I presented my viewpoint on this topic to a group of peers, would someone disagree with me?” If the answer is yes, then you’ve chosen a great topic!

Now that we’ve laid the groundwork for what it takes to choose a great persuasive speech topic, here are over one hundred options for you to choose from.

  • Should high school athletes get tested for steroids?
  • Should schools be required to have physical education courses?
  • Should sports grades in school depend on things like athletic ability?
  • What sport should be added to or removed from the Olympics?
  • Should college athletes be able to make money off of their merchandise?
  • Should sports teams be able to recruit young athletes without a college degree?
  • Should we consider video gamers as professional athletes?
  • Is cheerleading considered a sport?
  • Should parents allow their kids to play contact sports?
  • Should professional female athletes be paid the same as professional male athletes?
  • Should college be free at the undergraduate level?
  • Is the traditional college experience obsolete?
  • Should you choose a major based on your interests or your potential salary?
  • Should high school students have to meet a required number of service hours before graduating?
  • Should teachers earn more or less based on how their students perform on standardized tests?
  • Are private high schools more effective than public high schools?
  • Should there be a minimum number of attendance days required to graduate?
  • Are GPAs harmful or helpful?
  • Should schools be required to teach about standardized testing?
  • Should Greek Life be banned in the United States?
  • Should schools offer science classes explicitly about mental health?
  • Should students be able to bring their cell phones to school?
  • Should all public restrooms be all-gender?
  • Should undocumented immigrants have the same employment and education opportunities as citizens?
  • Should everyone be paid a living wage regardless of their employment status?
  • Should supremacist groups be able to hold public events?
  • Should guns be allowed in public places?
  • Should the national drinking age be lowered?
  • Should prisoners be allowed to vote?
  • Should the government raise or lower the retirement age?
  • Should the government be able to control the population?
  • Is the death penalty ethical?


  • Should stores charge customers for plastic bags?
  • Should breeding animals (dogs, cats, etc.) be illegal?
  • Is it okay to have exotic animals as pets?
  • Should people be fined for not recycling?
  • Should compost bins become mandatory for restaurants?
  • Should electric vehicles have their own transportation infrastructure?
  • Would heavier fining policies reduce corporations’ emissions?
  • Should hunting be encouraged or illegal?
  • Should reusable diapers replace disposable diapers?

Science & Technology

  • Is paper media more reliable than digital news sources?
  • Should automated/self-driving cars be legalized?
  • Should schools be required to provide laptops to all students?
  • Should software companies be able to have pre-downloaded programs and applications on devices?
  • Should drones be allowed in military warfare?
  • Should scientists invest more or less money into cancer research?
  • Should cloning be illegal?
  • Should societies colonize other planets?
  • Should there be legal oversight over the development of technology?

Social Media

  • Should there be an age limit on social media?
  • Should cyberbullying have the same repercussions as in-person bullying?
  • Are online relationships as valuable as in-person relationships?
  • Does “cancel culture” have a positive or negative impact on societies?
  • Are social media platforms reliable information or news sources?
  • Should social media be censored?
  • Does social media create an unrealistic standard of beauty?
  • Is regular social media usage damaging to real-life interactions?
  • Is social media distorting democracy?
  • How many branches of government should there be?
  • Who is the best/worst president of all time?
  • How long should judges serve in the U.S. Supreme Court?
  • Should a more significant portion of the U.S. budget be contributed towards education?
  • Should the government invest in rapid transcontinental transportation infrastructure?
  • Should airport screening be more or less stringent?
  • Should the electoral college be dismantled?
  • Should the U.S. have open borders?
  • Should the government spend more or less money on space exploration?
  • Should students sing Christmas carols, say the pledge of allegiance, or perform other tangentially religious activities?
  • Should nuns and priests become genderless roles?
  • Should schools and other public buildings have prayer rooms?
  • Should animal sacrifice be legal if it occurs in a religious context?
  • Should countries be allowed to impose a national religion on their citizens?
  • Should the church be separated from the state?
  • Does freedom of religion positively or negatively affect societies?

Parenting & Family

  • Is it better to have children at a younger or older age?
  • Is it better for children to go to daycare or stay home with their parents?
  • Does birth order affect personality?
  • Should parents or the school system teach their kids about sex?
  • Are family traditions important?
  • Should parents smoke or drink around young children?
  • Should “spanking” children be illegal?
  • Should parents use swear words in front of their children?
  • Should parents allow their children to play violent video games?


  • Should all actors be paid the same regardless of gender or ethnicity?
  • Should all award shows be based on popular vote?
  • Who should be responsible for paying taxes on prize money, the game show staff or the contestants?
  • Should movies and television shows have ethnicity and gender quotas?
  • Should newspapers and magazines move to a completely online format?
  • Should streaming services like Netflix and Hulu be free for students?
  • Is the movie rating system still effective?
  • Should celebrities have more privacy rights?

Arts & Humanities

  • Are libraries becoming obsolete?
  • Should all schools have mandatory art or music courses in their curriculum?
  • Should offensive language be censored from classic literary works?
  • Is it ethical for museums to keep indigenous artifacts?
  • Should digital designs be considered an art form? 
  • Should abstract art be considered an art form?
  • Is music therapy effective?
  • Should tattoos be regarded as “professional dress” for work?
  • Should schools place greater emphasis on the arts programs?
  • Should euthanasia be allowed in hospitals and other clinical settings?
  • Should the government support and implement universal healthcare?
  • Would obesity rates lower if the government intervened to make healthy foods more affordable?
  • Should teenagers be given access to birth control pills without parental consent?
  • Should food allergies be considered a disease?
  • Should health insurance cover homeopathic medicine?
  • Is using painkillers healthy?
  • Should genetically modified foods be banned?
  • Should there be a tax on unhealthy foods?
  • Should tobacco products be banned from the country?
  • Should the birth control pill be free for everyone?

If you need more help brainstorming topics, especially those that are personalized to your interests, you can  use CollegeVine’s free AI tutor, Ivy . Ivy can help you come up with original persuasive speech ideas, and she can also help with the rest of your homework, from math to languages.

Do Your Research

A great persuasive speech is supported with plenty of well-researched facts and evidence. So before you begin the writing process, research both sides of the topic you’re presenting in-depth to gain a well-rounded perspective of the topic.

Understand Your Audience

It’s critical to understand your audience to deliver a great persuasive speech. After all, you are trying to convince them that your viewpoint is correct. Before writing your speech, consider the facts and information that your audience may already know, and think about the beliefs and concerns they may have about your topic. Then, address these concerns in your speech, and be mindful to include fresh, new information.

Have Someone Read Your Speech

Once you have finished writing your speech, have someone read it to check for areas of strength and improvement. You can use CollegeVine’s free essay review tool to get feedback on your speech from a peer!

Practice Makes Perfect

After completing your final draft, the key to success is to practice. Present your speech out loud in front of a mirror, your family, friends, and basically, anyone who will listen. Not only will the feedback of others help you to make your speech better, but you’ll become more confident in your presentation skills and may even be able to commit your speech to memory.

Hopefully, these ideas have inspired you to write a powerful, unique persuasive speech. With the perfect topic, plenty of practice, and a boost of self-confidence, we know you’ll impress your audience with a remarkable speech!

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Persuasive speech ideas

100 good persuasive speech topics for high school students

By:  Susan Dugdale  

Potentially interesting persuasive speech topics are everywhere - billions of them! But exactly how do you choose the right topic for yourself?

My goal is to help you do that easily! ☺ 

What you'll find on this page:

  • 100+ persuasive speech ideas  grouped by theme: animals/birds, arts/culture, automotive, business/economy, social/community, environment, education, ethics, global/world, sports... 

Notes covering:

  • what makes a speech topic 'good'
  • why some topics are potentially boring for an audience to listen to and best left alone
  • local and 'happening now' (current) persuasive speech ideas
  • the best way to use this list of topics

Reading the notes  before trying to decide what you'll talk about will make the process of choosing the perfect persuasive speech topic simpler.    

How to pick the right persuasive speech topic

The trick to picking the best topic from the bewildering mass of possibilities begins with understanding what makes a speech topic idea 'good'.

What makes a speech topic good?

While there are many factors that combine to make a 'good' speech topic, the three main ones are:

  • the subject matter is something you are genuinely interested in. If you're enthusiastic about your subject, you'll enjoy doing the research required and you'll do it thoroughly. What's more, your interest will show in the way you give your speech. A passionate person is a great deal more persuasive than someone who is ambivalent about what they're talking about.
  • something your audience will be interested in hearing about. Before you make a final choice consider carefully who you are talking to. As a group what particular topic, subjects or issues will make them want to sit up and listen? You'll want to avoid topics that have limited or little appeal to your audience. For example, you may be fascinated by your Great-Grandmother's hand crocheted doily collection, but will your audience really share your opinion that everyone would benefit from learning to crochet? Unless they're all like you, I don't think so! Find out more about the  benefits of audience analysis  in effective persuasive speech preparation.
  • something that has not been covered a 'squillion' times, already. You want a fresh topic!

Image: colorful crochet doily. Text: 100+ good persuasive speech topics - Everyone will benefit from learning to crochet. Mmm. Perhaps not.

Return to Top

Beware! Some persuasive speech topics are tired

All the engaging 'wow, that's interesting' energy has been squeezed out of them because they have been covered over and over again.  Those topics are exhausted through overuse. They've become cliches.

Most people do not want to listen to another speech:

  • smoking/vaping should be banned,
  • the legal drinking age should be raised to 21,
  • wearing seat belts in vehicles should be compulsory, or
  • the voting age should be lowered.

Even if the issues they raise are unresolved choose something else rather than risk boring your audience.

Of course, there are exceptions!   If you have a genuinely fresh and interesting angle to bring, perhaps new information or research to share, then go ahead. However, make that clear from the outset, otherwise you'll risk losing your audience's interest before you've had a chance to get your speech underway.

Remember - local and topical is GOOD

Before settling on a  persuasive speech topic from my list  check what's going on right under your nose. 

Great persuasive speech topics can pop out of your local community newspaper, radio, TV, or even your Facebook page. These could genuinely interest your audience. 

After all it's where you all live and the issues in your community have an impact on everyone's wellbeing.

The 'Wellywood' sign saga

I've just flicked through a copy of the local community news I picked up at my supermarket.

There were articles about a huge sign Wellington airport is considering placing on a prominent hill alongside the runway. It will read "Wellywood".

Image -The hill above Miramar Wharf, Wellington, NZ with a sign saying Wellywood.

Airport authorities say it supports our thriving film industry, celebrating and building on the success of "The Lord of the Rings".

Those against it argue it's cheap copycatting of the famous Hollywood sign. They say the thousands of overseas visitors per day who see it will hoot and snort with derisive laughter.

There are two potential persuasive speech ideas right there: depending on your point of view, either for or against the sign.

Another piece was on the mixed success of a newly introduced recycling scheme.

Yet another was on depression alongside the story of a young man who suffered from it. What angles could be taken on either of those?

How to use this list of speech topic suggestions

Note down 3 possibilities as you go through the list of speech topics below.

As you read apply the three 'tests' for selecting a good persuasive speech topic I've already mentioned: your interest in the topic, its appeal to your audience and its freshness.

In addition to those there are a few other factors to bear in mind before committing yourself. 

Other important factors to consider

Any of these could also influence your choice.

  • the time you have to research the topic thoroughly If it's a complex topic and you have limited time to prepare you may want to reconsider.
  • your desired outcome A successful persuasive speech persuades!  It challenges and seeks to change the way people think, feel and behave. What do you want your audience to do as a result of hearing you speak? Sign a petition, make a donation, vote for you, volunteer ...? What you want to happen is often called a ' most wanted response ' or MWR. Being clear about that will help you choose your topic as well as shape your speech.
  • your credibility How qualified are you to speak on the topic you've chosen? Do you have personal experience on your side?  How long have you been interested in it?  Have you done your research? Have you found reliable resources from reputable sources covering all angles of your topic?

100+ good persuasive speech ideas

Image:- street art- two girls writing on wall - 'Please no more war. Love.' Text: 100 persuasive speech ideas - Graffiti is a justifiable form of social protest.

Animals/birds ...

  • Factory farming of animals (e.g. of cows, sheep, pigs or chickens) is inhumane.
  • Humane meat production is an oxymoron.
  • Exotic animals can make excellent pets.
  • Should rats, mice and birds be used in scientific experimentation?
  • Pit-bull dogs are dangerous.
  • There are significant advantages to animal testing.
  • Puppy mills should be illegal.
  • The domestic cat is a serious threat to endangered birds.
  • Pet therapy should receive more funding.
  • Birds should not be kept in cages.
  • Wild animals should be left in the wild.


  • Artists should be supported and funded by the state.
  • Cultural appropriation in any form is an insult.
  • No subject should be considered taboo in art.
  • Graffiti is art.
  • Indigenous artifacts should be returned to their rightful owners.
  • Famous artists are entitled to have their rights to privacy respected.
  • Music videos are an art form in their own right.
  • Art should be freely accessible to all.
  • Tattooing is a modern form of Fine Art.
  • Art appreciation and practice should be compulsory subjects.
  • Respecting cultural difference should be taught in all schools.
  • Everyone should know about the culture(s) they are born into.
  • Culture is essential, just like fresh air and food.
  • Hands-on defensive driving training should be compulsory.
  • Electric vehicles should be subsidized.
  • Internal combustion engine powered vehicles should be taxed to cover emissions.
  • Bicycles and cars should have separate roads.
  • Children under the age of 10 should not ride bicycles on public roads.
  • Everybody who holds a driving license should be regularly retested.
  • Driving while using a cell phone should be illegal.
  • Private vehicle ownership and use in cities should be restricted.
  • Public transport in cities should be readily available and affordable.


  • Money is not the root of all evil.
  • Power does not necessarily corrupt.
  • All workers should at least receive the minimum wage.
  • All workers should be paid equitably for the same job regardless of differences in race, gender or sexuality. 
  • The minimum wage should be increased.
  • Local businesses deserve more support.
  • Using cheaper foreign labor for manufacturing is ruining our economy.


  • Homelessness is the result of choice.
  • Becoming a parent should be an earned privilege.
  • Same-sex marriage should be accepted in the same way that heterosexual marriage is.
  • Juvenile crime is a cry for help not punishment.
  • Guns should not be allowed in public places.
  • Helping those who need it in the community should be everyone's responsibility.
  • Food should never be wasted.
  • Community service projects create healthier communities.
  • All education should be free.
  • Higher education is over-rated.
  • Boys and girls should be educated separately.
  • Students should wear uniforms.
  • GPAs (Grade Point Averages) are more harmful than helpful.
  • The state colleges versus private colleges debate is meaningless.
  • Sex education is essential.
  • Mental health should be a mandatory subject in schools.
  • Private (fee-paying) schools achieve better results.
  • Everybody who wants to go to school should be able to.
  • Ranking student ability using traditional examinations should be stopped.
  • Assessment of a student's progress should be measured against themselves not their peers.
  • Class sizes should be smaller.
  • What is right? Choosing a major on the basis of personal interest or because of a potential salary? 
  • On-line teaching is as effective as classroom-based teaching.


  • Being 'green' is a fashionable fad.
  • Many current farming practices damage the environment and should be banned.
  • All plastic packaging must be banned.
  • Disposable diapers need to be biodegradable.
  • Should fracking be illegal?
  • Renewable energy schemes should be supported.
  • Climate change is a fact.
  • Mining in environmentally vulnerable areas should be stopped.
  • 'Green' spaces are good for mental health. There should be more parks. 
  • Lying is always wrong.
  • Truth is never debatable, or alternative. 
  • There is never an excuse or reason good enough to declare war.
  • Free speech should not be confused with hate speech.
  • What is 'right' and 'wrong' changes from generation to generation, from culture to culture.
  • Is it right to allow white supremacists to hold rallies?
  • Should drones be allowed in military warfare?
  • Ethical considerations should underpin stem-cell research.
  • Disabilities of any sort (mental, emotional, or physical) are an opportunity for personal growth.
  • Healthcare is the responsibility of the individual, not the state.
  • What we eat, we become.
  • What we think, we are.
  • Drug addicts are chronically sick. They have a disease.
  • Access to effective, safe birth control should be a right.
  • Plastic surgery should be only for those who really need it.
  • Assisted dying (suicide) should be legal.
  • Vaccinations in schools for common infectious diseases should be compulsory. 
  • A tax on sugar would help lessen the spread of diet related health problems.
  • Fast foods should not be blamed for health concerns.
  • Good affordable housing would solve many chronic health problems.
  • Therapies, like art or music, should be government funded. 


  • Global warming is real.
  • The idea of peace on earth is naive.
  • Nationalism creates and sustains enemies.
  • Cultural difference should be celebrated.
  • First world countries should meaningfully and freely assist countries who need help.


  • Religion has no place in government.
  • State censorship or surveillance is never a right course of action.
  • That giant international companies should not be able to dodge paying tax.
  • Military service should be compulsory.
  • It should be illegal to own or have a semi-automatic or assault weapon.
  • Modern media is to blame for lowering moral standards/ reading levels/ escalating violence. (Select one!)
  • Online games can be good for you.
  • Internet chat rooms should be monitored.
  • Facebook (or any other form of social media) is replacing the need for face-to-face communication.
  • Cyberbullying controls should be more actively put in place.
  • Monitoring media of any sort should be banned.
  • Religious tolerance should be encouraged.
  • All religious institutions should be monitored by the state.
  • Animal sacrifices as part of religious practice need to be viewed in context.
  • Should students be allowed to follow their religious practices in public schools?


  • Food engineering is the way of the future.
  • Cell phone use in public places should be controlled.
  • Should the government put restrictions on the development and use of AI?
  • Designer children - is this good for future generations?
  • Cloning is justifiable.
  • Self-driving cars should be legal.
  • Should schools teach the use of AI tools?
  • The use of robots should be limited.
  • All professional athletes should be required to take regular drug tests.
  • Professional male and female athletes in the same sport should be paid equally.
  • Children should not be allowed to play collision sports.
  • Is cheerleading a sport?
  • Competitive sports teach us valuable life lessons.
  • Physical education should be a compulsory subject.
  • No-one should be barred from a sport because of their gender.

persuasive speech topic ideas for high school students

Getting from compelling topic to persuasive speech

For help turning your chosen persuasive speech idea into a fully-fledged speech check these pages.

Resources for preparation 

  • Persuasive Speech Outline Find out more about structuring an effective persuasive speech using Monroe's Motivated Sequence, the classic 5 step pattern used by all professional persuaders: politicians, the advertising industry, and PR experts. There's a step-by-step example outline and a printable blank persuasive speech outline template for you to use too.

Alan H Monroe

Image per courtesy Purdue University

  • And here's a  persuasive speech example  that uses Monroe's Motivated Sequence.  Before you go to look I'd like you know its content is potentially controversial: suicide and the impact it has on close family and friends.
  • Sample Speech Outline This is the familiar 3 part speech outline - good for any type of speech. Read the step by step instructions then download a free blank speech outline to complete. Fill it in and you're ready to go!
  • How to Write a Speech Step by step easily followed instructions for shaping your material into an effective speech.

More persuasive speech topics to choose from

Image:-piece of half eaten chocolate cake on a plate. Text: Fun persuasive speech topics - Having you cake and eating it too is fair.

And if you're still in need of persuasive speech ideas check these pages:

  • 50   good persuasive speech topics  
  • 105 fun persuasive speech topics  
  • 309 'easy' persuasive speech topics
  • 108  feminist persuasive speech topics    
  • 310 persuasive speech topics for college . 

speaking out loud 

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persuasive speech topic ideas for high school students

persuasive speech topic ideas for high school students

125+ Persuasive Speech Topics To Amaze Your Audience

Speaker talking to audience

Reviewed by:

Former Admissions Committee Member, Columbia University

Reviewed: 4/26/24

This article provides a comprehensive list of persuasive speech topics and answers to some of your frequently asked questions about speech topics. 

Persuasive writing is hard, and it’s even harder to try to come up with an engaging topic that interests you and your audience. 

Not only do you have to convince your audience to take your side on subjects that are often pretty divisive, you also have to persuade them to take your side of the argument. The first step to making a successful persuasive speech that will amaze your audience is having a strong topic.  

Keep reading for 125+ persuasive speech topics. 

125+ Topics for a Persuasive Speech

Persuasive speech ideas are harder to come up with than you may think. There is a fine balance between interesting your audience, interesting to you, unique and fresh, all while being thought-provoking without being outright offensive. 

Here is a breakdown of various topics for persuasive speeches, organized by categories, to inspire you. 

1. Arts & Culture

Art and culture are always hot topics amongst individuals and groups. There are many interesting arguments and stances on both topics, and many people have strong opinions when it comes to the subject matter. 

See below for prompts for persuasive speeches about art and culture: 

  • Is graffiti art? 
  • Should art classes be mandatory for all students?
  • Should we keep reading classic literature that is offensive? 
  • Should there be a distinction between ‘high’ and ‘low’ literature?
  • Are romcoms and erotica series like Fifty Shades of Grey empowering for women?
  • Is reading actually more beneficial than watching TV or playing video games?
  • Is there any benefit or relevance to teaching high school students Shakespeare?
  • Should video games be considered a high form of entertainment?
  • Are biographical movies of deceased musicians and artists ethical?
  • Is modern music really worse than older music?
  • Should paparazzi be banned and unable to sell their photos?

Topics in arts and culture are always fun to debate and discuss because you have the opportunity to talk about your favorite pieces of media!

2. Economics

Economics is a hotly debated topic. There is no shortage of compelling, engaging arguments involving economics. 

Here are some good persuasive speech ideas on the topic of economics: 

  • Is capitalism a functional, ethical economic system? 
  • Should everyone, despite their income, be taxed at the same rate?
  • Can we introduce another economic system to our society? 
  • Should each state, the federal government, or individual companies be responsible for setting a living wage?
  • Should minimum wage be doubled?
  • Should everyone adapt to the four-day work week?
  • Should people who make under a certain amount per year not be taxed at all?
  • Should governments encourage and reward people for shopping locally? 
  • Should advertisements be banned during TV and media programming aimed at kids?
  • Has modern consumerism gone too far?

Economics is a great topic for a persuasive speech because it affects our everyday lives in so many ways. There are tons of research and perspectives to help support your argument. 

3. Education

Many people feel strongly about education and there are many sides and perspectives that come into play: teachers, parents, students, student athletes, and more. 

Here is a list of some engaging topics to write a persuasive speech on:

  • Should post-secondary education be free?
  • Should taking a year off between high school and college be mandatory?
  • Is it fair to take cell phones away from kids in middle/high school while they are in class?
  • Should school uniforms be mandatory in all high schools?
  • Should cursive writing still be taught in schools?
  • Do frats and sororities actually serve their purpose? 
  • Should programming and coding be introduced to young students?
  • Should school lunches be free?
  • Is college/university necessary anymore?
  • Does the education system prepare students for adult life?
  • Should gyms be mandatory for all students?
  • Do schools need to do a better job at teaching students a second language?
  • Should schools teach sign language?
  • What age should students be taught sex ed?
  • Should distant learning be encouraged, or avoided at all costs?

Education is another great topic to write a speech about because it intersects with economics, culture , and politics . These topics will guarantee an engaged audience. This is a popular topic for high school students who are learning about tuition and scholarships at their top colleges! 

4. Environment

Since the release of Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” and Greta Thunberg’s unapologetic activism, climate change has been at the forefront of many political, economic, and cultural conversations. 

If environmental issues spark your interest, consider writing on one of the topics below:

  • Can we ever live in a truly ‘green’ and environmentally friendly society?
  • Should water bottles be banned?
  • Are businesses responsible for implementing environmentally friendly production and products?
  • Should there be a carbon tax?
  • Should electric cars be mandatory in the near future?
  • Should we switch over to entirely renewable energy?
  • Do low-income families have the same duties to be eco-conscious as high-income families do? Should plastic bags and single use plastic be completely banned?
  • Should car racing be banned?
  • Should fast fashion be banned?

The environment and climate change are becoming, if not already, some of the most pressing issues of our day. 

Ethics may be one of the most difficult topics to write a persuasive speech about because the topics tend to cover sensitive subject matter. However, ethics are also some of the most compelling and complex topics to explore. 

Here are some potential topics for a persuasive speech about ethics:

  • Is animal testing ethical?
  • Is drinking coffee unethical?
  • Are animal shelters that allow euthanization ethical?
  • Should more people try to adopt a vegetarian/vegan diet?
  • Is the death penalty ethical? 
  • Can racism ever truly be eliminated?
  • Can the prison system genuinely contribute to the improvement and rehabilitation of individuals?
  • Should justice systems and incarceration facilities focus on rehabilitation over punishment? 
  • Should cosmetic plastic surgery be covered by insurance?
  • Are morals objective or subjective?
  • Should zoos and circuses be banned?
  • Should fur coats be illegal?
  • Are censorship laws ethical?
  • Is it ethical to genetically modify an embryo? 
  • How should we, and who is responsible, for addressing the homelessness crisis? 
  • Should minors who commit violent crimes be charged and tried as adults?

Tackling a persuasive speech on ethics is a challenge, as many of these topics are complex and sensitive. It can also be difficult to wrap up a speech on such huge ethical debates. 

However, these topics also provide some of the most riveting and energizing debates - if you’re up to the challenge, you should definitely try to tackle one of these topics. 

From fitness to food prices to economic privilege, there are tons of debatable topics regarding health. Here are just some of the potential topics you can write a speech on:

  • Are individuals solely responsible for their own health?
  • Should prescription medications be free?
  • Should sugary drinks like pop be taxed at higher rates?
  • Should Starbucks be allowed to advertise their high-calories and high sugar drinks?
  • Should the government regulate the prices of fruits and vegetables?
  • Should fast food restaurants regulate and reduce their portions?
  • Should gym memberships be free?
  • Should the government change and restructure the work week to reduce stress?
  • Should nurses be paid more?
  • Should smoking be banned?
  • Should insurance companies fully cover rehabilitation stays for health issues like eating disorders?

People have varying opinions and understanding of health, which makes these topics very engaging and interesting to write about.

7. Politics

It goes without saying that almost every political issue is debatable. 

  • Do we actually live in a truly democratic society?
  • Should there be a minimum wage or a living wage?
  • Should the legal voting age be decreased?
  • Does the pay gap exist?
  • Are younger politicians more effective?
  • Should there be stricter gun laws?
  • Should Presidents be able to serve more than two terms?
  • Should everyone get the day off work to go vote?
  • Should political party funding be regulated?
  • Should political smear campaigns be banned?
  • Is there a political bias in mainstream media?
  • Should you date someone with opposing political views? 
  • Is the government spending too much on the military sector?

Politics are all about persuading people to take a side, which makes it a strategic topic for delivering a moving persuasive speech. 

Sports is another big topic that people care a lot about. There are sports related matters that are questioned everywhere: sports on TV, the Olympics, college sports and athletics, and athletic sponsorships . 

Below is a list of captivating sports topics for a persuasive speech: 

  • Should the pay for professional teams be based on audience viewership? 
  • Are professional sports getting too violent? 
  • Are athletes overpaid?
  • Is cheerleading empowering or exploitative? 
  • Should children be allowed to compete in competitive sports?
  • Should we continue spending millions of dollars on the Olympic Games?
  • Do people put too much importance on high school and college football?
  • Should alcohol and tobacco ads be banned during sports?
  • Is betting on sports teams ethical?
  • Should high school and college athletes be paid?

Sports is a topic that people don’t often think of as controversial. However, your audience is bound to be engaged and contemplating your argument as you present your speech. 

9. Technology

As the world increasingly moves to online spaces, and technology advances faster than ever before, technology is another hot topic that people have a lot of thoughts and opinions on. 

  • Should all workplaces offer hybrid/remote work?
  • Should we pursue Artificial Intelligence?
  • Do we need to put resources into travelling to space?
  • Should parents monitor their children’s online activity?
  • Is it okay for phones to use facial recognition and fingerprint technology?
  • Is technology actually addicting?
  • Can we blame technology for increased stress and anxiety?
  • Are security cameras and body cameras an invasion of privacy? 
  • Should the internet be surveilled or managed?
  • Should video game chats be surveilled or even banned?
  • Are machines replacing human labor? 
  • Should cloning be outlawed/banned?

As technology continues to advance and expand into our personal lives, it is a great topic to write a unique persuasive speech on. 

Having a unique and creative speech topic discussing one of your interests can make it stand out more! Think about extracurriculars you participate in, podcasts you enjoy, or fascinating facts you’ve learned. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box. 

  • What makes a hero?
  • Are we headed towards World War 3?
  • Did humans really land on the moon?
  • Are serial killers born or made?
  • Can good and evil be separated neatly?
  • Is cancel culture a positive or negative thing?
  • Can money buy happiness?
  • How to become a millionaire
  • How to become more confident
  • How to live to be 100
  • How to survive an apocalypse
  • Do extraterrestrial beings exist?
  • Why students should start investing at 16
  • The true history of… (event of your choice, such as the Chernobyl disaster, the Black Plague, Salem Witch Trials, etc.)

Exploring these kinds of diverse and intriguing topics will not only capture your audience's attention but will also allow you to share your passions with your peers! 

What Makes a Good Persuasive Speech Topic?

The best persuasive speech topics are topics that are not overdone, and topics that the speaker is genuinely passionate and knowledgeable about. 

Persuasive speech topics should also be a bit controversial (this does not mean offensive) because the topic and speech itself should be thought-provoking. The more people are emotionally invested in the topic, the better. 

For example, while you can try to persuade your audience that strawberry ice cream is better than chocolate ice cream, it’s unlikely that many people have a strong emotional investment in that topic. Without an emotional investment, audiences will be sitting listening to your speech thinking: “so what?” 

On the other hand, a topic like “Should government’s set limits on how many children a family can have in overpopulated countries?” is emotionally charged and truly matters to people. 

FAQs: Persuasive Speech Topics

After reading through all the possible topics you can write a persuasive speech on, you may still have some questions before you get going. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about persuasive speech topics. 

1. What Are Some Easy Persuasive Topics?

Any persuasive topic can be easy to write about if you are passionate about your stance. The more passionate and knowledgeable you are about your topic, the easier it will be to research and write. 

There are also easy persuasive topics that are more lighthearted than controversial, which some people may find easier to debate and write about. Some easy persuasive topics include: 

  • Should everyone have a three-day weekend?
  • Should every public place have free Wi-Fi?
  • Does social media do more harm than good?
  • Should kids get paid for getting high grades?
  • Do we need more holidays?

These topics are all fun to debate, which makes it easy to write a persuasive speech or essay. Whereas some persuasive topics can be complex and sensitive, the topics listed above are pretty straightforward, which makes them easier to discuss than more complex topics. 

2. What Is a Good Persuasive Speech Topic For School?

A good start to finding a good speech topic for school is looking for a topic that involves something related to school. For example, you can look into talking about school uniforms, class sizes, tuition and scholarships, and school sports, just to name a few. 

Having a speech topic related to school is a good idea for school because your audience (teachers and peers) are directly in that environment as well. This means they will likely be more engaged as the topic, whether they agree or disagree, is relevant to their everyday lives. 

3. What are Three Examples of a Persuasive Speech Topic?

Any of the above topics listed in this article are examples of persuasive speech topics. Three specific examples that have not been listed are:

  • Is social media to blame for the rates of depression and anxiety amongst youth?
  • Do young adult romance novels encourage harmful and toxic relationships to their target audience?
  • Should children under 18 have total control over medical decisions made about their bodies?

These topics are examples of persuasive speech topics because you need to take a clear stance in order to answer the question. The point of a persuasive speech is to convince or persuade the audience that your side of the argument is valid and should be considered, so the topic needs the individual to take a specific stance. 

As briefly touched upon before, your topic needs to interest your audience for a successful persuasive speech. While you should make sure your topic isn’t overdone, you don’t want to go with something too ‘safe’ as that will most likely bore your audience. 

Final Thoughts

Coming up with a topic for a persuasive speech may be the most difficult part of the writing process. 

Read over our list of topics and pick out a few topics that genuinely interest you. From there, do some preliminary research on each topic and see which one has the strongest evidence to support your argument. Then, you’ll be good to start writing your persuasive speech that will amaze your audience!

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persuasive speech topic ideas for high school students

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persuasive speech topic ideas for high school students

Are you looking for persuasive speech topics to assign to your students? Don’t worry; we have you covered. Check out our list of 136 persuasive speech topics for students.

  • Testing products on animals: is it ethical or not?
  • Is it right to keep animals in zoos?
  • Should we use products made with animal fur?
  • Euthanizing stray animals: is it ethical?
  • Can a companion or service animal change someone’s life?
  • Is it rational to be scared of harmless yet frightening or unusual animals?
  • Keeping wild and exotic pets away from their natural habitat. Is it ethical?
  • Should we spay pets to control overpopulation?
  • Keeping exotic animals at home. Is it good for them?
  • Ten ways we can help animals live better
  • Personality disorders among teens. Are they easy to identify?
  • How our differences make us unique
  • Phobias of children, teens, and adults. What are the similarities and differences?
  • When is it right to give children medication for mental issues?
  • Suicide among teenagers. Is the media affecting it?
  • Studying psychology stresses students out
  • Peer pressure is the cause of a lot of delinquency during the teenage years
  • The importance of people skills
  • Are introverts better entrepreneurs?
  • How can a mentor affect your success as an entrepreneur?
  • Understanding your position in the market. How can it affect your current and future business plan?
  • Can social media affect your marketing plan?
  • Should you start a business based on your passions?
  • Starting a successful business with no money
  • The value of unique business ideas
  • Using feedback from unhappy customers to enhance your sales
  • The importance of delegation
  • Employers are asking for their employees’ social media accounts. Is it right or wrong?
  • Employers shouldn’t ask questions related to an employee’s personal life
  • Life as a teen addicted to technology
  • Teachers contribute more to society than a lot of other professions
  • Video games promote violence among children and teens
  • Are music videos appropriate for children and teens to watch?
  • Mental health and well-being should be one of the subjects studied in school
  • Kids under 16 years shouldn’t have their own social media accounts
  • Exam results shouldn’t be used to label students
  • Dealing with bullies. Is it suitable to punish them?
  • Are K-12 schools rigorous enough?
  • How to overcome shyness
  • Which sport should you play to stay fit and healthy?
  • How to write the best title for your speech?
  • How to overcome your fear of public speaking?
  • What is the best way to solve challenging Math problems?
  • A migraine is usually overlooked at school or in a workplace
  • Alternative medication: The truth and the myths
  • Infertility in couples is related to stress and unhealthy lifestyles
  • Mental health issues affect the whole society
  • The food industry causes obesity
  • Everyone should donate blood at least once a year
  • How to overcome back pain? Different treatment options
  • Using a mouthwash after brushing your teeth is essential for your dental health
  • Do cell phones affect our brains?
  • Non-smokers should be first on organ transplant lists
  • Is biohacking good for your health?
  • Diet beverages do not make you lose weight
  • How to keep your immune system strong
  • How to improve the way your body and brain function
  • Social media affects people’s self-image and self-esteem
  • Competitive sports teaches us a lot about life
  • Who is a hero? What are the qualities of a hero?
  • Learning from your mistakes
  • Spending time with your grandparents
  • Brilliant ways to make money in the 21st century
  • Living underwater: A reality or science fiction?
  • Texting while driving should be illegal
  • Using single-use plastic containers should be banned
  • School days should start later in the day
  • Immigration laws should be more lenient
  • Living with refugees from other countries
  • Students should be able to pick their schools
  • Parents should be able to pick their child’s schools
  • Should human beings control the weather?
  • Simple ways to overcome stress
  • People who spend their time playing video games are more prone to depression
  • Video games can enhance people’s brain functioning
  • Children who play video games have faster responses
  • How will gaming look ten years from now?
  • Virtual reality affects people’s perception
  • Living without computers is impossible
  • A video game can be the easiest way to teach kids
  • Watching people playing video games is as fun as watching sports in person
  • Will playing video games cause behavior problems?
  • The gaming industry is affecting every aspect of our lives
  • Video games are just as popular among adults
  • Playing video games with random people online makes you more sociable and outgoing
  • Using genetically modified foods is bad for our health
  • Using painkillers is not healthy
  • The technology revolution is changing life way too fast
  • Human beings should depend more on renewable energy
  • The power of crystal healing can improve our mental and physical health
  • How your diet can cause the onset of different health conditions
  • Using supplements should be controlled
  • Coming up with guidelines that control STEM cell research
  • How can science be used to improve the lives of physically challenged individuals?
  • High-school and middle-school students should be trained to do PowerPoint presentations
  • Improving students’ presentation skills
  • Should uniforms be obligatory in schools?
  • Should there be separate classrooms for boys and girls?
  • Students sent to boarding schools: A responsibility and a risk
  • The possible positive effect of spending a year as an exchange student
  • Cell phones shouldn’t be allowed in schools
  • Taking a year off school. Can it help you?
  • Hilarious games in the class can help shy students get along with others
  • Grades: Are they a fair way to evaluate academic performance?
  • More political and legal measures should be taken to protect the environment
  • Keeping an animal away from its home will affect the environmental balance
  • Businesses have a serious obligation towards protecting the environment
  • There should be a strict policy against polluting the ocean
  • Should there be government policies against the use of disposable diapers?
  • Recycling paper is going to save our planet
  • Are we taking the right measures to address global warming?
  • Can child abuse and traumas lead to future mental disorders?
  • Can family history make children more prone to stress and anxiety?
  • Should children and teens be worried more about their privacy or safety?
  • Can video games be used to educate children and teens?
  • Having an older/younger sibling. The perks and the challenges
  • Internet censorship for kids, is it a must?
  • The problem of governmental spending on biological weapons
  • Are we taking the right steps to eliminate cultural sensitivity?
  • Obesity in children is related to living a fast-paced life. What is the role of the parents
  • Getting and renewing a driving license: Is one test per lifetime enough?
  • Should smokers pay a health tax?
  • Is the government spending too much on the military sector?
  • Can writing a journal help you become a better person?
  • Reality shows affect people’s mental health
  • Song lyrics affect our lives in several ways
  • Should an artist comply with the rules set by society while working on a project?
  • Can action movies cause stress and anxiety?
  • Reading inspirational and humorous quotes improves your mood
  • Why reading an informational article in a list form is easier
  • Studying religion is motivational
  • How do we overcome conflicts and arguments between people who believe in different religions?
  • Should religion be allowed in schools?
  • Scriptures from the Bible can help people renew their belief
  • Current vs. ancient interpretations of the Bible: Which is more factual?
  • Children should be allowed to choose their religion

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120 debate topics for high and middle ....

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persuasive speech topic ideas for high school students

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persuasive speech topic ideas for high school students

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persuasive speech topic ideas for high school students

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persuasive speech topic ideas for high school students

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454 Persuasive Speech Topics: Easy, Fun, & Controversial Ideas for Students

454 Persuasive Speech Topics: Easy, Fun, & Controversial Ideas for Students

Every day, we create and consume persuasive messages. For example, when we argue about what movie to watch or where to go on the weekend. But how often do we pause to consider how we form our arguments or perceive the ones we hear from others? Public speaking on persuasive topics provides us the chance to do so.

Persuasive speeches do not inform the audience on the issue but rather convince them to take action or change their attitudes. In this article, we’ll discuss the structure of the persuasive speech. You’ll also find many compelling topics for public speaking that can come in handy and motivate the audience to change!

🔝 Top 10 Persuasive Speech Topics in 2024

✍️ persuasive speech outline, 😊 easy persuasive speech topics.

  • 🎒 Speech Topics for High School
  • 🎓 Speech Topics for College

⭐ Good Persuasive Speech Topics

💊 medical persuasive speech topics.

  • 🍃 Environmental Speech Topics

⚖️ Ethical Persuasive Speech Topics

➡️ problem solution persuasive speech topics, 😜 funny persuasive speech topics, 🤔 controversial persuasive speech topics, 📝 persuasive essay topics, ❓ persuasive speech faq, 🔗 references.

  • Why should society accept the AI revolution?
  • Free education should be accessible to everyone.
  • Social media impacts social behavior.
  • Sports should be a part of children’s life.
  • The death penalty should be canceled.
  • Fashion and style reveal the inner world of the person.
  • Every country should have open borders.
  • Teenagers are addicted to Instagram and Snapchat.
  • Solo travel is the best method to explore oneself.
  • Should teachers teach kids in middle school about sex?

Delivering persuasive speeches is not that easy. It usually requires thorough preparation and thoughtful structuring to convey your message clearly and motivate the audience to make a move. We have prepared a detailed outline to help you create an effective persuasive speech. Check out the table below to learn its key components!

  • Money cannot buy love and loyalty.
  • Higher education should be free for everyone .
  • Online communication is better than offline.
  • Students should not wear the uniform .
  • Use of cell phones while driving should be banned .
  • Youngsters should respect their elders.
  • Why should lying be banned?
  • Gay marriage should not be legal .
  • Selfies in tourist locations should be taxed.
  • iOS is better in use than Android .
  • Should the federal government legalize the use of marijuana ?
  • Gender should not matter in the sports industry .
  • Why should people colonize Mars ?
  • Why should same-sex marriage be a norm ?
  • People should visit dentists several times per year.
  • Educational institutions should promote inclusivity .
  • Should societies impose monogamy ?
  • Adventures are better than routine life.
  • Memes are a quick way to brighten up the mood.
  • Why humans should not visit Mars .
  • Offensive jokes should be forbidden.
  • Nightclubbing is a waste of time.
  • Tattoos should be considered fine art .
  • Why should Halloween as the event be canceled?
  • A good sense of humor helps make new acquaintances.
  • Why celebrities should avoid political topics .
  • Why does time pass faster on vacation?
  • Life exists after death.
  • Why celebrities should be apositive role model .
  • Vaping should be banned in public places.

🎒 Persuasive Speech Topics for High School

  • Dating a coworker should be illegal.
  • Should parents spank their children ?
  • Jealousy destroys all types of relationships.
  • Procrastination plays a vital role in the working process.
  • Should we restrict the Internet usage by children ?
  • Why shouldn’t parents force their kids to go to church?
  • Small businesses should be protected by law.
  • Should US public schools have a longer year ?
  • Why are online bloggers beneficial to society?
  • Owning a business leads people to feel lonely and isolated.
  • Adult children should support elderly parents .
  • Bitcoin should be used as legal currency.
  • Technology doesn’t make us lazy.
  • Why you should not have grades in school .
  • Why should the death penalty still be used as a punishment?
  • People should buy only electric vehicles .
  • Cigarette manufacturers should be prohibited .
  • Kids under the age of 13 should have an 8 PM curfew .
  • Police brutality against black people should be punished.
  • Censorship issue: books should never be banned .
  • People should have hobbies to be satisfied with life.
  • Having a role model is essential for constant self-improvement.
  • Why should marriage be based on love and not arranged ?
  • Why is creativity crucial in the SMM industry ?
  • The payment for commonalities should be decreased.
  • Why should evolution be taught in schools ?
  • Planning prevents procrastination.
  • Listening to music while driving decreases the rate of car crashes.
  • English language learners should be immersed in English .
  • Lotteries should be illegal, the same as gambling and casinos.

🎓 Persuasive Speech Topics for College

  • The government should take serious measures to prevent the issue of child pornography .
  • Should Mormon children be returned to their homes ?
  • Enormous coffee consumption can cause anxiety or panic attacks.
  • The three-day weekends can increase work productivity .
  • All police officers should wear a body camera .
  • Why texting on the road is the leading cause of car accidents?
  • The number of ads on the billboards should be cut.
  • Should public servants have the right to strike ?
  • Democracy as the government structure has a lot of pitfalls.
  • Foreign aid from the United States should aim to support global peace.
  • Why juveniles should be tried as adults .
  • Affirmative action should be taken to redress historical and ingrained inequalities.
  • The government should promote the spread of charter schools .
  • Should casinos be legal in Texas ?
  • The Black Lives Matter movement has played a vital role in preventing vigilante violence.
  • COVID-19 vaccines should be mandatory to protect people at risk.
  • Should parents have the right to choose their children based on genetics ?
  • Genetic engineering can be used for the treatment of genetic diseases.
  • White nationalism should be canceled.
  • Should guns be banned from college campuses ?
  • Why does routine make people feel healthier and more energetic?
  • Food preferences have the power to connect people around the world.
  • Individuals should not be allowed to sell their body organs .
  • Positive childhood memories play a crucial role in a person’s development.
  • Each individual should have a sense of purpose.
  • Should aid to developing countries be stopped ?
  • Border security should be a priority in ensuring national safety.
  • Extreme weather disasters are the consequences of global warming.
  • Should we rely on eye-witness testimonies to identify crime-suspects ?
  • Why does applying sunscreen reduce the risks of skin cancer ?

Whether you want to change the opinion of your audience or motivate them to action, here are some fascinating and thought-provoking topics that are perfect for persuasive speeches:

  • Year-round school is better for academic success .
  • Should academic achievement be a primary concern for college admission ?
  • The use of fossil fuels should be banned to stop global warming.
  • The drinking age should be raised to 25 years old.
  • Why should marijuana be legalized and crack or cocaine remain illegal ?
  • Abortion should be legalized at the federal level.
  • Why is a strong middle class crucial to economic development?
  • Should social norms change at the brink of the new era ?
  • Prisoners should be allowed to vote after being acquitted.
  • Violent video games promote aggressive behavior in teenagers.
  • Why should bullies be expelled from school ?
  • Parents should not track the location of their children.
  • Why is conflict necessary for change in a relationship?
  • Drinking age should be lowered to 18 years .
  • The prices of pharmaceutical drugs should be affordable for elders.

Persuasive Speech Topics about Music

  • Every person who has good hearing may sing.
  • Discusison of why we should keep vocal fry .
  • Why does classical music still play a vital role in music art?
  • The lyrics of a song should elicit emotions in the audience.
  • Legalizing free downloads of music and movies .
  • Music is an effective way to communicate with the masses.
  • Pirating music is a severe danger to the country’s economy.
  • Can music be an enhancement to education ?
  • Rap music has a bad influence on people’s behavior.
  • Music should be an anchor to positive emotions.
  • How does music reinforce stereotypes ?
  • Songs with violent lyrics should be banned for teenagers under 18.
  • Music has the potential to be the most effective therapy for mental illnesses.
  • Does music distract students or help them ?
  • Why should patriotic songs inspire people to feel passionate about their country?

Sports Persuasive Speech Topics

  • Coaches should be more active in athlete health management.
  • Should athletes be held to a higher moral standard ?
  • Why should hunting animals be banned as a sport in all countries?
  • Extreme sports with severe consequences should be outlawed.
  • Should football be banned for being too violent and dangerous ?
  • Heavy training and burnout put young athletes at risk of serious injury.
  • Alcohol and tobacco advertising during athletic events should be forbidden.
  • Reasons why kids should not play football .
  • The success of the football team depends on coaching skills.
  • College athletic teams should have sponsorship from the government.
  • College athletes should not be paid .
  • Terrorist countries should not be allowed to host international sporting activities.
  • Why do stress and anxiety make athletes more vulnerable to injuries?
  • Should Russian athletes be allowed to play in tournaments ?
  • The pay for men and women athletes should be equal.

Social Media Persuasive Speech Topics

  • Social media dating should be treated more seriously.
  • Should social media be banned ?
  • Social media is to blame for the proliferation of online sexual exploitation.
  • Why does Internet communication impact politics and social awareness?
  • YouTube comments: users should have a choice .
  • Instagram and TikTok make people more selfish.
  • The use of social networks should be banned for elementary school students.
  • Lemon coffee trend on TikTok shouldn’t be done .
  • Social media causes severe mental disorders.
  • Why do social networks lead to problems with self-esteem ?
  • Should online shaming be considered a problem ?
  • Instagram is the best place to earn money in the modern world.
  • The key benefit of social media is the freedom of speech .
  • Social media for children: threat or opportunity ?
  • People should be more cautious with using social networks.

The field of medicine provides many intriguing and interesting persuasive speech topics for students! You can check some of them below:

  • Healthcare should be a right, not a privilege.
  • Should parents avoid vaccinating their children ?
  • Why should health insurance cover dentistry?
  • Artificial intelligence positively influences the healthcare industry.
  • Mandatory overtime for nurses should be eliminated .
  • Medical aid for dying should be legalized.
  • Organ donation and transportation should not be forbidden.
  • Why we should all be wearing face masks .
  • Marijuana should be legalized for medical purposes .
  • COVID-19 vaccination protects children and adolescents.
  • Should we withhold life support ?
  • Healthy eating habits positively impact physical health.
  • E-cigarettes lead to lung cancer and cardiovascular disease.
  • Should physician-assisted suicide be legal ?
  • The quality of prenatal and postnatal care should be improved.
  • Animal testing in medical research should be canceled.
  • Should COVID-19 vaccines be mandatory ?
  • Sex education is crucial in preventing teenage pregnancy .
  • Childhood obesity comes from the lack of nutrition education in schools.
  • Should patients have access to truthful information ?
  • Regular medical checkups lower the chance of premature mortality.
  • People should regulate the amount of sugar intake to promote a healthy lifestyle.
  • Competence for nurses: why is it important ?

Mental Health Persuasive Speech Topics

  • Employers should create healthy work environments for their workforce.
  • Social media as a cause of anxiety and depression .
  • Children experience mental health issues less often than adults.
  • Stress at work leads to severe psychological issues.
  • Does social media use contribute to depression ?
  • Music therapy should be widely used in healing and recovery processes.
  • Implicit bias shapes the way medical providers interact with patients.
  • Hypnotherapy as an effective method for treating depression .
  • Regular sport and a healthy diet promote good mental well-being.
  • Why do open discussions on mental health help cope with anxiety?
  • Substance abuse: the cause of social problems .
  • Promoting a person’s social-emotional well-being leads to lower crime rates .
  • Raising awareness of mental health reduces suicide rates .
  • Why is anxiety not related to personal weakness ?
  • Mental healthcare professionals should encourage self-care to avoid burnout.

This image lists common myths about mental health.

Psychology Persuasive Speech Topics

  • Trauma-focused psychotherapy is the most effective method of treating people with PTSD .
  • Psychology: when we should trust our senses .
  • Why do family relationships affect behavior patterns in children?
  • Burnout at work is the leading cause of mental disorders.
  • Is creativity a modern panacea from boredom and depression ?
  • People should not work as psychologists without higher education.
  • The harm reduction treatment model is a great alternative to abstinence.
  • Is Islamic spirituality a key to psychological well-being ?
  • Why is it a bad idea for therapists to text clients?
  • The social pressure from peers leads to a mental breakdown.
  • Psychological testing: beneficial or harmful ?
  • War veterans should take therapy for PTSD.
  • Marketing firms use human behavior patterns to their advantage.
  • Psychology: does a criminal mind exist ?
  • Happy childhood does not guarantee good mental health.

🍃 Environmental Persuasive Speech Topics

The environment takes an important place in our lives. We can make beneficial changes and save the Earth for future generations by highlighting numerous persuasive environmental topics in our speeches! Here are some of the most relevant ones:

  • Eco-fashion is an effective way to save the Earth.
  • Clear cutting in rainforest should be limited .
  • Plastic pollution poses a danger to the marine ecosystem.
  • Why does overpopulation negatively impact the environment?
  • Seven things you should know about the eco-friendly bags .
  • Eco-tourism helps conserve natural resources and raise environmental consciousness.
  • People should care about e-waste in our digital age.
  • Reasons why plastic bags should be banned .
  • Why do plant-based diets positively affect people’s mental and physical health?
  • Rural development contributes to widespread pollution and wildfires.
  • Should the Green New Deal be embraced ?
  • Buying sustainable production has a positive effect on biodiversity promotion.
  • Quality of life highly depends on the quality of the environment.
  • Water recycling: why is it important ?
  • Every person should plant a tree beside the house.
  • Littering should be punished with heavy fines.
  • Renewable energy: why do we need it ?
  • Covid-19 has played an essential role in the environment’s recovery.
  • Developed countries are responsible for global warming .
  • Why hunting is environmentally beneficial .
  • We should aim toward a paperless society.
  • A carbon tax should be necessary to preserve the environment.
  • Biodiversity on the Earth: why is it crucial for the environment ?

This image shows environmental issues to argue about.

Persuasive Speech Topics about Food

  • Fast-food restaurants should ban the usage of palm oil.
  • Should Americans adopt a vegan lifestyle ?
  • Why should the use of chemicals in agriculture be decreased?
  • Factory farms increase the instance or exacerbation of asthma cases .
  • Should food manufacturers label all GMOs ?
  • Food waste significantly contributes to greenhouse gas emissions.
  • People should form mindful consumption habits and proper food storage techniques.
  • Eating home-cooked food is essential .
  • Seasonal eating has a positive impact on reducing transportation emissions.
  • Plastic food packaging should be banned around the world.
  • Is fast food really harmful and can it be healthy ?
  • The government should take water-saving measures at the national level.
  • Why can optimizing energy usage in food processing save the environment?
  • Genetically modified foods: how safe are they ?
  • A responsible food system contributes to the long-term health of our planet.

Persuasive Speech Topics About Animals

  • People should prioritize the protection of endangered species .
  • Animals should have the same rights as humans: pros and cons .
  • Zoos should be closed to prevent animal abuse.
  • Beauty companies that encourage animal testing should be banned.
  • Animal welfare: why animals should be treated with kindness and respect .
  • Why are animal sports banning campaigns ineffective?
  • Young kids should be taught how to take care of animals.
  • Save animals: experimentation should be stopped .
  • Spending time with pets reduces stress and depression.
  • Domestic animals should be vaccinated as necessary.
  • Animal use in scientific testing should be stopped .
  • Pets should be adopted from the shelter rather than bought in a shop.
  • Why should pets be microchipped?
  • Should animals be used for research ?
  • Flies, bees, and other insects are essential to the ecosystem.

Ethical persuasive speech topics provide a compelling platform for discussing our world’s moral issues and inspiring significant change. Below are the best persuasive speech topics on ethics themes that can come in handy!

  • People should live together before marriage.
  • Philosophy prospectus: why should we be moral ?
  • LGBT people should be permitted to serve in the military .
  • Why should suicide commitment be legal?
  • Should parents be responsible for children’s crimes ?
  • Vaccinations against infectious illnesses should be made mandatory in schools.
  • Why is lying appropriate when it comes down to survival?
  • Why should I be moral when it is not in my best interest to do so ?
  • A sugar tax can assist in reducing the spread of diet-related health issues.
  • People should be legally responsible for their moral decisions and actions.
  • Should Kant be criticized for his absolutism ?
  • Why should graffiti be considered art?
  • Wearing natural fur and leather is unethical in the modern world.
  • Should children be tried as adults for murder ?
  • Children should be protected from using inappropriate websites.
  • Each person should own a gun for personal protection.
  • Ethical dilemma: should gene editing be performed on human embryos ?
  • Kids should be taught ethics in elementary school.
  • Religious organizations should be required to pay taxes.
  • Should behavior be made illegal because it is considered immoral ?
  • Innovative gadgets make teenagers lazy and rude.
  • Terminally ill patients should have access to euthanasia .
  • Should the powerful have a right to rule over the weak ?

Business Persuasive Speech Topics

  • Harassment is one of the most significant ethical challenges in business .
  • Biometric security should be mainstream in firms .
  • Abuse of leadership negatively affects company development.
  • Why are transparency and trustworthiness crucial in business financial performance?
  • Should companies disclose key executives’ medical problems ?
  • Extraverts are worse entrepreneurs than introverts.
  • Companies should foremost create a good working environment for their employees.
  • Should companies engage corporate social responsibility ?
  • Smoke breaks should not be allowed during the working process.
  • Why is working for a rival a wise decision?
  • Should marketers test advertising ?
  • Political relationships should not be used for business development .
  • Free perks to employees positively influence overall productivity.
  • Why should businesses embrace remote work ?
  • Each business should take corporate social responsibility .

Political Persuasive Speech Topics

  • Psychological therapies should be government funded.
  • Should illegal immigrants be made legal citizens ?
  • Why is torture an inappropriate method to receive a confession in prison?
  • Welfare recipients should be obliged to submit to a drug test.
  • Why gun control laws should be scrapped .
  • Political corruption should be punished with the death penalty.
  • Why should the government fund partisan organizations?
  • Why should Bernie Sanders be a president ?
  • The voting age should be decreased to 16 years old.
  • Why is there never a good enough cause to declare war?
  • Military policy that should be changed .
  • Prostitution should be legalized and protected by the law.
  • Illegal immigration significantly impacts terrorism act rates.
  • Chinese one-child policy: why it should not be relaxed .
  • Health insurance should be mandatory by law.

Persuasive Speech Topics About Education

  • Teachers should use social networks to communicate with students.
  • Should Canada provide free tuition for university students ?
  • Why is higher education overrated?
  • Exams should no longer be used to assess the skills of students.
  • Why should vocabulary lessons be taught ?
  • Online learning is more effective than attending classes at school.
  • University bribes affect hardworking students.
  • Should stimulants be prescribed to boost grades ?
  • Why do teachers assist students in cheating during exams ?
  • Teachers’ preferential treatment in schools should be punished.
  • Should the US adopt the British tradition of a gap year ?
  • Parents and students should report bullying and cyberbullying cases.
  • Students should not be allowed to have their phones with them during school.
  • Should concealed handguns be allowed in Texas classrooms ?
  • Immigrants without documents should be permitted to attend public schools.

Problem-solution topics convince audiences to actively engage in discovering practical and effective answers to challenges affecting our society. Check out some ideas below!

  • How can we deal with climate change ?
  • Should Georgia legalize gambling to raise revenue ?
  • Maintaining peace and security is critical for poverty prevention.
  • Filtration and disinfection as methods to solve the water pollution issue.
  • Have “three-strikes” laws been effective and should they be continued ?
  • How can a rise in public awareness decrease human rights violation cases?
  • Taking baths as a way to reduce anxiety and stress.
  • Why should immigrants receive social services ?
  • How can the government solve the problem of wage inequality ?
  • Buying e-books as a way to protect the environment.
  • Where and how sex education should be conducted among the young people ?
  • Government sanctions are crucial to reducing child labor .
  • How can we provide adequate salaries for qualified teachers?
  • The Right-to-Die bill: why all states should pass it .
  • Interactive games as a way to increase attention in class.
  • International cooperation is vital to combat cyber threats .
  • Should the province of Nova Scotia increase its minimum wage ?
  • Donating as a method to reduce global poverty .
  • How to deal with misinformation and fake news in the digital age?
  • How should we deal with the rising cost of education ?
  • Planning strategies are essential to solve the problem of overpopulation.
  • How can gender inequality be stopped at school or the workplace?
  • Animal transplantation and commerce in organs should be used to reduce the shortage in organs .
  • Increasing access to cheap internet infrastructure as a way to narrow the digital gap.
  • How can we solve the problem of doping in sports ?
  • E-cigarettes smoking: threat or solution ?
  • Good school culture as a modern approach to reducing truancy .
  • Reading out loud helps improve the critical thinking of students .
  • Assisted suicide as a solution in end-of-life care .
  • How can we make the media ethical and responsible?

This image shows current problems with possible solutions.

Funny persuasive speech topics perform two functions: entertain and persuade the target audience. We have prepared a list of the cleverest ideas for you to use in your speech!

  • Video games should be considered a sport.
  • Should apartments ban dogs based on breed ?
  • Why is the Moon landing fake?
  • Eating dessert first positively impacts people’s well-being.
  • Feminism: how a man should look at a woman .
  • The homework for high school students should be canceled.
  • Laughing is the best therapy for depression.
  • Why should pitbulls not be banned ?
  • People in the future should have personal robots.
  • Why should children be allowed to choose their bedtime?
  • Should people under 18 get a tattoo ?
  • Instagram kills individuality in teenagers.
  • Why should schools have pizza breaks between classes?
  • Should plant-based dairy be labeled as milk ?
  • Parents should not be allowed to comment on their kids’ wardrobe choices.
  • The consumption of junk food should be controlled on the federal level.
  • The United States government should release more UFO information to the public .
  • Comic books should be used to teach Mathematics.
  • The mismatched socks impact academic performance during exams.
  • Should spamming be illegal ?
  • The government should create insurance for breakups.
  • The Loch Ness Monster should be protected from annoying tourists.
  • Should people be paid to stay healthy ?
  • Why can sarcastic jokes save the conversation?
  • Men should always go on compromise with their wives.
  • Gender stereotypes: should real men wear pink ?
  • Rap music provokes aggressive behavior among teens.
  • Why breaking up via social media should be illegal?
  • Online dating should not be classified as dating .
  • Binge-watching Netflix should be practiced during the lessons.

Controversial persuasive speech topics provoke listeners’ critical thinking and encourage dynamic discussion. Check the best persuasive speech topics on controversial themes below!

  • Why does a bad first date lead to a strong and long relationship?
  • Why should flogging be brought back ?
  • The dream job topic is the lightest way to talk about work.
  • Aliens should share their secret technologies with NATO.
  • Ukraine should not join the European Union .
  • Only intelligent speakers should have freedom of speech.
  • Atheism is not a religion but rather a philosophical position.
  • Should college education be free for all US citizens ?
  • Why is nuclear energy ingrained as part of the power grid in the US?
  • Terrorists are generally more sadistic than religious.
  • Why cameras should be placed in public places .
  • Everyone should be able to possess a gun .
  • Why is it crucial to be selfish from time to time?
  • Should schools distribute condoms ?
  • People should pass the test on political awareness before voting.
  • Gay people should be permitted to adopt children.
  • Should the sale of human organs be legalized ?
  • Why is feminism irrelevant in the 21st century?
  • Schools should provide free birth control for teenagers .
  • Should gay and lesbian couples be allowed to adopt ?
  • Children as young as 12 should be allowed to work.
  • Why should human cloning be allowed?
  • Should the US resume a millitary draft ?
  • The show The Kardashians is harming society.
  • Why are most conspiracy theories fake?
  • What should society censor ?
  • The Big Bang Theory movie deepens viewers’ knowledge of science.
  • McDonald’s should be opened in every town around the world.
  • Why should abortion be included in the national healthcare plan ?
  • Why is writing an autobiography a good idea?

Need to write a persuasive essay ? Do not panic! Here are some additional persuasive topics that you can use for your writing:

  • Negative news on TV increases the level of stress.
  • Should sex and violence be restricted on television ?
  • Leisure time should be spent with benefits for physical and mental health.
  • Daydreaming develops learning skills in students.
  • Why the government should not have bailed out banks .
  • Every person should be required to participate in national public service.
  • Cell phone radiation is hazardous to people’s health.
  • What qualities should a leader have ?
  • More money should be invested in space exploration .
  • Alternative medicine should be outlawed.
  • Mandatory job drug test should be allowed .
  • Why can stalkers be dangerous?
  • Parents should not buy a lot of candies for their children.
  • Which country should the US invest in, Australia or Mexico ?
  • Students should plant trees to contribute to a greener environment.
  • Why is your biggest failure the most beneficial lesson for you?
  • Why should we look at race when trying to understand fascism ?
  • Countries that started the wars should pay reparations .
  • Pineapple on a pizza should be canceled.
  • Why Guantanamo Bay should stay open .
  • Why should you and your parents never be friends on Instagram?
  • Starting a day by making a bed increases productivity during the day.
  • Why the Pantheon should be preserved .
  • TikTok is an entertaining social network as well as educational.
  • Using curse words should be taxed.
  • Should net neutrality be protected or discontinued ?
  • Dreaming is the first step in achieving the goal.
  • Stereotypes and biases are not appropriate in the modern world.
  • Should Turkey enter the European Union ?
  • Why are politics bad role models for children?

What Is a Persuasive Speech?

A persuasive speech is a type of communication with the audience where the speaker tries to persuade them by appealing to logic, ethics, or emotions. The speaker must provide clear arguments to back up their point of view. In contrast to informative speeches, persuasive speeches do not try to give information. Instead, they motivate audiences to think or behave differently.

What Makes a Good Persuasive Speech?

Various qualities characterize effective persuasive speeches:

  • Attention-grabbing introduction . Convincing speakers immediately draw the listener into their messages by starting with a brief intriguing statement supported by evidence.
  • Authority to speak . The audience usually heeds speakers’ messages if they establish their expertise and credibility.
  • The logical order . The speaker should put the arguments logically and sequentially to control the information flow.
  • Effective conclusion . The final part of the speech is the last chance to convince the audience, so it must summarize key points and include a call to action.

What to Write a Persuasive Speech on?

To find a perfect topic for your speech, follow the steps below:

  • Think of something that is important to you or has a life-changing effect.
  • Try to understand what makes you happy or angry about this theme.
  • Write down ways in which you can make a difference.

That’s it! Now you know which topic has the potential to inspire action or change among the target listeners!

What Are Good Persuasive Speech Topics?

If you want to rock the stage as a public speaker, aim at topics that are controversial and risky. Human cloning, polygamy, workplace romance, and abortion are just a few examples. Like no other, such topics provoke the audience to take action and change. In addition, they raise deep concern in listeners’ minds and show alternative viewpoints on the issue.

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435 PERSUASIVE Speech Topics for High School Students (Top)

PERSUASIVE Speech Topics for High School Students

Disclosure:  Some of the links in this article may be affiliate links, which can provide compensation to me at no cost to you if you decide to purchase. This site is not intended to provide financial advice and is for entertainment only.  

Giving a persuasive speech can be stressful for high school students , especially when you are tasked with coming up with your own topic.

To help reduce the stress of preparation, I have compiled this list of 435 persuasive speech topics for high school students to give you some ideas and inspiration.

These topics cover a wide range of issues that are relevant to today’s young adults, from social concerns like gender roles and mental health awareness to more academic pursuits such as college admissions and financial aid opportunities.

With this comprehensive list in hand, you will be able to quickly come up with an engaging idea that resonates with both yourself and your audience .

So take a look around - there is sure to be something here which can help make your next presentation a success!

1. Should standardized testing be eliminated in favor of a more personalized approach?

2. Should high school students have the right to choose their own curriculum?

3. Should minors be given the same rights as adults when it comes to freedom of expression?

4. Is it beneficial for schools to offer mental health counseling services on campus?

5. How can society work together to combat bullying in schools?

6. Can video games help young people learn new skills or develop existing ones?

7. Are zero-tolerance policies effective in reducing student misconduct and promoting better behavior at school ?

8. What are the pros and cons of allowing cell phone use during class time ?

9. What regulations should be put into place regarding cyberbullying prevention ?

10. Do current laws successfully protect LGBTQ+ individuals from discrimination within schools ?

11. Should students be given more opportunities to provide input on the school's curriculum?

12. How can social media use be better regulated in schools to avoid misuse and distraction?

13. How can we create an environment of inclusion for all racial and ethnic backgrounds in school ?

14. What measures should be taken to ensure online safety for students?

15. What steps should schools take to reduce teenage drug abuse?

16. Is it beneficial for high schoolers to pursue dual enrollment or advanced placement courses ?

17. Is corporal punishment an effective form of discipline in schools ?

18. Are dress codes still necessary in modern education systems ?

19. Should student athletes receive special treatment, such as lower academic standards or priority scheduling?

20. Has the cost of higher education become too expensive for most families today ?

21. Should the school day start later in order to improve student performance?

22. Could technology be leveraged more effectively to help students better understand their course material?

23. Are there any viable alternatives to traditional classroom instruction for modern students?

24. What regulations should be put into place regarding academic dishonesty and cheating ?

25. Is it beneficial for high schools to offer specialized courses such as robotics or coding?

26. How can we create a sense of community within larger educational institutions ?

27. Should cell phones be prohibited from use during class time, even if they are not being used for disruption purposes ?

28. Do current laws protect student's privacy rights adequately enough when it comes to gathering data about them online ?

29. Can extracurricular activities help foster greater school pride among students in large districts ?

30 .Should public universities take measures to reduce tuition costs for all levels of income families?

31. Should schools decrease their reliance on textbooks and utilize digital forms of learning?

32. How can we create an environment in which all students feel safe to express themselves without fear of ridicule or bullying?

33. Is the current academic system providing students with enough opportunity for creative expression and exploration ?

34. What policies should be implemented to reduce dropout rates among high schoolers?

35. Should high schools offer more vocational training courses for those not planning on attending college?

36. How can we successfully implement sustainable practices into modern education systems ?

37. Are standardized tests accurate representations of a student's knowledge in a given subject area ?

38. What measures should be taken by educators to help ensure that students are well-prepared when it comes time to transition into adult life?

39. Should music and art courses continue to remain mandatory subjects within public school curriculums ?

40 .What role do teachers play in helping their pupils achieve greater success beyond just academics?

41. Should schools provide mental health services to help students cope with the increasing pressure and stress of modern day life?

42. How can we encourage more young people to become involved in politics and government reform initiatives?

43. What measures should be taken by teachers to ensure that all students are receiving an equal education regardless of background or financial status?

44 .Should states continue administering high-stakes tests such as the SAT/ACT for college admissions purposes ?

45. Could longer school days improve student performance, or would they lead to burnout and fatigue?

46. Should educational institutions offer an alternative form of punishment other than detention for wrongdoings ?

47. Is it beneficial for high schools to initiate career guidance programs for their students earlier on ?

48. What measures could be taken in order to reduce bullying among children in school systems ?

49. How can we increase access and opportunities within underprivileged communities when it comes to higher education ?

50. How could discussions about diversity, race equality, sexism , etc., best be implemented into classrooms without causing discomfort or controversy amongst pupils?

51. Should high schools have separate classes for boys and girls to reduce the gender gap among students?

52. How can we create more awareness about mental health issues in educational institutions?

53. Is it beneficial for students to attend single-sex schools rather than coed ones ?

54. What measures could be taken by school districts to improve the quality of food served in cafeterias?

55. Should religious education continue to remain part of public school curriculums?

56. Do current grading systems accurately reflect a student's knowledge of a given subject matter ?

57. How can educators ensure all pupils receive an equal, fair education regardless of race or ethnicity ?

58. Could implementing mindfulness practices into daily routines help reduce stress amongst teens attending high school ?

59. What measures should be taken by teachers and administrators when it comes to bullying prevention within educational institutions?

60. Should universities provide free speech courses that teach how to communicate effectively with others in order to foster greater understanding between different groups/cultures.?

61. Should high schools provide internships and job shadow experiences to help their students gain a better understanding of the working world?

62. Are current methods for evaluating student performance effective or should we look into alternative assessment strategies?

63. How can we ensure that all students have access to resources necessary for success in school, such as textbooks and technology ?

64. What roles do teachers play in encouraging healthy eating habits among their pupils?

65 .Should educational institutions consider incorporating modern technologies (such as smartphones) into classrooms rather than banning them completely ?

66. What measures should be taken by educators to increase awareness about the dangers of drug use amongst teenagers ?

67. Is it beneficial for schools to allocate more funding towards extracurricular activities such as sports teams, martial arts clubs, music groups etc.?

68. Should students have more freedom to express their opinions in schools?

69. Is it beneficial for high schoolers to take part in community service projects?

70. Are current standardized tests an accurate measure of a student’s knowledge or should we look into alternative assessment strategies?

71. How can educators best address controversial topics such as sexuality, gender identity, and politics without causing controversy amongst pupils?

72. Can technology help improve the quality of education received by students or are there drawbacks that outweigh the benefits ?

73. What measures could be taken by teachers to ensure that all students receive equal access and opportunities regardless of race or financial status ?

74. How can peer-to-peer learning best be incorporated into educational institutions to foster greater understanding between different groups/cultures?

75. Is homeschooling an effective alternative form of education when compared with traditional schooling methods ?

76. Could longer school days lead to higher rates of burnout and fatigue among high schoolers or would they benefit from increased instructional time?

77. Could incorporating mindfulness practices into daily routines help reduce stress among teens attending high school?

78. Should extracurricular activities such as sports be mandatory in educational institutions ?

79. Should schools and universities provide mental health services to their students?

80. How can educators best address cyberbullying among high schoolers?

81. Could implementing a mentorship program within public schools help better prepare pupils for the working world?

82 .Should universities provide free speech courses that teach how to communicate effectively with others in order to foster greater understanding between different groups/cultures.?

83. Would providing incentives for good academic performance be beneficial for students or would it put too much pressure on them ?

84. Is it beneficial for high schoolers to take part in community service projects ?

85 .Do current grading systems accurately reflect a student’s knowledge of a given subject matter ?

86. What measures should be taken by teachers and administrators when it comes to bullying prevention within educational institutions ?

87. How can we ensure that all students have access to resources necessary for success in school, such as textbooks and technology?

88. What roles do teachers play in encouraging healthy eating habits amongst their pupils?

89. Should high schools provide career-focused courses to help kids decide their future?

90. Are current measures taken by educational institutions enough to prevent cheating and plagiarism?

91. How can teachers best address the issue of social media addiction among teenagers?

92. What strategies should be implemented in order for students to stay focused on their studies?

93. Is there a need for stricter punishments regarding cyberbullying ?

94. Can student feedback help improve teaching methods used by educators?

95. In what ways can educational institutions better assist those with learning disabilities when it comes to schooling and/or exams ?

96. Could implementing body cameras in classrooms promote accountability amongst both students and faculty members ?

97. Do high schoolers benefit from taking part in debates or are they an unnecessary waste of time ?

98. Should all high schools have mandatory internships programs as part of their curriculum so that students gain real world experience before graduating?

99. Should high schools provide gender-neutral bathrooms and locker rooms for their students?

100. What strategies can educators use to ensure that all students are included in classroom activities?

101. How has technology changed the way we learn, and should it continue to be incorporated into educational systems?

102. Are standardized tests an effective measure of a student's knowledge or do they favor those from more privileged backgrounds?

103. What role should the parents have when it comes to monitoring their child’s academic performance ?

104. Could offering online classes for high schoolers result in higher grades as well as improve work/life balance amongst teenagers ?

105. Is there enough support provided by teachers and faculty members concerning mental health

issues among young adults ?

106. Should educational institutions offer courses on financial literacy in order to better prepare pupils for adulthood and life after graduation ?

107. What approaches could teachers take in order to ensure that all students get equal attention regardless of learning styles or needs?

108. Should schools create more after-school activities that serve both educational and recreational purposes?

109. How can parents ensure that their children’s digital lives stay secure at school and outside of it?

110. Is physical education an important part of the high school curriculum or should those classes be reduced in order to accommodate for other studies?

111. Should there be harsher punishments for students caught cheating on exams or assignments ?

112. Does standardized testing accurately reflect a student's knowledge or does it put them under too much pressure ?

113 .What measures should teachers take in order to reduce competition amongst pupils in the classroom ?

114 . In what ways could government funding help improve the quality of education provided by public schools ?

115. Do current teaching methods need to be reevaluated so as to better engage students with their studies ?

116. Are student loans beneficial for financially struggling college hopefuls, or do they simply add another layer of debt on top of existing ones?

117. Is there a need for high schoolers to be taught about digital safety and security?

118. Should schools offer more electives in order to give students the opportunity for self-exploration?

119. Are dress codes necessary for high schoolers, or do they create an environment of conformity?

120. Could providing healthier food options in cafeterias increase student focus during class time ?

121. How can we ensure that all students are given the same resources and opportunities when it comes to their studies ?

122. Do current grading systems favor those from more privileged backgrounds over others ?

123. What strategies should teachers use in order to motivate struggling pupils to reach their full potential ?

124. Is homeschooling a viable option for high schoolers looking for alternative routes towards graduation ?

125. Could offering flexible schedules help reduce stress amongst teenagers who juggle both studies and extracurricular activities?

126. Should standardized tests remain as part of the college application process or be replaced with other forms of assessment?

127. Are extracurricular activities a necessary part of high school education or should they be optional?

128. How can educators ensure that all students have equal access to educational resources regardless of their backgrounds?

129. Should schools provide more support in order for students to understand mental health issues and better cope with them?

130. Does the current grading system accurately reflect a student's academic performance or does it put too much emphasis on memorization?

131. What measures could teachers take in order to create an inclusive environment that encourages student collaboration ?

132. Could offering internships as part of the curriculum help motivate pupils towards a career path earlier on in life ?

133 . Is there any use for corporal punishment when it comes to disciplining teenagers ?

134 . Do standardized tests create an unfair advantage for those from wealthier households over others who lack financial stability?

135 . In what ways can parents help their children overcome the challenges posed by social media at school ?

136. Should the current school curriculum be redesigned to provide more knowledge on current global events?

137. Could teaching soft skills such as critical thinking, problem solving and leadership help better prepare high schoolers for the future?

138. Is it necessary to give standardized tests in order to measure student performance or can they be replaced with alternative assessment methods ?

139 . Does physical education still have a place in modern day high schools or should those classes be reduced in order to accommodate other courses?

140 . Why is it important for students to learn about different cultures and perspectives from an early age ?

141 . Are online classes a viable option for reducing costs associated with higher education.?

142 . Do extracurricular activities truly benefit teenagers or are they just distractions from their studies ?

143 . What steps could teachers take towards developing better relationships between students and faculty members?

144. Are there effective ways of incentivizing pupils who excel at academics beyond giving them awards and recognitions?

145. Should the current school curriculum be redesigned to include more information about robotic automation and its impact on employment?

146. What measures should schools take in order to prevent cyberbullying amongst teenagers?

147. Is it important for students to learn about financial literacy from an early age?

148. How can we ensure that high schoolers get access to a well-rounded education rather than one that is focused solely on college preparation?

149. Should educational institutions focus more on developing soft skills such as creativity, critical thinking and communication rather than memorization of facts ?

150. Could providing access to technology in classrooms help improve student engagement or would it just be a distraction ?

151. Do online classes provide sufficient support when compared with traditional classroom settings ?

152. Are there any effective strategies which teachers could implement in order to engage unmotivated pupils successfully ?

153. Should students be taught to prioritize self-care and mental health rather than academic achievements?

154. How can schools help foster a sense of personal responsibility among students in order for them to become better citizens?

155. What are some effective measures which teachers could take in order for students to learn about environmental sustainability?

156 . Does the current educational system provide enough opportunities for pupils from all backgrounds regardless of their socio-economic standing ?

157 . Is it important that high schoolers receive advice on career exploration and job readiness before they graduate ?

158. Are there any approaches we should consider when it comes to implementing early college enrollment programs within schools ?

159. What role does technology have in creating an interactive learning environment in classrooms today?

160. Does requiring community service as part of the curriculum improve student motivation or reduce it instead ?

161. Do standardized tests create an equal opportunity platform as far as evaluating student abilities is concerned or do they overlook individual talents ?

162. To what extent should grade inflation be regulated so that grades retain their integrity and value over time?

163. Is the current educational system doing enough to equip students with skills that employers look for in employees?

164. Should schools implement ways to reward students who are good at teamwork and collaboration more than grades?

165. Does increasing homework help strengthen student academic performance or does it lead to exhaustion instead?

166. What impact can extracurricular activities have on developing social skills among teenagers ?

167. Are there any effective solutions which can be implemented in order for students from lower income households receive equal access to quality education ?

168. How is technology changing the way information is learned, retained and applied by high schoolers?

169. Can high school curriculums be redesigned so as to include courses that teach basic life skills such as housing budgeting and managing finances ?

170. Would mandatory mentoring programs amongst older and younger generations of pupils make a difference when it comes to student learning outcomes ?

171. How do teachers ensure an atmosphere of inclusion within their classrooms without compromising diversity of thought ?

172. Should the school curriculum be designed to include courses that focus on developing soft skills such as communication, problem-solving and critical thinking?

173. Can providing access to event planning experiences in classrooms make a difference when it comes to learning outcomes?

174. Is there any way for students from all backgrounds to receive equal access to quality education regardless of their socio-economic standing?

175. What strategies can schools implement in order for pupils to become better informed citizens with high moral standards?

176. Are there any potential benefits or drawbacks which should be taken into account when considering early college enrollment programs ?

177. Does technology have a role in creating an interactive learning environment within traditional classroom settings ?

178. Would incentivizing teachers lead them to perform better and provide higher quality education or is this an ineffective measure ?

179. Should parents be allowed more input regarding how their children are taught within the educational system?

180. What measures could be enacted so that grades would remain consistent across different schools and regions ?

181. Are there ways we can bridge the gaps between student performance levels across various demographic groups within schools today?

182. Is there a way to make the college admissions process fairer for all students?

183. Do standardized tests accurately measure a student's knowledge and potential?

184. How should schools address bullying in an effective manner?

185. Are there any innovative approaches that can be used to better engage high schoolers with the material they are learning?

186. Should parents and teachers be held more accountable for their roles in providing quality education for children ?

187. What measures could be implemented so as to reduce cheating during examinations within schools today ?

188. Does social media have a role in creating an interactive learning environment within classrooms or is it distracting instead ?

189. To what extent should grade inflation be regulated so that grades retain their integrity and value over time?

190. Would increasing homework help strengthen student academic performance or does it lead to exhaustion instead?

191. Is there any way of bridging the gap between student performance levels across demographic groups within schools today ?

192. Should schools provide more student-led clubs to foster creativity and innovation?

193. What strategies should be used to reduce the amount of standardized testing in school curriculums?

194. How can teachers ensure that learning takes place without making it a boring experience for students?

195. Is there a way to make the college admissions process easier and less stressful for all students?

196. Are there any potential drawbacks or benefits associated with homeschooling ?

197. To what extent should schools include extracurricular activities when it comes to assessing student performance ?

198. Can technology help us create interactive classrooms that are conducive to learning and engagement ?

199. To what extent do public schools need reform in order to meet changing societal needs across different generations ?

200. What strategies could be implemented so as to better prepare high school graduates for the working world they will face upon graduation ?

201 .Are there any effective ways we can use technology in order not just teach but also inspire pupils within our classrooms today ?

202. Should the government provide free college tuition for all students?

203. Are there any methods that could be used to make online learning more engaging and effective?

204. How can we better measure student success without relying solely on grades ?

205. What policies should be implemented in order to reduce the amount of cheating during examinations within schools today ?

206. Is there a way to make extracurricular activities more accessible and affordable across different demographics?

207. Should parents have an option when it comes to opting out of teaching certain topics due to personal beliefs or convictions?

208. Would incentivizing teachers lead them to perform better and provide higher quality education or is this an ineffective measure ?

209 .How should schools address racism, sexism and other forms of discrimination in an effective manner ?

210 .What measures can be taken so as ensure that every child has access to quality education regardless of their financial background?

211 .Should physical education classes receive equal weighting when compared with core academic subject areas like math, science & language arts?

212. Should schools offer more comprehensive mental health support services to students?

213. Can technology help bridge the gaps between student performance levels across demographic groups?

214. Is there any way of making college admissions fairer and less competitive?

215. To what extent should financial literacy be incorporated into school curriculums today ?

216. What can be done in order to ensure that teachers have better access to quality educational resources within their classrooms ?

217. Are standardized tests an effective measure of judging a student's academic ability or potential ?

218 .What strategies could be implemented so as to reduce the amount of bullying and harassment faced by high school students today ?

219 .Should we limit the number of extracurricular activities offered at our schools in order for us to focus on academics instead?

220 .How should social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram & Twitter be monitored by parents and educators when used by children/students ?

221 .Are there any measures that could be taken so as to make online testing secure from cheating and fraudulence?

222 .To what extent does peer pressure negatively affect high schoolers'

223. What can be done to make sure that students in rural areas have access to the same educational opportunities as those living in urban centers?

224. Is there any way of mitigating the effect of toxic cliques and peer groups on student's mental health ?

225 .Are there any measures that could be implemented so as to reduce the amount of stress faced by high schoolers today?

226. Should parents or schools bear more responsibility when it comes to disciplining children/students?

227. How can we reduce gender inequality within High School classrooms and curriculums today ?

228 .Should all public schools receive equal funding regardless of their location or size ?

229 .What strategies should be used to ensure a safe learning environment for our students even during times of global crisis such as Covid19 pandemic ?

230 .How should we go about making sure that college education remain accessible despite rising tuition fees across different institutions worldwide ?

231 .What methods can be used in order for teachers to better integrate technological tools into their teaching methodology without compromising quality education?

232. Should schools be allowed to implement a dress code policy?

233. Are there any measures that should be taken in order to reduce the amount of stress faced by high schoolers during exams?

234. What role do standardized tests play in helping students earn college admissions and scholarships?

235. Is it important for parents, teachers and the government to work together in order to ensure successful learning outcomes for children/students ?

236. How can we use technology in order to bridge the gap between student performance levels across various demographic groups ?

237 .What methods are available so as to make sure that our students have access quality educational resources even during times of crisis or pandemics such as Covid-19 ?

238 .Should schools offer more comprehensive career counseling services for their students?

239 .What strategies could be used by educators so as ensure better parent-teacher communication when it comes addressing student issues within classrooms ?

240 .How can we distinguish between what is beneficial and harmful content when using social media among teenagers today ?

241 .Should schools incorporate financial literacy topics into their curriculums for high schoolers

242. What measures should be taken in order to promote equitable access of resources and opportunities among students from all backgrounds ?

243. Should universities increase funding for student-led initiatives and research projects?

244. How can schools create a safe space for meaningful conversations about mental health issues among high schoolers ?

245. Are there any strategies that could help teachers better engage their students in controversial topics such as politics, race, sexuality etc. ?

246. Are there any ways of incentivizing healthy habits such as physical exercise and nutrition amongst teenagers across different demographics?

247. How can we use technology to reduce the gap between teacher-student interaction levels in virtual classrooms today?

248. What role do standardized tests play when it comes evaluating the performance of an individual student or a group of students?

249. Is there any way to make sure that college admissions are done equitably even if certain colleges have more applicants than others due to prestige factors ?

250. To what extent does competition within high school classrooms affect how well our children learn complex concepts and acquire skillsets ?

251. Should schools incorporate more experiential learning activities so as to ensure effective learning outcomes for their students

252. Should schools offer more diversified options for extracurricular activities?

253. Is there a need to reduce the emphasis on grades when it comes to college admissions and scholarships?

254. What measures should be taken in order to promote ethical use of technology amongst high schoolers?

255. How can we make sure that our education systems remain accessible despite changes within the global economy ?

256. Are there any ways of making sure that teachers get adequate support in terms of resources, training and remuneration ?

257. Should schools invest more into teaching about personal finance management for their students ?

258. What strategies should educators take towards establishing a safe environment free from discrimination against students on the basis of race, gender or sexuality ?

259. To what extent does social media affect student performance as well as mental health within high schools today?

260. How can we ensure that our classrooms are inclusive and welcoming environments even during times of uncertainty such as pandemics like Covid19.

261. What strategies should be employed to reduce cheating during exams and assessments amongst high schoolers?

262. How can we make sure that our classrooms are supportive and equitable spaces for students of all backgrounds?

263. Are there any measures that could help reduce the level of stress experienced by teenagers across different demographics ?

264. Should states increase funding towards developing better infrastructure within schools so as to ensure adequate resources for teachers & students?

265. In what ways can educators encourage greater civic engagement among high schoolers today?                                                        

266. How can we improve the quality of education provided at public institutions while also reducing its costs ?

267. Is there a need to modify the existing grading system so as to make it more accurate when it comes evaluating student performance ?

268. To what extent do extracurricular activities play a role in helping teens develop important skillsets & knowledge ?

269. How can parents, teachers, and administrators work together in order to promote positive mental health outcomes amongst high schoolers

270. How can robotics & automation help high schoolers develop skillsets for the 21st century workplace?

271. Should schools incorporate more learning activities that are based on real world problems?                                      

272. What measures should be taken to promote gender equality in terms of academic opportunities within high schools today ?

273. Are there any feasible solutions to make sure our students are adequately prepared for college admissions tests such as SAT and ACT?

274. What strategies could be employed to reduce the cost of textbooks and educational materials so as to make them accessible to a wider range of students?

275. How can technology enable educators in providing tailored instruction plans that meet the different needs of their students ?

276. Is there a need for introducing an ethics class in all high schools in order to foster meaningful conversations about morality, justice, and equity?

277. Can we use artificial intelligence (AI) tools within classrooms today so as to optimize individualized learning experiences ?

278. What measures should teachers take towards tackling plagiarism amongst their students effectively ?

279. In what ways can parents provide support when it comes motivating their children academically without putting too much pressure on them?

280. Should schools offer more financial support for low-income students?

281. Can we make the curriculum in high schools more relevant to real-world needs?

282. How can technology be used as a tool in classrooms to help foster collaboration amongst learners?

283. Is there a need to introduce new forms of assessment such as portfolios and projects in order to accurately evaluate student performance?

284. To what extent does standardized testing affect the quality of education within our high schools today ?                                                                             

285. What strategies should educators employ towards combating cyberbullying among teenagers today?

286. Should states adopt legislation that supports increased period lengths so that students have more time during classes to engage with course material in greater detail ?

287. Are there any measures that could improve teacher retention rates across different demographics & regions within the US ?

288. How can we ensure our classrooms are safe spaces where all students feel comfortable enough to express their opinions without fear or judgement ?

289. Does an increase in school funding lead directly result into improved academic performance amongst students at public institutions ?

290. How can we promote meaningful conversations around difficult topics such as racism, sexism, and homophobia in high schools today?

291. Is the current college admissions process fair enough to give students from all backgrounds equal opportunities ?

292. Should states invest more into vocational training programs so that teens have a wider range of career options available to them after graduation ?

293. What measures should be taken in order to increase parental involvement within their teenage children's lives beyond academics?

294. Are there any feasible solutions towards reducing drop-out rates among high schoolers?

295. Can we use technology effectively when it comes inspiring our teens towards great life goals & ambitions?

296. Do alternative forms of education such as home schooling offer definite benefits over traditional classroom instruction for some students ?                                                                          

297. To what extent has technology changed the way teachers interact & engage with their students in classrooms today ?

298. How do educators foster critical thinking amongst their teenage learners without imposing too much pressure on them academic performance wise?

299. Should standardized testing be eliminated from schools to give students more opportunities for creativity?

300. Can we make the curriculum in high school contribute more towards preparing students for the future job market?

301. How can states invest in resources that promote healthy mental health amongst teenagers today ?

302. Are there any ways of increasing access to digital learning materials without compromising on educational standards?

303. Is it possible to reduce homework load and still maintain a rigorous academic program in high schools ?

304. What strategies can teachers employ to help their struggling learners overcome academic challenges ?

305. Should parents also bear responsibility when it comes teaching values such as respect, honesty, and integrity at home?                                                                   

306. Can technology tools be used effectively within classrooms so as to provide personalized instruction plans?

307. Is online education the best way forward towards achieving equity & excellence in education today ?

308. Should students be allowed to use their phones in class for educational purposes?

309. Are all-girls schools more beneficial than coeducational institutions?

310. Does the current school system limit creativity and innovative thinking among young learners?

311. Is there a need for increased regulation of private schooling systems so as to ensure equity & excellence in education?

312. What measures can be taken in order to make physical education classes more fun and engaging for high schoolers?                                                                            

313. To what extent can teachers use traditional storytelling techniques when it comes teaching complex subjects such as mathematics or sciences ?

314. How do we address issues arising from overcrowded classrooms that inhibit teacher-student communication & engagement with course content ?

315. How should educators tackle drug abuse amongst teens without compromising on student privacy rights ?

316. Can technology help enhance our ability to teach difficult concepts such as abstract reasoning, problem solving and critical thinking ?

317. Should states adopt legislation which discourages teenage pregnancy through sex education programs offered at high schools throughout the country ?                                                                             

318. Do modern day activities such as video gaming offer developmental benefits that are often

319. Should students be encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities in order to develop their communication & leadership skills?

320. Is the current system of standardized testing fair enough towards minority & underprivileged communities?

321. Are there any effective methods of teaching ethical decision-making among teenagers ?

322. What are some ways we can promote healthy competition without making it overly competitive or cruel at schools ?

323. Can the use of technology within classrooms improve student engagement and learning outcomes?

324. How can educators effectively address cyberbullying amongst students today with minimal disruption for classes ?

325. To what extent should parents be allowed to monitor their children's online activity when it comes to school work assignments, tests & exams etc.?

326. Do afterschool programs offer tangible benefits that impact both academic performance and well being amongst high schoolers ?                                                                   ­

327. Does the legalization of marijuana have an effect on student behaviour and attitudes towards drug abuse in general?

328. Are there any strategies for reducing teenage crime rates in a given community beyond law enforcement measures alone?

329. Should students be encouraged to take part in political debates and campaigns within their communities?

330. Is the current educational curriculum adequate enough for providing a holistic learning experience to high schoolers ?

331. What are some of the best teaching practices that can help develop strong critical thinking skills among students?

332. How should educators approach controversial topics such as religion, gender identity, and sexual orientation when teaching high schoolers?

333. Is there evidence that homeschooling has any effect on academic performance or personal growth amongst teens ?                                      

334. Can young learners benefit from internships & apprenticeships programs offered by companies in their respective areas?

335. Are there methods teachers can adopt so as to better motivate underperforming students with special needs while still maintaining classroom discipline?                                      ­           

336. Should all states have strict policies regarding underage drinking & drug use both within schools and outside of them ?

337. Does student participation in art projects improve cognitive development such as problem solving, memory recall & creativity ?

338. What measures can be taken towards helping teenage parents balance attending classes with raising children successfully? ­

339. Are there any cultural implications on the learning process for teenagers from diverse backgrounds ?

340. Can teenage volunteering positively influence their social and emotional development?

341. Is it possible to create a safe environment in schools where students can freely express themselves without fear of discrimination?

342. Should classes be scheduled differently so as to allow more time for independent study or extracurricular activities?

343. Does peer pressure have an impact on academic performance amongst high schoolers ?

344. Do standardized tests adequately assess the knowledge & skills of teens while preparing them for college studies ?                                                                    ­

345. How could education reform effectively address growing student loan debt among young adults?

346. Is there any evidence that shows how physical activity such as sports, exercise etc. is beneficial to cognitive functioning among teens? ­               ­ ‐

347. What are some effective ways in which teachers can engage with parents better when addressing issues faced by students at school?

348. Does participation in community service projects help develop altruism within teenagers’ social circle and beyond ? ­                  ­

349. Should students be taught financial literacy from a young age in order to prevent them from making costly mistakes with their money?

350. Is there enough emphasis on practical skills such as coding, robotics etc. in high school curriculums?

351. Are online classes & virtual learning environments an effective way of teaching teenagers?

352. How can schools best address the issue of bullying among students and what steps should be taken for prevention ? ­                        ­           

353. Can restorative justice approaches significantly reduce student suspensions & expulsion rates within schools ?

354. What are some of the ways that parents can better support their children throughout the transition into high school? ­      ­ ‐

355. In what ways could meditation and mindfulness practices improve academic performance amongst high schoolers ? ­                        ­

356. Does parental involvement have any significant impact on teenage behavior related to drug or alcohol abuse?

357. To what extent does technology influence how teens interact with each other both inside and outside school grounds?

358. Do teachers need additional resources/training when it comes to addressing mental health issues amongst their students ?

359. Should there be stricter regulations in regards to the information that is sha

360. Are there any advantages to teaching students with a blended approach of online and physical classes?

361. Is social media use beneficial or detrimental to teenagers’ development & wellbeing?

362. What precautions should schools take in order to ensure student safety on campus?

363. How could introducing vocational courses help high schoolers gain skills for their future jobs ?

364. Does the current education system allow for equal opportunities for all students regardless of socio-economic backgrounds ?

365. Have digital devices and technology caused an increase in attention span issues amongst teens? ­  ­           

366. In what ways can career guidance counselors better assist teenage students make well informed decisions about their educational paths ?

367. What are some effective methods teachers can use when it comes to imparting knowledge as well as inspiring curiosity among high schoolers ?

368. Should the government enforce stricter laws and regulations regarding student safety in high schools?

369. Is it necessary for young people to learn a second language from an early age?

370. What are the long-term effects of sleep deprivation among teenagers?

371. How has social media changed communication dynamics between teens & their peers/family members ? ­  ­            ‐

372. Do standardized tests accurately measure the knowledge & skills acquired by students during their high school years ? ­                 ­

373. Are extracurricular activities beneficial to a student's academic performance and personal development ?

374. To what extent can technology assist with personalized learning experiences in order to better facilitate understanding amongst teenage students? ­        ­ ‐

375. Is there any benefit of introducing longer summer breaks into high school curriculums ?

376. Does interdisciplinary teaching have any positive effect on teen engagement within classrooms ? ­           ­           

377. Can increasing awareness about mental health issues help reduce stigma faced by those seeking help or support at school? ­

378. Should the legal drinking age be lowered for high school students?

379. Are there any effective ways to address bullying in schools?

380. How do dress codes impact teenagers’ self-expression?

381. What can be done to reduce the number of dropouts in high schools?

382. Can we use technology as a tool for teaching critical thinking skills to teens?

383. Is it necessary to maintain strict gender roles when it comes to academic activities amongst teenage students ?

384. Do standardized tests have any value when assessing student performance & should they continue being used ? ­         ­ ‐                        ‐            ­           

385. In what ways could developing countries benefit from introducing programs that encourage girls' education in secondary schools ? ­               ­ ‐

386. Are there any innovative methods teachers could utilize in order to promote healthy competition amongst their pupils ? ­              ­ ‐

387. How much of an influence does socio-economic status play on educational outcomes among teenage students worldwide?

388. Is media literacy an important skill for teenagers to learn in order to combat the negative effects of fake news?

389. Should there be stricter laws concerning food labeling and ingredients in school cafeterias?

390. What are some effective methods parents can use when it comes to monitoring their teen's internet usage & digital footprints ?

391. Can video games have a positive impact on teen learning outcomes ?

392. Are standardized tests necessary for universities/colleges admissions and should they continue being used ?

393. How could introducing budgeting courses help high schoolers understand personal finance & money management better ?

394. What measures can teachers take in order to create a more inclusive classroom environment among teenage students?

395. Is there any benefit of increasing recess times for high schools students & could it improve concentration levels during classes?

396. Should students be allowed to choose the topics they want to learn in school?

397. Are religious holidays important enough to be taken off from school?

398. Is it necessary for young people to have a basic understanding of coding and programming languages?

399. Can technology help reduce the amount of cheating on tests/assignments within high schools ? ­             ­ ‐

400. What are some effective ways parents can use when it comes to monitoring their teen's mental health & well-being ?

401. How can we foster better relationships between teachers, students, and parents in order to create a more productive learning environment for teens? ­             ­ ‐

402. Does using smartphones during classes really have any negative effects on student engagement & concentration levels ?

403. To what extent should educational institutions introduce courses that emphasize financial literacy amongst teenage students ? ­   ­               ‐                         ‐

404. Should there be stricter regulations regarding student safety in high schools?

405. Do standardized tests accurately measure the knowledge & skills acquired by teenagers during their high school years?

406. Should social media be regulated to prevent cyberbullying amongst high school students?

407. Is it necessary to have stricter regulations regarding the use of cellphones in classrooms?

408. Are there any effective ways educators can reduce educational inequality between low-income and affluent communities ? ­      ­ ‐

409. What strategies or activities could teachers utilize in order to facilitate meaningful conversations during class discussions ? ­    ­ ‐

410. Could introducing courses related to mental health awareness help teenage students cope with stress & anxiety better?

411. Does student participation and engagement decrease when laptops are used for coursework ?           ‐                         ‐ ­          What is the value of learning a foreign language in secondary schools, should it still be mandatory ?

412. How can teenagers become more civically engaged within their own community & political environment ?

413. Are standardized tests necessary for universities/colleges admissions and should they continue being used? ­          ­ ‐

414. Should technology companies take responsibility for data privacy issues among young people online? ­      ­ ‐

415. Should students be able to pick their own topics within school curriculums?

416. Is homework a necessary part of the learning process or an outdated practice?

417. How could introducing courses focused on personal development help teenagers reach their full potential?

418. What are some effective methods parents can use when it comes to monitoring their teen's internet usage & digital footprints ?

419. Can video games have a positive impact on teen learning outcomes ?

420. Are standardized tests necessary for universities/colleges admissions and should they continue being used ?

421. How could introducing budgeting courses help high schoolers understand personal finance & money management better ?

422. What measures can teachers take in order to create a more inclusive classroom environment among teenage students?

423. Is there any benefit of increasing recess times for high schools students & could it improve concentration levels during classes?

424. Is it beneficial to introduce a more active learning environment for teens?

425. Does homeschooling offer better opportunities for high school students?

426. Should schools relax their dress codes to create a more inclusive teaching environment?

427. What are the benefits and drawbacks of offering free public college tuition & education reform ?

428. Should technology companies take responsibility for data privacy issues among young people online ?

429. Are there any effective ways educators can reduce educational inequality between low-income and affluent communities ? ­      

430. What measures can teachers take in order to create a more inclusive classroom environment among teenage students ? ­

431. To what extent should educational institutions introduce courses that emphasize financial literacy amongst teenage students ?

431. Should social media be regulated to prevent cyberbullying amongst high school students ?

432. How could introducing budgeting courses help high schoolers understand personal finance & money management better?

433. Should schools offer more flexibility in course options for their students?

434. Should technology companies take responsibility for data privacy issues among young people online? ­               

435. What strategies or activities could teachers utilize in order to facilitate meaningful conversations during class discussions ?

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130 Inspiring Persuasive Speech Topics For Students

persuasive speech topics

Definition of the Persuasive Speech 

Before you explore various persuasive speech topics , let's take a quick look at the definition and learn what a persuasive speech is and how it can be identified in writing. As the title implies, a persuasive speech represents a type of speech that aims to persuade a person to believe in a certain concept or a notion. In some instances, a persuasive speech contains a call to action. A persuasive speech topic may deal with professional challenges, world events, and debates that can be political, commercial, legislative, or educational. Depending on what you study or research, the choices are basically unlimited! Therefore, let your inspiration run free, and ensure that you have at least one statement or argument that poses the ground for persuasion. Choose a certain idea, take a note about your take, and make it clear as you choose a competitive persuasive topic. 

How to Compose an Excellent Persuasive Speech? 

Regardless of what persuasive essay topics you may choose, specific structure rules will help you to achieve success and avoid confusion as you shape your ideas and make your speech inspiring and clear. Here are the main points to consider: 

  • Choose a topic that inspires you and reflects your research objectives. 
  • Narrow things down and do your best to define the goal of your speech. 
  • Study your target audience and check whether your persuasive speech addresses their concerns. 
  • Continue with the thesis statement representing your opinion or a certain notion. 
  • Create an outline for your speech with the hook sentence in the introduction. 
  • Provide facts from both sides of the debate. 
  • Include at least three pieces of evidence for your writing. 
  • Make a call to action in conclusion and repeat the main points. 
  • Edit your speech for repetitions and grammar mistakes. 
  • Proofread your speech aloud and check the readability factor twice. 

List of Persuasive Speech Topics 

Below is the list of 130 competitive persuasive speech essay topics you can use for brainstorming purposes as a speaker . Play with the wording of these persuasive speech examples , narrow things down, and choose the category that looks most suitable. 

Persuasive Speech Topics for College

Here are some persuasive speech topics college style that you will find helpful: 

  • College education should be made free or funded based on academic merits. 
  • The problems of college debt are artificial and can be resolved. 
  • The secret to college popularity: why fashion still matters in 2023? 
  • The colleges represent the best ground for social movements. 
  • Social media use among college students can benefit their studies. 
  • College safety should be increased, and the parties must have stricter control. 
  • American colleges are better than most European institutions regarding career chances. 
  • Hybrid form of learning is the future of college education. 
  • College bullying and the reasons why the cases of harassment are rarely reported. 
  • The best ways to overcome college depression and anxiety. 

Persuasive Speech About Art, Media, and Culture

Dealing with persuasive speech ideas , consider the field of art, media, and culture as one of the branches of science worth exploring. Here are some starting points worth checking: 

  • Modern metal music has roots in the blues and classical music creations. 
  • The older generation sometimes pays attention to the music we like. 
  • Why do college bands remain popular? 
  • The use of art exhibitions in colleges should be obligatory. 
  • The cultural aspect of baseball popularity’s decline in the United States. 
  • The wrong perception of wearing a hoodie: the cultural factor and misconceptions. 
  • The use of social media helps to keep people alert to environmental issues. 
  • Instagram influencers should not be considered journalists. 
  • Video game culture should be considered a separate cultural trend. 
  • Neuroscience and using artificial intelligence to write music will eliminate creativity. 

Persuasive Speech About the Economy and Work

Now, if you are majoring in Business Management, studying the Economy, or working in the Financial sector, the following persuasive speech ideas will be quite helpful in keeping you inspired as you overcome initial confusion: 

  • The concept of third-world countries is outdated and must be eliminated. 
  • Cryptocurrencies are damaging to the American economy. 
  • The phenomenon of economic wonder in Iceland is only possible because of the limited population. 
  • Economic education must be an obligatory part of each academic curriculum. 
  • Economic disparity in Afghanistan is caused by the current gender policies. 
  • Workflow issues can be eliminated with the help of LMS platforms. 
  • The challenges of employment in the United States during the pandemic could have been eliminated. 
  • Most social campaigns these days are driven by the funds provided. 
  • There is a man in the middle in every economic executive plan in business. 
  • What are the pros and cons of digital accounting systems, or why are pros speaking against them?

Persuasive Speech About Education

The problems encountered in education always remain a subject of heated debates as education poses a serious concern not among current learners and educators and everyone out there. Check these helpful topic ideas: 

  • ADHD is an overhyped problem and can be addressed with the help of stricter discipline. 
  • Dealing with PTSD and military veterans can be approached with the help of music education. 
  • AI-based tools will never replace the physical teacher in the classroom. 
  • Pandemic situation has shown us that virtual classrooms take away the sense of belonging. 
  • Smartboards as the solution for shy primary school students. 
  • The reasons why there is a negative bias concerning community colleges. 
  • Why should you choose a Christian college for your education? 
  • Handwriting is still an important skill that should not be ignored. 
  • The pros and cons of the Waldorf schools education system. 
  • Augmented Reality is a dangerous concept for middle schools. 
  • The benefits of gamification in the development of cognitive skills. 
  • The mechanisms that should be used for reporting teacher-student abuse. 
  • The problem of gun control in the classrooms: do teachers have a right to carry a gun? 
  • The racial prejudice in the business management schools in the USA: why it's still a problem.
  • Colleges in the United States should offer free mental coaching sessions. 
  • The reasons why every student should consider becoming an app developer. 
  • The subjects that should be added to a modern college education. 
  • The practice of exchange students leads to a lack of adjustability in the native country. 
  • Females represent better specialists in the cyber security field. 
  • The phenomenon of college athletes: why should they be treated just like anyone else? 

Mental Health Persuasive Speech Topics

Dealing with mental health subjects is quite complex. If you are majoring in Healthcare and Psychology, you must remember to be respectful and sensitive as you make your choice and portray a viewpoint : 

  • Why is depression often overlooked as a serious mental health problem? 
  • Social media addiction leads to negative body image issues and wrong perceptions. 
  • The phenomenon of bloggers creates a false impression of instant success. 
  • Childhood abuse recovery: why do the survivors often keep silent?
  • Schools and colleges in the United States must introduce strict mental health screening. 
  • The negative effect of violent media games on children. 
  • British medical ethics versus American perception of mental health. 
  • LGBT movement and dealing with mental health issues is a unique concept worth exploring. 
  • YouTube mental health courses as a free alternative to commercial offerings. 
  • Armed conflicts lead to prolonged mental health issues in the future. 

Business Persuasive Speech Topics

Business marketing and business management also represent a popular field of science for composing an excellent persuasive speech essay. Just take a look at these example ideas : 

  • Why is starting a business as a college student worth it in 2023? 
  • Digital marketing is always the problem of brand loyalty and switching. 
  • Social media and website localization: why should modern businesses implement the practice? 
  • Doing business in China: what are the cultural points worth considering? 
  • Why joining a free business course online will make you a better learner. 
  • The business aspect of the Black Lives Matter social movement. 
  • The male vs. female perception of a successful business in the IT sector. 
  • The use of virtual reality tools to study the target market: a fashion case study. 
  • British versus American understanding of corporate ethics. 
  • Politics have no place in the retail business. 

Medical Persuasive Speech Topics

The medical and nursing students will find these persuasive speech ideas quite helpful and interesting : 

  • The problems of the NHS system in the United Kingdom.  
  • The pros and cons of the ObamaCare healthcare campaign. 
  • What are the best methods to overcome professional burnout for nursing personnel? 
  • The most common challenges of the ER nursing department: ethics vs. personal safety. 
  • The readiness for the future risks: analysis of the pandemic threats. 
  • Covid-19 has helped to make our world a safer place. 
  • Why should medical volunteering be developed in 2023?
  • Technology is not always helpful if it's not accessible in remote areas. 
  • Dealing with religious beliefs when offering medical help. 
  • The limitations when reporting suspected abuse: why the changes must be introduced? 

Scientific Persuasive Speech Topics

In case you want to choose something complex and scientific, these ten persuasive speech topic offerings will help to keep you inspired: 

  • Augmented Reality tools usage will help people with learning disabilities learn. 
  • The link between the vaccination risks and the cases of autism among children. 
  • The psychological aspect of using painkillers and the damage to the person's system. 
  • Exploration of nuclear Physics remains useless for most people today. 
  • The negative side of the Green Energy transformation. 
  • Politics should have no place in the scientific community. 
  • An ethical aspect of genetically modified foods is ignored because of the lower costs. 
  • The scientific benefits of uniting physically challenged students with healthy learners. 
  • The positive effect of blues music on the human brain: the cardio wave effect. 
  • Social media changes how communication takes things to another level. 

Sports Persuasive Speech Topics

If you are a college athlete or majoring in the field of Sports Coaching and Recreational Medicine, you should consider checking these ten persuasive speech subjects that we have chosen for you: 

  • The best ways to manage stress when you become enrolled as a college athlete. 
  • Playing sports in college helps to eliminate depression and anxiety risks. 
  • College sports must be an obligatory part of the curriculum without grading. 
  • The history of college basketball in the United States helped to shape numerous subcultures. 
  • The social aspect of sports and communication among middle school and primary school learners. 
  • The use of sports to challenge substance abuse in the workplace. 
  • Why does politics have no place in sports, and why should athletes be allowed to compete? 
  • Tennis represents one of the best sports to help people maintain cardiovascular health. 
  • Why should playing golf be made more accessible for people with low income? 
  • Playing sports in college helps to address weight gain issues and improve a person's mood.

Family Persuasive Speech Topics

You can also approach the subject of family relations or talk about the values important to you. Check out these ten ideas below: 

  • The values of the methodist church in the United States and their perception of family.  
  • Stay Together For The Kids tour or how alternative rock bands contribute to family values. 
  • The perception of family times during the Victorian Era. 
  • Why is social media changing how children perceive their parents and grandparents? 
  • Resolution of family conflicts can be resolved with the help of mediation techniques. 
  • The psychology of domestic abuse in the Middle East: why are cultural points not likely to change? 
  • The practice of boarding schools in the United Kingdom and overcoming homesickness. 
  • The challenges of becoming independent when leaving home for college are overrated. 
  • Family problems or growing up in a broken home should not be considered a reason for stigmatization. 
  • The American Dream concept is still relevant for the majority of American families.

Persuasive Speech About Politics and Society

Dealing with politics and society may sound easy, yet it often asks you to narrow things down and provide data from both sides of the debate to keep your position clear. See how it's done in the ten political persuasive speech ideas below: 

  • The concept of the Cold War is more relevant for our times than ever. 
  • Celebrities should not become involved in political campaigns and stay true to the art.
  • Most American television networks are run by private funds and offer biased information. 
  • The phenomenon of West-Coast and East-Coast politics in the United States is artificial. 
  • Politics and church should not mix, and why religion should not become a part of the conflict.
  • Racial prejudice in the United States is rooted in wrong politics. 
  • The cultural perception of Canada by an average American is often incorrect. 
  • Marijuana use should be banned as a society cannot control it adequately. 
  • School students should be allowed to vote, starting at 13 years old. 
  • The use of political agendas in colleges should be banned.

Government Persuasive Speech Topics

Now, some students will seek something related to governmental studies or legislation as a way to create their persuasive speech essays. As a way to help you out, here are the subjects for speeches you can start with: 

  • The U.S. government should raise the age limit for the use of alcohol and tobacco. 
  • The controversies related to the military budget of the United States should be turned into a public discussion. 
  • The concept of political immunity and diplomacy should be eliminated as it takes responsibility away. 
  • The government should decrease immigration to the United States. 
  • Politicians should have an obligatory education related to Law and Political Sciences. 
  • Famous media personalities should approach the external politics of the United States. 
  • Governmental support and the problem of cheating with college scholarships. 
  • The problem of racial prejudice could be eliminated with the help of a different political agenda. 
  • The concept of luxury taxing should not be obligatory for celebrities if they participate in charity campaigns. 
  • The reasons why children should learn Political Science and government structure in school.

Discover Thousands of Free Essay Samples! 

Getting your persuasive speech done can be quite challenging, so we have created a list of new topics you may consider. Still, you should see the actual essay examples, which we are happy to offer! Depending on the subject you would like to explore in greater depth for your persuasive speech (or any other purpose!), you can always refer to our free database, where you can find amazing essays and topics.

Our website offers thousands of topics that keywords or subjects can check. These represent essays you can use for inspirational purposes as you compose your persuasive speech. If you are unsure about something , you can always get in touch with our team, and we shall happily direct you toward something that fits your academic objectives.

Read your grading rubric twice, or hit us up with your questions! You must be inspired by what you choose because it is the only way to persuade others. Make sure to clarify your point and convince your target audience that your thoughts and ideas are worth checking and following!

sports informative speech topics

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persuasive speech topic ideas for high school students

My Speech Class

Public Speaking Tips & Speech Topics

206 Great Speech Topics for Teens [Persuasive, Informative]

Photo of author

Amanda Green was born in a small town in the west of Scotland, where everyone knows everyone. I joined the Toastmasters 15 years ago, and I served in nearly every office in the club since then. I love helping others gain confidence and skills they can apply in every day life.

List of Speech Topics for Teens

Pick from our long list of 200+ interesting speech topics for teens. This page includes both persuasive and informative speech topic ideas.

speech topics teens

  • “Divorce” should be possible between parents and their kids
  • It should be possible to choose your family
  • Why you don’t need money or cash
  • Why having siblings is a good thing
  • Monday should be the third day of a three-day weekend
  • Free access to a therapist after a breakup
  • Zombies are real
  • Being lazy is a true art
  • Why students should be allowed to choose what they learn about in school
  • There is plenty of truth to horoscopes
  • Why cell phone use should be allowed at school
  • Girls should be able to join boys sports teams
  • Junk food isn’t all that bad
  • Why homework does more harm than good
  • Staying in is the new sneaking out
  • Pets are far better to talk to than parents
  • Students should get iPads or Tablets rather than books
  • Eating should be allowed at any time during the school day
  • Study abroad should be available to students in high schools
  • Why sex education in school is so awkward and useless
  • More free time means more time to get into trouble
  • Teens should be taught practical skills in school
  • Teachers should be required to have a great sense of humor
  • There is nothing real about reality TV.
  • Practical skills must be taught at school.
  • Teens must tell their parents everything.
  • Personality matters far more than beauty.
  • Condoms mustn’t be handed out in schools.
  • All teens need a pet.
  • There is not enough rape and sexual assault prevention awareness.
  • It is okay for teens to sleep a lot.
  • Diet pills must not be easily available to teens anywhere.
  • Teenage girls should be forced to go back to school after having a baby.
  • Teen suicide is not given enough attention.
  • Cyberbullies must be dealt with more severely.
  • Homeschooled teens are socially awkward.
  • Teen boys and girls should be taught in separate classes.
  • Teen girls should have a say in regards to abortion.
  • Tattoos should be illegal for teens.
  • Teens that commit serious crimes should be charged as adults.
  • Teens wouldn’t be tempted to drink if there was no age restriction.
  • Yearly check-ups at gynecologists should be compulsory for teen girls.
  • More time should be spent reading.
  • Not enough is done to prevent teen pregnancy.
  • Magazines marketed at teens are too ‘grown up’.
  • The media is responsible for the moral decline of teens.
  • Teens must not get involved in online relationships.
  • Troubled teens must do community service.
  • No teen must be labeled a lost cause.
  • Parents must never get teens too much money.
  • Old school values must be implemented in schools.
  • Bullying changes a teen forever.
  • It is important that teens become volunteers.
  • Teens should spend more time with the elderly.
  • Beauty contests are harmful.
  • Parents have no right to embarrass their teens.
  • Eating disorders are a result of a mental illness.
  • Teens should avoid dating too young.
  • Driving tests should be free.
  • Teens should be rewarded for doing the right things.
  • Teens must have mobile phones.
  • Listening to music during study hall will improve concentration.
  • Make it illegal for teens to drop out of school.
  • Tablets must replace textbooks.
  • Every teen should learn to cook.
  • Cosmetic surgery is not for teens.
  • Facebook is for old people.
  • TV shows have too much influence on teens.
  • Having a Pen Pal is very hip.
  • Peer pressure can be a positive thing.
  • Teens should spend more time in nature.
  • Cool teachers are easier to learn from.
  • Driving age should be 18.
  • Birth control must be made available without parents consent.
  • Teens should not follow their teachers on social media.
  • Teens need to wear a school uniform.
  • Parents don’t prepare their teens properly for puberty.
  • Part-time jobs should be legal from the age of 14.
  • Teens divorcing parents shouldn’t be allowed.
  • Quiet time for teens is a necessity.
  • Everyone should keep a journal.
  • Teens should have their own savings account.
  • Parents have the right to always have access to their teens phone.
  • Teenagers can become millionaires.
  • Fame is bad for young people.
  • Boys get more acne than girls.
  • Respond to your enemies with kindness.
  • There is no such thing as a bff.
  • Piercing your tongue is disgusting.
  • Having too many friends is like having a part-time job.
  • Teens that are outsiders are the smartest.
  • Parents shouldn’t expect all teachers to leave a lasting impression on their children.
  • Funny guys get more dates than the handsome ones.
  • Wearing glasses makes you look cool.
  • Parents have the right to choose a teens dress code.
  • Teens are old enough to choose which parent to live with.
  • Group projects should be scrapped.
  • Prom is overrated.
  • Teens lead very stressful lives.
  • There is no getting out of a Friendship Zone.
  • Teens need adults to trust them.
  • Teens must stop trying so hard to look like everyone else.
  • Leggings are not pants.
  • Teens crave responsibility.
  • Risk is a temptation for teens.
  • FOMO is a real fear.
  • ‘Because I said so’ is not a reply that works on teenagers.
  • Teens want to be spoken to as adults.
  • Children do care what their parents think of them.
  • Parents are embarrassing.
  • Drunk driving is the number one reason to up the driving age.
  • Date someone with the same beliefs.
  • Do not be devoted to one single sport, and choose for a physical team playing games and activities.
  • Most magazines do not use the appropriate attractive language for teens.
  • Teenagers should be banned from beauty surgery.
  • News network organizations should re-invent themselves to attract teens.
  • Most television shows are manipulating and influencing teens.
  • Teens should volunteer at a local soup kitchen for homeless.
  • Reinvent the pen pal handwritten letter with people from all over the world!
  • Peer pressure can be good when people influence you to act good.
  • Video games should be forbidden.
  • Academic camps help you preparing for the education college admission procedures.
  • How I met my first boyfriend/girlfriend
  • Best friends are hard to come by
  • The unrealistic standards that modern women are held to
  • Gay and lesbian teens are no different than me
  • Why I should tell your parents everything
  • Why you can’t trust your mom’s fashion advice
  • Why personality matters more than beauty
  • Time travel must be real


  • Basic Chinese phrases to survive travelling in China
  • Remarkable texts in ads
  • The top five bizarre tabloid news articles
  • Why a chicken still walks even with the head cut off
  • The most dangerous snakes you have to watch out for in the fields
  • How you can easily burn out of homework
  • Ten things to remember about garage sales
  • Special effects of horror movies revealed
  • The secrets behind the preparation of your food in fast food restaurants and the marketing trap you are walking in as soon as you enter the establishment where they serve meals to customers.
  • The top five parent excuse notes
  • Top tips to behave effectively in the class of Mr. or Mrs. …
  • Tips for buying gifts and gadgets for someone who is not a close friend but more of some sort of an acquaintance of your parents
  • Bad presents to get and bad gifts to give
  • The alarming signs you are addicted to web games
  • How to find out for sure if your friends are truly your friends
  • Different ways to use a brick
  • Cool, useful things my parents have taught me
  • How to teach your grandma to text
  • How to make your parents proud by doing what you love
  • Top five things I do that annoy my mom
  • How to fake a sickness and get out of school
  • The coolest art project I’ve made
  • The real feelings behind exams
  • The last time I got caught in a lie…
  • Things that boys/girls don’t know about girls/boys
  • Gym class: What’s the worst that could happen?
  • To get a job or not to get a job, that is the question
  • The most widely accepted excuses for not handing in your homework on time
  • How to master procrastination and still pass all your classes
  • Tips for pulling off the ultimate makeover
  • Popularity: How to get it, how to keep it
  • My generation’s obsession with all things scary
  • The best hobbies you won’t want to miss out on
  • What makes a bully become a bully
  • How to be smart and pretty
  • The difficulty of finding employment as a teenager
  • What it’s like being the oldest/youngest sibling
  • Ten uses for duct tape that everyone should know
  • What my life will be like in twenty years
  • If I ruled the world…
  • How to make people buy what you’re “selling”
  • When your family forces you to spend time with them…
  • The weirdest thing I’ve ever eaten
  • What my dream house would be like
  • The coolest place on Earth
  • The top tricks to faking a cold and getting away with it
  • How to do more homework in less time
  • Gossip: How to know what’s real and what isn’t
  • How schools can help obese students get their lives back
  • How to tell someone to “go away” without sounding rude
  • Teens’ obsessions with material objects and status
  • Things my parents say that annoy me
  • My dream job would be…
  • What to look for in a boyfriend/girlfriend
  • How not to get a date with your crush
  • The secrets to nailing the “innocent” look
  • Famous/successful people who were told “no” before they were told “yes”
  • How to get a new outfit out of your parents with little effort
  • Ways to get your parents to apologize to YOU
  • How to get the ________ you’ve been dreaming of (shoes, purse, pony, etc.)
  • How to make it through Valentine’s Day without a boyfriend/girlfriend
  • Best tips for picture-perfect selfies
  • For the funniest videos on YouTube, search for _______
  • The coolest science projects that will get you an A every time
  • Things I’ve learned that have made me wiser
  • If I could create my own holiday, it would be ________
  • How to get out of class/school without getting in trouble
  • The coolest inventions I’ve ever seen
  • How to prepare for your first kiss
  • If I could write a letter to the President
  • What I think the world will be like in 100 years
  • The latest hair trends
  • How to get someone to do your work for you without asking
  • The top five topics to talk about on your date
  • Why some young people are self-harming.
  • How to overcome your painful shyness in speech class

130 Awesome Speech Topics for Kids

Types of Public Speaking

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earth is flat tbh

i believe the earth is a donut and when we are looking at the ‘sky’ we are really looking at the sea

The earth is not flat it is a cube and Xbox is better than PS4

What is the hardest event to get over in your life and why?

Nursery Rhymes

how to get away with murder

The earth is obviously a bowl, otherwise all of the water would’ve fallen out of the earth.

I dislike the “Homeshooled teens are socially awkward” topic: I believe it is both false, rude, generalized, and not a proper subject for a speech whatsoever. A lot of the topics on this list are immature and shallow. I personally am a 13 year old homeschooling teen and next time I need an idea I will not come here. If you have questions or arguments please feel free to try to prove them….

Clearly you need to get some information on what “argumentative” speech is.

all of these topics sound like old men wrote them

the earth is shaped like a pyramid

nintendo switch is better than xbox

Clearly the earth is spherical However, I believe we are on the inside face of the sphere, which means that all these ‘stars’ they talk about are actually the lights on the other side of the world. And then the moon landings must have been faked.

i believe in the doughnut theory and think the bermuda triangle is the hole in the middle of the earth……..

Xbox is better then PS4 AF!!

ps4 is better than xbox and the earth is not round it is a hexagon

ps3 is better then ps4

The earth is round duhhh what did the guys see when they were in space? A round earth from earth what do u see? a round moon …… Illuminati Confirmed…….

disagree w most of these topics and yes the earth is a donut

can someone please give me a good speech topic please thanks

i- all you people are wrong. the earth is oBviOusLy kardashian shaped. they basically rule the world, it would make sense that the planet they’re living in loves them so much, it took their form. duh.

all video game platforms can burn xx

nah i’m just playing

I really like these Speech Topics they will help me more to win!

Is water wet

you can burn fire

kids should not be able to choose if their gay or not their to young to know and it will just be a phase just like blm

@the hard truth Those children have the freedom to be who they are, if you like it or not

basic names should be banned.

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101 Interesting Persuasive Essay Topics for Kids and Teens

Use your words to sway the reader.

Persuasive Essay Topics: Should we allow little kids to play competitive sports?

Persuasive writing is one of those skills that can help students succeed in real life.  Persuasive essays are similar to argumentative , but they rely less on facts and more on emotion to sway the reader. It’s important to know your audience so you can anticipate any counterarguments they might make and try to overcome them. Try reading some mentor texts to show kids great examples of opinion writing. Then use these persuasive essay topics for practice.

School and Education Persuasive Essay Topics

Life and ethics persuasive essay topics, science and technology persuasive essay topics, sports and entertainment persuasive essay topics, just for fun persuasive essay topics.


  • Do you think homework should be required, optional, or not given at all?

Persuasive Essay Topics: Do you think homework should be required, optional, or not given at all?

  • Students should/should not be able to use their phones during the school day.
  • Should schools have dress codes?
  • If I could change one school rule, it would be …
  • Is year-round school a good idea?
  • Should we stop giving final exams?
  • Is it better to be good at academics or good at sports?

Is it better to be good at academics or good at sports?

  • Which is better, private schools or public schools?
  • Should every student have to participate in athletics?
  • Do you think schools should ban junk food from their cafeterias?
  • Should students be required to volunteer in their communities?
  • What is the most important school subject?
  • Are letter grades helpful, or should we replace them with something else?

Persuasive Essay Topics: Are letter grades helpful, or should we replace them with something else?

  • Is it ever OK to cheat on homework or a test?
  • Should students get to grade their teachers?
  • Do you think college should be free for anyone who wants to attend?
  • Should schools be allowed to ban some books from their libraries?
  • Which is better, book smarts or street smarts?

Which is better, book smarts or street smarts?

  • Should all students have to learn a foreign language?
  • Are single-gender schools better or worse for students?
  • Is it OK to eat animals?
  • What animal makes the best pet?
  • Visit an animal shelter, choose an animal that needs a home, and write an essay persuading someone to adopt that animal.
  • If you find money on the ground, should you try to find the person who lost it, or is it yours to keep?

If you find money on the ground, should you try to find the person who lost it, or is it yours to keep?

  • Who faces more peer pressure, girls or boys?
  • Should all Americans be required to vote?
  • Is it better to be kind or truthful?
  • Which is better, giving or receiving?
  • Is it OK to keep animals in zoos?
  • Should we change the minimum driving age in the United States?

Should we change the minimum driving age in the United States?

  • Which is more important, happiness or success?
  • Is democracy the best form of government?
  • Is social media helpful or harmful?
  • Should parents be punished for their children’s mistakes or crimes?
  • Should kids have set bedtimes or just go to bed when they’re sleepy?
  • Do you think the government should find a way to provide free health care for everyone?

Do you think the government should find a way to provide free health care for everyone?

  • Is it better to save your allowance or spend it?
  • Should we ban plastic bags and bottles?
  • Which is better, living in the city or in the country?
  • If I could make a new law, it would be …
  • Is Pluto a planet?
  • Should human cloning be legal?
  • Should vaccines be mandatory?
  • Is it right for countries to still maintain nuclear weapon arsenals?

Is it right for countries to still maintain nuclear weapon arsenals?

  • Should testing on animals be made illegal?
  • Will expanded use of artificial intelligence be good for humanity?
  • Should all people have free Internet access in their homes?
  • Is there intelligent life on other planets?
  • Does technology create more jobs than it eliminates?
  • Should parents use their children’s cell phones to track where they are?
  • Should scientists try to develop a way for people to live forever?

Should scientists try to develop a way for people to live forever?

  • What’s the best type of smartphone: Android or iPhone?
  • Which is better, Macs or PCs?
  • Do people rely too much on technology in the modern world?
  • Should cryptocurrencies replace cash?
  • Should there be a minimum age requirement to own a smartphone?
  • Is it important to keep spending money on space exploration, or should we use the money for other things?

Is it important to keep spending money on space exploration, or should we use the money for other things?

  • Should kids under 13 be allowed to use social media sites?
  • Should we ban cigarette smoking and vaping entirely?
  • Is it better to be an animal that lives in the water or on land?
  • Should kids be allowed to watch TV on school nights?
  • Which is better, paper books or e-books?
  • Is the current movie rating system (G, PG, PG-13, etc.) effective?
  • Are video games better than board games?
  • Should we allow little kids to play competitive sports?

Should we allow little kids to play competitive sports?

  • Which is better, reading books or watching TV?
  • Does playing violent video games make people more violent in real life?
  • Are graphic novels just as valuable as traditional fictional books?
  • Should everyone play on the same sports teams, regardless of gender?
  • Choose a book that’s been made into a movie. Which was better, the movie or the book?

Choose a book that's been made into a movie. Which was better, the movie or the book?

  • Who is the world’s best athlete, present or past?
  • Are professional athletes/musicians/actors overpaid?
  • Which is better, fiction or nonfiction?
  • The best music genre is …
  • What is one book that everyone should read?
  • What new sport should be added to the Olympics?

What new sport should be added to the Olympics?

  • What’s the best video game system?
  • Does playing video games make you smarter?
  • Does reality TV actually depict real life?
  • Should all neighborhoods have free parks and playgrounds?
  • What’s the best holiday?
  • The very best food of all time is …
  • Which is better, artificial Christmas trees or real ones?

Which is better, artificial Christmas trees or real ones?

  • What’s the best season of the year?
  • Should you put ketchup on a hot dog?
  • Is a taco a sandwich?
  • Does fruit count as dessert?
  • Should people have to go to school or work on their birthday?
  • Are clowns scary or funny?
  • Which is more dangerous, werewolves or vampires?

Which is more dangerous, werewolves or vampires?

  • The best pizza topping is …
  • What would be the best superpower to have?
  • Should everyone make their bed every day?
  • Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
  • Should you put pineapple on a pizza?
  • Should you eat macaroni and cheese with a spoon or a fork?

Should you eat macaroni and cheese with a spoon or a fork?

  • Describe the world’s best ice cream sundae.
  • Is Monday the worst day of the week?
  • Would you rather travel back in time or forward in time?
  • Is it better to be too hot or too cold?
  • Are there aliens living among us here on Earth?

What are your favorite persuasive essay topics for students? Come exchange ideas in the We Are Teachers HELPLINE group on Facebook .

Plus, check out the big list of essay topics for high school (120+ ideas) ..

Need some ideas for practicing persuasive writing skills? These persuasive essay topics provide lots of scope for students of all ages.

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The Big List of Essay Topics for High School (120+ Ideas!)

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50+ Persuasive Speech Topics For High School Students in 2023

Unique topics for persuasive speech.

Good persuasive speech topics needs to be interesting and captivating. It’s easier said than done. It’s true that choosing the right topic for a persuasive speech is a time-consuming process.

You need to speak on something that isn’t cliché and grabs the listener’s attention. The type of speech also involves generating a convincing argument and making your audience sways to your side. 

This factor makes topic selection a significant endeavour. But, if you don’t know how to write a speech on such topics, don’t worry because we’ve got you covered. This detailed blog features engaging and easy persuasive speech topics with other essential information. 

What is a Persuasive Speech?

Before we discuss topics, it’s good to understand what is a persuasive speech. 

You can consider it a special kind of speech in which a speaker convinces the audience to agree with his point of view. As a speaker, you need to organize your speech and present one idea at a time. 

Moreover, persuasive speeches have the ultimate objective to make the audience understand your point of view. 

There’s no denying that persuading the entire audience to agree to one idea with one speech isn’t an easy task. You can seek assistance and opt for speech writing services to make maximum listeners agree on your point of view. 

Persuasive Speech Components

It isn’t a secret that every speaker wants to ace their speech. But they don’t always manage to do it. That’s why they often look for tips and tricks about how to write a speech.

The case is somewhat similar to persuasive speech. To nail it, you need to maintain a balance between logical and emotional appeals. 

Let’s elaborate on logical and emotional appeals further. 

Logical Appeals 

It refers to incorporating well-researched and authentic facts and figures into your persuasive speech. You need to use comprehensive stats in the logical appeal to persuade the audience. 

This way, you can make listeners agree with your point of view. For example, when speaking about the adverse effects of global warming , you can include stats about marine life.

You can also talk about the dangers of melting glaciers or others to make your speech valuable. 

With logical appeals, you can emphasize the practical applicability of your speech and encourage your audience to think that such data-driven speech can be true. 

Emotional Appeals

Emotional appeals are great to fill the gap between stats and the audience’s connection to it. This component involves narrating a story to increase the value of a logical statement. 

For example, you can talk about glaciers melting at an “X” rate. Your statement will be informative but not persuasive. To persuade your audience, tell a beautiful narrative about the data and the consequences associated with it.  

To deliver an effective persuasive speech, it needs to have balanced components. The absence of stats or storytelling will defeat the purpose and ruin your efforts.

Significance of a Persuasive Speech 

What if we tell you that persuasive speeches have real-world value? Therefore, as a student, don’t fret when you’ve to prepare to deliver a speech. 

You can also find engaging, persuasive speech topics for college students that you can ace while maintaining the balance of stats and emotions.

Moreover, the art of delivering a persuasive speech will serve as an asset to every student. These speeches can help students make a strong stand based on facts and stats. They also incorporate emotional appeals to connect to them.

How to Choose the Right Persuasive Speech Topic for High School?

When it comes to choosing a topic for a persuasive speech, here are a few factors you need to consider. 

Familiar Topic

Try to go for the topics that you’re familiar with. This way, you will prepare it quickly and in less time. 

Unique Speech Topics 

Selecting a unique speech topic that genuinely interests you is the best. It might involve plenty of research. 

But when your audience will see and feel the enthusiasm when you’re speaking, add more persuasiveness to it. 

Avoid Cliché Topics

When choosing a topic, ensure that you don’t select something overdone or cliché. The reason is that they don’t keep the listeners engaged for more than a few minutes. 

If you’ve new data for such a topic, make it clear at the beginning of your speech. 

Choose Relatable Topics

You need to go for a relatable topic as people like to hear about the ideas that affect them and their community. You can research local issues and turn them into an engaging and persuasive topic. 

Focus on Emotional Topics

Emotions are motivators, and speaking on an emotional topic will help persuade your audience. However, don’t overdo it and strike a balance between emotion, facts, and figures. 

Focus on Visualization

You need to opt for a topic that allows you to be descriptive. The descriptive nature of a topic will enable your audience to visualize, which ultimately persuades them. 

Focus on the Desired Outcome

Do you want any kind of outcome from your audience as a result of your speech? Ask this question to yourself and use it as a guide to choose the right topic. 

Consider Audience’s Interest

Your audience’s interest in the topic also matters. You can’t afford to lose their attention; therefore, you need to select a topic that keeps the listeners engaged till the end. 

Persuasive Speech Topics 

You can find plenty of topics to deliver a persuasive speech. However, keep an eye on persuasive speech topics to avoid, and don’t waste your efforts on mundane topics.  

Here’s a list of interesting topics to write a persuasive speech.

Easy Persuasive Speech Topics For High School

  • Science courses must include topics regarding mental health.
  • Should learners be allowed to use smartphones on school premises?
  • Degree or skill – which one is essential in 2023?
  • Rising cost of education is depriving students of higher studies. 

Persuasive Speech Topic Related to Technology

  • What is the scope of paper media in the digital age?
  • Should cyberbullying be considered in-person bullying? 
  • Are automated or self-driving cars our future?
  • Are robots a threat to human employment? 

Persuasive Speech Topics Related to Business & Economy

  • Introverts make great leaders – is it true?
  • Do we need to make tips essential in restaurants?
  • Unpaid internships should be banned.
  • Is it reasonable to offer bonuses or incentives for walking or biking to work?

Persuasive Speech Topics Related to Ethics

  • Does equality exist? 
  • Is it essential to ban guns in the U.S?
  • Can negotiations stop a war?
  • Do we need to legalize cannabis for medical reasons?

Persuasive Speech Topics Related to Media

  • Why is it wrong to promote a particular beauty standard in the media?
  • Freedom of the press is widely misused.
  • Moral degradation of teenagers – is the media responsible? 
  • Should we keep children away from social media?

Persuasive Speech Topics Related to Sports

  • Do schools need to teach swimming to all students?
  • Does parental pressure affect the performance of young athletes?
  • Should female athletes be paid more than males athletes? 
  • Would it be harmful to allow doping in professional sports?

Persuasive Speech Topics Related to Science & Environment

  • The long-term impact of recycling on the environment
  • Adverse effects of smoking in public on infants.
  • How plastic bags have ruined the environment over the decades?
  • Genetically modified foods – do we need them?

Topics Related to History, English, or Humanities

  • Were women oppressed in an ancient culture?
  • Did Jane Austen play a significant role in early Victorian feminist literature?
  • Were ancient Egyptians smart?
  • Wealthy people are consumed by power and arrogance. 

Topics Related to Social Issues

  • Factors that changed speaking English in America.
  • Does setting a retirement age necessary?
  • Do we need to promote prayer time in schools?
  • Public display of affection – do we need to reconsider our values? 

Topics Related to Politics/Government

  • The U.S education system needs more budget.
  • Who was the best president and why?
  • Are government branches important? 
  • What present president needs to learn from former presidents?

Interesting Persuasive Speech Topics 

  • Streaming services such as Netflix have changed entertainment.
  • What is the future of magazines and newspapers?
  • Do award shows nominate celebrities in real or is it a different case? 
  • Are all actors paid equally?

Persuasive Speech Topics for College

  • Significance of volunteer work for college or university students.
  • Are high schools capable enough to handle bullying?
  • Do we need high-tech classrooms to facilitate learning?
  • Significance of physical education in schools.

Funny Persuasive Speech Topics

  • Who gossips more? Boys or girls.
  • Blaming your horoscope for making silly decisions.
  • Autocorrect can be dangerous for relationships.
  • Why does mathematics feel like mental abuse?

Persuasive Speech Topics for Kids

  • Students should be allowed to bring pets to school  
  • We need longer lunch breaks
  • Is homework necessary for school goers?
  • Do kids need pocket money?

Public Speaking Persuasive Speech Topics

  • Is television censorship necessary?
  • Why does the internet need to be free?
  • Do you think music should be played in mental health therapies?
  • Relationships in the digital era.

Deliver a memorable speech with our expertly crafted speeches!


Creating and Delivering Speeches 

Just choosing a persuasive topic, writing, and delivering a speech on that topic is also essential. You can create a persuasive speech outline to ease the process. 

Keeping it concise, using rule of three and following these steps help you compose a compelling persuasive speech. 

Find your Argument

Start writing your speech by finding an opinion or belief you want your audience to agree with. If you want them to take any action after listening to your speech, ensure that you add a clear call to action. 

Organize your Argument

It’s best to stay organized to ease the entire speech writing process. Think about creating an outline containing evidence or points that support your argument. Make sure that these ideas flow logically and make your argument stronger. 

Examples, Facts, and Stats

You need facts and stats to support your ideas. It’s also best to use real-life examples to boost the effectiveness of your persuasive speech.

Add Emotions 

It isn’t a secret that persuasive speeches contain a balance of logic and emotions. These emotions enable your audience to connect with the argument. It helps them to evoke their sense of nostalgia and shared beliefs. 

Incorporate Counterarguments 

Don’t wait for your audience to object. Do it yourself, then include additional facts, examples, and anecdotes to make a strong counterargument. 

Conclude your Speech

Restate your argument in the closing lines and connect with your audience one last time. You can use emotional appeals and finish your speech with an awesome call to action.

Persuasive Speech Examples

Writing a persuasive speech can become interesting if you know how to do it. Here are a few examples that will help you compose a fantastic speech.

Example for Students

Public schools encourage students to participate in speech competitions. It also enables teachers to evaluate student’s creative writing and public speaking skills. 

However, speaking in front of a group of people can be challenging which you can overcome by practicing speaking skills. You can also follow the example to ace your overall experience.

For example, if you’re speaking on topics related to crime or criminal, you can begin your speech with a quote or question. It’s also best to incorporate facts, real-life examples, and stats to make your speech credible. 

Example for Adults 

Convincing adults to agree on a particular idea isn’t an easy task. However, you can try doing that by delivering a persuasive speech. It may require lots of research to gather authentic information but may achieve your objective. 

Take the topic “distracted driving” as an example. The topic is directly referring to adults who drive and get distracted at times too. 

You can talk about the dangers of getting distracted while driving. More importantly, you can discuss distraction as a cause of life-threatening accidents. 

Read Next In Line:

  • Best Argumentative Speech Topic Ideas
  • Steps to Writing Valedictorian Speech
  • Tips to Writing Salutatorian Speech

Brainstorming good persuasive speech topics can be time-consuming. The list we’ve incorporated in the blog contains various topics from different domains. It should help you find a topic to compile a remarkable speech.

Moreover, you can go for the topics you’re most interested in. But, ensure that the topic you choose is unique and keeps your audience engaged as well.

You can also talk on a common topic, incorporating new research, facts, and stats to make it interesting. To write a persuasive speech, you need to start from research and should spend most of the time on it.

Researching will provide ample information to cover your topic from every angle. Lastly, don’t forget to consider your audience before working on your speech. 

Struggling to compile a persuasive speech? Get in touch to get a speech written by professional writers.

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Sat / act prep online guides and tips, 113 perfect persuasive essay topics for any assignment.

author image

General Education


Do you need to write a persuasive essay but aren’t sure what topic to focus on? Were you thrilled when your teacher said you could write about whatever you wanted but are now overwhelmed by the possibilities? We’re here to help!

Read on for a list of 113 top-notch persuasive essay topics, organized into ten categories. To help get you started, we also discuss what a persuasive essay is, how to choose a great topic, and what tips to keep in mind as you write your persuasive essay.

What Is a Persuasive Essay?

In a persuasive essay, you attempt to convince readers to agree with your point of view on an argument. For example, an essay analyzing changes in Italian art during the Renaissance wouldn’t be a persuasive essay, because there’s no argument, but an essay where you argue that Italian art reached its peak during the Renaissance would be a persuasive essay because you’re trying to get your audience to agree with your viewpoint.

Persuasive and argumentative essays both try to convince readers to agree with the author, but the two essay types have key differences. Argumentative essays show a more balanced view of the issue and discuss both sides. Persuasive essays focus more heavily on the side the author agrees with. They also often include more of the author’s opinion than argumentative essays, which tend to use only facts and data to support their argument.

All persuasive essays have the following:

  • Introduction: Introduces the topic, explains why it’s important, and ends with the thesis.
  • Thesis: A sentence that sums up what the essay be discussing and what your stance on the issue is.
  • Reasons you believe your side of the argument: Why do you support the side you do? Typically each main point will have its own body paragraph.
  • Evidence supporting your argument: Facts or examples to back up your main points. Even though your opinion is allowed in persuasive essays more than most other essays, having concrete examples will make a stronger argument than relying on your opinion alone.
  • Conclusion: Restatement of thesis, summary of main points, and a recap of why the issue is important.

What Makes a Good Persuasive Essay Topic?

Theoretically, you could write a persuasive essay about any subject under the sun, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you should. Certain topics are easier to write a strong persuasive essay on, and below are tips to follow when deciding what you should write about.

It’s a Topic You Care About

Obviously, it’s possible to write an essay about a topic you find completely boring. You’ve probably done it! However, if possible, it’s always better to choose a topic that you care about and are interested in. When this is the case, you’ll find doing the research more enjoyable, writing the essay easier, and your writing will likely be better because you’ll be more passionate about and informed on the topic.

You Have Enough Evidence to Support Your Argument

Just being passionate about a subject isn’t enough to make it a good persuasive essay topic, though. You need to make sure your argument is complex enough to have at least two potential sides to root for, and you need to be able to back up your side with evidence and examples. Even though persuasive essays allow your opinion to feature more than many other essays, you still need concrete evidence to back up your claims, or you’ll end up with a weak essay.

For example, you may passionately believe that mint chocolate chip ice cream is the best ice cream flavor (I agree!), but could you really write an entire essay on this? What would be your reasons for believing mint chocolate chip is the best (besides the fact that it’s delicious)? How would you support your belief? Have enough studies been done on preferred ice cream flavors to support an entire essay? When choosing a persuasive essay idea, you want to find the right balance between something you care about (so you can write well on it) and something the rest of the world cares about (so you can reference evidence to strengthen your position).

It’s a Manageable Topic

Bigger isn’t always better, especially with essay topics. While it may seem like a great idea to choose a huge, complex topic to write about, you’ll likely struggle to sift through all the information and different sides of the issue and winnow them down to one streamlined essay. For example, choosing to write an essay about how WWII impacted American life more than WWI wouldn’t be a great idea because you’d need to analyze all the impacts of both the wars in numerous areas of American life. It’d be a huge undertaking. A better idea would be to choose one impact on American life the wars had (such as changes in female employment) and focus on that. Doing so will make researching and writing your persuasive essay much more feasible.


List of 113 Good Persuasive Essay Topics

Below are over 100 persuasive essay ideas, organized into ten categories. When you find an idea that piques your interest, you’ll choose one side of it to argue for in your essay. For example, if you choose the topic, “should fracking be legal?” you’d decide whether you believe fracking should be legal or illegal, then you’d write an essay arguing all the reasons why your audience should agree with you.


  • Should students be required to learn an instrument in school?
  • Did the end of Game of Thrones fit with the rest of the series?
  • Can music be an effective way to treat mental illness?
  • With e-readers so popular, have libraries become obsolete?
  • Are the Harry Potter books more popular than they deserve to be?
  • Should music with offensive language come with a warning label?
  • What’s the best way for museums to get more people to visit?
  • Should students be able to substitute an art or music class for a PE class in school?
  • Are the Kardashians good or bad role models for young people?
  • Should people in higher income brackets pay more taxes?
  • Should all high school students be required to take a class on financial literacy?
  • Is it possible to achieve the American dream, or is it only a myth?
  • Is it better to spend a summer as an unpaid intern at a prestigious company or as a paid worker at a local store/restaurant?
  • Should the United States impose more or fewer tariffs?
  • Should college graduates have their student loans forgiven?
  • Should restaurants eliminate tipping and raise staff wages instead?
  • Should students learn cursive writing in school?
  • Which is more important: PE class or music class?
  • Is it better to have year-round school with shorter breaks throughout the year?
  • Should class rank be abolished in schools?
  • Should students be taught sex education in school?
  • Should students be able to attend public universities for free?
  • What’s the most effective way to change the behavior of school bullies?
  • Are the SAT and ACT accurate ways to measure intelligence?
  • Should students be able to learn sign language instead of a foreign language?
  • Do the benefits of Greek life at colleges outweigh the negatives?
  • Does doing homework actually help students learn more?
  • Why do students in many other countries score higher than American students on math exams?
  • Should parents/teachers be able to ban certain books from schools?
  • What’s the best way to reduce cheating in school?
  • Should colleges take a student’s race into account when making admissions decisions?
  • Should there be limits to free speech?
  • Should students be required to perform community service to graduate high school?
  • Should convicted felons who have completed their sentence be allowed to vote?
  • Should gun ownership be more tightly regulated?
  • Should recycling be made mandatory?
  • Should employers be required to offer paid leave to new parents?
  • Are there any circumstances where torture should be allowed?
  • Should children under the age of 18 be able to get plastic surgery for cosmetic reasons?
  • Should white supremacy groups be allowed to hold rallies in public places?
  • Does making abortion illegal make women more or less safe?
  • Does foreign aid actually help developing countries?
  • Are there times a person’s freedom of speech should be curtailed?
  • Should people over a certain age not be allowed to adopt children?


  • Should the minimum voting age be raised/lowered/kept the same?
  • Should Puerto Rico be granted statehood?
  • Should the United States build a border wall with Mexico?
  • Who should be the next person printed on American banknotes?
  • Should the United States’ military budget be reduced?
  • Did China’s one child policy have overall positive or negative impacts on the country?
  • Should DREAMers be granted US citizenship?
  • Is national security more important than individual privacy?
  • What responsibility does the government have to help homeless people?
  • Should the electoral college be abolished?
  • Should the US increase or decrease the number of refugees it allows in each year?
  • Should privately-run prisons be abolished?
  • Who was the most/least effective US president?
  • Will Brexit end up helping or harming the UK?


  • What’s the best way to reduce the spread of Ebola?
  • Is the Keto diet a safe and effective way to lose weight?
  • Should the FDA regulate vitamins and supplements more strictly?
  • Should public schools require all students who attend to be vaccinated?
  • Is eating genetically modified food safe?
  • What’s the best way to make health insurance more affordable?
  • What’s the best way to lower the teen pregnancy rate?
  • Should recreational marijuana be legalized nationwide?
  • Should birth control pills be available without a prescription?
  • Should pregnant women be forbidden from buying cigarettes and alcohol?
  • Why has anxiety increased in adolescents?
  • Are low-carb or low-fat diets more effective for weight loss?
  • What caused the destruction of the USS Maine?
  • Was King Arthur a mythical legend or actual Dark Ages king?
  • Was the US justified in dropping atomic bombs during WWII?
  • What was the primary cause of the Rwandan genocide?
  • What happened to the settlers of the Roanoke colony?
  • Was disagreement over slavery the primary cause of the US Civil War?
  • What has caused the numerous disappearances in the Bermuda triangle?
  • Should nuclear power be banned?
  • Is scientific testing on animals necessary?
  • Do zoos help or harm animals?
  • Should scientists be allowed to clone humans?
  • Should animals in circuses be banned?
  • Should fracking be legal?
  • Should people be allowed to keep exotic animals as pets?
  • What’s the best way to reduce illegal poaching in Africa?
  • What is the best way to reduce the impact of global warming?
  • Should euthanasia be legalized?
  • Is there legitimate evidence of extraterrestrial life?
  • Should people be banned from owning aggressive dog breeds?
  • Should the United States devote more money towards space exploration?
  • Should the government subsidize renewable forms of energy?
  • Is solar energy worth the cost?
  • Should stem cells be used in medicine?
  • Is it right for the US to leave the Paris Climate Agreement?
  • Should athletes who fail a drug test receive a lifetime ban from the sport?
  • Should college athletes receive a salary?
  • Should the NFL do more to prevent concussions in players?
  • Do PE classes help students stay in shape?
  • Should horse racing be banned?
  • Should cheerleading be considered a sport?
  • Should children younger than 18 be allowed to play tackle football?
  • Are the costs of hosting an Olympic Games worth it?
  • Can online schools be as effective as traditional schools?
  • Do violent video games encourage players to be violent in real life?
  • Should facial recognition technology be banned?
  • Does excessive social media use lead to depression/anxiety?
  • Has the rise of translation technology made knowing multiple languages obsolete?
  • Was Steve Jobs a visionary or just a great marketer?
  • Should social media be banned for children younger than a certain age?
  • Which 21st-century invention has had the largest impact on society?
  • Are ride-sharing companies like Uber and Lyft good or bad for society?
  • Should Facebook have done more to protect the privacy of its users?
  • Will technology end up increasing or decreasing inequality worldwide?


Tips for Writing a Strong Persuasive Essay

After you’ve chosen the perfect topic for your persuasive essay, your work isn’t over. Follow the three tips below to create a top-notch essay.

Do Your Research

Your argument will fall apart if you don’t fully understand the issue you’re discussing or you overlook an important piece of it. Readers won’t be convinced by someone who doesn’t know the subject, and you likely won’t persuade any of them to begin supporting your viewpoint. Before you begin writing a single word of your essay, research your topic thoroughly. Study different sources, learn about the different sides of the argument, ask anyone who’s an expert on the topic what their opinion is, etc. You might be tempted to start writing right away, but by doing your research, you’ll make the writing process much easier when the time comes.

Make Your Thesis Perfect

Your thesis is the most important sentence in your persuasive essay. Just by reading that single sentence, your audience should know exactly what topic you’ll be discussing and where you stand on the issue. You want your thesis to be crystal clear and to accurately set up the rest of your essay. Asking classmates or your teacher to look it over before you begin writing the rest of your essay can be a big help if you’re not entirely confident in your thesis.

Consider the Other Side

You’ll spend most of your essay focusing on your side of the argument since that’s what you want readers to come away believing. However, don’t think that means you can ignore other sides of the issue. In your essay, be sure to discuss the other side’s argument, as well as why you believe this view is weak or untrue. Researching all the different viewpoints and including them in your essay will increase the quality of your writing by making your essay more complete and nuanced.

Summary: Persuasive Essay Ideas

Good persuasive essay topics can be difficult to come up with, but in this guide we’ve created a list of 113 excellent essay topics for you to browse. The best persuasive essay ideas will be those that you are interested in, have enough evidence to support your argument, and aren’t too complicated to be summarized in an essay.

After you’ve chosen your essay topic, keep these three tips in mind when you begin writing:

  • Do your research
  • Make your thesis perfect
  • Consider the other side

What's Next?

Need ideas for a research paper topic as well? Our guide to research paper topics has over 100 topics in ten categories so you can be sure to find the perfect topic for you.

Thinking about taking an AP English class? Read our guide on AP English classes to learn whether you should take AP English Language or AP English Literature (or both!)

Deciding between the SAT or ACT? Find out for sure which you will do the best on . Also read a detailed comparison between the two tests .

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Christine graduated from Michigan State University with degrees in Environmental Biology and Geography and received her Master's from Duke University. In high school she scored in the 99th percentile on the SAT and was named a National Merit Finalist. She has taught English and biology in several countries.

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Literacy Ideas

23 Persuasive writing Topics for High School students

' data-src=

Persuasive Writing Topics for High School Students

Writing a persuasive essay can be difficult for teachers and students if you don’t have a great idea to help get those creative juices flowing.  These prompts cover a range of issues and topics that are pertinent to middle school and high school students and can be easily adapted to work with a topic you have been teaching in your own class.

Students really enjoy the opportunity to try and change the world in which they live, and hopefully, these prompts might be a great starting point.

Remember that if you are looking for more excellent free resources and structured guides to teach all aspects of English, especially writing, be sure to visit literacyideas.com and check out our vast collection of prompts here.

Year Long Inference Based Writing Activities

Visual Writing Prompts

Tap into the power of imagery in your classroom to master INFERENCE as AUTHORS and CRITICAL THINKERS .

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (26 Reviews)

This YEAR-LONG 500+ PAGE unit is packed with robust opportunities for your students to develop the critical skill of inference through fun imagery, powerful thinking tools, and graphic organizers.


  • Some parents give children a weekly or monthly allowance regardless of their behavior because they believe an allowance teaches children to be financially responsible. Other parents only give children an allowance as a reward for completing chores or when they have behaved properly. Explain what you think parents should do and why.
  • Many schools now require teenagers to spend a certain number of hours each term doing volunteer work or community service. Some people believe this is an excellent idea as it promotes good citizenship and cultivates compassion. Others feel that forced volunteerism is not volunteering at all. How do you feel about this issue? Use specific reasons and examples to support your position.
  • Some parts of the world allow people to get a driver’s license at age sixteen. Many feel this age is much too young for the responsibility that comes with driving a car and that teenagers should not be allowed to drive until the age of 18. In your opinion, at what age should people be allowed to drive, and why?
  • What is your all-time favorite book or movie and why? Write an essay persuading readers to watch this film or read this book.
  • Have you ever made a life changing action that has had a positive effect on you or the lives of others? Write an essay that convinces readers to make a change for the better.
  • You have been asked to write a letter that would convince a organizers of a major event to be hosted in your hometown. Write an essay that convinces these delegates that your town would be great host.
  • Top professional athletes often have salaries and bonuses in the tens of millions of dollars. Do you think these athletes deserve this type of income? Why or why not? Explain your position and use specific reasons and examples.
  • Humans have always wondered about the possibility of life on other planets in the universe. Do you believe extraterrestrial life exists? Write an essay persuading others to share your point of view .
  • If someone discovered the ‘Elixir of life’ that would enable us to live forever, would it be a blessing or a curse? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.
  • If you have you ever traveled to a place that you found very meaningful and rewarding? Write an essay that persuades others to visit this important place.
  • Nearly all private schools require students to wear uniforms. Should public school students wear uniforms too? Argue for or against school uniforms for public school students. Use specific reasons and examples to support your position.
  • You are to select one item from the twenty-first century to place in a time capsule for future generations, what would you choose? Use specific reasons and examples to support your choice, explaining both the item’s significance and the reasons why it embodies the culture of the early twenty-first century.
  • What would improve your town or city? Write an essay convincing officials to make a change that would improve your neighborhood.
  • Some studies have shown students often perform better on exams if music is played softly in the background. However, some students may find the music distracting. Should schools play classical music during exams and/or allow students to listen to headphones whilst working? Take a position and explain your answer.
  • Should parents be a child’s disciplinarian, or their best friend?
  • Take a position and explain your answer using specific reasons and examples.
  • Millions of people visit zoos around the world. But some people believe that zoos are inhumane and that animals should not be kept in captivity. Do you agree? Why or why not? Use specific reasons and examples to support your position.
  • In most countries people pay taxes based upon how much they earn: the higher their income, the higher the percentage of that income they must pay in taxes. Many people argue that a flat tax, in which everyone pays the same rate regardless of income, would be a more equitable and desirable tax system. Which of these two tax systems do you think is best, and why? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.
  • Is it wise to devote time and money to building a space station on the moon or Mars? Why or why not? Explain your answer.
  • An ancient Greek proverb states, “All things good to know are difficult to learn.” Do you agree? Why or why not? Use specific reasons and examples to explain your answer.
  • Imagine that you know someone who is unfamiliar with computers and has never been on the Internet. Write an essay convincing this relative to get a computer and get online.
  • Imagine that you have made it to the final round of interviews for your dream job. Convince your prospective employers that you are the one who most deserves the position.
  • Is there something that you believe is truly worth fighting for? Write an essay persuading others that this cause is worth a fight.

If you have any other great ideas for persuasive prompts please post them in the comments section below. 


Persuasive Writing Topics, essay, essay writing, prompts | opinion writing unit 1 | 23 Persuasive writing Topics for High School students | literacyideas.com

Teach your students to produce writing that  PERSUADES  and  INFLUENCES  thinking with this  HUGE  writing guide bundle covering: ⭐ Persuasive Texts / Essays ⭐ Expository Essays⭐ Argumentative Essays⭐ Discussions.

A complete 140 PAGE unit of work on persuasive texts for teachers and students. No preparation is required.


85 Funny Persuasive Speech Topics For High School Students

“Laughter is the shortest distance between two people”

These words by the renowned comedian Victor Borge clearly highlight the power of using humor to bring people together. When it comes to persuasive speeches, incorporating a touch of humor can make all the difference. Humor captures the attention of people and connects with them on a personal level which helps make a lasting impression, fulfilling the purpose of a persuasive speech. 

In this blog post, you’ll find a list of funny persuasive speech topics for high school students to help them learn how to use the power of humor to engage the audience while giving a presentation or a speech. Get ready to unleash your inner comedian, challenge the status quo, and inspire laughter while making a compelling point. Remember, my fellow mischief-makers, humor is the secret weapon that can transform any persuasive speech into a rip-roaring adventure. So buckle up, hold onto your funny bones, and let’s embark on this laughter-filled journey of persuasive mischief!

Funny persuasive speech topics for high school students

  • Why cats make better pets than dogs
  • The benefits of procrastination
  • The art of being awkward
  • Why pizza should be considered a vegetable
  • The joys of being a couch potato
  • Why Mondays should be eliminated
  • The secret to being a professional video game player
  • The importance of napping in school
  • The perks of being short
  • The art of taking the perfect selfie
  • Why chocolate should be its own food group
  • The benefits of wearing mismatched socks
  • The science behind laughter
  • How to win an argument even when you’re wrong
  • The best excuses for not doing homework
  • The joys of eating dessert first
  • How to become an expert at taking naps
  • The magic of duct tape
  • The importance of wearing pajamas to school
  • The secret to being a professional procrastinator
  • The art of making funny faces in the mirror
  • Why school should start at noon
  • The benefits of laughing at your own jokes
  • The joys of eating breakfast for dinner
  • The science of funny pick-up lines
  • How to survive a boring class
  • The importance of having a good sense of humor
  • The perks of being a class clown
  • The secret to winning an argument with your parents
  • The art of making funny noises
  • Why wearing pajamas all day is fashionable
  • The benefits of watching cat videos on YouTube
  • The joys of talking to yourself
  • The science behind funny dance moves
  • How to become an expert at using emojis
  • The importance of having a funny ringtone
  • The perks of having a messy room
  • The secret to writing a funny persuasive speech
  • The art of telling cheesy jokes
  • Why sarcasm is the best form of communication
  • The benefits of having a funny nickname
  • The joys of eating dessert for breakfast
  • The science behind funny internet memes
  • How to survive a zombie apocalypse with humor
  • The importance of laughing at your own mistakes
  • The perks of having a funny voice
  • The secret to making your teacher laugh
  • The art of creating funny prank videos
  • Why bad puns are actually good
  • The benefits of using funny GIFs in conversations
  • The joys of making funny faces behind people’s backs
  • The science behind funny YouTube videos
  • How to become an expert at making funny animal sounds
  • The importance of having a funny alarm clock
  • The perks of having a funny email signature
  • The secret to making people laugh without saying a word
  • The art of writing funny captions for Instagram photos
  • Why awkward moments make the best memories
  • The benefits of using funny memes in school presentations
  • The perks of having a funny voicemail message
  • The secret to making funny faces in class without getting caught
  • Why laughing at yourself is a sign of confidence
  • The benefits of having a funny signature move
  • The joys of eating ice cream in the winter
  • The importance of having a funny desktop wallpaper
  • The perks of having a funny profile picture
  • The secret to making people laugh through written communication
  • The art of delivering a funny introduction
  • The benefits of starting a laughter club in school
  • The joys of creating funny doodles in class
  • How to become an expert at telling funny anecdotes
  • The secret to making funny faces in photos without looking awkward
  • Why telling jokes during presentations can improve your grades
  • The benefits of using humor to diffuse tense situations
  • The joys of making funny voices during storytelling
  • The science behind why puns are universally funny
  • How to become an expert at creating funny social media posts
  • The importance of using humor to cope with stress
  • The perks of having a funny ringtone for each of your friends
  • The art of creating funny skits for school events
  • Why laughing at your own mistakes is a sign of self-acceptance
  • The benefits of using humor in persuasive writing
  • The joys of organizing a school-wide prank day
  • The science behind why funny videos go viral
  • The importance of using humor to connect with others

How to choose the best topic?

Humor has a remarkable ability to engage an audience, break down barriers, and make your message memorable. Whether it is quotes for seniors , lunch box notes , or reunion quotes , infusing humor can effectively communicate your ideas while ensuring a delightful experience for your listeners.

Now, let’s explore the key pointers to help you choose the best persuasive funny topic:

  • Consider your audience: Take into account the preferences, interests, and sense of humor of your audience. Tailor your topic to their tastes to maximize engagement and enjoyment.
  • Find relevance: Look for topics that have a connection to your audience’s lives. Explore everyday situations, common experiences, or current events that can be presented in a humorous and relatable way.
  • Combine unexpected elements: Think outside the box and combine unrelated ideas or concepts to create a humorous twist. Unleash your creativity and embrace the unexpected to generate laughter and intrigue.
  • Balance humor and persuasion: While humor is essential, ensure that your topic still serves a persuasive purpose. Find a balance between entertaining your audience and effectively conveying your message or call to action.
  • Test your ideas: Share your potential topics with friends, family, or colleagues with a similar sense of humor. Gauge their reactions and seek feedback to determine which topics elicit the most laughter and enthusiasm.

Humor has the remarkable ability to captivate an audience, break down barriers, and make our messages unforgettable. By infusing our speeches with wit and comedic charm, we can effectively communicate our ideas while leaving a lasting impression. 

Remember, the key to a successful funny persuasive speech lies in understanding our audience, finding relevance in our topics, and striking a balance between humor and persuasion. Now, go forth, and discover a myriad of funny and quirky topics discussed above, challenging the conventional and inviting laughter into your persuasive endeavors. Let your persuasive speeches resonate with humor and charm.

persuasive speech topic ideas for high school students

Sananda Bhattacharya, Chief Editor of TheHighSchooler, is dedicated to enhancing operations and growth. With degrees in Literature and Asian Studies from Presidency University, Kolkata, she leverages her educational and innovative background to shape TheHighSchooler into a pivotal resource hub. Providing valuable insights, practical activities, and guidance on school life, graduation, scholarships, and more, Sananda’s leadership enriches the journey of high school students.

Explore a plethora of invaluable resources and insights tailored for high schoolers at TheHighSchooler, under the guidance of Sananda Bhattacharya’s expertise. You can follow her on Linkedin

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Your chance of acceptance, your chancing factors, extracurriculars, what's a good topic for a persuasive speech.

Hi all, I have to give a persuasive speech for my English class, and I'm struggling to find a good topic to talk about. Any ideas or suggestions for interesting and engaging topics that I could use to persuade my classmates? Thanks in advance!

Hi! I understand that finding a compelling topic for a persuasive speech can be a challenge. You'll want to choose something that not only interests you but also resonates with your audience. Here are a few engaging persuasive speech topics that might inspire you:

1. The importance of mental health awareness and education in schools

2. Reducing food waste as an essential step towards environmental sustainability

3. Implementing community service as a graduation requirement for high school students

4. Advocating for the adoption of renewable energy sources to combat climate change

5. Exploring the impact of social media on mental health and relationships

6. The necessity of stricter regulations for online privacy and data security

7. Promoting the consumption of plant-based diets for health and environmental reasons

8. Discussing the benefits and drawbacks of standardized testing in education

9. Encouraging more investment in space exploration and its potential benefits

10. Debating the pros and cons of implementing universal basic income as a social policy

Remember, when choosing your topic, consider your own interests, the interests of your audience, and the current societal issues that are relevant. This will help you create a persuasive and engaging speech that will capture the attention of your classmates. Best of luck!

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4 Strategies for Developing Confident Student Speakers

Consistent support and low-stakes opportunities to practice go a long way to help students overcome the challenges of speaking in front of a group.

High school student speaking in front of the class

I belted out the opening line to Marc Antony’s funeral speech from The Tragedy of Julius Caesar , leaping up the stairs to the stage in my school’s auditorium. Thirteen ninth-grade students dressed in togas sat in the front rows, mouths agape, as they witnessed their goofy teacher unexpectedly launch into the 35-line monologue they had all just beautifully performed. 

Confession: I was nervous walking onto that stage—I sometimes get uncomfortable in the (literal) spotlight. To normalize feelings of anxiety during a performance, I revealed those emotions to my class afterward. 

Public speaking is hard, and it can be extremely daunting for our most introverted students ; however, with modeling and practice, I believe that teachers can cultivate confident speakers.

Strategy 1: Provide Direct Instruction

A poster inspired by Erik Palmer’s work on public speaking ( PVLEGS : Poise, Voice, Life, Eye Contact, Gestures, Speed) hangs in the back of my classroom. Well before we launch into a study of the funeral orations from Caesar , I explicitly teach those skills. I demonstrate for students appropriate eye contact—the speaker locks eyes briefly with individual audience members and scans the room as she speaks, establishing a connection with her audience. The speaker might also speed up his voice for a certain effect or raise his arms to command the attention of his audience.

Strategy 2: Provide Public Speaking Models

After we spend a class closely reading and analyzing the two funeral orations by Marc Antony and Brutus, I play clips of the speeches from the two film adaptations. We watch the performances and think about PVLEGS: Which speaking moves does each actor utilize in his performance? Which actor delivers the stronger performance and why? After we watch and students share their observations with partners, we discuss and debate the merits of each performance. 

When my classes work on memorizing and performing the monologues, I ask them to study the models and even borrow some of the actors’ techniques. They consider: Do I want to take an angrier approach to the Antony speech like Marlon Brando? Should I adopt a regretful tone like Jason Robards’ Brutus? This type of close viewing could be applied to any speaking performance. On a related note, I also hope that I serve as a public speaking model for my students as I stand in front of my English classes daily.

Strategy 3: Acknowledge and Coach through Anxiety

I remember stumbling through my senior research presentation in high school, well before the advent of interactive whiteboards and Google Slides. I’m vulnerable with my students about my former public speaking struggles. I want them to know that they’re not alone, and through practice and repetition, their self-doubt and fear can transform from an eardrum-rupturing siren into a quiet background hum.

I give a few bits of advice to nervous speakers as they prepare for any public speaking activity. First, I urge them to “practice, practice, practice!” If they know their stuff, they’ll be much more confident on game day. I also find that most students who report feeling very nervous while speaking don’t always appear nervous to others. Sharing this anecdotal evidence with them helps students tune out their inner critics and feel more calm. I also find lots of opportunities to confer with reluctant speakers and give them plenty of encouragement. This fosters stronger connections with my students and boosts their confidence. 

Strategy 4: Provide Lots of Low-Stakes Speaking Opportunities 

My Caesar unit usually takes place in the second semester, when students have had plenty of low-stakes speaking opportunities. In almost every class, I ask students to turn and talk to their partners to share a sentence from a quickwrite or to check in on their current drafts. Earlier in the year, I coach them on how to effectively talk to their partners, and the process quickly becomes routine. An effective technique to get all students speaking, even if it’s a quick response, is the whip-around. Teacher Marcus Luther asks a question with a short, one-word answer. He then goes around the room and has each student answer aloud, followed by a debrief with partners or groups. 

My favorite low-stakes speaking activity is the Pop-Up Debate , which teacher Dave Stuart Jr. invented and has been writing about for years. In this activity, the class is presented with a question, and they spend 10 minutes writing an answer to it. After that, the debate begins, and students simply “pop-up” at their desks to enter into the conversation. In my experience, this activity can transform a usually quiet class into an engaged one. Secondary students love to argue, even about literature! 

Flexibility, Support, and Incentives Develop Strong Speakers 

In many ways, the memorized funeral oration is the most high-stakes speaking task my ninth-grade honors students participate in throughout the year. I give a grade for this assessment, but to take the focus off of grades and to place that focus on improvement instead, I provide students with a few crutches to lean on. 

First, if students forget a line, a friend acts as a prompter in the pit with the text ready. Students can also revise the performance if they choose to. I tell students that they can redo the performance if it doesn’t go as planned. At the end of the class, if time allows, a handful of students always choose to give it another shot. I find that this also takes the pressure off. I think of it like a writing assignment; students can always revise a paper to improve it. Finally, I give them extra credit for wearing togas, which adds to the fun of the special day.

In a recent article in The Atlantic , “ End the Phone-Based Childhood Now ,” author Jonathan Haidt reports that Gen Z students are more anxious, shy, and risk-averse than the children of the past, which he attributes to social media and the introduction of the smartphone. Risk-taking, Haidt argues, “promote[s] competence, maturity, and mental health.” Public speaking, a type of risk-taking, can be very frightening for some of our students, but if teachers provide them with speaking opportunities each day, month, and school year, perhaps we can help mold them into confident, healthy young adults who venture into the world as strong public speakers. 

Thank you to my former department chair, Janet Matthews, for the Julius Caesar performance activity.

persuasive speech topic ideas for high school students

15 Informative Speech Examples to Inspire Your Next Talk

  • The Speaker Lab
  • May 13, 2024

Table of Contents

A good informative speech is one of the most effective tools in a speaker’s arsenal. But with so many potential topics out there, it can be tough to know where to start. That’s why we’ve compiled 15 informative speech examples to help you find your perfect subject. Whether you’re unearthing secrets from history for your listeners or delving into future technologies, informative speeches can prove to be the recipe for the perfect talk.

But crafting an effective informative speech is about more than just picking a topic. You have to research topics, put your thoughts in order, and speak up clearly and confidently. In this post, we’ll explore strategies for each step of the process, so you can create a speech that informs, engages, and makes a lasting impact on your listeners. Let’s get started.

15 Informative Speech Examples

If you’re looking for some inspiration for your next informative speech, look no further. Below are 15 examples of informative speech topics that are sure to engage and educate your audience.

  • The history and evolution of social media platforms
  • The benefits and drawbacks of renewable energy sources
  • The impact of sleep deprivation on mental and physical health
  • The role of emotional intelligence in personal and professional success
  • The science behind climate change and its potential consequences
  • The importance of financial literacy for young adults
  • The influence of artificial intelligence on various industries
  • The benefits of regular exercise and a balanced diet
  • The history and cultural significance of a specific art form or genre
  • The impact of technology on interpersonal communication
  • The psychology behind procrastination and effective strategies to overcome it
  • The role of diversity and inclusion in fostering innovation and creativity
  • The importance of mental health awareness and resources for students
  • The future of space exploration and its potential benefits for humanity
  • The impact of globalization on local economies and cultures

These topics cover a wide range of subjects, from technology and science to psychology and culture. By choosing one of these informative speech examples, you’ll have plenty of material to work with to create an engaging and educational presentation.

Remember, the key to a successful informative speech is to choose a topic that you’re passionate about and that will resonate with your audience. Do your research, organize your thoughts, and practice your delivery to ensure that your message comes across loud and clear.

What Is an Informative Speech?

If you’ve ever been to a conference or seminar, chances are you’ve heard an informative speech. But what exactly is an informative speech? Simply put, it’s a type of speech designed to educate the audience on a particular topic. The goal is to provide interesting and useful information, ensuring the audience walks away with new knowledge or insights. Unlike persuasive speeches that aim to convince the audience of a viewpoint, informative speeches focus on explaining a subject clearly and objectively.

Types of Informative Speeches

Informative speeches come in various forms, each with its own purpose. The most common types are definition, explanation, description, and demonstration speeches. Depending on the objective, an informative speech can take on different structures and styles.

For example, a definition speech aims to explain a concept or term, while a demonstration speech shows the audience how to perform a task or process. An explanatory speech, on the other hand, provides a detailed account of a complex subject, breaking it down into digestible parts.

Purpose of Informative Speeches

At its core, the purpose of an informative speech is to share knowledge with the audience. These speeches are characterized by their fact-based, non-persuasive nature. The focus is on delivering information in an engaging and accessible way.

A well-crafted informative speech not only educates but also sparks curiosity and encourages further learning. By dedicating yourself to providing valuable information and appealing to your audience’s interests, you can succeed as an informative speaker.

Strategies for Selecting an Informative Speech Topic

Choosing the right topic is crucial for an effective informative speech. You want a subject that is not only interesting to you but also relevant and engaging for your audience. Consider their knowledge level, background, and expectations when selecting your topic.

One strategy is to focus on a subject you’re passionate about or have expertise in. This allows you to speak with authority and enthusiasm, making your speech more compelling. Another approach is to address current events or trending topics that are on people’s minds.

When brainstorming potential topics, consider your speech’s purpose and the type of informative speech you want to deliver. Is your goal to define a concept, explain a process, describe an event, or demonstrate a skill? Answering these questions will help guide your topic selection.

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How to Write an Informative Speech

Now that you’ve selected your topic, it’s time to start writing your informative speech. The key to a successful speech is thorough preparation and a clear, organized structure. Let’s break down the steps involved in crafting an engaging and informative presentation.

Researching Your Topic

Before you start writing, it’s essential to conduct thorough research on your topic. Gather facts, statistics, examples, and other supporting information for your informative speech. These things will help you explain and clarify the subject matter to your audience.

As you research, use reliable sources such as academic journals, reputable websites, and expert opinions to ensure the accuracy and credibility of your information. Take notes and organize your findings in a way that makes sense for your speech’s structure.

Structuring Your Speech

A typical informative speech structure includes three main parts, namely, an introduction, body, and conclusion. The introduction should grab the audience’s attention, establish your credibility , and preview the main points you’ll cover.

The body of your speech is where you’ll present your main points and supporting evidence. Use clear transitions between each point to maintain a logical flow. The conclusion should summarize your key takeaways and leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Outlining Your Speech

Creating an outline is a crucial step in organizing your thoughts and ensuring a coherent flow of information. Start by listing your main points and then add subpoints and supporting details for each section.

A well-structured outline will serve as a roadmap for your speech, keeping you on track and helping you stay focused on your key messages. It also makes the writing process more efficient and less overwhelming.

Writing Your Draft

With your outline in hand, it’s time to start writing your draft. Focus on presenting information clearly and concisely, using simple language and avoiding jargon. Provide examples and analogies throughout your informative speech in order to illustrate complex ideas and make them more relatable to your audience.

As you write, keep your audience in mind and tailor your language and examples to their level of understanding. Use transitions to link your ideas and maintain a smooth flow throughout the speech.

Editing and Revising

Once you’ve completed your draft, take the time to edit and revise your speech. First, check for clarity, accuracy, and logical organization. Then, eliminate unnecessary details, repetition, and filler words.

Read your speech aloud to identify any awkward phrasing or unclear passages. Lastly, seek feedback from others and be open to making changes based on their suggestions. Remember, the goal is to create a polished and effective informative speech.

Delivering an Informative Speech

You’ve written a fantastic informative speech, but now comes the real challenge: delivering it effectively. The way you present your speech can make all the difference in engaging your audience and ensuring they retain the information you’re sharing.

Practicing Your Speech

Practice makes perfect, and this couldn’t be more true when it comes to public speaking. Rehearse your speech multiple times to build confidence and familiarity with the content. Practice in front of a mirror, family members, or friends to get comfortable with your delivery.

As you practice, focus on your pacing, intonation, and body language. Aim for a conversational tone and maintain eye contact with your audience. The more you practice, the more natural and engaging your delivery will become.

Using Visual Aids

Visual aids such as slides, charts, or props can enhance your informative speech by making complex information more accessible and engaging. When utilized in your informative speech, they can help illustrate key points, provide visual examples, and break up the monotony of a purely verbal presentation.

Of course, it’s important to ensure your visuals are clear, relevant, and easy to understand. Otherwise, they may end up obscuring your points instead of clarifying them. In light of this, avoid cluttering your slides with too much text or overwhelming your audience with too many visuals. Use them strategically to support your message, not distract from it.

Engaging Your Audience

Engaging your audience is crucial for a successful informative speech. Use rhetorical questions, anecdotes, or interactive elements to keep them involved and attentive. Encourage participation, if appropriate, and maintain a conversational tone to create a connection with your listeners.

Pay attention to your audience’s reactions and adapt your delivery accordingly. If you sense confusion or disinterest, try rephrasing your points or providing additional examples to clarify your message. Remember, your goal is to educate and inspire your audience, so keep them at the forefront of your mind throughout your speech.

Handling Nerves

It’s normal to feel nervous before and during a speech, but there are strategies to help you manage those nerves . Take deep breaths, visualize success, and focus on your message rather than your anxiety. Remember, your audience wants you to succeed, and a little nervousness can actually enhance your performance by showing enthusiasm and authenticity.

If you find yourself getting overwhelmed, take a moment to pause, collect your thoughts, and regain your composure. Smile, make eye contact, and remind yourself that you’ve prepared thoroughly and have valuable information to share.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

To deliver an effective informative speech, it’s important to be aware of common pitfalls and mistakes. One of the biggest errors is overloading your audience with too much information. Remember, less is often more when it comes to public speaking.

Another mistake is failing to organize your content logically or using complex jargon without explanation. Make sure your speech has a clear structure and that you’re explaining any technical terms or concepts in a way that your audience can understand.

Finally, don’t neglect the importance of practice and preparation. Winging it or relying too heavily on notes can lead to a disjointed and unengaging speech. Take the time to rehearse, refine your delivery, and internalize your key points.

By avoiding these common mistakes and focusing on the strategies we’ve discussed, you’ll be well on your way to delivering an informative speech that educates, engages, and inspires your audience.

Tips for Delivering a Compelling Informative Speech

Once you’ve chosen your topic and done your research, it’s time to focus on delivering a compelling speech. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Start with a strong attention-grabbing opening that draws your audience in and sets the tone for your speech.
  • Use clear, concise language and avoid jargon or technical terms that your audience may not understand.
  • Incorporate storytelling, examples, and anecdotes to make your points more relatable and memorable.
  • Use visual aids , such as slides or props, to enhance your message and keep your audience engaged.
  • Practice your delivery and timing to ensure that you stay within your allotted time and maintain a natural, conversational tone.

By following these tips and choosing a topic that you’re passionate about, you’ll be well on your way to delivering an informative speech that educates and inspires your audience.

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20 Bonus Topics for Informative Speeches

In case the informative speech examples above didn’t pique your interest, we have several more for you to consider. Ranging from topics like science and technology to history and education, these 20 topics are perfect for your next presentation.

  • The history and development of virtual reality technology
  • The benefits and challenges of remote work
  • The science behind the formation of hurricanes and tornadoes
  • The impact of social media on political campaigns and elections
  • The importance of sustainable fashion and its environmental benefits
  • The role of emotional support animals in mental health treatment
  • The history and cultural significance of a specific cuisine or dish
  • The impact of plastic pollution on marine ecosystems
  • The benefits and risks of gene editing technology
  • The psychology behind conspiracy theories and their spread online
  • The importance of digital privacy and data security in the modern age
  • The role of music therapy in healthcare and wellness
  • The impact of deforestation on biodiversity and climate change
  • The history and evolution of a specific sport or athletic event
  • The benefits and challenges of alternative education models
  • The science behind the human immune system and how vaccines work
  • The impact of mass incarceration on communities and families
  • The role of storytelling in preserving cultural heritage and traditions
  • The importance of financial planning for retirement and old age
  • The impact of urban agriculture on food security and community development

Choosing a Topic That Resonates With Your Audience

When selecting a topic for your informative speech, it’s important to consider your audience and what will resonate with them. Think about their interests, backgrounds, and knowledge levels, and choose a topic that will be both informative and engaging.

For example, if you’re speaking to a group of high school students, you may want to choose a topic that relates to their experiences or concerns, such as the impact of social media on mental health or the importance of financial literacy for young adults. If you’re speaking to a group of business professionals, you may want to focus on topics related to industry trends, leadership strategies, or emerging technologies.

By choosing a topic that resonates with your audience, you’ll be more likely to capture their attention and keep them engaged throughout your speech. And remember, even if you’re not an expert on the topic, you can still deliver an informative and engaging speech by doing your research and presenting the information in a clear and accessible way.

FAQs on Informative Speech Examples

What is an example of informative speech.

An example includes breaking down the impacts of climate change, detailing causes, effects, and potential solutions.

What are the 3 types of informative speeches?

The three main types are explanatory (breaks down complex topics), descriptive (paints a picture with words), and demonstrative (shows how to do something).

What are the 5 useful topics of an informative speech?

Top picks include technology advances, mental health awareness, environmental conservation efforts, cultural diversity appreciation, and breakthroughs in medical research.

What is an effective informative speech?

An effective one delivers clear info on a specific topic that educates listeners without overwhelming them. It’s well-researched and engaging.

Informative speech examples are everywhere, if you know where to look. From TED Talks to classroom lectures, there’s no shortage of inspiration for your next presentation. All you have to do is find a topic that lights your fire while engaging your audience.

Remember, a great informative speech is all about clarity, organization, and engagement. By following the tips and examples we’ve covered, you’ll be well on your way to delivering an informative speech that educates, enlightens, and leaves a lasting impression. So go ahead, pick your topic, and start crafting your own informative speech today!

  • Last Updated: May 9, 2024

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persuasive speech topic ideas for high school students

75 Engaging Declamation Speech Topics for High School and College Students

Searching for the perfect speech topic often feels like looking for a needle in a haystack, and believe me, I understand how daunting that can be. Standing where you’re at now, swamped with options but finding it hard to make a choice is something many face.

After diving deep into research and navigating my own path through the fear of public speaking , I’ve put together 75 captivating declamation speech topics designed especially for high school and college students .

This collection is crafted to ignite your curiosity, stimulate your thoughts, and empower you to take action with an array of persuasive, informative, and uplifting themes . Prepare yourself to leave a lasting impression on your audience!

Table of Contents

Key Takeaways

  • There are 75 exciting speech topics for students that cover persuasive, informative, and motivational themes . These topics help speakers connect with their audience and leave a lasting impression.
  • The guide includes diverse subjects like environment, technology, important days & events, social issues , famous leaders, Indian culture, proverbs, education, and human rights. Each area offers a chance to explore interests deeply and inform or inspire listeners.
  • Tips for delivering a compelling speech include having a strong opening to grab attention, structuring your speech clearly for easy understanding, using simple language appropriate to the topic at hand. Supporting points with relevant examples makes the message stronger and more engaging.
  • Choosing topics relevant to the audience’s concerns ensures speeches are impactful. Making connections through current issues or relatable experiences draws listeners closer and enhances the speaker’s effect.
  • Using real – life examples when discussing subjects like technology or environmental concerns helps clarify complex ideas. This approach also makes speeches more memorable by linking abstract concepts to everyday realities.

Categories of English Speech Topics

Categories of English Speech Topics include persuasive, informative, and motivational topics. These topics cater to different interests and aim to engage the audience effectively.

Persuasive topics

I always tell my students that choosing persuasive topics is like picking a tool for a job. You need the right one to make an impact. Persuasive speech topics challenge you to convince your audience about your point of view.

These include hot-button issues like free healthcare , college education , and social justice . I guide them through crafting speeches that not only present facts but also appeal to emotions and values.

Writing a persuasive speech means digging deep into the topic, understanding both sides, and then explaining why one is better or more valid than the other with evidence and strong arguments .

For instance, discussing college education can spark debates on its value versus its cost – perfect for engaging an audience. Next, we explore informative topics where sharing knowledge becomes the key focus.

Informative topics

Moving on from persuasive speech topics , let’s turn our attention to informative topics. Informative speech topics are designed to educate the audience about a specific subject or idea.

They aim to share valuable information and expand the audience’s knowledge on different subjects.

Informative speech topics are an excellent way for students to delve into diverse areas of interest and present their findings in an engaging manner. It allows speakers to impart knowledge, facts, statistics, and intriguing details on various subjects that can captivate their audience.

Motivational topics

Transitioning from informative topics to motivational topics, let’s delve into some uplifting speech ideas . You might be surprised at how effective and refreshing motivational speeches can be.

It’s a great way to connect with your audience and leave them feeling inspired. Whether you’re speaking about overcoming obstacles, achieving goals, or the power of positivity , these topics are designed to uplift and energize your listeners.

It’s all about sharing encouragement and enthusiasm , making it a truly impactful experience for everyone involved.

Popular English Speech Topics for Students

Popular English Speech Topics for students include environment, technology, important days & events, and social issues. Engaging topics cover famous leaders in India and around the world, Indian culture, proverbs, education, and human rights.


When it comes to the environment, there are numerous engaging declamation speech topics for high school and college students. Some popular speech topics in this category include climate change , conservation of natural resources , and the impact of pollution on ecosystems .

It’s essential to address these critical environmental issues through compelling speeches to raise awareness and inspire action. By selecting a unique environmental speech topic, students can effectively engage their audience while advocating for positive change.

As a public speaking beginner, I understand the importance of choosing captivating speech topics that resonate with the audience. Therefore, when exploring environment-related speech topics, consider addressing pressing issues such as sustainable living practices , wildlife preservation , or renewable energy solutions .

I love talking about technology because it’s all around us, changing and shaping the way we live. When considering speech topics for students, technology offers a wide array of options to discuss.

From the impact of social media on relationships to the increasing influence of artificial intelligence in our daily lives, there are numerous aspects to explore. It’s fascinating to consider how these advancements have transformed how we communicate, work, and learn.

For instance, discussing cybersecurity or the ethical implications of data privacy can spark engaging conversations and inspire critical thinking among peers.

In addition, I’ve found that highlighting specific examples such as innovative tech startups or groundbreaking inventions can captivate an audience’s interest while also shedding light on the potential future impact of these developments.

Important Days & Events

As someone who used to struggle with public speaking, I understand the importance of recognizing and acknowledging important days and events when delivering a speech. These occasions can create powerful connections with your audience as you resonate with their emotions and experiences .

Incorporating key dates like Earth Day, International Women’s Day, or World Health Day can add relevance and depth to your speech topics , making them more engaging for both you and your audience.

In addition to my personal experience overcoming public speaking fears through Toastmasters International, referencing relevant important days and events has helped me connect more deeply with my audiences.

Social Issues

Social issues are a crucial part of persuasive speeches . Discussing topics like college education and free healthcare can evoke strong emotions in the audience, making your speech more impactful.

When delivering a speech on these topics, I tend to research thoroughly and provide real-life examples to support my points. This makes my arguments persuasive and relatable to the audience, allowing me to deliver a compelling speech that drives change.

When discussing social issues in a speech, it’s important to connect with the audience on an emotional level . For example, talking about the impact of affordable education and healthcare on individuals’ lives can resonate deeply with listeners.

Engaging English Speech Topics for Students

The Engaging English Speech Topics for Students include famous leaders in India & around the world, Indian culture, proverbs, education, and human rights. These topics offer a wide range of subjects to explore when preparing your speech.

Famous Leaders in India & Around the World

As a public speaking beginner, when it comes to engaging speech topics, famous leaders in India & around the world offer compelling content. Not only can we learn from their leadership styles and achievements , but also dive into the historical significance of their actions.

For instance, Mahatma Gandhi’s non-violent resistance movement was pivotal for India’s independence from British rule. Similarly, exploring Nelson Mandela’s role in ending apartheid in South Africa unveils the power of perseverance and justice.

These examples provide rich material for captivating speeches that engage and inspire audiences.

The ever-evolving world of global leadership is not merely about recounting history but understanding how these leaders’ actions underpin contemporary societal values and struggles.

Indian Culture

Now, let’s explore the rich tapestry of Indian culture. From traditional festivals like Diwali and Holi to classical dance forms like Bharatanatyam and Kathak , India’s culture is a vibrant amalgamation of customs, traditions, and art forms that have been passed down through generations.

The diverse cuisine , colorful attire , and ancient rituals all contribute to the unique identity of Indian culture. Understanding the depth of Indian culture can provide valuable insights for delivering engaging speeches and connecting with a wide audience on this captivating subject.

The intricate elements comprising India’s cultural fabric offer a multitude of compelling speech topics. Delving into aspects such as folk music , mythological tales , religious practices – be it Hinduism or Sikhism – or the architectural marvels like the Taj Mahal can captivate an audience’s attention.

Proverbs are short, wise sayings that offer guidance and insight . Incorporating proverbs into your speech can add depth and resonance to your message. For example, using a popular proverb like “Actions speak louder than words” can emphasize the importance of actions over mere promises.

Including proverbs can help capture your audience’s attention and make your speech more memorable . Engaging with these timeless nuggets of wisdom can also demonstrate your understanding of universal truths , enhancing the impact of your speech.

When it comes to education, I believe in the power of speech topics that can inform and inspire. As a public speaking beginner, you might be wondering about choosing the right topic.

Education is not only about classroom learning but also understanding broader concepts like human rights and social issues . It’s essential to choose a speech topic that resonates with your audience, such as discussing famous leaders or promoting Indian culture .

These topics can help you connect with your listeners on a personal level and make your speech more engaging.

Moving on from education, let’s delve into tips for delivering a compelling speech.

Human Rights

As a public speaking beginner, it’s crucial to address important issues like human rights . When delivering a speech on this topic, consider discussing the right to education for all children and the protection of freedom of speech .

By using relevant statistics and real-life examples , you can effectively convey the importance of upholding human rights in society .

Tips for Delivering a Compelling Speech

Deliver a strong opening to grab attention. Structure your speech effectively for clarity and flow. Use appropriate vocabulary and relevant examples to support your points without overwhelming the audience.

Have a strong opening

When delivering a speech, having a strong opening is crucial. It sets the tone for your entire presentation and captures the audience’s attention from the start. You can achieve this by using a captivating quote , asking an intriguing question , or sharing a compelling story that relates to your topic.

A strong opening ensures that your audience is eager to listen and engage with what you have to say, making it essential for a successful speech.

Moving on to “Structure your speech effectively”…

Structure your speech effectively

To structure your speech effectively, ensure you have a strong opening . Then, organize your points logically to maintain the audience’s interest. Use appropriate vocabulary and make sure your topic is relevant.

Support your points with examples to clarify and reinforce your message.

Use appropriate vocabulary

As you write your speech, choose words that are easy for everyone to understand. Use clear and simple language so your audience can follow along easily with what you’re saying. It’s important to make sure the words match the topic and help express your ideas clearly .

This will keep your audience engaged and interested in what you have to say.

Now let’s move on to “Make your topic relevant”.

Make your topic relevant

When crafting your speech, ensure that the topic is relevant to your audience’s interests and concerns . This will captivate their attention and make them eager to listen. By addressing current issues or topics that affect their daily lives, you can establish a strong connection with your audience, making your speech more impactful and memorable.

Engaging with relevant themes helps to create a meaningful dialogue and fosters a deeper understanding of the subject matter . So, always consider how your chosen topic aligns with the experiences and perspectives of your audience.

By selecting pertinent topics for my own speeches, I’ve witnessed firsthand how crucial this approach is in capturing the audience’s attention. It allows me to engage with them on a personal level while delivering valuable insights .

Use examples to support your points.

To make your topic relevant, it’s crucial to back up your points with examples. For instance, if you’re discussing the importance of education , you could cite statistics about how literacy rates impact a country’s economic development.

Or if you’re talking about human rights, mentioning specific cases of injustice can bring greater depth and understanding to your speech.

In addition to that, when debating topics like technology or environmental issues, providing real-life examples of innovative solutions or pressing ecological concerns can effectively drive home the significance of these subjects for your audience.

I’ve always been fascinated by how the right topics can make speaking in public exciting. That’s why the guide on “75 Engaging Declamation Speech Topics for High School and College Students” has become a cornerstone of my teaching.

I turned to Dr. Samuel Jennings, an expert with decades in public speaking education and a rich background from his time as a professor at Cambridge University. He’s written extensively on effective communication .

Dr. Jennings told me these carefully selected topics cover crucial areas that challenge students intellectually while allowing them to explore their passions. From persuasive to motivational themes, each one invites depth, critical thinking, and personal reflection.

This approach not only makes speeches more compelling but also strengthens the speakers’ connection with their audience.

He highlighted safety, ethics, and transparency as core values behind these topics. According to him, guiding students towards subjects that promote positive messages ensures a respectful discourse culture in our future leaders.

Dr. Jennings suggests integrating these speech topics into regular classroom activities or debates for continuous practice. Real-world application of such engaging subjects prepares students better for public discourse.

His evaluation balanced both praise and caution – appreciating the diversity of topics yet reminding users about keeping discussions respectful and inclusive; comparisons were drawn with less structured guides which might lead confusingly broad choices without depth.

Finally, Dr. Jennings recommended this collection wholeheartedly for anyone looking to improve their declamation skills or seeking fresh ideas for speeches. His endorsement stems from seeing firsthand how relevant and thought-provoking themes engage audiences effectively while nurturing confident communicators.

So here I am sharing this treasure trove of knowledge not just because it offers great content but because it truly enhances how we engage with each other through speech.

persuasive speech topic ideas for high school students

Ryan Nelson is the founder of Speak2Impress, a platform dedicated to helping individuals master the art of public speaking. Despite having a crippling fear of public speaking for many years, Ryan overcame his anxiety through diligent practice and active participation in Toastmasters. Now residing in New York City, he is passionate about sharing his journey and techniques to empower others to speak with confidence and clarity.

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  18. 101 Interesting Persuasive Essay Topics for Kids and Teens

    101 Interesting Persuasive Essay Topics for Kids and Teens. Use your words to sway the reader. Persuasive writing is one of those skills that can help students succeed in real life. Persuasive essays are similar to argumentative, but they rely less on facts and more on emotion to sway the reader.

  19. 50+ Persuasive Speech Topics For High School Students in 2023

    When it comes to choosing a topic for a persuasive speech, here are a few factors you need to consider. Familiar Topic. Try to go for the topics that you're familiar with. This way, you will prepare it quickly and in less time. Unique Speech Topics. Selecting a unique speech topic that genuinely interests you is the best.

  20. 113 Perfect Persuasive Essay Topics for Any Assignment

    List of 113 Good Persuasive Essay Topics. Below are over 100 persuasive essay ideas, organized into ten categories. When you find an idea that piques your interest, you'll choose one side of it to argue for in your essay. For example, if you choose the topic, "should fracking be legal?" you'd decide whether you believe fracking should ...

  21. 23 Persuasive writing Topics for High School students

    Year Long Inference Based Writing Activities. Tap into the power of imagery in your classroom to master INFERENCE as AUTHORS and CRITICAL THINKERS. This YEAR-LONG 500+ PAGE unit is packed with robust opportunities for your students to develop the critical skill of inference through fun imagery, powerful thinking tools, and graphic organizers.

  22. 85 Funny Persuasive Speech Topics For High School Students

    Funny persuasive speech topics for high school students. Why cats make better pets than dogs. The benefits of procrastination. The art of being awkward. Why pizza should be considered a vegetable. The joys of being a couch potato. Why Mondays should be eliminated. The secret to being a professional video game player.

  23. List of Persuasive Speech Topics for High School Students

    If the previous list of persuasive speech topics for high school students hasn't captured your attention, consider these hints to boost your inspiration: Street gangs should be considered terrorists. Graffiti should be regulated by law. Teenagers should have a curfew. Public broadcasting. Buying generics is better than brand name products.

  24. What's a good topic for a persuasive speech?

    Here are a few engaging persuasive speech topics that might inspire you: 1. The importance of mental health awareness and education in schools 2. Reducing food waste as an essential step towards environmental sustainability 3. Implementing community service as a graduation requirement for high school students 4.

  25. Helping High School Students Develop Public Speaking Skills

    A poster inspired by Erik Palmer's work on public speaking (PVLEGS: Poise, Voice, Life, Eye Contact, Gestures, Speed) hangs in the back of my classroom.Well before we launch into a study of the funeral orations from Caesar, I explicitly teach those skills.I demonstrate for students appropriate eye contact—the speaker locks eyes briefly with individual audience members and scans the room as ...

  26. 15 Informative Speech Examples to Inspire Your Next Talk

    Learn tips for selecting topics, structuring your speech, and delivering with impact. ... Unlike persuasive speeches that aim to convince the audience of a viewpoint, ... For example, if you're speaking to a group of high school students, you may want to choose a topic that relates to their experiences or concerns, such as the impact of ...

  27. 75 Engaging Declamation Speech Topics for High School and College Students

    Persuasive topics. I always tell my students that choosing persuasive topics is like picking a tool for a job. You need the right one to make an impact. Persuasive speech topics challenge you to convince your audience about your point of view. These include hot-button issues like free healthcare, college education, and social justice. I guide ...

  28. Controversial Persuasive Speech Topics Ideas And Tips

    In conclusion, while crafting a controversial persuasive speech is challenging, following these structured steps can help you create a thoughtful presentation. And if you find yourself strapped for time, remember that professional writing services are just a click away to help you deliver a polished and effective speech.

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    If you're interested in more project ideas for high school students, we recommend the following articles: 100 Examples of Community Service Projects; 98 Passion Project Ideas; 100 Best Clubs to Start in High School; Persuasive Speech Topics; bookmark. High School Success